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Primary Research

MacLeod DNA Project
McLeod Reunion Tombstone Project
South Carolina Grave Index

Secondary Research
When not researching my McLeods and working on the FTDNA projects, these lines are researched.

Wilke of Germany/N.Y.
Jessup of England
Checker/Tskeris of Greece/N.Y.
Abnett of England
Hudson of South Carolina
Ives of South Carolina

Sideline Research
These lines have married into my family (primary and secondary lines of research seen above) and are included here to aid other researchers. I am not currently researching these names; however, the pages are updated as information becomes available.

Arrants of South Carolina
Barnes of South Carolina
Blyther of South Caroliina
Boykin of South Carolina
Cook Family of South Carolina
Coombs of Maine
Checker/Tskeris Greece
Davis of South Carolina
Dennis of South Carolina
Freeman of South Carolina
Holland of South Carolina
Huggins of South Carolina
Hurst of South Carolina
Jones of South Carolina
Josey/Jossey of South Carolina
Keretas of Greece
Medhurst of England
Meyers of South Carolina
Moseley of South Carolina
Rodgers of South Carolina
Ross of South Carolina
Yates/Yeates of South Carolina


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Sumter South Carolina Genealogy
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Tskeris/Checker Family Page
Greece to New York, USA

The information on this page was provided by the late Rene Checker Wilke unless otherwise specified. I do not actively research this line at this time. Roy Alexander is an active researcher of this family.

This web page has been updated in May/June of 2011. The original intent of this site is the same as it has always been; to provide a FREE tool for researchers to help each other by the sharing of information - please support this intent by helping to keep it as accurate as possible. The information on this page represents the combined efforts of several researchers. I have verified the information by Wills, Equity, Deeds, Census and Cemetery Records where possible. Where no source is given, the information is unproven/unverified. Additions and corrections are welcome (rude emails are not). When writing, please include the Page Title and Web Address. Proper credit is always awarded to the provider of information. Happy Researching! Keep the circle of sharing intact, include the following if you take information for your own records: !Source: Lori McLeod Wilke; "Walking with ghosts", Research 2000 - 2011

Generation One

Nicholas Peter Tsekeris

born bef. 1899 in Village of Graikou, Greece

died aft. 1899 in Villiage of Graikou, Greece

married Avegerini Seferos

born bef. 1899 in Village of Graikou Greece

died aft. 1899 in Villiage of Graikou, Greece

Source: #225 Verification of birth of a son, Panagiotis Tsekeris to Nicholas and Avyerini 1/1899 in the village of Graikou is of Greek citizenry and orthodox faith who left Greece for America

Children of Nicholas and Avegerini

  1. Stavroula Tsekeris born 1901 Archadia,Graikou, Greece died unknown married to Nicholas Photouchos

    Stavroula and Nicholas Photouchos with unnamed sons and nephews

2. Christo Tsekeris born 1907 Archadia,Graikou, Greece death 1975 married Constantina Preketes of Greece Children: Nick Tsekeris, Gregory Tsekeris, Vasiliki Tsekeris, Avyerini Tsekeris

3. Vasiliki Tsekeris born 1912 Archadia,Graikou, Greece death 1977 married John Karavoula Child: Living Karavoula born Greece, immigrated to Canada

Vasiliki Tskeris Karavoula

4. Peter Nicholas Checker (Panagiotis Tsekeris) - Direct Line

Generation Two

PETER NICHOLAS CHECKER (Panagiotis Tsekeris)

born 27 Jan 1899 Graikou, Archadia, Greece source: #225 Verification of birth of a son, Panagiotis Tsekeris to Nicholas and Avyerini 1/1899 in the village of Graikou is of Greek citizenry and orthodox faith who left Greece for America.

U.S. Certificate of Citizenship on July 15th, 1930, age 31 yrs.

OCCUPATION: Restaurant Proprietor

death 26 Nov 1963 New London, New London , Conn USA Age 64 yrs. Physician - Richard M. Barry M.D. Cause of death: Acute Myocardial Infraction. 12 hrs. Arteriosclerostic. Heart disease. Diabetes Mellitus . Autopsy.

BURIAL: Colonel Ledyard Cemetary, Groton, Conn. Byles MacDougal Funeral Services, Inc. November 29,1963 Certificate of Death

Katy Keretas with children Lillian Keretas Checker Age 16, and her siblings Johnny Age 13, Nicky Age 11, Bessie Age 9
Peter Tskeris (Checker) and daughter Rene Aged 7

Update Janaury 15 2009 - A Peter TSAGARIS Sailed on the ship Laviathan from a Port in France on May 10 1927. The Passenger's Log states that he was a Restaurant Owner; Could Speak English, Was born in Greece and of Greek Nationality - he received him immigration number in Athens on May 5th 1927. His last permanant residence was in Detroit Michigan.

- Note: Two items give pause as to whether this is actually the correct ship -

1) last permanant residence - Detroit Michigan- I personally have no knowledge of Peter having been in the US prior to his permanant immigration - however, it was "tradition" for a son to travel to the US for a time, work and send money back home - and then return and allow a younger son or cousin to have the same opportunity. It is said that Peter broke tradition by his permanant immigration.

2) Birth Town in Greece was listed as Nagolopolis/Magalopolis - this could be a mis-spelling as often occured when those speaking with Greeks (or other nationalities) could not understand what was being spoken - i.e. upon arrival and processing through Ellis Island - another Greek relative's name was written as "Kretas" simply meaning "man from Crete"......a google search turned up nothing that resembled this "town" in Greece. The closest word was "Megalopolis" which is in Arcadia....

Line: 23 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_4056 Birth Location: Greece Birth Location Other: magalopolis Page Number: 21 accessed 2007 by LMW

Searches revealed several Peter's, this was the closest; however several Panagiotis Tsekeris are shown as passengers around the same may be difficult to pin down the exact date and ship!

married 19 Feb 1934in New York, Bronx, NY, USA Lillian Keretas

born 15 Oct 1913 New York, Manhattan, NY USA (1st generation American- parents immigrated from Greece) Source: Certification of Birth Dept of Health, Marriage Certificate, Bronx NY

death 1993 Pennsylvania, USA

Four Children

1. Rene Ruth Checker b. March 25, 1935 in New London, Connecticut d. August 02, 2009 married May 08, 1952 in Chestertown, Kent, MD, USA to Edward C. Wilke, Jr.

WILKE Rene Ruth Wilke was born on March 25, 1935 in New London, Connecticut to Peter N. Checker (Tserketis) and Lillian Kretas. Rene passed away at her home and was found on Sunday, August 2, 2009. Resident of Orange Park since 1964. Married 46 years to Edward C. Wilke, Jr. Predeceased by her parents and husband. Survived by 2 sisters: Verna ... and Carol ...; one brother: Nicholas Checker; a great uncle: Nicholas Creata; four children: ....

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from University of North Florida (1974) and Masters of Education from the University of North Florida in August, 1989. Art teacher in Clay County School System for nearly 20 years. Active in the Town of Orange Park and community for over 40 years. Former Councilwoman and Mayor. Recently elected President of the Society of Collage Artists. Member of the Art Guild of Orange Park; (President 1982-84). President of the Pilot Club of Orange Park 1994-95. Member of the Orange Park Womens Club and Friends of the Orange Park Library. Member of the Crown Craftsman, Inc. of Jacksonville.

She had many exhibits in North Florida art shows for over 30 years in her mediums of drawing: charcoal, graphite sticks, conte crayon, pencil, pen pastel; painting: oils, acrylics, watercolor; collage, mixed media, fibers: batik, weaving - 4 harness loom; Pottery: Hand built or wheel thrown.

Memorial service will be at Orange Park Presbyterian on Saturday, August 15, 2009, at 10:30 am with reception to follow for family, friends and community members. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Society of Collage Artists, Art Guild of Orange Park or the charity of your choice in memory of Rene Wilke.

Published in the Florida Times-Union on August 9, 2009
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved