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Walking With Ghosts - Volume I

Descendants of Angus & Nancy McCutchen MacLeod

Coming winter 2016

Walking With Ghosts - Volume II

The War Between The States

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Primary Research

MacLeod DNA Project
McLeod Reunion Tombstone Project
South Carolina Grave Index

Secondary Research
When not researching my McLeods and working on the FTDNA projects, these lines are researched.

Wilke of Germany/N.Y.
Jessup of England
Checker/Tskeris of Greece/N.Y.
Abnett of England
Hudson of South Carolina
Ives of South Carolina

Sideline Research
These lines have married into my family (primary and secondary lines of research seen above) and are included here to aid other researchers. I am not currently researching these names; however, the pages are updated as information becomes available.

Arrants of South Carolina
Barnes of South Carolina
Blyther of South Caroliina
Boykin of South Carolina
Cook Family of South Carolina
Coombs of Maine
Checker/Tskeris Greece
Davis of South Carolina
Dennis of South Carolina
Freeman of South Carolina
Holland of South Carolina
Huggins of South Carolina
Hurst of South Carolina
Jones of South Carolina
Josey/Jossey of South Carolina
Keretas of Greece
Medhurst of England
Meyers of South Carolina
Moseley of South Carolina
Rodgers of South Carolina
Ross of South Carolina
Yates/Yeates of South Carolina

Online Research Sites

Sumter South Carolina Genealogy
Kershaw South Carolina Genealogy
County Kent England Genealogy

Walking with Ghosts..........

a website for the descendants of Angus and Nancy McCutchen MacLeod~~


Update July 2016 - Now Available - Volume I  - The Descendants of Angus and Nancy McCutcheon MacLeod.  The book begins in Scotland and ends with the election of Abraham Lincoln.  Volume II will pick up and follow the MacLeods and aligned families through the War between the States and will be available (hopefully) by December 2016. My Bookstore

Update May 29 2011 -

In January 2011, I became Group Administrator of the R-L165/S68 Project at FTDNA and have been spending nearly 100% of my available research time developing that project. Our MacLeod/McLeod Ancestors are part of this sub-clade of Haplogroup R1b. As a result of this project, I have begun to link certain "Walking With Ghosts" pages to the R-L165/S68 Project Pages and will be working to co-ordinate the appearance of both sites. As this work progresses, I will be updating all the pages within this site for the first time in almost three years. As a result, some of the DNA pages in this site will no longer be available or may have a new web address - please use your browser "re-load" or "refresh" tab to be certain you are viewing the most recent version of any page.

Due to my heavy involvement with the YDNA Projects, I no longer am "actively" researching in the South Carolina Courthouses nor actively doing on line research into any of the surnames included on this site. I have every intention of picking up my research during visits to North Carolina and will continue to place records and information here when found, but I have not been able to actually carry out this intent to date.

Most of the new information has come from the emails of other researchers. That information will in most cases NOT have been verified by my personally viewing the records used. If you take this information for your own files, please remember that it has not been verified and proven unless otherwise specified.

Since I am not actively researching at the moment, there may have been newly discovered information on any of the surnames included on this site...i.e. new information may now be available on FreeBMD for birth and death information that contradicts what is found on this web site. When you see this, please drop me an email and I'll update the information. When you write, please send in the Page Title and the web address, without this information, correcting or adding new information to the site can be very difficult due to the number of pages contained within it.

Additionally, please be sure that you are actually correcting something that is ON a page within THIS site; I recently received an email from a cousin that knew my family and had visited us when I was a child. This cousin sent a quite rude email (not realizing who I was) demanding that I "stop showing him as dead on my pages". I knew which pages this cousin had contributed to and immediately began to see if I had mistakenly listed him as dead. I had not and in fact the only place he was referenced in the entire site was as a contributor. There was still some insistence that I had him listed as dead and so I did a time consuming manual search of every page in the site. In the end, we learned that he had performed a search in which the search engine had combined portions of sentences contained on the same page and made it appear as if I had listed him as dead. He was embarrassed at his rude email and I had wasted valuable time doing a manual search of every page in my site to see if I had made a mistake. So, please, be certain that the information you are correcting is actually ON my site and not a mix up of information by a search engines programing.

The original intent of this web site is the same as it has always been; to provide a FREE tool for researchers to help each other by the sharing of information - please support this intent by helping to keep it as accurate as possible. Corrections are always welcome - rude emails are not...(those of you who have sent them know who you are....).

Happy Researching and "Hold Fast"!

Update December 2010 -

Most of my genealogical efforts this past year has been on the YDNA side of research; 2009 saw a greater number of participants in the FTDNA project which began to allow observation of some branching in the total results. Late 2009 saw FTDNA discover a new SNP which meant a new sub clade (branch) of Haplogroup R1b was discovered; testing of 8 of our FTDNA participants showed us that the Clan MacLeod is a member of this new clade. The Founder appears to have been born about 2700 years past and was of Norse ancestry. For additional information please see the following pages:

February 15 2009 - Walking With Ghosts Introduction:

I often tell family and friends that I walk with the ghosts of my late family members. I can recite years of family history, tell you how the name on a tombstone fits into the family tree or when a piece of property came into or went out of our family hands...but I find it difficult to remember the details about those I meet on a daily basis. A fault? Perhaps, but possibly one that is needed in order to be a family historian.

Within the pages of this site one will find a compilation of not only the past eight years of my own research but the combined research of other members of our extended family. Some of these family researchers are now themselves members of the family of ghosts that walk with me....some of them are still among the living.....each will be given credit for the information they have provided in order to create these pages.

If you would like to contribute to the family tree, please email me....If you would like this information for your own records, please remember to copy all the sourcing information (including web page addresses) and to leave that information intact within your own records. In this way, the circle of sharing will remain unbroken for our children and their children......

Shout outs to previous researchers who have provided so much of the information within this site:

Jay Frank McLeod
Donald Ross McLeod Jr. - Kentucky Col.
Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr.

No photographs available for the following contributors- (Please donate a photo if possible):

Jennie Merrit Smith - descendant of Catherine McLeod Mosely

Nicey Jane McLeod Holland Hughes - descendant of John N. McLeod

Trish Sanders Brown - descendant of John N. McLeod

Elizabeth Brown - descendant of John N. McLeod

Bobby Thigpen - researcher of Daniel and Catherine McLean McLeod

Bill Johnson descendant of Daniel and Catherine McLean McLeod through grandson William Thomas McLeod and of Alexander and Sarah McIntosh McLeod through g-granddaughter Katherine McLeod McLeod.
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved