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The Family Trees

Descendents of Our Oldest Ancestors

The forest is a big place, and the trees can be so overwhelming that proverbially speaking, we might not see the forest for them. This being the case, we've decided to give you a view from the tallest trees. This sweeping view includes descendent outline trees of the many major branches of our paternal and maternal lines.

Ah-Nee - Cheong - Chong - Tanigawa -Yamamoto
Auvil - Hatfield Line resulting from Daniel Auvil's second marriage
Auvil - Hochwaerter Line resulting from Daniel Auvil's first marriage
Davis Descendants of Alvin Haskins Davis, Sr.
Harter Descendants of John Harter
Ilalaole Descendants of Kealiiwaaole Alapainui
Pa Descendants of Pa and Koa
Skonieczny Descendants of John Skonieczny
Tanigawa Descendants of Jisaburo Yamamoto
Teruya - Uehara - Uyehara - Yamauchi
Waialeale Descendants of Kamapaa [Waialeale]