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The Documents:

Paper Trails of Our Ancestors

This section houses our collection of the documents we've accumulated over the course of our research. Most are records we've found in online databases or open repositories elsewhere, and others have been transcribed and shared with us. Proper credit is given wherever applicable and possible not only to reference the origins of information but as a respectful acknowledgement.

We have not verified or validated every piece of information. What we have included here supports what we consider ample (not necessarily exhaustive) evidences pertaining to our ancestors. So even if the document is an original or reproduced copy, please keep in mind that there are varying levels of inaccuracies inherent in everything from firsthand accounts to transcriptions to handwritten genealogies passed down through the generations. Always use information judiciously.


Vital Records

Auvil, Charles Lewis - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Charolette Rightsman - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Daniel James - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Daniel Moats and Eliza J. Lantz - Marriage Record photocopy
Auvil, Ernest Scott - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Henry Christopher - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Henry D. and Dorothy Sites - Marriage Record photocopy
Auvil, Henry Jackson - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Lewis Napoleon - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Marion Nestor - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Rezin Edward - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, Thomas Bradford - Death Certificate photocopy
Auvil, William Lee - Death Certificate photocopy
Auville, John W. - Death Certificate photocopy
Auville, Mary Christian - Death Certificate photocopy
Harsh, Amelia (Auvil, Cox) - Death Certificate photocopy
Harsh, Clark - Death Certificate photocopy
Harsh, Louisa (Nestor) - Death Certificate photocopy
Harsh, Lucinda - Death Certificate photocopy

see also Auvil Obituaries

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Legal Records

Bill of Sale, Daniel Oval transcription
Last Will and Testament of Daniel Auvel transcription
Last Will and Testament of Michael Hohwairte transcription

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Historical Accounts and Published Works

Documentation of the Murder of Magdalena (Mary) Ditlo Abel transcription
Deborah Kapule, Kauai's Last Queen by Hank Soboleski
Kauai Tidal Wave transcription, Honolulu Star Bulletin, 05 Apr 1946
Revolutionary Service of Johann Abel by Jinx Hartung
Mrs. Louetta I. Auvil, 92 Recalls Many Pioneer Events contributed by Mary & Richard Carpenter

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Family Collections and Oral Histories


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Notes and Miscellany

Notes on Henrich Croneis various contributors
Notes on the Pa Families of Kauai by Jolene Auvil

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