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Hawaiians did not have surnames and were not legally required to have them until 1857 when a surname law was enacted. Still, many Hawaiians continued to go by just one name for decades thereafter. So, the earliest known ancestor in our Pa family was simply named, Pa, born around 1830. According to marriage records at the Hawaii State Archives, he married Koa on 13 Dec 1858 on Kauai. They had six children: Kahalewai, Mele Malamalama, Kaleo, Kekuawailohia, Kamikana, and Kalikokepalaihapai.

Our family emerged from the union of Mele Malamalama Pa and Fun-Kum-Liu Ahnee. They were married around 1891 on Kauai and had four living children: Eddie, Mary, Lillian, and Lily.

Mele Malamalama Pa first married Joseph Ilalaole on 06 Jun 1871 in Anahola, Kauai. Joseph was probably born on 15 Jun 1850. Many online sources assert that Joseph's middle name was Kamehameha. However, for lack of evidence, we can only assume that these sources may have mistaken him for Joseph Kealiikuikamoku o Kamehameha, the famed hula instructor and chanter of Kau who was much younger.

Mele and Joseph had six children: Mele Liilii, Daniel, David Kewiki, Joseph, Moses Kamikana, and John. 


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