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Notes on Paul Abel

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Note: This is just a small part of the extensive notes kept by Catherine dee Auvil. We have attempted to make only those corrections to errors that affect legibility such as spacing adjustments. Everything else was left intact for the purpose of preserving the original information.

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A "Paul Abel" lived in Frederick, Maryland at the right time and age to be the father of Johannes Abel.
View the family of Andreas Andrew Able (1690), father of Paul, at Familysearch.

Paul Abel born: 25 Jan 1731, Amwell, Hunterdon Co. died 25 Sept 1773, Frederick Co., MD leaving a wife, 3 daughters and a son. He did not lease or buy land in Frederick County, but lived near the glassworks at Tuscarora. His death is recorded with the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

In "Early Germans of New Jersey" by Chambers, a Paul Abel is listed as the son of Andreas Abel, whose will was probated in 1751. In June of 1762, Paul Abel and Leany, his wife, sold their interest in his father's estate to  Michael, his brother. Nothing more is mentioned concerning this Paul.

It is known, however, that there was a glassworks near Amwell, from which workers were recruited to go to Lancaster Co., PA to open a new factory. From there, workers were sent to Frederick County, MD to work at the Tuscarora Glassworks.

written by Jinx Hartung

Sandy Blake:Paul Auvil  born Jan 25 1731,Anwell,New Jersey,married 1763, Maria Magdalena "Leany" ____? Died Sept 25 1773, Fredrick Co. Maryland. Died of Fever..Buried God's Acre Cemetary,Fredrick co. Md. Maria Magdalena"Leany married 2nd Jacob Kollar April 4 1775, Fredrick Co. Md Paul Abel Father Andreas Abel Died 1751, New Jersey.. Will send you what I got from a page from a book on New Jersey families. on him. Later Family of Paul Abel and Leany 1. Maria Elizabeth born April 9, 1773,Married Gottfried Haller Dec 28, 1777, Evangelical Lutheran Church,Fredrick, Co, Md. Her age 19 confirmation on Apeil 9, 1773 Reform Church records.PLEASE NOTE: Sandy thought that Johannes would fit in here, so this is speculation,not a copy of the original document.<2. Johannes, Married June 6, 1780 to Magdalana Ditlo, Born oct 23 1760> 3. Christina Barbara. Age 17 when confirmed April 9, 1773 4 Regina Dorothea, Birth given as Feb 4, 1765,when confirmed March 29, 1782 The three confirmations were taken from records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fredrick Co, Maryland. LDS Film# 13933

Sandy Blake: From Book: Fredrick, Maryland Lutheran Marriages and Burials 1743-1811. By Fredrick Sheely Weiserpage 17 Dec 28 1777 Gottfried Haller & Elisabeth Abelin by license. Witnesses; Christoph and Catharina Haller, Henrich Gross, Matthis Buki, Margreth Hauin, Maria Guldin, Magdalena Guldin, Eva Margreth Hildebrandin.Aug 19 1775, Jacob Koller,widower until now & Maria Magdalena Abelin , license.

From: "Sandy Blake" From: The Early Germans of New Jersey their History, Churches and Genealogies By Theodore Frelinghuysen Chambers. Page 227 A lady sent me this several years ago.    GENEALOGY    ABEL There were Abels in New England and in New York at an early date, and it may be that our families of this name are descendants of these. Hendrick Abels came from the Netherlands in the Ship Rosetree, March 1663. In 1728, September 4th, Andrew Ablin and Matheis Koplin landed at Philadelphia. The spelling presents no difficulty as the peculiar formation of A in some German handwriting would explain the k in Koplin, and the termination in is quite common, especially as a feminine form. In 1733, Aug 28, Michael Ably and three others under 16,viz,Hans Peter, Hans Adam and Hans Michael Ebly, landed at Philadelphia from The ship Hope. ANDREAS bot. of Joseph Reckless, of Burlington Co. 1748,Feb 7, 304 acres or one-half of the Davenport tract,near Fox Hill,the other half of whick was sold on the same day to Morris Creature (Crater):the price was 103 and the said Able was in actual possession. Andreas leaves a will,prob. 1751,June,in which he divides his property into three parts,one for his wife of 60 acres,and the other two of 120 acres each for his sons Michel and Paul,in 1762,June 6, Paul and Leany his wife sell their share,or 126 acres, to Michel for 304. In 1768, March 29, Michel Abel gives mortage on 240 acres of this tract" whereon said Michel Abel nows lives,' to Richard Stockton,& c. Lib. A.fol 91 Morristown. In 1784,June 1, Michel gives mortage to John Striker, of Somersey, upon the whole original tract of 308 acres for 1308 (N.Y. money) These records show that this farm upon which the original Union German Church of Fox Hill stood, belonged to Michel Abel, who must therefore have been the father of Jacob, who afterwards occupied this farm, and of his brothers and sisters. He had Ch. 1. Mary b. 1760 d. 1829 April 10,: m. William Fritts (s. Frederick} 2 Anna Elisabeth, b 1767,d 1831,Aug 16,m. George Fritts (s. Frederick) at Spruce Run 3 John, m 1. Sophia Trimmer (daughter Matthias 1st), 1777,Jan 30, 2 widow Mary Cripps,1811,April 7,had children
1. Anna Maria, b 1778,April 13, dy
2 Johanna,b 1780,March 11
3 Anna Maria, b 1784,March 11
4 David, b 1787,Jan 10
5 Elisabeth, b. 1789, Jan 17
6 Jacob, b 1796,April 21
7 Teunis
8 A daughter who m an Abbey 4 Andrew , m Christina Schuyler (dau Philip ? ) 179,Jan 26;had Children;
1 Philip, b 1779,July 18
2 Dorthy, b 1781,Aug 9
3 Jacob, b 1784,June 20
4 John, b 1786, Oct 19
5 Andreas, b 1789, May 20
6 Matthias, b 1792,Feb 15
7 Eva, b 1797, April 12 5  Matthias, m Catharine Fritts (daughter Fred.) 1781,April 10: had Children;
  1 Elisabeth, b 1782,March 15
  2 Fredrick, b 1783, Aug 18
  3 William, b 1785, July 27
  4 Jacob, b 1787, Aug 29
  5 Johannes, b 1792, June 30
  6 Peter, b 1794,July 12
  7 Sophia, b 1796 ,July 29
  8 Catherine, b. 1798, July 7
  9 Anna, b 1801, March 20 6 Jacob, m Charity Pickle (daughter Fred) had Children;
1 Elisabeth, b. 1794,April 4, m Danile Potter (s Daniel)
2 Philip, b 1796,July 8
3 Sophia, b 1797, Aug 3,,m Nichilas Hoffman (s. William)
4 Catherine. b 1800,,April 24,m Aaron Sutton (s Aaron)
5 Fredrick Pickle, b 1801 ,Dec 11,d, 1856, Jan 1, unmarried
6 Andrew b
7 Providence, b....d....

m... Minert Farley (s Minert)
8 George, b 1811,B=Feb 26, unmarried
9 Jacob and another died young Mary Tedrick, of Rosbury, Morris County, left a will dated 10 Jan 1771.prob. april 10, in which she names sons  Matthias (eldest] , Paul, Michel, and Andres Abel, and Caty and Eve, daughter of Michel. She no doubt had married a Tedrick for her second husband. The most probable conjecture with regard to her husband's name is that it was Matthias, and that he was a brother of Andreas, or Andtew, of Fox Hill Her children were perhaps the following.  1 Matthias, bot 124 qcres Upper German Valley of WM. allen  2 Michel, letters of administration of his estate granted to Elisabeth 1799,Jan 5, Somerset Co. N,J. perhaps had son  1 William, Chester, will prob 1823 Mar 22 will names children

   Margaret m a Bess
   Elisabeth, m Alexander Dawsin
   Michel's children,. William and Mary Mellick, w (of) John 3 Paul 4 Andrew, bot. 200 acres at Hackelbarney from Thomas leonard, 1761,Oct 30. will prob. 1783, names wife Hannah, and four children;

Salomy Richards



Elisabeth,b 1743, d 1825 Nov 15, m John Sutton {s. Aaron) Miscellaneous- William Abel died 1771,March at 98, and Nicholas Abel is buried in Pluckamin Cemetery, who died 1738  Mayyhias, 1764, d 1837 at 83, was a soldier in Rev. War and a noted Auctionieer. res. Union twp. Hunt Co. his will prob. 137,names w. Mary and ch. william's widow, Margaret, John, Sarah Crook, Charlotte Carkoff, Elisabeth Cook( deceased), gr'dson Matthias, s Willaim Church Records__-Michel and Dina have James,b 19 Feb 1769 and Dina.b 6 Sept 1771. Michel and Christina have Christina, b 17 May 1771, Willaim and Catherine have Catherinem b, July 1772 NOTE: more excerpts are here.

Ship passenger list: What I have on Andreas is from CD#354 Passenger and Immigration List Index 1538 - 1940.  It shows him arriving New Jersey in 1748.  No other data. --DJ Just in case you don't have it, the confirmations by Rev. Krug for the Evangelical Lutheran church were published in the "Maryland Magazine of Genealogy" in the l980's.  Listed among those being confirmed is Regina Dorothy Abel(in) b. Feb 4, l765, confirmed March 29, l782 in Frederick county.  In the book of Maryland Lutheran Marriages for this ministry, several marriages are listed as taking place "at the glasshouse". A couple of the Amelung children also appear in the records for confirmations in l785 and l790.

Andreas Ablin Ship Albany September 1, 1728 | Ship Albany September 1, 1728

Marriage Records of the Zion Lutheran Church at Oldwick  New Jersey Andreas Abel & Christina Schuler, Jan. 28, by license 1779 | Matthias Abel & Catharina Fritz, April 1O* 1781 | William Fritz & Mary Aabel, July 28 George Fritz & Anna Abel, Jan. 17* | Johannes Reinhardt & Christina Abel, Aug. 19 | Jacob Abel & Anna Gertroud Pickel, Jan. 19 | Isaac Emmens & Elisabeth Abel, Nov. 13 | Adam Heiler & Dina Abel, Oct. 13 | John Abel & Anna Rouw, July 15

Hello Catherine, I'm sorry, I just hit the wrong button and sent back your last message!! I guess it's not my best day!I wanted to write you and let you know that I found three of your ABEL-ABLE family members on the ship LOYAL JUDITH, of London with Robert Turpin, master, coming from Rotterdam. The passengers "Qualified" on 25 Sept. 1732.The following: ABEL, Johann Adam.......44 yrs. old ABEL, Johann Jacob......16 yrs. old ABLE, Hans Georg (or Hants Jurgh) ........63 yrs. On the same ship was Casper KRAMER, a couple MILLERS and WALTERS...they may have also been glassworkers. In NOTES ON OLD GLOUCESTER COUNTY, NJ I also found the name of "Daniel ABEL, jr. 3rd class in Capt. Maddox's Company of Gloucester Twp. "In the Revolutionary Census of NJ by Ken Stryken-Rodda, 1773-1773, and1778-1789, I also noticed the name of Mattathias ABEL listed, (in the part for 1778-1780) in Amwell, Hunterdon County. I don't know how much of this is new or helpful, but I'm keeping an eye out for your surname's never too far from the B's! Hope you had a nice Labor Day rest! Billie Leclerc

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 06:42:16 EDT From: To: c@auvil.comHi, Catherine, Thanks for adopting the list and good luck! Just a note to say that my Abels from Michigan are (I'm almost certain) of English extraction, and that they pronounce their name "able" as in "able" to do something. Some early spellings of the name were supposed to be "Able," in fact. I've often wondered if the name has anything to do with the Bible story of Cain and Abel, or if it derives from the English word "able," meaning capable. Looking forward to hearing more on this discussion. I've posted my lineage below in hopes of finding somebody who can make a connection. Debra Munn formerly of Texas but now living in Brighton, England ABEL LINEAGE Of Debra Dee Munn 6th Generation: *John V. ABLE (also spelled ABEL) BORN 1808 in New York DIED 3 August 1878, Bath Township, Clinton County, Michigan MARRIED Sarah A. WHEATON BORN 1814 in New York DIED 23 October 1900, probably in Michigan CHILDREN: Phebe A. ABLE, 1834 Sarah ABLE, 1837 Laura Emily ABLE, 1838 Mahala ABLE, 1841 Rachael ABLE, 1843 Lucy ABLE, 1845 *William Augustus ABLE, 17 March 1846, MARRIED Anna D. KNAPP Frances ABLE, 1848 5th Generation: *William Augustus ABLE BORN 17 March 1846 in Putnam Township, Livingston County, Michigan MARRIED 25 August 1867 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan Anna D. KNAPP, daughter of Louisa PHILLIPS and Philip KNAPPBORN 15 April 1846 in Novi Township, Oakland County, Michigan DIED 1899 in Michigan CHILDREN: *Artemus J. ABEL, 1867 - 1942, MARRIED Mary Lisettie CHURCH Nellie ABEL Minnie ABEL Lloyd Vermillion ABEL George Washington ABEL Eva A. ABEL Sarah ABEL 4th Generation: *Artemus J. ABEL BORN 1867 in Michigan DIED 1942 in Michigan MARRIED 5 October 1893 Mary Lisettie CHURCH, daughter of Mary Ellen PEACOCK and Chester B. CHURCH BORN 27 August 1870 in Bath Township, Clinton County, Michigan DIED 25 February 1965 in Laingsburg, Michigan CHILDREN:*Glenn Bazel ABEL, 3 July 1896-19 December 1953, MARRIED Maude Mae COSS Neva ABEL Vera ABEL 3rd Generation: *Glenn Bazel ABEL BORN 3 July 1896 in Clinton County, Michigan DIED 19 December 1953 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan MARRIED 8 March 1916 in Detroit, Michigan Maude Mae COSS, daughter of Ella Viola CULVER and Harvey Sylvester COSS BORN 1 March 1884 DIED 4 May 1974 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan (her 1st Spouse: Murray Lee CARTER; DIED 1916) CHILDREN of Maude Mae COSS and Murray Lee CARTER: Rex Murray CARTER, 4 November 1901, MARRIED (1) Mary ADAMS and (2) Elizabeth WHITNEY Ray Lee CARTER, 26 August 1903, MARRIED (1) Dana TERWILLIGER and (2) Margaret UNKNOWN George Murray CARTER, 28 February 1906, MARRIED (1) Evelyn ARNEY and 4 others Virgie Clare CARTER, 13 November 1908, MARRIED George IRVING Velma Ruth CARTER, 15 September 1910, MARRIED Loucious BUSH Wayne Harvey CARTER, 9 November 1914, MARRIED Dorothy HOUSEMAN CHILDREN of Maude Mae COSS and Glenn Bazel ABEL: Avis Arlene ABEL, 9 January 1918, MARRIED Paul PRYOR*Bonnie Elaine ABEL, 9 September 1920, MARRIED (1) Ralph BARRICK and (2) John Dee MUNN 2nd Generation: *Bonnie Elaine ABEL BORN 9 September 1920 in Bath Township, Clinton County, Michigan MARRIED (1) 3 August 1943Ralph BARRICK DIED 1944MARRIED (2) 20 December 1946 at Polk Street Methodist Church, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas John Dee MUNN, son of Maude Estelle ROACH and Charles Neill MUNN BORN 18 November 1915 in Goodnight, Texas CHILDREN (adopted): Debra Dee MUNN (birth name Alma Lynn REILLY), 15 August 1953, MARRIED (1) Leroy Scott FOLL and (2) Michael John HENRY 1st Generation: Debra Dee MUNN (birth name Alma Lynn REILLY) BORN 15 August 1953 at Amarillo Air Force Base Hospital, Amarillo, Texas

Let me know if you need me to scan you the pages from "Pennsylvania Germans in Maryland." I am in the process of moving to northern PA, but should have everything in order in a few weeks (right now the scanner is not hooked up). Subject: Re: Abel genealogy Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 15:16:04 EDT From: To: Hi! You know, I bet that there might be some information for you in Jacob Engelbrecht's Diaries. Jacob was quite a character who wrote down lots of interesting facts, marraiges, deaths, etc. I forget when the diaries begin, the turn of the nineteenth century or so. The Engelbrechts attended the Evangelical Lutheran Church also- and he always recorded goings on there. There would be a chance that he mentions your family- a very good chance. My three-volume set of the Diaries have already been packed and sent to PA. I wouldn't be able to help you out for a few weeks. You might want to check the lookup volunteer list if you are in a hurry. I think Henry Cronise was an innkeeper. My grandfather's family, the Houcks and Brishes, also had inns. You might also want to check with someone who has Frederick Marraiges. The entry in Colonial Occupations states that Paul Abel had three daughters. It would be helpful to know about all three. I'll check my book. Best Wishes! melinda

Palatines to PA (email from Richard Carpenter)Ship St. Andrew arr Phil Oct 1741 Jacob Aubel 19Ship Loyal Judith arr Phil Sep 1732 Johann Adam Abel 44, (Hans) Johann Jacob Abel 16, Hans Georg Abel 63Ship Adventurer arr Phil Sep 1732 Hans Jerig Abel 25


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