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Other Auvil Family Websites

Researching the vast arsenal of links to family websites listed on the website yielded many that now lead to nowhere and for which there are no alternate sites that we can find easily. Some were private sites at hosts that no longer exist. Also, Ancestry and its affiliates (Rootsweb, Family Search, etc.) went through several significant overhauls one of which included the shuffling of domain names and website organization. This means that a ton of URLs changed, effectively killing a lot of links genealogists posted on their websites.

We've included all of the links listed at, dead or not. Those links that are still functional, for which we've found new URLs, or to which we have added content are in italics and marked with an asterisk*.

Hint: Even dead links can still be useful. If you'd really like to see what was on these pages, try going to The Wayback Machine and entering the defunct URL there. This web crawler has been caching web pages since the mid-1990's and just may have saved a snapshot of the page you're looking for.

Do you have a link to a website that contains Auvil ancestors or interesting facts about the family? Email us, and we'll post the link here.


Family Websites

The LDS database at
The Moore's of Barbour County, West Virginia* (2 Auville children residing with Daniel and Sarah Moore in 1850)
Floyd/Shields/Stanley/Bragg Genealogy* (this new site leads to a forbidden area but apparently, it previously included information on Ida Mae Auvil. Old site:
Arizona Auvil
Bradford Auvil and Anna Viola Hull
Clarence Auville
Daniel Auvil and Susan Hatfield
Daniel Auvil and Susan Halfhill son Christopher Columbus Auville
Daniel Lawrence Auvil
Elias Auvil and Mary Hershman
Elias Auvil and Mary Hershman
Evi Auville Allen and Virginia Auville Allen
Henry (H.D.) Auvil marries Dorothy Edmund Sites
Jane, daughter of the Rev. Elias Auvil; and Henry Auvil
Jess Auville
John H. Auvil (link still functional)
John Auvil and Catherine Cox
Mary Elizabeth Auvil marries William Eyster Shaffer (link still functional)
Minnie Auvil (link still functional)
Pearl Auvil
Roy Auvil and Mildred Ione Rowan and HERE and HERE (third link still functional)
Sarah Auvil and HERE
"Son" Auvil
Till Auvil
William Auville and Nancy Valentine
Auville Mae Campbell
Roland D'Auville Chase (link still functional)
Auville Thomas Colbert
Steve Collins III
Marie Jeanne D'Auville
Charles Auvil Goodwin
Auvil Nixon Mclaughlin

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Misspelled Auvils?

Antoine Anvil* Elias Anvil* Eliza Anvil* Laura Anvil*
Napolean B. Anvil* Pierre Anvil* Serena Anvil*  
Daniel Ovel marries Susan Hatfield* Catherine Hovatter marries Daniel Ovil*
Ovell, Ernest Francis in Caledonia, Jay Twp, Elk Co., PA, 1892

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Related Families

Baxter Armstrong marries Martha Jane Nester Hochwaerter
Jacob Hovater Carrie McGee's site Frederick Nester
Kayser/Keyser (link still functional) Frederick Nester
Nester researchers page Poling maintained by Nicole Castle, an Auvil descendant
Frederick Nestor (link still functional) Daniel Moore born abt 1760-Deborah Poling born 1774 Virginia
Kaufman Jacob Titlow related to our Daniel Ditlo/Titlow? (link still functional)

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Daniel Abel/Auville 1781*  married twice: first to Anna, second to Susan

mother: Anna Margreth Hochwaerter*
Married twice: first to Heinrich Cox, second to Daniel Abel/Auville

William Cox 1793*
+ Catherine Elizabeth Katy Nestor/Nester

Elizabeth (Betsy) Cox 1795*
+ David Nestor/Nester

Lewis Auville 1803*
+ Mary Polly Moats

Pollie (Mary) Auville 1806*
+ John Armstrong

Sarah Catherine Auvil 1806*
+ John Nestor/Nester

mother: Susanna Hatfield*

Daniel Auville 1817*
+ Catherine Hovatter

George Auville 1819*

John Auville 1820*
+ Catherine Cox daughter of William Cox and Catherine Elizabeth (Katy) Nestor

(James) Elias Auville 1824*
+ Mary Hershman

Katie Auville 1826*

Lydda Auville 1828*

Harriet Auville 1830*

Anna Auville 1832*

William Auville 1828* (date should be 1833 ~ LDS individual ID numbers in the old URL and the current link are identical)

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