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[Sunday, June 10, 2007]

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to try out an off-site source for the Forest For The Trees news, announcements, and updates to the site. The new blog is at:

This way, you can add your comments there as well. I'm not certain how much easier this will be for me or for you, but I guess we're going to find out together. Contact me with your insights and suggestions.

[Thursday, May 31, 2007]

Hang on, gang, I'm getting there...  I've been working like a fiend on getting the index of individuals completed. This way, even though I haven't completed all of the family sheets (details of individuals) yet, you can at least browse through the names of our ancestors by surname. If you find a name that might fit into your genealogy and just can't wait for the family sheets, don't hesitate to contact us for clarifications or with your questions and concerns.

[Sunday, May 05, 2007]

Boy, time certainly flies even when you're not having fun. I've been extremely swamped at work and home and have not had even a moment to work on this site. I just wanted to check in, however, to say that this project has not become something about which I've forgotten. Quite the contrary. It weighs on me that I have quite a bit more to accomplish here. Since it is really slow-going, I'll check back in again to update you on perhaps some alternatives to waiting until the entire site is completed.

As a sort of peace offering, I've added a couple of photos to the Gallery. Since getting my scanner up and running again, I intend to add much more. One was so generously and graciously sent to me by Kula Schumacher of the Adolpho Family. It is of Kapae Kaukini Mahuiki who was the father of Lawrence Laamaikahiki Mahuiki, husband to Rachel Ilalaole. Rachel was my grandmother's half first cousin, and I've included a photo of her as well.

[Tuesday, January 09, 2007]

Happy New Year! We have some exciting things to report. Beginning on the first day of 2007, the new year brought with it some very nice surprises.

First, we need to announce a correction to part of the Auvil Genealogy in the Hatfield line. Because we posted this piece of misinformation exactly as it appeared on the old Auvil website, so please update your records:

We've been exchanging some delightful emails with Ron Auvil (son of George E. Auvil, grandson of Dallas Howard Auvil) who wrote to inform us that his grandfather's spouse, Goldie Shaffer, was not married a second time to Richard A. Isner. After the passing of Dallas, she never remarried. Instead, Mr. Isner was Ron's grand-uncle who was married to Dallas Howard Auvil's sister, Virginia Auvil. The Hatfield tree, in its original, does not include a "Virginia Auvil" as the daughter of George Washington Auvil and Hannah R. Shaffer. So, we will be adding her. Thank you, Ron!

Secondly, one of our distant Davis relatives, Gary Snyder of Oregon, contacted us out of the blue after finding our website through a general search. His great generosity in emailing us a picture of his great-grand uncle, Alvin Haskins Davis, Jr., First Lieutenant for the Union in the Civil War, was so appreciated. Gary has been working with Reta Wingate on the Davis genealogy. Thanks, Gary!  This was truly a gift, and this too will show up in our Gallery soon.

Lastly and most long-winded...

Last year, out of curiosity, Todd and I decided to participate in National Geographic's Genographic Project. Our DNA was analyzed and placed in categories called Haplogroups, which designate groups of humans as they migrated away from the originating female of the human race to populate the world. We opted to contribute our results to Family Tree DNA.





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