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Will of Thomas DAVIDGE [d.1614]

Merchant of Dorchester

Will dated 9th December 1613 - Proved PCC 11/123 on 23 Feb 1614

Original Transcription below - Link to Modern English version

Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC Dorchester - December 2010

Note:- To aid researchers with identification I have retained the line structure of the original document and indicated by a break the start and end of each page. Words that I am unsure of I have highlighted in red.
In the Name of God Amen: The Nynth Day of ∞ ∞
December in the yeares of the raigne of Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of
God king of England ffrannce and Ireland the Eleaventh and of Scotland the xliyth
Defender of the faith ye 1613: I Thomas DAVIDGE of Dorchester in the Countie of
Dorset merchant beinge sicke and weeke of body but of good and pfect memorie ∞ ∞
thankes be given unto Allmightie God therefore I doe make and ordayne this my
last will and Testament in writinge in manner followinge, Impremis I give and ∞ ∞
bequeath my soule unto Allmightie God my maker and Redeemer And my body to
be buried in the church of St Peters in Dorchester aforesaid. Item: I give to the poore
people of the Towne of Dorchester aforesaid Tenn shillings, And to the poore people
of Bridport Tenne shillings, Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Alice
one hundred pounds for her livelyhoode and mayntenance during her lyfe And after
her decease my will is that fowerscore and ten pounds thereof shalle and remayne
to such of my children as shall then bee lyvinge to be equally devided amongst them
and that my nephewe Thomas DAVAGE shall then have the Tenne poundes residue ∞ ∞
thereof, Item I give unto my sonne Richard DAVAGE one hundred markes And I
unto my daughter Sara one hundred markes And more I give unto my daughter
Johane one hundred markes, Item I give unto my wives brother Gilles GREEN in ∞ ∞
token of my love unto him my large geldinge saddle and bridle, Item I give unto my
nephew Richard DAVIDGE my Cloke layed about with lace wth my Brother Richard
gave unto me by his last will, More I give unto my Nephew Thomas
DAVIDGE one gold ringe wth a red and blewe stone ingraved wth the hart in the prosse,
Item I give unto my uncleThomas BYSHOPP my best cloke, And I give unto Richard
PENNYE Servant unto my father in lawe John GREENE five markes in money and my
Cloke wth bewe buttons my jerkin and breeches that I had last made for me and my best
Doublett and worsen breeches my best hatt two shirts fower bands and all my stockins
and showes, Item I give unto my kinswoman Edith TIGGINS nowe my servant five poundes
wth is owing unto me from her mother Elizabeth TIGGINS widowe, Item my will is that
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------end of first page
my wyfe Sara shall after my decease have holde and enioye my Burgage and house wth
th appurtenance wherein I nowe dwell in Dorchester aforesaid and my howses and Burgages
wth their appurtennces in Bridport in the said Countie of Dorset for soe longe tyme as
she shall keepe her self sole and unmarried, And after such tyme as my said wyfe shall happen
after my decease to marrye ajoyne or dye, then my will is that from and after such
of the saide dayes or tymes as shall after my decease first happen to come to passe the
same Burgages and howses wth their appurtenances and all other my lands in Dorchester and
Bridport aforesaid or elswere in England shall remayne and come and I give the same to
my sonne Richard DAVAGE and to the issue of his bodye lawfully begotten and to be begotten, And for want
of such issue the remaynder thereof to my said two daughters Sara and Johane and
to the issues of either of their two bodies lawfully begotten and to be begotten And for
want of issue of either or any of their two bodies lawfully begotten, The remayder
thereof to my said nephewe Thomas DAVAGE and the issue male of his bodie lawfully
begotten and to be begotten And for want of first issue male, The remaynder thereof
to my said Nephew Richard DAVIDGE and to the issue of his bodye lawfully begotten
and to be begotten. And for want of such issue the remaynder thereof to my right
heirs for ever, Item I give unto Henry BANDALL my sisters sonne the fetherbed wth
was my mothers, And I give unto my Aunte Elizabeth TIGGENS twentie shillings
And untio my Aunte Marie HODDER Twentie shillings. Item I give unto my kinsman
Ellyott JOHNSON of Dorchester aforesaid goods one golde Ringe being a posyest marked
wth the letter T and D And I heartelye praye my wyfe that she faithfully deliver
the same Ringe to him wthin one moneth after my decease, Item I give unto my sister
Johane in token of my good will toward her ffifteene shillings to make her a ringe, Item I
give unto Mr Humfrey BUYSHOP and unto John ELRINGTON ffifteene shillings a peece to buy
each of them a ringe, Item I give unto my little cosen Gilles HARDEY sonne of John HARDEY
of Dorchester aforesaid Tenne shillings to buy him a silver spoone, All the residue of my
Goodes and Chattles whatsoever both moveable and unmoveable my debts paid and funerall ∞ ∞
discharged and legacies likewise, I give and bequeath unto my said wyfe Sara whome I make
my sole executrix of this my last will and testament. And I make and ordayne my beloved
uncles Humphrey BUSHOP and Thomas BUYSHOP and likewise my good friends John ELRINGTON
and Giles GREENE all fower of them my overseers of this my last will and testament whome
I doe hartelye praye and desire to see this my will to be instlie and faithfullie fullfilled
in all points accordinge to my true intent and meaninge hereof, In witness I have
hereunto subscribed my name and sett to my seale the Daye and Yeare first above written in
the presence of Edmond DASHWOOD John HARDEY of Dorchester and John HARDEY thonger of
Beaminster and Ellyott JOHNSON wth likewise have hereunto subscribed there names as witt:
nesses, wth likewise doe wittnes that theis wordes wthin written (and Tennt) were ∞ ∞
interlyned before then sealinge hereof T:me Jo: HARDEY Sen. Tho: DAVIDGE, Witnesses Edmund DASHWOOD, Elliot JOHNSON,John HARDEY Junn.

PROBATUM: [Note:- My Latin leaves a great deal to be desired and I am quite happy to be corrected by someone who actually knows what they are doing but I have attempted a rough translation as follows]
    This testament was approved at London before the venerable Johanne Benet Doctor of Law at the Prerogative court of Canterbury on 23rd February in the year of our Lord 1614 --to Sara DAVIDGE relict and executrix appointed in the testament.

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