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Will of Daniel ARDEN (d.1755)

of Dorchester

Letters dated 27th Aug 1754; 8th Aug 1754; & 20 Aug 1754 which constitute his Last Will & Testament
PCC 11/817 Administration with Will approved on 12th August 1755

Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC Dorchester - April 2011

My Dear Kitt: ARDEN
This comes to you by my own directions which gives you the account of my death. I was unwilling to send for you down to take my last ffarewell of you knowing you could be of no service to me and seeing you would only add to my grief besides the expences and your business wanting you at home. I have from my sincere love and conscience done my utmost endeavour to please your brother and you which I hope will be full satisfaction to you both I therefore recomend brotherly love with a thorough unity and ffriendship to you both which I hope will always continue as long as life lasts and may God Almighty of his infinate mercy and goodness bless you both in this world and in the world to come which is the hearty prayers of your ffriend and father Dan ARDEN August 27. 1754: Dan ARDEN

Memd I have left you my stone ring which I beg you will keep for my sake I have also left you my old silver watch and buckles I have left in your brothers hand a Bond of Two hundred pounds due from Mr. MOHUN which I give to you and your brother to be equally divided but the interest that shall be due to go towards my ffuneral expenses if wanted the money that is due to your brother from Mr. RITE or the Brewhouse I likewise order it to be equally divided between you and your brother and whatever else you are possessed of either in money or otherwise I ffreelyu give it to you and you are no ways to be accountable to your brother or any body else and what I have desired I beg may be binding to you both as any Will could be and lastly must entreat Dear Kitt no way to neglect his duty to Almighty God the neglect which nobody can expect any prosperity in this life or happyness in the world to come Dan ARDEN

P.S. I beg you will not be extravagant in the Mourning. I give to my son Kitt ARDEN my stone ring, my silver watch, my shoe and knee buckles with my Neck? buckle

My Dear George: ARDEN what I have here wrote I beg may be binding and performed by you and your brother Christopher ARDEN it being my earnest desire and directions Witness my hand the twenty eigth day of August 1754 Dan ARDEN

You have here Mr Robt MOHUNS Bond of two hundred pounds which I give to be equally divided between you and your Brother Christo ARDEN and what interest shall be due to go to help defray my ffuneral expenses you have due to you from Mr William RITE or the Brewhouse two hundred and twenty pounds which I order to be divided equally between you both as also what interest that shall appear to be due and received likewise and what wants shall be due at my death to go towards my ffuneral expenses which I beg may be very private and frugall. You will find my watch stone ring seal and my buckles which I give to my son Christo ARDEN I heartily recommend to both my sons sincere ffriendship and brotherly love and may it always continue as long as life lasts wishing you all happyness and prosperity in this world and everlasting ffelicity in the world to come is the hearty [prayer of their affectionate ffather Dan ARDEN Aug: 20 1754

George ARDEN borrowed of Mr Ffrancis PURCHASE which I think myself obliged to pay tho' [i.e. though] Kitt made use of it in the Brewhouse 100. 0s. 0d.

George has paid three years interest £15. 0s. 0d
£115. 0s 0d .

To money paid by Kitt for his Brother which was mine
Paid for Hopps 30. 4s 7d
To Mr LUCAS at the Temple the Mayors money 17. 2s 0d
To Money paid Mr EATON in full 8. 0s 0d
To Mr PROT for ditto 10. 0s 0d
To Money paid George(+) ARDEN 12 twelve pounds and add ---12. 0s 0d      ( + by sister )
To sixteen pounds due to me in BUSHROD's Mortgage besides the Wall Door and durns? 16. 0s. 0d
[Total] 93. 6s. 0d

There being twenty one pounds thirteen shillings and two pence which I do order to be deducted [illegible] my son George ARDEN out of the money that shall be received from Mrs RICE out of the Brewhouse Aug: 29th 1754 Witness my hand Dan ARDEN all errors to be rectified.
9th August 1755

Appeared: personally William BRYER of the parish of St Peters in Dorchester in th County of Dorset vintner and James AYLING of the Parish of St Andrew Holborn in the County of Middlesex Apothecary and being sworn on the Holy Evangelist deposed the truth deposed as follows that they well know and were acquainted with Daniel ARDEN late of Dorchester in the County of Dorset deceased for many years before and to the time of his death and during such times have often seen him write and subscribe his name and thereby became well acquainted with his manner and character of handwriting and having now seen and perused the paper writings hereunto annexed marked No. 1: 2 & 3 containing together the last will and testament or testamentory schedules of the deceased bearing dates as follows that is to say
No1. bearing date August 27th 1754 and thus subscribed Dan ARDEN:
No.2 bearing date August 20th 1754 and thus subscribed Dan ARDEN and
No. 3 bearing date Aug 29 1754 Witness my hand Dan ARDEN
they these deponents depose and say that they verily believe the whole series of the said three several papers hereto annexed bearing date aforesaid and the name Dan ARDEN severally set and sunscribed thereto to be of the proper hand writing of him the said Daniel ARDEN deceased Wm BRYER : J AYLING the same day the said William BRYER and James AYLING were sworn to the truth of the above attestation before me the And: Coltee DUCAREL Surrogate Present John PHILLIPS Junior Notary Public
On the twelfth day of August in the year of Our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and fifty five Administration with the Will and three thesamentary schedules annexed of all the singular the goods chattels and credits of Daniel ARDEN late of Dorchester in the County of Dorset Widower deceased was granted to George ARDEN the natural and lawful son of the said deceased having been first sworn duly to Administer for that no executor or residuary legatee is named in the said Will or Testamentary schedules
Genealogical Notes:-

(1). Link to Notes on the ARDEN FAMILY of Dorchester
(2). 'Kitt' was used in the 18th century as an abbreviation for the name 'Christopher' in the same way as we now use 'Chris'

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