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Town Clerks of Dorchester 1629-2010

Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester August 2011
Last updated July 2015

1629 - William DERBY [Note:- Was appointed to this office on 22nd Sept 1629 by the Charter of Charles I and apart from the next entry remained in office until 1648]

(1638) 1649 - Richard SCOVILE [SKOVILE] [Note:- The Municipal Records of Dorchester show that he was appointed Town Clerk, (presumably on a temporary basis) on 9th Nov 1638 until " Tuesday after Michaelmas next". He permanently took over on 16th Oct 1649 "in place of William DERBY deceased". Richard Scovell, son of John and Susannah (Bradstock) Scovell, was born about the year 1605, probably at Wichampton. He died at Broadmayne in 1678, will dated Aug. 20, 1678. He married Elizabeth, sister of Rev. Thomas Wheatley. Richard Scovell lived at Broadmayne, Weymouth, and Dorchester, of which city he was town clerk. He was a man of importance, property, and social distinction. Sources:- MRD & Homer Worthington Brainard. A survey of the Scovils or Scovills in England and America : seven hundred years of history and genealogy]

1656 - Joseph DERBIE [Note:- Son of William DERBY above. MRD page 461: 1656 Dec 12th The day above mentioned Mr Joseph DERBIE of this town was chosen Clerke in the place of Mr Richard SCOVILE which was done by the consent of the whole company present]

1676 - Andrew LODER [Note:- MRD page 461 L:1676 Aug 18th Mr Joseph DERBY displaced from being Town Clerk, and Mr Andrew LODER elected in his room [i.e. place] for among other reasons "neglecting attending the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses weekly and the Justices upon taking examinations and recognizances, neglect of recording the orders and proceedings of Quarter sessions within this Borough and keeping Court Leets, the same being entered on loose papers only and no order book being kept]

1694 - Robert LODER [Note:- MRD page 461: 1694 Oct 5th: Richard CHURCHILL gent a Capital Burgess having withdrawn from the Borough in order to avoid serving as Mayor this year, is removed from being a Capital Burgess and Andrew LODER Gent and Alderman is chosen Mayor, and removed from being the Common Clerk, his son Robert LODER being appointed Clerk in his stead. 1710-11 Jan 5th: Robert LODER re-elected Town Clerk the office having become void on his being elected Capital Burgess]

1711 - Robert COLSON [Note:- MRD page 461: 1711, Oct 29th Robert COLSON elected Town Clerk in room of Robert LODER deceased - Robert Loder was buried at All Saints church on 29th Oct 1711. MRD 1713, Oct 5th Robert COLSON , on vacating his Mayorality re-elected Town Clerk]

1722 - John COLSON [Note:- MRD page 461: 1722 Oct 1st John COLSON elected Town Clerk in room of Robert COLSON, his father]

1723 - Robert COLSON [Note:- MRD page 461: 1723 Oct 4th Robert COLSON late Mayor elected Town Clerk

1724 - Walter CROWE [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1724 Nov 2nd Walter CROWE Gent elected Town Clerk in room of Robert COLSON gent deceased]

1727 - Laurence SNOOK [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1727 Oct 2nd Laurence SNOOKE gent elected Town Clerk in room of Walter Crowe gent now elected Mayor ]

1728 - Walter CROWE [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1728 Sept 30th Walter CROWE Gent elected town Clerk in room of Laurence Snooke]

1741 - Robert LODER [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1741 Sept 25th Robert LODER Gent chosen Common Clerk of the Borough in room of Walter Crowe gent lately deceased. MRD 1748 June 21st Robert LODER Gent appointed Common Clerk]

1751 - George COOPER [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1751 April 3rd George COOPER gent chosen Junior Bailiff and Common Clerk in place of Robert LODER Gent deceased]

1777 - George STICKLAND [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1777 Apr 30th George STICKLAND Gent chosen Common Clerk in room of George COOPER Gent deceased]

1792 - George STICKLAND the younger [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1792 June 13th George STICKLAND the Younger Gent elected Common Clerk in room of George STICKLAND his father resigned]

1815 - Nathaniel STICKLAND [Note:- MRD Page 462: 1815 Oct 2nd Mr Nathaniel STICKLAND elected Common Clerk]

1816 - George STICKLAND [Note:- MRD page 462: 1816 Sept 30th Mr George STICKLAND [presumably elected] : Mr. George STICKLAND a Magistrate & Town Clerk of this Borough; of High W. Street in the parish of Holy Trinity; buried 16 Jan 1824; age 62 ]

1824 - Joseph STONE [Note:- MRD page 462: 1824 Feb 2nd In consequence of a vacancy in the office of Town Clerk by the death of Mr George STICKLAND It is agreed and resolved as Follows:-

"That Burn's Justice and all other Books and Acts of Parliament belonging to the Corporation be constantly kept in the Town Hall that the Acts of Parliament as published be kept by the Mayor until the end of his Mayorality when they are to be bound and deposited in the Town Hall with the other books
That in future no charge be made by the Town Clerk for attendances writing letters or transacting business for the Corporation the Feoffees of the School or Almshouse or any public trust or charity in which the the Corporation are concerned or entrusted and that the compensation to the town clerk is to arise from the regular fees of office. At this meeting Joseph STONE Gentleman was chosen Common clerk of this Borough in room of George Stickland gent deceased (and sworn the same day)Mr Joseph Stone (1797 -1853) was a Solicitor in Dorchester ]

1853 - Jul 12th Giles SYMONDS (nephew of Joseph Stone, married Jane Stickland, daughter of Charles Stickland at St Peters church in Dorchester on 16 Oct 1841) [Note:- He was in partnership with Joseph Stone above, trading under the name of 'Stone & Symonds' Solicitors , and the 1839 street directory descibes him as 'Town Clerk, and Clerk to Borough Magistrates, and Agent to Atlas Fire and Life Insurance ']

1892 - Dec 20th Henry SYMONDS (son of Giles Symonds)

1899 - July 20th Arthur George SYMONDS (son of Giles & brother of Henry)

1908 - Henry SYMONDS

1911 - Arthur George SYMONDS (son of Giles & brother of Henry – served overseas 1914-1919)

1922 - J Adrian HANDS


1971 - Reginald W BROOM

1974 - Ivor BEAVIS

1982 - Peter C PAGE

1987 - Dennis HOLMES

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