St Peters Church Dorchester

Marriages 1801-1885

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St Peters Church Dorchester
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Note:- The following marriages have been extracted from the IGI but are gradually being updated from the parish Registers May 2012

06 May 1801 - Robert FARNHAM of the parish of All Saints Dorchester married Elizabeth MABER by Licence (CR)

19 May 1801 - John STILE of the parish of West Knighton married Elizabeth BASCOMBE (CR)

22 Sep 1801 - William DAWES of Yetminster married Ann GOREING by Licence (CR)

16 Nov 1801 - James STAUNTON of the parish of Holy trinity married Ann CURME (CR)

30 Nov 1801 - Richard SEATON married Ann DAVIS of Wareham by Licence (CR)

05 Jan 1802 - Robert COWAN of the parish of Fordington married Mary READ Widow by Licence (CR)

15 Sep 1802 - Thomas WAKEFORD of the parish of All Saints Dorchester married Mary PEARCE (CR)

15 Nov 1802 - George DAVIS from Depford in the County of Kent married Mary LEGG by Licence (CR)

08 Jan 1803 - Charles ELLIOTT of the parish of Fordington married Sarah DUMBULTON (CR)

18 Apr 1803 - Thomas CURTIS of the parish of All Saints Dorchester married Elizabeth LANE by Licence (CR)

11 May 1803 - Joseph WHITE of the parish of Charminster married Virtue SLADE

21 Aug 1803 - George HARDY married Elizabeth OLD (CR)

28 Aug 1803 - Thomas HITT of the parish of Osmington married Ann HAYNE by Licence (CR) [Note:- Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorcherster. Children (1) Phillis HITT born 5th Nov 1805 baptised at Osmington 7th Aug 1807. (2) Ann Hayne HITT born 19th Mar 1807 and baptised at Osmington Dorset 7th Aug 1807 (3) Mary Ann HITT born 10th Feb 1809 baptised Osmington 16 Sep 1811.(4) Fanny HITT bap Osmington 16 Sep 1811..]

20 Sep 1803 - Joseph BISHOP of the parish of Stinsford married Elizabeth NORMAN (CR)

12 Jan 1804 - John HELLYAR of the parish of Sherborne married Alicia HAYNE by Licence (CR)[Note:- Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorcherster]

31 Mar 1804 - James BOGGETT married Lydia HAZARD by Licence (CR)

10 Apr 1804 - John JOINER married Marcia GIBBEL or GRIBBEL (Sic) (CR)

26 Apr 1804 - Robert Talbot SPICER of the parish of Broadmain married Losanna FRIZELL (CR)

13 May 1804 - George LOCK of the parish of Holy Trinity married Jane ROBERTS by Licence (CR) [Note:- 2nd marriages for both - Link to George LOCK (1741-1837) 1st marriage to Mary POUNCY - for more info]

29 Oct 1804 - Philip LEONHARD of the parish of Fordington married Mary TRESIZE by Licence (CR)

03 Jan 1805 - William MUTFORD of the parish of Lewes in the County of Sussex married Ann HEWER by licence (CR)

13 Jan 1805 - John BRINE of the parish of Holy Trinity married Elizabeth COLE by Licence (CR)

28 Jan 1805 - Richard DUNMAN married Jemima DEVENISH (CR)

03 Jun 1805 - John LEGG of the parish of Holy Trinity married Mary SHAVE (CR)

06 Jun 1805 - John WHITE of the parish of Charminster married Mary GALE by Licence (CR)

30 July 1805 - William WEST married Elizabeth KEATS (CR)

09 Oct 1805 - William HOLLOWAY married Elizabeth CREECH (CR)

25 Oct 1805 - James MILLS married Ann GROVES (CR)

31 Oct 1805 - Henry COLLIS married Elizabeth GROVES by Licence (CR)

18 Feb 1806 - William CURTIS married Mary Ann WHIPPER (CR)

17 Mar 1806 - Thomas LOVE married Sarah PINK by Licence (CR)

30 Apr 1806 - John MASTERS of the parish of Fordington married Mary COOPER by Licence (CR)

29 Mar 1807 - Samuel LEGG married Ann GALE (CR)

30 Mar 1807 - Christopher BOND married Ann WHITE by Licence (CR)

04 June 1807 - John LOCK married Mary WINZER of the parish of Holy Trinity (CR)

01 Sep 1807 - James MILLS of Manchester married Mary TAPP a widow by Licence (CR)

17 Sep 1807 - Nicholas INGRAM married Sarah BASCOMBE by Licence (CR)

06 Dec 1807 - Thomas GILLING married Sarah WILLS (CR)

08 Feb 1808 - Edward Horne SHORTO married Hannah CRITCHELL by Licence (CR)

09 Mar 1808 - Hugh BEACH of the parish of Melcombe Regis married Alice HARVEY by Licence (CR)

29 Mar 1808 - Thomas VINCENT married Jane HOARE of the parish of Cheselbourne (CR)

03 Oct 1808 - John LOCK alias OULDENT married Sophia RUSSELL alias WAKEMAN (CR)

29 Dec 1808 - Joseph CUST of Winterbourne Came married May BASCOMBE by Licence (CR)

11 May 1809 - Robert William ANDREWS married Ann LUCKHAM of Winterborne Steepleton by Licence (CR)

25 Sep 1809 - Nathaniel SMITH of Swanage married Harriet MORGAN by Licence (CR)

27 Dec 1809 - John BARTLETT married Edith WHEELER (CR)

12 Mar 1810 - John CURME of Cerne Abbas married Jane BROWN by Licence (CR)

16 Sep 1810 - James MORGAN married Lucy CHUBB (CR)

29 Nov 1810 - John CHURCHER of Portsmouth married Rebecca LEGG by Licence (CR)

02 May 1811 - William HUNT of the parish of All Saints (Dorchester) married Elizabeth SHORT (CR)

01 Sep 1811 - Henry Reynold HINDE Esq. married Catherine Antonina HEWGILL (CR)

    [Note:- Entry in The York Herald (York, England), Saturday, September 07, 1811;" On Sunday at St Peters Church Dorchester by the Rev H.J.Richman, Henry Reynolds HINDE, Esq Brigade-Major to his Majesty's forces, to Catherine Antonina, only daughter of the late Major-General HEWGILL of Hornby Grange in this County.]
07 Oct 1811 - Isaac BARRETT of the parish of Osmington married Martha HARDY (CR)

16 Jan 1812 - Lewis ROSS of Blandford married Ann DAMON CR)

27 Feb 1812 - Henry LOGES (or LOYES) (Sic) married Elizabeth HUNT (CR)

13 Mar 1812 - Thomas AMBROSE married Sarah KING (Not in CR at this date? )

06 Apr 1812 - Anthony TREW married Susanna COOPER (CR)

14 May 1812 - Joseph RIGGS of Winfrith married Sarah BUSHROD (CR)

14 July 1812 - Robert Reynolds BUSSEY married Lydia ROBERTS (Not in CR at this date? )

4 Aug 1812 - Ednard [Edward?] BRICKLE married Mary TANSWELL (Not in CR at this date? )

20 Aug 1812 - Robert OBORNE married Maria GIBBS (Not in CR at this date? )

05 Oct 1812 - Philip NEW married Harriet BOWREN (Not in CR at this date? )

06 Oct 1812 - Samuel SYMS [or SIMMS] married Ann PLUNKNETT (Not in CR at this date? )

13 Oct 1812 - Charles GROVES married Ann WHITE by licence (CR)

13 Oct 1812 - John SMITH married Mary PHELPS (CR)

16 Nov 1812 - Alfred LODGE married Sarah SHORT (Not in CR at this date? )

14 Dec 1812 - Charles FERREST married Sarah TAYLOR (Not in CR at this date? )

24 Dec 1812 - Thomas BRUSHETT married Jane VALLENS of Holy Trinity (CR)

26 Dec 1812 - John HARRIS married Mary Ann COX by licence (CR has surname as LOCK?)

25 Feb 1813 - James FOX married Sarah SHAVE

02 Mar 1813 - William ARNOLD married Susannah GROVES

07 Mar 1813 - Thomas WHITE married Hannah FEVER

05 Apr 1813 - John WHITE married Mary BESLEY

20 Apr 1813 - James HANN married Elizabeth WELLS

08 May 1813 - Richard CHARLES married Mary EDWARDS

24 May 1813 - Robert RANDALL married Mary Ann GALE

24 May 1813 - William STEPHENS married Elizabeth DEED

10 Dec 1813 - William ZILLWOOD married Margaret BOWRING

[no date] 1814 - John LEGG married Mary FIPPARD

09 Jan 1814 - Charles SHEPPARD married Mary SMITH
    [Note:- Brief menion Taunton Courier for 20th Jan 1814 ' Sheppard C chemist married the daughter of Lieutenant Smith of the Royal Artillery at Dorchester ]
24 Oct 1814 - William Wilkins HARRIS married Mary DAVIS

13 Dec 1814 - Samuel STRICKLAND married Jane GIBBS

27 Dec 1814 - Thomas LOCK married Elizabeth COOPER

22 Jun 1815 - John WOOD married Mary JOHNSON 27 Jun 1815 - William BROWN married Rebecca FISHER

07 Aug 1815 - Benjamin PAUL married Ann BARRETT

05 Oct 1815 - Thomas LOCKETT married Avice TASKER

[No Marriages are recorded on the IGI for 1816 or 1817]
02 Jun 1818 - James Maxwell WALLACE married Eliza HODGES

17 Jun 1818 - David LOVELESS married Mary Henley RUSSELL

08 Sep 1818 - Richard BARGE married Susanna CREECH

30 Sep 1818 - John TERRELL married Elizabeth FIPPARD

31 Jan 1819 - Thomas CARTER married Sarah HUNT

20 Jun 1819 - William BRUSHETT married Susanna FUDGE

16 Aug 1819 - Charles BARTLETT married Elizabeth HUNT

27 Sep 1819 - Job WEST married Charlotte PHILLIPS

30 Sep 1819 - James HARRIS married Elizabeth BARTLETT

16 Nov 1819 - Thomas Swain SCRIVEN married Sarah Mary SCOTT
    [Note:- Announcement in The Bristol Mercury Marriages 22 Nov 1819 :- November 16th at Dorchester Lieut SCRIVEN of the Greyhound revenue cutter, Weymouth, to Miss S.H. SCOTT daughter of Mr SCOTT of the Antelope Inn Dorchester Ref Issue 1547]
21 Nov 1819 - William FOOKS (1795-1834) married Jemima ARNOLD (1785-1832)
    Note:- William a Chaise Driver had the following children with Jemima before she died and was buried at HT on 10th April 1832:- (1) Mary Ann bap at Holy Trinity, West Back street, 11th Oct 1820 (2) Elizabeth born c1821 & buried HT aged 11 years 10th Apr 1832 (3) William Henry bap St Peters, South Back Street, 17th Nov 1825 (4) Robert bap HT 19th Sep 1826 & buried 3rd Dec 1826 (5) Eliza Maria bap HT 11th Nov 1827 (6) James John HT 12th Sep 1830 & buried 11th May 1831. William was buried at HT on 26th Jan 1836 aged 39.

20 July 1820 - William SPENCER married Frances GARLAND

02 Oct 1820 - Edmond ROWE married Elizabeth RUSSELL

25 Oct 1820 - Henry STANFORD married Sophia STEPHENSON

03 Dec 1820 - William PAUL married Elizabeth Jane GALE

24 Apr 1821 - John HUNIBON [i.e. HONEYBONE or HONEYBUN]married Elizabeth GALE

17 May 1821 - John KEATES married Ann SQUIBB
    [Note:- John KEATS (1774-1832) was aged 47 when he married Ann SQUIBB (1796-1834) who was 25. John died at the age of 58 being buried at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 9th Dec 1832 followed by Ann who was still only 38 when she was buried with him on 3rd Dec 1834. Known children from this marriage were :- (1) Mary (1821-1827) born 12 Dec 1821 bap at Durngate Independent Church Dorchester 13 Dec 1821 and died at the age of 5 being buried at St Peters on 11 Feb 1827 (2) Henry John (b.1823) (See comments at his baptism) born 10th Oct 1823 and bap at Durngate on 14th Oct 1823 (3) Ebenezar (1825-1826) born 13th Sep 1825, bap at Durngate on 22nd Sep 1825 and buried at St Peters Church on 31 Dec 1826 (4) Ebenezar (1828-aft 1883) born in the parish of St Peters Dorchester on 6th Jan 1828, and baptised at Durngate Independent church on 4th Feb 1828.(5) Richard Squibb born 29th Aug 1829 and bap at Durngate on 13th Dec 1929.

    (4) Ebenezar KEATS became a merchant seaman; his service record shows he sailed on the following vessels:-
    The "Dochforce" out of Bristol as a boy for 3 years 9 months.
    The "Britannia " out of Bristol as an Ordinary Seaman on 20th Nov 1844, disembarking at Bristol on 9th April 1845 and sailed again until 21 Aug 1845.
    The "Rankin" out of Glasgow as an Ordinary Seaman until he sailed on
    The "Victoria" out of Bristol from 11th Feb 1846 until 4th Feb 1847 as an Ordinary Seaman.
    The "Ocean Queen" from March 1848 to Dec 1848 as 2nd Mate
    The "Sarah Maria Ann" for just over 5 months as 2nd Mate
    Then "James Daly" out of Bristol as mate heading for the west coast of Africa in May 1851 until July 1852.
    A Certificate of Ordinary Examination No. 05112 issued 19th Aug 1852 when his address was 8 Grove Parade Redlands Bristol and his birth given as 6th Jan 1828 at Dorchester Dorset
    A Masters Certificate was issued the following day under number 1698.
    He was then mate on the "Clara Symes" out of Bristol heading for Australia arriving in 1853.
    There is no record of subsequent voyages recorded until 1872 but a passenger & crew list exists on Ancestry dated 6th Sep 1869 for the ship "Black Dog" 142 tons belonging to the port of Sydney for an Ebenezar Keats Mate age 41 born Dorchester port of departure South Sea Islands arriving at Sydney.
    Master of the "Eliza J Bateson" out of Sydney which sailed for South Sea Island 25th Dec 1872 until Sep 1873.
    He appears to have emigrated to Australia where he married as there is correspondence on ancestry in their "Masters and Mates Certificates file" showing that his wife, who was living in Sydney New South Wales, lost his Masters Certificate which he had left with her when he joined as mate on the "Defiance" in 1873. There is a marriage registration in 1871 for an Ebenezar Keats marrying a Sarah Curtis in Sydney (8438) which might be her.
    Although not in his service records other passenger list exists on ancestry (1) dated 9th May 1874 for the ship "Record" of 436 tons out of Glasgow James Dalton the Master where Ebenezar Keats was recorded as being Mate aged 45 of Dorchester which sailed from Java to Sydney arriving on the 9th May 1874 (2) dated 1st Feb 1877 for the "Royal Duke" of 105 tons sailing from the port of Normanton to Sydney with Ebenezar Keats as mate aged 48 from London
    He joined the "City of Manchester" out of Glasgow as Chief Officer (Mate) at Sydney on 17th Apr 1878 traveling to Liverpool via Manilla arriving on 22nd Feb 1879.
    He was still corresponding with the Board of Trade up to 27th May 1881 when he was based at Shanghai in China]
    (5) Richard Squibb KEATS also became a seaman: his record shows that he went to sea as an apprentice in 1845:-
    The "St Vincent belonging to the port of Bristol as an apprentice for 5 years
    The "William Thompson" out of Bristol 223 tons served as apprentice and then appointed 2nd Mate sailing to Contantinople from 29th Aug 1849 to 14th Mar 1850
    The "Alann" out of Bristol 109 tons as Chief Mate bound for oporto from 18th Apr 1850 to 3rd Sep 1850
    31 Dec 1851 - Granted Mates Certificate by the Board of Trade for foreign trade Certificate 62.502 states born 29th Aug 1829 at Dorchester Dorset temporary address Durdham Down near Bristol
    12 Feb 1852 - Granted Masters Certificate by the Board of Trade for Foreign Trade Ticket 172365 refers to Cert 62.502
08 July 1821 - Charles FOORD [i.e. FORD] married Lydia MULLETT

08 July 1821 - Thomas SPARK married Frances BASCOMBE

28 Oct 1821 - William BARGE married Mary HUNT

23 Dec 1821 - Thomas BASCOMBE married Betsy DARE

22 Apr 1822 - John IRONSIDE married Jane SQUIBB

12 May 1822 - William CAUDELL married Charlotte LAMB

16 July 1822 - James BOWDITCH married Mary Stone PITFIELD
    [Note:- Mary Stone PITFIELD (b.1795) was baptised at the New Meeting House In dependant Church Bridport the daughter of Robert PITFIELD (1742-1801) by his wife Elizabeth nee Gummer on 1st March 1795. An earlier child had carried the same name baptised 30th Oct 1790 but had been buried at Bridport on 2nd Nov 1790. James appears to have been a solicitor and they were living in Middlesex in 1851 with a daughter Jane born in Hertfordshire circa 1830.]
24 Oct 1822 - John LOCK married Mary Gilbert BARNWELL

[no date] 1823 - John Gillingham SHEPHERD married Sarah Hodges FRAMPTON

13 Feb 1823 - Isaac PHIPPARD married Mary Anne MABER

20 Feb 1823 - James LAKE married Anne SYMONDS

03 Mar 1823 - Charles ROPER married Elizabeth HOUSE

11 May 1823 - Thomas GAULTON married Sarah FEACY

12 June 1823 - Thomas WINTER married Edith COX

31 Aug 1823 - Abraham SCRIVEN married Bathsheba GREEN

22 Oct 1823 - Joseph BIRD married Anne CALWAY

17 Nov 1823 - Mark BAKER married Susannah ALLEN

22 Apr 1824 - John BARTLETT married Anne STEVENS

14 May 1824 - William Van NYVEL married Eliza LEGG

06 June 1824 - William Gilbert CASEY married Jane CANE

20 June 1824 - George MEATYARD married Anne WHITE

27 June 1824 - William MARSH married Mary PAUL

15 Aug 1824 - John GOULD married Lucy BAILEY

07 Oct 1824 - James REES married Ursula LANE

12 Oct 1824 - William MASTERS married Jane SMITH

04 Apr 1825 - Thomas LESTER married Elizabeth LYDE

19 Aug 1825 - Walter JOLLIE married Hannah Lycette AVAINE

01 Jan 1826 - John PULMAN married Jane HALLETT

13 Feb 1826 - John REEVES married Mary SLYFIELD

03 Apr 1826 - James SYMES [i.e. SIMS] married Leah STONE

13 Apr 1826 - Thomas PAUL married Priscilla STICKLAND

25 Jun 1826 - George BARRET married Remey BOW

11 July 1826 - John Randolph TOOZE married Mary Honour WHITE
    [Note:- John Randolph TOOZE ( 1801-1874) was the only surviving son of - Henry TOOZE (1767-1828) and Susannah THORNE (1762-1846) who married at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 31 July 1796. After marriage John and Mary lived at 29 High West street with two domestic servants and where John operated as a qualified Attorny-at-Law . They had no children. He became an audior of the Dorset County Hospital. They made him honoury Secretary of the Hospital by 1875. As a part of his business at Dorchester he was the agent of the Scottish Widows Life Assurance Society . Mary Honour nee WHITE (1802-1873) died at the age of 71 on 7 Nov 1873 and was buried at St Peters on 12th. She left a will which is recorded in the National Probate Calendar her estate of £3,000 going to her husband. She was joined by her husband John who was buried there on 16 Oct 1874; age 76 years leaving an estate of £18,000]
09 July 1826 - Richard FEACY married Jane BERRY

13 Sep 1826 - Henry William HORTON married Sarah WATTS

07 Sep 1826 - Mathew DUFALL married Eleanor MEECH

08 Oct 1826 - John TULLIDGE married Susannah TREVES [Note:- Susannah is the 3rd child from the marriage of William TREVES to Elizabeth GREENING at All Saints Church in Dorchester on 10th Oct 1776

01 Feb 1827 - George LOCK married Maria DUFAL
    [Note:- George LOCK (1806-1831) was the eldest son of John LOCK (1785-1828) and is a beneficary under his fathers Will dated 2nd Jan 1828. He was buried at St Peters Church in Dorchester at the young age of 25 11th Sep 1831. George and Maria had 2 children (1) George LOCK bap 2nd Aug 1829 and buried shortly after his father on 19th Aug 1831 (2) Marianne bap 27th Nov 1831. ]
17 May 1827 - William SANDFORD married Elizabeth BARTLETT

07 June 1827 - William LILE married Catharine Henvile THORNOR

24 June 1827 - James WEST married Jane JONES

11 Oct 1827 - Henry DAVIS married Eliza STAYNER

14 Oct 1827 - Arthur COX married Mary SHEPHERD

20 Dec 1827 - Robert WILLIS married Eliza BLANDY
    [Note:- Eliza BLANDY (1795-1849) was baptised at Dewlish in Dorset on 3rd Jan 1795 the sixth of nine children of Charles BLANDY (1755-1806) and Elizabeth DAVIS (1760-1846) who had married at Piddletrenthide in Dorset on 3rd March 1782. Her younger sister Mary BLANDY (1797-1844) was a spinster schoolmistress living in South Street in Dorchester. When Mary died in 1844 their son Robert WILLIS was a beneficiary under Mary's will. ]
27 Dec 1827 - Thomas Smith POUNCY married Sarah COOK

17 Feb 1828 - John KING married Mary GREEN

02 May 1828 - William FEACY married Susannah Gillingham HANN

17 May 1828 - John GRIFFITHS married Anna Rosina WYATT

24 July 1828 - George WHITE married Mary Rolls VINCENT

11 Nov 1828 - Edward PITMAN married Rebecca KEATS

02 Dec 1828 - Henry KENTFIELD married Susannah CURME

24 Feb 1829 - Joseph Thomas BEDLOE married Jane JOHNSON

05 Mar 1829 - Charles ELDRIDGE married Sarah BALSON [Note:- Link to more information about this family]

03 Aug 1829 - Thomas HUTCHINS married Elizabeth HANNEY

15 Sep 1829 - James RIGGS married Anne Green HAZARD

29 Sep 1829 - John WALLIS married Charlotte Barham COZENS

06 Oct 1829 - James MENZIES married Euphemia VERNON

[no date] 1830 - Joseph TOCKNELL married Elizabeth RICKETTS

[no date] 1830 - William FLORENCE married Frances Elizabeth BARNWELL

08 Mar 1830 - William TAYLOR married Anne FUDGE

09 May 1830 - James WEST married Hannah CLAPP

12 May 1830 - Thomas HARRIS married Mary STAYNER

08 July 1830 - Thomas CRABTREE married Anne INNOCENT

05 Aug 1830 - Charles CRISWICK married Catharine GARLAND

14 Nov 1830 - James MOOR married Nancy WATTS

26 Nov 1830 - Henry HITCHCOCK married Esther MILLS

24 Jan 1831 - Bejamin VINCENT married Frances LEG

29 May 1831 - John WELLMAN married Elizabeth THOMPSON

07 Jun 1831 - John Peter CHOMEL married Elizabeth PARSONS

15 Jun 1831 - Thomas TULLIDGE married Anne INGRAM

25 Dec 1831 - Charles TASSEL married Mary Anne MILLER

[no date] 1832 - Philip HAYWARD married Hannah HILL

[no date] 1832 - Robert TAYLOR married Anne HASSELL

10 Jan 1832 - William DINE married Elizabeth BASCOMBE

06 Mar 1832 - George BARTLETT married Charlotte STAYNER

03 Apr 1832 - William DOWN married Hagar TOLLEY

16 Apr 1832 - William MASTERS married Elizabeth FORD

17 Apr 1832 - William SHEPHARD married Elizabeth FOWLER

08 May 1832 - John HICKS married Mary Anne BRINE

17 May 1832 - Champion THOMAS married Mary Anne JUSTINS

13 July 1832 - James DART married Barbara HATCHER
    [Note:- James DART (1809-1860) was the son of William & Susannah DART and bapt at Fordington on 11th June 1809. Barbar HATCHER (1806-1853) was the daughter of John & Ann Hatcher and baptised at Marnhull in Dorset on 26th Dec 1806. They had 7 children:- (1) Frederick bap 9th June 1833. When he was 14 he was caught stealing some money and committed to Dorchester Prison, found guilty and sentenced to 1 weeks solitary confinement being released on 23rd may 1849. He died at the age of 17 being buried at F 12th may 1851 (2) Frances Anne bapt F 16th Nov 1834 and buried aged 6 years on 22nd July 1841 (3) Georgiana Leah bapt 25th dec1836. She married John Cosh 20th Aug 1866 (4) Alfred bapt 29th Dec 1839 and buried aged 20 on 16 Dec 1859 (5) Frances bapt 29th May 1842 (6) Francis bapt 30th June 1844 (7) Eliza Hannah born 1st qtr 1847 buried aged 12 17th June 1859 ]
13 Sep 1832 - Henry FOOT married Ann FOOT

19 Sep 1832 - William HAWKINS married Elizabeth HASSELL

31 Dec 1832 - John GREENING married Mary NEWMAN

03 Mar 1833 - John GAUGHERTY married Jane LACY

09 May 1833 - Benjamin DAWE married Rebecca DURDEN

20 Jun 1833 - George Segar GREENING married Rebecca GREGORY

09 July 1833 - James LYMES married Sarah ENGLAND

31 Oct 1833 - Robert William ANDREWS married Frances White PARSONS

05 Dec 1833 - Henry FOX married Mary HANNEY

14 Jan 1834 - John FITCH married Mary LOCK [Note:- Mary LOCK was the eldest child and daughter of William LOCK by his wife Ann BASCOMBE whom he married at StP's on 1st May 1800]

14 May 1834 - Thomas LOCK married Anne Frances POUNCY

    [Note:- Thomas LOCK (1810-1879) was the 6th child from the marriage of William LOCK to Ann BASCOMBE in St Peters church Dorchester on 1st May 1800. Thomas became a maltster living at Back South Street in Dorchester but from 1840 he moved to Stinsford to live where he ran Higher Kingston a farm of 398 acres. Anne Frances POUNCY (1814-1876) was the 2nd child from the marriage of Thomas POUNCY of Dorchester a sadler by trade to Ann BILES at St George's Church in Fordington on 26th May 1811. Anne had an older brother Charles and she was baptised at St Georges Church on 9th Feb 1834. She died at the age of 62 being buried at Stinsford. Thomas died at his home on Higher Kingston Farm on 22nd Sep 1879 leaving an estate of under £3,000 and was buried at Stinsford on 24th. They had 11 children:-

    (1). Charles Thomas Lock (1836-1894) bap 27 Dec 1836 at HT Church. He married twice (1st) Harriett the 27 year old daughter of George YOUNG at Yaverland on the Isle of Wight on 28th Mar 1860 by whom he had 2 children. Married (2ndly) to Elizabeth Sarah BRABINS at the church of St Barnabes St Pancras Middlesex on 18th Dec 1887 when Charles occupation is given as 'salesman' and their address as 64 Grafton Road. Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert Brabins a gilder by trade. Charles died at 39 Roderick Road Kentish Town Middlesex on 16th Feb 1894 leaving an estate of £465.2s.1d to his widow.
    (2). Frederick Lock (1838-1867) bap 7th Oct 1838 at HT He became a Seaman and served aboard the "Thomas Mitchell" belonging to the port of Glasgow from 15th Feb 1853 until 15th Feb 1857. He was then made 3rd Mate serving until 12th June 1857 when he joined the "George Canning" out of Aberdeen serving as 3rd Mate until 30th June 1858; He was then awarded a 2nd Mates Certificate on 7th July 1858 when he gave a temporary address as 11 Great Hermitage St Wapping London but said that he was born on 9th Sep 1837 at Higher Kingston near Dorchester Dorset. He was awarded a 1st Mates Certificate on 4th June 1862 (18985) when his address was 51 Carlton Road Kentish Town; He sailed on the "Southern Bell" out of Plymouth from 22nd Sep 1862 until 17th Jan 1864; He was awarded a Masters Certificate on 10th Feb 1864. He remained unmarried and was drowned at the age of 29 off Minorca on 11th Oct 1867 with letters of administration taken out by his father for his modest estate of £50 on 14th Sep 1867]
    (3). Henry Lock (1840-1842) bap 27 Oct 1840 at Stinsford and died there being buried 20 Apr 1842.
    (4). Francis William Lock (1843-1907) bap 16 Oct 1843 at Stinsford. In 1861 he was still living with his parents at Stinsford and described as a green grocers apprentice. He moved to London in 1862 (according to a letter from Thomas HARDY to his sister Mary dated 3rd Nov 1862) before marrying Fanny NORRIS a native of Affpuddle in Dorset at St John's church in Canton, Cardiff Glamorgan Wales on 22nd April 1867. They raised a family of at least 9 children but settled initially at 78 the High Street in Bideford Devon where Francis was a greengrocer. Thier eldest daughter Frances Mary Lock was born here in 1st qtr 1870 followed by Annie G Lock in 1872. In 1873 they returned to Wales living at Victoria Villa Castle Road in Cardiff but had moved Eccleston House in Cardiff by 1881. Francis died at the age of 64 15th Oct 1907.
    (5). Alfred Lock (1846-1932) bap Stinsford 26th July 1846, a draper by trade he married at the age of 26 on 22nd July 1872 in his brides parish of St John's in Battersea to Julia YOUNG the 25 year old daughter of George Young a farmer. They had 5 children before Alfred died 24 Mar 1932 at 9 Windmill Road Wandsworth.
    (6). Reginald Lock (1848-1913) bap at Stinsford 18 June 1848. Described as a Yeoman he married on 22nd Oct 1874 in St Mary's church at Melcombe Regis to Elizabeth Jane HANCOCK the daughter of Richard Griffin HANCOCK a clerk in the customs house at Weymouth by his wife Jane.
    (7).Anne Frances Lock (1850-1924) bap 25 Apr 1850 Stinsford. She became a governess and by the age of 21 was already employed as a governess to the family of the Rev Gilbert E Smith the Vicar of Barton Saint David in Somerset. By 1881 she was a schoolmistress, still unmarried, working at Newport Isle of Wight. By 1891 she had moved again to live with her sister Mary Elizabeth and her husband Edward William CROSS working locally as a Matron in a school. Her sister Mary died in 1898 at Portland in Dorset and she married her brother-in-law Edward William CROSS 3 years later on 14 Oct 1901 at the English Wesley Chapel St Helier, Jersey. She was living in 1911 with her husband & sisters children at 9 Sea View in Portland. Anne died without issue 22nd Aug 1924 at Battersea leaving an estate of £612. 5s.2d.
    (8). Mary Elizabeth Lock (1852-1898) bap 8 Feb 1852 at Stinsford. She married Edward William CROSS at Stinsford on 12 Sep 1876. Mary died 4th March 1898 at Portland and her husband re-married to her sister Anne.
    (9). James Robert Lock (b.1854) bap 22nd Jan 1854 at Stinsford - emigrated to Australia
    (10). Edith Lock (b.1855) bap 18 Nov 1855 Stinsford - emigrated to South Africa
    (11). Horace Lock (b.1858)
    bap 26 Sep 1858 at Stinsford - emigrated to Tasmania
. 10 Aug 1834 - Job BAILEY married Margaret COZENS

14 Oct 1834 - Josiah VINCENT married Anne BROADMORE

20 Nov 1834 - Thomas PHIPPARD married Rebecca BROWN

30 Nov 1834 - Daniel GILMAN married Elizabeth RANKMORE

[no date] 1835 - George BRETT married Mary Ann LOCK
    [Note:- Mary Ann Lock was probably the daughter of John Lock and Elizabeth nee Loveridge and baptised at Bere Regis on 2nd April 1815 just 4 months before the family relocated to St Peters in Dorchester. See Genealogical notes on the Will of her father John Lock alias Riddle dated 2nd January 1828]
31 Mar 1835 - John LOVELACE married Amelia PAUL

31 May 1835 - Henry ANDREWS married Maria RICHARDS

25 Jun 1835 - Michael BAZELL married Harriet HARDY

05 Aug 1835 - William FULLER married Sophia INGRAM [ Note:- North Devon Journal dated 20th Aug 1835: MARRIAGE: August 5th at Dorchester Mr W.FULLER of Bridgewater to Miss Sophia INGRAM of Dorchester]

12 Aug 1835 - George MABER married Elizabeth AMEY

08 Sep 1835 - Thomas HATCHER married Martha EDEES

05 Oct 1835 - John WHITE married Maria TOMS

29 Dec 1835 - Hugh HILL married Catharine WOODMAN

14 Feb 1836 - John YEARSLEY married Jane Samways MORGAN

10 Apr 1836 - Henry FOSTER married Agnes WALBRIDGE

04 Jul 1836 - Thomas BRYANT married Susan ROLLS

18 Aug 1836 - John Bailey WOODFORD married Mary Cole NORMAN

06 Sep 1836 - John RUSSELL married Jane RICHARDS

27 Dec 1836 - John FIPPARD married Charlotte PANCY

19 Sep 1837 - William BRINSON married Bathia COX

26 Oct 1837 - James HEWETT married Margaret SAVAGE

26 Dec 1837 - Benjamin VINCENT married Elizabeth WEST

23 Jan 1838 - Frederick son of William GOOD married Jane daughter of John GREGORY

04 Feb 1838 - James son of John DERMOTT married Elizabeth aged abt 20 daughter of William TREVES

04 Jun 1838 - Thomas aged abt 20 the son of William HOUNSELL married Sarah aged abt 20 daughter of Joseph AMOR

26 Jul 1838 - Frederick son of William MAY married Mary Charlotte daughter of George CLARK

09 Sep 1838 - Job son of William GALE married Anne daughter of William HARDY

15 Nov 1838 - John son of James BURFORD married Mary Anne daughter of John FIPPARD

02 May 1839 - John son of Stephen WINTER married Mary daughter of John KING

04 Jun 1839 - John son of John Farmer WALTON married Elizabeth daughter of Bennet HARVEY

18 Jun 1839 - Julius son of Julius MILES married Mary daughter of Henry DURDEN

13 Oct 1839 - Samuel son of Samuel PARKER married Maria daughter of William PAINE

03 May 1840 - Robert son of George BRIDLE married Susan daughter of Ambrose FOOTE

11 Jun 1840 - George son of William BIRD married Harriet daughter of George MILBOURNE

29 Jul 1840 - William son of John HARRIS married Virtue BARGE daughter of William HARRIS?

03 Sep 1840 - John son of James BOON married Charlotte daughter of Isaac HODGES

05 Apr 1841 - Henry son of John BARNES married Jane Joyce aged 18 daughter of Joseph JACOB

18 May 1841 - James son of James GEORGE married Frances daughter of William LOCK [Note:- Frances LOCK was baptised at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 24th Jan 1816 the 8th child from the marriage of William LOCK to Ann BASCOMBE at St P on 1st May 1800]

14 Oct 1841 - John son of John BONIFAS married Clara daughter of Richard BOYTON

16 Oct 1841 - Giles son of John SYMONDS married Jane daughter of Charles STICKLAND [Note:- More information about this family can be found on the Symonds Pedigree website]
    [Note:- Giles SYMONDS (1813-1892 ) was the eldest son of John SYMONDS by his wife Mary STONE who had married at Stoke Abbott on 26th Mar 1811. Giles their eldest child was baptised at Broadwinsor in Dorset on 15th Jan 1813 and about the year 1837 he was a cornet in the 4th Hussars, and afterwards in the Dorset militia. He studied law and was a solicitor at Dorchester in partnership with his maternal uncle Joseph Stone (1775-1853) from whom he took over as Town Clerk in 1853.. They traded under the name of 'Stone & Symonds' operating initially in South street (eg Roberts Street directory of 1839) and then at High West Street in Dorchester. Their private residence from before 1851 for more than a decade was in West Fordington at 'Retreat Villa' where they had 3/4 domestic servants. Slaters directory of 1852 describes Giles as 'solicitor, town clerk to Board of Heath & Borough Magistrates, and Charity Trustees, Grammar school, and Church Trustees, county coroner & registrar, County court'. By 1871 they had moved to live at 10 South street. In 1892 he was buried at Dorchester cemetery He marries here to Jane STICKLAND (1816-1877) the eldest child from the marriage of Charles STICKLAND (1776-1845) to Maria COSENS (1792-1872) at Longburton Dorset on 09 May 1815. Jane was born on 6th Aug 1816 but not baptised until 9th April 1824 with her younger siblings at St Peters Church in Dorchester. Giles and Jane had nine children:-

    (1) Edward Coleman Symonds (1842-1843) baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 28 Sep 1842, he died at the age of 7 months and was buried at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 1st April 1843.

    (2) John Charles Symonds (1844-1912) baptised at St Peters Church Dorchester on 23 May 1844. He was made a cornet in the 17th Regiment of Lancers on 25th June 1862 and promoted to Lieutenant in the 6th Regiment of Dragoon Guards on 16th Oct 1866 a position from which he resigned on 15th Feb 1868 (Hart's Army List and London Gazette). He returned to Dorchester living with his family at 10 South street by 1871 and 2 years later married Anne Maria the daughter of William Bishop and Ann Eliza Kirby at Southsea on 3rd July 1873. Unfortunately she died from consumption in 1878 and John remarried to Mary Jane HALL in 1st qtr 1881 at Chesea. They lived at Letterstone Road in Fulham before moving to 9 Bevois Hill Southampton prior to 1901 when he is described as a retired Army Captain, He died on the 8th Feb 1912 at Ispwich.

    (3) Emily Jane Symonds (1845-1849) baptised at St Peters Church Dorchester on 25 Oct 1845. She died at the age of 3 years 7 months being buried at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 23rd May 1849

    (4) Edward Symonds (1848-1858) baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 11 July 1848. He died after a short illness on 22nd Jan 1858 and was buried at the civic cemetery where records for 1858 are missing.

    (5) Kate Symonds (1850-1862) baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 14 July 1850. She died 20 Mar 1862 and was also buried at the civic cemetery in Dorchester where again the records for 1862 are missing.

    (6) Henry Symonds (1851-1912) baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 18 Dec 1851. He followed his father to become a Solicitor being an articled clerk by 1871, and later,together with his youngher brother Arthur worked with his father as 'Symonds & Sons'. He remained a bachelor living in Prince Wales Road in Fordington until he married at the age of 40 on 5th May 1892 at St Margarets Church in Wormhill Derby to Betriah Ann MORRISON.

    (7) Mary Symonds (1853-1932) baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 04 Nov 1853. She married at St Peters Church on 10th Oct 1876 to George John the son of George STONE.

    (8) Harriett Symonds (1857-1943) baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 01 Apr 1857. She married at St Peters Church on 21 Dec 1882 to Henry Anthony son of Henry Constantine HUXTABLE

    (9) Arthur George Symonds (1861-1945) baptised at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 13 Feb 1861
    . He was Clerk to the Magistrates Court in dorchester in 1895
07 Dec 1841 - Thomas son of Thomas TARR married Anne daughter of James THOMAS

28 Dec 1841 - Charles son of George COX married Elizabeth daughter of Robert FOOT

[No Marriages are recorded on the IGI for 1842]
24 Mar 1843 - Thomas ROGERS married Sarah HARDY

07 Aug 1843 - John son of Joseph WOOLININGTON [GRO= WOOLMINGTON] married Elizabeth daughter of William SMITH

06 Nov 1843 - John son of Charles OSTLER married Eliza daughter of Samuel PALMER

11 Mar 1844 - William son of John LOVERING married Sarah daughter of Robert CREECH

24 Dec 1844 - Sprott son of John BOYD married Catherine daughter of Henry CUTLER

12 May 1845 - James son of Samuel DRAKE married Elizabeth daughter of James BUCKLER

30 Sep 1845 - Edward son of James daughter of John CLARK married Jane DEAN

27 Nov 1845 - William son of William GARLAND married Emma daughter of Francis INGRAM

30 Dec 1845 - Edmund son of William SUMMERS married Frances daughter of James HANNEY

24 Feb 1846 - Herbert son of John RUMSEY married Mary Anne daughter of John PARKER

21 May 1846 - Charles son of William KERLEY married Helen Emma daughter of Richard ANDREWS
    [Note: Charles Baptised Holy Trinity Dorchester on 1st Jan 1819 - See also Wills Index for his will dated 15 Mar 1856; death 9th Aug 1856 proved 19th Sep 1856 widow named as Ellen Emma KERLEY]
02 Jun 1846 - John son of John WINZAR married Anne daughter of Stephen FARR

23 Jul 1846 - Henry son of Richard GERRARD married Eleanor daughter of Thomas ELLIS

28 Jul 1846 - William son of William GIBBS married Maria daughter of John WHETHAM

02 Sep 1846 - Thomas son of William SHERRY married Mary Hall daughter of James BARTLETT

08 Oct 1846 - William son of William CRITCHELL married Louisa daughter of George FRY

22 Mar 1847 - William Henry PORTER married Margaret Frances RUSSELL

27 Jun 1847 - Robert son of William DYKE married Mary daughter of John PIERCE

19 July 1847 - Henry Green son of John KELLOWAY married Maria daughter of Robert TIZARD

25 Dec 1847 - Richard son of William CHURCHILL married Mary Jane daughter of Robert CARTER

27 Dec 1847 - John son of Thomas BRUSHETT married Elizabeth daughter of John GODDEN
03 Feb 1848 - Philip son of Lewis BURDEN married Patty Warren daughter of Henry WHEELER

11 May 1848 - Joseph son of Thomas HOMER married Eliza Grace daughter of Joseph Nightingale RUSSELL
    [Note:- Entry Dorset County Chronicle 18th May 1848 May 11th at St Peter's Church Dorchester by the Rev. John Morton Colson, Mr J HOMER of Martinstown, to Miss Eliza RUSSELL daughter of the late Mr. J RUSSELL of Bohmston, and neice of Mr S.RUSSELL, grocer, of North Square Dorchester]
16 May 1848 - Luke son of Benjamin SHARP married Mary Anne daughter of Henry ALNER

06 July 1848 - William son of William PAYNE married Mary daughter of John WINGAR

11 July 1848 - William son of Richard BUTCHER married Emily daughter of John BONIFAS

24 July 1848 - John son of William SCADDING married Catharine daughter of William FONE

30 Oct 1848 - Levi son of Robert BULLOCK married Anne daughter of Josiah CHILDS

06 Nov 1848 - Joseph son of William LOVELESS married Jane daughter of William PAYNE
16 Aug 1849 - Robert son of Matthew SAMWAYS married Elizabeth Anne SANSOM

04 Sep 1849 - Frederick John James son of John James BROWNE married Georgiana Juggs daughter of John GREGORY

04 Sep 1849 - George son of Alexander GRANT married Louisa daughter of Abraham SCRIVEN

26 Nov 1849 - Frederick son of George Baker BILLOWS married Grace daughter of Ruichard GRAVES
15 Apr 1850 - James son of James HOARE married Sarah Matilda daughter of Thomas COOPER

27 May 1850 - George son of John PARSONS married Jane daughter of John HOWE

25 Jun 1850 - Thomas son of Thomas STICKLAND married Sarah daughter of Stephen READ

29 Aug 1850 - Joseph son of Samuel TRENCH married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Read SIMONDS

20 Oct 1850 - William son of Thomas LOVELACE married Mary Anne daughter of John HARRIS
23 Jan 1851 - John son of John ENSOR married Mary daughter of George SIMONDS

27 Feb 1851 - Henry son of John PAYNE married Mary daughter of Someon GROVES

27 Mar 1851 - Thomas son of Thomas BASCOMBE married Frances daughter of John ENSOR

05 May 1851 - Stephen son of Stephen FARR married Mary Ellen daughter of Henry DYKE

15 May 1851 - Joseph son of Matthew CLEALL married Eliza Anne daughter of George FOOT

04 Jun 1851 - William son of John TRAVERS married Harriet daughter of Thomas WARD

25 Sep 1851 - Daniel son of Thomas HODDER married Anne daughter of Richard HILLIER

29 Sep 1851 - William son of John LOCOCK married Catharine daughter of George WILLIAMS

10 Apr 1852 - James son of Richard EDWARDS married Rebecca Lucy daughter of John BONIFAS

13 Apr 1852 - Joseph son of Joseph SHERRY married Jane daughter of Robert SPRAKE

28 Apr 1852 - William son of Thomas BOSWELL married Mary Jane daughter of Michael DUNNE

09 May 1852 - Richard son of Thomas PAUL married Frances daughter of Robert TAYLOR

23 May 1852 - William son of Thomas LOVELACE married Elizabeth daughter of Henry HUNT

08 Dec 1852 - William son of Daniel TOPP married Sarah daughter of William HONEYBUN

28 Dec 1852 - William PAIN son of Edward SYMONDS? married Mary daughter of James BAILEY [Note:- GRO 4th qtr Dorchester Ref 5a/706]

28 Dec 1852 - John son of John HOPKINS married Emma daughter of John WINZAR
16 May 1853 - Eli son of Robert WEBB married Emma daughter of Henry READ

17 May 1853 - Joseph widowed son of John ATKINS married Mary widowed daughter of William KING

11 Oct 1853 - John son of William TRENCHARD married Hannah daughter of Thomas DURDEN

13 Oct 1853 - Josiah son of William STEVENS married Marcella Deborah daughter of Jacob NEALE

02 Feb 1854 - Lawrence son of William WHITE married Mary daughter of William BISHOP

23 Feb 1854 - George son of John WILLS married Hannah daughter of James CROCKER

10 July 1854 - Charles son of William JEFFREY married Jane daughter of John BURDEN

15 Aug 1854 - James John son of James SYMES married Amelia daughter of George BAKER

21 Jan 1855 - John Thomas single son of Thomas FOSTER married Amelia RUSSELL? single daughter of Thomas FEACY

11 Jun 1855 - Abraham Isaac son of Abraham SCRIVEN married Eliza daughter of James WINZAR

22 May 1855 - Oliver son of Odel CORNISH married Harriet daughter of George HANDSFORD

01 Aug 1855 - William son of John DURDEN married Anna Maria daughter of Edward CROSS

18 Sep 1855 - Henry son of George READ married Jane daughter of James WHEELER

16 Jan 1856 - Isaac son of Isaac HANN married Elizabeth daughter of Edmund ROWE

17 May 1856 - Edward son of Thomas TUCKER married Anne GREEN widowed daughter of Thomas TREVESS

28 Jun 1856 - Henry son of John KEET married Rebecca daughter of John PRIOR

24 Mar 1857 - Luke son of Richard GROVES married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Smith POUNCY

25 Apr 1857 - Alfred son of Joseph CROCKER married Sarah daughter of John DYKE

17 Aug 1857 - Thomas son of Thomas GULLIFORD married Jane daughter of Thomas HOOPER

28 Oct 1857 - John son of William WILKINS married Hasrriet daughter of John BOWRING

10 Nov 1857 - Joshua son of Samuel READ married Jane daughter of John GODDEN
06 Jan 1858 - Ellis son of Thomas HOUSE married Sarah Anne daughter of John RUMSEY

22 Feb 1858 - John Milverton son of George HURLEY married Maria daughter of John BAILEY

30 Mar 1858 - Andrew Groves age 25 son of Edward PARTINGTON married Susan age 24 daughter of Joseph MABLEY

12 Aug 1858 - Stephen son of Stephen BOND married Mary Jane daughter of Thomas MULLETT

31 Aug 1858 - Joseph age 27 son of Charles POPE married Elizabeth age 26 daughter of Joseph COOMBS

27 Nov 1858 - William age 26 son of Joseph BREWSTER married Susannah Elizabeth age 24 daughter of William WARR

27 Nov 1858 - Charles age 26 son of Charles GOODAY married Harriet age 21 daughter of Richard NUNN

25 July 1859 - Henry son of John GAULTON married Susan FOOT widowed daughter of Thomas FRIZZLE

01 Dec 1859 - John son of James BURGESS married Maria daughter of Francis INGRAM

15 Dec 1859 - Henry Harrison son of Thomas BARTLETT married Emma Maria daughter of William Denning TAPP

11 Jan 1860 - William son of Edward COX married Ellen Emma daughter of Job SHORTS

10 Apr 1860 - William son of Joseph BARFOOT married Mary daughter of George WAYGOOD

17 Apr 1860 - James son of John Cross MATCHAM married Lucy daughter of Solomon VALLENS

21 Apr 1860 - John Charles widowed son of Edward LEGG married Anne LUSH widowed daughter of William THORN

21 Jun 1860 - Joseph Richard son of Henry SHAW married Isabel daughter of William BARNES [Note:- Isabel is the 4th child from the marriage of William BARNES (1801-1886) the poet to Julia MILES (1805-1852)]

06 Dec 1860 - Robert son of John DURDEN married Mary Ann daughter of Charles TASSELL

29 Jan 1861 - Frederick George son of Michael BAZELL married Mary Talbot daughter of Robert BUSH

15 Mar 1861 - Frederick age 25 son of Henry SARGENT married Sarah age 27 daughter of John WILLS

10 Apr 1861 - Samuel Archer son of Richard CLIFFORD married Charlotte Emily daughter of Thomas BENNETT

20 May 1861 - George age 19 son of James CHURCHOUSE married Mary age 23 daughter of William READ

20 Jun 1861 - Alfred son of George Samways SPICER married Catherine Iles daughter of Charles James Fox AXFORD

17 Oct 1861 - Robert son of John WILLS married Mary daughter of James PARSONS

26 Dec 1861 - Thomas age 25 son of Thomas Lyde HORSFELL married Eliza Henrietta age 20 daughter of Daniel HANN
04 Mar 1862 - Thomas son of James MARGEE married Elizabeth Jane daughter of James LUCAS

13 Mar 1862 - Edwin son of Thomas BASCOMBE married Victoria daughter of John BONIFAS

10 Apr 1862 - Henry son of Thomas BASCOMBE married Susannah Witt daughter of John DURDEN

06 July 1862 - Charles son of William GILL married Anne daughter of John LAKE

30 Sep 1862 - Charles Pavey son of John FIPPARD married Mary Elizabeth daughter of John YEATES

24 Dec 1862 - James son of James DONE married Sophia HARRIS widowed daughter of Luke STROUD

05 Feb 1863 - George son of Thomas HOUSE married Maria daughter of Isaac SEAL

09 Aug 1863 - Richard Tizard son of John Bartlett ATKINS married Mary Ann daughter of William Curtis RAYNOLD [Note:- Mary Anne is the 4th child from the marriage of William Curtis Raynolds (1802-1879) to Mary Anne Osborne at HT church on 25th Feb 1827]

20 Aug 1863 - Thomas Castor son of Thomas FINCH married Ann age 20 daughter of Thomas Smith POUNCY

29 Dec 1863 - William son of William Worley DAVIS married Mary Jane Theresa daughter of Thomas COCKERAN

06 Mar 1864 - Francis son of Thomas WELSH married Emma daughter of Robert MUCH

03 Apr 1864 - George son of John COLLINS married Mary Cox daughter of James COLLINS

28 Apr 1864 - John son of John PALMER married Mary Sarah daughter of John Francis HODGES

01 Jun 1864 - James son of George GOFF married Sarah Ann daughter of John WHITE

20 Sep 1864 - John son of Stephen DREW married Harriet Maria daughter of Robert HAYWARD

22 Sep 1864 - Thomas widowed son of Thomas UPWARD married Jane KELLAWAY widowed daughter of Robert LOVELESS

27 Sep 1864 - Joseph son of Abraham CLARKE married Sarah Elizabeth Maria daughter of Joseph BIRD

18 Apr 1865 - George son of John NICHOLS married Eliza Jane daughter of Job COX

26 Jun 1865 - George son of John WRIGHT married Ellen Mary daughter of Charles PERCY

09 July 1865 - Josiah James son of Edwin George POPLE married Maria Jane PAUL widowed daughter of Robert COSH

03 Aug 1865 - Henry aged 21 son of John LIVINGTON married Charlotte Eliza Dunning age 20 daughter of Robert HAYWARD

04 Oct 1865 - Edwin James aged 25 son of Edwin BLOGG married Hannah aged 22 daughter of Edward WORTLEY

18 Jan 1866 - Henry son of John BUTTERS married Tamsey Ann daughter of James BAWLER

12 Mar 1866 - Thomas aged 23 son of John ROGERS married Dorothy Edith aged 23 daughter of John WILLIS

07 May 1866 - Robert son of George TOMS married Sarah daughter of James TOOP

18 Jun 1866 - Robert William ANTHONY aged 20 married Amelia aged 24 daughter of Robert BILLETT

08 July 1866 - George son of George CUNELHAN married Eliza daughter of William STAINER

30 July 1866 - Albert son of George GREGORY married Hannah daughter of James ISAAC

31 Oct 1866 - William son of Benjamin YOUNGMAN married Ellen Ashton daughter of William TORTELE

15 Jan 1867 - Richard John aged 30 son of Richard DENNIS married Caroline aged 30 daughter of Thomas GALLOP

22 Apr 1867 - Charles aged 19 son of Henry DAVIS married Emily aged 18 daughter of William DARCH

16 May 1867 - Henry son of John ELFORD married Julia Annie daughter of Matthew PHELPS

10 Sep 1867 - Henry aged 26 son of William John MARSH married Elizabeth Fanny aged 23 daughter of Thomas STAYNER

29 Oct 1867 - William Curtis son of Thomas Rolls RAYNOLD married Rachel Virtue daughter of Harry BARNS [Note:- William Curtis RAYNOLD is the grandson of William RAYNOLD who married Elizabeth ROLLS in St Peters church in Dorchester on 13 Apr 1773]

24 Nov 1867 - John son of William CLARK married Clara Selina daughter of Edwin George POPLE

02 July 1868 - John son of Robert MEECH married Mary Ann Jane daughter of William LOVELESS

16 July 1868 - William Bowles aged 35 son of William BARRETT married maria Geogina aged 23 daughter of Charles COWDELL

11 Aug 1868 - Thomas Richard aged 24 son of John MASSIE married Isabella aged 25 daughter of Charles CURTIS

25 Oct 1868 - George son of Joseph LENTELE married Mary Ann Jane daughter of William MARTIN

06 Jan 1869 - George son of Richard TIZARD married Elizabeth daughter of William BECK

27 Mar 1869 - William son of Thomas BARRETT married Emma daughter of William LEGG

03 Jun 1869 - Francis Charles son of George HUPEY married Emma Mary daughter of Charles POUNCY

25 Dec 1869 - Frederick George son of Charles PERCY married Mary Anne daughter of James BARGE

04 Apr 1870 - Harry aged 26 son of Charles HILLIAR married Mary Jane aged 20 daughter of Mark HUSKER

10 Aug 1870 - Thomas son of Charles BILLETT married Sarah Elizabeth daughter of William Head LOVELEP [LOVELESS?]

31 Oct 1870 - James son of William SINGLETON married Frances Elizabeth daughter of John BURFORD

03 Nov 1870 - Samuel son of James BEST married Annie daughter of William Gray BRYER

31 July 1871 - William Albert son of Samuel SWEET married Harriet Ann daughter of Aaron TURNER

16 May 1872 - Thomas son of George TUCK married Emily Blanche daughter of James SLY

10 July 1872 - Thomas Middleton aged 21 son of David DRON married Kate aged 21 daughter of Charles DUNN

30 Apr 1873 - James son of John CHRISTOPHER married Sarah Jane daughter of Joseph KEECH
    [Note:- James CHRISTOPHER (1847-1898) was the son of John CHRISTOPHER (1805-1864) and Hester COX (1809-1862) of Evershot. James died 2nd qtr 1898. Children (1) Caroline Bessie a Christopher 1874 (2) Catharine Mary A bap St P 19th Dec 1877 (3) Mary Ann 1879 (4) James George K 1881 (5) Bessie 1883 (6) Ernest George 1885-1926 (7) Florence Bessie 1898. ]
21 May 1873 - James son of William MESSENGER married Mary Jane daughter of James HILL

24 Jun 1873 - William son of Thomas HARRISON married Elizabeth daughter of Robert HASKETT

04 Sep 1873 - George son of William Blacklock VOSS married Sarah Jane daughter of John DEAN

28 Jan 1874 - Edward Clench son of Thomas GALLOP married Mary Elizabeth daughter of William EDWARDS

19 May 1874 - William widowed son of William GROVES married Ann daughter of Joseph GODDEN

25 Dec 1874 - Joseph widowed son of Philemon Fuller SMITH married Anna MAYSEY widowed daughter of Thomas GARRETT

07 Jan 1875 - Edward aged 27 bachelor son of George LOCK married Kate aged 22 spinster daughter of Francis LOCK

18 Mar 1875 - Edward bachelor son of Edward MILLS married Mary spinster daughter of John BURFORD

20 Mar 1875 - William bachelor son of James BAILEY married Anne spinster daughter of John PERRIS

24 Mar 1875 - Joseph Phillip bachelor son of James BARGE married Catherine Jane spinster daughter of James WEBBER

01 May 1875 - Robert widowed son of Robert PEARCE married Mary Pearce spinster daughter of Richard RODD

11 Nov 1875 - Alfred John bachelor son of Charles RIGGS married Mary Lack spinster daughter of Robert CRITCHELL

25 Dec 1875 - Robert aged 28 widowed son of Joseph MITCHELL married Rosina Treviss aged 20 spinster daughter of Edward ELLIOTT

22 Mar 1876 - Francis William age 20 bachelor son of William WHITE married Rebecca Mary spinster age 20 daughter of William TALBOT

20 Apr 1876 - James bachelor son of James CUTLER married Cecilia Caroline spinster daughter of Robert LUSK

20 May 1876 - Alfred bachelor son of William POUNCY married Emma Elford spinster daughter of Joseph BARTER

31 Aug 1876 - Edward widowed son of William TIZARD married Jane Ann spinster daughter of George BOWRING

10 Oct 1876 - George John aged 26 bachelor son of George STONE married Mary aged 22 spinster daughter of Giles SYMONDS [Note:- Mary was the 7th child from the marriage of Giles SYMONDS (1812-1892) to Jane STICKLAND (1816-1877) at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 7th June 1841]

11 Oct 1876 - Benjamin Edward bachelor son of Samuel J CLOSE married Sarah spinster daughter of George HOOKEY

24 Oct 1876 - George James Williams son of George James ANDREWS married Catherine daughter of Alfred EMSON

    [Note:- George James Williams ANDREWS (1849 - 1894) was the 4th child from the marriage of George James ANDREWS (1813-1881) to Elizabeth Anne COCKRAM at Cerne Abbas 7th Nov 1842. He was articled by his father (see above link) and also became an influencial Solicitor in Dorchester. The envelope opposite was posted to him on 30th April 1877 shortly after his marriage.

    Catherine was also baptised in St Peters Church Dorchester on 14th Dec 1849 the daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth EMSON. Both families lived in South street, Catherines father Alfred being a Surgeon at the Dorset County Hospital. When George died Catherine lived for a time with his bother Thomas and his sister Isabella in Bedfordshire. They had 1 child Charles George Williams ANDREWS ]

08 Jan 1877 - George William widowed son of William LONG married Marina ROBINS widowed daughter of Francis MARSH

12 Feb 1877 - Joseph bachelor son of Joseph STEVENS married Jane spinster daughter of Robert MOORS

02 Apr 1877 - Herbert bachelor son of George BOWRING married Elizabeth spinster daughter of William John MARSH

16 Sep 1877 - Frederick bachelor son of William STAINER married Susan spinster daughter of William GEORGE
23 Apr 1878 - Robert James widowed son of William GRAY married Rosina Elizabeth spinster daughter of William Charles BRUSHETT

08 Jun 1878 - Henry bachelor son of Robert WILSON married Jane spinster daughter of Charles READ

30 Jun 1878 - Frederick bachelor son of Charles BOWRING married Sarah Ann spinster daughter of Thomas KNIGHT

21 Aug 1878 - John Thomas bachelor son of Thomas John STEVENS married Beatrice Emily spinster daughter of William HODGES

04 Sep 1878 - James bachelor son of Henry PITFIELD married Alice spinster daughter of John YATES
    [Note:- James PITFIELD (1856-1904) is the son of Henry PITFIELD (1837-1889) who married Elizabeth CURTIS at St Georges Church Fordington on 25th June 1855. children (1) Alice 1879 (2) Kate 1880 (3) James 1882 (4) Frederick Sebastian 1883-1966) (5) Beatrice R 1889]
08 Sep 1878 - Samuel aged 19 bachelor son of John TITE married Alice aged 20 spinster daughter of Edward ELLIOTT

25 Sep 1878 - Jonah bachelor son of John SAMWAYS married Edith aged 19 spinster daughter of Rob Bridle HASKETT

01 Dec 1878 - John aged 25 bachelor son of William HALLETT married Frances aged 26 spinster daughter of Francis PORTER
23 Jan 1879 - Henry aged 56 widowed son of William NORMAN married Frances Jane Brett aged 50 spinster daughter of Charles HANNAM

20 Feb 1879 - Francis aged 39 bachelor son of Joseph JACOB married Frances Emma aged 34 spinster daughter of Francis LOCK

22 July 1879 - Thomas bachelor son of Thomas SOAPER married Harriett spinster daughter of Joseph HELLIER

11 Sep 1879 - Thomas Churchman aged 31 bachelor son of Barnard Lavenark LEGGETT married Lavinia aged 21 spinster daughter of Thomas HATHAWAY

16 Oct 1879 - Edward aged 25 bachelor son of Thomas BARNES married Christiana Eliza aged 26 spinster daughter of Samuel SNELLING
16 Aug 1880 - Henry aged 21 bachelor son of Arthur LEGG married Caroline aged 22 spinster daughter of Robert CROAD

09 Sep 1880 - Alfred aged 49 widowed son of Stephen STEMSON married Elizabeth Wilsden BENNETT aged 48 widowed daughter of Abraham ANDREWS

20 Sep 1880 - Thomas bachelor son of Henry DAY married Mary Jane House spinster daughter of Thomas RIGGS

03 Oct 1880 - Daniel aged 32 bachelor son of William WOOLWIN married Helen aged 24 spinster daughter of Charles GOULD

17 Oct 1880 - Charles aged 27 bachelor son of George OSMUND married Jane STACEY aged 28 widowed daughter of John MUSSELL

14 Dec 1880 - Stephen Davis aged 34 bachelor son of Solomon Wallsly ALLEN married Blanche aged 33 spinster daughter of George Seager GREENING
08 Jun 1881 - George Flower bachelor son of James Alexander AIRD married Mary Jane KENDALL aged 34 widowed daughter of James GALPIN

18 July 1881 - John aged 29 bachelor son of George SYMES married Ann aged 20 spinster daughter of George DRAKE

28 Aug 1881 - Charles aged 35 bachelor son of James BARGE married Eliza CUNDHAM widowed aged 36 daughter of William STAINER

05 Sep 1881 - John aged 26 bachelor son of George VACHER married Jane aged 26 spinster daughter of Joseph HULETT

08 Sep 1881 - William aged 27 bachelor son of William MONDEN married Sarah Elizabeth aged 23 spinster daughter of Charles FOSTER

06 Dec 1881 - Lucius Edwin aged 23 bachelor son of John James LUCAS married Sarah Helen aged 23 spinster daughter of William FISH

27 Dec 1881 - George Richard aged 27 bachelor son of Richard SANDERS married Jane aged 21 spinster daughter of Richard UDELL

30 Mar 1882 - Thomas George aged 22 bachelor son of Thomas CUTLER married Harriett Hossanna aged 21 spinster daughter of Richard ELSWOOD

07 Aug 1882 - Eri aged 31 bachelor son of Thomas BANGER married Jane Charlotte aged 28 spinster daughter of Samuel ROLLS [Note:- GRO 3rd qtr Dorchester Ref 5a/ 585]

08 Aug 1882 - Chambers William aged 25 bachelor son of Chambers BOURNER married Hester aged 25 spinster daughter of William RUSSELL

04 Sep 1882 - Henry aged 22 bachelor son of Henry PITFIELD married Sarah Ann aged 18 spinster daughter of Samuel THRESHER
    [Note:- Henry PITFIELD (1861-?) is the son of Henry PITFIELD (1837-1889) who married Elizabeth CURTIS at St Georges Church Fordington on 25th June 1855. Children (1) Edward henry 1883 (2) Alfred 1884 (3) Pennel Charles 1886 (4) Winifred 1888 (5) Bessie 1890-1968 (6) Kathleen 1893 (7) Nellie 1894 (8) Laura Gladys 1895 (9) William George 1898-1970) (10) Ernest 1900 (11) Iris 1893 (12) Leonard 1894 ]
01 Oct 1882 - George aged 22 bachelor son of Robert BARNES married Emily aged 23 spinster daughter of Thomas HUXTER

17 Oct 1882 - Frederick William aged 37 widowed son of James EMERY married Florence Harriet Esther aged 26 spinster daughter of Benjamin CROSS

25 Oct 1882 - Andrew aged 37 bachelor son of James HENDERSON married Marcella aged 26 spinster daughter of Frank FRAMPTON

21 Dec 1882 - Henry Anthony aged 30 bachelor son of Henry Constantine HUXTABLE married Harriett aged 25 spinster daughter of Giles SYMONDS [Note:- 8th child from the marriage of Giles SYMONDS (1812-1892) to Jane STICKLAND (1816-1877) at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 7th June 1841]

[Note:- Added from CLDS Film 2427528 Feb 2016]

25 Jan 1883 - Thomas WHITE aged 59 widower son of Thomas WHITE married Jane HIBBS aged 50 spinster

10 Jun 1883 - James Samuel THRESHER aged 48 years widower son of James Samuel THRESHER married Sarah HARRIS aged 23 spinster

10 Jun 1883 - Edward Pennel DIBBINS aged 30 Bachelor son of Edward Hayner DIBBINS married Fanny THRESHER aged 29 Spinster

27 Nov 1883 - George BURDEN aged 23 bachelor son of John BURDEN married Dinah PEARCE aged 27 spinster

09 Dec 1883 - William GREEN aged 34 Bachelor son of Edward GREEN married Mary Ann WELLS Widow

13 Dec 1883 - Alfred ROLES aged 21 bachelor son of Thomas ROLES married Elizabeth DAVIS aged 21 spinster

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13 Jan 1884 - John REGLAR aged 25 Bachelor son of Samuel REGLAR married Ellen Matilda MARSH aged 25 Spinster

17 Jan 1884 - Josiah COWELL aged 25 Bachelor son of William COWELL married Rosa Jane LEACH aged 25 Spinster

06 Apr 1884 - Henry James MITCHELL aged 29 years Bachelor son of Thomas MITCHELL married Elizabeth SARGENT aged 38 Widow

06 July 1884 - Reuben HOWE aged 22 Bachelor son of Reuben HOWE married Sophia Selina SAMWAYS aged 24 Spinster

21 Sep 1884 - William Thomas TREVIS aged 22 Bachelor son of Francis TREVIS married Jessie Louisa EYRES aged 19 Spinster

23 Sep 1884 - Benjamin CROFT aged 26 Bachelor son of Joseph CROFT married Charlotte EVERETT aged 35 spinster

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07 Apr 1885 - George Bunson BARTLETT aged 23 Bachelor son of John BARTLETT married Lucy GOLD aged 25 Spinster

17 May 1885 - Fred BOWDITCH aged Blank Bachelor married Sarah NEWMAN aged Blank Spinster

25 Jun 1885 - Charles Critchell BOWRING aged 34 widower son of John BOWRING married Eliza STONE aged 32 Spinster

02 July 1885 - Henry Simeon JAMES aged 21 Bachelor son of George JAMES married Caroline Mary LEACH aged 21 Spinster

20 Sep 1885 - George Henry BULL aged 22 Bachelor son of Charles BULL married Julia Frances GOULD aged 21 Spinster

08 Oct 1885 - John TRENCHARD aged 27 Bachelor son of John TRENCHARD marroed Mary Ann MARSH aged 28 Spinster

04 Oct 1885 - James FINIGAN aged 26 Bachelor son of James FINIGAN marrioed Mercy DRAKE aged 19 Spinster

14 Oct 1885 - William Henry Arthur BARNES aged 20 Bachelor son of Henry BARNES married Mary Josephine Jacob ROBINSON aged Blank Spinster

02 Nov 1885 - James Charles SPICER aged 25 Bachelor son of James SPICER married Mary Alice PHELPS aged 24 Spinster

30 Dec 1885 - John BORNE aged 23 Bachelor son of Henry BORNE married Emily Agnes BARGE aged 21 Spinster

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