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St Peters Church Burials 1572-1700

Originally transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester from NBI - August 2010
Updated from Parish Registers (PR) November 2011.
[Last updated August 2015 - Total of 944 Burial records]

Denzil Holles 1st Baron of Ilfield
Buried at St Peters Church 10th April 1680 - Picture by Amanda Miller


The original listing was from The National burial index (names shown in columns 2 and 3 below) which may have been compiled from the bishops transcripts as spellings are often different from those recorded in the parish register. The NBI enries have now (November 2011) been checked against Parish Registers which only survive from 1653. Some earlier entries have been made in the NBI or from other sources where it is known (or highly likely) that individuals were buried at St Peters during the period that registers are missing. These are shown in the first section below. Duplicate indexing entries in the NBI for name variants have been removed and a full transcription added to the file(see column 4 below). I have also often included in brackets common spellings for these surnames as this aids searching.

There are numerous references to the burial of 'Almes men or women'. These are incumbants of the Alms houses that operated in Dorchester such as Chubbs, Whetstone's or Nappers.

M Russell OPC for Dorchester

Apr 1572 Margery MARKSFILL Note:- See transcription of her will dated 24th March 1571/2 but Proved 21st April 1572. On the will the surname is spelt MARKYSFYLL [for MARKSFILL]. Ancestry have recorded under MARKFILL. It was originally catalogued at the Dorset Archdeaconry Court under Margeriæ MARKSFILL. Probate was recorded that year under Margerie MARKSFELD. The nearest name in Dorchester is probably MANFIELD . We know that a William Manfield (Mawnfyld, Mandefylde or Mannfylde) is recorded as Rector of All Saints in 1545. Also that the 2nd fire in 1622 started at the house of a John Mansfield of Holy Trinity Parish and ironically this and the earlier fire in Dorchester of 1613 accounted for the loss of St Peters and other church records. Margery came from St Peters Parish (she had the bells rung there and wished to be buried in the church] and parish registers commence from after the Civil War in 1653
Abt Apr 1611 Thomas FORD NBI Entry Dec 1611 only: Note:- See transcription of Will dated 20th January 1610 for Thomas Forde, Merchant of Dorchester, Dorset' Proved 8th May 1611 to be buried at St Peters Church Dorchester.
Abt Jan 1614 Thomas DAVIDGE Note:- See transcription of his Will dated 9th December 1613 which was proved 23 Feb 1614 Merchant of Dorchester buried in St Peters Church
Abt Jan 1615 John GREEN Note:- See transcription of his Will dated 10th September 1613 which was proved 7th February 1615 Merchant of Dorchester to be buried in St Peters Church Dorchester
Abt Dec 1621 William HORSFORDE See transcription of his Will dated 20th June 1621 proved 25th January 1622/3 buried in St Peters church
7 Jun 1621 Mr. John CHURCHILL Entry in Diary of William Whiteway 1621 "Memorandum" Mr John CHURCHILL Esquire died the 1st June and was buryed the 7th in St Peters in Dorchester aged about 50 years or upwards. See also wills Index for death of his wife Elinor, her will proved 10th July 1641, Visitation Dorset 1677, and Oxford Alumni for John CHURCHILL (1568-1621) of Muston Piddlehinton. Her will asks for her to be buried next to her husband in St Peters Church Dorchester. Oxford alumni states he died 31st May 1621.
12 Dec 1622 Oliver HAYNE

See Memorial plaque below, Oliver HAYNE (1563-1622) his pedigree is in the Visitation of Dorset for 1623 Page 54:- Grandfather William HAYNE of Iberton and Ebrington: Father Richard HAYNE of Dorchester by his wife (maiden surname HAYWARD) he was their 2nd son. Oliver married Cicely the daughter of William ADYN of Dorchester and had the following children (1) Mary who married William PERKINS of Holton in Dorset (2) Morgan born circa 1592 matriculated at Har Hall Oxford 16 June 1610 aged 18 - Morgan was heir to his fathers estate in 1623 and married Rawlin the daughter of Christopher DABYYNOT of White Stanton in Somerset. (3) John an apprentice at cheapside in 1623 (4) Martha (5) Sara (6) Agnes

Oliver was one of the original Capital Burgess of Dorchester named in James I's Charter to the town dated 26th June 1610; He was also a signatory to the constitution of the Company of Freemen dated 22nd Oct 1621. He died 12th Dec 1622 and was buried at St Peters church in Dorchester. [Notes:- Source William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635 Page 49 Entry for : 13 Dec 1622 "The 13th hereof died Mr Oliver HAINE Alderman in whose place succeeded Mr John BLACHFORD, sworne 3rd January at sessions" (also on page 464 MRD). Also See Will of 'Oliver Hayne, Gentleman of Dorchester, Dorset at the National Archives - proved 4 February 1623']

Brass memorial Plaque St Peters Church
Picture by Michael Russell FIPD

Note:- An indenture exists in the Municipal records of Dorchester dated 7th April but wrongly attributed to the reign of Elizabeth I (i.e. 1559) which states " by which Morgan HAYNE (note not born until 1592?) of Dorchester Gentleman, and Cicely Haine of Dorchester Widow (Cicely is his mother and widow of Oliver who did not die until 1622?) for £55, grant to Diones BOND of Dorchester Gentleman and William DERBY of Dorchester gentleman and their heirs 2½ acres of pasture, late in the tenure of Oliver HAINE deceased father of said Morgan HAINE, in East Walles [i.e. East Walls] in St Peters Parish bounded by the Parsons land on the north anmd the Bailiffs and Burgesses land on the south and east. John Conduit and Thomas Devenish attorneys to give seisen".
Two small seals of red wax, with crest and shield of arms. On a fess, three roundles, in chief a greyhound courant. Witnesses John White Robert Cheeke, John Condit, Robert Loder, Matthew Derby. seisin delivered 14th April. Endorsed Mr haine deede of feoffment to Mr Dennyes Bond and Mr William Derby of two closes to them and their heires without any vse [i.e. use] declared.
22 Aug 1623 Tobiah SANFORD Note:- His death is recorded in William Whiteway's diary on 21st August 1623:- "The 21th (21st) of this moneth about noone died Mr Tobiah Sanford Physition of this towne, and was buried the next day, a man of very excellent skill in the English and latine tongues" He was not buried at Holy Trinity which makes it almost certain that he was buried at St Peters where parish registers for this period have not survived. His widow Frances Sanford and her son by her first marriage Henry Smith emigrated to New England on John White's ship the 'Mary & John' 20th March 1630. Link to trascription of his Will
06 Oct 1623 Thomas FORD NBI Entry only:
28 Mar 1629 Hannah FORD NBI Entry only:
28 Nov 1635 Sir Francis ASHLEY Died at the Serjeant's Inn in Fleet Street on 28 November 1635 aged 66. His body was brought back to Dorchester and buried in St Peter's church in a vault near Denzil Holles memorial. See Separate Biography via link .Sir Francis ASHLEY (1569-1635)
abt June 1641 Elinor CHURCHILL (nee Miller/Mellor) Note:- See Wills index for her Will Dated 16 April 1641, Proved 10 July 1641 wherein she asks to be buried next to her husband in St Peters Church Dorchester. She was the widow of John CHURCHILL (1568-1621) of Muston Piddlehinton Dorset but they lived in Dorchester in St Peters Parish. See Visitation of Dorset 1677.
13 Oct 1645 Stephen THORINGTON NBI Entry only:
24 Jul 1648 John WHITE NBI Entry only: Rev John WHITE (1575-1648) Patriarch of Dorchester & Rector of Holy Trinity: See his will transcription at Rev John WHITE  Patriarch of Dorchester 1648
26 Jun 1649   ASHLEY NBI Entry only:

02 Jan 1653/4 William GARNNER [GARDNER] (PR) 2nd Jan 1653 William son of Stephen GARDNER [GARDINER] was buried [Note:- This is thought to be one of the children of Stephen GARDNER son of Thomas GARDNER of Little Bourton in the County of Oxon who married Elizabeth WHITE the younger sister of the Rev John WHITE (1575-1648). Elizabeth remarried to a Mr Allen and is said by Rose Troup, John Whites biographer, to have come to Dorchester with some of her children after her 2nd husband died. William was baptised at Holy Trinity church in Dorchester on6th May 1647]
20 Feb 1653/4 Agnes HOLLIDAY (PR) 20th Feb 1653 Agnis HOLLIDAY widdow was buried
24 Feb 1653/4 Hugh HAGGARD (PR) 24th Feb 1653/4 Hugh HAGGARD a young man buried
07 Mar 1653/4 Samuel BURY (PR) 7th Mar 1653/4 Samuel son of Mr. Tobie BURY was buried [Note:- Link to comments about this family]
14 May 1654 Mary FRY (PR) 14th May 1654 Mary FRY Widow was buryed May 14th 1654
23 May 1654 Tamazeine BRINE (PR) 23rd May 1654 Tamaseine the wife of John BRINE was buryed
16 Jun 1654 Jasper SAMWAYS (PR) 23rd May 1654 Jasper son of Jasper SAMWAYES was buryed [Note:- This is the son of Jasper Samways senior who became Mayor of Dorchester in 1674. See comments about his father under Dorchester Trade Tokens]
15 Aug 1654 John LONG (PR) 15th Aug 1654 John son of Mr. John LONG buryed August 15
01 Sep 1654 William SPEARING (PR) 1st Sep 1654 Mr William SPEARING was buryed
15 Sep 1654 Sarah CLARKE (PR) 15th Sep 1654 Sarah daughter of George CLARKE was buryed
04 Oct 1654 Richard POLEDON (PR) 4th Oct 1654 Richard son of Mr. William POLEDON buryed
05 Oct 1654 Lydia RYALL (PR) 5th Oct 1654 Lydia daughter of William RYALL buryed
24 Oct 1654 Thomas WHITTLE (PR) 24th Oct 1654 Mr. Thomas WHITTLE buryed [Note:- See Wills index for administration of his estate in 1656]
04 Nov 1654 Elizabeth SHARMAN (PR) 4th Nov 1654 Elizabeth the wife of Robert SHERMAN buryed
17 Nov 1654 Ham NORRICE (PR) 17th Nov 1654 Ham [might be a coloquial form of Hamnett] NORRICE buryed November 17th
22 Nov 1654 Lawrence MICHELL (PR) 22nd Nov 1654 Lawrence MICHELwho was buryed at
27 Nov 1654 Nathan CRAB (PR) 27th Nov 1654 Nathan CRAB buried
01 Dec 1654 Dorothy GILL (PR) 1st Dec 1654 Dorothy the wife of Robert GILL & his daughter Mary buried
01 Dec 1654 Mary GILL (PR) See entry above
04 Dec 1654 William MELLEDGE (PR) Mr. William MELLEDGE buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of William Melledge of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 14 Aug 1655. Also an entry in Quarter sessions for Bridport held between 4th & 6th Oct 1631 when the court discharged his apprentice William Forde from the apprenticeship because of him having"suffered ill usage and outrageous beating by his master and has been threatened with worse usage by his mistress, unless he can show Sir Francis Ashley cause to the contrary".]
05 Dec 1654 Elizabeth ALLIM [ALLEN] (PR) 5th Dec 1654 Elizabeth the wife of Mr. Thomas ALLIN [ALLEN] buryed [Note she appears to have given birth to a son John 28th Nov 1654 so may as died following complications after birth - Also Alice a daughter of Thomas Allin was buried at St Peters on 07 Jun 1657]
13 Dec 1654 Temperence READ (PR) 13th Dec 1654 Temperence READ an Almes Woman buried
20 Dec 1654 Jane CONSTANTINE (PR) 20th Dec 1654 Mrs. Jane CONSTANTINE the wife of Mr. William CONSTANTINE [Note baptism of a son John to them on 6th Dec 1654 aged 14 days]
04 Jan 1654/5 Robert COKER (PR) 4th Jan 1654/5 Robert COKER was buryed [Note:- Link to an account of the life of Robert COKER (1579-1655) Goldsmith of Dorchester]
18 Jan 1654/5 Robert SHARMAN (PR) 18th Jan 1654/5 Robert SHERMAN buryed
30 Jan 1654/5 Sarah ASH (PR) 30th Jan 1654/5 Sarah ASH widow buryed
01 Feb 1654/5 Dorothy BLAKEN (PR) 1st Feb 1654/5 Dorothy BLAKE buryed
04 Feb 1654/5 Anne MEETCH (PR) 4th Feb 1654/5 Anne the daughter of John MEETCH buryed
05 Mar 1654/5 Joseph GARRETT (PR) 5th Mar 1654/5 Joseph GARRETT was buryed this day
05 Mar 1654/5 Mary HARBER (PR) 5th Mar 1654/5 Mary wife of John HARBEN was buryed this day
05 Mar 1654/5 (a child) CLEINES (PR) 5th Mar 1654/5 A child of John CLEINES newly born was buryed this day
07 Mar 1654/5 Grace CLEINES (PR) 7th Mar 1654/5 Grace the wife of John CLEINES buryed [Note burial of their unnamed newly born child on 5th so she died following childbirth and as they child was not baptised with a name it was almost certainly still born]
09 Mar 1654/5 Mabel YORKE (PR) 9th Mar 1654/5 Mabell YORKE and a young childe of Thomas NEW buryed [Note:- Unusual to record in this way - Its not clear whether this was Mable's child, if so the father was Thomas NEW who was already married and she died in childbirth?]
19 Mar 1654/5 Judith LOADER (PR) 19th Mar 1654/5 Mis. Judeth wife of Mr. James LOADER buryed [Note:- gave birth to a daughter named Judeth abouth 12th March who was baptised the 19th, i.e. the day her mother was buried so she presumably died at a result of giving birth. The daughter also died being buried on 7th May]
21 Mar 1654/5 (wife) NEW (PR) 21st Mar 1654/5 The wife of Thomas NEW buryed March 21st 1654
03 Apr 1655 Elizabeth HARDIE (PR) 3rd April 1655 Elizabeth wife of Thomas HARDIE buried
24 Apr 1655 Anne SMITH (PR) 24th Apr 1655 Anne daughter of Adam SMITH buried [Note:- Baptised 14th Mar 1654/5]
07 May 1655 Judith LOADER (PR) 7th May 1655 Judeth daughter of Mr. James LOADER buried [Note:- See 19th March 1654/5 when she was baptised and her mother buried]
14 May 1655 Sarah GILL (PR) 14th May 1655 Sarah daughter of Robert GILL buried
14 May 1655 (a male child) CLARKE (PR) 14th May 1655 A man child of William CLARKE's still born buried
21 May 1655 (a man child) COUSENS (PR) 21st May 1655 A man child of John COUSENS a day old buried
28 May 1655 Katharine BUSHROD (PR) 28th May 1655 Katteren the wife of Henry BUSHROD buried
31 May 1655 Agnes HOBBS (PR) 31st May 1655 Agnis HOBBS widow buried
09 Jun 1655 John MILLER (PR) 9th Jun 1655 John MILLER dyed in this parish and was buried at Fordington
29 Aug 1655 George MEADER (PR) 29th Aug 1655 George MEADER buried [Note:- George MEADER & Elizabeth GUILBERT were married at HT on 18-May 1632]
05 Sep 1655 Martha BASTARD (PR) 5th Sep 1655 Martha BASTARD buried
07 Sep 1655 Elizabeth ANNOLL (PR) 7th Sep 1655 Elizabeth the wife of William ARNOLL [ARNOLD] buried [Note:- See baptism of Elizabeth daughter of William ARNOLL 14 Oct 1655 then aged 6 weeks. She may have died as a result of complication during childbirth]
09 Sep 1655 Sarah HANDCOCK (PR) 9th Sep 1655 Sarah HANDCOCK buried
17 Sep 1655 William PARSONS (PR) 17th Sep 1655 William PARSONS buried
24 Sep 1655 Elizabeth GOULD (PR) 24th Sep 1655 Elizabeth daughter of George GOULD buried [Note:- baptised 1st Feb 1654/5 with twin Sarah who was buried 31st March 1656]
25 Oct 1655 George BRIGGS (PR) 25th Oct 1655 George BRIGS buried [Note:- Husband of Sarah and father of Elizabeth baptised 9th Apr 1655 and buried 7th Nov 1656]
28 Oct 1655 (a child) CLARKE (PR) 28th Oct 1655 A child of George CLARKE's died borne
07 Nov 1655 Elizabeth BRIGGS (PR) 7th Nov 1655 Elizabeth daughter of Sarah BRIGGS widdow buried [Note:- Elizabeth baptised 9th Apr 1655, her father George BRIGGS was buried St Peters Dorchester 25th Oct 1655 hence sarah a widow]
01 Dec 1655 Mary WHITING (PR) 1st Dec 1655 Mrs Mary WHITING (illegible word ending in d)
05 Dec 1655 Sarah CHUBB (PR) 5th Nov 1655 Sarah daughter of William CHUBB buried
15 Jan 1655/6 (a child) CLARKE (PR) 15th Jan 1655/6 A child of William CLARKE's still born buried
07 Feb 1655/6 Edith EDWARDS (PR) 7th Feb 1655/6 Edith EDWARDS buried
09 Feb 1655/6 Grace ASH (PR) 9th Feb 1655/6 Grace the wife of Thomas ASH buried
26 Feb 1655/6 Robert BRIGG (PR) 26th Feb 1655/6 Robert BRIGG An Almesman buried
15 Mar 1655/6 Elizabeth WILCE (PR) 15th Mar 1655/6 Elizabeth daughter of John WILCE buried
18 Mar 1655/6 Martha LOADER (PR) 18th Mar 1655/6 Martha daughter of Mr (illegible 1st name) LOADRE [LOADER] buried
26 Mar 1656 Nicholas BROWNE (PR) 26th Mar 1656 Nicholas BROWNE a stranger buried
30 Mar 1656 Elizabeth BURDON (PR) 30th Mar 1656 Elizabeth daughter of John BURDON buried
31 Mar 1656 Sarah GOULD (PR) 31st Mat 1656 Sarah daughter of George GOULD buried [Note:- baptised 1st Feb 1654/5 - twin Elizabeth buried 24th Sep 1655]
22 Apr 1656 Elizabeth SMITH (PR) 22nd Apr 1656 Elizabeth SMITH buried
06 May 1656 Judith COULSON (PR) 6th May 1656 Judeth daughter of Jasper COLSON buried [Note:- Baptised 14 Mar 1654/5 Link to more information about this family]
09 May 1656 Richard POLEDON (PR) 9th May 1656 Richard son of William POLEDON [POLEDEN] buried [Note:- Baptised St peters Dorchester 30 Apr 1655]
24 May 1656 John SEWARD (PR) 24th May 1656 John son of Mr Thomas SEWARD buried Trinity parish [Note:- Baptised 31st Oct 1655]
26 May 1656 Francis PHILPOT (PR) 26th May 1656 Francis son of Francis PHIPPOT [PHILPOT] buried [Note:- Baptised 14 Oct 1655]
10 Jun 1656 William SITMONS (PR) 10th Jun 1656 William son of Edward SITMONS [SIMMONDS?] buried
25 Jun 1656 Benjamin BEDFORD (PR) 25th Jun 1656 Benjamin son of John BEDFORD buried [Note:- Baptised 30 Mar 1655 ]
28 Jun 1656 (a man child) COULSON (PR) 28th Jun 1656 A man child of Frederick COLSON still borne buried [Note:- Link to more information about this family]
02 Jul 1656 Jasper COULSON (PR) 2nd Jul 1656 Jasper COLSON the younger buried [ Note:- son of Jasper COLSON the Elder and husband of Sarah, she baptised their son Jasper posthumously on 31st Aug 1656 Link to more information about this family]
02 Jul 1656 Tomasine COULSON (PR) 2nd Jul 1656 Tomasine wife of Fredrek? [Frederick?] COLSON buried [Note burial of their still born child on 28th June so likely to have died from childbirth complications] [Note:- Link to more information about this family]
20 Jul 1656 Anne NICHOLLS (PR) 20th July 1656 Anne daughter of Phillip NICHOLLS buried
20 Jul 1656 (a child) BEDFORD (PR) 20th Jul 1656 A man child of John BEDFORD still born buried
21 Aug 1656 William CHUBB (PR) 21st Aug 1656 William CHUBB buried
25 Aug 1656 Sarah GARDENER (PR) 25th Aug 1656 Sarah wife of Charles GARDNER buried [Note they married at St Peters 1st Jan 1654/5]
31 Aug 1656 Francis PHILPOT (PR) 31st Aug 1656 Francis PHIPPOT [PHILIPOT] buried
05 Sep 1656 Shadack SHANKS (PR) 5th Sep 1656 Shidrack son of Richard SHANKS buried
12 Sep 1656 Elizabeth GARDENER (PR) 12th Sep 1656 Elizabeth daughter of Charles GARDENER buried [Note:- Only child from the marriage of Charles GARDINER to Sarah WAY on 1st Jan 1654/5]
13 Sep 1656 (a child) HOULLIS (PR) 13th Sep 1656 A child of Edward HULLES Esquire still borne
15 Sep 1656 William CONSTANTINE (PR) 15th Sep 1656 William the son of William CONSTANTINE buried
07 Oct 1656 John GILL (PR) 7th Oct 1656 John GILL buried
12 Oct 1656 Robert STURMEY (PR) 12th Oct 1656 Robert STURMEY buried
19 Oct 1656 Christian SIEMONS (PR) 19th Oct 1656 Christian SIEMON a servant of Mr HALL's buried
29 Oct 1656 Jane TWISSE (PR) 29th Oct 1656 Jane daughter of Mr William TWISSE buried
31 Oct 1656 Cleaques ETTWIGGER (PR) 31st Oct 1656 Mr. Cleephan? ELLWIGGER? a stranger buried
08 Nov 1656 (a man child & daughter) BARRET (PR) 8th Nov 1656 (NOTE:-A side line entry made in the register) A man child & daughter of Thomas BARRETT buried
23 Nov 1656 Thomas CARDRO (PR) 23rd Nov 1656 (NOTE:-A side line entry made in the register) illegible entry
01 Dec 1656 Gilbert LOADER (PR) 1st Dec 1656 Mr. Gilbert LOADER Mayor buried [Note:- He died in office as Mayor of Dorchester: See Wills Index 'Will of Gilbert Loder, Gentleman of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 12th March 1657. See Fire from Heaven by David Underdown pages 139, 219,228 and 240. Puritan lawyer and father of John LODER (1626-1673) who was Vicar of Fordington St George 1649-1656. Bequest to 'Godly Poor']
10 Dec 1656 Thomas DOUCH (PR) 10th Dec 1656 Thomas son of William DOUCH buried [Note:- Baptised 24th Jun 1655]
14 Dec 1656 John SANSON (PR) 14th Dec 1656 John SANSOM buried
11 Jan 1656/7 (a man child) CONSTANTINE (PR) 11th Jan 1656/7 A man child of William CONSTANTINE still borne buried
12 Jan 1656/7 William COUSONS (PR) 12th Jan 1656/7 William son of John COUSENS buried [Note:- Baptised 26 Nov 1656 ]
14 Jan 1656/7 Josiah WHITE (PR) 14th Jan 1656/7 Josias son of Mr.Josiah WHITE buried
19 Feb 1656/7 Mary BARRETT (PR) 19th Feb 1656/7 Mary the wife of Thomas BARRETT buried
24 Feb 1656/7 Joseph LONG (PR) 24th Feb 1656/7 Joseph son of Mr John LONG buried [Note:- Baptised 14 Jan 1656/7 ]
13 Mar 1656/7 Mary TRENCHARD (PR) 13th Mar 1656/7 Mary the daughter of George TRENCHARD buried
22 Mar 1656/7 Joanne NORTH (PR) 22nd Mar 1656/7 Joane NORTH widow buried
04 May 1657 Martha COULSON [COLSON] (PR) 4th May 1657 Martha the daughter of Mrs Sarah COLSON buried [Note:- Link to more information about this family Martha was baptised at Holy Trinity church in Dorchester on 14th Oct 1649 ]
06 May 1657 Elizabeth FACIE (PR) 6th May 1657 Mrs Elizabeth FACIE widow buried
07 Jun 1657 Alice ALLIN (PR) 7th June 1657 Aise [Alice] daughter of Thomas ALLIN [ALLEN] buried [Note:- Likely to be child of Thomas & Elizabeth Allen baptised prior to start of the register, see burial of his wife Elizabeth above on 05 Dec 1654]
07 Jun 1657 Sampson HAYNE (PR) 7th June 1657 Sampson son of Margaret HAYNE widow buried
27 Jun 1657 Thomas HALL (PR) 27th Jun 1657 Mr. Thomas HALL Minister buried
07 Jul 1657 (wife) DOUCH (PR) 7th Jul 1657 The wife of William DOUCH buried
13 Jul 1657 Mary ATKINS (PR) 13th Jul 1657 Mary daughter of Mr. Richard ATKINS buried [Note:- See L/Admin granted on 24th Sep 1683 for the estate of Richard ATKINS Apothecary who died intestate ]
26 Jul 1657 Temperance HUTCHINS (PR) 26th Jul 1657 Temperance HUTCHINS widow buried
29 Jul 1657 Sarah COCE (PR) 29th Jul 1657 Sarah COXE buried
07 Aug 1657 Sarah DUBANKE (PR) 7th Aug 1657 Mrs Sarah DUBANKE buried
08 Aug 1657 William BLAKE (PR) 8th Jul 1657 William BLAKE buried
10 Aug 1657 Deborah DALE (PR) 10th Jul 1657 Deborah DALE buried
19 Aug 1657 Deborah COVER (PR) 19th Jul 1657 Deborah COVER buried
31 Aug 1657 Hugh SMUGG (PR) 31st Jul 1657 Hugh SMUGG buried
17 Sep 1657 Elizabeth WARMAL (PR) 17th Sep 1657 Elizabeth daughter of the widow WARMOL? buried
29 Sep 1657 Nicholas PORTER (PR) 29th Sep 1657 Nicholas PORTER buried
13 Nov 1657 Sarah BLAKE (PR) 13th Nov 1657 Mrs. Sarah BLAKE buried
06 Jan 1657/8 Frances CHURCHILL 6th Jan 1657/8 Frances daughter of John CHURCHILL Esq buried
13 Jan 1657/8 John GOULD 13th Jan 1657/8 John son of George GOULD buried
14 Jan 1657/8   SHAVE 14th Jan 1657/8 the widow (illegible) buried
03 Mar 1657/8 Elizabeth JEFFREY 3rd mar 1657/8 Elizabeth daughter of John HALFRAY? buried
12 Mar 1657/8 Elizabeth DANCER (PR) March 12th 1657/8 Elizabeth DANCER buried
01 Apr 1658 Margaret PORTER (PR) April 1st 1658 Margaret PORTER a widow buried
14 May 1658 Thomas DOWNTON (PR) May 14th 1658 Thomas DOUNTEN Almesman buried
21 Jun 1658 William CLARKE (PR) June 21st 1658 William CLARKE son buried
23 Jun 1658 Hannah RYALL (PR) 23rd June 1658 The wife of William ROYALL: Hana ROYALL buried
24 Jul 1658 Mary WHITWAY

(PR) 24th July 1658 Msris Mary WHITWAIE [WHITEWAY] the wiefe [wife] of Mr. John WITWAYE [WHITEWAY] Magistrate

[Note:- See William WHITEWAY of Dorchester his Diary 1618-1635. Pedigree page 170. This is the burial of Mary WHITEWAY (nee WHITE) the niece of the Rev John WHITE (1574/5-1648) Patriarch of Dorchester. The eldest daughter of his brother Stephen WHITE (c.1578 - 1629) by his wife Mary Waterhouse who moved the family to Dorchester after the death of her husband. Their daughter Mary was the 1st wife of John WHITEWAY the younger brother of the diarist]

03 Aug 1658 Izaac MEECH (PR) 3rd August 1658 Izaac & Rebecca children of John MEECH buried {Note:- Born as twins 24th July 1658; baptised at Holy Trinity church Dorchester 25th July 1658]
03 Aug 1658 Rebecca MEECH (PR) See above entry
11 Aug 1658 John DRUER (PR) 11th August 1658 John DRUER buried an Almesman
13 Aug 1658 Elizabeth MOREY (PR) 13th Aug 1658 The wiefe [wife] of John MOREY : Elizabeth MOREY buried
07 Sep 1658 Andrew HOBBS (PR) 7th September 1658 Andrew HOBBS ye son of Henry HOBBS buried
28 Sep 1658 James MEADER (PR) 28th September 1658 James MEADER was buried
01 Oct 1658 Robert BURTE (PR) 1st October 1658 Robert BURTE was buried
08 Oct 1658 William JOLLOFE (PR) 8th October 1658 Mr William JOLLOFE [JOLLIFFE] was buried was a Magistrate
11 Oct 1658 Giles FOY (PR) 11th October 1658 Gilles [Giles] FFOY was buried the son of Giles FFOY
27 Oct 1658 Joseph PARKER (PR) 27th October 1658 Joseph PARKER buried
28 Nov 1658 Matthew DUKES (PR) 28th November 1658 Mathew DUCH the wiefe [wife] of William DUTCH [DOUCH] buried
16 Dec 1658 Mary ANNALL (PR) 16th December 1658 Mary ARNALL [i.e. ARNOLD] ye daughter of William ARNALL buried [Note:- Arnold is a well known family name]
11 Jan 1658/9 Anne TAYLER (PR) 11th January 1658/9 Anne TAYLER the daughter of John TAYLER was buried
12 Jan 1658/9 William CURTICE (PR) 12th January 1658/9 William CURTICE [CURTIS] an Almsman buried
14 Jan 1658/9 Mary DARBY (PR) 14th January 1658/9 Mary DARBY the Widow of Mr William DARBY a Magistrate buried
01 Feb 1658/9 Thomas ASH (PR) 1st February 1658/9 Thomas ASH was buried
18 Mar 1658/9 Elizabeth RUSSELL (PR) 18th March 1658/9 The wiefe of Joseph RUSSELS: Elizabeth RUSSELS buried
30 Mar 1659 Agnes HAGGARD (PR) 30th March 1659 Agnes HAGGARD the wiefe [wife] of Mathew HAGGARD buried
30 Mar 1659 (male child) CLARKE (PR) 30th March 1659 The manchild of William CLARKE still born buried
03 Apr 1659 Robert GILL (PR) 3rd April 1659 Robert GILL was buried
27 Apr 1659 Mary FOY (PR) 27th April 1659 Mary the wiefe of Gyles FFOY buried
09 May 1659 Edward JONES (PR) 9th May 1659 Edward the son of Edward JONES buried [Note:- Baptised 13th March 1658/9]
24 May 1659 Margaret SAVAGGE (PR) 24th May 1659 Margaret the wiefe of Mr. Richard SAVAGGE [SAVAGE] a Magistrate buried
24 May 1659 William PARSONS (PR) 24th May 1659 William the son of William PARSONS buried
01 Jul 1659 Elizabeth CLARKE (PR) 1st July 1659 Elizabeth the wiefe of George CLARKE buried
01 Aug 1659 Robert LODER (PR) 1st August 1659 Robert LODER the son of Andrew LODER buried
06 Aug 1659 Mary DANIEL (PR) 6th August 1659 Mary the daughter of Mr. John DANIELL a Magistrate buried [Note:- John Daniel was Mayor of Dorchester in 1659 - His daughter Mary was baptised at St Peters Dorchester on 17th Sep 1654]
23 Sep 1659 (a child) CONSTANTINE (PR) 23rd September 1659 A child of Mr. William CONSTANTINE still borne buried
30 Sep 1659 Hugh EASTMAN (PR) 30th September 1659 Hugh EASTMAN buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Hugh Eastmond, Innkeeper of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 19 Oct 1660]
30 Sep 1659 Graham EASTMAN (PR) 30th September 1659 Graham? EASTMAN buried
17 Oct 1659 Thomas GOULD (PR) 17th October 1659 Thomas GOULD the son of George GOULD buried [Note:- Born 18th November and baptised 12th Dec 1658 ]
18 Oct 1659 George BROOME (PR) 18th October 1659 George BROOME buried
18 Oct 1659 Margaret BROOME (PR) 18th October 1659 Margaret BROOME buried
09 Dec 1659 Samual BRAY (PR) Samuell BRAY a child buried
02 Jan 1659/60 Adam SMYTH (PR) 2nd Jan 1659/60 Adam the sonne of Adam SMITH was buried
19 Jan 1659/60 Jane JONES (PR) 19th Jan 1659/60 Jane JONES widow buried
23 Jan 1659/60 Jonas PALFREY (PR) 23rd Jan 1659/60 Jonas PALFREY buried
31 Jan 1659/60 Joan CHAFFEY (PR) 31st Jan 1659/60 Jone the wiefe of William CAFLEY buried {Note although the PR records CAFLEY the name CHAFFEY is more likely to be correct]
08 Feb 1659/60 Rebecca CHANNELL (PR) 8th Feb 1659/60 Rebecca CHANNELL widow buried
08 Feb 1659/60 John WHITE (PR) 8th Feb 1659/60 John WHITE buried [Note:- Rose Troup in her book about the life of Rev John White (1575-1648) suggests (page 406) that this is likely to be the burial of his brother Josiah White's son John White by his wife Anne Barlow who moved to live in Dorchester with her sons John & William after the death of her second husband Francis Drake in 1633/4. Her son John traded as a Merchant in Dorchester and London.]
17 Feb 1659/60 Walter ROGERS (PR) 17th Feb 1659/60 Walter ROGERS buried
24 Feb 1659/60 Rebecca GRAY (PR) 24th Feb 1659/60 Rabecca [Rebecca] GRAY was buried
07 Mar 1659/60 Mary BARNES (PR) 7th March 1659/60 Mary BARNES buried
01 Apr 1660 Elizabeth BUCKLER (PR) 1st April 1660 Elizabeth the daughter of William BUCKLER [Note:- Baptised 11 Mar 1659/60 ]
04 Apr 1660 Anne DARBY (PR) 4th April 1660 Anne DARBY widdow buried
10 Apr 1660 Dorothy ODEREY (PR) 10th April 1660 Dorothy ODEREY widdow buried
13 Apr 1660 Cecily DEALE (PR) 13th April 1660 Cisley DEALE [DEAK?] widdow buried
20 Apr 1660 Alexander COULSON (PR) 20th April 1660 Alexander the son of Mr. Stephen COULSONNE buried
21 Apr 1660 Charles GILLINGHAM (PR) 21st April 1660 Charles GILLINGAM the son of William GILLINGAM
26 May 1660 John POULTON (PR) 26th May 1660 John PAULTAN an Almsman buried
16 Jun 1660 William ADAMS (PR) 16th Jun 1660 William ADAMS an Almsman buried
16 Jun 1660 Anne FOOTE (PR) 16th Jun 1660 Anne the wiefe of Richard FFOOTE buried / Cros?
18 Jun 1660 William CLAPGUTT (PR) 18th Jun 1660 William CLAPGUTT buried
21 Jun 1660 Matthew SWAFFIELD (PR) 21st Jun 1660 Mathew SWOFFILD [SWAFFIELD] buried
28 Jun 1660 Phillip NICHOLS (PR) 28th Jun 1660 Phillip NICHOLS the son of Phillip NICHOLS buried
02 Jul 1660 Joan MICHELL (PR) 2nd July 1660 Jone MITCHELL widow buried
03 Jul 1660 (a child) HILLER (PR) 3rd July 1660 Andrew HILLER & a child still born buried
03 Jul 1660 Andrew HILLER (PR) See entry above
10 Jul 1660 Anne HALL (PR) 10th July 1660 Mrs. Anne HALL widow buried
04 Sep 1660 (wife) POULDON (PR) 4th Sep 1660 Mrs. POULDEN the wiefe of Mr William POULDEN buried
26 Sep 1660 William ROYALL (PR) 26th Sep 1660 William ROYALL buried
30 Nov 1660 Robert POPE (PR) 30th Nov 1660 Robert POPE an Almsman buried
01 Jan 1660/1 Anne PURCHASE (PR) 1st Jan 1660/1 Anne the daughter of Aquilla PURCHASE buried [Note:- 1st child from the marriage of Aquilas PURCHASE to Anne Russell at St Peters Dorchester on 25th June 1657. Anne was 2 years old being baptised 10th June 1658]
05 Jan 1660/1 Glem GARRETT (PR) 5th Jan 1660/1 Mem GARRAT widow buried
15 Feb 1660/1 William LOVAT (PR) 15th Feb 1660/1 William LOVAT [LOVETT] buried
18 Mar 1660/1 Mary DANIELL (PR) 18th Mar 1660/1 Mary the daughter of John DANIELL a Magistrate [Note:- Baptised 23 Oct 1659 ]
29 Apr 1661 Tamsin SAVAGE (PR) 29th April 1661 Tamsin daughter of William SAVAGE buried
15 May 1661 Margrery MICHELL (PR) 15th May 1661 Margery MITCHELL widow buried
23 May 1661 Samuel BEDFORD (PR) 23rd May 1661 Samuell BEDFORD the sonne of John BEDFORD buried
31 May 1661 Elizabeth BLAKE (PR) 31st May 1661 Elizabeth BLAKE buried

[Note:- The Parish register does jump from May to September at this point]

06 Sep 1661 Christopher DOLMAN (PR) 6th Sep 1661 Christopher DOLMAN buried
31 Sep 1661 Jane TRASH (PR) 31st Sep 1661 Jane the daughter of Mathew TRASH buried [Note See possible baptism 09 Dec 1660 ]
03 Oct 1661 Moses SKINER (PR) 20th Oct 1661 Moses SKINER an Almsman buried
25 Oct 1661 Jane TWIST (PR) 25th Oct 1661 Jane TWIST - Wife of Mr. William TWIST Magistrate
08 Nov 1661 Hugh ROGERS (PR) 8th Nov 1661 Hugh ROGERS buried
05 Dec 1661 Sarah GOWER (PR) 5th dec 1661 Mrs Sarai GOWER widow buried
19 Feb 1661/2 Dorothy CONDRO (PR) 19th Feb 1661/2 Dorothy the wife of Richard CONEDE? buried
29 Feb 1661/2 Katharine BOWEN (PR) 29th Feb 1661/2 Catherine BOWER widow an Almes Woman buried
03 Mar 1661/2 Robert PAULTON (PR) 3rd Mar 1661/2 Thomas POUNCEY an Almes Man buried
03 Mar 1661/2 Thomas POWNAY (PR) 3rd Mar 1661/2 Robert PARTON buried
07 Mar 1661/2 Thomas HALL (PR) 7th Mar 1661/2 Thomas sonne of Mr. Thomas HALL buried [Note:- 3rd child from the marriage of Mr. Thomas Hall (c1628-1693) to Elizabeth Row (c1630-1681) on 8th Nov 1655; See link for more information about this family]
15 Mar 1661/2 Edmond SIMONDS (PR) 15th Mar 1661/2 Edmond SIMONDS buried
21 Mar 1661/2 Martha DANIELL (PR) 21st Mar 1661/2 Martha the wife of Mr. John DANIELL Magistrate
25 Mar 1662 William CRIMBEL (PR) 25th Mar 1662 William CRIMBEL buried
25 Mar 1662 Christopher RASKER (PR) 25th Mar 1662 Christopher sonne of Robert RASKER buried [Note:- baptised St peters Dorchester 16 Nov 1656 - NBI incorrectly has surname as RASSON]
06 May 1662 Jane SMITH (PR) 6th May 1662 Jane SMITH an Almes Woman buried
28 May 1662 Matlingalay NOTTIN (PR) 28th May 1662 Mathinglay NOTTIN buried [Note baptised 29th July 1660/1]
19 Jun 1662 Anne WHITE (PR) 19th June 1662 Anne the daughter of Mrs. WHITE widow
04 Aug 1662 Joan LEVETT (PR) 4th Aug 1662 Joan the daughter of the Widow LEVETT buried
09 Aug 1662 Avice FRENCH (PR) 9th Aug 1662 Avice FRENCH widow buried
10 Aug 1662 Thomas HOBBS (PR) 10th Aug 1662 Thomas HOBBS buried
10 Aug 1662 Henry HUCHINS (PR) 10th Aug 1662 Henary HUCHINS the sone of Henary HUCHINS buried
14 Aug 1662 Deborah RAPSIE (PR) 14th Aug 1662 Debora the daughter of John RAYSIE [RAPSY] buried [Note:- Eldest daughter of John RAPSY who married Anne SIMMONS at St Peters 4th Aug 1659; Deborah was baptised 11 Mar 1659/60]
17 Aug 1662 Elizabeth BRUER (PR) 17th Aug 1662 Elizabeth the daughter of John BRUER buried [Note:- See possible baptism 19 Jan 1661/2]
21 Aug 1662 Jane BOOEBY (PR) 21st Aug 1662 Jane the wife of William BOOEBY buried
22 Aug 1662 Anne FOY (PR) 22nd Aug 1662 Anne ROY widow buried [Note:- Although the Parish Register clearly has 'ROY' I am not aware of the surname in Dorchester whereas FOY is well known and more likely to be correct]
25 Aug 1662 Thomas PARKES (PR) 25th Aug 1662 Joseph the son of the Widow FAWKES [Note:- Surname clearly FAWKES in PR and well known family]
25 Aug 1662 Philip CHEEK (PR) 25th Aug 1662 Philip CHEEKE the son of Aleaon CHEEKE buried
31 Aug 1662 Lydia ALLEN (PR) 31st Aug 1662 Leda [Lidia] the daughter of Samuell ALLEN buried [Note:- 2nd child from the marriage of Samuel ALLEN to Joane MARTEN at All Saints church Dorchester 11th Dec 1656 Link to more information]
01 Sep 1662 Joan CHEEK (PR) 1st Sep 1662 Joan the wife of Philip CHEEKE buried
09 Sep 1662 Richard BETTES (PR) 9th Sep 1662 Richard BETTES a stranger buried
09 Sep 1662 Abigail HOGES (PR) 9th Sep 1662 Abigail the wife of John HOGES [HODGES] buried
11 Sep 1662 Henry HOBBS (PR) 11th Sep 1662 Henary HOBBS buried
16 Sep 1662 Anne BRUER (PR) 16th Sep 1662 Anne BRUER [BREWER] widow buried
28 Sep 1662 Joan LOVETT (PR) 28th Sep 1662 Joan LEVETT widow buried
01 Oct 1662 Jane PARSONS (PR) 1st Oct 1662 Jane the wife of William PARSONS buried
03 Oct 1662 John MOREY (PR) 3rd Oct 1662 John MOREY buried
24 Oct 1662 Joan RAPSIE (PR) 24th Oct 1662 Joan the wife of William RAPSIE [RAPSY] buried
09 Jan 1662/3 (a child) BRAY (PR) 9th Jan 1662/3 A child of Samuell BRAYE buried
16 Jan 1662/3 Elizabeth PANSHARD (PR) 16th Jan 1662/3 Elizabeth the daughter of Josias PANSHARD buried
15 Mar 1662/3 (a male child) COPPER (PR) 15th Mar 1662/3 A man child of Mathew COPPER was still born buried
06 Apr 1663 Margaret COPEY (PR) 6th April 1663 Margaret COOPEY a Almes woman buried
12 Apr 1663 Mary KONOI (PR) 12th April 1663 Mary the wife of John KONEI [CONEY?] buried
16 Apr 1663 Dorothy BLANDIMORE (PR) 16th April 1663 Darathy [Dorothy] the wife of Elles [Silvanes?] BLANDIMORE buried
20 Apr 1663 George MOMBURY (PR) 20th April 1663 George MEMBREI [MEMBERY] buried
19 May 1663 Thomas HALL (PR) 19th May 1663 Thomas HALL the son of Mr Thomas HALL buried [Note:- 4th child from the marriage of Mr. Thomas Hall (c1628-1693) to Elizabeth Row (c1630-1681) on 8th Nov 1655; See link for more information about this family]
19 May 1663 (a male child) KONEI (PR) 19th May 1663 Man child of John KONEI [CONEY?] buried
30 May 1663 Charity JAMES (PR) 30th May 1663 Chareti [Charity] JAMES buried
12 Jun 1663 Joan COULSON (PR) 12th June 1663 Joan the daughter of Mr Galpen [Galpin] COULSONE [COULSON or COLSON?] buried
09 Jul 1663 Joan PALPHREY (PR) 9th July 1663 Joan PALPHREY widow buried
11 Jul 1663 Thomas SHEPPHARD (PR) 11th July 1663 Mr. Thomas SHEPPHARD buried
02 Aug 1663 Elizabeth DOUCH (PR) 2nd Aug 1663 Elizabeth daughter of William DOUCH buried
02 Oct 1663 Joan DARBY (PR) 2nd Oct 1663 Joan the wife of Mr Joseph DARBY buried
04 Oct 1663 Nathanial TRASH (PR) 4th Oct 1663 Nathaniel son of Mathew TRASH buried
05 Oct 1663 John JACOB (PR) 5th Oct 1663 John son of William JACOB buried
29 Oct 1663 Hannah BEDFORD (PR) 29th Oct 1663 Hanah the wife of John BEDFORD buried
01 Dec 1663 John BUSHROD (PR) 1st Dec 1663 John the son of John BUSHROD buried
03 Dec 1663 Elizabeth FOY (PR) 3rd Dec 1663 Elizabeth the daughter of Samuell FFOY buried
07 Jan 1663/4 John LOCHERE (PR) 1st Jan 1663/4 John LOCHEAR buried
23 Jan 1663/4 Thomas BEDFORD (PR) 23rd Jan 1663/4 Thomas the son of John BEDFORD buried
27 Jan 1663/4 Stephen HOSFORD (PR) 27th Jan 1663/4 Stephen HOSFORD the elder buried
27 Jan 1663/4 Elizabeth BUCKLER (PR) 27th Jan 1663/4 Elizabeth the daughter of William BUCKLER buried
01 Feb 1663/4 Joseph MOREY (PR) 14th Feb 1663/4 Joseph the son of Widow MOREY buried
17 Feb 1663/4 Christopher MICHELL (PR) 17th Feb 1663/4 Christopher MICHEL a Almes Man buried
17 Feb 1663/4 Elizabeth SYMTH (PR) 17th Feb 1663/4 Elizabeth the daughter of Richard SMYTH buried
20 Feb 1663/4 Bernard TOOPE (PR) 20th Feb 1663/4 Bernnard the son of Daniel TOOPE buried
23 Feb 1663/4 Christian WIST (PR) 23rd Feb 1663/4 Christian the daughter of John WIST buried
01 Mar 1663/4 George PANCHARD (PR) 1st Mar 1663/4 George the son of Joseph PANCHARD buried
04 Mar 1663/4 Katharine ROODWARD (PR) 4th Mar 1663/4 Katheren ROODWARD, A Almes Woman buried
25 Mar 1664 Rachel STOBER (PR) 25th Mar 1664 Rachel STOBER a widow buried
28 Mar 1664 Martha COKER (PR) 28th Mar 1664 Martha COKER a widow buried
06 Apr 1664 Eleanor BLAKMAN (PR) 6th Apr 1664 Elinor the wife of Jacob BLAKMOR buried [Note A daughter also named Elinor was baptised 31 Mar 1664 so she may have died as a result of childbirth complications. Her husband Jacob was buried 05 Dec 1666]
08 Apr 1664 William CASSELY (PR) 8th Apr 1664 William CASSELY buried
19 Apr 1664 Nathanal TURNER (PR) 19th Apr 1664 Mathanael [Nathaniel] TURNER buried
06 May 1664 Mary GILLINGHAM (PR) 6th May 1664 Mary the daughter of William GILLINGAM buried
10 May 1664 Grace PHILPOT (PR) 10th May 1664 Greas [Grace] PHIPPET widow buried
13 May 1664 Alice LODER (PR) 13th May 1664 Mrs Alice LODER widow buried [Note:- See Transcription of her Will dated 2nd May 1664]
19 Aug 1664 Robert GILL (PR) 19th Aug 1664 Robert the son of Robert GILL buried
31 Aug 1664 William CLARKE (PR) 31st Aug Mr. William CLARKE buried
03 Nov 1664 (a male child) DAMMER (PR) 3rd Nov 1664 A man child of Beniamin [Benjamin] DAMMER buried
08 Nov 1664 Eleanor BISHOP (PR) 8th Nov 1664 Ellinor the wife of William BISHOP buried
20 Dec 1664 Richard SMITH (PR) 20th Dec 1664 Richard the son of Adam SMITH buried
27 Feb 1664/5 John BROOME (PR) 27th Feb 1664/5 John BOORME buried
15 Mar 1664/5 Stephen HOSFORD (PR) 15th Mar 1664/5 Stephen HOSFORD [HORFORD] buried
03 Apr 1665 Alexander BENNET (PR) 3rd Apr 1665 Alexander BENNETT buried
09 Apr 1665 John SEAGER (PR) 9th Apr 1665 John the son of Roger SEAGER buried
10 Apr 1665   TOOATH (PR) 10th Apr 1665 A child of Joseph TREATH? buried
11 Apr 1665 William CHANILL (PR) 11th Apr 1665 William CHANILL buried
15 Apr 1665 Joan BOOEBY (PR) 15th Apr Joan the daughter of William BOOABY buried
07 Jun 1665 Mary PARSONES (PR) 7th Jun 1665 Mary the daughter of Mary PARSONES [PARSONS] buried
08 Jun 1665 Anthony WEEKLY (PR) 8th Jun 1665 Anthony the son of Anthony WOOAKLY [or WEEAKLY] buried
21 Jun 1665 Avice SPERING (PR) 21st Jun 1665 Avice SPERING a widow buried
26 Jun 1665 Joseph DARBY (PR) 26th Jun 1665 Joseph the son of Mr.Joseph DARBY buried
26 Jun 1665 John CLEESES (PR) 26th Jun 1665 John CLEESES the son of John CLEESES buried
29 Jun 1665 John GREEN (PR) 29th Jun 1665 John GRIEN [GREEN] A Almes Man buried
07 Jul 1665 Mary HALL (PR) 7th Jul 1665 Mary the daughter of Mr Thomas HALL buried [Note:- 6th child from the marriage of Mr. Thomas Hall (c1628-1693) to Elizabeth Row (c1630-1681) on 8th Nov 1655; See link for more information about this family]
09 Jul 1665 Thomas PARSONES (PR) 9th Jul 1665 Thomas the son of Thomas PARSONES [PARSONS] buried
14 Nov 1665 Mary WEEAY (PR) 4th Nov 1665 Mary WEEAY buried
24 Dec 1665 Elizabeth BALEY (PR) 24th Dec 1665 Elizabeth BALEY [BAILEY] widow buried
31 Dec 1665 Sarah BASSETT (PR) 31st Dec 1665 Sarai [Sarah] BASSETT buried
28 Jan 1665/6 Hannah SAMSOME (PR) 28th Jan 1665/6 Hanna SAMSOME widow buried
15 Feb 1665/6 Joseph BLAKE (PR) 15th Feb 1665/6 Mr Joseph BLAKE buried. [Note:- See Wills Index Will of Joseph Blake, Gentleman and now Student in the University of Oxford of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 9th June 1666. The only Joseph Blake recorded in the Oxford Alumni is the son of Richard Blake of Andover Hampshire who matriculated at Wadham College 19 July 1662 at the age of 17.]
16 Feb 1665/6 Mary GOULD (PR) 16th Feb 1665/6 Mary the daughter of Mr. James GOULD Esquire buried
30 May 1666 Roger SEAGER (PR) 30th May 1666 Roger SEAGER buried
12 Jun 1666 John WILLES (PR) 12th Jun 1666 Old John WILLES buried
15 Jul 1666 Elizabeth COPPER (PR) 15th Jul 1666 Elizabeth the daughter of Mathew COPPER buried
03 Aug 1666 Elizabeth COPPER (PR) 3rd Aug 1666 Elizabeth COPPER widow buried
14 Sep 1666 Thomas GOULD (PR) 14th Sep 1666 Thomas son of George GOULD buried
21 Sep 1666 Katharine HOURDEN (PR) 21st Sep 1666 Katherin HOURDEN buried
02 Oct 1666 Jane BRAY (PR) 2nd Oct 1666 Jane the daughter of Samuel BRAY buried
05 Oct 1666 Hannah BRAY (PR) 5th Oct 1666 Hanna the wife of Samuel BRAY buried
24 Oct 1666 Adam HAYNE (PR) 24th Oct 1666 Adam HAYNE buried
02 Nov 1666 Frances WILLIAMS (PR) 2nd Nov 1666 Frances the daughter of Joseph WILLIAMS buried
08 Nov 1666 Dorothy HARBEN (PR) 8th Nov 1666 Darathy HARBEN widow buried
16 Nov 1666 Elizabeth SEAGER (PR) 16th Nov 1666 Elizabeth the daughter of Mathew SEAGER buried
30 Nov 1666 John SALTER (PR) 30th Nov 1666 John SALTER buried
05 Dec 1666 Jacob BLACKMORE (PR) 5th Dec 1666 Jacob BLACKMORE buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Jacob Blackmore, Gentleman of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 12 Jan 1667]
28 Dec 1666 Mary COBB (PR) 28th Dec 1666 Mary the wife of Mr John COBB buried
02 Jan 1666/7 Robert HALL (PR) 2nd Jan 1666/7 Robert the son of Mr. Thomas HALL buried [Note:- 7th child from the marriage of Mr. Thomas Hall (c1628-1693) to Elizabeth Row (c1630-1681) on 8th Nov 1655; See link for more information about this family]
13 Jan 1666/7 Mary BUCKLER (PR) 13th Jan 1666/7 Mary the daughter of William BUCKLER buried
04 Mar 1666/7 Nicholas GOODEL (PR) 4th Mar 1666/7 Nicholas the son of Charles GOODEL buried
29 Mar 1667 James WHITE (PR) 29th Mar 1667 James the son of Robert WHITE buried
02 Apr 1667 William BOOEBY (PR) 2nd Apr 1667 William BOOBY buried
26 Apr 1667 Mattathics COPPINGER (PR) 26th Apr 1667 Mattathias [Mathias] the son of Mr Matthew COPPINGER buried
09 May 1667 (a child) CLIN (PR) 9th May 1667 A child of Edward CLIN [CHIN?] was stil born and buried
29 May 1667 Henry SAMWAYS (PR) 29th May 1667 Mr Henary SAMEYS [SAMWAYS] buried
30 Jul 1667 John COBBE (PR) 30th Jun 1667 Mr John COBB buried
12 Aug 1667 John FORWARD (PR) 12th Aug 1667 Mr John FFORWARD buried
19 Aug 1667 John HAMEN (PR) 19th Aug 1667 John the son of Mr George HAMEN buried
10 Sep 1667 (a child) WILLIAMS (PR) 10th Sep 1667 A child of Joseph WILLIAMES buried
18 Sep 1667 Peter MERCHANT (PR) 18th Sep 1667 Peter MERCHANT buried
19 Sep 1667 Mabel DODESWELL (PR) 19th Sep 1667 Mebell [Mabel] the daughter of Mr George DODESWELL buried
28 Sep 1667 William BURTE (PR) 28th Sep 1667 William BURT buried
01 Oct 1667 Jane HAGGARD (PR) 1st Oct 1667 Jane HAGGARD widow buried
02 Oct 1667 Richard DAVIDGE (PR) 2nd Oct 1667 Mr Richard DAVIDGE buried
02 Oct 1667 Henry MABER (PR) 2nd Oct 1667 Mr Henary MABER a Magistrate buried
04 Oct 1667 Samuel BENNETT (PR) 4th Oct 1667 Mr Samuel DENNETT [BENNETT] buried
15 Oct 1667 Jasper COULSON [COLSON] (PR) 15th Oct 1667 Mr Josper [Jasper] COLSON buried [Note:- Jasper COLSON Apothecary of Dorchester - Link to more information about this family]
06 Jan 1667/8 (a male child) WEST (PR) 6th Jan 1667/8 A man child of Lammas WEST buried [Note:- Lammas WEST married Mary DOUCH at St Peters Church on 5th July 1666 this was their 1st child]
08 Feb 1667/8 Mary PARSONS (PR) 8th Feb 1667/8 Mary the daughter of Thomas PASONES [PARSONS] buried
09 Feb 1667/8 Matthew HAGGARD (PR) 9th Feb 1667/8 Mathew the son of Christopher HAGGARD buried
17 Feb 1667/8 Sarah WEAKLY (PR) 17th Feb 1667/8 Sarah the daughter of Anthony WEAKLY buried
07 Mar 1667/8 Benjamin DODESWELL (PR) 7th Mar 1667/8 Neniamin [Benjamin] the son of George DODISWELL buried
28 Mar 1668 John TAYLOR (PR) 28th Mar 1668 John TAYLER buried
03 Apr 1668 John COKENEY (PR) 3rd Apr 1668 John the son of John COKENEY buried
05 Apr 1668 Dorothy BLANDIMORE (PR) 5th Apr 1668 Dorothy the daughter of Silvanes BLANDIMORE buried
24 Apr 1668 Mary DARBY (PR) 24th Apr 1668 Mary the wife of Mr Joseph DARBY buried [Note:- See Possible Letter of Administration for the estate of Mary DERBY of Dorchester granted to her daughter Elizabeth wife of Robert Wakely of Holditch 11th Feb 1677?]
30 Apr 1668 Mary CHURCHILL (PR) 30th Apr 1668 Mary the daughter of Mr Richard CHURCHILL buried
08 May 1668 Margaret HAYEN (PR) 8th May 1668 Margaret the daughter of the widow HAYER [Note:- the word 'Adam' is above the word 'widow' so assume to mean 'of the widow of Adam HAYER']
10 May 1668 William COPPER (PR) 10th May 1668 William COPPER buried
10 May 1668 Elizabeth MOGG (PR) 10th May 1668 Elizabeth MOGG buried
11 May 1668 Lydia BAKER (PR) 11th May 1668 Lydia the wife of Thomas BAKER buried
16 May 1668 Anne HALL (PR) 16th May 1668 Anne the daughter of Mr Thomas HALL buried [Note:- Likely to be the 5th child from the marriage of Mr. Thomas Hall (c1628-1693) to Elizabeth Row (c1630-1681) on 8th Nov 1655; See link for more information about this family. there is another possible burial for 20 Aug 1676]
20 May 1668 John NORTH (PR) 20th May 1668 John the son of Robert HORTT? buried [Note definately not North?]
31 May 1668 Giles FOY (PR) 31st May 1668 Gilles [Giles] the son of Samuel FFOY buried
04 Jun 1668 Joan COWARD (PR) 4th Jun 1668 Joan CONWARD [COWARD] buried
16 Jun 1668 Grace THORNE (PR) 16th Jun 1668 Greas [Grace] the wife of William THORNE buried [Note:- See Wills burial of her husband William THORNE at St Peters 19th July 1669]
19 Jul 1668 Jane COMMEY (PR) 19th Jul 1668 Jane the daughter of James CROMOMEY buried
18 Aug 1668 Frances CHURCHILL (PR) 18th Aug 1668 FFrances the daughter of Mr Richard CHURCHILL buried
19 Aug 1668 Margaret BRAY (PR) 19th Aug 1668 Margaret BRAY widow buried
25 Aug 1668 Martha CLIN (PR) 25th Aug 1668 Martha the wife of Edward CLIN [CHIN?] buried
11 Sep 1668 Jane BOND (PR) 11th Sep 1668 Mrs Jane BOND widow buried in the parish of All Saints [See Wills index Letter of Administration granted to her principal creditor Ann Forward 1st Feb 1669]
15 Nov 1668 John TAYLOR (PR) 15th Nov 1668 John TAYLOR buried
16 Nov 1668 John HOGES (PR) 16th Nov John HOGES buried
23 Nov 1668 Elizabeth SMITH (PR) 23rd Nov 1668 Elizabeth the daughter of Richard SMITH buried
25 Nov 1668 Nicholas CRIMBEL (PR) 25th Nov 1668 Nicholas the son of William CRIMBEL buried
25 Nov 1668 Grace BUCKLER (PR) 25th Nov 1668 Grace BUCK buried
12 Jan 1668/9 Hannah BOWER (PR) 12th Jan 1668/9 Hanna BOWER buried
21 Jan 1668/9 Joan BEDFORD (PR) 21st Jan 1668/9 Joan the wife of Mr Thomas BEDFORD buried
13 Feb 1668/9 John ORCHARD (PR) 13th Feb 1668/9 John the son of John ORCHARD buried
16 Feb 1668/9 Ann WHITTEL (PR) 16th Feb 1668/9 Mrs Anne WHITTELL buried
01 Mar 1668/9 (a child) DAMMER (PR) 1st Mar 1668/9 A child of Mr Ioniainum [Jonathan?] DAMMETT stil born buried
09 Mar 1668/9 Thomas CHURCHILL (PR) 9th Mar 1668/9 Thomas the son of Mr Richard CHURCHILL buried
28 Mar 1669 Barbara CRESDE (PR) 28th Mar 1669 Barbara CRESDE buried
27 Apr 1669 John RUSSELL (PR) 27th Apr 1669 John RUSSELL A old man buried
27 Apr 1669 Peter SAMWAYS (PR) 27th Apr 1669 Peter the son of Mr Jasper SAMWAYES buried
11 May 1669 John PARSONS (PR) 11th May 1669 John the son of Thomas PARSONS buried
25 Jun 1669 Anne LONG (PR) 25th Jun 1669 Anne LONG widow buried [Note:- See Wills index for Letter of Administration granted to her sister Margaret TERRY]
27 Jun 1669 Samuel GAILON (PR) 27th Jun 1669 Samuell GAILAOR buried
12 July 1669 Cecily JENKINS (PR) 12th Jul 1669 Cisly GINKNES [i.e. Cecily JENKINS] widow An Almes Woman buried [Note:- See Wills index for Letter of Administration granted for Sicily JENKINS estate to Edawrd JONES of St Peters Dorchester a woollen draper and John West (may be principal creditors rather than kin?]
19 July 1669 William THORNE (PR) 19th Jul 1669 William THORNE buried [Note:- last wife Grace THORNE buried St Peters 16th June 1668: See Wills index for his will dated 26th january 1668/9 but is not annotated to say when it was proved but presumably later that year]
21 July 1669 William WEST (PR) 21st Ju1 1669 William the son of Lammas WEST buried [Note:- 2nd child from the marriage of Lammas West to Mary Douch at St Peters Dorchester on 5th June 1666. William was baptised 17th July 1669]
22 July 1669 Henry WINTER (PR) 22nd Jul 1669 Henery WINTER An Almes Man buried
02 Aug 1669 Richard SAVAGGE [SAVAGE] (PR) 2nd Aug 1669 Mr Richard SAVAGGE [SAVAGE] magistrate buried [Note:- Burial of a Richard Savage is mentioned by Rose Troup in ber book about John White the Patriarch of Dorchester page 450 as being buried on 2nd Aug 1669 in St Peters Dorchester].
14 Sep 1669 Robert BURTE (PR) 14th Sep 1669 Robert BURT buried
22 Oct 1669 John BEDFORD (PR) 22nd Oct 1669 John BEDFORD buried
02 Nov 1669 Joan SMITH (PR) 2nd Nov 1669 Jone SMITH widow buried
16 Nov 1669 Eleanor BROM (PR) 16th Nov 1669 Elinor BROM [BROOM?} buried
24 Nov 1669 Thomas TAYLOR (PR) 24th Nov 1669 Mr. Thomas TAYLER the Cuarett [Curate?] buried
03 Dec 1669 Josias PANCHARD (PR) 3rd Dec 1669 Josias PANCHARD buried
23 Dec 1669 Sarah WEY (PR) 23rd Dec 1669 Mrs Sarah WEY Widow buried [See Wills index for Letter of Administration for her estate dated 11 Apr 1670]
03 Jan 1669/70 Mattatha EYRESIS (PR) 3rd Jan 1669/70 Mattatha the daughter of Mr. Simon EYREIS [EYRES?] buried
04 Jan 1669/70 Sarah COLSON (PR) 4th Jan 1669/70 Mrs Sarah COLSON buried [Note:- Link to more information about this family ]
04 Feb 1669/70 Mary HAYNE (PR) 4th Feb 1669/70 Mary HAYNE the daughter of the widow HAYNE buried
18 Feb 1669/70 Mary HULL (PR) 18th Feb 1669/70 Mary the daughter of Mr Humphrey buried HULL [HALL?]
19 Apr 1670 Joseph BOOYETT (PR) 19th Apr 1670 Mr Joseph BOOYETT [BOYET] buried
04 May 1670 Cecily DRUER (PR) 4th May 1670 Cisley DRUER widow buried
15 May 1670 Anne GREENE (PR) 15th May 1670 Anne GREENE widow buried
24 May 1670 Mary WEST (PR) 24th may 1670 Mary the daughter of Lammas WEST buried [Note:- 3rd child from the marriage of Lammas West to Mary Douch at St Peters Dorchester on 5th June 1666. Mary was baptised 30th April 1670]
10 Jun 1670 Elizabeth HORT (PR) 10th Jun 1670 Elizabeth the daughter of Robert HORT buried
13 Jun 1670 Abigail HEREN (PR) 13th Jun 1670 Abigail the wife of Mr Anten HOREN & her child buried [Note:- clearly died in childbirth]
13 Jun 1670 (a child) HEREN (PR) 13th Jun 1670 (See entry above)
29 Aug 1670 Elizabeth CREESDE (PR) 29th Aug 1670 Elizabeth the wife of Samuel CRESSDE buried
04 Sep 1670 Samuel BRAY (PR) 4th Sep 1670 Samuell the son of Samuell BRAY buried
07 Sep 1670 Jane BRIGES (PR) 7th Sep 1670 Jane the daughter of Sarah BRIGES [BRIDGES] buried
24 Sep 1670 Elizabeth GILL (PR) 24th Sep 1670 Elizabeth GILL buried
30 Oct 1670 Sarah CHANEY (PR) 30th Oct 1670 Sarah the wife of Mr. Richard CHANEY buried
27 Dec 1670 Elizabeth WINTER (PR) 27th Dec 1670 Elizabeth the daughter of Gregory WINTER buried
29 Jan 1670/1 Ruth HUCHNES (PR) 29th Jan 1670/1 Ruth the wife of Henry HUTCHNES (The first that was buried by me Samuel REYNER)
10 Feb 1670/1 Walter TWIST (PR) 10th Feb 1670/1 Walter the son of Mr William TWIST buried
21 Feb 1670/1 Margaret BUCKLER (PR) 21st Feb 1670/1 Margaret BUCKLER widow buried
10 Mar 1670/1 Edith CHURCHILL (PR) 10th Mar 1670/1 Edith the wife of Mr. Richard CHURCHILL buried [Note:- Edith Blachford who married Richard Churchill 14th Sep 1630. He was buried at St Peters 17th April 1672 leaving a will which names their 4 surviving children]
02 Apr 1671 Elizabeth WINTER (PR) 2nd Apr 1671 Elizabeth the daughter of Gregory WINTER buried
20 May 1671 Sarah PAULLE (PR) 20th May 1671 Sarah the daughter of Richard PAULLE
06 Jun 1671 William WEAKLY (PR) 6th Jun 1671 Mr. William WEAKLEY buried
07 Jun 1671 Elizabeth GALLOP [GOLLOP] (PR) 7th Jun 1671 Elizabeth the daughter of Mr George GALLOP [GOLLOP] buried
30 Jul 1671 Katharine HORRIES (PR) 30th jul 1671 Katherine HORRNIES widow buried
05 Aug 1671 Martha HARDEN [ARDEN?] (PR) 5th Aug 1671 Martha the daughter of Mr Daniel HARDEN [ARDEN] buried
23 Aug 1671 Richard COUEDE (PR) 23rd Aug 1671 Richard CONEDE an Almes Man buried
26 Aug 1671 John FFOUYLL (PR) 26th Aug 1671 Mr. John FFONYLL buried
08 Oct 1671 Esther BOND (PR) 8th Oct 1671 Ester the wife of Mr. Samuell BOND buried
14 Oct 1671 Thomas HUNTONFORD (PR) 14th Oct 1671 Mr. Thomas HUNTONFORD a stranger buried
16 Nov 1671 Danial [Daniel] HARDEN [ARDEN] (PR) 16th Nov 1671 Daniell HARDEN [ARDEN] buried [Note:- This is likely to be the burial of Daniel ARDEN of Dorchester as administration of his estate was granted to his relict Mary on 8th November 1671. See Wills index.]
22 Nov 1671 Rachael TURNER (PR) 22nd Nov 1671 Rachel the wife of Roger TURNER buried
10 Dec 1671 Ruth BUSHROOD (PR) 10th Dec 1671 Ruth the wife of John BUSROOD [BUSHROD] buried
19 Dec 1671 Robert EYREIS (PR) 19th Dec 1671 Robert the son of Mr. Simon EYREIS [EYRES] buried
25 Dec 1671 Sarah HUETT (PR) 25th dec 1671 Sarah the wife of Beniamin [Benjamin] HUETT buried
09 Feb 1671/2 John RAPSEY (PR) 9th Feb 1671/2 John RAPSY buried [Note:- John RAPSY who married Anne SIMMONS at St Peters Dorchester on 4th Aug 1659]
05 Mar 1671/2 William SAUNDERS (PR) 5th Mar 1671/2 William the son of Jane SAUNDERS A bas [i.e. base] born child buried
15 Mar 1671/2 Robert CARDRO (PR) 15th Mar 1671/2 Mr Robert CARDRO
20 Mar 1671/2 Hannah WILLIAMS (PR) 20th Mar 1671/2 Hannah the wife of Mr. Henery WILLIAMS buried
08 Apr 1672 Elizabeth MEDDER (PR) 8th Apr 1672 Elizabeth MEDDER widow buried
12 Apr 1672 Mary MOODDI (PR) 12th Apr 1672 Mary the wife of Alton MOODDI buried
17 Apr 1672 Richard CHURCHILL (PR) 17th Apr 1672 Mr . Richard CHURCHILL buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Richard Churchill, Woollen Draper of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 7th May 1672 widower of Elinor Churchill nee Blachford buried 10th Mar 1670/1]
30 Apr 1672 John WILLIAMS (PR) 30th Apr 1672 John the son of Joseph WILLIAMS buried
24 May 1672 John HARDY (PR) 24th May 1672 John the son of the widow HARDEN buried
27 May 1672 Henry CURTIES (PR) 27th May 1672 Henary the son of Thomas CURTIS buried
27 Jun 1672 Margaret BUCKLER (PR) 27th Jun 1672 Margaret the daughter of William BUCKLER buried
22 Oct 1672 Gregory WINTER (PR) 22nd Oct 1672 Mr Gregory WINTER buried [Note:- See Wills index for Letter of Administration granted to Thomas WINTER of Weymouth & MR his father dated 2nd Dec 1672]
23 Oct 1672 William GILLINGHAM (PR) 23rd Oct 1672 William GILLINGHAM buried [Note:- See Wills index 'Will of William Gillingham, Shoemaker of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 13 Nov 1672]
03 Nov 1672 Mary GREENY (PR) 3rd Nov 1672 Mary the wife of John GREEY [GREEN] buried
21 Nov 1672 Simon EYRIES (PR) 21st Nov 1672 Mr Simon EYRIS [EYRES] & her? son Simon EYRIS buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Simon Eyre of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 19 Aug 1673 See also comments about him under Dorchester Trade Tokens]
04 Dec 1672 Anne PURCHASE (PR) 4th Dec 1672 Anne the wife of Aquilla PURCHASE buried [See the marriage of Aquilas PURCHASE at St Peters Church Dorchester 25th June 1657 to Anne Russell for more information about this family]
06 Dec 1672 Elizabeth WEST (PR) 6th Dec 1672 Mrs Elizabeth the wife of Mr John WEST buried
06 Dec 1672 Edward HARRONTON (PR) 6th Dec 1672 Edward HARENTON [TARRINGTON?] An Almes Man buried
20 Dec 1672 Joseph MECHEL (PR) 20th dec 1672 Mr Joseph MECHEL [MITCHELL] buried [Note:- See Wills index for Letter of Adminiostration dated 9th Jan 1672/3 granted to Joane his widow]
24 Dec 1672 John DAMMER (PR) 24th Dec 1672 John the son of Mr George DAMMER buried
02 Jan 1672/3 Tomasine NOTELEY (PR) 2nd Jan 1672/3 Thomasine NOTTELY buried
09 Jan 1672/3 John GRIMBEL (PR) 9th Jan 1672/3 John son of William CRIMBEL buried
24 Jan 1672/3 Edith CHURCHILL (PR) 24th Jan 1672/3 Edith the daughter of Mr Richard CHURCHILL buried
31 Jan 1672/3 James PALPHREY (PR) 31st Jan 1672/3 James PALFREY buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of James Palfry, Grocer of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 4th Feb 1673]
14 Feb 1672/3 Mary GILLINGHAM (PR) 14th Feb 1672/3 Mary GILLINGAM Widow buried
18 Mar 1672/3 John PRIED (PR) 18th Mar 1672/3 John the son of Mr Joseph PRIED buried
04 May 1673 Mary CRIMBEL (PR) 4th May 1673 Mary the wife of William CRIMBEL buried
04 May 1673 John RAPSY

(PR) 4th May 1673 John the son of the widow RAPSY buried [Note Baptised 20th Oct 1667 only son of John RAPSY and Anne SIMMONS who married at St peters on 4th Aug 1659]

31 May 1673 Samuel BOND (PR) 31st May 1673 Mr Samuell BOND buried
04 Jun 1673 Robert EYRIS (PR) 4th Jun 1673 Robert the son of Mrs EYREIS {EYRES} widow buried
10 Jul 1673 Lucas GENYONES (PR) 10th Jul 1673 Lucas GENYENES [JENNINGS?] buried
15 Jul 1673 Mary GRIMBEL (PR) 15th July 1673 Mary the daughter of William CRIMBEL buried
19 Jul 1673 Jane CRESSDE (PR) 19th Jul 1673 Jane the wife of Samuell CRESSDE buried
14 Aug 1673 Susanna HAGGARDE (PR) 14th Aug 1673 Susanna the daughter of Christopher HAGGARDE buried
26 Aug 1673 William DUCH (PR) 26th Aug 1673 William DUCH [DOUCH] buried
02 Sep 1673 John GRIMBEL (PR) 2nd Sep 1673 John the son of William CRIMBLE buried
10 Sep 1673 Sarah COULSON (PR) 10th Sep 1673 Mrs Sarah COLSON widow buried [Note:- Link to more information about this family - this is the widow of Jasper COLSON buried at HT on 2nd July 1656]
17 Sep 1673 Mary CHANEL (PR) 17th Sep 1673 Mary CHANEL widow buried
18 Sep 1673 Richard PAULL (PR) 18th Sep 1673 Richard the son of Richard PALL [PAUL] buried
25 Sep 1673 Susanne SAMWAYS (PR) 25th Sep 1673 Mrs Susanna SAMEYS {SAMWAYS] widow buried
26 Oct 1673 Richard HOLTT (PR) 26th Oct 1673 Richard the son of the widow HOLTT buried
26 Nov 1673 Anthony WEAKLEY (PR) 26th Nov 1673 Anthony WEAKLEY buried
16 Dec 1673 Mary TWIST (PR) 16th Dec 1673 Mary the wife of Mr William TWEST [TWIST] buried
19 Jan 1673/4 Katharine BLANDIMORE (PR) 19th Jan 1673/4 Katharine the daughter of Silvanas [Silvanes] BLANDIMORE buried
09 Feb 1673/4 Charity ROBERTS (PR) 9th Feb 1673/4 Cheritey [Charity] ROBERTS buried
20 Feb 1673/4 William POULDEN (PR) 20th Feb 1673/4 Mr William POULDEAN [POLDEN] buried [Note:- See Wills index for the Will of William POLDEN Gentleman of Dorchester dated 24th Sep 167? proved 17th Feb 1673]
28 Mar 1674 Elizabeth BRAY (PR) 28th Mar 1674 Elizabeth daughter of Samuell BRAY buried
31 Mar 1674 Mary WILLS (PR) 31st Mar 1674 Mary the daughter of Peter WILLIES [WILLS] buried
17 Apr 1674 (a female child) COOKE (PR) 17 Apr 1674 A daughter of Mr Jacob COOKE buried
01 May 1674 Elias BLANDIMORE (PR) 1st May 1674 Elias BLANDIMORE buried
13 May 1674 Hannah PARSONS (PR) 13th May 1674 Hannah the daughter of Thomas PARSONS buried
27 Jun 1674 Henry CLARKE (PR) 27th Jun 1674 Henary CLARKE buried
22 Jul 1674 John RIDOUTT (PR) 22nd Ju;l 1674 John RIDOETT [RIDEOUT] an Almes man buried
27 Jul 1674 Samuel CRESDE (PR) 27th Jul 1674 Samuell the son of Samuell CRESDE buried
03 Aug 1674 Barbara SAMWAYS (PR) 3rd Aug 1674 Barbara SAMAIS {SAMWAYS] buried
05 Sep 1674 Richard CHURCHILL (PR) 5th Sep 1674 Richard the son of Mr Richard CHURCHILL buried
22 Oct 1674 Robert FORSTER (PR) 22nd Oct 1674 Robert FFORSTER a Stranger buried
20 Nov 1674 Margaret MARRIOT (PR) 20th Nov 1674 Margaret MEROTT [MARRIOT] Mr RAYNERS grandchild buried
10 Dec 1674 Mary BUTT (PR) 10th Dec 1674 Mary BURTT widow buried
23 Dec 1674 Martha SIMMONDS (PR) 23rd Dec 1674 Mrs Martha the wife of Mr Thomas SIMMONS [Note + another word which might be Weymouth]
27 Dec 1674 Mary PARSONES (PR) 27th Dec 1674 Mary PARSONES [PARSONS] widow buried
12 Feb 1674/5 Samuel TURNER (PR) 12th Feb 1674/5 Samuell the son of Samuell TURNER buried
14 Mar 1674/5 John REID (PR) 14th Mar 1674/5 John REID A Almes Man buried
22 Mar 1674/5 Mary STOODLY (PR) 22nd Mar 1674/5 Mary the daughter of Mr Christopher STOODLY buried [Note:- 1st of 8 known children of Christopher Stoodley -she was baptised at St Peters on 8th Nov 1674]
13 Apr 1675 William SALAWAY (PR) 13th Apr 1675 William SALAWAY [SOLWEY] buried [Note:- See Wills Index for his Nuncupative Will dated 10th April 1675 Proved 15th april 1675 refers to his wife Jane etc]
15 Apr 1675 Margaret HAYEN (PR) 15th Apr 1675 Margaret HAYEN widow A Almes Woman buried
18 Apr 1675 John COAKENY (PR) 18th Apr 1675 John the son of John COAKENY buried
04 May 1675 Samuel SWAFFIELD (PR) 4th May 1675 Samuell the son of Robert SWAFFIELD buried
06 May 1675 Jane PARSONS (PR) 6th May 1675 Jane the wife of John PASSONES [PARSONS] buried
25 May 1675 Elizabeth WEST (PR) 25th May 1675 Elizabeth the daughter of Lammas WEST buried [Note:- Lammas WEST married Mary DOUCH at St peters on 5th July 1666 - Elizabeth was their 5th child and baptised 6th Jan 1673/4 ]
07 Jul 1675 Elizabeth HOSFORD (PR) 7th Jul 1675 Elizabeth HOSFORD Widow buried
22 Jul 1675 Elizabeth GANTELET (PR) 22nd Jul 1675 Elizabeth the daughter of Mares GANTELET buried
04 Aug 1675 William CLARKE (PR) 4th Aug 1675 William the son of Peter CLARKE buried
05 Aug 1675 Margaret POUNCEY (PR) 5th Aug 1675 Margaret the wife of Thomas POWNCY [POUNCEY] buried
31 Aug 1675 Ann TAYLOR (PR) 31st Aug 1675 Anne the daughter of John TAYLOR buried
01 Sep 1675 Thomas COPPER (PR) 1st Sep 1675 Thomas the son of Mr Thomas COPPER buried
02 Sep 1675 John HAMMON (PR) 2nd Sep 1675 John HAMNEM [HAMMON] buried
09 Sep 1675 Francis GAILLER (PR) 9th Sep 1675 Ffrancis the son of Ffrances GAILLER buried
22 Sep 1675 Isabel POOLL (PR) 22nd Sep 1675 Isabel the wife of Mr Thomas POOLL [PAUL?]
02 Oct 1675 Alice GOULD (PR) 2nd Dec 1675 Alice the wife of George GOULD buried
04 Oct 1675 John GOULD (PR) 4th Dec 1675 John the son of James GOULD Esquire buried
10 Oct 1675 John SHERMAN (PR) 10th Dec 1675 John SHERMAN Ales Marten? buried [Note previous references like this have generally been for Almes Man ie a burial of an occupant of one of the Almshouses in Dorchester its not clear however in this case that this is what the scribe ment]
12 Oct 1675 Barbara TARRINGTON [TORRINGTON] (PR) 12th Oct 1675 Barbara the wife of John TARRINGTON buried [Note:- John TORRINTON Married Barbara COLLINES at St Georges Church in Fordington in 1634 Link to marriage for more information]
26 Oct 1675 Mary TURNER (PR) 26th Oct 1675 Mary the wife of John TURNER buried
29 Dec 1675 Mary CHURCHILL (PR) 29th Dec 1675 Mary the daughter of William CHURCHILL Draper buried
12 Jan 1675/6 Roger TURNER (PR) 12th Jan 1675/6 Roger TURNER An Almes man buried
14 Jan 1675/6 Elizabeth CLARKE (PR) 14th Jan 1675/6 Elizabeth the wife of Peter CLARKE buried
18 Jan 1675/6 Stansby GALLOP [GOLLOP] (PR) 18th Jan 1675/6 Stansby the son of Mr. John GOLLOP buried
04 Feb 1675/6 Sarah HOBBS (PR) 4th Feb 1675/6 Sarah HOBBS buried
15 Feb 1675/6 James GOULD (PR) 15th Feb 1675/6 Old James GOULD Esquire buried [Note:- The son of James GOULD (1593-1676) of Dorchester & Margery nee SAVAGE of Bloxworth, a close friend of the Rev John WHITE and Mayor of Dorchester in 1636 and his will was proved on 10 May 1676]
24 Feb 1675/6 Jasper COULSON (PR) 24th Feb 1675/6 Jasper COLSON The Younger buried
06 Mar 1675/6 Mary GRAY (PR) 6th Mar 1675/6 Mary the daughter of John GRAY buried
19 Mar 1675/6 Elizabeth STOODLY (PR) 19th Mar 1675/6 Elizabeth the daughter of Mr. Christopher STOODLY buried [Note:- 2nd of 8 known children of Christopher Stoodley she was baptised at St Peters 15th March 1675/6]
23 Mar 1675/6 Mary HARRES (PR) 23rd Mar 1675/6 Mary the wife of Samphson [Sampson] HARRES [HARRIS] buried
24 Mar 1675/6 Esther TAYLOR (PR) 24th Mar 1675/6 Esther TAYLOR widow buried
02 Apr 1676 Jacob STOKLAN (PR) 2nd Apr 1676 Jacob the son of Richard STOKLAND buried
03 Apr 1676 Ann COPPER (PR) 3rd Apr 1676 Anne the wife of Thomas COPPER buried
03 Apr 1676 Mary GALLOP [GOLLOP] (PR) 3rd Apr 1676 Mary the daughter of Mr John GOLLOP buried
17 Apr 1676 George BLANDIMORE (PR) 17th Apr 1676 George the son of Silvanes BLANDIMORE buried
07 May 1676 Thomas GAPIN (PR) 7th May 1676 Thomas GAPEN [or GAPON] buried
15 May 1676 Mary LISTER (PR) 15th May 1676 Mary the daughter of William LISTER buried
27 Jun 1676 Thomas SPIRER (PR) 27th Jun 1676 Thomas SPIRER buried
28 Jul 1676 William CHANONIGON (PR) 28th Jul 1676 William the son of William CHANONIG [CHANNING] buried
02 Aug 1676 Alice ALAN (PR) 2nd Aug 1676 Alice the wife of Mr Thomas ALEN [ALLEN] buried
20 Aug 1676 Anne HALL (PR) 20th Aug 1676 Anne the daughter of Mr Thomas HALL buried [See comments against 16th May 1668]
26 Aug 1676 Abraham GRAY (PR) 26th Aug 1676 Abraham the son of Roger GRAY buried
06 Sep 1676 Mary RAYER [REYNER] (PR) 6th Sep 1676 Mary the daughter of Mr Samuell REYNER (1623-1704) Minister
29 Sep 1676 Elizabeth PALL (PR) 29th Sep 1676 Elizabeth the wife of Richard PALL [PAUL] buried
17 Oct 1676 William SALAWAY (PR) 17th Oct 1676 William the son of the Widow SALAWAY buried
30 Oct 1676 Mary BRAY (PR) 30th Oct 1676 Mary BRAY buried
30 Nov 1676 John SWAFFIELD (PR) 30th Nov 1676 John the son of Robert SWAFFEILD buried
02 Dec 1676 John CASSELD (PR) 2nd Dec 1676 John CASSELD A Alms man buried
05 Jan 1676/7 Timothy CRANE (PR) 5th Jan 1676/7 Timothy CRANE A Almes man above 100 years of age
06 Jan 1676/7 Sarah CHURTES (PR) 6th Jan 1676/7 Sarah the daughter of Thomas CHURTES [CURTIS] buried
12 Jan 1676/7 Anne WHITE (PR) 12th Jan 1676/7 Anne the daughter of John WHITE buried
04 Feb 1676/7 John GRAY (PR) 4th Feb 1676/7 John GRAY buried
19 Feb 1676/7 Elizabeth COOCKNE (PR) 19th Feb 1676/7 Elizabeth teh daughter of John COOCKNE buried
25 Feb 1676/7 Margaret HOBBS (PR) 25th Feb 1676/7 Margaret HOBBS widow An Almes
20 Mar 1676/7 John TARRINGTON [TORRINGTON] (PR) 20th Mar 1676/7 Old John TARRINGTON buried [Note:- Link to his marriage for more information]
04 Apr 1677 Margery CLARKE (PR) 4th Apr 1677 Margery the wife of George CLARKE buried
14 May 1677 Thomas BRAY (PR) 14th May 1677 Thomas the son of Samuel BRAY buried
22 May 1677 Jane TAYLOR (PR) 22nd May 1677 Jane the wife of John TAYLOR buried
31 May 1677 Joseph ACHE (PR) 31st May 1677 Joseph ACHE [ASH?] buried
15 Jun 1677 Alice GOULD (PR) 15th Jun 1677 Alice the wife of John GOULD buried
16 Jun 1677 Dorothy GAUNTLETT (PR) 16th Jun 1677 Darthy [Dorothy] the daughter of Morras [Morrice] GANTELET buried
01 Jul 1677 Ezekiel WILLES (PR) 1st Jul 1677 Ezekiel the son of Peter WILLES buried
01 Jul 1677 Joan GOULD (PR) 1st Jul 1677 Jane the daughter of John GOULD buried
17 Jul 1677 Elizabeth MORY (PR) 17th Jul 1677 Elizabeth MORY [MOREY] buried [Note- See Wills index for Letter of Administration dated 19th July 1677]
19 Aug 1677 Jane TAYLOR (PR) 19th Aug 1677 Jane the daughter of John TAYLER buried
31 Aug 1677 Joan GOULD (PR) 31st Aug 1677 Joane the daughter of John GOULD buried
26 Sep 1677 John CRESDE (PR) 26th Sep 1677 John the son of Samuel CRESDE buried
28 Sep 1677 Joseph TEET (PR) 28th Sep 1677 John TEET buried
12 Oct 1677 Mary GALLOP [GOLLOP] (PR) 12th Oct 1677 Mary the wife of Mr Maximeilien [Maximilian] GOLLOP buried [Note:- See Link to comments about this family Mary GOLLOP (nee POULSDEN] was the wife of Maximiliam GOLLOP whom she married at St Peters Dorchester 20th Feb 1665/6]
15 Oct 1677 Sarah NEW (PR) 15th Oct 1677 Sarah the daughter of Thomas NEW buried
18 Oct 1677 William CHURCHILL (PR) 18th Oct 1677 William the son of Mr William CHURCHILL buried
29 Oct 1677 Sampson HARES (PR) 29th Oct 1677 Samphson HARES Almes man buried
12 Nov 1677 John ROBENSON (PR) 12th Nov 1677 John ROBENSON [ROBINSON] a stranger buried
14 Nov 1677 William CHURCHILL (PR) 14th Nov 1677 Mr William CHURCHILL buried [Note:- See Wills Index for Inventory taken of his goods and chattles dated 8th Jan 1677/8]
24 Nov 1677 Anne ACKINS (PR) 24th Nov 1677 Anne the daughter of Richard ACKINS [ATKINS] buried [Note:- See L/Admin granted on 24th Sep 1683 for the estate of Richard ATKINS Apothecary who died intestate ]
20 Dec 1677 William TWIST (PR) 20th Dec 1677 Mr William TWIST a magistrate buried
21 Dec 1677 Anne WEAKELY (PR) 21st Dec 1677 Anne WEAKELE [WEAKLY] buried
26 Dec 1677 Mary PANSHARD (PR) 26th Dec 1677 Mary the daughter of William PAUSHARD buried [Note:- See the marriage of William PANCHARD to Mary LEVETT at St Peters Dorchester on 17 Jan 1676/7 for more info on this family]
01 Feb 1677/8 Frances GOULD (PR) 1st Feb 1677/8 Ffrances the wife of Mr Beniamin [Benjamin] GOULD a magistrate buried
10 Feb 1677/8 Mary HAMMER (PR) 10th Feb 1677/8 Mary HAMMEN buried
17 Feb 1677/8 William COOL (PR) 17th Feb 1677/8 William the son of Richard COOL
17 Feb 1677/8 Elizabeth CHEPE (PR) 17th Feb 1677/8 Elizabeth the daughter of Richard CHEPE buried
24 Feb 1677/8 Mary BLANDIMORE (PR) 24th Feb 1677/8 Mary the daughter of Silvanus BLANDIMORE buried
17 Mar 1677/8 Grace POWNCEY (PR) 17th Mar 1677/8 Grace POUNCY buried
25 Mar 1678 Ann SHERMAN (PR) 25th Mar 1678 Anne the wife of George SHERMAN buried
27 Mar 1678 Anne BROWEN (PR) 27th Mar 1678 Anne BROWEN widow buried
03 Apr 1678 Mary ACKINS (PR) 3rd Apr 1678 Mary the daughter of Mr Thomas ACKINS buried
10 Apr 1678 Elizabeth LONG (PR) 10th Apr 1678 Ms Elizabeth LONG buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Elizabeth Long, Spinster of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 12 Jan 1680]
08 May 1678 Henry GAUNTLETT (PR) 8th May 1678 Henery the sonne of Maurice GAUNTLETT buried
01 Jul 1678 Elizabeth GALLOPE [GOLLOP] (PR) 1st Jul 1678 Elizabeth the daughter of Mr John GOLLOPE [GOLLOP] buried [Note:- 2nd child from the marriage of Mr John GOLLOP (1644-1731) to Mary STANSBY at Holy Trinity Dorchester on 28th May 1674]
07 Jul 1678 William SAVAGGE (PR) 7th Jul 1678 William SAVAGGE Almes man buried
20 Oct 1678 Thomas PALL (PR) 20th Oct 1678 Thomas the son of Thomas PALL [PAUL] buried [Note:- Baptised 18th July 1678]
04 Nov 1678 Thomas POOLL (PR) 4th Nov 1678 Mr Thomas POOL buried [Note:- See Wills Index ' Will of Thomas Poole, Clothier of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 8th May 1679]
11 Feb 1678/9 Frances GAILLER (PR) 11th Feb 1678/9 Ffrancis the son of Ffrancis GAILTON buried
24 Apr 1679 Richard CHEPE (PR) 24th Apr 1679 Richard CHOPE [CHEPE] buried
03 May 1679 Margaret LONG (PR) 3rd May 1679 Mrs Margaret LONG buried
06 May 1679 Rececca NOTEN (PR) 6th May 1679 Rebeckah NOTEN Widow buried
10 Jun 1679 Richard CHEPE (PR) 10th Jun 1679 Richard the son of Richard CHOPE [CHEPE] buried
25 Jun 1679 Joan TEETH (PR) 25th Jun 1679 Joane TEETT Widow buried
02 Jul 1679 Mary PANSHARD (PR) 2nd July 1679 Mary the daughter of William PANSHARD buried [Note:- See the marriage of William PANCHARD to Mary LEVETT at St Peters Dorchester on 17 Jan 1676/7 for more info on this family]
19 Jul 1679 James COOKE (PR) 19th July 1679 James the son of Mr Jacob COOKE buried
20 Jul 1679 Mary GAUNTLETT (PR) 20th July 1679 Mary the daughter of Morras [Maurice] GAUNTLETT buried
21 Jul 1679 Christian WILLIAMES (PR) 21st July 1679 Christian the daughter of Joseph WILLIS buried
22 Jul 1679 Elizabeth BACKWAY (PR) 22nd July 1679 Elizabeth the wife of Mr Henry BACKWAY buried -- daughter to Samuell REYNER (1623-1704) Rector of St Peters
02 Sep 1679 Mary HOSKINS (PR) 2nd Sep 1679 Mary the wife of Nicholas HOSKINS buried
07 Sep 1679 Elizabeth ARNEL (PR) 7th Sep 1679 Elizabeth the daughter of Tho. [Thomas] WIDEL buried
10 Sep 1679 Mary PARKER (PR) 10th Sep 1679 Mary the daughter of Walter PAKER [PARKER] buried
24 Nov 1679 Bridget DAMER (PR) 24th Nov 1679 Brodget [Bridget] DAMER buried
17 Dec 1679 William RAPSIE (PR) 17th Dec 1679 William RAPSIE A bes[base?] Boren [born] child
27 Feb 1679/80 William HAYES (PR) 27th Feb 1679/80 William the son of Luce [Lucy] HOGES [HODGES] buried
10 Apr 1680 Denzil HOLLES (PR) 10th Apr 1680 Denzell Lord HOLLES buried [Note:- wrongly transcribed in the NBI as Denzil HOLMES] - Denzil HOLLES (1599-1679) See his magnificent momument in St Peters church at the beginning of this register and reference to his marriage to the daughter of Sir Francis ASHLEY JP (1569 - 1635) via this link. Denzil died on 17th Feb 1679 aged of 82]
25 Jul 1680 Christian CHEEKE (PR) 25th July 1680 Christian the wife of Riley? CHEEK buried
26 Jul 1680 Den ROBERT (PR) 26th July 1680 Dens [Dennis?] ROBERT A Almes man buried
06 Aug 1680 John MARSH (PR) 06th Aug 1680 John MARSH buried
26 Aug 1680 Edward JOANES (PR) 26th Aug 1680 Mr. Edward JOANES magistrate buried
28 Aug 1680 John PADOCK (PR) 18th Aug 1680 John the son of Zechariah PADOCK buried [Note 1st child from the marriage of Zachariah PADOCH to Elizabeth GOULD at St Peters Dorchester on 27th Aug 1672 - John was baptised on 12th July 1674 at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester]
29 Aug 1680 William PARSONES (PR) 29th Aug 1680 William PASSONES [PARSONS] buried
13 Sep 1680 Thomas POWNCEY (PR) 13th Sep 1680 Thomas POUNCY buried
17 Sep 1680 Richard BASTROW (PR) 17th Sep 1680 Richard BASTOW A child buried
22 Sep 1680 George DAMER (PR) 22nd Sep 1680 George the son of George DAMER buried
05 Oct 1680 Samuel COUSEN (PR) 5th Oct 1680 Mr. Samuel CONSON buried
10 Oct 1680 John GRAY (PR) 10th Oct 1680 John the son of Roger GRAY buried
26 Oct 1680 Margery CLARKE (PR) 26th Oct 1680 Margery CLARKE widow buried
27 Oct 1680 Frances ACKINS (PR) 27th Oct 1680 Ffrances the wife of Mr. Thomas ACKINS buried
20 Nov 1680 Richard SHANK (PR) 20th Nov 1680 Mr. Richard SHANKE Almes Man buried
04 Feb 1680/1 Salvanus BLANDIMORE (PR) 4th Feb 1680/1 Silvanus BLANDIMORE buried
10 Feb 1680/1 Sarah STOODLY (PR) 10th Feb 1680/1 Sarah the daughter of Mr. Chirster [Christopher] STOODLY buried [Note:- 4th of 8 known children of Christopher Stoodley she was baptised at St peters on 23rd Nov 1679]
16 Feb 1680/1 Elizabeth WHITE (PR) 16th Feb 1680/1 Elizabeth the daughter of George WHITE buried
17 Feb 1680/1 Richard SAMWAYS (PR) 17th Feb 1680/1 Richard the son of Mr. Richard SAMYES [SAMWAYES] buried
25 Feb 1680/1 Tomasine WEAKLY (PR) 25th Feb 1680/1 Thomasine WEAKLEY Widow buried
08 Mar 1680/1 Thomas PALL (PR) 8th Mar 1680/1 Thomas the son of Thomas PALL [PAUL] buried [Note:- Baptised 6th Mar 1680/1]
17 Apr 1681 John WHITE (PR) 17th Apr 1681 John the son of John WHITE buried
09 May 1681 Judith RICHARDS (PR) 9th May 1681 Mes Juith [Judith] Stoodly RICHARDES buried
11 May 1681 Honour STEPHENS (PR) 11th May 1681 Mes Honour STEPHENS buried
15 May 1681 James GRAY (PR) 15th May 1681 James the son of John GRAY buried
25 May 1681 Jaen GOULD (PR) 25th May 1681 Jaen the daughter of James GOULD Esquire buried
27 May 1681 Ffrancis GEY (PR) 27th May 1681 Ffrancis the son of Ffrancis GEY buried [Note:- Family also referred to as GYE by RG Bartelot see marriage at All Saints 1693 of Judeth GEY]
29 May 1681 Thomas KEW (PR) 29th May 1681 Thomas KEW [NEW?] Almes Man buried
19 Jun 1681 George GOULD (PR) 19th Jun 1681 George GOULD buried
08 Jul 1681 Mary CHEPE (PR) 8th July 1681 Mary the daughter of the Widow CHEPE buried
22 Jul 1681 Mary SHERMAN (PR) 22nd July 1681 Mary the wife of John SHERMAN buried
17 Aug 1681 Elizabeth GOULD (PR) 17th Aug 1681 Elizabeth the daughter of James GOULD Esquire buried
30 Aug 1681 John GOULD (PR) 30th Aug 1681 John GOULD of Burton Mell buried
17 Sep 1681 Denaos RUSSELL (PR) 17 Sep 1681 Denaes RUSSELL Widow buried
11 Oct 1681 Giles FOY (PR) 11th Oct 1681 Giles FFOY [FOY] buried
22 Nov 1681 Hannah CHURCHILL (PR) 22nd Nov 1681 Hannah the widow of Henry CHURCHILL buried
26 Nov 1681 Robert BLANDON (PR) 26th Nov 1681 Robert BLONDON buried
06 Jan 1681/2 Elizabeth PALL (PR) 6th Jan 1681/2 Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas PALL [PAUL] buried
07 Jan 1681/2 Joseph CARDRO (PR) 7th Jan 1681/2 Joseph the son of Mr Joseph CADERO buried
29 Mar 1682 Benjamin GOULD (PR) 29th Mar 1682 Mr Beniamin [Benjamin] GOULD A Magistrate buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Benjamin Gould, Gentleman of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 20 Oct 1682]

Parish Burial register entry for 28th May 1682
Mary GOLLOP the wife of Mr. John GOLLOP buried

This memorial plaque can be found on the wall of
St Peters Church in Dorchester.

© Picture Michael Russell FIPD 2012

Translation from: "A popular and illustrated guide to St Peters Church, Dorchester:-

"Unto God Immortal, the Best, the Greatest. Maria GOLLOP, wife of Mr. John GOLLOP, daughter of Mr. Philip STANSBY (one) of the merchants of this (town of) Dorchester, 29 years old, married eight, of Strode, in Netherbury, the pleasant seat of the GOLLOPS. Died suddenly May 25th 1682. Buried on the same day of the month (as she) was married. Three (of her) sons (are) here buried together (with her), the same number being happily left among the living. (She) joyfully laid down the slough of mortality, piously awaiting a more joyful Resurrection.
here bewailed, lyeth, als! under the shadow of fate (she) who) until buried never made sad her (friends). She was of gentle piety, and of enlarged mind, a loving wife and charming by her innocent demeanour. The day was sacred to (her) Marriage which (was) sacred to (her) Burial. She lived worthy of her husband, she died worthy of God"

Note:- given in the guide:- It is interesting to note that John GOLLOP lived in eight reigns: Charles I; the Commonwealth; Charles II, James II; William and Mary; Anne; George I; and George II.
This information is confirmed by the 1677 Visitation of Dorset updated by the Harlean Society & published in 1977. On page 31 it gives her husbands pedigree where it confirms that John GOLLOP (1644-1731) was the 4th son of Thomas GALLOP of Strode (1617-1692) by his wife Elizabeth the daughter and heir of Thomas THORNE of Caundle Marsh. It also confirms that Mary was John's first wife and the parish registers of Holy Trinity church records their marriage as "Mr. John GOLLOP of St Peter's & Mes Mary STANSBIE [STANSBY] were married 28-May 1674".

Mary GOLLOP was the 4th child of Philip STANSBIE (1611/1617 - 1686) and she produced 4 children before her death in 1682. These were all baptised at St Peters church :- (1) John Gollop bap 4th Mar 1676/7 (2) Elizabeth Gollop bap 17 Jun 1678 and buried 1st July 1678 (3) Thomas Gollop bap 5th Aug 1679 and (4) Rebecca Gollop bap 4th Nov 1680. The three surviving children are all listed at the Visitation of 1677.

John GOLLOP married 2ndly to Frances the widow of Henry BACKWAY on 1st June 1697 at Charminster - Frances was buried at St Peters on 25th March 1712.

John GOLLOP was buried at St Peters Church Dorchester on 1st September 1731 and there is a plaque adjoining this one to him see his burial record for the text. His Will was not approved until 25th May 1732 and can be found at the National Archives under ref PROB 11/65. A copy dated 1712? may be at the Dorset History center under ref DHC D/ASH:A/F3.

28 May 1682 Mary GOLLOPE [GOLLOP] (PR) 28th May 1682 Mary the wife of Mr John GOLLOPE buried [Mary was the daughter of Philip STANSBY and she had married at St Peters Church Dorchester to Mr John GOLLOP (1644-1731) on 28th May 1674. See link for more information. The Visitation of Dorset for 1677 gives her age at death as being 29].
12 Jun 1682 Elizabeth ALEN [ALLEN] (PR) 12th Jun 1682 Elizabeth ALEN [ALLEN or ALLIN] widow buried [Note:- See comments under the account of the life of Rev John White (1575-1648) relating to his sister Elizabeth White. If this is her burial she would have been approximately 100 years old]
30 Jun 1682 Henry GREY (PR) 30th Jun 1682 Henry the son of William GRAY buried
10 Oct 1682 Richard GALLER (PR) 10th Oct 1682 Richard GALLER buried
05 Nov 1682 William GOULD (PR) 5th Nov 1682 William son of John GOULD buried
08 Dec 1682 Joan MECHEL (PR) 8th Dec 1682 Joan MECHEL Widow buried
27 Dec 1682 Mary YEATS (PR) 27th Dec 1682 Mary the daughter of Mr John YEATS buried
07 Jan 1682/3 Elizabeth CARDRO (PR) 7th Jan 1682/3 Elizabeth the wife of Joseph CARDRO buried
29 Jan 1682/3 George BACKWAY (PR) 29th Jan 1682/3 George the son of Henary BACKWAY buried
04 May 1683 William PANSHARD (PR) 4th May 1683 William the son of William PANSHARD buried [Note:- See the marriage of William PANCHARD to Mary LEVETT at St Peters Dorchester on 17 Jan 1676/7 for more info on this family]
14 May 1683 Philip NICHCOLAS (PR) 14th May 1683 Philip NICHOLAS buried
16 May 1683 Elizabeth BURT (PR) 16th May 1683 Elizabeth BURT widow buried
29 May 1683 Elizabeth MEMRE (PR) 29th May 1683 Elizabeth MEMBRE Widow buried
12 Jun 1683 Mary PARSONES (PR) 12th Jun 1683 Mary the wife of John PASONES [PARSONS] Esq buried
20 Jul 1683 Frederick COLSON (PR) 20th July 1683 Ffrederick COLSON buried [Note:- Link to more information about this family]
08 Aug 1683 Anne GOULD (PR) 8th Aug 1683 Anne the daughter of James GOULD buried
12 Aug 1683 Elizabeth HALL

(PR) 12th Aug 1683 Elizabeth the wife of Thomas HALL buried [Note:- Elizabeth ROW married Thomas HALL in St Peters church in Dorchester on 8th Nov 1655]

Note also that Thomas Hall was buried at St Peters Church Dorchester on 20th Sep 1693 (also check original as reported should be for the year 1692)

21 Aug 1683 Richard ACKINS [ATKINS] (PR) 21st Aug 1683 Richard ACKINS [ATKINS] Magistrate buried [Note:- Died Intestate see Wills Index for Letter of Administration granted to his son Thomas ATKINS 24 Sep 1683 and more information]
29 Aug 1683 Elizabeth BEDFORD (PR) 29th Aug 1683 Elizabeth BEDFORD Widow buried
14 Sep 1683 Edith SIMMONDS (PR) 14th Sep 1683 Edith SIMMONDS Widow buried
04 Dec 1683 Edward DAMER (PR) 4th Dec 1683 Edward son of George DAMER buried
20 Dec 1683 Margaret PADOCK (PR) 20th Dec 1683 Margaret daughter of Zechariah PADOCK buried [Note:- 3rd child from the marriage of Zachariah PADOCK to Elizabeth GOULD at St peters Dorchester on 27th Aug 1672 - Margaret was baptised at St peters 9th Feb 1678/9]
21 Dec 1683 John HAGGARD (PR) 21st Dec 1683 John the son of John HAGGARD buried
29 Dec 1683 Katharine PRID (PR) 29th Dec 1683 Katherine daughter of Joseph PRID buried
03 Jan 1683/4 Thomas COOCK (PR) 3rd Jan 1863/4 Thomas son of Mr. Jacob COOCK buried
03 Jan 1683/4 William LESTER (PR) 3rd Jan 1683/4 William LESTER buried
21 Jan 1683/4 Alice DASWOOD (PR) 21st Jan 1683/4 Mrs Alice DASWORD [DASHWOOD} buried [Note:- See Wills Index' Will of Alice Dashwood, Spinster of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 1st Feb 1684]
27 Jan 1683/4 William CHEPE (PR) 27th Jan 1683/4 William CHIPE Almes Man buried
01 Feb 1683/4 Lydia CLARKE (PR) 1st Feb 1683/4 Lidia [Lydia] daughter of George CLARKE buried
09 Feb 1683/4 Martha BALL (PR) 9th Feb 1683/4 Mattita [Martha?] wife of Mr Nathaniel BALL buried
17 Feb 1683/4 Margaret HANS (PR) 17th Feb 1683/4 Margaet [Margaret] HARES Widow buried Almes woman
20 Feb 1683/4 William SCHOLER (PR) 20th Feb 1683/4 William SCHOLAR buried
02 Mar 1683/4 Elizabeth STEPHENS (PR) 2nd Mar 1683/4 Elizabeth STEPHENS buried
16 Mar 1683/4 Dion HENDY (PR) 16th Mar 1683/4 Gien HENDY a Liames man? [Almes man?]
27 Mar 1684 Robert WIST (PR) 27th Mar 1684 Robert the son of Lammes WIST [WEST] buried
01 Apr 1684 Sarah CHUBB (PR) 1st Apr 1684 Sarah CHUBB Widow buried
23 Apr 1684 Elizabeth COOLE (PR) 23rd Apr 1684 Elizabeth the wife of Richard COOLL buried
04 May 1684 Elizabeth GRAY (PR) 4th May 1684 Elizabeth the daughter of John GRAY buried
29 May 1684 Thomas BEDFORD (PR) 29th May 1684 Thomas BEDFORD buried
17 Jun 1684 Temperance PRIDE (PR) 17th Jun 1684 Temperance the wife of Jasper PRID [PRIDE] buried
27 Aug 1684 John GOLLOP (PR) 27th Aug 1684 John the son of Mr. Maximeilom [Maximilian] GOLLOP buried
28 Sep 1684 Matthew HAGGARD (PR) 28th Sep 1684 Mathew HAGGARD buried
07 Oct 1684 Mary NICHOLAS (PR) 7th Oct 1684 Mary NICHOLAS buried
10 Nov 1684 Robert RUSSELL (PR) 10 Nov 1684 Robert RUSSES [RUSSELL] Alimes man [i.e. Alms man] buried
04 Jan 1684/5 Henry HUCHENS (PR) 4th Jan 1684/5 Henry HUCHENS [HUTCHENS] Alim man [i.e. Alms man] buried [See Wills Index for Letter of Administration for his estate granted 4th May 1685 to his lawful daughter Hope HUTCHENS]
09 Feb 1684/5 Mary LOCKETT (PR) 9th Feb 1684/5 Mary daughter of John LOCKEETT buried
23 Feb 1684/5 William JACOB (PR) 23rd Feb 1684/5 William JACOB buried
24 Mar 1684/5 Mary NOTTEN (PR) 24th Mar 1684/5 Mary NOTTEN buried
17 Apr 1685 Richard GRAY (PR) 17th Apr 1685 Richard son of Roger GRAY buried
18 Apr 1685 Anamaria COOCK (PR) 18th Apr 1865 Anamria [Anamaria] daughter of Mr. Jacob COOCK buried
12 Jun 1685 Mary BOEN (PR) 12th Jun 1685 Mem? BOEN [BOON] Widow buried
07 Sep 1685 Margaret HAIEN (PR) 7th Sep 1685 Margaet [Margaret] HAIEN [HAINE] buried
23 Sep 1685 Morton HALLOWAY (PR) 23rd Sep 1685 Morten [Martin] HOLLAWAY A Stranger buried
04 Oct 1685 Henry PALL (PR) 4th Oct 1685 Henry son of Thomas PALL [PAUL] buried
11 Oct 1685 Alice ALEN (PR) 11th Oct 1685 Mrs Alice ALEN [ALLEN] Widow buried
16 Jan 1685/6 Mary PACER (PR) 16th Jan 1685/6 Mary PACAR buried
25 Jan 1685/6 Christopher BALL (PR) 25th Jan 1685/6 Christopher BALL buried
9 Feb 1685/6 Hanna BEDFORD (PR) 9th Feb 1685/6 Hannah BEDFORD buried
05 Apr 1686 Zachariah PADOCK (PR) 5th Apr 1686 Zachariah PADOCK buried [Note:- Zachariah PADOCH the father of Zachariah PADOCK who was baptised on 22nd March 1647 at Holy Trinity church Dorchester]
07 Apr 1686 Anne BOND (PR) 7th Apr 1686 Anne BOND Widow buried
09 Apr 1686 John COLLANES (PR) 9th Apr 1686 John COLLANES [COLLINS] buried
09 May 1686 Jane BRIGES (PR) 9th May 1686 Jane daughter of James BRIGES buried
21 May 1686 Elizabeth HAGGARD (PR) 21st May 1686 Elizabeth daughter of Dohera [Dorothy?] HAGGARD buried
21 May 1686 Richard LONG (PR) 21st May 1686 Mr. Richard LONG buried [Note:- See Wills index for his will dated 18th May 1686 Proved 21st June 1686]
05 Jun 1686 George GARRETT (PR) 5th Jun 1686 George son of Peter GERETT [GARRETT] buried
18 Jun 1686 William CHAISSE (PR) 18th Jun 1686 William son of William CHAIETT? buried
27 Jun 1686 John BEALL (PR) 27th Jun 1686 John BEALL buried
02 Jul 1686 Thomas PRID (PR) 2nd July 1686 Thomas son of Mr. Joseph PRID [PRIDE?] buried
11 Jul 1686 Elizabeth SHERMAN (PR) 11th July 1686 Elizabeth Wife of George SHERMAN buried
07 Sep 1686 Mary COPPER (PR) 7th Sep 1686 Mary daughter of Mr. Thomas COPPER buried
11 Oct 1686 Damaris ALEN (PR) 11th Oct 1686 Damares wife of Thomas ALEN [ALLEN] buried
20 Dec 1686 Miriam LOCKETT (PR) 20th Dec 1686 Meriam daughter of John LOCKETT buried
19 Jan 1686/7 Elizabeth PANSHARD (PR) - 19th Jan 1686/7 Elizabeth daughter of William PANCHARD buried [Note:- See the marriage of William PANCHARD to Mary LEVETT at St Peters Dorchester on 17 Jan 1676/7 for more info on this family]
21 Jan 1686/7 James GRAY (PR) - 21st Jan 1686/7 James son of William GRAY buried
10 Feb 1686/7 Constance WEST (PR) - 10th Feb 1686/7 Constance daughter of Lammes WEST buried
04 Apr 1687 John RANDELL (PR - 4th April 1688 Mr. John RANDEALL buried)
02 May 1687 Edward JONES (PR - 2nd May Edward JONES son WILLIAMES? buried)
04 May 1687 Robert BOUN (PR - 4th May 1687 Robert son of Robert BOUN buried)
22 May 1687 Elizabeth MELLIDGE (PR - 22nd May 1687 Elizabeth MELLIDGE Widow buried)
29 Jun 1687 Henry BUSROD (PR - 29th June 1687 Henary BUSROD buried) [Note:- NBI incorrectly has Christian name as Mary] [See Inventory of Goods for Hinery [Henry] BUSHROD of Dorchester who departed this life the 29th of June 1687 in the parish of St Peters]
25 Jul 1687 Nicholas PACAR (PR - 25th July 1687 Michalas son of Micholas [Nicholas] PACAR buried)
02 Aug 1687 Charles STOODLY (PR - 2nd Aug 1687 Charles son of Mr. Chirston [Christopher] STOODLY buried [Note:- 5th of 8 known children of Christopher Stoodley he was baptised at St peters on 2nd May 1683]
12 Aug 1687 James BOND (PR - 12 Aug 1687 Jane the son of Morgan BON buried )
05 Sep 1687 Elizabeth PALL (PR - 5th Sep 1687 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas PALL [PAUL] buried )
23 Oct 1687 Richard GOULD (PR - 23 Oct 1687 Richard son of John GOULD buried)
24 Nov 1687 John PRID (PR - 24 Nov 1687 John son of Mr. Joseph PRID [PRIDE?] buried )
12 Jan 1687/8 William HARBEN (PR - 2nd Jan 1687/8 William HARBEN buried) [Note:- See Wills index for Letter of Administration of his estate by his principal creditor granted 30th Jan 1687]
13 Mar 1687/8 Christian JACOB (PR - 13 Mar 1687/8 Christian JACOB widow buried )
18 Mar 1687/8 John BROKES (PR - 18 Mar 1687/8 John BROKES [BROOKS?] buried )
20 Mar 1687/8 Alice RAYSY (PR - 20 Mar 1687/8 Alice RAYSY Almes woman buried)
04 Apr 1688 Catherin SOMER (PR - 4th Apr 1688 Catherin the wife of Mr. Samuel SOMER buried)
11 Apr 1688 Mary GOULD (PR) - 11th Apr 1688 Mary ye daughter of George GOULD buried
25 Apr 1688 Rainer BASKETT (PR) - 25th Apr 1688 Rainer son of Mr. Thomas BASKETT buried
08 May 1688 John JOANES (PR) - 8th May 1688 John JOANES buried)
11 May 1688 Susanne SAMWAYS (PR) - 11th May 1688 Susanna SAMWAYS et JAMES (or EAMES) Wo [may stand for widow] buried
31 May 1688 Mary DUDE (PR) - 31st May 1688 Mrs. Mary DUDE buried
02 Jul 1688 Elizabeth LOCKETT (PR) 2nd July 1688 Elizabeth daughter of John LOCKETT buried
23 Jul 1688 John ALEN (PR) 23rd July 1688 John ALAN [ALLEN] buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of John Allen, Mercer of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 18 Oct 1688]
16 Aug 1688 Anne FORWARD (PR) 16th Aug 1688 Anne FFORWARD Widow buried
13 Sep 1688 Anne TURNER (PR) 13th Sep 1688 Anne wife of John TURNER buried
02 Oct 1688 Elizabeth LODER (PR) 2nd Oct 1688 Elizabeth LODER Widow buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Elizabeth Loder, Widow of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 1st Feb 1689]
11 Oct 1688 Mary YEATES (PR) 11th Oct 1688 Mary daughter of Mr. John YEATES buried [Note:- Baptised at St Peters 18 Nov 1685]
02 Nov 1688 Anne BUSROD (PR) 2nd Nov 1688 Anne BUSROD [BUSHROD] Widow buried
11 Nov 1688 Joan ACHE (PR) 11th Nov 1688 Joan ACHE Almes woman buried
27 Nov 1688 Henry BACKWAY (PR) 27th Nov 1688 Mr Henry BACKWAY buried
30 Dec 1688 Hannah TURNER (PR) 30th Dec 1688 Hanna daughter of John TURNER buried
13 Jan 1688/9 Joan SMICK (PR) 13th Jan 1688/9 Joan daughter of John SMICH [SMYTH or SMITH] buried
22 Jan 1688/9 Henry GANTELET (PR) 22nd Jan 1688/9 Henry son of Mores GANTELET buried
27 Jan 1688/9 John HOOGES (PR) 27th Jan 1688/9 John son of John HOOGES buried
14 Feb 1688/9 George CLARKE (PR) 14th Feb 1688/9 George CLARKE buried
23 Feb 1688/9 Edward PRID (PR) 23rd Feb 1688/9 Edward son of Mr. Joseph PRID [PRIDE] buried
05 Apr 1689 Elizabeth SMICK (PR) 5th Apr 1689 Elizabeth daughter of William SMICH [SMYTH or SMITH] buried
14 Apr 1689 John COCKNE (PR) 14th Apr 1689 John COCT no COCKNE buried (sic)
16 Apr 1689 Elizabeth COSEN (PR) 16th Apr 1689 Elizabeth COSEN Widow buried
21 Apr 1689 Elizabeth CRIMBEL (PR) 21st Apr 1689 Elizabeth daughter of William CRIBEL buried
01 May 1689 Keneth BLIGHE (PR) 1st May 1689 Mr Kenill BLIGHE A stranger buried
06 May 1689 Mary PURCHASE (PR) 6th May 1689 Mary the wife of Mr. Aquilla PURCHASE buried [Note:- NBI incorrectly have surname as PANSHARD]
10 May 1689 Sarah COSEN (PR) 10thMay 1689 Sarah COSEN buried
16 May 1689 Richard COOL [COLE] (PR) 16th May 1689 Richard COOL buried [Note:- See Wills index for Letter of Adminsitration for the estate of Richard COLE granted to his son Richard 30th April 1690 - son buried 12 Sep 1733]
23 May 1689 Sarah CRAB (PR) 23rd May 1689 Sarah CRAB buried
16 Jul 1689 John PARSONES (PR) 16th July 1689 John son of Elizabeth PASSONES [PARSONS] bastard
28 Jul 1689 Martha PANSHARD (PR) 28th July 1689 Mattha [Martha] daughter of William PANSHARD buried [Note:- See the marriage of William PANCHARD to Mary LEVETT at St Peters Dorchester on 17 Jan 1676/7 for more info on this family]
05 Aug 1689 William STICKLAN (PR) 5th Aug 1869 William son of John STICKLAN [STICKLAND] buried
29 Aug 1689 John BRONSED (PR) 29th Aug 1689 John BRONFED Lames man [i.e. Alms man]
30 Aug 1689 John GOULD (PR) 30th Aug 1689 John the son of Mr. George GOULD buried
13 Nov 1689 Elizabeth SOWY (PR) 13th Nov 1689 Elizabeth HOWY buried
29 Nov 1689 George MARTON (PR) 29th Nov 1689 George MARTON Ales [Alias] SHERMAN Atames mi man? buried
29 Nov 1689 George SHERMAN [Note:- NBI Index entry for above alias]
23 Dec 1689 Elizabeth GOULD (PR) 23rd Dec 1689 Elizabeth daughter of Mr. George GOULD buried
02 Jan 1689/90 Jane CLARKE (PR) 3rd Jan 1689/90 Jane daughter of Richard CLARKE buried
12 Feb 1689/90 Thomas NOTLEY (PR) 12th Feb 1689/90 Mr. Thomas NOTLEY buried
13 Feb 1689/90 Samuel BRAY (PR) 13th Feb 1689/90 Samuel BRAY buried [Note:- See Wills index for Letter of Administration for his estate granted to his wife 1st May 1690]
13 Feb 1689/90 Josias PANSHARD (PR) 13th Feb 1689/90 Josias PANSHARD buried [Note:- See the marriage of William PANCHARD to Mary LEVETT at St Peters Dorchester on 17 Jan 1676/7 for more info on this family]
16 Feb 1689/90 Robert WARENMAN (PR) 16th Feb 1689/90 Robert WARENMAN buried
26 Feb 1689/90 George LENENMAN (PR) 26th Feb 1689/90 Mr. George LENENTON buried
06 Jun 1690 Hannah STOODLY (PR) 6th Jun 1690 Hanna daughter of Chirstopher [Christopher] STOODLY buried [Note:- 6th of 8 known children of Christopher Stoodley she was baptised at St Peters on 17th May 1689]
01 Aug 1690 Elizabeth SMICK (PR) 1st Aug 1690 Elizabeth wife of John SMICH [SMYTH or SMITH] buried
16 Aug 1690 Margaret BUSROD (PR) 16th Aug 1690 Margaret BUSROD [BUSHROD] Widow buried
19 Sep 1690 William DARBY (PR) 12th Sep 1690 William DARBY buried
12 Nov 1690 Dorothy SMITH (PR) 12th Nov 1690 Mrs. Dorothy SMITH Widow buried
05 Dec 1690 Jane TARRINGTON [TORRINGTON] (PR) 5th Dec 1690 Joan the wife of John TARRINGTON buried [Note:- This is the wife of John TORRINGTON of St Peters Dorchester whom she married at Charminster on 22 Aug 1662 - Link to more information about this family]
16 Dec 1690 Sarah BRIDS (PR) 16th Dec 1690 Sarah BRIDS Widow buried
01 Jan 1690/1 Mary COBB (PR) 1st Jan 1690/1 Mary daughter of William COBB buried
12 Feb 1690/1 Dorothy JOANES (PR) 12th Feb 1690/1 Darathy [Dorothy] JOANES buried
13 Feb 1690/1 John BULL (PR) 13th Mar 1690/1 John son of Mr. Nathaniel BULL buried
21 Mar 1690/1 Thomas PRID (PR) 21st Mar 1690/1 Thomas son of Mr. Joseph PRID [PRIDE?] buried
28 Mar 1691 Joshua LOCKETT (PR) 28th Mar 1691 Joshua son of John LOCKETT buried
27 Apr 1691 Elizabeth HARDEN (PR) 27th Apr 1691 Elizabeth HARBEN Widow buried
05 Jun 1691 Thomas GOULD (PR) 5th Jun 1691 Thomas son of Mr. George GOULD buried
27 Jun 1691 Elizabeth COBB (PR) 27th Apr 1691 Elizabeth daughter the widow COOBB buried
03 Jul 1691 John METYARD (PR) 3rd July 1691 John son of Andrew METYARD buried
06 Jul 1691 Samuel SEMES [SYMES] (PR) 6th July 1691 Mr. Samuel SEMES buried [Note:- See wills index for The will of Samuel SYMES Mercer of Dorchester will dated 25th June 1691 proved 5th Dec 1691]
24 Jul 1691 Rebecca CONDON (PR) 24th July 1691 Rebeca daughter of William CONDON buried
28 Aug 1691 Mary GREY (PR) 28th Aug 1691 Mary daughter of John GRAY buried
23 Oct 1691 Joseph PRID [PRIDE] (PR) 23rd Oct 1691 Mr Joseph PRIDD [PRIDE] buried [Note:- See Wills index for a Letter of Administration granted to his widow Mary dated 12th January 1691/2]
12 Jan 1691/2 Mary SEMES (PR) 12th Jan 1691/2 Mrs Mary SEMES buried
04 Feb 1691/2 Rachael CRIMBEL (PR) 4th Feb 1691/2 Rachel the wief [wife] of William CHRIMBEL[CRIMBEL] buried
11 Feb 1691/2 Henry CHURCHILL (PR) 11th Feb 1691/2 Mr Henry CHURCHILL buried [Note:- DEATH: Folio 67 CHURCHILL Henry Gent of Dorchester Administration of his estate granted to Elizabeth CHURCHILL relic on 9th April 1692: Source Notes & Queries of Somerset and Dorset 1888-1899; 1905-1906]
15 Feb 1691/2 Peter TURNER (PR) 15th Feb 1691/2 Peter son of Henry TURNER buried
20 Feb 1691/2 John CHURCHILL (PR) 20th Feb 1691/2 Mr. John CHURCHILL buried
21 Feb 1691/2 Philip CROOK (PR) 21st Feb 1691/2 Philip COOK Alames man [i.e. Alms man] buried
21 Feb 1691/2 Robert CRIMBEL (PR) 21st Feb 1691/2 Robert son of William CRIMBEL buried
21 Feb 1691/2 Mary GRIEN (PR) 21st Feb 1691/2 Mary GRIEN [GREEN?] buried
21 Mar 1691/2 John DASHWOOD (PR) 21st Mar 1691/2 Mr. John DASHWOOD buried [Note:- DEATH: Folio 86 DASHWOOD, John of Dorchester Administration of his estate granted to Grace DASHWOOD relict on 3rd May 1692: Source Notes & Queries of Somerset and Dorset 1888-1899; 1905-1906 ]
06 May 1692 Martha LONG (PR) 6th May 1692 Martha daughter of Mr. John LONG buried
17 May 1692 Elizabeth HASKIONES (PR) 17th May 1692 Elizabeth HOSKIENES [HOSKINS] Widow buried
20 May 1692 John LONG (PR) 20th May 1692 John son of Mr John LONG buried
13 Jun 1692 Robert HEWETT (PR) 13th Jun 1692 Robert HOWETT buried
13 Jun 1692 Harry GANTELET (PR) 13th Jun 1692 Hary son of Moramet? GAUTELA---(end of word illegible) buried
18 Jul 1692 Mary SNOOKE (PR) 18th Jun 1692 Mary the wife of Moses SNOOKE buried
19 Jul 1692 Susanna LOCKETT (PR) 19th jun 1692 Susanna daughter of John LOCKETT buried
03 Oct 1692 Alice STOODLY (PR) 3rd Oct 1692 Alice the wife of Cristopher (illegible) [Wife of Christopher Stoodley (b.1677) son of Christopher Stoodley (d.1732/3) Link to more information about this family]
23 Oct 1692 Christopher SNOOKE (PR) 23rd Oct 1692 Christopher son of Moses SOOKE [SNOOKE]
28 Oct 1692 George GOULD (PR) 28th Oct 1692 George son of George GOULD buried
06 Dec 1692 Armenll CRIMBEL (PR) 6th Dec 1692 Armenll CRIMBEL Widow buried
07 Jan 1692/3 Christian John KELLY (PR) 7th Jan 1692/3 Captien John KELLEY A stranger buried
17 Jan 1692/3 Richard BURGNES (PR) 17th Jan 1692/3 Richard son of Samuell BERYN [or BERGN] buried
26 Feb 1692/3 Joan TURNER (PR) 26th Feb 1692/3 Joan the wife of Samuel TURNER buried
07 Mar 1692/3 Phyllis LESTER (PR) 7th Mar 1693 Philes LESTER Widow buried
23 Mar 1692/3 Elizabeth STOODLY (PR) 23rd Mar 1693 Elizabeth daughter of Mr. Chirstopher STOODLY buried [Note:- 7th of 8 known children of Christopher Stoodley Link to more information about this family ]
29 Mar 1693 Mary LONG (PR) 29th May 1693 Mary the daughter of Mr John LONG buried
05 Jun 1693 Bruent WILLIAMS (PR) 5th Jun 1693 Mr. Bruent WILLIAMS buried
07 Jun 1693 Joseph BLANDMOR (PR) 7th Jun 1693 Joseph BLANDMOR buried
06 Jul 1693 Sarah DOUCH (PR) 6th July 1693 Sarah DOUCH Sarah son?
19 Aug 1693 William BRADDE (PR) 19 Aug 1693 William BRADDE A stranger buried
31 Aug 1693 Margaret RANES [REYNER] (PR) 31st Aug 1693 Margaet [Margaret] wife of Mr Samuell RAYNER Minister
20 Sep 1693 Thomas HALL (PR) 20th Sep 1693 Mr. Thomas HALL buried [Note:- See comments against his wife Elizabeth Hall buried St Peters 12 Aug 1683. He was elected as a Captial Burgess of Dorchester on the 5th October 1666 and served as its Bailiff 1667/8. He held his position as a Captial Burgess until he resigned it on 29th September 1676. See also Dorchester Trade Tokens].
22 Sep 1693 Matthew PARSONES (PR) 22nd Sep 1693 Matthew PASONES [PARSONS] buried
29 Sep 1693 Abigail BEALL (PR) 29th Sep 1693 Mes. Abigail BEALL Widow buried
23 Nov 1693 Bridget SKENER (PR) 23rd Nov 1693 Bredget [Bridget] SKENER buried
07 Dec 1693 Henry CLARKE (PR) 7th Dec 1693 Henary [Henry] CLARKE A Marmes Man buried
31 Jan 1693/4 Robert RABERTES [ROBERTS] (PR) 31st Jan 1693/4 Robert RABERTES buried [Note:- See Wills index for an Inventory of the goods and Household stuff of Robert ROBERTS late of Dorchester dated 29th Jan 1693/4]
01 Feb 1693/4 Mary YEATS (PR) 1st Feb 1693/4 Mary the wife of Mr John YEATS buried
16 Feb 1693/4 Mary CHEPE (PR) ?? Feb 1693/4 Mary CHEPE Widow buried
18 Feb 1693/4 John COLBAND (PR) ?? Feb 1693/4 John COLBORD buried
18 Feb 1693/4 Mary COLLER (PR) ?? Feb 1693/4 Mary COLLER buried
09 Apr 1694 Elizabeth MELEGER (PR) 9th Apr 1694 Elizabeth MESEYES buried
26 May 1694 John COTTON (PR) 26th May 1694 John COTTON buried [Note:- See Wills Index for his Will dated 21 July 1693 and proved 15 Feb 1694/5]
15 Jun 1694 Mary ACKEN (PR) 15 Jun 1695 Mary the daughter of Mr. Thomas ACKEN- buried
17 Jul 1694 Mary HARDION (PR) 17 July 1694 Mary HARDION buried
09 Sep 1694 Samuel FOY (PR) 9th Sep 1694 Samuell FFOY buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Samuell Foy, Clothier of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 12 Feb 1695]
07 Oct 1694 Henry GANTELET (PR) 7th Oct 1694 Henry the son of Richard? GANTLETT buried
16 Oct 1694 Jane GOLLOPE [GOLLOP] (PR) 16th Oct 1694 Jane the wife of Mr. Maximilian GOLLOP buried
10 Dec 1694 Nathaniel HOLLEN (PR) 10th Dec 1694 Nathaniel the son of Nathaniel HOLLEN buried
06 Jan 1694/5 Elizabeth PANSHARD

(PR) 6th Jan 1694/5 Elizabeth PANSHARD Widow buried

21 Feb 1694/5 Tamsine SUFFEUR (PR) 21st Feb 1694/5 Thomasine SUFFENE Widow buried
03 Mar 1694/5 Sarah TUCKBERRY (PR) 3rd Mar 1694/5 Sarah the daughter of Leonard TUCKBREY buried
05 Mar 1694/5 Anna PINCHARD (PR) 5th Mar 1694/5 Annah PINCHARD A Stranger
07 Mar 1694/5 Mary GALPEN (PR) 7th Mar 1694/5 Mary GALPEN buried
17 Mar 1694/5 John GOULD (PR) 17th Mar 1694/5 John GOULD buried [Note:- See Wills index for Inventory of his goods taken on 28th March 1695 and exhibited into the registry of the Archdeacon of Dorset on 15th April 1695]
22 Mar 1694/5 Joan FROM (PR) 22nd Mar 1694/5 Joan FROM [FROOME?] buried
16 Apr 1695 Mary HAIEN (PR) 16th Apr 1695 Mary HAIEN [HAINE] Widow buried
05 May 1695 Joan WORLD (PR) 5th May 1695 Jaen dafter of [ Joan daughter of ] Robert WORLD buried
10 May 1695 Joan WORLD (PR) 10th May 1695 Jaen [Joan] the wife of Robert WORLD buried
23 May 1695 Nathanial STRICKLAN (PR) 23rd May 1695 Nathanael son of John STIKLAN [STICKLAND] buried
30 Jun 1695 Priscilla MABER (PR) 30th Jun 1695 Prisialla [Priscilla] daughter of John MABER buried
21 Jul 1695 Joseph CRIMBEL (PR) 21st July 1695 Joseph son of William CRIMBEL buried
21 Jul 1695 Joan MASH (PR) 21st July 1695 Jaen daughter of James MASH buried
29 Jul 1695 John COBB (PR) 29th July 1695 Mr. John COBB buried
17 Sep 1695 Elizabeth CHURCHILL (PR) 17th Sep 1695 Elizabeth daughter of Mr Henry CHURCHILL buried
28 Sep 1695 John HARBEN (PR) 28th Sep 1695 Mr. John HARBEN buried
20 Oct 1695 Sarah SEAGER (PR) 20th Oct 1695 Sarah SEAGER Widow buried
06 Nov 1695 Thomas TURNER (PR) 6th Nov 1695 Thomas son of William TURNER buried
08 Nov 1695 Margaret STRICKLAN (PR) 8th Nov 1695 Margaret the wife of Richard STICKLAN [STICKLAND] buried
12 Nov 1695 Thomas ALEN [ALLEN] (PR) 12th Nov 1695 Mr. Thomas ALEN [ALLEN] buried [Note:- Likely to be Thomas Allen a trader in Dorchester who issued his own 'Dorchester Farthings']
23 Dec 1695 John CHURCHILL (PR) 23rd Dec 1695 John the son of Mr. Richard CH----(end of name illegible) buried
18 Feb 1695/6 John TAYLOR (PR) 18th Feb 1695/6 John TAYLOR buried
26 Feb 1695/6 Elizabeth SUTTEL (PR) 26th Feb 1695/6 Elizabeth the wife of Robert SUFFA--(end of name illegible)
20 Mar 1695/6 Ruth READ (PR) 20th Mar 1696 Ruth READE A nam wom? [Might be reference to:- An Alms woman?]
30 Mar 1696 Elizabeth TUCKBERRY (PR) 30th Mar 1696 Elizabeth daughter of Leonard TUCKBEREY buried
04 Apr 1696 Thomas JENSON (PR) 4th Apr 1696 Thomas JENSON [or TENSON] buried
06 Apr 1696 Anne NAPTON (PR) 6th Apr 1696 Anne daughter of George KNAPTON buried
10 Apr 1696 Aquilla PURCHASE (PR) 10th Jan 1696 Aquilla PURCHSE [PURCHASE] buried [See the marriage of Aquilas PURCHASE at St Peters Church Dorchester 25th June 1657 to Anne Russell for more information about this family]
24 Apr 1696 Mary CORTIES (PR) 24th Apr 1696 Mary CORTIES widow buried
25 May 1696 Mary CLARKE (PR) 25th May 1696 Mary daughter of Mary CLARKE Widow buried
07 Jun 1696 Mary BILES (PR) 7th Jun 1696 Mary wife of Mr. Joseph BILES buried
12 Jun 1696 Joshua COLSON (PR) 12th Jun 1696 Mr. Joshua COLSON buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Joshua Colson, Apothecary of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 4th Aug 1696] Link to more information about this family]
10 Jul 1696 Martha LOCKETT (PR) 10th Jul 1696 Martha daughter of John LOCKETT buried
01 Aug 1696 Jacob COOKE (PR) 1st Aug 1696 Mr. Jacob COOKE buried
19 Oct 1696 George NAPTON (PR) 19th Oct 1696 George KNAPTON buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of George Knapton, Apothecary of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 5th Dec 1696]
22 Oct 1696 Lucy BEALL (PR) 22nd Oct 1696 Louce [Lucy] BEALL buried
26 Nov 1696 Charles MODMAN (PR) 26th Nov 1696 Charles of Robert MODMAN buried
22 Dec 1696 Thomas BACKER (PR) 22nd Dec 1696 Thomas BACKER Lansman?
05 Feb 1696/7 Mary CHURCHILL (PR) 5th Feb 1696/7 Mary the wife of Mr Richard CHURCHILL buried
11 Feb 1696/7 James HANKOCK (PR) 11th Feb 1696 James bastard of Darwood HANKOCK buried
24 Feb 1696/7 Sarah STOODLY (PR) 24th Feb 1695/6 Sarah the wife of Mr Christopher STOODLY buried [Note:- Wife of Christopher STOODLEY(d.1732/3) brother of Charles STOODLEY (d. 1690) Mayor of Dorchester in 1682]
22 Mar 1696/7 Elizabeth WILLIAMS (PR) 22nd Mar 1696/7 Elizabeth WILLIAMS of St----(rest of word illegible)
07 Apr 1697 Elizabeth HARDEN [ARDEN?] (PR) 7th Apr 1697 Elizabeth daughter of Mr Daniell HARDEN buried
08 Apr 1697 William HOGES (PR) 8th Apr 1697 William son of John HOGES buried
21 May 1697 Joan WEAY (PR) 21st May 1697 Mes. Joan WEAY buried
25 Oct 1697 Lucy HOGES (PR) 25th Oct 1697 Lues [Lucy] HOGES Wido [Widow] buried
30 Nov 1697 Robert WILLIAMS (PR) 30th Nov 1697 Robert WILLIMES [WILLIAMS] Esquire buried
06 Jan 1697/8? Robert MASON (PR) (date illegible) Robertson of Simon MASON buried
18 May 1698 Mary CRABTREE (PR) 18 May 1698 Mary the wife of John CRABTREE buried
26 Jun 1698 Nathanial SAUFOYER (PR) 26th Jun 1698 Nathaniel SANFOYES buried
27 Jul 1698 Francis CONDON (PR) 27th July 1698 Francis son of William CONDON buried
09 Aug 1698 Mary TURNER (PR) 24th Aug 1698 Mary daughter of Henry TURNER buried
28 Aug 1698 Jane STIKLAN (PR) 28th Aug 1698 Jane wife of John STIKLAN [STICKLAND] buried
09 Sep 1698 Anne STIKLAN (PR) 9th Sep 1698 Anne STICKLAN [STICKLAND] buried
12 Oct 1698 Elizabeth BILES (PR) 12th Oct 1698 Elizabeth the wife of Mr Philip BILES buried
14 Dec 1698 Robert TAYLOR (PR) 14th Dec 1698 Robert TAYLOR buried
6th Jan 1698/9 Alice DUCH (PR) 6th Jan 1698/9 Ales [Alice] DUCH buried
27 Feb 1698/9 Anne CRABTREE (PR) 27th Feb 1698/9 Anne daughter of John CRAPTRIE buried
05 Mar 1698/9 Elizabeth WHIG (PR) 5th Mar 1698/9 Elizabeth daughter of Samuel WHIG buried
07 Mar 1698/9 Mary WHIETT (PR) 7th Mar 1698/9 Mary daughter of George WHIETT [WHITE] buried
30 Mar 1699 Alice PARSONES (PR) 30th Mar 1699 Alice daughter of James PASSONES [PARSONS] buried
02 May 1699 Elizabeth BLAKE (PR) 2nd May 1699 Mes Elizabeth BLAKE Widow buried [See Wills Index 'Will of Elizabeth Blake, Widow of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 11 Sep 1699]
09 May 1699 Joseph LESTER (PR) 9th May 1699 Joseph son of Samuel LESTER buried
25 May 1699 George GOULD (PR) 25th May 1699 George son of the Widow GOULD buried
12 Jun 1699 Elizabeth MELWOD (PR) 12th Jun 1699 Elizabeth daughter of Frances [Francis] MELWOOD buried
18 Jun 1699 Mary SQIEB (PR) 18th Jun 1699 Mary SQIEB [SQUIBB] buried
03 Jul 1699 Anne WILLIAMES (PR) 3rd July 1699 Anne daughter of Mr. William WILLIAMS buried
30 Jul 1699 Eleanor TAILOR (PR) 30th July 1699 Elnor [Eleanor] the wife of William TAYLOR? buried
11 Aug 1699 Mary PAIEN (PR) 11th Aug 1699 Mary daughter of Mr. John PAIEN buried
03 Oct 1699 Joan PADOCK (PR) 3rd Oct 1699 Joan PADOCK Widow buried
22 Nov 1699 Priscilla MABER (PR) 22nd Nov 1699 Prisialla [Priscilla] daughter of John MABER buried
24 Nov 1699 Susanna BEALL (PR) 24th Nov 1699 Susanna daughter of John BEELL [BEAL] buried
26 Nov 1699 William GREY (PR) 26th Nov 1699 William son of William GREY [GRAY] buried
06 Dec 1699 Honor BRADFORD (PR) 6th Dec 1699 Honor BRADFORD widow buried
22 Dec 1699 Sarah HELERD (PR) 22nd Dec 1699 Sarah the of Mattha [Martha] HELARD [HELLARD] buried
08 Feb 1699/1700 Tamsiem WEKELY (PR) 8th Feb 1699/1700 - Tamsiem [Tamasine] WEKELY [WEAKLY] buried
16 Feb 1699/1700 Sarah ACKENS (PR) 16th Feb 1699/1700 - Sarah the wife of Mr Thomas AKENES [ATKINS] buried
19 Feb 1699/1700 John GREY (PR) 19th Feb 1699/1700 - John the son of John GREY [GRAY]
02 Apr 1700 Anne BOND (PR) 2nd Apr 1700 Mrs Anne BONDE [BOND] buried
08 Apr 1700 James PASNES (PR) 8th Apr 1700 James PASNES buried
10 Apr 1700 Joan HUETT (PR) 10th Apr 1700 Jaon [Joan] the wife of Beniamin [Benjamin] HUGETT buried
12 Apr 1700 Sarah ERES (PR) 12th Apr 1700 Mes Sarah ERES Wisow buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Sarah Eyres or Eyre, Widow of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 13 May 1700]
13 Apr 1700 Robert FERE (PR) 13th Apr 1700 Robert FERE buried
28 Apr 1700 Margaret MODFORD (PR) 28th Apr 1700 Margert [Margaret] MODFORD buried
15 Jul 1700 Joan SCAPE (PR) 15th July 1700 Joan the wief [wife] of Moses SNOKE [SNOOK]
12 Oct 1700 Benjamin TEITT (PR) 12th Oct 1700 Benianein [Benjamin] TEITT buried
05 Dec 1700 Sarah GREY (PR) 5th Dec 1700 Sarah daughter of William GRAY buried
08 Dec 1700 Peter CLARKE (PR) 8th Dec 1700 Peter CLARKE A Alaman man [i.e. Alms man]
31 Jan 1700/1 Thomas HEAREN (PR) 31st Jan 1700/1 Mr Thomas HEAREN [HERNE] buried [Note:- See Wills Index 'Will of Thomas Herne, Chirurgeon of Dorchester, Dorset' proved 3rd June 1701. Thomas HERNE married Sarah COLSON baptised 24th Apr 1648 the daughter of Jasper COLSON ]

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