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List of Aldermen & Capital Burgesses

Composed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester
from The Municipal Records of the Borough of Dorchester by CH Mayo MA published 1908

Last updated August 2015

List of Aldermen of Dorchester (Parts of 1733-1835)

The Charter of Charles I [published 6 Oct 1629] provided for the election of Six Aldermen and six other Burgesses who with the Mayor and two Bailiffs should be termed Capital Burgesses. A Complete List of Aldermen cannot now be compiled. A few of them are here given below taken from various municipal records CH Mayo MA 1908.

[To these entries I have added a few more references to Aldermen and Capital Burgesses appointed under the earlier Charter of James I in 1610. They are taken from "William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635" Published by the Dorset Record Society 1991. M Russell OPC for Dorchester - Also some names extracted from Street Directories as indicated against entries]

Election of Aldermen

[16th Aug 1621 died Mr William HORSFORD one of the Aldermen of this towne and in his roome was chosen Mr Barnard TOOPE. Source William Whiteway His Diary Page 39]

[29 Aug 1621 died Mr Richard BAKER, alderman, and in his place was chosen Mr Dionis BOND to make up the number. Source William Whiteway His Diary Page 39]

[20 Dec 1621 died Mr John YEATE, one of the Aldermen of this Towne, very old, in whose roome (i.e. in his place) was chosen Mr. John Hill Ironmonger: Source William Whiteway His Diary Page 42]

[13 Dec 1622 The 13th hereof died Mr Oliver HAINE Alderman in whose place succeeded Mr John BLACHFORD, sworne 3rd January at sessions. Source William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635 Page 49 [Note:- See St Peters Burials for 1622 for more information about the family - also Will of Oliver Hayne, Gentleman of Dorchester, Dorset proved 4 February 1623 and his pedigree in the Visitation of Dorset 1623 Page 54]

Brass memorial Plaque St Peters Church
Picture by Michael Russell FIPD

[26th December 1623 died Mr John SPICER Alderman, having been many years in decay, of his understanding. In his roome (i.e. in his place) was chosen in the next sessions Mr James GOULD, Merchant at the age of 30 - William Whiteway His Diary page 56 ]

[12 Oct 1625 died Mr Henry WHITTELL one of our Aldermen and Michael HUMFRYS Esquire was chosen in his place 1st November. Source William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635 Page 76]

02 Oct 1630 Bernard Toope, v Mr John Gould C9

01 Nov 1636 Denis Bond, v Bernard Toope deceased C9

14 Oct 1650 Richard Savage v Mr William Derby deceased C12

29 Oct 1652 Richard Bury C12

08 Feb 1660/1 James Gould senior v Denis Bond, deceased and to take his place as the eldest Alderman in the town C15

13 Dec 1667 Richard Churchill C15

13 Dec 1667 Robert Napper C15

13 Dec 1667 Arthur Gould C15

13 Dec 1667 Joseph Seward C15

22 Jan 1672/3 William Pitt (sworn) C15

22 Jan 1672/3 Gilbert Whiffen (sworn)C15

11 Sep 1693 John Nelson, v Hugh Baker deceased C7 [Note:- Hugh Baker buried Holy Trinity 5th July 1693]

29 Nov 1697 Max. [i.e. Maximillian] Gollop v Alex Haviland deceased C7 [Note:- Alexander Haviland buried at Holy Trinity Church on 15th Nov 1697. See link for more information about Maximillian Gollop who married Mary Poulsden at St Peters Dorchester 20 Feb 1665/6]

26 Sep 1707 Daniel Arden v Andrew Loder deceased C7 [Note:- Andrew Loder buried All Saints 4th June 1707]

26 Sep 1707 Thomas Delacourt v James Gould deceased C7 [Note:- James Gould buried St peters Dorchester 11th Aug 1707]

15 Oct 1708 Thomas Seward v Thomas Delacourt C7 [Note:- Thomas Delacourt was buried 27 Sept 1708 in All Saints Dorchester and left a Will]

23 Sep 1715 Robert Weare v John Nelson deceased C7 [Note:- John Nelson buried Holy Trinity Dorchester 4th Apr 1715]

05 Oct 1719 Richard Samways v Max [i.e. Maximillian] Gollop deceased C7 [Note:- Maximillian Gollop buried St peters Dorchester 21st July 1719]

03 Dec 1725 Andrew Purchase v Dan. Arden deceased C7

03 Dec 1725 John Cooper v John Oldis deceased C7

06 Feb 1726/7 Zachary Nelson Gent v Richard Samwayes deceased C7

02 Oct 1727 Samuel Stanning Gent v Robert Weare deceased C7

01 Oct 1733. Daniel Arden vice (i.e. as a substitute for) Josiah Cooper, deceased.
01 Oct 1733. Renaldo Knapton v. Thomas Seward, deceased.
01 Oct 1733. Walter Crowe, v. John Gollop, deceased.
23 Jun 1755. Daniel Arden, Richard Cooper, George Cooper, Thomas Cooper, William Bryer, John Channing.
07 Jul 1755. John Pitman v. Daniel Arden, deceased. .
02 Oct 1758. George Arden v. John Channing, deceased. [Note:- John Channing was buried at Maiden Newton on 21st April 1758]
09 Oct 1761. James Chaffey v. Thomas Cooper, deceased. [Note:- Thomas Cooper was buried at HT 16 Aug 1761]
04 Aug 1766. William Templeman v. Richard Cooper, deceased. [Note:- Richard Cooper was buried at HT on 28 May 1765]
05 Oct 1767. William Davis v. William Bryer, deceased.
30 Apr 1777. Robert Lambert v. George Arden, deceased.
30 Apr 1777. Richard Cozens v. George Cooper, deceased. [Note:- George Cooper was buried at Holy Trinity 21st april 1777]
30 Sep 1782. William Gundry v. John Pitman, deceased.
30 Sep 1782. Edward Cozens v. James Chaffey, deceased.

The foregoing are from C. 27, the following from C. 4212 :

22 Jul 1794. Robert Stickland v. William Gundiry, deceased. [Note:- Robert STICKLAND (1744-1804)]
01 Oct 1798. George Churchill and John Templeman, v. William Templeman and William Davis, deceased.
05 Oct 1801. John Templeman, George Churchill, Christopher Arden.
01 Oct 1804. Charles White and Thomas Gould Read, v. Edward Cozens and Robert Stickland, deceased.
02 Oct 1809. Nathaniel Stickland v. Robert Lambert, deceased. [Note:- Nathaniel STICKLAND (1770-1829) son of Robert STICKLAND (1744-1804) and Jane MITCHEL (1744-1822)]
01 Nov 1809. Christopher Cooper, M.D., v. George Churchill, who resigned, 24 Oct., 1809.
01 Oct 1810. William Bower v. John Templeman, deceased.
03 Oct 1814. Robert Pattison and George Stickland v. Christopher Arden and Charles White, deceased. [Note:- Charles White Esq an Alderman was buried at St Peters Church 21st Jun 1813 aged 61 years]
20 Feb 1824. Charles Stickland v. George Stickland, deceased. [Note:- Charles Stickland (1776-1845) who married Maria COSENS at Longburton in Dorset 9th May 1815 and was buried St Peters 12th July 1845]
03 Oct 1825. Christopher Arden v. Robert Pattison who resigned 13 Dec, 1824.
16 Apr 1829. Morgan Yeatman v. William Bower, deceased. [Note:- William Bower Esq an Alderman of the Borough & Banker at Weymouth buried at Holy Trinity church Dorchester 03 Apr 1829 aged 82]
29 Jun 1829. Thomas Bower v. Nathaniel Stickland, deceased.

30 Mar 1835. John Barnet, Esq., v. Thomas Gould Read, deceased. [Note:- Thomas Gould Read a senior Alderman of the borough was buried at Holy Trinity church Dorchester on 30 Jan 1835 aged 76 years]

The following are shown as Aldermen of Dorchester in Street Directories:-

1839 - Christopher Cooper
1839 - Christopher Arden
1839 - Charles Strickland
1865 & 1875 - George Curme Esq.
1865 & 1875 - Thomas Coombs Esq.
1865 & 1875 - John Galpin Esq. [Note:- also described in the 1871 Census as JP and Alderman of Dorchester]
1865 - John Ensor Esq.
1875 - H Lock
1889 & 1895 - Alfred Pope
1889 & 1895 - George John Gregory [Note in kellys directory - retired 1895]
1889 & 1895 - William Durden
1889 & 1895 - Edward Robert Pearce-Edcumbe Esq LLD
1915 - Stephen Davis [Note:- retire Nov 1915]
1915 - Joseph Whittle Fudge [Note retire Nov 1915]
1915 - George Davis [Note retire Nov 1918]
1915 - Elias William Kerr [Note:- retire Nov 1918]
1915 - James Paine [Note retire Nov 1918]

Capital Burgesses (1560)

Form page 360 of Municipal Records of the Borough of Dorchester

Charter of the Burgesses, made to John Corbyn.

Walter Thomas, Nicholas Lymster, Robert Adyn, John Davye, Owin Hayman, John Palmer, Morgan Hayne, John Beriet, John Scot, Paul Robardes, Hugh Gryndham, Luke Adyn, Wlliam Adyn, Peter Turtell, John James, John Symondes, Robert Hunte, William Hayman, Richard Corbyn, and John Chubbe, Burgesses of the Borough of Dorchester, with unanimous assent and consent, and for 40 sh. sell by indenture to John Corbyn, sen., of Dorchester, yoman, and his heirs, their messuage in the parish of Holy Trinity, Dorchester, on the south side of High West Street, between the burgage of the heirs of Robert Holman on the east and that of the Feoffees of the parish church of Netherburie on the west, to hold of the chief lords of the fee. Warranty. William Stone and John Howell to deliver seisin. 20th May, 2 Elizabeth [1560]. (Cf. 667-9.)

Capital Burgesses (Parts of 1610-1829)

[Note:- The list of Capital Burgesses is also incomplete.]
Election of Capital Burgesses

1610 John Yeate Clothier of Dorchester and capital Burgess 1610. (Source William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635 Page 184 - Note:- died 20 Dec 1621 replaced by John Hill see below)

1621, Aug. 19. Bernard Toope v. William Horsford, deceased. C4.
1621, Aug. 19. Diones (Dennis) Bond, v. Richard Barker, deceased. C4.
1621, Dec. 27. John Hill v. John Yate, deceased. C4.
1622-3, Jan. 3. John Blatchford, v. Oliver Haine, deceased. C4.
1623-4, Jan. 12. James Gould v. John Spicer, deceased.C4.

1623/4, Jan 26. [Note:- See William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635 Page 57 "1624: The 26th January were chosen Burgesses for Dorchester. Mr William Whiteway Senior and Mr Richard Bushrod"]

1624 Oct 14. Henry Whittle one of the Capital Burgesses of this towne was buried (Source Parish register Holy Trinity)

1624-5, 21 Jan. Mr Nicholas VAWTER was remooved from his place of Capital Burgess in regard of his absence, and William WHITEWAY the younger chosen in his place. (Source William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635 Page 68)

1626, Apr 3. This day Michael HUMFREIES died in London. Being one of the Capital Burgesses of Dorchester, and at present one of our Burgesses for the Parliament. In his steed was chosen for Capital Burgesses of Dorchester Mr William DERBY upon the 10th April and Burgess for the parliament William WHITEWAY Junior upon the 19th dicto.( Source William Whiteway of Dorchester His Diary 1618-1635 Page 81)

1630, Oct. 2. William Perkins, v. Mr. John Gould. C. 9. [Note William PARKINS was the brother-in-law of William WHITEWAY the diarist]
1631, Apl. 12. John Long, v. Wm. Perkins, deceased. C. 9. [Note:- William Whiteway his diary page 114 for 7 Feb 1630/31 "This day Mr William PERKINS my brother died and Mr John LONG succeeded him in place of a Capital Burgess:]
1632-3, Jan. Richard Bury, v. John Long, deceased. C. 9.
1635, Sept. 18. Henry Maber, v. William. Whiteway, jun., deceased. C.9.
1635, Dec. 26. John Allombrig, v. Bernard Toope, deceased. C. 9.
1636, May 4. Edward Dashwood, v. Sir Francs. Ashley, deceased. C.9.
1639, Aug 28. "In regard to Mr. John Blatchford of the said borough hath been absent from this borough and lived in France about iij (i.e. 3) yeares wherby he could be no service in the place wherto he was chosen. It is ordered that a new choice be made of an other Capitall Burgesse in his placeon Wednesday the iiijth (i.e. 4th) of September next". [Ref C9]
1639, Sept. 4. John Bushrode, v. John Blatchford, who has resided in France for three years past. C.9.
1640-1, Jan. 22. John Seward, v. Williamm. Whiteway, deceased. C. 9.
1640-1, Jan. 22. John Whiteway, v. John Parkins, deceased. C. 9.
1642-3, Feb. 8. Agreed to choose a C.B., v. Mr. Edmund Dashwood, deceased. C. 12.
1651, Oct. 3. Mr. John Brag, v. Mr. Wm. Derbie. C. 12.
1652, Aug. 16. Mr. Thomas. Symonds, grocer, v. Richard Blachford, deceased. C. 12.
1652, Aug. 16. Mr. Wm. Patie, clothier, v. Mr. John Brag. C. 12.
1654, Aug. 18. Wm. Patie resigns. C. 12.
1654, Aug. 23. Philip Stansby, v. Mr. James Gould, removed. C. 12.
1654, Aug. 23. Mr. John Daniel, v. Mr. William. Paty, "his brother," resigned. C. 12.
1654, Aug. 24. Philip Stansby, v. James. Gould, removed. C. 9.
1654, Aug. 24. John Daniel, v. William. Paty, his brother, who resigned last week. C. 9.
1655/6 Feb. 15. George Cole resigns. C. 12.
1657, Apr. 13. George Cole re-elected. C. 15.
1657/8, Jan. 18. Frederick. Losse, v. Gilbert Loder. C. 15.
1657/8, Jan. 18. Laurence Righton, v. John Hill. C. 15.
1658/9, Jan. 7. Frederick. Losse, re-elected, it being thought that he had not been duly elected on the last occasion. C. 15.
1660/1, Feb. 8. James Gould, senior. C. 15.
1660/1, Feb. 8. Wm. Twisse, v. Wm. Jolliffe, deceased. C. 15.
1660/1, Feb. 8. Joseph Seward, v. Geo. Cole, deceased. (Refused to be sworn, but was sworn eventually I Oct., 1662.)
1662, Apr. 14. William. Pitt, v. Gilbert Loder, deceased. Sworn 1st Oct., 1662. C. 15.
1662, Apr. 14. Joseph Whittle, v. Richard Bury, deceased. Sworn I Oct., 1662. C. 15.
1662,Oct. 1. Richard Churchill, sworn. C. 15.
1662,Oct. 1. Robert Napper, sworn. C. 15.
1662,Oct. 1. Arthur Gould, sworn. C. 15.
1662,Oct. 1. William Wade, sworn. C. 15.
1662,Oct. 1. Alex. Haviland, sworn. C. 15.
1663, July 15. Gilbert Whiffin. Refused the oath ; fined 15. Sworn 30 Sept., 1664. C. 15.
1663, July 15. Thomas Seward. C. 15.
1664, Sept. 1. Hugh Baker. C. 15.
1666, Oct. 5. Thomas Hall. C. 15.
1668, May 8. Benjamin Gould. C. 15.
1668, Sept. 4. Samuel Bond, Esq., sworn. C, 15.
1668, Sept. 4. Andrew Loder, gent., sworn. C. 15.
1668, Oct. 5. Jasper Samwayes, sworn. Formerly elected. C. 15.
1669, Oct. 1. John Craddocke. C. 15.
1673, Sept. 26. John Symonds. Refused the oath ; fined 50. C. 15.
1673, Oct. 3. John Daniel. C. 15.
1674, July 20. William Twisse. C. 15.
1674, July 20. John Symonds. Refused the oath ; fined ;100. C. 15.
1674, July 20. Edward Jones. C. 15.
1675-6, Feb. 27. James Gould, Esq., son and heir of James Gould, Esq., deed., vice patris. C. 15.
1676, Sept. 29. Richard Atkins, v. Thos. Hall, resigned. C.15.
1693-4, Jan. 19. John Yeate, v. John Symonds, deceased. C. 7.
1693-4, Jan. 19. George Gould, v. Hugh Baker. C. 7.
1693-4, Mch. 5. Andrew Purchas. C. 7.
1694, Oct. 8. Robert Weare, v. Richard Churchill, removed. C. 7
1694, Oct. 22. Henry Wiffen, v. Hugh Baker, deceased. C. 7.
1694, Oct. 22. John Hodder, v. Thos. Blandford, removed. C.7.
1696, Dec. 23. Richard Samwayes, v. George Lester. C. 7.
1697, Nov. 29. Thos. Sheppard, v. Alex. Haviland, deceased. C.7.
1698, Dec. 12. John Haviland, v. Alex. Haviland, deceased. C.7.
1699, Oct. 2. Joseph Seward, v. John Hodder, removed. C.7.
1701, Sept. 22. George Lester, v. John Hodder, removed. C.7.
1707, Sept. 26. Andrew Purchas, v. John Haviland, deceased. C.7.
1707, Sept. 26. Robert Colson, v. Andrew Loder, deceased. C.7.
1708, May 17. Robt. Swayne, v. Jas. Gould, deceased. C. 7.
1710, Aug. 3. Thomas. Knapton, v. Geo. Lester, deceased. C. 7.
1710, Aug. 3. Josiah Cooper, v. John Yeat, deceased. C. 7.
1710, Aug. 3. Robert Loder, v. Thos. Delacourt, deceased. C.7.
1711, Oct. 27. Robert Colson. C. 7.
1714, July 31. Walter Crow, v. Henry Whiffen, deceased. C. 7.
1714, July 31. George Lester, v. Robt. Swayne, Esq., deceased. C.7.
1714, Dee. 13. John Kellaway, v. Henry Whiffen, deceased. C.7.
1715, Sept. 23. Zaehary Nelson, w. Robt. Swayne, Esq., deceased. C. 7.
1718, May 12. Thos. Pitman, v. Robt. Loder, deceased. C. 7.
1718, May 12. Nieh. Weare, v. John Nelson, deceased. C. 7.
1719, Nov. 6. Samuel Snooke, v. John Nelsbn, deceased. C. 7.
1719, Nov 6. Samuel Standing, v. Max [i.e. Maximillian] Gollop, deceased. C.7. [Note:- Maximillian Gollop buried St Peters Dorchester 21st July 1719]
1722, Aug 21. Daniel Arden, jun., v. Samuel Snooke, deceased. C. 7.
1724, July 20. John Woolmington, v. Daniel Arden, sen., deceased. C. 7.
1724, Nov. 27. Walter Crowe, gent., v.Robt. Colson, deceased. C.7.
1726, Feb. 6. Robert Fildew v. Richard Samways, deceased. Certificate of the Election of Capital Burgesses (25), B. 50.
1726, Feb. 6. Robert Loder v. John Kellaway, deceased. Certificate of the Election of Capital Burgesses (25), B. 50.
1726, Feb. 6. Nicholas Weare v. Thos. Pitman, deceased.Certificate of the Election of Capital Burgesses (25), B. 50.
1726, May 13. Laurence Snooke, v. John Oldis, malster, deceased. C. 7. + Certificate of the Election of Capital Burgesses (25), B. 50.
1726, May 13. Reynaldo Knapton, malster, v. Thomas. Knapton, malster, his father, deceased. C. 7. + Certificate of the Election of Capital Burgesses (25), B. 50.
1729, Jan. 6. Richard Cooper, v. Robt. Weare, deceased. C. 7.
1729, Jan. 6. Robert Gundry, v. Josiah Cooper, deceased.

1735, June 5. George Cooper v. Laurence Snooke, deceased. C. 27.
1735, June 5. Thomas Loder v. Richard Samways. C. 27.
1735, Jun 9. George Cooper v. Richard Samwayes.[Ref B.49]
1735, Jun 9. Thomas Loder v. Lawrence Snooke. [Ref B.49]
1740, Feb 5. Thomas Cooper. C. 27.
1740, Feb 5. William Bryer. C. 27.
1743, Nov. 3. John Channing v. Walter Crowe. C. 27.
1743, Nov. 3. John Pitman v. Samuel Stanrdng. C. 27.
1748, Jun 10. George Arden v. Thomas Loder. C. 27.
[1748, June 10. Samuel Stanning v. Robert Fildew, deceased. C. 27.]
1752, Oct. 2. Francis Purchase v. Robt. Gundry. C. 27.
1752, Oct. 2. Jane Chaffey v. Robert Loder. C. 27.
1755, Jul. 7. William Templeman. C. 27.
1755, Jul. 7. William Davis, apothecary. C. 27.
1755, Jul. 7. John Nelson, mercer. C. 27.

1755, Sep. 29. Agreed that a case be prepared and laid before our Eminent Counsel for his opinion on the eligibility of William Churchill Esq as a Capital burgess of the said Borough, he being an inhabitant of Colliton [Ref C27]

1761, Oct. 9. Robert Lambert v. John Nelson. C. 27.
1761, Oct. 9. Richard Cozens, mercer, v. Thomas Cooper. C. 27.
1768, Feb. 26. Walter Nicholls v. Richard Cooper. C. 27.
1768, Feb. 26. Morgan Yeatman v. William Bryer. C. 27.
1769, Oct. 2. Robert Lumley Kingston. C. 27.

Certificate of the Election of Capital Burgesses (25), B. 50.

1775. Oct. 2. John Floyer, Esq. C. 27.
1776, Mch. 22. Edward Cozens. C. 27.
1776, Mch. 22. William Gundry. C. 27.
1776, Mch. 22. Robert Willis. C. 27.
1782, Mch. 21. John Gollop, Doctor of Physick. C. 27,
1782, Mch. 21. Robert Stickland. [Note:- Robert STICKLAND (1744-1804)]
(Stafford) 1782, Sep. 29. Sir- As I am no longer resident in the Borough of Dorchester I beg leave to resign the place of Alderman or Capital Burgess in the Corporation, and am Sir, Your very humble servant J Floyer. C.27.

All the following are also recorded in C. 42a.

1793. Sept. II. Christopher Arden.
1793, Sept. II. Charles White. [Note:- Alderman 1793-1813:- Brief mention in the Taunton Courier for 24th June 1813 stating that 'Charles WHITE alderman died Dorchester - he was actually buried in St Peters Church on 21st]
1793, Sept. II. George Churchill, Esq.
1793, Sept. II. John Templeman.
1794, July 22. James Chafy, Esq.
1801, Oct. 5. William Bower.
1801, Oct. 5. James Gould Read.
1801, Oct. 5. Christopher Cooper, M.D.
1801, Oct. 5. John Callard Manfield.
1801, Oct. 5. Nathaniel Stickland, [Note:- Nathaniel STICKLAND (1770-1829) son of Robert STICKLAND (1744-1804) and Jane MITCHEL (1744-1822)]
1806, July 10. Robert Pattison.
1809, May 8. Christopher Arden, junr.
1809, May 8. Charles Stickland [Note:- Charles Stickland (1776-1845) who married Maria COSENS at Longburton in Dorset 9th May 1815 and was buried St Peters 12th July 1845]
1809, May 8. George Stickland.
1814, Oct. 3. Thomas Bower.
1814, Oct. 3. Morgan Yeatman,
1824, Feb. 20. John Barnet.
1824, Feb. 20. Joseph Clapcott.
1829, Apl. 16. Thomas Coombs.
1829, Apl. 16, William Denning Tapp, surgeon. 2 G

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