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1851 Census
Dorchester All Saints

Transcribed by Andrew Wright HO107/1858 (Prior to 2005)

County of: DORSET
Within The Limits of the Parliamentary Borough of: DORCHESTER
Within the Municipal Boundary of: THE BOROUGH OF DORCHESTER
Superintendent Registrars District: DORCHESTER AND CERNE 275
Registrars District: DORCHESTER
No: of Enumeration District: 3

Description of Enumeration District
The whole of the Parish of All Saints, every part thereof being within the Parliamentary and Municipal Borough of Dorchester.


1; High East Street-white Hart Inn; Richard GAULTON; Head; M; 50; Innkeeper; Burleston; F13p1

; Elizabeth GAULTON; Wife; M; 51; Piddletown; F13p1

; Elizabeth SCADDEN; Servant; U; 26; Bar Maid; Corfe Castle; F13p1

; Ann MILLS; Servant; U; 19; House Servant; Beaminster; F13p1

; William PORTER; Servant; M; 32; Ostler; West Stafford; F13p1

2; High East Street; Thomas H G BESANT; Head; M; 44; Captain E I C Military Service; Dorchester; F13p1

; Sarah E BESANT; Wife; M; 35; Dorchester; F13p1

; Thomas R BESANT; Son; U; Illegible; East Indies British Subject; F13p1

; Rebecca A BESANT; Daughter; U; 5months; Dorchester; F13p1

; Ann BESANT; Mother; W; 69; Annuitant; Dorchester; F13p1

; Mary SHEPPARD; Servant; U; 30; House Servant; Dorchester; F13p1

; Emma WATTS; Servant; U; 19; House Servant; Blandford; F13p1

; Bethia RUSSELL; Servant; M; 50; Nurse; Dorchester; F13p1

3; High East Street; Sarah Emily WRIGHT; Head; W; 80; Landed Proprietor; ESSEX Springfield; F13p1

; Martha BAKER; Servant; U; 22; Ladies Maid; SOM Bristol; F13p1

; Mary Ann HARRIS; Servant; U; 31; Cook; Fordington; F13p1

4; High East Street; Thomas TULLIDGE; Head; M; 68; Retired Malster; Dorchester; F13p1

; Elizabeth TULLIDGE; Wife; M; 58; Wimborne Minster; F13p1

; Jane CAREY; Visitor; W; 52; Landed Proprietor; Fordington; F13p1

5; High East Street; Susannah DEVENISH; Head; U; 50; Fundholder; Bradford Peverell; F13p2

; Ann DAVIS; Servant; U; 30; House Servant; Frampton; F13p2

6; High East Street; Richard POYNTER; Head; W; 59; Butter Factor and Agent; Abbotsbury; F13p2

; Eleanor ASBALDISTON; Daughter; W; 27; Daughter; Dorchester; F13p2

; George William ASBALDISTON; Grandson; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F13p2

7; High East Street-the Chequers Inn; John STEPHENS; Head; M; 54; Victualler; DEVON Exeter; F13p2

; Catherine STEPHENS; Wife; M; 51; DEVON Ottery St Mary; F13p2

; John TUCKER; Nephew; U; 23; Barman; DEVON Ottery St Mary; F13p2

; Mary SC*TT; Visitor; M; 49; Laundress; DEVON Ottery St Mary; F13p2

; Mary BIRD; Visitor; M; 40; Dress Maker; DEVON Ottery St Mary; F13p2

; Catherine BIRD; Niece; U; 18; Dress Maker; MIDDX London; F13p2

; Samuel TUCKER; Visitor; M; 48; Carpenter; DEVON Ottery St Mary; F13p2

; Elizabeth GIBBS; Servant; U; 25; House Servant; DEVON Be**; F13p2

; Joseph GOUVNER; Servant; U; 20; Ostler; Whitchurch Canonicorum; F13p2

; William FRAMPTON; Visitor; W; 54; Formerly Ostler; Dorchester; F13p2

; Nicol (M) TIMBOW; Visitor; M; 40; Traveller (Hawker); Shaftesbury; F13p2

; Harriett TIMBOW; Visitor; M; 36; Shaftesbury; F13p2

; Mary Ann TIMBOW; Daughter; U; 12; Shaftesbury; F13p2

; James TIMBOW; Son; U; 7; Shaftesbury; F13p2

; Joseph TIMBOW; Son; U; 5; Shaftesbury; F14p3

; Elizabeth SUCKERS; Visitor; U; 34; Laundress; DEVON Ottery St Mary; F14p3

; Patrick COX; Visitor; M; 26; Traveller; YORKS Wakefield; F14p3

; Samuel NEWBURY; Visitor; U; 40; Labourer; DEVON N.K; F14p3

; William BUDLE; Visitor; U; 32; Traveller; Blandford; F14p3

; John DOMINOE; Visitor; U; 29; Traveller; SOM Yeovil; F14p3

8; High East Street; George GREENING; Head; M; 41; Tanner Carrier employing 6 Men; Dorchester; F14p3

; Rebecca GREENING; Wife; M; 38; Dorchester; F14p3

; Letitia GREENING; Daughter; U; 17; Dorchester; F14p3

; John GREENING; Son; U; 15; Dorchester; F14p3

; Louisa GREENING; Daughter; U; 13; Scholar; Dorchester; F14p3

; Emily Inga GREENING; Daughter; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F14p3

; Rebecca Jane GREENING; Daughter; U; 9; Scholar; Dorchester; F14p3

; George Frederick GREENING; Son; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F14p3

; Henry GREENING; Son; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F14p3

; Blanche GREENING; Daughter; U; 3; Infant; Dorchester; F14p3

; Lucy GREENING; Daughter; U; 2; Infant; Dorchester; F14p3

; Mary GREGORY; Mother in Law; W; 76; Annuitant; N.K; F14p3

; Rebecca SWAN; Aunt; W; 63; Dorchester; F14p3

; Susan WHETHAM; Servant; U; 23; House Servant; Bridport; F14p4

; Unity HOPKINS; Servant; U; 16; House Servant; Carscombe; F14p4

9; High East Street; Henry HAWKINS; Head; M; 39; Cabinet Maker Master; Dorchester; F14p4

; Ann Munford HAWKINS; Wife; M; 34; Melcombe Regis; F14p4

; Emily Lydia HAWKINS; Daughter; U; 3; Dorchester; F14p4

; Henry Gibbs HAWKINS; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F14p4

; Lydia DADD; Mother in Law; W; 77; Formerly Schoolmistress; Dorchester; F14p4

10; High East Street; George John STICKLAND; Head; U; 42; Practising Barrister & Batchelor of Arts Cambridge; Dorchester; F14p4

11; High East Street-greenings Yard; Caroline Ann SPRACKLAND; Wife; M; 40; Ostlers Wife; Shroton; F14p4

; William SPRACKLAND; Son; U; 17; Tailors Apprentice; Dorchester; F14p4

; Ann SPRACKLAND; Daughter; U; 15; Scholar; Wareham; F14p4

; Joe SPRACKLAND; Son; U; 10; Scholar; Wareham; F14p4

; John SPRACKLAND; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Wareham; F14p4

; James SPRACKLAND; Son; U; 6; Scholar; Wareham; F14p4

; Frank SPRACKLAND; Son; U; 3; Scholar; Dorchester; F14p4

; Elizabeth SPRACKLAND; Daughter; U; 13; Scholar; Wareham; F14p4

; Mary Maria SPRACKLAND; Daughter; U; 3months; Dorchester; F14p4

; Charles Edward SLADE; Visitor; U; 13; Joiners Apprentice; Blandford; F14p4

12; High East Street; Joseph SALISBURY; Head; M; 48; Shoemaker Journeyman; Dorchester; F15p5

; Elizabeth SALISBURY; Wife; M; 43; Charwoman; Beaminster; F15p5

; Henry SALISBURY; Son; U; 9; Scholar; Fordington; F15p5

; Frederick SALISBURY; Son; U; 4; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p5

13; High East Street; Jane HARDINOTT; Head; W; 38; Dress Maker; SOM Rimpton; F15p5

; George HARDINOTT; Son; U; 14; Errand Boy; SOM Barton; F15p5

; William HARDINOTT; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Weymouth; F15p5

; Mary HARDINOTT; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p5

; Henry HARDINOTT; Son; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p5

; Thomas HARDINOTT; Son; U; 1; Infant; Sturminster; F15p5

14; High East Street; Mary Ann PEATY; Head; U; 19; Glover; Cerne; F15p5

; Sarah Jane KELLOWAY; Visitor; U; 18; Glover; Cerne; F15p5

15; High East Street-greenings Yard; Robert JAYNES; Head; M; 44; Joiner Journeyman; GLOS Tewkesbury; F15p5

; Mary JAYNES; Wife; M; 41; Fordington; F15p5

; Martha JAYNES; Daughter; U; 15; Dress Makers Apprentice; Dorchester; F15p5

; Sarah JAYNES; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p5

; Matilda JAYNES; Daughter; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p5

; Louisa JAYNES; Daughter; U; 5; Frampton; F15p5

; Frederick JAYNES; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F15p5

16; High East Street-greenings Yard; William GREENING; Head; M; 35; Saddler Journeyman; Dorchester; F15p6

; Elizabeth GREENING; Wife; M; 37; Frampton; F15p6

; Emma Jane GREENING; Daughter; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p6

; Albert Old GREENING; Son; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p6

; Seth GREENING; Son; U; 3; Dorchester; F15p6

17; High East Street-greenings Yard; Thomas SHERRY; Head; M; 31; Tanner Journeyman; Cerne; F15p6

; Mary SHERRY; Wife; M; 30; Dress Maker; Plush; F15p6

; Julian BEST; Nephew; U; 4; HANTS Portsmouth; F15p6

18; High East Street-greenings Yard; Charlotte MORGAN; Head; W; 35; Needlewoman (Receiving Parish Relief); Beaminster; F15p6

; Lucy MORGAN; Daughter; U; 13; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p6

; Frances MORGAN; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F15p6

; Charlotte MORGAN; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; MIDDX St Marylebone; F15p6

; James MORGAN; Son; U; 4; Scholar; WALES Swansea; F15p6

19; High East Street-greenings Yard; Mary ASH; Head; W; 68; Hatters Widow (Receiving Parish Relief); Dorchester; F15p6

20; High East Street-greenings Yard; Thomas LODER; Head; M; 21; Carpenter Journeyman; Fordington; F15p6

; Jane LODER; Wife; M; 22; Whitechurch; F15p6

; Giles LODER; Son; U; 4months; Fordington; F15p6

21; High East Street; John LEWIS; Head; U; 23; Chemist; HANTS Portsmouth; F15p6

; James BEST; Shopman; U; 15; Chemists Assistant; WILTS Salisbury; F15p6

22; High East Street; Joseph BROWNING; Head; M; 61; Haberdasher; Blandford; F16p7

; Mary Ann BROWNING; Wife; M; 44; LINC Somerby; F16p7

; Joseph BROWNING; Son; U; 15; Drapers Assistant; Dorchester; F16p7

; Eliza BROWNING; Daughter; U; 11; Dorchester; F16p7

; John BROWNING; Son; U; 9; Scholar; Dorchester; F16p7

; Edward BROWNING; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F16p7

; Mary Ann BROWNING; Daughter; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F16p7

; Charles BROWNING; Son; U; 3; Dorchester; F16p7

23; High East Street; Henry LOCK; Head; M; 37; Clerk to the board of Guardians, Superintendent Registrar and Solicitor; Dorchester; F16p7

; Susannah Ware LOCK; Wife; M; 39; SOM Bridgewater; F16p7

; Arthur Henry LOCK; Son; U; 5; Scholar at Home; Dorchester; F16p7

; Walter LOCK; Son; U; 4; Scholar at Home; Dorchester; F16p7

; Benjamin Fossett LOCK; Son; U; 3; Scholar at Home; Dorchester; F16p7

; Jessie Susan LOCK; Daughter; U; 2; Scholar at Home; Dorchester; F16p7

; Mary Charlotte LOCK; Daughter; U; 6months; Dorchester; F16p7

; Fanny HARDLEY; Governess; U; 20; Governess; HANTS I.O.W. Carrisbrook; F16p7

; Sarah WALL; Servant; U; 21; Domestic Servant; DEVON Collumpton; F16p7

; Mary Ann CROCKER; Servant; U; 17; Domestic Servant; Piddletown; F16p7

; Mary ROBERTS; Servant; M; 23; Wet Nurse; Buckland Ripers; F16p7

; Jane LOCK; Visitor; W; 42; Annuitant; SOM Bridgewater; F16p8

; Gilbert May LOCK; Visitor; Son of Ditto; 9; Scholar; INDIA Frerozepore-British Subject; F16p8

24; High East Street; John STANDISH; Head; M; 53; Victualler & Brewer; Dorchester; F16p8

; Elizabeth STANDISH; Wife; M; 42; Fordington; F16p8

; Jane TUCKER; Servant; M; 41; House Servant Inn Servant; Piddletrenthide; F16p8

; Samuel TUCKER; Servant; U; 20; House Servant Inn Servant; Cheselbourne; F16p8

; Jane SAUNDERS; Servant; U; 45; House Servant Inn Servant; Holwell; F16p8

25; High East Street; Hannah STYLE; Head; W; 33; Grocer employing 3 Assistants & 1 Labourer; DEVON Thorncombe; F16p8

; Charles VERRIOUR?; Shopman; M; 33; Assistant; SOM North Petherton; F16p8

; Joseph VINCENT; Shopman; U; 25; Assistant; SOM Knowle St Giles; F16p8

; Martha GILLINGHAM; Servant; U; 39; House Servant; Dorchester Dorchester; F16p8

; Ann PAUL; Visitor; U; 21; Dress Maker; DORSET Stinsford; F16p8

26; High East Street; Ann Elizabeth PEARCE; Head; U; 30; Schoolmistress; MIDDX St Anns; F16p8

; Ann PEARCE; Mother; W; 54; Annuitant; HERE Hereford; F16p8

; Emma CARBARY; Teacher; U; 25; Teacher; MIDDX St Pancras; F16p8

; Charlotte PAISE; Parlour Boarder; U; 39; Annuitant; N.K; F16p8

; Harriett FOWLE; Parlour Boarder; U; 41; Annuitant; WILTS Chippenham; F16p8

; Hannah ANGEL; Servant; U; 22; House Servant; Winfrith; F16p8

; Eliza JAMES; Servant; U; 19; House Servant; WILTS Warminster; F16p8

27; High East Street; Joseph MORGAN; Head; M; 48; Grocer employing one Boy; Dorchester; F17p9

; Emma MORGAN; Wife; M; 30; Dorchester; F17p9

; Emma MORGAN; Daughter; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p9

; Hariett Ann MORGAN; Daughter; U; 3; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p9

; Louisa Maria MORGAN; Daughter; U; 2; Dorchester; F17p9

; Susannah BILLETT; Servant; U; 27; House Servant; Moreton; F17p9

28; High East Street; Samuel SLADE; Head; M; 43; Builder employing 1 Man & 2 Apprentices; Dorchester; F17p9

; Emma SLADE; Wife; M; 35; Dorchester; F17p9

; Emma SLADE; Daughter; U; 13; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p9

; Charlotte SLADE; Daughter; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p9

; Sarah SLADE; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p9

; Eliza SLADE; Daughter; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p9

; Amelia SLADE; Daughter; U; 9months; Dorchester; F17p9

29; High East Street; Joseph ROBINSON; Head; M; 25; Teacher of Music and Organist; Weymouth; F17p9

; Elizabeth Mary ROBINSON; Wife; M; 20; KENT Folkestone; F17p9

30; High East Street; Susannah BESANT; Head; W; 60; Brewer employing 2 Men; Dorchester; F17p9

; John BESANT; Son; U; 32; Brewer; Dorchester; F17p9

; Fanny CARNE; Neice; U; 15; Surveyors Daughter; Weymouth; F17p9

; Harriett HANSFORD; Servant; U; 26; House Servant; Shipton Gorge; F17p9

31; High East Street; John Charles BUSTED; Head; W; 76; Clergyman of the Church of England not having care of souls; Sherborne; F17p10

; Samuel TAYLOR; Servant; U; 26; Footman; SUFF Bruisyard; F17p10

; Grace ELSTON; Servant; U; 45; Cook; Stickland; F17p10

; Ann GIBBONS; Servant; U; 32; Housemaid; Broadmayne; F17p10

32; High East Street; Robert OAKLEY; Head; M; 50; Brewer employing 1 Man; Dorchester; F17p10

; Ann OAKLEY; Wife; M; 50; Overmoigne; F17p10

; Clara OAKLEY; Daughter; U; 14; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p10

; Robert OAKLEY; Son; U; 16; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p10

; Ann OAKLEY; Daughter; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p10

; Mary OAKLEY; Daughter; U; 9; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p10

; Harriett POKE; Servant; U; 22; House Servant; Fordington; F17p10

; Eliza DENNISON; Visitor; U; 24; Corn Merchants Daughter; Piddletown; F17p10

33; Friary Lane; Thomas FOSTER; Head; M; 42; Painter Journeyman; Dorchester; F17p10

; Ann FOSTER; Wife; M; 43; Maiden Newton; F17p10

; John Thomas FOSTER; Son; U; 18; Plumber Journeyman; Dorchester; F17p10

; Thomas Samuel FOSTER; Son; U; 17; Whitesmith Apprentice; Dorchester; F17p10

; Frederick FOSTER; Son; U; 13; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p10

; Ann Eliza FOSTER; Daughter; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p10

; Fanny Catherine FOSTER; Daughter; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F17p10

34; Friary Lane; Jane PAUNEY; Head; W; 53; Laundress; Kingston ; F18p11

; George PAUNEY; Son; U; 20; Butcher Journeyman; Dorchester; F18p11

; Robert PAUNEY; Son; U; 18; Cordwainer Apprentice; Dorchester; F18p11

35; Friary Lane; Edward DENTY; Head; M; 34; Postillion; SOM Hazelbury; F18p11

; Catherine DENTY; Wife; M; 36; Dress Maker; Bradford Peverell; F18p11

36; Friary Lane; William POPLE; Head; W; 66; Innkeeper; Mappowder; F18p11

; Jane CROCKER; Daughter; W; 35; Housekeeper; Tarrant Hinton; F18p11

; Henry William POPLE; Son; U; 19; Printer (Compositor); Tarrant Hinton; F18p11

; Mary Ann CROCKER; Granddaughter; U; 13; Scholar; WILTS Fonthell Bishop; F18p11

; Luke HAMMOND; Lodger; U; 28; Groom; SOM Sandford Orccas; F18p11

; Ann BARTON; Lodger; M; 52; Housekeeper; WILTS Amesbury; F18p11

; John Paine BALL; Lodger; M; 32; Stage Coachman; DEVON Ottery St Mary; F18p11

37; High East Street; James FROAD; Head; M; 52; Chemist & Druggist; HANTS Romsey; F18p11

; Mary FROAD; Wife; M; 50; Dorchester; F18p11

; Elizabeth M SLADE; Visitor; U; 26; Surveyors Daughter; Dorchester; F18p11

; Mary ENGLISH; Servant; U; 19; House Servant; SUFF Hersham; F18p11

38; High East Street; Daniel PLATTEN; Head; M; 31; Tailor & Woollen Draper (2 Apprentices) Fancy Repositery; NOR Binningham?; F18p11

; Elizabeth PLATTEN; Wife; M; 37; KENT Maidstone; F18p11

; William Forsey PLATTEN; Son; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F18p11

39; High East Street; John MASTERS; Head; M; 25; Grocer (2 Assistants); Fordington; F18p12

; Mary MASTERS; Wife; M; 21; Parkstone; F18p12

; Arthur John MASTERS; Son; U; 10months; Dorchester; F18p12

; Mary CHURCHILL; Servant; U; 20; House Servant; Nether Cerne; F18p12

40; High East Street-kings Arms Hotel; William MANLEY; Head; M; 50; Hotel Keeper; DEVON Exeter; F18p12

; Mary MANLEY; Wife; M; 47; DEVON Exeter; F18p12

; Mary CHUDLEIGH; Servant; M; 33; Bar Woman; CORN Straton?; F18p12

; Thomas PAINTER; Servant; M; 44; Waiter; CORN St Austell; F18p12

; Charles TRIMMER; Servant; U; 27; Waiter; SURREY Farnham; F18p12

; Sarah KEEN; Servant; M; 42; Bar Woman; DEVON Budleigh Salterton; F18p12

; Eliza CHUBB; Servant; M; 26; Chamber Maid; Dorchester; F18p12

; Daniel CHUBB; Servant; M; 23; Boots; Beaminster; F18p12

; Ann HOLMES; Servant; U; 23; Cook; DEVON Lidmouth; F18p12

; Maria ELLIS; Servant; U; 21; Kitchen Maid; DEVON Chagford; F18p12

; Richard DYKE; Servant; U; 19; Boots; SOM Hazelbury; F18p12

; Robert COCKRANE; Visitor; M; 45; Commercial Traveller; IRELAND Clones; F18p12

; John COLLIER; Visitor; W; 52; Commercial Traveller; N.K; F18p12

; Benjamin DIMENT; Servant; U; 27; Ostler; Beaminster; F18p12

; Harriett DUNSTAN; Servant; U; 27; Waiting Maid; SOM Masterton; F18p12

; N.K N.K; Visitor; N.K; N.K; N.K; N.K; F18p12

41; High East Street; George GALPIN; Head; M; 50; Malster & Brewer employing 10 Men; Dorchester; F19p13

; Elizabeth GALPIN; Wife; M; 48; Radipole; F19p13

; William GALPIN; Son; U; 20; Dorchester; F19p13

; Mary GALPIN; Daughter; U; 13; Dorchester; F19p13

; Louisa SLADE; Servant; U; 21; House Servant; Kingston ; F19p13

42; High East Street; John HUSSEY; Head; M; Illegible; Master Engineer & Ironmonger Millwright; HANTS Lymington; F19p13

; Joanna HUSSEY; Wife; M; 49; Dorchester; F19p13

; Illegible TOLBORT; Step Son; U; 9; Dorchester; F19p13

; Illegible Thomas COOPER; Visitor; M; 59; Presbiterian Minister; SUFF Framlingham; F19p13

; Charlotte KEATS; Servant; U; 17; House Servant; Dorchester; F19p13

43; High East Street; Thomas BENNETT; Head; M; 42; Cheesmonger Provision Merchant employing 1 Labourer; Dorchester; F19p13

; Martha BENNETT; Wife; M; 45; DORSET Ilsington?; F19p13

; Charlotte BENNETT; Daughter; U; 16; Dorchester; F19p13

; Henry GROVES; Nephew; U; 25; Shop Assistant; Cerne; F19p13

; John STAINES; Servant; U; 17; Shop Assistant; Batcombe; F19p13

; Julia STANDFIELD; Servant; U; 20; House Servant; Plush; F19p13

44; High East Street; William TALLIDGE; Head; M; 43; Brewers Clerk; Dorchester; F19p14

; Elizabeth TALLIDGE; Wife; M; 36; Dorchester; F19p14

; William TALLIDGE; Son; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F19p14

; Frances Ann TALLIDGE; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F19p14

; Sarah TALLIDGE; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F19p14

; Frederick TALLIDGE; Son; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F19p14

; Emily TALLIDGE; Daughter; U; 2; Houghton; F19p14

; Ann TALLIDGE; Sister; U; 50; Annuitant; Dorchester; F19p14

45; High East Street; Charles SHEPHERD; Head; M; 57; Surgeon not Practicing; Dorchester; F19p14

; Mary SHEPHERD; Wife; M; 59; Dorchester; F19p14

46; High East Street; Rebecca TREEVES; Head; W; 48; Stationer & Bookseller; Dorchester; F19p14

; Eliza Jane TREEVES; Daughter; U; 22; Dorchester; F19p14

47; High East Street-the Pheonix Inn; Francis OLIVER; Head; M; 57; Innkeeper; Fordington; F19p14

; Horatia OLIVER; Wife; M; 63; HANTS Basingstoke; F19p14

; Laura OLIVER; Daughter; U; 21; Dorchester; F19p14

; Frances OLIVER; Daughter; U; 16; Dorchester; F19p14

; Tryphon STAGG; Servant; U; 18; House Servant Inn Servant; Cattistock; F19p14

; Elizabeth Jane BENNETT; Servant; U; 21; House Servant Inn Servant; Charminster; F19p14

; John SPRACKLAND; Servant; M; 45; Ostler; Dewlish; F19p14

48; High East Street; James DRAKE; Head; M; 41; Baker Master; Fordington; F20p15

; Ann DRAKE; Wife; M; 45; Dorchester; F20p15

; Elizabeth GALPIN; Mother in Law; W; 74; Annuitant; Dorchester; F20p15

; Mary GALPIN; Neice; U; 24; Assistant; Charminster; F20p15

; Fanny GILLINGHAM; Servant; U; 17; House Servant; Broadmayne; F20p15

; Thomas BAKE; Servant; U; 16; Bakers Labourer; Charminster; F20p15

; Elizabeth Nash COOPER; Visitor; U; 20; Presbiterian Ministers Daughter; MIDDX Hackney; F20p15

49; High East Street; Robert HAYWARD; Head; M; Illegible; Butcher, Coindealer & Farmer of  160 acres employing 8 Labourers; Powerstock; F20p15

; Charlotte Eliza HAYWARD; Wife; M; 27; Cerne Abbas; F20p15

; Harriett M HAYWARD; Daughter; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F20p15

; Charlotte C D HAYWARD; Daughter; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F20p15

; Thomas W HAYWARD; Son; U; 4; Scholar; Dorchester; F20p15

; George James HAYWARD; Son; U; under 6 M; DORSET Whitfield; F20p15

; Elizabeth Nash STOODLEY; Servant; U; 19; House Servant; Beaminster; F20p15

; Cornelius COX; Servant; U; 25; Journeyman Butcher; DEVON Thorncombe; F20p15

; John CROSS; Servant; U; 24; Assistant Butcher; Fordington; F20p15

50; High East Street; James FOX; Head; M; 64; Cordwainer Master; West Stafford; F20p15

; Sarah FOX; Wife; M; 68; Dorchester; F20p15

; Thomas James FOX; Grandson; U; 9; Dorchester; F20p15

51; High East Street; Frederick VATCHER; Head; M; 42; Cordwainer Journeyman; Broadmayne; F20p16

; Sarah VATCHER; Wife; M; 37; Cordwainers Wife; Dorchester; F20p16

; Matilda SLADE; Neice; U; 7; Builders Daughter; Dorchester; F20p16

52; High East Street; William BARNARD; Head; M; 63; Cooper 2 Journeymen & 1 Boy; Dorchester; F20p16

; Mary BARNARD; Wife; M; 54; Piddletown; F20p16

; William BARNARD; Son; U; 35; Cooper; Dorchester; F20p16

; Martha BARNARD; Daughter; U; 32; Dorchester; F20p16

53; High East Street; Hannah HIBBS; Head; W; 79; Fishmonger; DEVON Beer; F20p16

; Robert HIBBS; Son; M; 38; Cordwainer; Lulworth; F20p16

; Elizabeth HIBBS; Daughter in Law; M; 39; Lulworth; F20p16

; Charles HIBBS; Grandson; U; 3; Dorchester; F20p16

; Thomas HIBBS; Grandson; U; 6months; Dorchester; F20p16

54; High East Street; Joseph PARKER; Head; M; 29; Carpenter Journeyman; SOM Crewkerne; F20p16

; Caroline PARKER; Wife; M; 22; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F20p16

; Joseph W PARKER; Son; U; 2months; Dorchester; F20p16

55; High East Street; John ACHESON; Head; M; 45; Coach Maker; SCOTLAND; F20p16

; Elizabeth ACHESON; Wife; M; 44; WILTS Leigh; F20p16

56; High East Street; Jane DECKER; Head; W; 37; Needlewoman (Receiving Parish Relief); Yetminster; F21p17

; Edward DECKER; Son; U; 14; Errand Boy; Yetminster; F21p17

; Jane DECKER; Daughter; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F21p17

; Sarah DECKER; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F21p17

; Elizabeth DECKER; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F21p17

57; High East Street; George RIPLAR; Head; M; 29; Plasterer Journeyman; Dorchester; F21p17

; Mary RIPLAR; Wife; M; 24; Alton; F21p17

; George RIPLAR; Son; U; 2; Dorchester; F21p17

; William RIPLAR; Son; U; 1month; Dorchester; F21p17

; George HASTE; Brother in Law; M; 35; Out Pensioner of Chelsea Hospital; Cranbourne; F21p17

; Mary Ann HASTE; Sister in Law; M; 29; Alton; F21p17

; George HASTE; Nephew; U; 6; Maiden Newton; F21p17

; William HASTE; Nephew; U; 7months; Dorchester; F21p17

58; High East Street; William MASTERS; Head; M; 46; Grocer; Dorchester; F21p17

; Jane MASTERS; Wife; M; 44; Dorchester; F21p17

; Mary Jane MASTERS; Daughter; U; 22; Dorchester; F21p17

59; High East Street; George MASTERS; Head; M; 35; Baker employing one Man; Dorchester; F21p17

; Elizabeth MASTERS; Mother; W; 72; Formerly Baker; Dorchester; Blind; F21p17

; Mary Ann ALLEN; Servant; U; 21; House Servant; Sherborne; F21p17

60; High East Street; John HUTCHINGS; Head; U; 34; Coach Maker employing 21 Men; DEVON Teignmouth; F21p18

; Elizabeth STROUD; Sister; W; 37; Housekeeper; DEVON Teignmouth; F21p18

; William STROUD; Nephew; U; 9; Dorchester; F21p18

; William TAPPER; Visitor; M; 39; Cabinet Maker Master; DEVON Dawlish; F21p18

61; High East Street; Charles CROCKER; Head; M; 55; Cordwainer employing 3 Men; Fordington; F21p18

; Mary CROCKER; Wife; M; 34; SOM Ilminster; F21p18

62; High East Street; Susannah CHURCHILL; Head; W; 42; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F21p18

; William CHURCHILL; Son; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F21p18

; Elizabeth CHURCHILL; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F21p18

63; High East Street; Rebecca SPARKS; Head; U; 46; Shoe Binder; MIDDX St Giles; F21p18

; Amelia SPARKS; Sister; U; 27; Shoe Binder; Dorchester; F21p18

64; High East Street; John BARNET; Head; U; 88; Landed Proprietor & Fundholder, Retired Army Surgeon on Half Pay; Sherborne; F21p18

; John RIGGS; Servant; U; 33; House Servant; Dorchester; F21p18

; Susannah MATHEWS; Servant; M; 48; House Servant; Bradford Abbas; F21p18

65; High East Street; Mary Ann FRAMPTON; Head; U; 59; Lodging House Keeper; Dorchester; F21p18

; Sarah FRAMPTON; Sister; U; 46; Milliner; Dorchester; F21p18

; Charles FRAMPTON; Brother; U; 48; Tea Dealer; Dorchester; F21p18

; Sarah OWEN; Visitor; M; 23; IRELAND Dublin; F21p18

; Elizabeth DUVALL; Servant; U; 23; House Servant; SUSSEX Fletching; F21p18

66; High East Street; Henry J FELTHAM; Head; U; 30; Cashier at Wilts & Dorset Bank; WILTS Devizes; F22p19

67; High East Street; Joseph MORGAN; Head; M; 31; Grocer; Fordington; F22p19

; Margaret MORGAN; Wife; M; 30; Wyke Regis; F22p19

; Martin A S MORGAN; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F22p19

; Teasdale MORGAN; Son; U; 2weeks; Dorchester; F22p19

; Susan SOAMES; Mother in Law; W; 56; Draper; Leigh; F22p19

; William JAMES; Visitor; U; 34; Grocer; Piddlehinton; F22p19

; Henry W CHAMEN; Visitor; U; 20; Ironmongers Shopman; Chickerell; F22p19

; Elizabeth DOWNTON; Servant; M; 66; Nurse; Evershot; F22p19

; Emma PIKE; Servant; U; 18; House Servant; HANTS Portsea; F22p19

68; High East Street; William SLADE; Head; M; 60; Farmer of 90 acres employing 4 Men 1 Boy & 2 Women; Dorchester; F22p19

; Mary SLADE; Wife; M; 47; Dorchester; F22p19

; Harriett POUNEY; Servant; U; 37; House Servant; Beaminster; F22p19

69; High East Street; Alfred James MASON; Head; M; 29; Brewers Clerk & Traveller; MIDDX Woking; F22p19

; Eleanor MASON; Wife; M; 33; SURREY Kingston; F22p19

; Jane GALPIN; Servant; U; 20; House Servant; Potersham; F22p19

70; High East Street; William HAWKINS; Head; W; 69; Retired Cabinet Maker; Dorchester; F22p19

; Sarah HAWKINS; Daughter; U; 45; Dorchester; F22p19

; Harriet COOMBS; Servant; U; 45; House Servant; Beaminster; F22p19

71; Durngate Lane; Frances WILSON; Head; M; 32; Butlers Wife; Blandford; F22p20

; William WILSON; Son; U; 10months; Dorchester; F22p20

72; Durngate Lane; Sarah SHITLER?; Head; W; 54; Seamstress; Dorchester; F22p20

; Mary SLADE; Neice; U; 17; Wyke; F22p20

73; Durngate Lane; Emma RUSSELL; Head; U; 20; Dress Maker; Fordington; F22p20

74; Durngate Lane; Lydia BATT; Head; W; 63; Receiving Parish Relief; Fordington; F22p20

75; Durngate Lane; William STOODLEY; Head; M; 55; Cordwainer Master; Netherbury; F22p20

; Maria STOODLEY; Wife; M; 51; YORKS Murefield; F22p20

; Jane STOODLEY; (not noted); (not noted); 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F22p20

76; Durngate Lane; David GALLOP; Head; U; 44; Wheeler Journeyman; Caundle Marsh; F22p20

77; Durngate Lane; Martha BAGG; Head; U; 45; Charwoman; Herringstone; F22p20

; Martha POPE; Visitor; U; 21; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F22p20

78; Durngate Lane; James LEGG; Head; M; 25; Farm Bailiff; Poorstock; F22p20

; Esther LEGG; Wife; M; 22; Hensford; F22p20

; George LEGG; Son; U; 2; Hensford; F22p20

; John J LEGG; Son; U; 5months; Stratton; F22p20

79; Durngate Lane; James BAGWELL; Head; U; 40; Malster Labourer; DEVON Exeter; F22p20

80; Durngate Lane; George HAWKINS; Head; W; 67; Gunsmith Master Pensioner; Dorchester; F22p20

81; Durngate Lane; Joseph BLANDAMER; Head; M; 48; Victualler; Fordington; F23p21

; Sarah BLANDAMER; Wife; M; 44; Frampton; F23p21

; James WILLIAMS; Visitor; U; 29; Hawker (Braces &); SURREY N K; F23p21

; James FITZGERALD; Visitor; U; 49; Hawker (Braces &); IRELAND; F23p21

; Charles HODDER; Visitor; U; 39; Labourer; Dorchester; F23p21

; George LODER; Visitor; U; 47; Cordwainer; Frampton; F23p21

; Charles JONES; Visitor; U; 30; Labourer; CORN N K; F23p21

; Samuel CLARK; Visitor; U; 21; Cabinet Maker; SOM Kingston; F23p21

; George SHORT; Visitor; U; 24; Labourer; Melbourne St Andrew; F23p21

; Henrietta  SARGEANT; Visitor; U; 18; Labourer; Stinsford; F23p21

; Benjamin FACEY; Visitor; U; 62; Cordwainer Journeyman; Fordington; F23p21

82; Durngate Lane; Thomas LESTER; Head; U; 24; Beershop Keeper; Fordington; F23p21

; Daniel KIBBY; Visitor; M; 54; Omnibus Driver; N.K; F23p21

; Levinia KIBBY; Visitor; U; 25; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F23p21

; George PENNY; Visitor; U; 40; Groom; Dewlish; F23p21

; Frederick ELLIOTT; Visitor; U; 26; Grocers Assistant; Weymouth; F23p21

83; Durngate Lane; Albert Cooper LAVINGTON; Head; M; 37; Railway Clerk; WILTS Marlborough; F23p21

; Elizabeth L LAVINGTON; Wife; M; 38; WILTS Salisbury; F23p21

; Mary A LAVINGTON; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; WILTS Chippenham; F23p21

; Robert E LAVINGTON; Son; U; 6; Scholar; WILTS Salisbury; F23p21

84; Durngate Lane; James PIKE; Head; M; 50; Ironfounder Journeyman; Pimperne; F23p22

; Esther PIKE; Wife; M; 41; HANTS Portsea; F23p22

; William PIKE; Son; U; 20; Ironfounder Apprentice; HANTS Portsea; F23p22

; Walter PIKE; Son; U; 14; Servant; Fordington; F23p22

; James PIKE; Son; U; Illegible; Scholar; Fordington; F23p22

; Caroline PIKE; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; Fordington; F23p22

85; Durngate Lane; Charles SHERRING; Head; M; 28; Servant (Groom); Piddletown; F23p22

; Susan SHERRING; Wife; M; 27; Straw Bonnet Maker; Weymouth; F23p22

86; Durngate Lane; Thomas GALLOP; Head; M; 41; Carpenter Foreman; Bere Regis; F23p22

; Eliza GALLOP; Wife; M; 43; SOM Leavington St Michael; F23p22

; Caroline GALLOP; Daughter; U; 14; Dorchester; F23p22

; Thomas P GALLOP; Son; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F23p22

; Henry J GALLOP; Son; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F23p22

; Edward C GALLOP; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F23p22

; Mary Ann GALLOP; Daughter; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F23p22

; William J GALLOP; Son; U; 3; Scholar; Dorchester; F23p22

; George B GALLOP; Son; U; 2; Dorchester; F23p22

; Frederick A GALLOP; Son; U; 2months; Dorchester; F23p22

; Dorcas BEEK; Mother in Law; M; 71; SOM Hinton St George; F23p22

87; Durngate Lane; James BARTLETT; Head; M; 41; Tailor (Journeyman); Dorchester; F24p23

; Amelia BARTLETT; Wife; M; 39; Dress Maker; HANTS Portsmouth; F24p23

; Jane BARTLETT; Daughter; U; 17; Dorchester; F24p23

; George BARTLETT; Son; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F24p23

; John J BARTLETT; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F24p23

88; Durngate Lane; William EDWARDS; Head; M; 27; Joiner Journeyman; Hawkchurch; F24p23

; Susan EDWARDS; Wife; M; 25; DEVON Thorncombe; F24p23

; Champness EDWARDS; Son; U; 4; Scholar; Lyme Regis; F24p23

; Mary EDWARDS; Daughter; U; 2; Lyme Regis; F24p23

; Robert EDWARDS; Brother; U; 24; Carpenter Journeyman; Hawkchurch; F24p23

89; Durngate Lane; John LOVE?; Head; M; 48; Tailor Master & Beershop Keeper; Fordington; F24p23

; Jane LOVE?; Wife; M; 45; Corfe Castle; F24p23

; Eliza LOVE?; Neice; U; 11; Scholar; Fordington; F24p23

; John PUGSLEY; Visitor; U; 38; Labourer; Dorchester; F24p23

; John PAINSE; Visitor; U; 37; Dealer in Earthenware; N.K; F24p23

; George CREECH; Visitor; W; 63; Cordwainer Journeyman; Dorchester; F24p23

90; Durngate Lane; Eddell PENNY; Head; M; 40; Solicitors Managing Clerk & Wesleyan Methodist Illegible Preacher; KENT Margate; F24p23

; Eliza PENNY; Wife; M; 33; KENT Canterbury; F24p23

; Richard H PENNY; Son; U; 12; Scholar; KENT Margate; F24p23

; Eddell Charles PENNY; Son; U; 10; Scholar; BEDS Leighton Buzzard; F24p24

; Eliza A PENNY; Daughter; U; 8; Scholar; BUCKS Linslade; F24p24

; Thomas D PENNY; Son; U; 3; SUSSEX Brighton; F24p24

; Joshua J PENNY; Son; U; 4months; Dorchester; F24p24

; Sarah PAINE; Servant; U; 19; House Servant; Piddletrenthide; F24p24

; William LYDEATT; Visitor; M; 35; Gardener; WARKS Keighton?; F24p24

91; Durngate Lane; John STONE; Head; M; 35; Cooper Journeyman; Bradhole; F24p24

; Sarah STONE; Wife; M; 36; Bradhole; F24p24

; Thomas STONE; Son; U; 3; Dorchester; F24p24

; Susan A STONE; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F24p24

92; Durngate Lane; Lucy MORGAN; Head; W; 73; Pauper (Carpenters Widow); Evershot; F24p24

; Ann MORGAN; Daughter; U; 35; Pauper (Servant); Dorchester; F24p24

93; Durngate Lane; George COOMBS; Head; M; 68; Carpenter Journeyman; Beaminster; F24p24

; Elizabeth COOMBS; Wife; M; 63; SOM Stony Knappe; F24p24

; Charles COOMBS; Son; U; 22; Tailor (Journeyman); Fordington; F24p24

; Martha COOMBS; Daughter; U; 19; Dorchester; F24p24

94; Durngate Lane; Edward ELLIOTT; Head; U; 63; Pauper (Formerly Servant); Dorchester; F24p24

95; Durngate Lane; Sarah GOULD; Head; W; 71; Pauper (Formerly Nurse); Upwey; F24p24

; Elizabeth GOULD; Daughter; U; 30; Seamstress; Upwey; F24p24

96; Durngate Lane; Jane *iles ROPER; Head; U; 27; Schoolmistress; Fordington; F25p25

97; Durngate Lane; James DART; Head; M; 39; Hay Dealer; Stinsford; F25p25

; Hannah DART; Wife; M; 40; DEVON Membury; F25p25

; James DART; Son; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p25

; Mary DART; Daughter; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p25

98; Durngate Lane; Susannah ANDREWS; Head; U; 30; Schoolmistress; Sutton; F25p25

; Sarah ANDREWS; Sister; U; 25; School Assistant; SOM Orchard Portman; F25p25

; Catherine ANDREWS; Sister; U; 23; School Assistant; SOM Orchard Portman; F25p25

; Agnes SIMMONDS; Pupil; U; 5; Scholar; N.K; F25p25

; William SIMMONDS; Pupil; U; 6; Scholar; N.K; F25p25

99; Durngate Lane; Elizabeth MOWLAM; Head; W; 61; Farmers Widow; Dorchester; F25p25

; F H MOWLAM; Son; U; 18; Scholar; Milbourne St Andrew; F25p25

; Ann ASKLEY; Sister; U; 58; Annuitant; Dorchester; Blind; F25p25

; Ellen SARGEANT; Servant; U; 22; House Servant; Milbourne St Andrew; F25p25

100; Durngate Lane; Thomas VOSS; Head; M; 44; Plasterer employing one Man; Dorchester; F25p25

; Elizabeth VOSS; Wife; M; 42; DEVON Axminster; F25p25

; Charlotte VOSS; Daughter; U; 16; Dorchester; F25p25

; Elizabeth VOSS; Daughter; U; 13; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p25

; Emily VOSS; Daughter; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p25

; Harriet VOSS; Daughter; U; 9; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p25

; Mary VOSS; Daughter; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p26

; Thomas VOSS; Son; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p26

; Joseph VOSS; Son; U; 4; Dorchester; F25p26

; Sarah VOSS; Daughter; U; 2; Dorchester; F25p26

; Fanny VOSS; Daughter; U; 8months; Dorchester; F25p26

101; Durngate Lane; John COZENS; Head; M; 31; Tailor Master employing 3 Apprntices; Fordington; F25p26

; Sarah COZENS; Wife; M; 35; DEVON South Leigh; F25p26

102; Durngate Lane; James LONGMAN; Head; M; 46; Inkeeper & Horse Dealer employing 3 Men; Winterborne Zelston; F25p26

; Charlotte LONGMAN; Wife; M; 50; Morden; F25p26

; James LONGMAN; Son; U; 23; Assistant to Horse Dealer; Morden; F25p26

; Edwin John LONGMAN; Son; U; 21; Assistant to Horse Dealer; Morden; F25p26

; Charlotte LONGMAN; Daughter; U; 18; Scholar; Morden; F25p26

; Ann M LONGMAN; Daughter; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F25p26

; Robert LONGMAN; Brother; U; 38; Assistant to Horse Dealer; Morden; F25p26

; Louisa LONGMAN; Sister; U; 34; Assistant to Innkeeper as Barmaid; Morden; F25p26

; Elizabeth HART; Servant; U; 22; House Servant; Hilton; F25p26

103; Durngate Lane; John WHITE; Head; W; 68; Upholsterer Journeyman; HANTS Portsmouth; F25p26

; Elizabeth WHITE; Daughter; U; 32; Straw Bonnet Maker; Dorchester; F25p26

; Stephen SNOOK; Lodger; U; 25; Tailor (Journeyman); Affpuddle; F25p26

104; Durngate Lane; Sarah ELDRIDGE; Head; W; 53; Brewer employing 9 Men; Dorchester; F26p27

; Sophia ELDRIDGE; Daughter; U; 25; SOM Bath; F26p27

; Emily ELDRIDGE; Daughter; U; 19; Dorchester; F26p27

; Sarah A ELDRIDGE; Daughter; U; 15; Scholar; Dorchester; F26p27

; Rebecca STAINER; Servant; U; 29; House Servant; Dorchester; F26p27

; Pamela GROVES; Servant; U; 24; House Servant; SOM Broomfield; F26p27

105; Durngate Lane; Stephen BAKER; Head; M; 45; Gardener; Cheselbourne; F26p27

; Margeretta BAKER; Wife; M; 46; Charlton Marshall; F26p27

; Mary A BAKER; Daughter; U; 14; Blandford; F26p27

; James L BAKER; Son; U; 12; Scholar; Sherringstone; F26p27

; Stephen BAKER; Son; U; 10; Scholar; Sherringstone; F26p27

; Charles R BAKER; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Fordington; F26p27

; Martha BAKER; Daughter; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F26p27

; Edward BAKER; Son; U; 2; Dorchester; F26p27

106; Durngate Lane; John BONNETT; Head; M; 44; Letter Press Painter; WARKS Birmingham; F26p27

; mary  BONNETT; Wife; M; 40; Piddletown; F26p27

; Sarah R BONNETT; Daughter; U; 12; Dorchester; F26p27

; Mary R BONNETT; Daughter; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F26p27

; Emily BONNETT; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F26p27

107; Durngate Lane; Richard DENNIS; Head; M; 38; Tinman (Journeyman); Wyke Regis; F26p28

; Thomasin DENNIS; Wife; M; 37; Wyke Regis; F26p28

; Richard J DENNIS; Son; U; 14; Teacher at Boys National School; Fordington; F26p28

; Mary J DENNIS; Daughter; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F26p28

; William S DENNIS; Son; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F26p28

; Elizabeth DENNIS; Daughter; U; 4; Scholar; Dorchester; F26p28

; Samuel DENNIS; Son; U; 2; Dorchester; F26p28

108; Durngate Street-wallaston House; Hastings Nathaniel MIDDLETON; Head; M; 41; Landed Proprietor employing 6 Men; MIDDX Westminster; F26p28

; Mary Ann MIDDLETON; Wife; M; 46; MIDDX London; F26p28

; Georgina M A MIDDLETON; Daughter; U; 15; Scholar at Home; AUSTRIA (British Subject); F26p28

; Maria S MIDDLETON; Daughter; U; 12; Scholar at Home; MIDDX Paddington; F26p28

; Hastings B MIDDLETON; Son; U; 11; Scholar at Home; SURREY Betchworth; F26p28

; William F MIDDLETON; Son; U; 9; Scholar at Home; SURREY Betchworth; F26p28

; Augusta E MIDDLETON; Daughter; U; 8; Scholar at Home; SURREY Reigate; F26p28

; Henrietta E MIDDLETON; Daughter; U; 5; Scholar at Home; SURREY Worthing; F26p28

; Catherine BARTON; Neice; U; 10; Scholar; Illegible (British Subject); F26p28

; Mary Ann TAPP; Servant; U; 32; Governess; MIDDX St Marylebone; F26p28

; William PEGLER; Servant; W; 36; Butler; HERTS Allenham; F26p28

; Mary Ann GIRLING; Servant; W; 44; Ladies Maid; SUFF Halsworth; F26p28

; Mary Ann COLLINS; Servant; U; 32; Cook; HERTS Watford; F27p29

; Frances SMITH; Servant; U; 29; Nurse; BERKS Polesberry; F27p29

; Martha A STERBROOK; Servant; U; 33; Housemaid; MIDDX London; F27p29

; Mary A HAMBLETON; Servant; U; 22; Kitchen Maid; SUSSEX Tillington; F27p29

; Suzette H DUE; Servant; U; 17; Nursery Maid; SWITZERLAND; F27p29

109; Durngate Lane; Robert CHIPP; Head; M; 36; Cordwainer; Alton Pancras; F27p29

; Jane B CHIPP; Wife; M; 36; DORSET Illegible; F27p29

; Kitty CHIPP; Daughter; U; 12; Scholar; Fordington; F27p29

; John CHIPP; Son; U; 9; Scholar; Parkstone; F27p29

; Elizabeth CHIPP; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; HANTS Minestead; F27p29

; Susan S CHIPP; Daughter; U; 4; Scholar; WILTS Salisbury; F27p29

; Mary S CHIPP; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F27p29

110; Durngate Lane; John LAKE; Head; M; 51; French Polisher; Corscombe; F27p29

; Rosetta LAKE; Wife; M; 39; IRELAND; F27p29

; Ann LAKE; Daughter; U; 17; Dress Maker; YORKS Hull; F27p29

111; Durngate Lane; John DOWNE; Head; M; 48; Currier Master; DEVON Holsworthy; F27p29

; Betsy DOWNE; Wife; M; 43; DEVON Buckland Brewers; F27p29

; John DOWNE; Son; U; 16; Assistant to Currier; BOSTON U S British Subject; F27p29

; Christopher G DOWNE; Son; U; 11; Scholar; Beaminster; F27p29

; Mary E DOWNE; Daughter; U; 5; Scholar; Beaminster; F27p29

; Marsha C DOWNE; Daughter; U; 3; Scholar; Beaminster; F27p30

; Ann DOWNE; Daughter; U; 2months; Dorchester; F27p30

; Sarah REED; Servant; U; 17; House Servant; Maiden Newton; F27p30

112; Durngate Street; Jane HANVILLE; Head; U; 20; Straw Bonnet Maker; Blandford; F27p30

; Ann GREEN; Visitor; U; 26; Straw Bonnet Maker; Charmouth; F27p30

113; Durngate Street; Joseph SYMES; Head; M; 30; Cordwainer Master; Kingston Russell; F27p30

; Frances M SYMES; Wife; M; 32; DEVON Topsham; F27p30

; William J SYMES; Son; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F27p30

; Sarah Ann SYMES; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F27p30

114; Durngate Street; David ROBERTS; Head; M; 33; Coachman; Durweston; F27p30

; Elizabeth ROBERTS; Wife; M; 33; Tarrant Rushton; F27p30

; Maria ROBERTS; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; WILTS Berwick St John; F27p30

; Amelia ROBERTS; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; Blandford Forum; F27p30

115; Durngate Street; Joseph LANGRIDGE; Head; M; 41; Tailor Pauper; Weymouth; F27p30

; Ann LANGRIDGE; Wife; M; 57; Pauper; Abbey Milton; F27p30

116; Gallows Hill; Charles FOSTER; Head; M; 31; Labourer (Masons); Dorchester; F27p30

; Martha FOSTER; Wife; M; 32; Radipole; F27p30

; James FOSTER; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Radipole; F27p30

; Samuel W FOSTER; Son; U; 6; Scholar; Fordington; F27p30

; Mary Ann FOSTER; Daughter; U; 3; Dorchester; F27p30

; Charles FOSTER; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F28p31

; Henry FOSTER; Son; U; 3months; Dorchester; F28p31

117; Gallows Hill; Edwin STABEY; Head; M; 30; Sawyer; Fifehead Neville; F28p31

; Jane STABEY; Wife; M; 24; Dorchester; F28p31

118; Gallows Hill; William STAINER; Head; M; 37; Stoker at Gas House; Fordington; F28p31

; Elizabeth STAINER; Wife; M; 36; HANTS N K; F28p31

; George STAINER; Son; U; 17; Tailors Apprentice; Winterborne Herringston; F28p31

; Sarah Jane STAINER; Daughter; U; 9; Scholar; Fordington; F28p31

; Eliza STAINER; Daughter; U; 6; Scholar; Fordington; F28p31

; William STAINER; Son; U; 3; Dorchester; F28p31

119; Gallows Hill; Thomas DUNSTER?; Head; W; 73; Cooper Journeyman; DEVON Axminster; F28p31

; Jane DUNSTER?; Daughter; U; 38; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F28p31

120; Gallows Hill; John BIRD; Head; M; 69; Pauper (Groom); Cattistock; F28p31

; Sarah BIRD; Wife; M; 58; Pauper; Dorchester; F28p31

121; Gallows Hill; Elun (F) BUSSELL; Head; W; 76; Pauper (Widow of Labourer); Dorchester; F28p31

; Susan BUSSELL; Daughter; U; 44; Charwoman; Dorchester; F28p31

; Eliza BUSSELL; Granddaughter; U; 16; Dress Makers Apprentice; Dorchester; F28p31

; John BUSSELL; Grandson; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F28p31

122; Gallows Hill; James WOODROW; Head; M; 45; Labourer (Agricultural); SUSSEX Midhurst; F28p32

; Sarah WOODROW; Wife; M; 52; HANTS Ringwood; F28p32

; James WOODROW; Son; U; 16; Labourer (Agricultural); NOR Thetford; F28p32

; Alice WOODROW; Daughter; U; 14; Scholar; NOR Thetford; F28p32

123; Gallows Hill; John ROPER; Head; M; 56; Brewers Labourer; Piddletown; F28p32

; Mary ROPER; Wife; M; 52; Laundress; Chaldon; F28p32

; Jane ROPER; Daughter; U; 20; Laundress; Dorchester; F28p32

; Emma ROPER; Daughter; U; 19; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F28p32

; William ROPER; Son; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F28p32

; Henry MAX*ED; Visitor; U; 23; Gasman? London & S W Railway; HANTS Southampton; F28p32

124; Gallows Hill; John G GUY; Head; M; 27; Groom; Asherton?; F28p32

; Sarah A GUY; Wife; M; 22; Dress Maker; Pimperne; F28p32

; George GUY; Son; U; 1; Blandford; F28p32

125; Gallows Hill; James TARR; Head; M; 64; Carpenter Journeyman; SOM Chapel; F28p32

; Eleanor TARR; Wife; M; 57; Dorchester; F28p32

; Thomas TARR; Son; U; 32; Carpenter Journeyman; Fordington; F28p32

; Jane TARR; Daughter; U; 26; Dress Maker; Fordington; F28p32

; James TARR; Son; U; 18; Plumber & Glazier; Charminster; F28p32

; Eliza TARR; Daughter; U; 13; Dorchester; F28p32

; Louisa TARR; Granddaughter; U; 3; Dorchester; F28p32

126; Gallows Hill; John ROBINSON; Head; U; 18; Errand Boy; Dorchester; F28p32

127; Gallows Hill; Mathew R EYRES; Head; M; 60; Post Messenger; Dorchester; F29p33

; Phillis EYRES; Wife; M; 56; Nurse; Wooland; F29p33

; Mary A EYRES; Daughter; U; 23; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F29p33

; James EYRES; Son; U; 21; Cordwainer Apprentice; Dorchester; F29p33

; Parsella? WOOLRIDGE; Sister in Law; U; 60; Nurse; Wooland; F29p33

; John BUSTIDGE; Brother in Law; M; 47; Cordwainer; Beaminster; F29p33

128; Gallows Hill; Edward SLADE; Head; W; 41; Tailor Master; Dorchester; F29p33

; George SLADE; Son; U; 15; Cabinet Maker (Apprentice); Fordington; F29p33

; John SLADE; Son; U; 11; Scholar; Fordington; F29p33

129; Gallows Hill; Henry STANDISH; Head; W; 82; Pauper (Labourer); Dorchester; F29p33

130; Gallows Hill; Joseph BALLARD; Head; M; 72; Pauper (Labourer); Piddletrenthide; F29p33

; Susan BALLARD; Wife; M; 66; Pauper; Mereton; F29p33

131; Gallows Hill; William R LEGG; Head; M; 62; Carpenter (Journeyman); Charminster; F29p33

; Ann LEGG; Wife; M; 63; N.K; F29p33

; George SHERREN; Lodger; U; 30; Carpenter (Journeyman); Piddletown; F29p33

132; Gallows Hill; John JOINER; Head; M; 46; Drayman in Brewery; Woodsford; F29p33

; Ann JOINER; Wife; M; 44; Chettle; F29p33

; Martha JOINER; Daughter; U; 13; Scholar; Dorchester; F29p33

; John JOINER; Son; U; 11; Scholar; Dorchester; F29p33

; Fanny JOINER; Daughter; U; 4; Scholar; Dorchester; F29p33

; Frederick JOINER; Son; U; 2; Dorchester; F29p34

; Samuel MEECH; Lodger; U; 20; Shoemaker Apprentice; Compton Vallence; F29p34

; William JACOBS; Lodger; U; 18; Tailor Apprentice; Illegible Wimborne; F29p34

; Thomas HOUSE; Lodger; U; 17; Tailor Apprentice; Mereton; F29p34

133; Gallows Hill; Edward LEGG; Head; M; 35; Cordwainer; Dorchester; F29p34

; Sarah LEGG; Wife; M; 35; Dorchester; F29p34

; Eliza LEGG; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F29p34

; Edward LEGG; Son; U; 4months; Dorchester; F29p34

; George LEGG; Visitor; U; 32; Plumber; Dorchester; F29p34

134; Gallows Hill; John BAILEY; Head; M; 52; Cabinet Maker Journeyman; Dorchester; F29p34

; Jane BAILEY; Wife; M; 27; MIDDX Enfield; F29p34

; Judith BAILEY; Daughter; U; 20; Dorchester; F29p34

; Henry BAILEY; Son; U; 15; Scholar; Dorchester; F29p34

; Frederick BAILEY; Son; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F29p34

; Alfred BAILEY; Son; U; 10months; Dorchester; F29p34

135; Gallows Hill; Adolphus F WALLER; Head; M; 28; Foreman at Gas Works; SOM Yeovil; F29p34

; Maria V WALLER; Wife; M; 24; NEWFOUNDLAND; F29p34

; Maria E WALLER; Daughter; U; 2; Poole; F29p34

; Sarah S WALLER; Daughter; U; 1month; Dorchester; F29p34

136; Gallows Hill; William DAWE; Head; M; 58; Lamp Cleaner; Dorchester; F30p35

; Esther DAWE; Wife; M; 54; Laundress; Woodsford; F30p35

; Mary Ann DAWE; Daughter; U; 32; Laundress; Dorchester; F30p35

; Robert DAWE; Son; U; 20; Carpenter; Dorchester; F30p35

; Fanny DAWE; Daughter; U; 15; Laundress; Dorchester; F30p35

137; Gallows Hill; Robert PUCKETT; Head; M; 29; Footman; Tinelton; F30p35

; Mary Ann PUCKETT; Wife; M; 33; Dorchester; F30p35

; Robert PUCKETT; Son; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F30p35

; William PUCKETT; Son; U; 5; Scholar; Dorchester; F30p35

; Frances Ann PUCKETT; Daughter; U; 3; Dorchester; F30p35

; Mary Ann PUCKETT; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F30p35

; Eliza PUCKETT; Daughter; U; 2weeks; Dorchester; F30p35

; Frances LEGG; Sister in Law; U; 35; House Servant (Pauper); Dorchester; F30p35

138; Gallows Hill; George PASFIELD; Head; M; 36; Tailor (Journeyman); Stinsford; F30p35

; Caroline M PASFIELD; Wife; M; 34; Lillington; F30p35

; George PASFIELD; Son; U; 6; Scholar; Fordington; F30p35

; Rosanna PASFIELD; Daughter; U; 4; Dorchester; F30p35

; Eliza J PASFIELD; Daughter; U; 2; Dorchester; F30p35

139; Gallows Hill; Elizabeth STROUD; Head; W; 70; Pauper (Coachmans Widow); DEVON Axminster; F30p35

140; Gallows Hill; Mary ROGERS; Head; W; 38; Carpenters Widow; Broadmayne; F30p36

; Elizabeth BALSTON; Sister; U; 24; Dress Maker; Broadmayne; F30p36

141; Gallows Hill; Edward BILLOWS; Head; M; 32; Engineer and Superintendent of Gas Works employing 6 Men; Poole; F30p36

; Edward C BILLOWS; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F30p36

; George BILLOWS; Son; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F30p36

; Ellen BILLOWS; Daughter; U; 3; Dorchester; F30p36

; Frederick BILLOWS; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F30p36

; Ann CHARMBURY; Mother in Law; W; 59; Annuitant; Wimborne; F30p36

; Kate M CHARMBURY; Neice; U; 4; NEW ORLEANS U S; F30p36

; Kezia PEARCE; Servant; W; 40; House Servant; Keinston?; F30p36

; Caroline PEARCE; Servant; U; 13; Nurse; Piddletown; F30p36

; 6 Houses Uninhabited; F30p36

142; Gallows Hill; Mary WAY; Head; U; 36; Schoolmistress; DEVON Exmouth; F30p36

; Robert WAY; Father; M; 61; Formerly Bailiff; DEVON Doddiscombsleigh; F30p36

; Susan WAY; Mother; M; 66; DEVON Allerton; F30p36

; Mary S BOND; Neice; U; 8; Scholar; DEVON Exeter; F30p36

; Susan SUGG; Boarder; U; 14; Scholar; SOM Yeovil; F30p36

143; Church Lane; Thomas B MEDWAY; Head; M; 28; Currier Journeyman; Stinsland; F30p36

; Mary E MEDWAY; Wife; M; 24; Milliner; Cattistock; F30p36

; Flora A MEDWAY; Daughter; U; 8months; Dorchester; F30p36

144; Church Lane; Mary DODSON; Head; W; 65; Pauper (Carpenters Widow); DORSET Broadway; F31p37

145; Church Lane; John FARRANT; Head; M; 25; Groom; SOM Castle Cary; F31p37

; Eliza FARRANT; Wife; M; 28; DEVON Crediton; F31p37

; James FARRANT; Son; U; 2; SOM Yeovil; F31p37

; Eliza FARRANT; Daughter; U; 6months; Dorchester; F31p37

146; Church Lane; Charles HARDY; Head; U; 22; Brewers Labourer; Charminster; F31p37

147; Church Lane; James SEBLEY; Head; M; 29; Journeyman Baker; Maiden Newton; F31p37

; Susan SEBLEY; Wife; M; 28; SOM Crewkerne; F31p37

; Mary SEBLEY; Daughter; U; 1; Fordington; F31p37

; Louisa JOY; Sister in Law; U; 21; House Servant; SOM Crewkerne; F31p37

148; Church Lane; Joseph LOCK; Head; W; 47; Carrier Master employing one Man; Chaldon Herring; F31p37

; Jane LOCK; Daughter; U; 24; Dorchester; F31p37

; Elizabeth LOCK; Daughter; U; 22; Dorchester; F31p37

; Thomas LOCK; Son; U; 20; Carrier Son & Apprentice; Dorchester; F31p37

; Harriet LOCK; Daughter; U; 15; Scholar; Dorchester; F31p37

149; Church Lane; Mary MASTERS; Head; U; 20; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F31p37

150; Church Lane; William CAPON; Head; M; 44; Carpenter (Journeyman); Beaminster; F31p37

; Jane CAPON; Wife; M; 41; Charmouth; F31p37

; William F CAPON; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Fordington; F31p37

; Sarah A CAPON; Daughter; U; 5; Fordington; F31p37

; Louisa E CAPON; NOT NOTED; NOT NOTED; 3; Dorchester; F31p38

; Jane S CAPON; NOT NOTED; NOT NOTED; 4months; Dorchester; F31p38

151; Church Lane; Edwin WHITE; Head; M; 33; Hair Dresser Master; Dorchester; F31p38

; Jane WHITE; Wife; M; 34; Melcombe Regis; F31p38

; Thomas WHITE; Son; U; 9; Dorchester; F31p38

; Jane WHITE; Daughter; U; 7; Dorchester; F31p38

; Emma WHITE; Daughter; U; 5; Dorchester; F31p38

; Lucy WHITE; Daughter; U; 3; Dorchester; F31p38

; Mary WHITE; Daughter; U; 11months; Dorchester; F31p38

; Robert MULLETT; Brother in Law; U; 29; Blacksmith Journeyman; Weymouth; F31p38

; Mary J THORNE; Servant; U; 17; House Servant; Fordington; F31p38

152; Church Lane; Richard PARMITER; Head; M; 42; Pawn Broker and Furniture Broker, Tea Dealer & Clothier; Wareham; F31p38

; Jane PARMITER; Wife; M; 39; Dorchester; F31p38

; Stephen PARMITER; Son; U; 14; Wareham; F31p38

; William PARMITER; Son; U; 12; Scholar; Dorchester; F31p38

; Richard PARMITER; Son; U; 8; Scholar; Dorchester; F31p38

; Charles PARMITER; Son; U; 4; Dorchester; F31p38

; Ann VATCHER; Sister in Law; U; 37; Assistant to Pawn Broker; Dorchester; F31p38

; Elizabeth FORWARD; Servant; U; 28; House Servant; SOM Berwick; F31p38

; Ann REYNOLD; Servant; U; 17; Assistant to Pawn Broker; Dorchester; F31p38

153; Church Lane-the Dolphin Inn; Charles PARSONS; Head; M; 42; Innkeeper; HANTS Sopley; F32p39

; Sarah PARSONS; Wife; M; 36; Dorchester; F32p39

; William WHITE; Lodger; U; Illegible; Coachman; Dorchester; F32p39

; Edward CASH; Lodger; U; 31; Groom; Stinsford; F32p39

154; Church Lane-whetstones Almshouses; Samuel FOSTER; Head; M; 78; In an Alms House; Fordington; F32p39

; Mary FOSTER; Wife; M; 78; In an Alms House; Upwey; F32p39

155; Church Lane-whetstones Almshouses; Joseph WHITE; Head; W; 80; In an Alms House; Charminster; F32p39

156; Church Lane-whetstones Almshouses; James SHANKS; Head; M; 79; In an Alms House; Fordington; F32p39

; Rebecca SHANKS; Wife; M; 79; In an Alms House; Dorchester; F32p39

157; Church Lane-whetstones Almshouses; Benjamin REAVES; Head; M; 76; In an Alms House; SOM Cheddar; F32p39

; Sabena REAVES; Wife; M; 67; In an Alms House; Beer Regis; F32p39

158; Church Lane; Thomas WEST; Head; M; 31; Malster Journeyman; Dorchester; F32p39

; Ann WEST; Wife; M; 30; SOM Crewkerne; F32p39

; Mary Ann WEST; Daughter; U; 16; Scholar; SOM Crewkerne; F32p39

; Elizabeth WEST; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F32p39

; Louisa WEST; Daughter; U; 7; Scholar; Dorchester; F32p39

; Caroline WEST; Daughter; U; 4; Dorchester; F32p39

; Thomas H WEST; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F32p39

159; Church Lane; John BRAKE; Head; M; 34; Cooper Journeyman; South Perrott; F32p40

; Lucy BRAKE; Wife; M; 38; Broadwinsor; F32p40

; Henry BRAKE; Son; U; 3; Scholar; Milton Abbas; F32p40

; Harriet BRAKE; Daughter; U; 8months; Dorchester; F32p40

160; Church Lane; Susan GROVES; Head; W; 68; Pauper Labourers Widow; Dorchester; F32p40

; Sarah DUNKLEY; Sister; W; 65; Pauper Soldiers Widow; Dorchester; F32p40

; Edward DORRETTY; Visitor; U; 13; Scholar; Weymouth; F32p40

161; Church Lane; Thomas DEWLAND; Head; M; 36; Plumber & Glazier employing one Man; Charminster; F32p40

; Mary A DEWLAND; Wife; M; 34; Dorchester; F32p40

; Laura M DEWLAND; Daughter; U; 10; Scholar; Dorchester; F32p40

; Thomas DEWLAND; Son; U; 2; Dorchester; F32p40

; Mary Ann HAWKINS; Visitor; U; 22; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F32p40

162; Church Lane; Grace BODEN; Head; W; 86; Annuitant; SOM Chapel; F32p40

; Ann MITCHELL; Visitor; W; 66; Annuitant; SOM Chapel; F32p40

163; Bell Street; John MILLS; Head; M; 25; Malster Journeyman; Winterborne St Martin; F32p40

164; Bell Street; William WOODWARD; Head; M; 29; Carrier; Winterborne Steepleton; F32p40

; Susan WOODWARD; Wife; M; 27; Piddlehinton; F32p40

; Albert WOODWARD; Son; U; 1; Dorchester; F32p40

; Jane WOODWARD; Daughter; U; 3months; Dorchester; F32p40

165; Bell Street-the Star Inn; John WOODWARD; Head; M; 67; Beershop Keeper-Formerly Dairyman; Winterborne Steepleton; F33p41

; Dinah WOODWARD; Wife; M; 67; DORSET Broadway; F33p41

166; Bell Street; Joseph WHITTLE; Head; M; 62; Dairyman; Langton Herring; F33p41

; Rebecca WHITTLE; Wife; M; 54; Powerstock; F33p41

; Francis WHITTLE; Son; U; 13; Dairyman; Fordington; F33p41

; Edith WHITTLE; Daughter; U; 9; Fordington; F33p41

; Martha WEBBER; Step Daughter; U; 25; House Servant; Powerstock; F33p41

; Phillis WEBBER; Step Daughter; U; 22; House Servant; Powerstock; F33p41

167; Bell Street; John MASTERS; Head; M; 41; Servant (Groom); Dorchester; F33p41

; Ann MASTERS; Wife; M; 35; Dress Maker; Fordington; F33p41

; Emily MASTERS; Daughter; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F33p41

; Emma WHITE; Visitor; U; 21; Dress Maker; Dorchester; F33p41

; Elizabeth BILLETT; Visitor; U; 21; Dress Maker; Moreton; F33p41

; Harriet BILLETT; Visitor; U; 14; Dress Maker Apprentice; Moreton; F33p41

168; Bell Street; Sarah BROOKS; Head; M; 34; Wife of a Servant; Winterborne Came; F33p41

; Francis BROOKS; Son; U; 2; Dorchester; F33p41

; Sarah BROOKS; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F33p41

169; Bell Street; Emily EARLE; Head; M; 29; Wife of a Servant Footman; Dorchester; F33p41

; Thomas EARLE; Son; U; 2; Weymouth; F33p41

170; Bell Street; Josiah H JUDD; Head; M; 45; Commercial Traveller (Grocer); WILTS Downton; F33p42

; Jane JUDD; Wife; M; 24; HANTS Romsey; F33p42

; Tom JUDD; Son; U; 2months; Dorchester; F33p42

; Kate HARDY; Servant; U; 19; House Servant; Stinsford; F33p42

; James PEYTON; Visitor; U; 50; Coal Agent; HANTS Christchurch; F33p42

171; Bell Street; George OXENBURY; Head; M; 31; Servant; Symondsbury; F33p42

; Ann OXENBURY; Wife; M; 30; SOM Chard; F33p42

; Elizabeth OXENBURY; Daughter; U; 6; Scholar; Dorchester; F33p42

; Martha OXENBURY; Daughter; U; 3; Scholar; Dorchester; F33p42

; Ann OXENBURY; Daughter; U; 1; Dorchester; F33p42

; Martha COLLINS; Servant; U; 29; House Servant; SOM Chard; F33p42

172; Bell Street; William DUNKLEY; Head; M; 28; Journeyman Baker; Fordington; F33p42

; Mary Ann DUNKLEY; Wife; M; 26; Fordington; F33p42

; Fanny J DUNKLEY; Daughter; U; 5months; Dorchester; F33p42

; Frederick HAZARD; Visitor; U; 18; Carriers Clerk; Sherborne; F33p42

173; Bell Street; Benjamin HUDSON; Head; M; 29; Engine Driver (Railway); SOM Wedmore; F33p42

; Rebecca HUDSON; Wife; M; 24; GLAM Merthyr Tydvill; F33p42

; John HUDSON; Son; U; 5; Scholar; GLAM Merthyr Tydvill; F33p42

; Thomas HUDSON; Son; U; 2; Scholar; WILTS Salisbury; F33p42

174; Bell Street; Samuel SPLATT; Head; M; 49; Tin Plate Worker (Journeyman); DEVON Dawlish; F34p43

; Susannah SPLATT; Wife; M; 49; Dress Maker; DEVON Dawlish; F34p43

; John SPLATT; Son; U; 16; Blacksmith Apprentice; DEVON St Mary Ottery; F34p43

175; Bell Street; Robert GREGORY; Head; W; 72; Pauper (Plasterer); Dorchester; F34p43

; James GREGORY; Son; U; 31; Plasterer Journeyman; Dorchester; F34p43

; Elizabeth GREGORY; Daughter; U; 26; Laundress; Dorchester; F34p43

; Mary Ann MEDWAY; Granddaughter; U; 4; Scholar; Dorchester; F34p43

176; Bell Street; John DEAN; Head; M; 54; Labourer Groom Ostler; HANTS Basingstoke; F34p43

; Elizabeth DEAN; Wife; M; 60; Dorchester; F34p43

177; Bell Street; William FACEY; Head; M; 47; Postman; Dorchester; F34p43

; Susan FACEY; Wife; M; 46; Milliner & Dressmaker; Cerne Abbas; F34p43

; Henrietta  FACEY; Daughter; U; 18; Milliner & Dressmaker; Dorchester; F34p43

; William FACEY; Son; U; 21; Cabinet Maker (Apprentice); Dorchester; F34p43

; William FRAMPTON; Visitor; W; 32; Gas Fitter Journeyman; Poole; F34p43

; William BOSWELL; Visitor; U; 24; Bricklayer Journeyman; Bere Regis; F34p43

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