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Steven WHITE (1576/7-1629)

of Stanton St John Oxfordshire

©Compiled by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington March 2009

Steven WHITE was born circa 1576/7 in Stanton St John Oxfordshire the third son of John WHITE Senior(1550-1618) and his wife Isabel BAWLE (1552-1601). He was raised in the manor house with his brothers Josiah WHITE (1573 -1622 ) who became the vicar of Hornchurch in Essex and John WHITE (1575-1648) who was destined to become the 'Patriarch of Dorchester'. For more background on their upbringing see the Patriarch's biography.

16th Century Grade II listed Manor Farm House

Given his background I would have expected him to have attended College at Oxford but I have not been unable to trace an entry there. He appears to have been one of the first protestant students at Emmanuel College in Cambridge which he entered on 1st April 1589 obtaining a BA there in 1592/3. I give more background to this College under the Biography of Edward Pele the vicar of Fordington. Although primed for priesthood with his elder brothers well provided for within the church his father clearly saw him taking over the Manor and after his education he returned to Stanton St John to become enmeshed in the day to day running of their farm

He married Marie WATERHOUSE under a settlement agreement in 1614/15 and had eight children by her whose names were Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Hanna, John, Stephen, Sara, and Abigail, all were still alive at his death in 1629.

Steven inherited his fathers estate in 1618 and his position as 'fermer' of the Manor at Stanton St John which he held until his death in 1629. The following version of his Will is given by Rose-Troup in her book 'John White the Founder of Massachusetts' published 1930.

The Will of Steven WHITE of Stanton St John

Dated: 7th November 1629. Stephen White of Stanton St John Gentleman:

To: the poor of Stanton St John £10; also £20 to be paid in ten several payments on 5th November, they to be put in mind o the great deliverance which the Lord God on this day was pleased to afford this church and State.

To: wife, Marie £500 of which £200 to be paid within 5 months of my decease on condition that there be delivered up to my executors the bond for £500 dated 1st march 1614 wherein I stand bound to Henry Wilkinson of Wadesden in Buckinghamshire and Anthony Waterhouse , now deceased for the payment of £300 to my dear wife Marie.

To: her also best parcel gilt salt, silver bowl of the bigger sort and household stuff.

To: Brother John WHITE and sisters Mary TERRY; Martha MOORE; Anne WHITE widow; and Elizabeth GARDNER 30 shillings each for a ring.

To: eldest daughter Marie £150; to daughters Martha, Elizabeth, Hanna, Sara, and Abigail £100 each; to sons John £300 and Stephen £200.

Residue in trust for children to Henry WILKINSON of Wadesdon, clerk; brother John WHITE of Dorchester, John NIXON of Oxfordshire apothecary and John TREDWELL of Oxfordshire shoemaker all of whom I make executors.

Witnesses:- Elizabeth GARDNER, Stephen TERRYE

CODICIL: dated 13 November 1629. To cousin Mary GARDNER at her marriage £5; to brother GARDNER my best cloak; To cousin Stephen TERRY my best suit of clothes; To Goodwife BURGES 5 shillings

PROVED: 15th February 1629/30 by Henry WILKINSON Clerk and John WHITE Clerk.

His brother John White was one of the trustees of his estate which after some bequests was set in trust for his children. His widow Mary having been left £500 was persuaded by John White to move her family to Dorchester. As a result her eldest child Marie WHITE married John WHITEWAY (1614-1679) who was the son of William WHITEWAY the elder (1570-1639) and brother of William Whiteway junior (1599-1635) the famous diarist. She lived to 1658 after which John Whiteway remarried to a Martha Alsopp. I know nothing about the other children except for John White who returned to Stanton St John where he had to take a trade as a carpenter and later a brewer but he became Lord Mayor of Oxford in 1664 and an account of him can be found through the Mayors of Oxford web site.
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