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Family Photograph Album

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(1) An Unknown Young Girl (c1881-1883)
Photograph taken by Thomas GRIGG (1857-1932)

The 'Cabinet' card was a style of photograph which was universally adopted for photographic portraiture in 1870. This picture of an unknown young girl dressed in her Sunday best dates from between 1881 and 1883 because Thomas Grigg's 'South Street' Address on the back of the card. I would guess she is about 5 years old.


(2-4) Innkeepers of the Bull's Head - Fordington Hill .

First picture is of George Pitfield (1844-1917) who married twice and ran the Bull's Head Inn for 20 years from 1877. His first wife was Elizabeth Brushett (1850-1891) whom he married at All Saints Church Dorchester on 24th Feb 1870. To his right is a picture of his second wife Eliza Jane nee Legge (1858-1915) whom he married in 1891 in Epsom Surrey. The third picture is of his son George John Pitfield (1871-1947) and his wife Alice Mary nee Scard (1867-1932) who took over running the Bull's Head when his father left in 1896/7 until 1906.


(5) The Scard Family of Cerne Abbas - 1889

We would like help from other descendants of the family to clearly identify individuals in this picture. The assumption being that these are mainly the children or close relatives of Simeon and Jane Scard. Link to details of their children. Alice Mary Scard who later became the wife of George John Pitfield (above right) is seated in this picture on the far right.

This picture was taken at Boscome on 7th Sep 1889
the photographer was S. Emerson of 29 Shelly Road, Boscome

(6-9) Unknown members of the Pitfield Family
Photographs taken by Thomas GRIGG (1857-1932)

These Cabinet Cards have nothing on the back. Again if anyone can help identify them please make contact. I am no expert in dating cards from period dress and quite prepared to be corrected by someone who actually knows what they are doing. I am using as a rough reference guide the publication 'Costume 1066 to the present' by John Peacock.
(6). The Lady's tight fitting jacket and colar with a broach suggests 1895-1901. She is married as she appears to be wearing an engagement and wedding ring on her left hand which is presented in this way to show her married status.
(7). The Man's Bowler hat with a curled trim, single breasted jacket fastened by the top button, a bound edge to the jacket with cuffs suggests a slightly earlier date of 1885-1890. There is no evidence that he was married. This card is unusually coloured light blue (although this is not clear from the image) and Blue on the reverse.
(8) Winged colars seem to have been popular 1885-1890 but still in use through to 1910. Winged Colars with silk neck ties possibly 1890-1895.
(9) I wondered whether the white colar suggested that he had joined the church as it does not appear to be a fashion statement around this time. I could not however identify a suitable candidate with the surname of Pitfield but of course he may have married into the family. Silk Cravats with a pin certainly were in fashion in 1885-1890 but a handkerchief in the pocket might be more 1901-1905


(10-11) Unknown members of the Pitfield Family - c 1880
Photographs taken by John Pouncy (1818-1894)


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