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Will & Inventory of John RASKER

Dated 9th December 1661

©Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington from CLDS Film 1067158 January 2009
Last updated January 2011

NOTE:- The top right hand portion of this document is missing having been torn off.
As most of these wills follow a similar format I have in some cases been able to add missing text or explanatory comments in brackets

In the name of God Amen

I John RASKER of Ffordington in the County [of Dorset] doe make this my Last Will and Testament though being sicke in body [yet in] perfect memorye, & thanks be to God, in manner and fforme as follows

Item: [ I ] bequeath my soule into the hand of my creator from wheare I have [missing text] the merritts of Jesus Christ to enjoy him in everlasting bliss and Glory [ I ] doe order and appoynt to be buried in the Church yard where both my ffather [missing text] lyeth

Item: I doe give unto the Church of Ffordington the sum of five shillings [missing text] poure.

Item: I do give unto the Church of Ffordington poore the sum [missing text] shillings to be distributed by the Overseers of the poore the next Sabeth [after] my decease

Item: I doe appoynt Joshua CHURCHILL to preach [at] my [funeral] and for his text I doo appoynt in the 73 ps 25. 26 before
[Note: - Refers to the 73rd Psalm; paragraphs 25 & 26]

What else have I in heaven but you?
Since I have you, what else could I want on earth?

My mind and my body may grow weak but God is my strength;
he is all I ever need.]

Item: I doe give Nathaniell READE of Dorchester my ash color Cloake and my stone grey [rest illegible and part missing] wch [which] I was want to weare

Item: I doe give unto Marcke RASKER my blacke cloake

Item: I doe give unto Robert RASKER of Dorchester two shillings and six pence

Item: I doe give unto William RASKER of Ffordington two shillings and six pence

Item: I doe give unto Margaret FREEKE Widdow the sume of 5s [shillings]

Item: I doe [give] Mary STILL of Dorchester two shillings

Item:I doe give unto each of my servannts twelve pence a peece [piece]

Lastly: I doe make and appoynt Margaret my wife that now sole and whole executor [executrix] and doe give unto her all my other estate both within doares [doors] and without and to also demand and recover all the said sumes of money that is due [illegible] and that she doth pay or [a]range to be paid what moneys I do owe With all I doe give unto my Godson John RASKER my stuffe [i.e. woollen] shirte with stockens [stockings] shewes [shoes] and hatt.

Item: I doe likewise give unto Robert RASKER of Ffordington my suite and hatt and one paire of stockins

Item: I do appoynt and order Markias RASKER , Robert RASKER Sen: [Senior] Christopher RASKER, William RASKER, John RASKER and Robert RASKER jun: [junior] to be the my bearers unto my grave

Item: I doe likewise appoynt and order John KUZEUNE [Cousins?] of Kayben? and John WINSOR of Ffordington to be my observers of this my Will and Testament and for their paynes to give unto each of them twelve pence a peece [piece] ; and that said legaryes (and that my sayd legaryes ?) be paid behoove this Candlemas Daye next ensuing the date hereof to wch [which] this my Will and Testament I have sett my hand and seale this ninth day of December in the yeare of our Lord 1661 John RASKER signed sealed and delivered in the presence of John Nicholas STONE the marke of Robert RASKER

An Inventory

[Note: The top paragraph of this image is out of focus preventing me from completing this transcription properly but is OK on the original CLDS film to which I do not currently have access --I have transcribed into modern English but beneath each paragraph provided a direct transcription where i have retained the original line structure to aid identification ]

Of ye goods Chattles & houshold stuff of John RASKER late of Ffordington deceased taken & praised by John ????? John ????? Wm STICKLAND Henry HOLMAN ye 10th December Anno Domini 1661

Impremis [In the first place] in the Hall one table board, one cupboard with joined stools, two chests, one carpet & ten cushions, one pewter basin, three pewter candlesticks, two silks, one brass candlestick and one frying pan appraised at £3. 9s 10d
    [Imprems: in ye hall one tablebord one cubbord with joyned stooles two chests
    one carpitt & ten Cushings ; one pewter basen three pewter candlesticks
    two silks? one brasse canderstick and one frying pan praised at Liij S viiij D x]
Item: one pair of andirons, one pair of firedogs, one pair of tongs, and one fire pan, one basting jack, one pair of chairs, and one iron chest appraised at 12
    [Itm: one payre of Andirons one payre ffiredoggs one paire of tongs and
    one firepan one basting iak one paire chares and one iron chest praised at L xii]
Item: In the parlour one standing bedstead furnished, and one twinbed? bedstead furnished, appraised at 10
    [Itm: in the parlor one standing Bedsteede ffurnished and one twinbed
    bedsteade ffurnished praised at L x]
Item: Three chests, three coffers, four bags, two desks, one trunk and one chair appraised at 2.10s.0d
    [Itm: Three Chests three cofers fowre bages two deskes one Trunk
    and one Chayer praised at L ij S x]
Item: one silver bowl and silver spoons and three silles? with other bakes? appraised at 7. 6s. 8d
    [Itm: one silver bole & silver spoones and three Sylles? wth other
    bakes praised at Lvij S vj D viij ]
Item: His wearing apparel appraised at 10
    [Itm: his wearing apparrell praised att L x]
Item: in the Buttery: two pots of butter, one little table board, two silts? three trendols, one brass mortar, two half hogsheads, four bowls, one trencher stand, twelve pewter pottingers, with other lumber appraised at 4. 10s 0d
    [Itm: in ye Buttery: two potts of butter one little tablebord two
    sills? three trendols one brasse morter two halfe hogseds foure bowl
    one trencher cage twelve pewter pottingers wth other lumber praised at L iiij S x]
Item: In the little buttery one hogshead, one half hogshead appraised at 1
    [Item: in ye little Buttery one hogsed one halfe hogsed praised at L i]
Item: In the Kitchen - two table boards, two joined stools, one frame, three chargers, four pails, two fates, and one fatehorse, appraised at 1 6s 8d
    [Itm: in ye Kitching two tabel bords two joyne stooles one fframe
    three chagres foure payle two fates and one fatehorse praised at L i S vi d viij]
Item: twelve pewter pottingers, four brass pots, two brass pans, four kettles, two skillets, one iron, one dripping pan, one spit, one frying pan tree, iron pot and one forming pan appraised at 8 16s 8d
    [Itm: twelve pewter pottengers ffowre Brasse pott two brasse
    panes foure kettels two skilets one iron one driping pan one spitt
    one frying pan tree iron crocke & one forming pan L viij S xvj D viij]
Item: one tray, three platters, twelve timber dishes, one dozen spoons, three dozen trenchers with other lumber appraised at 5 shillings

    [Itm: one tray three tember platers twelve tember dishes one
    duz of spoones three duz of trenchers wth other lumber praised at S v ]
Item: Six sides of bacon with other salted meat appraised at 6
    [Itm: six sides of Bacen wth other salt meat praised at L vi]
Item: In the Malt House one yeoting vat, two other vats, eight oval tubs, three covels, three little tubs, one screen, one butter churn, one pair of brandis, two vat horses, and one skillet? appraised at 3 6s 8d

    [Itm: in the Malthouse one yeoteing fate two other fates eight trendols
    three covels three littel tubs one screene one butterchurne one
    payre of brandis two fatehorsses & one sheret praised at L iij S vi D viij]
Item: In the chamber in the Hall twelve pair of sheets, six pair of pillowcases, seven table cloths and three dozen of napkins 5 18s 8d
    [Itm: in the Chamber in ye hall twelve payre of sheets six
    payre of pillowtyes seven table cloaths and three doz of napkins L v S xviij d viij]
Item: one feather bed, two dust beds, four bed covers, three pair of blankets, one feather bolster, and four dust bolsters appraised at 4 1s 4d
    [Itm: one ffetherbed two dust beds foure coverleds three payer
    of blankets one feather bolster and foure dust bolsters praised at L iiij S i D iiij]
Item: one pewter dish, three tin chamber pots and a warming pan appraised at 0 6s 8d
    [Itm: one pewter dish three tinning chamberpots and a warmingpan praised at S vj Dviij]
Item: six fleeces of wool: two weight of ducks, two old willows, one old flagon, and a pair of iron scales appraised at 1 3s 4d
    [Itm: Six ffleeces of wool: two waiyht of Duks two old willows one
    old flagon and apaire of Iron scales praised at L i S iij D iiij]
Item: In the malt loft twelve bushel of malt one old screen three old tubs two ranges? and one sorrh? appraised at 2 13s 4d
    [Itm: in ye Malt loft twelve buh of Malt one old screene three
    old tubs two renges and one sorrh praised att Lij S xiij Diiij]
Item: Three score and six cheeses, four cheese vats, one cheese stein? appraised 2 13s 4d
    [Itm: three score & six cheesses ffoure cheesefates one acheese
    steene praised at L ij S xiij D iiij]
Item: In the stable four horses with their harnesses appraised at 10
    [Itm: in ye stable ffoure horsses wth there harnes praised at L x]
Item: Eight cows, three heifer beasts, and two calves appraised at 27 13s 4d
    [Itm: eight kine three heypher-bests and two calves praised at Lxxvij S xiij D iiij]
Item: In the backside two sulkys? four harrows, three carts, three pair of wheels, two puts with draughts and two cordropes appraised at 9 13s 4d
    [Itm: in ye backside: two suls [abbreviation for sulkys?] ffoure harrows three karts three
    payre of whealys two puts wth draughts and two cordrops praised att Lviiij S xiij D iiij]
Item: In the barns and backside the wheat, barley forges and a hog appraised at 135 6s 8d
    [Itm: In ye barnes and backside: the wheate: Barley: oates
    forges and hog praised att L cxxxv S vj D viij]
Item: In the backside six hogs appraised at 4 3s 4d
    [Itm: In ye backside six hoggs praised at L iiij S iij D iiij]
Item: The old wood out the back of the house appraised at 0 13s 4d

    [Itm: the oald wood in the backside praised at S xiij D iiij]
Item: In the common field: twenty six acres of wheat and four acres of furze lately sown appraised at 21 6 8d

    [Item: in the comon feild: twentie & six acors of wheate and
    ffoure acors of fforhes lately sowed praised at L xxi S vj D viij]
Item: at the field two hundred and sixteen sheep with piche pot: paint?: and iron barn, grazed all 72
    [Itm: at ye field two hindred and sixteene sheepe wth the pichpot: print: and iron barn graised all L l xxij ]
Item: winnowing sheet, twelve barley and willow one bushel, one half bushel:
    [Item: winnowing sheete twelve barley and willow one
    buh: one half bushell one pork one halfe pork and six seives
    praised at L i S xiij D iij]
Item: Old iron about the house appraised at 0 13s 4d
    [Itm: ye old Iron aboute ye house praised at Sxiij D iiij]
Item: Due upon bond & otherwise upon account as we are informed 45 12s 4d
    [Itm:due upon bond & otherwise upon account as we are informed Lxxxxv S xij D iiij
John Whset?

Genealogical Notes:-
A Mathias or Micheas RASKER of Fordington died in 1681 see Admin and Inventory
A Margaret RASKER widow of Fordington died in 1691 see her Will and Administration.

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