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Poor Law & Apprenticeship Records (2)

Compiled by Richard Travell from Records at the Dorset History Centre Series PE/FOR (SG) - Nov 2007 (Notes last updated March 2017) [392 Records]

[Note:- Contains records of Overseers of the Poor relating to maintenance orders on Militia men; Settlement Certificates and examinations;
removal orders to and from Fordington; Apprenticeship indentures; Bastardy Bonds, orders and examinatons, warrants for maintenance costs etc]


OV 4/1 militia

1 Henry WHITE serving in militia and wife Elizabeth otp. He is serving as a substitute for West Parley for Richard SHAVE 1s/wk 20 Mar 1782 £2 11s. Samuel HELLARD overseer 19 Apr 1783 S. PAYNE of West Parley.

2 31 Aug 1799 before David Robert MICHEL esquire and Francis John BROWNE esquire. Philip MAYNE private militiaman and substitute for John MAYNE otp. £7 10s paid to Colyton.

3 Sarah wf Joseph BIRLOY volunteer 1s 6d/wk and child age 7 months 9 May 1801.

4 Anna wf William BIRT lab substitute for Thomas BROWN lab Hilton 4s 6d/week two children (1s 6d each) 10 Oct 1801.

5 William KIDDLE lab chosen by lot without land under £500 £8 11 Aug 1804 recd 22 Aug.

6 William SAXTON overseer Melcombe Regis for wife and child of Robert KENT substitute for Henry SMITH otp 28 Mar 1807 £6.

7 Thomas HAWKINS overseer Melcombe Regis for wife and child of Robert KENT substitute for Henry SMITH otp 28 Aug 1807 £7 6s 8d.

8 Tuesday 12 Jan 1808 Thomas PICKARD esquire and W.M. PITT esquire re Matthew SOPER Sidbury militiaman for Joseph BEDLOE £1 14s 8d at 1s 4d/wk from 25 Mar 1807 to 23 Dec 1807.

9 Henry TIBBS lab otp presents as substitute Edward KEATES lab otp £12 27 Feb 1808 wt James FRAMPTON and John WILLIS.

10 Tuesday 4 Oct 1808 Thomas PICKARD esquire and William Morton PITT esquire re Matthew SOPER Sidbury militiaman for Joseph BEDLOE £2 5s and his wife and child.

11 William LUCCAS lab otp. Substitute Robert PENNY Chardstock £12 26 Nov 1808.

12 11 Apr 1809 Wife and child of Matthew SOPER Sidbury substitute for Joseph BEDLOE otp £3 5s at 2s 6d per week. Tuesday 11 Jul 1809 the same £3 5s. 7 Apr 1812 £4 17s 6d at 3s 9d per week. 14 Jul 1812 the same £4 17s 6d. 12 Jan 1813 the same £4 17s 6d. 5 Oct 1813 £6 10s recd 7 May 1814. 19 Apr 1814 £8 12s 6d.

13 Thomas SHEPPARD is substitute for Henry BISHOP Swyre and his wf and child 2s 8d/wk 4 Apr 1812.

14 Thomas HAYWARD wife and family £4 7s 4d substitute for Matthew BOBBEAT otp 30 Apr 1813.

15 Settlement 1796 Mary widow of Samuel CHAFFEY otherwise CHINNOCK and six children who had worked as a carpenter for James WARREN at Charminster and to his birth at Melbury Osmond and to search register at Stoke sub Hamdon and for the marriage at Sherborne of John CHAFFEY and Joan CHINNOCK his parents but not found and found at Castleton and letter regarding examination of John CHAFFEY at Beaminster but at Sherborne 1778 with a copy and marriage at Charminster. Attending Mr Roger WELLSTEAD.

16 Search for examination of Elizabeth GARLAND pauper and marriage of Matthew GARLAND and paid Thomas and Susanna GARLAND.

17 Bond for Mat and Elizabeth WHITE for the child of Susannah SNOW 1s/wk. (Hire of horses etc.) Total £39 3s 3d.


PE/FOR (SG) OV 5/1 Settlement certificates

1 Christopher COLLENS wife Joane and daughters Mary, Sarah, Betty and Ann and the sons Thomas, John, James and Robert 6 Feb … belong to Charminster wt John MEECH churchwarden and Morgan DEVENISH ov.

2 Humphry BLACKMORE hellier Cullompton, Devon and wf Anne and son Henry 26 Dec 1721 wt Lewes NORRIS and William PLUMPTON.

3 Melbury Abbas Thomas SANGOR husbandman and wife Miriam 6 Jun 1722 8 Geo I William ALNER and Jos LUSH + churchwardens.

4 Dorchester Holy Trinity John HOLLAND wf Mary and son Enoch 1 Nov 1729 wt Zachary NELSON and Thomas GOULD churchwardens and John PETTY overseer.

5 Melbury Abbas Thomas SANGER lab and family 16 Apr 1730.

6 Burstock, Daniel BAKER, his now wf Elizabeth and their children Diannah, Elizabeth and Thomas 27 Nov 1730.

7 Dorchester Holy Trinity William GARRETT wf Betty and daughter Susannah 8 May 1745 wt Richard COOPER, John GALE and John ENSOR.

8 Dorchester Holy Trinity, Betty daughter of Thomas FOY deceased age 12 7 Apr 1746 wt Richard COOPER churchwarden, John GALE and Charles COOPER overseers.

9 Dorchester St Peter, James HARDY blacksmith and wf Ann 16 Oct 1775.


OV 5/2 Removal orders

1 Elizabeth GRAY spinster Melbury Abbas 15 Dec 1729 wt Jos. DAMER, Sydm. WILLIAMS.

2 Robert KING senior lab Winterbourne Abbas wf Anne and children Samuel 2 ¾ and Robert junior 1 2 Jan 1729/30.

3 Benjamin SEGAR and wf Margarett Dorchester St Peter 15 Mar 1734/5 wt Sydm. WILLIAMS, Jo. MICHEL.

4 Leah HALL spinster formerly of Portesham 16 Oct 1736 wt Sydm. WILLIAMS, John MEECH. 5 duplicate.

6 Mary wf William ROBINS and children Mary and James. South Petherton 2 Feb 1739/40.

7 John SWYRE and children William 7 and Elisabeth 11 Dewlish 20 Dec 1740.

8 Jane JAMES widow and children Elizabeth 12, James 10, John 8, Roger 1 ¾ Puddletown 24 Aug 1745.

9 John SPARKS 2 years 4 months bastard child of Elizabeth SPARKS deserting Cranborne 22 Oct 1757 wt John JENNINGS and Jno. MEECH.

10 Merriam VALLENS widow Stinsford 5 Dec 1761.

11 Robert HODDER wf Mary and son Robert 1 ½ Melcombe Regis 10 Apr 1764.

12 Phebe BURT spinster Radipole 25 Mar 1766 wt Thomas WILLIAMS and Thos. GOULD.

13 Susanna TIDBY otherwise GARRATT spinster formerly of Dorchester Holy Trinity 13 Apr 1769 wt J. COLSON, Thos. WILLIAMS.

14 Luke STYLE wf Elizabeth and daughters Frances 5, Mary 4 and Elizabeth 3 Fontmell Magna 20 Nov 1773 14 Geo III.

15 George ADAMS wf Ann, Kingsdon, Somerset 30 May 1774 14 Geo III.

16 James PURSE wf Christian, Colyton, Devon 18 Apr 1774.

17 Elizabeth GUY widow St George, Hanover Square 1 Feb 1777 wt Geo. and Thomas GOULD.

18 Mary HORE Broadwey 17 Apr 1779 carried home 16 May 1780.

19 Hugh FARR wf Jane, Fonthill, Wiltshire 3 May 1781.

20 Samuel FARR wf Mary and children Ann 14, Jan 4 and Hugh 18 months Fonthill, Wiltshire 3 May 1781 wt Geo. GOULD and Samuel PAYNE.

21 Richard STICKLAND wf Thomazin, Cerne Abbas 3 Dec 1781.

22 Thomas VALLENS wf Hannah children Sarah 11, John 5 and Mary 3 Dorchester All Saints 12 Apr 1783.

23 Rachel widow of Edward BISHOP Dorchester All Saints 12 Apr 1783.

24 Joseph WARREN wf Elizabeth and son Joseph 2 Mappowder 2 Aug 1783.

25 Elizabeth GARLAND widow daughter Martha 21 Osmington 20 Mar 1790.

26 William LUCAS wf Elizabeth and children Sarah 3, Elizabeth 10 months Puddletown 18 Dec 1790 wt Lionel DAMER and Thomas MEGGS.

27 Thomas LANE wf Catharine and children Ann 13, Elizabeth 11, William 8, Thomas 5, Mary 2 South Perrott 19 Mar 1791.

28 Barbara WHITE spinster Dorchester All Saints 29 Oct 1791.

29 Elizabeth HEWER spinster Charmouth 3 Oct 1795.

30 William WEBBER wf Frances, Honiton, Devon 24 Oct 1795.

31 Thomas PURSE wf Sarah, Dorchester Holy Trinity 7 Apr 1798 carried home same day.

32 Sarah wd Melchisedick BIRT children Margaret 7, Jenny 5 and Thomas 1 ¾ Charminster 29 Dec 1798.

33 Thomas CLEWETT wf Elley and children Charlotte 7, Robert 2 ½ and James 12 months Sturminster Newton 26 Jan 1799.

34 Richard LOVELACE Winterbourne St Martin 16 Feb 1799 wt James FRAMPTON, T. MEGGS.

35 Tobias FAREHAM wf Elizabeth, Dorchester Holy Trinity 19 Oct 1799 wt Lionel DAMER, T. MEGGS.

36 Stephen ABBOTT junior, his son James 14 by his former wife Mary, present wf Ann and children John 8, Stephen 6, Thomas 4, George 18 months and Charlotte 3 months Lyncombe and Widcombe 8 Mar 1800.

37 Maria wf Joseph GAWLER and children Mary 5, Joseph 1 ½ and daughter 3 days Dorchester All Saints 8 Nov 1800.

38 Elizabeth wf William BROWNE Stalbridge 20 Dec 1800.

39 Thomas CHRISTOPHER wf Elizabeth children Ann 7, James 5 Poole 20 Dec 1800.

40 Margaret wd John WESTON Dorchester Holy Trinity 28 Feb 1801.

41 Edward LESTER son Edward 13 by Elizabeth formerly PARKER deceased and present wf Sarah and children George 2 and Jane 1 Dorchester Holy Trinity 18 Apr 1801.

42 John MUDFORD wf Mary and children Jane 7, Thomas 4 and Ann 3 Dorchester St Peter 7 Feb 1801.

43 duplicate wt James FRAMPTON and T. MEGGS.

44 Mary CLARKE spinster Dorchester All Saints 7 Feb 1801 wt James FRAMPTON, T. MEGGS.

45 John CLARKE wf Patience children Mary and Elizabeth twins 10, James 3 and Ann 2 Puncknowle 28 Feb 1801.

46 Ann widow of Samuel SHITE Rampisham 19 Feb 1803.

47 George STYLES wf Hannah decd and children Sarah 7, George 5 and Hannah 1 ½ Dorchester All Saints 8 Dec 1804.

48 Elizabeth SHITTLER widow Blandford Forum 25 Feb 1804 wt T. MEGGS and William FLOYER reordered 9 Mar 1805 sickness £5 6s. 49 duplicate.

50 William MARTIN wf Elizabeth and children Elizabeth 5 and William 2 Milborne St Andrew 29 Mar 1806 wt James FRAMPTON, T. MEGGS.

51 Sarah wf Daniel SENNSKEY a German on the examination of her father Joseph KEATES and William HANN [Winterbourne] Herringston 29 Nov 1806.

52 Elizabeth wf Samuel COLLIS deserter 66th Foot Ibberton 17 Oct 1807.

53 Jane widow of John MOON and children John 13, James 9 and Luke 6 Whitcombe 1 Apr 1809.

54 Robert AMEY wf Elizabeth and children John 4, Jane 3 and George 1 West Stafford 23 Dec 1809.

55 Elizabeth BILES spinster Shaftesbury Holy Trinity 11 Jul 1812.

56 Robert TEW wf Ann, Dorchester Holy Trinity 7 Nov 1812.

57 Robert LOCK Dorchester Holy Trinity 19 Dec 1812.

58 John FRAMPTON wf Elizabeth son Frederick 2 Wyke Regis 13 Feb 1813.

59 Moses HOLMES Melbury Bubb 4 Sep 1813. 60 duplicate.

61 Mary wife of Robert AYRES private 81st Foot Regiment children Mary Ann 3 and Jane 1 Dorchester All Saints 12 Mar 1814.

62 William son of William WARREN a soldier, Dorchester St Peter 29 Oct 1814.

63 Matthew DAWE wf Sarah and children Jethro 3 and Heber 6 months Bristol St Mary Redcliffe 31 Dec 1814.

64 George GUPPY Dorchester St Peter 18 Feb 1815 wt James FRAMPTON and W. ENGLAND.

65 Isaac NORMAN and wf Dorothy, Corton Denham, Somerset 25 Feb 1815. [Isaac buried 23 Jun 1819 Corton Denham (age 65)]

66 James ARGYLE unable to be brought to Petty Sessions and wf Elizabeth and children Elizabeth, James 19 deleted, John 18, Jeremiah 12 and Mary 8 Wimborne Minster 6 May 1815. 3 Jun 1815 since decd £2 16s 8d to John MORGAN.

67 Mary Ann 2 daughter of John VICKERS private 14th Light Dragoons, Buckland Monachorum, Devon 19 Aug 1815. 68 duplicate.

69 Elizabeth MULLETT spinster pregnant Dorchester All Saints 1 Sep 1815 wt T. MEGGS and William FLOYER. [Note:- See baptism All Saints Church Dorchester 27 Nov 1815 of James base born son of Elizabeth MULLETT]

70 Edith POWELL and children Robert 13 and Mary 6 Hawkchurch 30 Dec 1815 wt James FRAMPTON, W. ENGLAND.

71 Stephen DAW wf Elizabeth and children Leander John 6, Mary 3 and William 10 months Charminster 10 Feb 1816.

72 John HAMMOND wf Sarah and children Ann 16, Uriah 14, Thomas 10, James 8, Mary 7, David 5, Henry 3 and Joseph 10 months Andover, Hampshire 24 Feb 1816.

73 Peter KERLEY wf Ruth children Mary 18, Elizabeth 12, Ruth 11 and Sarah 9 Mapperton 6 Apr 1816.

74 Daniel FRANCIS wf Margaret and daughter Mary 1 ½ Charminster 23 Nov 1816.

75 James MILFORD wf Mary, Melcombe Regis 11 Jan 1817.

76 Daniel GREGORY wf Lucy and daughter Mary 13 months Puddletown 15 Feb 1817.

77 Joseph BILLETT wf Elizabeth and his children by his former wife James 17 and Thomas 14 Piddletrenthide 12 Apr 1817 wt James FRAMPTON and John H. BROWNE.

78 John CHYNOCK wf Hannah and children Elizabeth 10, Samuel 8, Eleanor 6 and Hannah 3 Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset 12 Apr 1817.

79 William SAUNDERS wf Mary children Sarah 16, Harriot 14, Maria 12, James 8, Elizabeth 5 and Charles 3 Blandford Forum 26 Apr 1817.

80 Sarah widow of George TRAVERSE and children Maria 4 and George 5 weeks Stinsford 30 Aug 1817.

81 Robert GREGORY, wf Elizabeth and daughter Rebecca 4 months Dorchester All Saints 22 Nov 1817.

82 William LODER Holwell, Somerset 22 Nov 1817.

83 Isaac MILLER wf Ann children Mary Ann 2 and James 8 weeks Dorchester Holy Trinity 4 Apr 1818.

84 James BESS and wf Dinah, Owermoigne 11 Apr 1818.

85 Sarah SPRANKLING Winterbourne Herringston 4 Jul 1818. 86 duplicate.

87 Thomas CHRITCHELL wf Harriett and children John 4, Matthew 2 and Charles 7 weeks Winterbourne Came 24 Oct 1818 received William VOSS overseer Winterbourne Came.

88 John SMITH senior and daughters Mary 18 and Sarah 14 Toller Porcorum 6 Feb 1819 received 12 Feb 1819 John WAY.

89 Robert WOODLAND wf Ann and children Isabella 6 and Jane 19 months Frampton 20 Mar 1819 wt James FRAMPTON and W. ENGLAND received 24 Mar 1819 John STONE overseer.

90 Charles WARR wf Ann children William 14, Mary Ann 11, Charles 8, Jane 4 and George 6 months Bruton, Somerset 21 Aug 1819 reordered 6 May 1820 sickness £17 18s 6d wt John COLSON, J. DAVIS.

91 Robert FRAMPTON wf Jane and son George 5 months Piddlehinton 17 Jun 1820.

92 William GUY 53 wf Elizabeth and children John 18, Richard 16, Jane 11, Robert 9, George 7, Charles 4 and Thomas 1 ½ Cheselbourne 17 Jun 1820.

93 Elizabeth widow of William TEMPLEMAN and daughter Amelia 5 months Wimborne Minster 23 Dec 1820.

94 Betty wf Francis BROWNE and son George 10 Charminster 14 Apr 1821.

95 John DAVIS wf Jane and son John 6 by a former wife Portland 29 Dec 1821.

96 Jonah RIGGS wf Betty, Cheselbourne 6 Apr 1822.

97 William SILLY and wf Mary Lyme Regis 9 Nov 1822.

98 Martha CHINNOCK spinster 19 pregnant Stoke sub Hamdon 26 Jul 1823.

99 Mary CHINNOCK 21 pregnant Stoke sub Hamdon 20 Sep 1823.

100 Ann BORLAND widow on examination of Rebecca MILLER Swanage 15 Nov 1823.

101 Joseph WARR wf Elizabeth and daughter Sarah 9 months West Pulham 11 Sep 1824 reordered 16 Oct 1824.

102 Joseph CRITCHELL wf Sarah and children Mary Ann 2 ½ and daughter 3 weeks Stinsford 30 Jul 1825.

103 Susanna wf George TOUGH and children Catherine 15 and Mary Ann 9 on examination of William ZILLWOOD Charminster 17 Feb 1827.

104 Joseph WATERS wf Elizabeth, Dorchester All Saints 1 Sep 1827 reordered 3 Nov 1827 £5 19s 6d.

105 Sarah MARTIN spinster pregnant on examination of her father William, Milborne St Andrew 13 Oct 1827.

106 John PASHEN and wf Elizabeth, Cerne Abbas 13 Oct 1827.

107 Emma GOODEN spinster pregnant Melcombe Regis 2 Aug 1828.

108 Mary Ann FUDGE pregnant Dorchester Holy Trinity 1 Nov 1828. [Note:- See baptism of daughter Emma Ann at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 22nd March 1829 daughter of Mary Ann Fudge father David Davis]

109 Sarah BUDDEN spinster pregnant Weymouth 21 Feb 1829.

110 Thomas HOLMES junior, wife Mary and children Thomas 6, James Charles 4 and Emma 2 Montacute, Somerset 16 May 1829.

111 William GUY 31 Blandford Forum 7 Nov 1829.

112 Hannah wf George DAMAN a prisoner at Dorchester gaol and children William 3 ½ and Mary Ann 8 months Dorchester Holy Trinity 21 Nov 1829.

113 Harriett WARR spinster Melcombe Regis 22 May 1830 wt W. ENGLAND, E. MURRAY.

114 William BARGE, wf Mary and children James 7, Edward 6 and Eliza 12 weeks, Melcombe Regis 7 Aug 1830.

115 Mary Ann LEGG otherwise KEECH spinster on examination of mother Jane and Thomas LEGG Axminster 16 Oct 1830.

116 Joseph GAWLER wf Harriet, Melcombe Regis 22 Jan 1831.

117 William TILLEY wf Ann and children William Thomas 6, Harriett Rebecca 4 and Elizabeth 2 Long Bredy 26 Mar 1831.

118 Mary GAWLER spinster pregnant Dorchester All Saints 28 May 1831. [Note:- Link to warrant and more info]

119 Charles WHITE wf Maria and daughter Susan 8 months Dorchester All Saints 28 May 1831.

120 Daniel WEST on examination of his father William, Cheselbourne 17 Sep 1831.

121 Thomas PARSONS wf Elizabeth and children James 19, Phoebe 17, Mary 16, Jonas 15, Demas 12, Isaac 5 and Jane 7 months Shipton Gorge 3 Dec 1831.

122 Fanny BASCOMBE spinster pregnant on examination of the mother Mary BASCOMBE Winterbourne Herringston 4 Feb 1832.

123 Jane LESLIE junior spinster on examination of her mother Jane, Dorchester All Saints 11 Feb 1832.

124 Joseph TOWSEY Alphington, Devon 23 Jun 1832 (sick).

125 Thomas VINCENT wf Jane and son George 13 Dewlish 29 Sep 1832 wt James FRAMPTON and E. MURRAY.

126 Sarah wf George GRAHAM private 1st Royal Dragoons and daughter Mary Ann 14 months Holt, Norfolk 30 Mar 1833.

127 John GUY and daughters Ann 11 and Jane 5 Cheselbourne 27 Jul 1833.

128 Sarah CORNICK spinster pregnant Radipole 14 Sep 1833 wt James FRAMPTON, E. MURRAY.

129 John KEYNES wf Mary and children Mary Jane 5, George 3 and Sarah 12 months Dorchester All Saints 2 Aug 1834.

130 Thomas COURTNEY wf Mary, Wareham Lady St Mary 30 Aug 1834.

131 William WELLSPRING wf Elizabeth, Stinsford 21 Feb 1835 wt Thomas OAD, Henry FRAMPTON. 132 Notice of same 24 Feb.

133 Mary wf George GILLINGHAM Dorchester St Peter 5 Sep 1835. 134 duplicate. 135 notice 7 Sep.

136 Fanny HISCOX and son Joseph 3 Shepton Mallet 5 Sep 1835. 137 notice 7 Sep.

138 William MARSH wf Mary and children William 10, Frederick 7, Amelia 5, John 2 and Cornelius 4 months Dorchester Holy Trinity 12 Sep 1835. 139 notice 14 Sep.

140 Lydia wife of James WHITE who has deserted her and children Harriet Jane 7 and James 5 Cerne Abbas 12 Dec 1837.

141 Robert WARR wf Elizabeth, Pulham 14 Mar 1838 wt Christopher ARDEN “mayor” and Morgan YEATMAN reordered 12 Feb 1839 wt Christopher COOPER and Morgan YEATMAN.

142 Elizabeth GILLETT spinster Melcombe Regis 27 Mar 1838.

143 Elizabeth wf William STUCKEY who has absconded and children Harriet 15, George 13, William 3 and Jane 15 months Winterbourne Herringston otherwise Winterbourne Farringdon 9 Jun 1838. 144 notice 9 Jun
[NOTE: See comments about this family on the 1851 Census]

145 Mary Ann wf Private Thomas CULLIGAN 2nd battalion, 60th Foot, Fleet 20 Jun 1838.

146 Richard AMOR wf Hannah and children Joseph 16, Alfred 14, Frederick 8 and Emily 6 Chardstock 27 Oct 1838.

147 Charles AMOR and wf Charlotte, Chardstock 14 Nov 1838.

148 Ann SMITH widow Melcombe Regis 23 Dec 1839 on examination of James Adolphus YATES. 1 Jun 1840 deceased £2 3s 4 1/2d.

149 Mary HARDY widow Melcombe Regis 16 Apr 1840.

150 John ROBINS wf Sarah, Winsham, Somerset 19 Aug 1840.

151 Ann PRIOR spinster Buckland Newton 10 Feb 1841 reordered 15 Mar 1841 15s 4d.

152 Stephen FARWELL lab Chideock 10 Feb 1841.


OV 5/3 removal orders to Fordington

1 Christian NOSSITER Crayford, Kent 19 Jan 1739

2 Soloman HIND wf Mary and children Melchisedick, Rachell, Edith and Leah, Litton Cheney 7 Jun 1740 wt Sydm. WILLIAMS and John MEECH.

3 Martha WHETHAM spinster Dorchester Holy Trinity 16 Aug 1755.

4 Elizabeth SPARKS widow Dorchester All Saints 7 Sep 1757.

5 Ann PHILLIPS widow Tolpuddle 16 Jul 1763.

6 Joan CHURCHILL widow and daughters Rebbecca 3 and Betty 3 months Wareham Lady St Mary 27 Mar 1764.

7 Ann HITCHCOCK widow Bryanston 14 Jan 1764.

8 James ATKINS wf Ann and son John 15 Poole 26 Jun 1766.

9 Thomas DIFFEY wf Sarah and daughter Ann 1 ½ Puddletown 4 Apr 1772.

10 Catharine BIDDLECOMBE spinster Loders 13 Feb 1776 wt William Clapcot LISLE and Thos. GOULD.

11 Thomas SEAL wf Mary and son Philip 5 weeks Christchurch, Hampshire 5 Jun 1780 with other issue deleted.

12 Stephen HALL wf Ann and children Priscilla 4 and Sarah 6 months Owermoigne 8 Jan 1784.

13 Mary CLARKE spinster Toller Porcorum 22 Aug 1789.

14 William BRIDLE wf Grace and children Mary 4, Joseph 2 and Ann 8 months Burton Bradstock 14 Oct 1789.

15 John HONEYBOURNE wf Lovet and children Elizabeth 16, William 9, John 7 and Mary 5 West Knighton 14 May 1791.

16 John HORE begging in Plymouth St Andrew 24 Apr 1792 to Faringdon, Dorset.

17 Mary KEATES spinster Dorchester Holy Trinity 25 Sep 1794.

18 Mary CLARKE spinster Bincombe 16 Jun 1798.

19 John NORMAN lab Portsmouth 28 May 1799 to Forington near Dorchester.

20 William LESTER and three children Lyndhurst 1 Jun 1799.

21 Richard CHAPMAN wf Anne and children Elizabeth 6, Ann 4. William 2 and Harriot 4 months Dorchester All Saints 14 Jul 1800.

22 Robert BARTLETT Broadwey 27 Sep 1800.

23 Elizabeth READ spinster Dorchester All Saints 23 Feb 1801.

24 Joseph WINZAR wf Rebecca and children Jane 6, Mary 3 and Joseph 7 months Dorchester St Peter 17 Mar 1801 wt John TEMPLEMAN, C. WHITE.

25 John BROWN wf Hannah and children William 3 and Henry 3 weeks Wareham Holy Trinity 21 May 1801.

26 Joseph BISHOP wf Elizabeth and children William 20 and Ann 17 Dorchester Holy Trinity 5 Apr 1802.

27 Jane WHITTEY spinster pregnant Frampton 29 May 1802.

28 Thomas SEAL and wf Mary Longfleet 26 Nov 1802 wt Roe KING and George Tito BRICE.

29 George DANELL and wf Martha, Moreton 19 Jan 1805.

30 Mary wf Joseph SPARKS gentleman gone from her and daughter Susanna 2 Melcombe Regis 15 Jul 1808.

31 William PITTARD wf Mary and daughters Ann 28 and Elizabeth 26 Dorchester Holy Trinity 11 Jun 1813 reordered 7 Jul 1813.

32 Elizabeth SCOTT x found wandering Portsmouth 9 Jul 1814 to Farringdon, Wiltshire 15 Sep. Examination age 35 late husband a Scotchman and parents resided in Farrington.

33 Marianne 8 daughter of Elizabeth EVELYN spinster Wandsworth on examination of Thomas BUSHELL and others 6 Jul 1815.

34 Maria APPLEBE Mudford, Somerset 28 Jul 1815.

35 Isaac MOORES, wf Sarah and daughter Elizabeth 1 Turners Puddle 6 Apr 1816.

36 John HYDE wf Rebecca and daughter Elizabeth 11 months Dorchester All Saints 27 Jun 1817.

37 Thomas NORRIS Salisbury St Edmund 4 May 1819 sickness.

38 Mary MOORES 24 pregnant Charminster 3 Jun 1820.

39 Joseph KEATES lab Dorchester St Peter 26 Apr 1822.

40 John ROPER wf Ann and children William 3 and Charles 2 Dorchester Holy Trinity 10 Oct 1823.

41 James CROCKER and wf Rebecca Dorchester All Saints 19 Dec 1823 wt C. STICKLAND “mayor” and Thomas BOWER.

42 Richard ANDREWS (George deleted) wf Sarah and children Charles 9, Ellen Emma 5 and George 3 Dorchester Holy Trinity 2 Feb 1825 wt Christopher ARDEN “mayor” and John BURNET. 16 Feb 1825 Richard deceased.

43 Thomas HELLARD wf Ann and children Mary Ann 15 by a former wf, Julia 5 and Thomas 2 Portland 9 Sep 1826.

44 Charles FIPPARD 17 son of John gardener decd otp Dorchester All Saints 30 Dec 1826.

45 Elizabeth KING x 5 Jan 1821 found wandering Bristol 18 Jan 1821 examined born Fordington.

46 William KEATES cordwainer Dorchester St Peter 24 Sep 1827.

47 Mary Ann BISHOP 4 base born daughter of Elizabeth wf John BANISTER sergeant 4th Foot Loughborough, Leicestershire mother consenting 11 Oct 1827.

48 John WINZOR and wf Sarah, Winterbourne Whitechurch 17 Sep 1828 reordered 19 Sep 1828 due sickness.

49 John HELLARD wf Hester and children Henry 14, George 11, Maria 8 and Mary 5 Dorchester All Saints 29 Sep 1828.

50 Sarah CRITCHELL pregnant Upwey 12 Dec 1829. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George 21 Feb 1830 entry 989 Ambrose son of Sarah CRITCHEL abode Fordington Singlewoman; by Rev Richard Cutler Officiating Minister]

51 Sarah RUSSELL spinster pregnant Stinsford 12 Nov 1831. [Note:- See Bastardy order below ]

52 Elizabeth VINCER widow St Mary Northgate, Canterbury 9 Jun 1834.

53 Elizabeth wf James WEBB deserted her and children Mary 12, James 10, Elizabeth 8 and Charles 2 Walcot, Bath 6 Feb 1835. 54 Notice 10 Feb for “5 children”.

55 George 11 and Emily 7 children of Edward ADAMS shoemaker decd Salisbury St Edmund 28 Apr 1836. 56 Examination of George ADAMS carpenter Dorchester regarding his nephew and niece both born here. Edward born Fordington where his mother lives and d 24 Apr 1836 Salisbury St Edmund age 39 and he was apprenticed to Mr NUTT shoemaker Dorchester and his wife Anna Rebecca died Sep 1835 Salisbury wt James BENNETT and R(ober)t SQUAREY.

57 Fanny DOWDING widow and children Sidney 5 and George 2 Dorchester St Peter 1 Jun 1840. 58 duplicate. 59 notice 3 Jun.

60 Elizabeth wife of John HEARON left her and children Henry 7, Harriett 7, Emily 5 and Thomas 2 Monkton Combe, Somerset 27 Jul 1840. Notice 29 Jul 21 days in Bath Union Workhouse £2 5s.

61 James LEGG parchment maker wf Martha and children Elizabeth Ann 5 and John 3 Southwark St John, Surrey 19 Jan 1841 ordered 16 Feb.

62 Joseph LUCAS x wf Jane and three children of Radipole Barracks 22 Jan 1841. Examination age 34 born Fordington where parents live and age 14 apprenticed to Mr John MASTERS coach maker Fordington since deceased for 6 years. Married 8 ½ years wt T.P. HOWARD and Charles Augustus MANNING.


OV 5/4 Settlement examinations

1 William FOWELL joiner indentured at 16 to Henry LIVESEY joiner Plymouth St Andrew. 5 years ago married Susanah and has William 4 ½, Susanah 2 ½ and Mary 9 days wt Jos(eph) DAMER.

2 Thomas SANGER husbandman Melbury Abbas Jun 172[2] obtained certificate for his wf Miriam and has since children Betty 6, Eleanor 5, Sarah ¾ and a bastard child Elizabeth GRAY otp 10 or 11 who is born Melbury Abbas 13 Dec 1729.

3 Robert KING lab Winterbourne Abbas. Parents Robert decd and Phillis were 28 years ago settled here in Winterbourne Abbas and 27 years ago moved to Cuckeolds Corner, Loders where they rented an ale house. Born there and father left the county and mother returned to Winterbourne Abbas. At age 7 to father at Plymouth and the to sea for 5 years and returned home for 5-6 years and then to service with Mr George HENVILL otp. Mother died 10 years since. Wf Anne and sons Samuel 2 and Robert 1 30 Dec 1729.

4 John ROBERTS wheelwright otp born Maiden Newton and apprenticed 1715 to Robert ROGERS wheelwright Sydling St Nicholas for 7 years and 2 years ago married Jane, no issue 30 Dec 1729 wt Jos. DAMER.

5 Samuel CROSS 26 Jan 1737/8. Born Tiverton, Devon. Age 14 to Mr Nathaniel THORNE otp 7 years and 6 months with Mr James MINIFEY Staplegrove, Somerset 50s and then to Dorchester All Saints where brother was a cooper for 4-5 years, the last 12 months of which with Nicholas EYERS in Dorchester St Peter, and then to Mr Nicholas WHITE Dorchester’s son a brewer in London as a cooper 3 years £25/yr, for the last year of which in St Saviour, Southwark.

6 James DENNIS 26 Jan 1737 otp. Born here and age 15 apprenticed to John HEWLETT shoemaker Dorchester All Saints for 7 years.

7 John FREKE otp 26 Jan 1737/8. Born here and apprenticed to Henry JACOB shoemaker Dorchester All Saints and has a cottage itp which cost his father between £9-£10 wt Roger CLAVILL.

8 Bryant WEST otp x 26 Jan 1737/8. Born Little Puddle, Puddletown and 3 ½ years ago contracted with George WHITE Stinsford for one yr at £6 5s/year and then married.

9 Charles WELLS churchwarden otp 28 Jan 1737/8 regarding Leah HALL who was removed from Fordington to Portesham by order and has since returned.

10 James DENNIS cordwainer otp 3 Jan 1740/1. Apprenticed 22 Apr 1725 to John HEWLETT cordwainer Dorchester All Saints for 7 years (by his mother Joane) and purchased a cottage itp of William PITT esquire by indenture of 6 Jan 1738/9 for £12 12s then occupied by James ALLEN junior at 2s/yr on lives of William, John PITT esquire and John JACOB clerk wt William CLAPCOTT and John MEECH.

11 Ralph BULPIN otp x 29 Dec 1740 son of Thomas and Elizabeth. Now age 36 as infant at North Curry with his sisters, parents being deceased, where born. At 14 apprenticed to William HEWS serge weaver Taunton living at East Streetch until master’s death after 12 months and since has worked as a serge weaver. 20 years ago came here and nine years ago married Elizabeth widow of William VOSS serge weaver otp who held a cottage in Mill Street itp lease dated 22 Dec 1731 from Churchill ROSE esquire regarding a surrender of 22 Dec 1718 to William VOSS on life of Mathew VOSS for £3 on life of her daughter Elizabeth VOSS at 4s and two days’ work per year where he now lives.

12 John FREKE 29 Dec 1740. Born here and at age 16 apprenticed by father to Henry JACOB cordwainer Dorchester All Saints for 7 years (for 3 years living here). Wf Susanna and children Mary 2 and Thomas 1 month.

13 Daniel BAKER otp 29 Dec 1740. Born Burstock. At age 13 apprenticed by father to Henry SLADE clothier Burstock for 7 years. Married 30 years to wf Elizabeth and came here 10 years ago and has seven children including Giles of which 3 living with him Elizabeth 19, Thomas 16 and Grace 7 wt John MEECH.

14 William NORRIS lab otp + 10 Dec 1743. Born Dorchester All Saints and 16 years ago served George WHITE farmer in Stinsford for 1 ¼ yrs at 40s/yr and 7 years ago served Stephen HOUNSELL farmer otp for 1 year at £6/yr. Daughter Sarah 5.

15 Benjamin VINCENT lab otp + 10 Dec 1743. Born Piddletrenthide. Served 7 years with farmer BRIDGE of Milton Abbas and then served Thomas WHITE yeoman of Buckland Newton for 4 years at £6 10s/yr and then married Elizabeth and has Ben 11, Elizabeth 10, John 7, William 4, James 4, Mary and Thomas ½.

16 William PARKER senior lab otp x 10 Dec 1743. Born here and 45 years ago served farmer John … of Lewell Farm, West Knighton for 1 yr at £5 10s/yr and then servant to John VYE of West Knighton and then here and then ¼ yr for a harvest in Wiltshire and then here and 7 years ago was tythingman for Mill Street itp and occupied a house here at £7 and collected the land tax for John STEVENS tax collector for that tything.

17 John DEWLAND lab otp x 10 Dec 1743. Born Charminster and served for 1 yr with farmer James BEWNELL of Tomson at £8/yr and then home for a year and then 2 years with farmer BEWNELL and purchased an acre in Charminster for £10 and built a house there £30 and married his present wf.

18 Henry VINCENT lab otp x 10 Dec 1743. Born Colliers Puddle. 24 years ago served Thomas KELLAWAY of Little Mayne, West Knighton for 5 years at £5/yr and then for four years with him at Bexington Farm, Puncknowle wt Geo. TRENCHARD and Jno. MEECH.

19 John ANDREWS senior otp (A) 10 Dec 1743. Born Corscombe where served Mr William SNAYDON for 1 yr and where 32 yrs ago the officers provided him with a certificate to go to Dorchester All Saints and 9 years ago came here and rents a cottage at 30s/yr. Wf Elizabeth for 30 years.

20 William PARKER junior otp (W) 10 Dec 1743. Born here and 15 years ago served ¾ yr with farmer John SQUIBB Wynford Eagle as shepherd for £3 guineas/yr and then he returned here. Served ¼ yr with Barjew COSENS senior at Long Bredy at £4 10s/yr. Wf Susannah and daughters Mary 8, Elizabeth 6, Ann 4 and Susannah 1 ¼.

21 John SARJENT felmonger otp x 10 Dec 1743. Born Litton Cheney. Age 15 apprenticed with charity money for £5 to Solomon DOE glover Preston and Sutton Poyntz for 7 years and then lived a fortnight with brother in Osmington and then served William SPARKS felmonger otp for 11 months and a fortnight at £6 and then for 6 months at £9 guineas/yr and a fortnight before the end of that 6 months he married Ann and has since served him by the week. John 3, Elizabeth 3 wt Jno. MEECH, Geo. TRENCHARD and William RICHARDS.

22 Thomas VINCENT lab otp 10 Dec 1743. Born East Stour where mother went to her friends to lie in and father otp and 5 years ago served with Ezekiel LONGMAN Bristol St Nicholas for ¾ yr at £3/yr and returned here being ill for 1 month and then served a year with Rev Mr Thomas STUCKEY at West Stafford at £3 5s/yr. Wf Honor and daughter Elizabeth 7 months wt Geo. TRENCHARD, John MEECH and William RICHARDS.

23 Henry TOMPKINS lab otp + 10 Dec 1743. Born Puncknowle and after living in service her served Abel BEST yeoman Toller Porcorum for 1 yr at £6 10s and two days later for ¾ yr further. Wf Ann and child.

24 Mary + wf Nicholas TUCKER mariner otp 1 Mar 1755. Born itp nee ALLEN and married Chideock on Thursday in last Christmas week by Rev Mr SYNDERCOMBE and husband was born South Petherton, Somerset.

25 Jacob BALSTER woolsorter residing itp 4 Apr 1757. Born Cirencester, Gloucestershire where father was a journeyman woolsorter settled in Church Stanton, Somerset where he was apprenticed. Wf Martha and children Thomas 4 and Elizabeth 2 ¼ wt John MEECH and Syd(enha)m WILLIAMS.

26 Edith WYER spinster otp + 6 Aug 1757. Born Martinstown [Winterbourne St Martin] and 30 yrs ago served John HAYNE yeoman Litton Cheney for some years at 40s/yr until he moved here for 17 years wt John MEECH.

27 Samuel MORGAN soldier 2nd division of marines 11 Nov 1758. Born Dursley, Gloucestershire wt William RICHARDS, John MEECH.

28 Hugo HODDER cloth weaver otp 26 May 1760. Born Broadwinsor and bred up to the business by his father. Wf Susannah.

29 Robert HODDER cordwainer otp 16 Jun 1761. Born Gloucester. At age 13 apprenticed for 6 yrs to John HENDY cordwainer Melcombe Regis except last 10 weeks for which he paid his master 10s wt John MEECH esquire. Wf Mary and Robert 1 ½ 10 Apr 1764.

30 Robert FILDEW junior Dorchester + (incomplete). Apprenticed to John STICKLAND cordwainer Cerne Abbas for 5 ½ years of which 5 years to 13 Jun 1766 since when a weekly servant of lab (“May 1769” in catalogue).

31 Mary CASHIER spinster otp x 6 Jan 1770. Born Moreton? and six years ago her mother moved here where she rented a copyhold estate £18/yr where she served her mother for 2 years at £3/yr wt BURGHERSH, Thomas GOULD.

32 William ELLIOTT carpenter otp + 19 Feb 1770. Born Bristol [St Mary] Ratcliff. At age 15 apprenticed to William BENDLE carpenter of Warminster for 6 yrs and then as a journeyman to James DYER Corsley, Wiltshire for 6 months at 7s/week and then to Bath with Thomas JILLY Walcot for 2 months at 10s 6d/week whilst lodging at Cock Lane, Bath and then taken sick returning to mother at Boreham, Warminster and then to Newbury, Berkshire as a journeyman to POTTINGER for 3 weeks and then a month at Marlborough with Harvey HAMMONS and to Devizes for 2 months with John HEADS at 9s/wk and 2 months at Mere with Matthew BARTER at 6s/week and to Bath for ½ year with Thomas TILLY at 11s/week while living at Cock Lane and then to Salisbury St Thomas with LUSH for a month at 11s/wk and then hired himself at Blandford to Stephen CARPENTER for 6 months at Wootton Abbott, Dorset and then to Salisbury St Martin for a month and then to Trowbridge for a month until he arrived itp this day wt Thos. GOULD and William RICHARDS junior.

33 Thomas HANSON x and his son John otp 3 Mar 1770. Thomas born Bligh, Nottinghamshire and age 22 hired himself as ostler for 1 year to James OLDFIELD of the Dolphin Inn, Oundle, Northamptonshire and then soldier until 1747 when married Hester ELLIS at Abbotsbury and has John 18, Ann 16 and Sarah 5 wt Warren LISLE. [Married 20 Aug 1749 Abbotsbury, Thomas HANSFORD and Esther ELLIS.]

34 George SAMWAYES otp + 10 Dec 1774. Born Broadmayne and served a year with Richard BROWNE Wootton Farm, Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight for £6 guineas and married Sarah SQUIB at Atherton [Arreton?], Isle of Wight and has John 4, Richard 3 and George 1 wt John SMITH and Thos. GOULD.

35 Joseph BISHOP otp + 10 Dec 1774. Born here and served Henry DOWLAND Charminster for 1 yr at £3, 1 yr at £3 10s and 1 year at £4 and 15 years ago married Elizabeth ADAMS and has Hannah 14, Elizabeth 11, Susanna 3 and Ann 6 months wt John SMITH, Thos. GOULD.

36 George GUPPY otp + 10 Dec 1774. Born Hardington Mandeville near Yeovil, Somerset where father William was born and he died 5 years ago. 22 years ago married there to Ann VALLENCE and has William 19, Sarah 12, Robert 11 and George 6 wt John SMITH and Thos. GOULD. [Note “William POOL suerfebry or Woodyates”].

37 Richard WHITE otp + 10 Dec 1774 who says he knew James LOYD deceased otp who was settled at Portesham as a servant with farmer BURT of Shilvington there wt John SMITH and Thos. GOULD.

38 Richard WHITE otp + 10 Dec 1774. Born Bincombe and last served James SHERREN Broadwey as a servant for 3 years at £6 guineas/yr and then 19 years ago married Mary CHANNING here and has William 16, John 14 and [Ann?] 1 wt John SMITH and Thos. GOULD [married 10 Jan 1757 here Richard WHITE of Broadwey and Mary CHANNING].

39 Betty MADDOCK otp 10 Dec 1774. 19 years ago married John otp who left Mary 18 at service, Barbara 10, James 6 and John 3 and John was apprenticed to John GREY tiler Dorchester Holy Trinity from where they are relieved wt John SMITH and Thos. GOULD.

40 Mary + daughter of Enoch LISTER thatcher otp 5 Mar 1778. Born here until 1772 served as assistant to her brother John LISTER baker Dorchester Holy Trinity until 1777 (five years) wt Thomas GOULD esquire, John GOULD and John MORGAN.

41 John CHURCHILL Stoborough, Wareham Holy Trinity 16 Nov 1778 before Humphry GILES esquire “mayor” otp and Robert HARRIS gentleman. Born Wareham Lady St Mary and lived with parents until age 23~24 when married Susannah BLANCHARD spinster servant to John BROWN of that parish some 8~9 years ago wt John CARD “mayor”.

42 Richard TIZZARD lab otp 20 Dec 1783. Born Sydling St Nicholas and served Hugh SMITH of Radipole 1 year £3 10s and 6 months at £4 and then went into the militia wt William RICHARDS and Geo. GOULD. [Wf Jane and son William 9 months.]

43 Thomas NIXON gentleman Nantwich, Cheshire 5 Jun 1790 before Samuel BARROW esquire regarding Charles HOLFORD convict on HMS Dunkirk at Plymouth formerly a private 4th Dragoons regarding a letter from Thomas SALISBURY gentleman Dorchester to William YOXALL gentleman Nantwich regarding said private was stationed at Dorchester and sentenced to Botany Bay and enlisted age 16 in Apr 1778 as a potter and born Hopton, Staffordshire and YOXALL declining the business of attorney, William TRUPHAW a cooper of London recalled a HOLFORD at Salt a mile distant who recalled Richard HOLFORD leaving that place 24~25 yrs ago to live at Lane End, near Stoke and Lower Lane, Staffordshire and James HOLFORD of Salt said that Charles was his nephew and that Charles’s father Richard and James had been born in Salt and applied to Rev Mr LOVATT of Sandon and found the baptism 7 Dec 1760 of Charles son of Richard and Sarah HOLFORD of Salt, St Mary Stafford and enquired of John BARKER of Lower Lane, Newcastle under Lyme whose wife Sarah says she is the sister of Charles who was born at Salt, and she had received several letters from him including one dated 9 Feb 1790 and that Charles left them when very young and worked with potters in Stoke and that her mother Sarah says that Richard her late father was settled in Salt and that this was heard by Mary ACKERLY and Elizabeth BARLOW of Lower Lane aforesaid.

44 Copy of the christening entry 31 May 1790 wt Thomas NIXON and a letter from Charles HOLFORD on board the Dunkirk at Plym0outh 9 Feb 1790 who has not received a reply to his previous letter.

45 Removal order to Salt, St Mary Stafford, Staffordshire of Charles HOLFORD’s wife Mary and children James 4 and George 2 20 Nov 1790.

46 John HORE vagrant of Plymouth + 24 Apr 1792. Born “Faringdon”, Dorset wt George WINNE “mayor”.

47 Mary HELLARD spinster otp x 6 Jul 1793. Born Bere Regis and age 9 apprenticed by FRAMPTON charity of Moreton to James NORMAN hosier Dorchester Holy Trinity for 7 years and after 6 ½ years, James NORMAN removed to Fordington and for the last 40 days of her apprenticeship she lived in Dorchester Holy Trinity and hired herself as servant to Thomas LOVELACE otp for ¾ year at 50s/yr and then ill spent 3 weeks at her mother’s house with her mother performing the service, and then returned to Thomas LOVELACE wt D.R. MICHEL and T. MEGGS.

48 William WEBBER x 21 Oct 1795. Age 27 born a bastard at Honiton, Devon and two years ago married Frances WHITE widow and now resident itp by the Rev Thomas COLSON.

49 William ALLEN carpenter otp 7 Jul 1798. Born Chaldon Herring and 8 yrs ago hired to William GREEN carpenter Stratton for 1 ¼ years at 42/week and then married Mary GEORGE spinster itp and has Thomas 6 and Mary 2 and his father has since settled at Wool wt James FRAMPTON, J.H. BROWNE.

50 removal order to Stratton 29 Dec 1798.

51 notice of appeal 8 Jan 1799 regarding the children wt Robert WILLIS and John DAVIS churchwardens and Edward DOWLE overseer of the poor.

52 John CLARKE otp + 7 Mar 1801. Born here where father lives and hired as a servant to Thomas WHITTLE victualler Dorchester All Saints for 2~3 years off and on but received no money wt James FRAMPTON and William FLOYER.

53 John WINZER otp 9 May 1801. Born here blacksmith trained by his father and paid rates 13 years ago and the father received relief from this parish and 25~26 years ago married present wf Dinah BARNES and has Sarah 24, Elizabeth 22, John 18 and Dinah 14 wt James FRAMPTON, J.H. BROWNE.

54 John SIBLEY lab otp 11 Dec 1802. Born Sidborough, Somerset and served Samuel PALMER miller of Burton, Charminster for several yrs and married Sarah HAYBALL and then moved here and rented Batt Chaffey for planting potatoes two acres in Common Field at £7/yr and also rented an acre in the same field of farmer TERRELL at £5.yr and a house and garden of Mr HENNING at £2 102/yr and for the last 2 years has rented a close of William NORMAN at £5/yr and a close or garden of William MASTER at £3/year and has Peter Hayball 11, Sarah 9, James 5 and John 2 ½ wt James FRAMPTON and J.H. BROWNE.

55 George LESTER otherwise WHITE lab otp + 25 Jan 1805. Born Dorchester St Peter bastard son of George WHITE and Elizabeth LESTER and two years ago married Catherine SWYER and has John 2 and William 10 weeks wt William FLOYER, T. MEGGS. [Elizabeth the mother of George LESTER otherwise WHITE married William READ of Higher Burton where she now lives.]

56 Edward CASHER lab otp x 20 Feb 1808. Born here and when very young agreed to work in the house of Thomas TERRELL of Whitefield [Frome Whitfield], Dorchester Holy Trinity for a year at 40s/yr and then to Hon Lionel DAMER as a weekly labourer at Came for 7 years and then as a substitute to Dorset Militia for 9 years and then married Mary STILE at Dorchester Holy Trinity and has Elizabeth 3 and Mary ½ wt James FRAMPTON, John GOULD and William FLOYER. [Note:- Link to marriage of Edward CASHER to Mary STILE at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 29th June 1801 for more information about the family]

57 Robert COOK cooper otp confined in the Sheriff’s Ward at Dorchester 25 May 1808. Born Axminster, Devon and at age 11 years 8 months was bound to John BULL cooper there until age 21 and 20 years ago married Susannah LOWMAN at Honiton, Devon and has William 19, Elizabeth 14, John 8, Ann 4, Robert 2 and Thomas 3 months and three years ago rented 2 rooms of Elias GALPIN at £4.year and a garret of John PENNY at £3/yr and a shop of Bat Chaffey at £3 3s/yr all in Fordington.

58 Sarah + widow of John PENNEY (lab) sawyer otp 8 Apr 1809. 8 years ago married at Dorchester All Saints and he died itp Monday last leaving children John 6, William 3 and Sarah 2 weeks. When late husband was 16 he went into the Dorset Militia until marriage and after living with his father at Bradford Peverell where father died wt James FRAMPTON and J.H. BROWNE. Examination of Dorothy x wf James BURT Dorchester Holy Trinity and sister of said John PENNEY wt James BROWNE and J.H. BROWNE.

59 William NORRISH + begging in Chudleigh, Devon 3 Feb 1815 belonging to Furringdon, Dorset 10 Feb 1815 wt William ELLICOMBE. Examination: born Furrington where father is settled.

60 Peter KERLEY lab otp x 30 Mar 1816. Born Puddletown and agreed with Robert CONWAY Mapperton to serve him for three years at £7 guineas/yr and then a year by the week at Hatchland, Netherbury and then after a yr married Ruth VINE at Puddletown and had 6 children of which Mary 18, Elizabeth 12, Ruth 11 and Sarah 9 are living.

61 John HYDE lab Dorchester All Saints 27 Jun 1817. Age 22 born Dorchester Holy Trinity and when young his father Onesiphorus HYDE removed to Fordington from where he worked as a boy for Mrs CULL of Coker’s Froome, Dorchester Holy Trinity at 2s/week for some years and married Rebecca and has Elizabeth 11 months wt Thomas Gould READ.

62 Robert TRICKEY lab Dorchester Holy Trinity regarding his son William 10 Jan 1818. Robert is age 53 and born Clay Hydon, Devon and apprenticed to his father William for 8 years as a woolcomber when he lodged in the week at Wellington, Somerset and at the weekend in Hemyock, Devon and 26 years ago married Elizabeth ALLEN at Wellington and had William who died 4 Jan age 25, Elizabeth married, Sarah married, Robert deceased, Hannah 9 and a daughter who died before baptism and 3 years ago William married Susan PAUL here and has William 2 and Samuel 1 and the son William when young was apprenticed to Richard ROLLS tailor Dorchester St Peter for 6 years 8 months wt James FRAMPTON, J.H. BROWNE and W. ENGLAND.

63 On further examination, Robert’s indenture was made by MARKS deceased and that Robert is the second son and his father worked as a journeyman for Mr CARD at Wellington where William was born. Opinion W.P. TAUNTON Exeter 30 Jul 1818 that the balance of probability is that Robert gained his apprenticeship in Wellington at 5 nights per week.

64 Reexamination of Robert TRICKEY 27 Jun 1818 wt James FRAMPTON and W. ENGLAND.

65 Mary ATKINSON widow otp 1821. Aged 70 born Cambridgeshire where father a journeyman woolcomber. Both parents died before she was 10 and buried Cambridge when she went to her sister who was age 30 in service in London who put her in lodgings and at age 25~26 she married Johnathan HADDON journeyman breeches maker and had seven children now deceased and 7 years later he died and six years after that she married Daniel DIKE journeyman chacer or engraver who worked by the piece and he died 9~10 years later and had 7 children of whom only one living Hannah wf Joseph SYMES journeyman woolsorter of Chard and then she went to Hillsea Hospital, Portsmouth as a nurse before marrying Duke ATKINSON a soldier discharged from the garrison 37th Foot and who was assisting at the hospital to administer medicine to the sick and then went to Cumberland Fort Hospital until the peace of 1802 when her husband was appointed a barrack sergeant at Bridport for 15 years (until the barracks were sold) and came to Fordington barracks where he died 10 Jan last and that husband was an Irishman born Mohill, Leitrim as appears from a certificate provided by the commissioners for Chelsea Hospital.

66 William ADAMS malster Wareham Lady St Mary x 27 Dec 1822. Age 29 born Fordington where mother lives and age 7~8 he worked with his father for Mr BOWER malster and brewer where father worked and there 12~13 years and then to Mr PANTON otp for 10 months at 14s/wk and in the yard at 10s/wk for 6 years and then 3 years ago his master’s Mr John GALLOP and since when he has done the brewing business at 12s/wk and is now ill and 7 years ago married Martha and has George 6, William 4 and Henry 1 wt Joseph STAINES and Stephen WHITE.

67 duplicate.

68 William WEST Cheselbourne x 16 Sep 1831. Born Middlemarsh and lived with parents at Wootton Glanville and at age 10 apprenticed to Andrew LOVELESS Piddletrenthide for 4 yrs and went to sea and 2 ½ yrs ago removed here on examination from Dorchester and 30 years ago married Elizabeth KEATS and had James 29, Henry 27, Thomas 24 and Daniel 19 (witness) and now receives 4s/week.

69 Thomas PARSONS otp x 3 Dec 1831. Born Powerstock where father died and at age 16 lived with Mr MARSH at Worth Farm, Netherbury as a labourer in husbandry for 6 years at £6/yr and lodged with my uncle there and then lived with Mr UDALL at Salways Ash, Netherbury for 6s/week for 1 year to drive the team and then to Mr PERHAM Allington at £7/yr to drive his team for 1 year and then to my uncle a dairyman at Nash, Marshwood for 3 years at £7/yr where married Elizabeth and have 7 children living with me James, Phoebe, Mary, Jonas, Demas, Isaac and Jane 7 months and when I rented a dairy at Shipton Gorge until gave it up 12 years ago and my eldest son is a soldier 17~18 wt C.B. WOLLASTON and W.R. CHURCHILL.

70 Removal order of which James 19, Phoebe 17. Mary 16, Jonas 15, Demas 12, Isaac 5 and Jane 7 months to Shipton Gorge. 3 Dec 1831.

71 Mary BASCOMBE otp + 4 Feb 1832. Born Whitcombe nee KEATS worked 1 year in service at Wrackelford with Mr TAUNTON who died and then I married Robert BASCOMBE who died 9 years ago and was a coachman with Mr COX of Colliers Piddle but they disagreed and my husband was examined in the hall at Dorchester and received relief from Herringston where our house was burnt down 9 year ago since when they have paid for my house here. Children Maria 22 and Fanny 19 and pregnant living with me wt James A. TEMPLER and E. MURRAY.

72 William WELLSPRING otp x 20 Dec 1834. Born here and at age 16 hired myself as plough boy to Mrs CULL of From, Dorchester Holy Trinity at 2s 6d/week by the year for 2 years and have continued to work here. Note: father is not settled here. Opinion from J. BAISTON?? Temple 12 Jan 1835. Discussion on pauper’s level of emancipation.

73 Elizabeth wf James WEBB deserting of 1 Tiney Lane, Walcot, Somerset 6 Feb 1835. Age 42 and 13 years ago married in Broadmayne and has Mary 12, James 10, Elizabeth 8 and Charles 2 and husband was apprenticed to Mr REASON cordwainer Dorchester for 7 years whilst sleeping at his father John’s House at Lowds Turnpike, Fordington where husband occupied a house belonging to Lady Caroline DAMER in 1818 and that at the time of marriage he had a son John then age 13 wt J. WILTSHIRE and Thomas Gibson INMAN.

74 George CULL relieving officer Dorchester Holy Trinity 1 Jun 1840 regarding Fanny DOWDING widow and her children of Dorchester St Peter. Examination – widow of James who died 6 weeks ago and 2 years previously had rented a house in St Peter of Thomas PAUL at £8 10s/year prior to which he 4 years occupied a house belonging to Mr Richard GAULTON in Grove Buildings at £20/year and have Sidney 5 and George 2 wt Thos. COOMBS “mayor” and C. STICKLAND.


OV 5/5 case papers

1 Mary INGRAM pretended wife of John COOK. Born Leigh and was removed with husband William GOLDRING and his son Richard from Thornford to Fordington until the parish being suspicious of their marriage they left for Southampton or Portsmouth and he enlisted during whose lifetime she then married John COOK soldier at Southampton who is settled at Mells. 5~6 months ago he demanded 20 shillings of the parish of Fordington and set out for Mells where she found he already had a wf and she then returned to Fordington with her son Richard. She claimed to have married William at Steeple [no entry in register.]

2 11 Jul 1749 an appeal by Fordington against an order by Sydenham WILLIAMS esquire and John MEECH esquire for the removal of Temperance COWARD otherwise LUCCAS widow from Winterbourne Came. The order is overturned wt William TEMPLEMAN clerk of the peace of the county.

3 A letter form J. TAYLOR overseer of Holwell House, Whitchurch near Tavistock, Devon 4 Apr 1808 regarding the marriage of James STEPHENS sojourner and Anne MEAN sojourner at Camborne, Cornwall on 12 Oct 1793 by J. RICHARDS curate. Wife is in the workhouse here.

4 20 Oct 1818 an appeal by Winterbourne Houghton against a decision by John Herbert BROWNE esquire and William ENGLAND DD of 22 Aug 1818 to remove Thomas CRITCHELL, his wife Hariott and children John, Mathew and Charles from Fordington. Quashed £29 8d.

5 An appeal from Dorchester St Peter regarding Mary wf George GILLINGHAM. Grounds of appeal. George is settled in Frampton 5 Oct 1835. William TREVES and John BARNES overseers.

6 Notice of intention to appeal regarding decision of Charlton Byam WOLLASTON esquire and Rev Edward MURRAY clerk regarding above 26 Sep 1835.

7 Notice of settlement of Joseph NORRIS an insane person in Fordington now confined at Forston [Charminster] 25 Aug 1838 wt C.B. WOLLASTON and W.R. CHURCHILL.

8 Robert COWARD a lunatic now settled at Fordington 29 Sep 1838 wt John FLOYER.

9 Robert COWARD is discharged 3 Dec 1838.

10 Joseph NORRIS a lunatic in Dorchester Union Workhouse settled in Fordington 17 Mar 1841.


OV 6 Apprenticeship indentures

1 29 Sep 1733 Israel son of Israel SHEPHARD worsted comber otp to Ralph BULPIN weaver otp x and his wife Elizabeth BUPLAN wt John BRINE and Morgan HARBIN.

2 3 Jan 1738/9 John son of Jane DIFFEY wd otp to Samuel SPRAT Newfoundland planter Winfrith (I) wt [BANKS and John SLADE.

3 10 Aug 1747 Robert HURDLE a poor child otp to John SMITH mariner Eling, Hampshire till age 24. 4 duplicate.

5 16 Jan 1772 Jane ALLEN a poor child to Thomas BRYER lace maker Dorchester till age 21 wt WESTMORLAND, Thomas WILLIAMS.

6 16 Jan 1772 Elizabeth BURNETT a poor child to Thomas BRYER lace maker Dorchester till age 21.

7 16 Jan 1772 Elizabeth WATERS a poor child to Thomas BRYER lace maker Dorchester till age 21.

8 16 Jan 1772 Mary WATERS a poor child to Thomas BRYER lace maker Dorchester.

9 13 Nov 1772 George CHAFFEY 10 to William LESTER shoemaker Dorchester St Peter till age 24.

10 22 Jun 1807 Thomas BUNN 15 a poor child to William WARREN joiner and carpenter Maiden Newton till age 21. 11 duplicate.

12 20 Aug 1814 William 11 son of Joseph BISHOP lab decd otp to George STILE brick maker and twine spinner Bothenhampton, Dorset till age 21.

13 8 Jan 1825 James 18 a poor child son of William BURT the elder lab otp to James BISHOP shoemaker otp for five years.


OV 7/1 Bastardy bonds

1 Charity CHURCHILL widow otp son. William CHURCHILL farmer otp reputed father 23 Aug 1723. [Link to Transcription of Bond ]

2 Elizabeth SNOOK spinster Symondsbury son born Fordington. Samuel WAKELY cloth weaver Thorncombe reputed father and William WAKELY husbandman Thorncombe 10 Sep 1739.

3 Elizabeth SPARKS widow otp daughter Mary indemnifies with Erasmus COX Innholder Dorchester 23 Aug 1754.

4 Elizabeth OTTER widow daughter. Matthew WHITE junior cooper reputed father and Nathaniel SPARKS malster otp 28 Sep 1754.

5 Mary SEAGER spinster pregnant. William WHITE junior yeoman Dorchester reputed father and William WHITE senior tiler Dorchester and Thomas LOCK gardener Dorchester 1 Jul 1755.

6 Martha nee WHETHAM wf Thomas HAYDON millwright Dorchester had a daughter 11 Oct here. 11 Dec 1755.

7 Sarah SEAGER spinster otp son Robert indemnifies with Thomas WHITE cordwainer otp and Robert SEAGER woolcomber otp 29 Aug 1763.

8 Ann HOARE son 4 Aug. Henry TRIM lab Weymouth and Melcombe Regis reputed father 18 Dec 1779.

9 Catharine BIDDLECOMBE spinster otp son 21 Mar. Benjamin PARSONS yeoman Loders reputed father + and John BROWNE carpenter Loders 21 Apr 1785.

10 Susannah LUCAS spinster otp son Matthew. Matthew WHITE lab otp reputed father x and Elizabeth WHITE widow otp x 1 Sep 1790.

11Heziah COATE spinster otp pregnant. Ralph BARTLETT junior hosier Chideock reputed father 7 Mar 1794.

12 Sarah SPRANKLING spinster otp pregnant settled in Winterbourne Herringstone wt Edward WILLIAMS esquire 21 Jul 1818.

13 Frances MOREY spinster Melcombe Regis had daughter 27 Apr in Fordington. John Aitkin FORD reputed father his mother Catharine AITKIN widow Weymouth and Melcombe Regis indemnifying 8 Jun 1830 £50. [Note:- Baptism Melcombe Regis Entry 307 in Baptism register 31 July 1829 Sarah Rebecca illegitimate daughter of Frances MOREY abode Melcombe Regis. See also entry 3 under Warrants issued below]


OV 7/2 Bastardy orders

1. 4 Apr 1772 son Martha LYDE spinster 30 Nov 1771. Charles PITFIELD yeoman otp.[Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for James ye Baseborn son of Martha LOYD June 7]

2. duplicate.

3. 27 Apr 1808 Mary FUDGE widow otp 2 Jan daughter. James STEVENS lab otp.[Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for Jane baseborn daughter of Mary FUDGE]

4. 19 Sep 1808 She was committed to the house of correction for 1 year on 2 Apr with her child. [Note:- See entry 3 above]

5. 19 Sep 1808 Mary BUCKLER spinster otp 9 Jan daughter. John JONES private 14th Light Dragoons and committed to the house of correction for 1 year 2 Apr with her child. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for Apr: 6 Martha baseborn daughter of Mary BUCKLER]

6. 12 Oct 1816 Elizabeth HELLARD daughter 30 Sep Daniel FRANCIS 7d/week. [Note:-Baptism Fordington St George for 07 Oct 1816 entry 196 in the baptism register for Ann baseborn daughter of Elizabeth HELLARD]

7. 3 Oct 1818 Sarah SPRANKLING on 14 Aug 1818 gave birth to a bastard daughter. Robert WARR of Fordington the father otp 9d/wk. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for 22 Aug 1818 entry 296 in baptism register Mary Ann baseborn daughter of Sarah SPRACKLING - a copy of this order is amongst the papers left by the Rev RG Bartelot to the DHC and can be viewed on under their file Dorset, England, Baptisms, marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 - period selection 1780-1789 Image 8]

8. 25 May 1822 Catharine BISHOP son 19 Apr. Joseph STROUD lab otp 9d/week. [Note:- Page 23 of Register: Parish in which the child was born Fordington: Entry 1. name of Mother Catherine BISHOP: Name of father Joseph STROUD; sex of child male; Residence of father Fordington; his trade labourer; date of order 25th March 1822; Amount of expenses incurred previous to the order being made £1.13s.0d; weekly payment by father to support the child 1 shilling and six pence; names of magistrates who made the order Charlton Byam Wollaston Esq & the Rev William England Doctor of Divinity; name of person who served the order and when served William Gilbert Carey Esq 25th March 1822. See baptism of Joseph BISHOP St Georges Church Fordington on 2nd May 1822]

9. 4 Oct 1828 Ellen LOYNS [also recorded as LIONS or LYONS] daughter 30 [Sep]. Sergeant Major William ASHTON 4th Dragoon Guards of Exeter 7 ½d/wk. [Note:- Page 23 of Register: Parish in which the child was born Fordington: Entry 6. name of Mother Ellen LOYNS: Name of father William ASHTON; sex of child female; Residence of father 4th Dragoon Guards now stationed at Exeter; date of order 4th Oct 1828; Amount of expenses incurred previous to the order being made 6s.6d; weekly payment by father to support the child 1 shilling and three pence; names of magistrates who made the order James Frampton Esq & the Rev William England Doctor of Divinity; name of person who served the order and when served William Gilbert Carey Esq 4th Oct 1828. Also note baptism of her daughter Jane LIONS at Fordington on 2nd Oct 1828 and burial entry for Ellen LYONS (1811-1831) at Fordington on 2nd Nov 1831]

10. 10 Oct 1829 10 Geo IV Mary PURCHASE son 11 Sep. William POUNCEY carpenter otp 7 ½d/wk.[Note:- Page 30 of Register: Parish in which the child was born Fordington: Entry (blank). name of Mother Mary PURCHASE: Name of father William POUNCY; sex of child male; Residence of father Fordington; his trade Carpenter ; date of order 10th Oct 1829; Amount of expenses incurred previous to the order being made 8s.6d weekly payment by father to support the child 1 shilling and three pence; names of magistrates who made the order James Frampton Esq and Rev William England Doctor of Divinity; name of person who served the order and when served William Gilbert Carey Esq 10th Oct 1829]

11. 3 Jan 1828 Mary BEAVIS son 20 Nov. John BARGE Melcombe Regis. [Note:- Page 23 of Register: Parish in which the child was born Fordington: Entry 7. name of Mother Mary BEAVIS: Name of father John BURGE; sex of child male; Residence of father Melcombe Regis; his trade (none given) ; date of order 3rd Jan 1829; Amount of expenses incurred previous to the order being made £1.10s.6d weekly payment by father to support the child 1 shilling and three pence; names of magistrates who made the order William Morton Pitt and Thomas Herbert Browne. -- See baptism 24th Nov 1828 and burial entry Fordington St George number 612, 12th Feb 1829 Burial of Esau BEAVIS baseborn son of Mary BEAVIS age 4 months"]

12. 7 Aug 1830 1 Wm IV Dinah BOWRING daughter 12 Jul. Thomas DUNTLEY lab otp.[Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for 22 Aug 1830 entry 1035 in baptism register for Theresa Donily daughter of Diana BOWRING abode Martins Town a Singlewoman bap performed by Rev. Henry Moule Vicar]

13. 18 Feb 1831 2 Wm IV Susannah LYDE son 14 Dec James WELLSPRING lab otp 7 ½d/wk. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for 12 Feb 1832 entry 1131 in baptism regiater, William James son of Susan LYDE abode Fordington a Singlewoman by Rev Richard Mosley Curate]

14. 18 Feb 1831 2 WM IV Sarah RUSSELL daughter 21 Jan. Thomas FACEY coachmaker otp 7 ½d/wk. [Note:- Page 23 of Register: Parish in which the child was born Fordington: Entry 8: Name of Mother Sarah RUSSELL: Name of father Thomas FACEY; sex of child female; residence of father Fordington; his trade coachmaker; date of order 18th Feb 1832; Amount of expenses incurred previous to the order being made 8s.6d weekly payment by father to support the child 1 shilling and three pence; names of magistrates who made the order The Rev E Murray and WK Churchill; Name of person who served the order and when served Amos Dennis Junr Feb 18th 1832 - Note:- No trace of baptism but Sarah Russell was removed from Stinsford back to Fordington on 12th Nov 1831 as she was a spinster and pregnant.]

15. 27 Apr 1832 3 Wm IV Susan SEALE son 26 Mar. William FRAMPTON lab Dorchester All Saints 7 ½d/wk. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for 14 Apr 1833 entry 1213 in baptism register for Alfred son of Susan SEAL abode Mill Street Fordington a Single Woman by Rev Henry Moule]


OV 7/3 Bastardy examinations

1 Jane ALLEN spinster otp x 26 Nov 1757. 20 Aug son John born Basingstoke.

2 Betty BAILEY spinster otp + 14 Jan 1769. 17 Aug 1765 daughter Ann at Winsham, Somerset. William INGRAM lab otp father wt John COLSON clerk.

3 Mary CASHIER spinster otp 20 Dec 1769. 20 Nov son. William ELLIOTT joiner Salisbury, Wiltshire father.

4 Elisabeth BISHOP spinster otp + 21 Sep 1773 pregnant. John WATSON 4th Dragoons father. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for John Waldon ye Baseborn son of Elizabeth BISHOP January 9 1774]

5 Mary HELLARD spinster otp + 6 Jul 1793 pregnant. John MAYERS private soldier 10th Dragoons father. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George August 3rd Elizabeth baseborn daughter of Mary HELLARD]

6 Mary HELLARD spinster otp 10 May 1806. Daughter 20 Oct 1792. John MEERS private and now sergeant 2nd Dragoon Guards father wt T. MEGGS. [Note:- See entry 5 above]


OV 7/4 Warrants

1 Mary LISTER spinster otp pregnant by John COSH Piddletrenthide 18 Oct 1773. [Note:- Baptism Fordington St George for Miriam ye Baseborn D [Daughter] of Mary LESTER baptised January 9 and buried Oct 15th 1786]

2 Mary BUCKLER spinster otp pregnant by Robert CLARK lab otp 30 Jun 1815. Joseph BEDLOE overseer.

3 Frances MOREY spinster Melcombe Regis daughter born 27 Apr 1829 Fordington. John Atkins FORD gentleman Melcombe Regis father 30 Jan 1830. Joseph BEDLOE overseer. [Note:- Baptism Melcombe Regis Entry 307 in Baptism register 31 July 1829 Sarah Rebecca illegitimate daughter of Frances MOREY abode Melcombe Regis]

4 Mary GAWLER spinster otp pregnant an idle and disorderly person was removed on Saturday 28 May to Dorchester All Saints and has returned 1 Jun 1831 wt W.R. CHURCHILL. [Note:- Listed in 'Removal orders' entry 118 below also DHC Ref from Poor Law and Apprentice Records file of PE/DO/AS/OV/4/3/40  ]


OV 7/5 Maintenance costs

1 Indenture 12 Jul 1723 William CHURCHILL husbandman otp (M) indemnifies Thomas TIRRELL yeoman and Charles PITFIELD yeoman churchwardens otp and Thomas ROBERTS carpenter and Giles TOLLERVILE roper overseers of the poor regarding George ROSE gentleman deceased Trinity College, Cambridge lease of 3 Jul 1710 9 Anne to William CHURCHILL and his wf Mary deceased the messuage late occupied by Robert LETSON decd in Mill Street, Fordington bounded on the east with the house of Merriam MOORES wd deceased and on the west with that of William CHANNELL and on the south with the street on life of John son of William BURD husbandman otp at 3s 8d/year regarding the examination of Charity CHURCHILL spinster pregnant with a bastard child wt Thomas EAMES, Edward CHAFFEY and Jonathan HILLARY. [Link to Full Transcription of Indenture ]


OV 8 Miscellaneous

1 Appointment of William STILL and Giles COOMBS overseers of the poor 7 Apr 1756.

2 Tuesday 13 Jul 1756 regarding warrant of Nicholas CARY esquire and John MEECH esquire 2 Jun 1756 that Richard STRODE lab otp has left his wf Dorothy and children John 3 and Thomas 17 months and holds a cottage worth 30s/yr on the lives of Thomas SWYER and widow TERREL and various goods wt John WALLIS clerk of the peace for Dorset.

3 Whereas Richard CHAPMAN and family were denied relief and they should be paid 18s/week 21 Mar 1801.


OV 8/4 Correspondence

1 Check from Axminster 1 Feb 1839 Edward H. HASKELL for 18 shillings relief given to Richard AMOR and 6s for his mother from the Chardstock donation fund.

2 regarding Elizabeth WEBB otp and 4 children now at 1 Chatterton Square, Temple Gate, Bristol and owes Mr BAULCH the carrier for carrying up and down already and seeks relief.

3 letter from Eling, Hampshire 3 Mar 1839 regarding out door relief to an old woman Ann AMEY widow there from Thomas COUCHMAN relieving officer.

4 letter from Eling 2 Aug 1838 and correspondence regarding relief given to Ann AMEY widow currently at 2s/wk for the last 14 years.

5 Guilsborough [Northamptonshire] 31 … 1838 confirming that John MOULD born Guilsborough has enlisted as a soldier some years since.

6 Crewkerne 14 Mar 1828 invoice for the relief of Elizabeth KING and Mary DUNNING children and reply.

7 Coventry 25 Jul 1838 from the officer commanding 1st Dragoon Guards that Private John MOULD born Guilsborough, Northamptonshire and enlisted in the Kings Dragoon Guards 13 Jan 1827 at Derby.

8 Eling [Hampshire] 19 May 1838 regarding Ann AMEY widow and reply.

9 Eling 20 Feb 1823 from Edward CHEYNEY overseer regarding Ann AMEY widow and 13s advances in severe illness £6 12s.

10 War Office 17 May 1833 that the pay of a soldier is not liable to be appropriated in the case of the wf and child of George GRAHAM Private 1st Dragoons, their being removed to Holt, Norfolk.

11 Instructions for such persons who apply for the Admission of Patients into St Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics (i.e. for the poor and mad).

12 8 Jan 1816 to Mr MORGAN. The mother shall not be claiming the child for she is a brute of a woman.

13 an order made 13 Feb 1807 regarding Sarah KNESKY for admission to St Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics.


OV 8/5 Printed circulars requesting information.

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