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Dorchester & Fordington

Pigots directory 1844

© Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC Fordington February 2008

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DORCHESTER with Fordington and Neighbourhoods

Dorchester, the county town, and a corporate and parliamentary borough, having separate jurisdiction, is locally in the division of its name, and hundred of Uggscombe; 120 miles s.w by w from London, and 38s.w. from Salisbury. This is an ancient and respectable well-built town, pleasantly seated on an ascent above the Frome, which river bounds it on the north side, at the distance of about six miles from the British channel, and on the south and west it opens on verdant downs, diversified by cornfields. Dorchester, standing on the via icenia, was of considerable importance under the Roman dominion: the several vicinal roads issuing hence, the coins & other relics of that people found here, the Maiden Castle, the amphitheatre (the most perfect of its kind extant in Britain), and the camp at Poundbury, near it , furnish indisputable proofs of its having been a station of high consequence. The town was almost entirely destroyed by fire in 1613; the loss by this calamity was estimated at £200,000. In 1685, on the occasion of the Duke of Monmouthís rebellion, the assizes were held here before Judge Jeffries, when twenty-nine out of thirty persons, tried in one day, were found guilty and condemned; on the following day, it is recorded, two hundred and ninety-two pleaded guilty, and received sentence- of whom eighty were executed. On the morning of the trial, this ruthless judge ordered the court to be hung with scarlet. The town forms an irregular square, and is composed principally of three spacious streets; these with the subordinate ones, are clean, well paved and lighted, and present handsome dwellings of brick and stone. The most conspicuous structures, exclusive of those for the purposes of devotion are - the town hall a handsome spacious edifice; the shire hall, a plain neat building, comprising the courts; and the new goal house of correction, erected on the plan recommended by the philanthropic Howard. The immediate vicinity of the town, on the south and west and part of the north and east, is surrounded by agreeable walks, planted with rows of lime and sycamore trees, as are most of the leading avenues.

Charters of incorporation were granted to Dorchester by Edward II, James I, and Charles I; - under the provisions of the latter the borough was governed until the recent municipal act dictated the corporate body to consist of a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councilors, with the usual assistant officers, under the style of the mayor, bailiffs, aldermen and burgesses of the borough of Dorchester; the same act provides for it a commission of the peace. The assizes and quarter sessions for the county are held here, as also quarter sessions for the borough; a court of record, for the recovery of debts under £40 is held in the guild hall once in three weeks; and a court leet is held annually at Michaelmas by the mayor, who is lord of the manor during the period of the mayorality. The privilege of representation in parliament was confirmed in the 23rd of Edward I, and from that time the borough has continued to return two members; those at present sitting for the borough are, the Hon. Anthony Henry Ashley COOPER, and the Right Hon. Sir J.R.G. GRAHAM, Bart. The spinning of worsted yarn and the manufacture of woollen goods , formerly ranked as the staple here; but these branches have greatly declined, if they are not entirely lost - a little blanketing and linsey being the only articles now manufactured. Dorchester ale has long been famed, and it still maintains a superior character; the mutton of this district is likewise held in great and general estimation.

There are three churches under the establishment and chapels for Baptists, Independents, Unitarians and Wesleyan Methodists. The church of St Peter situated in the centre of the town, is a venerable and beautiful gothic pile; with a tower ninety feet high, ornamented with turrets and battlements; the living is a curacy under Holy Trinity parish, but for all legal purposes is a district parish. The church of All Saints was rebuilt after the great fire in 1613; the benefice is a discharged rectory, in the gift of the corporation. Holy Trinity church is an elegant and commodious structure erected near the site of the ancient church, pulled down in 1821; this living is also a rectory, with St Peterís united in the patronage of the corporation. Among the charitable establishments of Dorchester are two free schools, one of which has three exhibitions to the universities; and some well endowed almshouses; also the hospital, or workhouse, which is an endowed charity. The markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday; fair February 14th, Trinity Monday, July 6th and August 6th, chiefly for cattle and sheep. By the census for 1831, the borough of Dorchester contained 3,033 inhabitants, and in 1841 (including Fordington) 6,186

FORDINGTON: a parish giving name to a hundred, anciently formed part of the town of Dorchester as it now does a portion of the borough. It derives its name from the ford over the river Frome, which is now crossed by several bridges. The Parish church of St George is an ancient cruciform structure, of different styles of architecture; the living is a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the prebendary of Fordington in Salisbury cathedral. Population given with Dorchester borough

POST OFFICE: High East Street; John PETT, Post Master - Letters from London and the East arrive every morning at half past six, and are dispatched every evening at seven. Letters from Exeter, Falmouth and the West arrive every evening at a quarter before seven, and are dispatched thereto every evening seven -- Letters from Cerne Abbas and Sydling arrive every morning at a quarter before seven, and are dispatched thereto ever morning at half past seven -- Letters from Weymouth arrive every morning at half past six and afternoon at a quarter before four, and are dispatched thereto every morning at a quarter past seven and evening at a quarter past seven.

BALSON, Edwin, Esq. Broadmaign
BANKS, Geo. Esq M.P. Kingston House
BRISTED, Rev. John, Monckton
BRYER, Rev. Edmund High West St
BURNETT, Capt John High East St
CHURCHILL, Revíd William Rush H, Colliton House
CLAPCOTT, Joseph, Esq. High East St
CLEMENTSON Rev. Dacre, Fordington
COLSON, Rev. John M Fordington
COOPER Dr. Christopher, M.D. High West St
COZENS Miss, Cornhill
DADE Rev Thomas Broadway
DAVIES Rev. Edward, Fordington
DEVENISH, Rev. Matthew Charminster
DYER, John Esq. Charminster
ENGLAND, Rev. William, Winterborne
FLOYER Mrs, Stafford House
FORSTER Rev. Joseph, Abbotsbury
FRAMPTON Mrs, Mary, South St
GARLAND, Thomas Esq. High West St

HARVEY Mr. Bennett, South Walk
HARVEY Mr Robert R Fordington
HENNING George Esq. Millerís Close
HENNING Capt. Wm L. Fordington
HODGES Wm. Walter P. Esq South St
ILCHESTER the Dowager Countess of Melbury, Abbotsbury Castle
ILCHESTER the Right Hon. the Earl of
JACKSON, Dr. Fras.[i.e. Francis] M.D. High West St
JACOB Mr. Joseph, South St
LAMBERT, John Jas Esq. High West St
MANFIELD Mrs & the Misses South St
MOULE Rev. Henry, Fordington
PATTISON, Robert, Esq High West St
SHIRLEY Major, Stinsford
SHIRLEY, Rev. Arthur Stinsford
STEWARD, Mrs South Walk
STICKLAND, Colonel Charles, South St
STICKLAND, the Misses -High East St
WILLIAMS, Herbert Esq. Stinsford
WOODS Rev. George, High West St

Example of Trading Bill dated 1839 in the Douglas Jackman Collection
Use link to see other examples of Dorchester trading bills


BARNES, William South St
BLANDY Mary, South St [Note:- Mary Blandy (1797-1844) Ladies Boarding School ]
BRYER , William, High West St
DODD Mary, Back South St
Free Grammar School, South St, Rev. Richard CUTLER, master
PATCH, Thomas (& teacher of music) High West St
POYNTER, Richard, High East St
SMITH, Frederick William (dancing) South St
WATSON, Wm (boarding), High West St

BOSWELL, Edward, High West St
BOSWELL, William, Back South St
BRIDGE, William Pease Lane [Note:- William Bridge (1796-1858) ]
COOMBS Thomas & Son, South St
CULL, George, (& registrar of births, deaths and marriages) High East St
GARLAND, John, High West St
HENNING Charles B, High West St
INGRAM, Francis, South St
LOCK, Henry (and superintendent registrar) High East St
MANFIELD & Andrews, High West St

Messrs Manfield & Andrews Solicitors Dorchester - Posted 1842
STONE & Symonds (and town clerks) South St
TOOZE, John Randolf High West St

John Randolph Tooze (1798-1874) Solicitor - Posted 1869
WESTON Montague Cs. High West St

BAKER, Mark, South St
FOOT, John Fordington
HAWKINS, William High East St

AUSTY [ANSTY?]John, Fordington
BARTLETT, Joseph Fordington
BIGGS, Stephen, Cornhill
BOON, John, Back West St
DORE, Richard, Fordington
DRAKE, James, High East St
HOLLAND, John, Upper Fordington
MARSHALL, George, Shirehall Lane
MASTERS, Ann, High East St
MILLER Robert, High West St
PITCHER, Jesse, North St
SHORTO, John South st
SHORTO. Ralph, South St

Elliot & Pearce, High West St - (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co London)
Williams, Cox & Co. High west St -(draw on Williams, Deacon & Co London)
Wilts & Dorset Banking Co Cornhill - (draw on Glyn & Co London) Henry AGGS, manager
Savings Bank ,South St - Jamin JACOB actuary

HUTCHINGS, James, Pease Lane
WELLSPRING, Joseph, High West St

DAY, John, Pease Lane
HALL, Benjamin, Fordington
MOODY, John, Shirehall Lane

CLARK, George, Cornhill
JORDAN, William, North Square
PATCH, Thomas, High West St
SIMMONDS, George, South St

BISHOP, James Fordington
COZENS, Solomon, High West St
CROCKER Charles, High East St
CURTIS, Edmund Jewell, High West St
DAWE, Benjamin, South St
FOX, James & Son, High East St
HAWKINS, William, Back West St
HICKS, John, North Square
HODGES, Isaac, Shirehall Lane
KEATS, James, Pease Lane
MILLS, Francis, High West St
MILLS, James, Back West St
NUTT, Robert, High East St
OLIVER, James, Fordington
ROSE, George, Back West St
STOODLY, William, High East St
SYMES, Joseph, Durngate St
TILLEY, William, South St
WATTS, John, Pease Lane
WHITE, John, South St

DAVISSON, Roger Fordington
WOOD, Thomas, High West St

BREWERS & MALSTERS (See also Malsters)
BEASANT, John, High East St
BOWER, Thomas, Gaol Lane
ELDRIDGE, Charles, Durngate St
Galpin Elias, turn of East St
GALPIN, George, High East St
HODGES & Son, High East St
OAKLEY, Robert, High East St

BARTLETT, John, Fordington
GREGORY, John, South St
LEGG, John, Pease Lane
LESTER, Edward, Glyde path hill
OLIVER, Joseph, Back South St
VOSS, Thomas Durngate St

FUDGE, Joseph, Pease Lane
HAYWARD, William, High East St
LOCK, William North St
ROWE, Edmund, Pease Lane
YEARSLY, John, High East St

BARTLETT, George, Shirehall lane
DAVIS, William, High West St
HAWKINS, Henry High East St
TREVES Wm (& appraiser) Cornhill

BARNES, John South St
BILES, George, Fordington
BROWN, George, Back South St
CURME & Munday, High West St
DENNIS, Amos, High West St
HARRIS, William, Fordington
LAKE, Henry, Pease Lane
LUCAS, George, Pease Lane
SLADE, George & William, High East St
SLADE, Samuel, North St

DUNFALL [DUFALL] , Charles, High West St
GODWIN, David, High East St

DAVIS & Sons, High West St
FROUD, James, High East St
SHEPPARD, Charles, Cornhill
STYLE, Thomas, High East St

REASON, William, South St
STROUD, George, Fordington

FUDGE, Ann, Pease lane
LOCK, William, North St

BARNARD, William, High East St
GALPIN, George, High East St
WARREN, Robert, High West St

ANDREWS, George, High West St
FRY, George, Fordington
GREENING, George, High West St

ATLAS, Joseph STONE, South St
CLERICAL, MEDICAL and GENERAL (life) George, CLARK, Cornhill
COUNTY, Mary HARVEY, Cornhill
CROWN, Mark BAKER, South St
EAGLE, Hooper, Tolbort, High east St
FARMERS and GENERAL, Manfield & Andrews, South St
GLOBE, John GARLAND, High West St
GUARDIAN, Charles B [Burt]HENNING, High West St
IMPERIAL, Thomas PATCH, High West St
NORWICH UNION, William BRIDGE, Pease Lane [Note:- William Bridge (1796-1858) ]
PHOENIX, George CLARK, Cornhill
SUN, Edward MUNDAY, High West St
WEST OF ENGLAND, William HODGES & Son, High East St


GROCERS & TEA DEALERS (See also Shopkeepers Etc)
BENNETT, Thomas , High East St
BISHOP, John, High West St
ENSOR, John, High East St
FIPPARD, Richard, Grove Buildings
FRAMPTON, William, High East St
FRITH, William Henry, High West St
GARLAND, William, High West St
HAYNE, John, Fordington
LOCKETT, Thomas North Square
MORGAN, Joseph, Back West St
MORGAN, Thomas, Fordington
RUSSELL, Samuel, North Square [Note:- see example of bill above]
STYLE, Thomas, High East St
TREW, Ann, High East St
YEARSLEY, James High East St

INNS - POSTING (see also taverns & public houses)
Antelope Hotel, Richard GAULTON, Cornhill
Kings Arms Inn, Francis OLIVER, High East St

CURME & Munday (and surveyors), High West St
Galpin John., High West St
HARVEY, Mary, Cornhill
TOLBORT Hooper, High East St
TREEVES, Susan, Cornhill
WOOD, Thomas, High East St

BASCOMBE, Thomas, High West St
BENNETT, Thomas, High East St
BONIFAS, John, south st
BROWNING, Joseph, High West St
FITCH, John, Cornhill
INGRAM, Sarah, Cornhill
ROBINSON, Jane, High West St
STEELE, Edward, High West St
UPCOTT, James (& Silk mercer) Cornhill

MALTSTERS (see also brewers & maltsters)
CAINES, Richard, Burton
LOCK, Thomas, Back South St
SCUTT, George, Pease Lane
STANDISH, John Friary Lane
TULLIDGE, Thomas Fordington

DAVIS, John, Priory Mills
Galpin Ann, Fordington
PAINTER, William, Burton

FRAMPTON, Sarah, High East St
HONEYWELL, Sarah, Back West St
INGRAM, Sarah, Cornhill
ROSE, Ann, North Square

Weston SIMONDS & Sydenham printer & proprietors, Cornhill

BISHOP, Ann, High West St
GROVES, Ann, High East St
PHIPPARD, Isaac, High East St

CLARE, Charles, High West St
DARDEN, John, Durngate St
GEORGE, William, Fordington
SCHOLAR, Robert, Back South St
TOLBORT, Hooper, High East St

CURTIS, Charles, High East St
HANCOCK, John, High East St
MABER, Isaac, Thoroughfare
WHITE, Edwin, Church St

COOPER, Christopher, High West St
JACKSON, Francis, High West St

GREGORY, John & Son, South St
VOSS, Thomas, Fordington

GREENING, George, High East St
HANDSFORD, Joseph, High West St
POUNCY, Thomas, Cornhill
POUNCY, Thomas Smith, Cornhill

BIRD,Joseph, South St
DORE, Richard, Fordington
DRAKE, Samuel, Durngate St
GROVES, Ann, High East St
HOLMES, John, Fordington
LOCKETT, Thomas, North St
LUCAS, John, South St
MASTERS, William, High East St
SLADE, Edward, Fordington
TRIPP, William, High West St WARREN, Sarah, South St

LOGAN, Thomas, Cornhill
SAUNDERS, Thomas, High East St

LESTER, Edward, Glyde path Hill
SLADE, George & William, High East St

DENNIS, Sarah, high West St
HENVILLE, Mary, High West St
LOCKETT, Elizabeth, Pease Lane
MILLS, Mary, Back West St
NUTTON, Susan, Fordington
TARZEWELL, Elizabeth, Back South St

ALDRIDGE, John Petty, High West St
ARDEN, Christopher, High West St
EDWARDS, John, High West St
PANTON, George, High West St
TAPP, William, High East St
WALLIS, & Curme, South St

TAILORS (Marked Thus * are also Drapers)
*BASCOMBE, Thomas, High West St
BENNETT, William, High West St
*BONIFAS, John, Cornhill
COX, John, Fordington
*CURTIS,Thomas Jewell & Son, High West St
HOPKINS, John, Back West St
MILLS, James, Durngate St
* NEWMAN, Thomas, High West St
ROGERS, Thomas Bell St
SLADE, Edward, Fordington
UPCOTT, James Cornhill
WALLIS, William, High East St
WELLMET, Joseph, Back West St

Anchor, Martha TELLEY, North Square
Black Horse, Robert TREAKE, Church St
Chequers, William STEPHENS, High East St
Crown, Luke HARRIS, turn of East St
George, John WOOD, High West St
Green Dragon, James LONGMAN, Durngate St
Mail Coach, John PARCEL, High East St
Phoenix, --------, High East St
Plume & Feathers, William TULLIDGE, Back West St
Queen Arms, Samuel EDMUNDS, Pease Lane
Royal Oak, Frederick BENNETT, High West St
Sun, Thomas DURDEN, Burton
Three Mariners, John STANDISH, High East St
Union, Philip PEARCE, Fordington
White Hart, George KENDALL, High East St
Wood and Stone, John TULLIDGE, Durngate St

ADAMS, George, High West St
DUFALL, Matthew, Back High West St
FRANKLIN, Henry, Fordington
HARRIS, William, South St
HOLMES, John, Fordington
PHELPS, Joseph, South St
RAYNOLD, Charles, Fordington
SPENCER, Thomas, Shirehall Lane
SYMES, William, High East St

BONIFAS, John South St
CURTIS, Charles, High East St
LUCAS, John, South St

HARDY, James, High West St
LOGAN, Thomas, Cornhill
SAUNDERS, Thomas, High East St
STEPHENSON, William, High East St
VENABLES, Joseph, South St

BISHOP, John, High West St
BOLLEN, William South St
DEVENISH, Mathew William & James Aldridge, High West St
ELDRIDGE, Charles, Durngate St
GARLAND, Ann, North Square
HAYNE, John, Fordington
HODGES, William & Son, High East St
STICKLAND, Robert, Back South St

BENNETT, Thomas, whiting manufacturer, Villa
CURTIS, Thomas, hosier, North Square
ENSOR, John, cement manufacturer, High East St
FRITH, William Henry, porter merchant, High West St
Galpin John., iron founder, High West St
GEALL, William, cutler, High West St
HUSSEY & Winter, millwright, North Square
NASH, Henry, vetenery surgeon, Fordington
PULMAN, Henry, gun and fishing rod maker, High East St
RAYNOLD, William, pawnbrokers, Church St
STANTON, William & Son, woollen cloth manufacturers, Loudís Mill

To LONDON, the Royal Mail (from Exeter and Falmouth) calls at the Kings Arms, every evening at seven - the Herald, every forenoon (Sunday excepted) at a quarter before eleven; both go through Blandford, Salisbury, Andover, Basingstoke, Staines, &c --and the Magnet from Weymouth) calls at same Inn every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past nine; goes through Blandford, Salisbury, Andover, Bagshot &c
To BATH & BRISTOL- The John Bull (from Weymouth), calls at the Antelope every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past eight --and the Wellington every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at nine; both go through, Sherborne, Wincanton & Frome
To BRISTOL -The Red Rover (from Weymouth) calls at the Kings Arms every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half past eight; goes through Yeovil, Ilchester, Glastonbury & Wells.
To EXETER & FALMOUTH - The Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Kings Arms, every morning at half past six; and goes through Bridport, Axminster and Honiton
To EXETER & PLYMOUTH - the Herald (from London) calls at the Kings Arms and Antelope, every morning at seven-- and the Forester (from Southampton) calls at the Kings Arms, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at half past four; both go through Bridport, Axminster, and Honiton
To SOUTHAMPTON - the Emerald from the Kings Arms, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at four; goes through Wareham, Poole, Christchurch, Lymington and Lyndhurst - the Forester (from Exeter and Plymouth) calls at the Kings Arms, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at one; goes through Blandford, Wimborne, and Ringwood
To WEYMOUTH - The Royal Mail every morning at a quarter before seven -- the Magnet (from London) calls at the Kings Arms and Antelope, every evening (Sunday excepted) at eight -- the Red Rover (from Bristol) calls at the Kings Arms, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at a quarter past five -- and the John Bull, calls at the Antelope every Thursday, Tuesday, and Saturday evening at six.

To LONDON: Russell 7 Coís Van, from High East St , every night; a Waggon, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday -- and LIPSCOMBE and SMITH, from the Chequers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
To BATH: John THOMAS, from the Royal Oak, every Tuesday & Thursday -- and Whitmarsh and Co every Thursday
To BRIDPORT: WILLIAMS, from the Royal Oak, every Monday & ThursdayTo BRISTOL: HOLLAND from the Royal Pak, every Monday & Friday -- & John SLADE from South St, every Saturday
To EXETER, PLYMOUTH & FALMOUTH: Russel & Coís Van, from High East St, every night, & a Waggon every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.
To LYMINGTON:-- FORD & ---Thomas from the Phoenix, every Tuesday and Saturday
To MAIDEN NEWTON: John THOMAS, from the Phoenix, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
To POOLE: -- FORD & ---Thomas, from the Phoenix, every Tuesday & Saturday
To WAREHAM: Thomas from the Phoenix, every Tuesday -- and William GRADY, every Saturday
To WEYMOUTH: Russell & Co, from High East St, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; -- Williams from the Royal Oak, every Monday & Friday -- and John SLADE, from Cornhill, Friday

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