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Inventory of the goods of John WINDSOR deceased
under the Administration of his widow Ursula WINDSOR

(Surname also spelt Windsar; Windser; Windsor; Winsar; Winser; Winsor; Winzar; Winzor)

14th November 1664

İTranscribed by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington January 2009

Links to: Letter of Administration and Glossary

An Inventory of ye goods chattels & household stuff of John WINSER late of ffordington deceased taken and apraised by Robte [Robert]TAPP: William BUN: and Henry LEHMAN ye 4th Day of November Anno Dm 1664.

Impremis: in ye hale [hall]: one tablebord; one cubbord; eight joyned stooles; three chagres [chargers] two carpits and six cushings praised att: ij(l) viiij(s) viij(d) (£2.9s.8d)

Itm: [Item] in ye chamber out ye hale: three standing bedsteads ffurnished; two truckle bedsteads furnished praised att: xvl iijs iiijd (£15.3s.4d or 15 pounds and a quarter of a mark)

Itm: [Item] one press; one chest; three boxes; three cophers [coffers] and one tablebord praised att: jl xs vjd (£1.10s.6d)

Itm: [Item] nine paire of sheetes; six pillowtyes; one dozen and halfe of napkens and three tableclothes praised att: vijl xviijs iiijd (£7.18s.4d)

Itm: [Item] six wearing apparrell praised att: xl (£10.0s.0d)

Itm: [Item] one bason [basin] & yewre [ewre]; twelve pewter platers; six pottingers; one paire of pewter candlesticks; one pewter bole; three pewter cups and one warming pan praised att: ijl viijs viijd (£2.8s.8d)

Itm: [Item] one brasse ffurnispan; three other brase [brass] pans; two kettels; three brase pots; two skillets; and one skimmer praised att: vil xiiijs (£6.14s.0d)

Itm: [Item] one paire of Andjorns; two spitts; one payre of tonges; two hanging crookes; praised att: ixs iid (9s.2d)

Itm: [Item] two greate ffates; two long trondles; five other trondles; one hogsed [hoggshead]; three barrels; two fatehorsses and sum Lumber praised att: ijl iijs iiijd (£2.3s.4d)

Itm: [Item] in ye barne sum [some] barley wth one pecke of wheat standing in ye backside praised att: xvjl xiijs iiijd (£16.13s.4d or 16 pounds and 1 mark)

Itm: [Item] ffower horsses wth harnis; five Cowes; three heypher beasts and two hoggs praised att: xxxviiil (£38)

Itm: [Item]one waggon; one karte; two puls [i.e. pulled by a horse] ; two paire of wheeles; one sult & three harrows praised att: xl xiijs iiijd (£10.13s.4d or 10 pounds and 1 mark)

Itm: [Item] ye wood in ye backside wthsum [some] old Lumber praised att: xiij iiij (13s.4d)

Itm: [Item] inye Common feild of wheate, barlie, oates, pease and forkes (think this should be furze) eightie acars praised att: Cxxl (£120)

Itm: [Item] two hundred thirty and four sheepe praised att: xciiijl (£94)

Sum is: CCCxxviijl. xvijs. iiijd (£320.17s.4d.)

Genealogical Notes:-

(1) I made the total £320.14s ?
(2). Most of the unusual words or items in this inventory are listed in my Glossary of 17th Century terms

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