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Dorchester & Fordington

Harrods' Directory 1865

© Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC Fordington November 2012

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DORCHESTER with Fordington and Neighbourhoods

Dorchester, a borough and market town, and the capital of the county, in the Dorchester division, distant 16 miles S.W. from Blandford, 15 W. from Bridport, 8 N. from Weymouth, 18 E. by S. from Beaminster, and 120 from London, diocese of Salisbury, archdeaconry of Dorset, and deanery of Dorchester. The South-Western and the Great Western lines of railway have each a station here.

The town is governed by a mayor, four aldermen, twelve councilors,, and returns two members to Parliament. It is the place of election for the county, and a polling-place. The assizes are held here, as also the quarter sessions and county court at the County-hall. The town is well supplied with water, lighted with gas, and paved. It is under the management of a local board of health. The town is regular and well-built on the river Frome and Ikening street, and comprises the parishes of St. Peter, Holy Trinity, All Saints, and Fordington. The houses are chiefly modern, built of brick and stone, and comprise three principal streets, vizt., East, West, and South. The south and west side of the town has walks between avenues of fine trees, forming a splendid promenade, commanding a delightful view over the downs and surrounding country. The population, with Fordington, in 1861 was 7,018 and the area in acres 4,160. There are two, markets, the small market on Wednesdays, and the larger one on Saturdays. The fairs are held February 14th,.July .6th, August 6th and October 25th, for horses, sheep and cattle.

Dorchester has, with Fordington, four churches and a chapel. The one dedicated to the Holy Trinity is in High West street, is a plain but commodious structure; the interior is neat; the living is a rectory, with Frome Whitfield annexed, joint annual value £500, with residence, in the gift of the feoffees of the Free school and the Almshouse charities; Rev. James Fisher, M.A., rector, and Thomas Alexander Faulkner, M.A., curate. The church of St. Peter's is a large Gothic edifice; stands in the centre of the town; it has a fine embattled tower, 90 feet high, and 8 bells. The living is a rectory, value £184, with residence; the Rev. E. W. Pears is the rector. The church of All Saints' is a handsome building of stone, with lancet windows, and contains a beautiful painted window in the chancel, with the effigy of the giver, the Bishop of Salisbury. The living is a rectory, value £84, in the patronage of the trustees of the late Rev. Charles Simeon; the. Rev. Evan Davies, rector; the Rev. C. T. Proctor, M.A., curate. Fordington church, which is ½ mile- east of the town, is situated on an eminence; it is an ancient stone edifice dedicated to St. George; it has a high embattled tower with pinnacles and a clock; over the south porch are the effigies of St. George and the Dragon rudely carved in stone. The living is a vicarage, value £225, with residence, in the patronage of the Prebend of Fordington ; the Rev. Henry Moule, MA, vicar, the Rev. Frederick John Morale, curate. Christ Church (a chapelry), half a mile north-west of the town, is a plain structure with one bell; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the vicar of Fordington. There are chapels for Baptists, Wesleyans, Independents, and Unitarians.

The County Gaol is a fine building on the north side of the town. It was erected on the site of the ancient castle. It contains 140 Cells; likewise reception cells fitted up in the lodge, a house of correction, and a treadmill. The wings of the prison communicate with the centre building in each storey by cast-iron bridges sprung from the several galleries. The executions take place at the top of the lodge, it being in view of all the criminal prisoners. An entrance, with porter's lodge, and six houses for the turnkeys, was erected from the north square.

The Dorset County Hospital, is situated at the south part of the town in . a beautiful and healthy situation, and overlooking a large nursery-ground, was built in 1841. It is in the Tudor style; it furnishes accommodation for a large number of in-door patients.

The Union Workhouse was erected in 1886. It is a stone and brick building situated half a mile south-west of the town. The Union includes 39 parishes.

The Town Hall is a neat building of stone and brick in the Elizabethan style. It was erected in 1848.

At the west end of the town are the cavalry barracks.

The Free Grammar school, founded in 1569, is in South-street; a small Endowed school in Trinity churchyard, for the educating and clothing of boys; also National schools for boys, girls, and infants, and & ' British school for boys.

The charities of the town Consist of three almshouses: Naples's almshouse, in South street was founded by Sir Gerard Napier for the support of ten poor men, who also receive 4s..Gd. a week, and have a piece of ground, which they cultivate; this building is kept in good repair. Whetston's almshouse for four aged men and their wives, who have a sum of 4s. 6d. a week. Chubb's almshouse for nine poor women, who receive 4s. 6d. a week each.

Dorchester is said to have been one of the strongest and most extensive of the Roman stations, under the name of Durnovaria, and some remains of the Roman walls are still to be seen.

About a quarter of a mile south of the town is the celebrated Roman amphitheatre; it is formed of raised mounds of earth enclosing an open space, but the mounds do not entirely enclose the interior space, as there is an opening at the north between their sloping points; the external diameter is about 350 feet, the shortest 340 feet, so that externally it is nearly a circle. In the thickest part of the sides is supposed were the dens for the wild beasts, that they might be let out opposite to each other to meet in the arena. It is computed that 12,000 persons could witness the combats. The last public spectacle here was the burning of Mary Channing in 1705, for poisoning her husband. The neighbourhood abounds with Roman antiquities. Two miles south-west of the town is the famous Maiden Castle, an ancient and extensive Roman camp, encircled by deep entrenchments, and ramparts of four deep. On the top is a table-land of oval shape, covering upwards of 40 acres; the whole space to the foot of the outer entrenchment is 120 acres. It is supposed to be one of the strongest of these fort1fied castles in England.

POUNDBURY, half a mile west of the town, is an encampment, with immense earthworks thrown up, top of which is 20 acres of land. Several stone coffins and other antiquities have been found at times. We may add that the country is traversed with Roman roads north and south of the river, and sites of Roman establishments, as Stinsford, Stafford, Burton, Wrackleford, Stratton, Southover, Bradford, Woodsford.

FORDINGTON is a large parish in the borough.

FROME, Whitfield, and Coker's Frome, or Colliton Row, half a mile north, are hamlets in Holy Trinity parish.

POSTAL REGULATIONS.—Post office, Cornhill. Mr. Charles Parsons, postmaster. Letters are dispatched to London (day mail), 8.40 a.m.; to Yeovil, North of England, North Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Weymouth, Bridport, &o., 12.40 p.m.; Weymouth 3 a.m., also at 10.15 a.m., and 3.30 p.m.; Bath, West of England and South Wales, 5.45 p.m. ; London (night mail) 9.30 p.m.; Yeovil, Bridport and the West, 10 p.m. Delivered from London 7 a.m.; from Weymouth 8.55 a.m. ; North and West of England, North Wales, &c., 11 a.m.; London, Eastern and South pastern counties, 4.20 p.m. Money-orders are issued and paid at this office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT FOR THE COUNTY. John Floyer, Esq., Stafford house; Henry Gerard Sturt, Esq., More Critchell ; the Hon. W. H. Berkeley Portman, Hurst Bryanston.

FOR THE BOROUGH OF DORCHESTER. B. B. Sheridan, Esq., Frampton Court, and Charles Napier Sturt, Esq.

CORPORATION: Mayor, John Bishop, Esq.

ALDERMEN: George Curme, Esq. John Galpin, Esq. Thomas Coombs, Esq. John Ensor

COUNCILMEN: J. P. Aldridge; George James Andrews; Henry Lock; John Bishop; Matthew Devenish; John Francis Hodges; Robert Hayne; Edward Steele; Thomas Bennett; Alfred Samuel Mason; James Froud; Robert Davis;

(Dorchester Division). John Floyer, Esq., M.P., West Stafford; R. B. Sheridan, Esq., H.P., Frampton court, Dorchester; Henry Frampton, Esq,, Moreton; Charles Augustus Manning, Esq., Castle Portland; Charles Wriothesley Digby, Esq., Studland, Wareham; Robert Williams, Esq., Bridehead house, Dorchester; Rev. James Acland Templer, Piddletown ; Augustus Foster, Esq., Warmwell; Augustus Billett Foster, Esq., Warmwell; W. L. Henning, Esq., Frome house; William Eliot, Esq., Weymouth ; R. H. 0. Swaffield, Esq, West Down lodge, Weymouth; H. N. Middleton, Esq.; Herbert Williams, Esq., Stinsford ; H. C. Godden, Esq., Upway; Sir John H. Lethbridge, bart., Sandhill Park, Taunton; James Fellowes, Esq., Kingston house; Sir Edward Johnson, Weymouth.

BOURGH MAGISTRATES (Dorchester). Herbert Williams, Esq., Stinsford ; John Bishop, Esq., Mayor; George Curme, Esq., Cornhill; Edward Pearce, Esq., Dorchester; John Galpin, Esq., High West street; Matthew Devenish, Esq., High West street; John Francis Hodges, Esq. High East Street; Robert Davis, Esq., High West street; John Ensor, Esq., High East street.

Quarter Sessions, held at the Shire-hall.
Chairman—Lord Portman.
Second Chairman-John Floyer, Esq., M.P.

Dorchester Old -Bank and Dorsetshire Bank—High West street (Williams and Co.); draw on Williams, Deacon and Co., London.
Wilts and Dorset Banking Company—High East street (James Thurston Shorto, Esq., manager); draw on London and Westminster. Bank.
Weymouth Bank (branch of)--High West street. (Elliot, Pearce and Eliot) (Edward Cross, Esq„ manager); draw of Glyn, Mills and Co., London.
'Savings' Bank—South street (George Henry Davis, Esq., actuary); open every Saturday, 11 to 2.


Union Workhouse--
Board sit every Wednesday at 11 o'clock, John Floyer, Esq., M.P., chairman; John Francis Hodges, Esq., vice-chairman; Rev. Thomas Ratsey Maskew, M.A., chaplain' , George Panton, Esq., surgeon; Henry Lock, clerk Thomas Coren, master; Mrs, Ann Coren, matron; Miss Slade, schoolmistress.

County Gaol and House of Correction--
James Vandyk Lawrance, governor; Wm. Curtis Raynold, deputy governor; Mrs. Mary Ann Lawrance, matron; Rev. B. L. Watson, chaplain; J. Good, Esq., surgeon; George Bawler, schoolmaster; William. Lovering, principal officer.

Dorset County Hospital---the Hon. the Earl of Ilchester, patron; H. C. Sturt, Esq., John Floyer, Esq., M.P., and Robert Williams, Esq., trustees; Herbert Williams, Esq., treasurer; Thomas Coombs and E. Pearce, Esqrs., auditors; J. R. Tooze, Esq., honorary secretary; Rev. C. W. Bingham, chairman; H. N. Middleton, Esq., vice-chairman; Rev. G. Davis, chaplain ; Dr. Cowdell, physician; John Tudor, Esq., consulting surgeon; G. Curme, Esq., surgeon; Mr. Evans, house apothecary and secretary; Mrs. Darcy, matron; Mr. John Brown, clerk.

Dorset County Museum and Library—Trinity street,
Right Hon. the Earl of Shaftesbury, president; Herbert Williams, Esq., treasurer; Rev. C. W. Bingham, honorary secretary.

Militia Stores .Depot--William Howe, clerk.
Working Men's Reading Room---South street, Mr. E. Baker,, secretary; John Dean and James Orchard, librarians.
Gas Works—Bell street, Wm. Osmond, manager.
Stamp Office—High East street, John Ensor, Esq., distributor.
Excise and Corn Inspector's Office—Corn Exchange, Jno. Leach, supervisor; Thomas Hawker and William Willand, officers.
Police Station—George Plummer, superintendent. Tax Offlce--T. C. Maltby, Esq., surveyor, Cornhill. London and South Western Railway Station-- Mr. William Mears, superintendent. Great Western Railway Station—- Mr. Edwin Wall, superintendent.

Borough Treasurer--Montague Charles Weston, Esq., High West st.
Coroner--Giles Symonds, Esq.
Town Clerk, Clerk to .Borough Magistrates, County Treasurer, and Registrar to County Court—-Giles Symonds, Esq., High West street.
Clerk to the Board of Guardians-- Henry Lock, Esq., High East street.
Clerk to the Magistrates for the County of Dorset (Dorchester Division)--,Thomas Coombs, Esq., South street.
Clerks to the Commissioners of Taxes--—Andrews & Cockram, South st.
High Bailiff to the County Court—- Win. Gray Bryer.
Superintendent Registrar-—Henry Lock.
Registrar of Marriages---John P. Aldridge.
Registrar of Births and Deaths—Thomas Helps Bishop, Back West st.
Relieving Officer.--Mr. Wallis, Fordington.

All Saints Church--High East street, Rev. Evan Davies, vicar; Rev. T. Proctor, M.A., curate.
Trinity Church—High West street, Rev. James Fisher, M.A., rector; the Rev. Thomas Alexander Falkner, M.A., curate.
St. Peter's Church—High West street, Rev. E. W. Pears, M.A., rector.
Fordington ChurchRev. Henry Moule, MA. vicar; Rev. Frederick John Moule, curate.
Christ Church—West Fordington, Rev. L. J. Bird, M.A.
Baptist Chapel---Dorford, High East street, Rev. E. Merriman, minister.
Congregational Chapel—South street, Rev. Joseph Fox, minister.
Wesleyan Chapel--Durngate street, Rev. J. Allen, minister.
Unitarian Chapel—Pease lane.

Hardy's Free Grammar -- Founded in 1569, South street, Rev. Thomas Ratsey Maskew, , M.A., head master.
Dorset County School--High West street, Rev. Richard George Watson, M.A., head master. Secretary, Rev. V. D. Vyvyan.
Christchurch Parochial--(mixed), Fordington., Miss Ellen Simner, mistress.
Trinity Endowed—Trinity churchyard, William Bryer, master; Mrs. Bryer, mistress.
National--(boys), Fordington, James White, master.
National—(boys), Pease lane, John Rowe Cooper, master.
National (girls), Bell street, Mrs. Mary Way, mistress.
National--(infant), Trinity Churchyard, Miss S. A. Cooper, mistress
British---boys , Durngate street, Bunting, master.
British—(girls), Mrs. Bunting mistress.

Dorset County Chronicle & Somersetshire Gazette--Published every Thursday morning; Mr. Henry Spicer, printer and publisher.
Dorset County Express and Agricultural Gazette--Published every Tuesday, Frederick Foot, printer and publisher, Church street.
Weymouth Portland & Dorchester Telegram --every Thursday morning, printer and publisher, Frederick Foot, Church street.

Antelope-—James Yearsley, Cornhill.
Kings Arms William Manley, High. East street.
Junction Commercial hotel---Jane Dunn, opposite South Western station.

OMNIBUSES :- Omnibuses are constantly at the stations from 'King's Arms' and 'Antelope' to meet all the trains.

Bere Regis---Day, to and from 'Phoenix', 'Wednesday and Saturday.
Buckland Newton---Best, to and from the 'George,' High street, Saturday.
Cerne---Strange, to and from 'Royal Mail,' Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; Bragg, to and from 'Royal Oak,' High street, Wednesday and Saturday; James Sherry, to and from 'George,' High street, Saturday.
Evershot --Howe, to and from' Royal Oak,' every Saturday.
Harfoot Lane---Stickland, from 'Chequers,' High East street,'Saturday.
Haselbury---Williams, from 'Plume of Feathers,' Back West street, Saturday, at 3 o'clock.
London, Dorchester , Weymouth, Cerne , & Bridport---William Bishop (agent for Lipscomb), forwards goods by train to and from each station, daily; London booking - offices, 'White Horse,' Fore street, Cripplegate, 'White Horse,' Friday st, Gerard's hall, Old Bailey.
Piddletown ---Brett, from 'Phoenix' High street, wednesday and Saturday
Piddletrenthide --- Turner from 'Plume & Feathers' Back West St Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Pulham --- Crocker from 'George' High street Saturday;
William Manley agent for South Western Company
James Yearsley, agent to the Great Western Company


Aldridge John Petty, M.L., Shirley house, West Walk terrace
Andrews George James Esq., 49, South st.
Barker Mr. Joseph, West Walk
Bascombe Mr. Edwin, 98, High West st
Bedloe Mrs Jane, 4, South terrace. South st.
Besant Major Thomas H. G., High East st.
Bird Rev. Charles James, M.A., Christ Church Parsonage
Boyce Mrs., Salisbury terrace
Bullock T. Esq., Froome house
Burnett Edwin, Esq., South street
Campbell Miss Ann, 5, Woolaston terrace
Carey Mrs. Jane, East Fordington
Chapman Mrs. Mary, 27, High West street
Churchill Miss Fanny, Colliton house
Clemetson Rev. Dacre, North Square
Cockeram William Philip, Esq., 50, South st.
Coombs Miss Henrietta, 42, High West st.
Coombs Thomas Esq., South street
Cosens Mrs., 5, South terrace, South street
Cowdell Charles, M.D., 45, South street
Cross Edward, Esq., High West street
Curme George, Esq., 9, Cornhill
Damon. The Misses, 51, High East street
Dansey Mrs. Sarah, 24, High West street
Davis George Henry, Esq, 3, South terrace, South street
Davis William, Esq., 22, High West st.
Davis William, Esq., Princes street
Devenish Miss, 49, High East street
Devenish Mrs. Ann, Trinity street
Devenish Matt., Esq, 32, High West st.
Devenish Mr. Joseph, East Fordington
Dewland Mr. Elizabeth, Trinity street
Durden Mrs. Frances,, 1, South terrace, South st
Emson Alfred, Esq., 41, South street
Faulkner Rev. Thomas A., West Walk terrace
Fox Rev. Joseph, Independent, East Fordington
Froud Mr. James, 30 High West West street
Galpin Mr John, High West street
Gane Mrs. Mary West Walk terrace
Gill Mrs. Emily, 57, High West street
Good John, Esq., 48, High 'West street
Gray Mrs. Mary, 33, High West street
Hanford Mr. Joseph, 54, High West street
Harvey Henry F., Esq., East Fordington
Hawkins Miss Hannah, 34, South street
Hayne Mr. John, East Fordington
Hodges John F., Esq., J.P., High East st.
Lambert Francis Henry Esq., 46, High West street
Maltby T., Esq. Lock Henry, Esq., 42, Sigh East street
Maskew Rev.Thos Rattsey M.A., South st.
Mason Alfred S., Esq. Durngate st
Merriman Rev, Edward, Baptist 12, Cornhill
Moule, Rev. Frederick John, chaplain to County Lunatic Asylum, curate of St. George's, East Fordington
Moule Rev. Henry, M.A., vicar, Vicarage, East Fordington
Panton George, Esq., 41, High West st.
Pearce Mr. James, 25, South street
Pears Rev. E. W., M.A., rector of St. Peter
Procter Rev. Charles T. High East street
Shorto James. Thurston, Esq, High East st.
Slade Mr. William, 8, High East street
Smith Captain Edward Heathcote, Fordington House
Spicer Mr. Henry, Woolaston terrace
Stanton Mr. George K., Fordington villa
Stone Mrs. Lucy C., 40, High West street
Symonds Giles, Esq , West walk
Tooze John Randolph, Esq., 29, High West street
Tudor Mr. John, Shire Hall lane
Wallis John, Esq., 28, High West street
Watson Rev. B. L., Woolaston House
Weston Montague Charles, Sq., High West street
White Mrs., Salisbury terrace
Yeatman Miss Jane, 49 High West street


Aldridge John Petty, M.D.,and surgeon, Shirley Souse, West Walk terrace
Ames Frederick, cooper, Grove buildings, West Fordington
Ames James, painter, &c., 28, South st.
Andrews George James and Cookram William Philip, solicitors, treasurers to the Harnham hill, Blandford and Dorchester Turnpike roads
Andrews George James, clerk to the Income, Land, and Assessed Tax Commissioners for the Districts of Dorchester and Cerne; clerk to Magistrates for the Cerne Division; clerk to Trustees of Cerne turnpike; clerk to Commissioners of the Cerne Highway Board. Offices, South street
    George James Andrews (1813-1881) was baptised at St Peters church in Dorchester on 22nd Oct 1813 the son of a gentleman Robert Williams Andrews (d.1850) by his wife Frances White (d. 1842). He married Elizabeth Anne COCKRAM at Cerne Abbas and they settled at 49 South Street where they raised a large family. He died at Dorchester on 12th June 1881 leaving an estate of £24,654.
Andrews James, banker's Clerk and agent to Sovereign Life Insurance Co
Ansty Thomas, baker and shopkeeper, 16, High West street
Barnard Wm. Cooper, 12, High East st
BARNES HENRY architect and surveyor, West Walk terrace
Barrett George, Phoenix, 16, High East st.
Barter Joseph, watchmaker, 4, South, st.
Bartlett John, baker and grocer, The Cross East Fordington
Bascombe J., shopkeeper, East Fordington
Bascombe Thomas and Henry, silk mercers, drapers, and tailors, 65, High West street
Bennett Frederick, grocer, cheese and bacon factor, 18. HIgh West street
Bennett Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 19, High East street
Besant Jobn J., brewer and maltster, High East street
Bevis Thomas, shopkeeper, East Fordington
Bird Joseph, shopkeeper, 21, South street
Bishop Jane, shopkeeper, 5I South street
Bishop John, grocer, High West street
Bishop Thomas H., registrar of births and deaths for Dorchester district, Glyde Path hill
Blandamer Jobn, Crown inn, Durngate st
Blandamer William, The Ark inn, East Fordington
Bonifas John, tailor, 10 Cornhill
Bousfield Christopher H, boarding school for your gentlemen, 37, South street(see advt)

Bowles Charles, boot and shoe maker, East Fordington
Brown Ambrose, White Hart, London road
Brown Elizabeth, Queen's Head, East Fordington
Brown Frederick, carpenter, Trinity street
Brown John, accountant, clerk to the Dorset Lunatic Asylum and clerk to the Visiting Justices; clerk to the Dorset County Hospital agent to the Norwich union Fire and Life Insurance Society, agent to the Accidental Death Insurance Company, Colliton st.
Brown J., medical botanist, Durngate st.
Browning Mary Ann, tea dealer, 43, High East street
Brushett J., Three Mariners,High East st
Bryer Wm. G., auctioneer, 10 Trinity st.
Bryer William, master of endowed schools, Trinity churchyard
Burnett Edwin, solicitor, South street
Bye William tailor, Princes street
Clerk Samuel, watch maker and second-hand clothes dealer, 85, High West st.
Chipp Robert, boot and shoe maker, Bell st.
Churchill Jemima, shopkeeper, East Fordington
Collins John, blacksmith, North square
Cockram W. Phi1ip; solicitor (firm of Andrews and Cockram), South street
Coombs Thomas, solicitor; commissioner in an the superior courts; Under sheriff of Dorset; clerk to the justices of the Dorchester division; clerk to the Dorchester Highway Board; clerk to the Harnham, Blandford, and Dorchester turnpikes; agent to the Royal Exchange Fire and Life office; South street
Co-operative Stores, 50 High East street
Cowdell Charles, M.D., physician to the Dorset County Hospital, 45, South st.
Cox James, Queen's Arms, Durngate st.
Crocker W., cooper
Crook G.R.,fruiterer,17, High Rest st.
Cunnington Edward, wine merchant; 10, South street
Curme George, surgeon, 9, Cornhill
Curtis Charles outfitter, 28 High East st
Curtis Francis Richard, watch maker, jeweller, hair dresser, umbrella maker, and dealer in tobacco, 1, South street
Curtis James. R.E., tailor, 43 Nigh West st
Damen R., corn merchant, West Walk terrace
Damon Robert, farmer, the Green, East Fordington
Darke Francis, shopkeeper, North square
Davis & Sons, chemists, 12, High West st.
Davis George Henry, agent for Church of England Ins Co. & assistant secretary to Dorset Friendly Society 3, South terrace, South street.
Davis John, Swan Inn, builder and shop keeper East Fordington
Davis William, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 10, High West street
Day Thomas, blacksmith, Pease lane
Dewland Thomas; Red Lion, and painter, Church street
Dimond Edward, Exhibition Hotel, East Fordington
Dorchester Old Bank and Dorsetshire Bank (Williams & Co.)
"Dorset County Chronicle," published every Thursday morning; also High East st, Mr. Henry Spicer publisher

"Dorset County Express and Agricultural Gazette," printed and published for the proprietor by Charles Whitehead Millard, County Express Office Church St every Tuesday
Drake James, baker and corn dealer, 15, High East street
Dufall Charles, glass and china dealer, 7 and 8 High West street
Dunkley William, baker and shopkeeper East Fordington
Dunn Mrs . Jane, Junction (commercial) hotel and posting house, near the railway stations
Durden Henry, family and dispensing chemist 18, Cornhill (see advt.)

Edwards Henry, dentist, 12, South street, and Royal Baths, Weymouth (see advt.)

ELDRIDGE, MASON & CO., brewers and wine and spirit merchants, Dragon Brewery, Durngate street
Emson Alfred, surgeon, 41, South street
Ensor John, miller, grocer, corn merchant, seeds man, bone crusher, & dealer in manures, High East st, & Fordington
Ensor John, auctioneer, valuer, and general agent, 54, South street
Evans Alfred John, , chemist, 88, High East street
Fitch John, linen and woollen draper, 2, Cornhill
Folliett The Misses, boarding and day school, High West street

Foot Frederick Gill, auctioneer, Greenhill row, Fordington
Foster James, bookseller, stationer, printer, bookbinder, and circulating library; and agent to the Phoenix Insurance Society, 4, Cornhill
Foster John T., beer retailer, Glyde Path
Franklin Henry, The Hit or Miss, East Fordington
Franklin Henry, jun., wheelwright, East Fordington
GALPIN & SONS, butter factors, Church street
Galpin John, ironmonger and ironfounder, High West street; Foundry, Fordington
GALPIN WILLIAM, brewer and maltster, Phoenix Brewery, High East st.
Gibbs Mrs. Isabella, hair dresser, 18, High West street
Gifford Samuel, shopkeeper, Pease lane
Godwin Eliza, glass, china, & earthenware dealer, 59, High West street
Good John, surgeon, 48, High West street
Greening George, saddler, harness maker, tanner, and currier, 40, High East st.
Gregory George John, builder, architect, and surveyor, 17 South street
Gregory Miss, toy dealer, 27 High East st.
Grey Charles, baker, East Fordington
Griffin James,confectioner, East Fordington
Griffiths Charles T., carpenter, East Fordington
GRIGG THOMAS, Great Western Hotel, near Railway station
Groves Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, provision dealer, and dealer in garden seeds, 25, High East street
Groves James. Henry, grocer, 5, High East st.
Groves Richard, tallow chandler, 21, High West street
Gulliver John, King's Head and shopkeeper, East Fordington
Hall Joseph, blacksmith, East Fordington
Hardy James, watch and clock maker, East Fordington
HARRIS SAMUEL, seedeman & florist, East Fordington
Hawkins George, hop factor and grocer, 60, High West street
Hayne John, wholesale grocer, tallow chandler, soap boiler maltster, and wine merchant, East Fordington
Hayward Joseph,seedsman, Trinity Churchyard.
Hayward Robert, butcher, 14, High East st.
Hazel Robert, ironmonger, 16, High West st.
Hibbs Robert. poulterer, 11, High East st.
HICKS JOHN, architect and surveyor, and agent to Albert Medical Life and Liverpool Fire Insurance offices, 89, South street
Hockey John, boot and shoe maker, 7, High East street
Hodder William, Duke of Wellington, High West street
HODGES CHARLES, White Horse inn, and tailor, Pease lane (see advt.)

Hodges Isaac, boot and shoe maker, Glyde Path hill
HODGES JOHN F, wine merchant, & agent to West of England Ins Society, High st, & Thomas st, Weymouth
Holloway Charles H., painter, Grove buildings, West Fordington
Holmes James C., stationer & news agent, 18, High East street
Hossey John M., engineer and millwright, North square (see advt.)

Hossey John carpenter, 28, South street
HOWE RICHARD JAMES, cook and confectioner, 1, Cornhill, & 10, Augusta place, Weymouth
Howe William, tobacconist, 52, South st.
Howe William, eating house, Nursery cottage
Hutchings & Co., coach builders, High East street, and Fordington
Jacobs William, hat manufacturer and seedsman, 1, Cornhill
Jeffrey and Son, gun makers, 29, High East street
Jones John Herbert, solicitors' clerk, 17, Trinity street
Keats Charles, bankers' clerk, 4, Woolaston terrace
Keats George, chemist, 18, High East st.
Keats George, shopkeeper, East Fordington
Keats Harriet, coffee house, 29, High West street
Keats Mary Ann, dress maker, East Fordington
Keats Susan T., shopkeeper, 19, High West street
Kellaway Henry, butcher, North square,
Kent Henry, ironmonger, 20, High East street
Lake John, french polisher, South street
LANDSCHEST HENRY J., Dorchester Arms, North square
Last Isaac, grocer, 11, Cornhill
Laver Edmund, dairyman, East Fordington
Leach John, inland revenue officer Salisbury terrace
Legg John. R., baker, East Fordington
Legg the Misses, farmers, the Green, East Fordington
Legg Mrs., farmer, Salisbury terrace
Lester Francis, wheelwright, East Fordington
Lester Miss Selina, tea dealer, Glyde Path hill
Ling Henry (late Patch), bookseller and stationer, and circulating library, High West street
Lock Miss Eliza, boarding and day school, Icen cottage, East Fordington
LOCK FRANCIS, coal merchant, 17, South street
Lock Henry, solicitor, sup. registrar of births and deaths, clerk to Board of Guardians, clerk to Burial Board, deputy coroner, solicitor to Dorset Building Society, 42, High East street
Lock Joseph, butcher, North square
Lockett George, tailor, Trinity street
Longman James, Green Dragon, Durngate st.
LOVELESS THOMAS R., George inn, High West street
Lovell and Sons, coach builders, South street
Lucas John, haberdasher, 3, South street
Lush Andrew, carpenter, Grove buildings, West Fordington
Lyde Ann, shopkeeper, East Fordington
MABER CHARLES, miller and baker, East Fordington
Maber George, builder, Pease lane
Maber Richard, mason and shopkeeper, Pease lane
Manley William, King's Arms hotel, commercial and posting, , High East st
Marsh William John, shopkeeper 22, South street
Marshallsay Benjamin, Railway Tavern, 86, South street
Marshallsay Benjamin, blacksmith, Trinity st.
Mayo George, farmer, Cokers Frome
Mears William, South Western Railway station-master
Medway Thomas, currier, Durngate street
Melpham Samuel, bookbinder, South street
Miles James; saddler and harness maker, 14, High West street
Mills Francis, boot and shoe maker, 7 Cornhill
Monday Edward, builder, and agent to the Sun Fire and Life Office, 6 South terrace South street
Morgan Joseph, grocer, 38, High East st.
Mulford George plumber, Bell street
New George, Old Ship, 17, High West st.
Newman T. solicitor's clerk South street
Newman Thomas tailor, 55, High West st
Norris Charles, boot and shoemaker, Fordington
Nutting Edward, baker and shopkeeper, 18, South street
Oliver Charles, boot and shoemaker, 5, South street
Orchard Henry, boot and shoemaker, East Fordington
Palmer Mary Ann, dressmaker, George st.
Penton George, surgeon, 41, High West st
Parmiter George, shopkeeper, East Fordington
Parmiter Richard, outfitter, 25, High East street
Parsons Charles postmaster, Post office
Parsons Sarah, Berlin & fancy repository, and depot of Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 46, South street
Payne William, shopkeeper, Grove buildings West Fordington
Payne William, wheelwright, East Fordington
Pearce David, beer retailer Durngate st.
Pearce Miss, milliner, 11, Cornhill
Pearce Thomas, solicitor's clerk and agent to Globe Insurance Society, 8, Woolaston terrace
Pearce William, Union Arms and shop- keeper East Fordington
Phepps John, shopkeeper, North square
Pinnick John, dyer, 45, Grove buildings. West Fordington (see advt.)

Pitfield George shopkeeper, Bell street
Pope Joseph, Greyhound, Princes street
Porter Francis, Chequers, 47, High East street
Pouncy Charles, boot and shoemaker, 44, High West street
Pouncy Charles, saddler and dealer in tobacco, 5, Cornhill.
POUNCY JOHN, painter, gilder, paper hanger, glazier, photographer, and inventor and patentee of carbon, 38, High East street

Advert appeared Dorset Chronicle 24 Jan 1867

Pouncy Thomas S., superintendent of Borough police, 3, Cornhill
Pouncy Thomas, saddler and registry office for servants, 3, Cornhill
Raynold Charles, secondhand clothes dealer, The Green, East Fordington
Raynold Mrs. Elizabeth, Castle Inn, Grove buildings West Fordington
Read George, Royal Oak Commercial Inn, 20, High West street (see advt).

Read Henry, Kings' Arms Tap
REDWOOD JOSEPH, veterinary surgeon and Member of Royal College of Surgeons, The Green,East Fordington
Riggs Thomas, Bull's Head, East Fordington
Ringwood, Blandford, and Wimborne Telegram, printed and published for the proprietor by Frederick Gill, Church st.
Roberts Richard, reporter to County Chronicle, Woolaston terrace
ROBINSON JOSEPH, organist and professor of music, dealer in musical instruments and music, pianoforte tuner, and musical instruments for hire, 87, High East street
Robinson Thomas, linen & woollen draper, 9, High West street
Robinson Thomas, draper, High East st.
Rogers J., cabinet maker, 37, High West st.
Rook James, china and glass mender, East Fordington
Rumsey Clement CG, boot and shoemaker, 10, High West street
Russell James, Half Moon, North square
Saunders Thomas, watchmaker and silversmith, 26, High East street
Savings Bank, South street; open every day for general business, and from 11 to 2 o'clock Saturdays payments only; Mr. George Henry Davis, actuary
Scott Joseph, watch and clock maker, jeweller, and silversmith, 17, Cornhill
Seward William, baker and shopkeeper, 9, High East street
Shepard Daniel, wheelwright and miller, Friary mill
Shiner John, Dolphin, Church street
Shorto James Thurston, manager of the Wilts and Dorset Banking Company, High East street
Shorto Job, baker and shopkeeper, 43, South street
Shout R. H., architect and surveyor, 38, South street
Sibley Thomas, farmer, East Fordington
Simmonds Henry, general dealer, East Fordington
Slade Samuel, carpenter and broker, 48, High East street
Smith Frederick W., professor of music & dancing, 16, South street
Stanton and Son, woollen cloth manufacturers Lounds mill
STEEL EDWARD, Silk mercer and linen and woollen draper, 11, High West street
Stone John, Weigh Bridge Inn, Grove buildings, West Fordington
Strickland Henry, hairdresser and toy dealer, 44, High East street
Stroud Robert„ boot and shoemaker, East Fordington
STYLE JAMES and Co., grocers, 40, High East street
Symes Robert B., Wood and Stone Inn, Durngate street
Symonds Giles solicitor, town clerk to Board of Heath & Borough Magistrates, and Charity Trustees, Grammar school, and Church Trustees, county coroner & registrar, County court, High West st.
Tarr J.D. wheel chairman, Shire Hall lane
Tassell Charles, linen and woollen draper, tailor &c., 6, Cornhill
TAYLOR AND SONS, stove grate manufacturers, black & brightsmiths, 8, High East street, and at Fordington

Taylor John R., Plume of Feathers Inn, brewer and wine and spirit merchant, Back West street
Taylor and Johnson, The Misses, ladies' school, 26, South street
Tilley William, leather seller, 42, South st.
Tooze John Randolph, attorney at law,& agent for the Scottish Widows' Life Assurance Society, 29, High West street

John Randolph Tooze (1798-1874) Solicitor - Posted 1869

Topp William, farmer, East Fordington
Tresize Mary Ann, day school, 47, High West street
Treves William, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and appraiser, 8, Cornhill
Tucker Edward, shopkeeper, Princes st.
Tudor John, surgeon , Shire Hall lane
Tulloch Thomas Y, grocer, High East st.
Turner F. L., surveyor of taxes, 1, Cornhill
Vernon William, traveling draper, The Green, East Fordington
Voss Thomas H., plasterer, Durngate st.
Wall Edwin, Great Western Railway station master
Welch Mrs., milliner & dressmaker, Pease lane
Wellman T., carpenter, East Fordington
Wellspring John, builder, brick and tile maker, & whiting manufacturer, Grove buildings, West Fordington, Wellspring J., basket maker, Trinity st.
Wellspring Mrs. Susan, dressmaker, 14, South street
West John., photographer, 19, High West st.
Weston Montague Charles, solicitor and treasurer of the borough of Dorchester, High West street
Weymouth Bank (Branch of) High West street, Eliot, Pearce and Eliot, Edward Cross, manager
Weymouth, Portland, & Dorchester Telegram, printed for the proprietor by William Brooks, of 8, Turton st
Weymouth, at his office, in the pariah of All Saints, Dorchester, every Thursday
Wilts and Dorset Banking Company, James. Thurston Shorto, manager, High East street
Winter Mary, shopkeeper, North Square
Winton De George Philip boarding school for young gentlemen 40, South street (see advt)

White James linen and woollen draper, 4, High East st
Wood Mrs. Elizabeth, brazier and tin plate worker, 62 High West street
Woodward Mrs. Mary, Star Inn, Belt st.
Woolston Wm., confectioner, 16, Cornhill
Wortley Edward, New Inn, 27, South at. (see advt.)

Wright Gideon, grocer, Grove buildings, West Fordington
Yearsley James Antelope Family and Commercial Hotel, Posting house, and Excise office, Cornhill
Yearsley John, butcher and cheese factor, 23 High East street


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