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St George's Church Burials 1756 - 1763

© Originally transcribed from BT's by Michael Russell 2007 from CLDS film 1279497
Checked against parish Registers & updated November 2011
[Transcribers comments are in brackets in italics - 215 Burials]

Last updated Aug 2016

Rear entrance to burial ground of St George's Church Fordington
Grave of Rev Henry Moule near the gate


The original Parish Registers (PR) for this period exist in the Dorset Registry Office & there are some transcription errors between those records and the Bishops Transcripts transcribed here which were done in some cases several years later. Some names are also spelt differently between the registers and in a few cases more information has been given in the Bishops Transcripts than originally recorded

In the early years the BT records are badly damaged and difficult to read and in some areas the Parish Registers are badly faded with some entries illegible. Both the original and Bishops Transcripts are composite returns with the left side containing a column stating whether the entry was a baptism, marriage or burial. In many cases the edge has been damaged or disappeared. It is only by viewing both returns and checking back to marriage names that it has been possible to end up with what is now a complete record. M Russell OPC for Fordington

1756 [Document badly water damaged- left side and bottom] [ CLDS Film 1279497 Image 4205261_00006]


Giles LUCAS buried January 1st 1756 [ BT's have surname LUCKES]

Elizabeth BISHOP Widow buried January 13 (PR)

Amy [Note:- spelt Amme in BT's] DAW a widow buried February 25 (PR) [ See Wills Index for 1756] [NBI incorrectly has date as 1 Feb 1756]

Eli ALLEN buried February 26th (PR) [NBI incorectly has name as Elizabeth ALLEN and date as 26th Jan 1756]

Elizabeth BRINE buried March 5 (PR)

Thomas WINZAR buried March 5 (PR) [ See Wills Index for 1756]

William son of William & Mary BISHOP March 7 [PR simply has William BISHOP buried 7th March 1756?]

William BRIERburied March 22 (PR)

Christian PITFIELD buried March 29 (PR) [Note:- Of unknown origin but likely to be the burial of another child of Charles PITFIELD ( 1723-1801) and his wife Mary Bishop possibly baptised during 1752 when we appear to have some missing baptisms because of the change over for the start of the year to the Julian calendar. They had a habit of renaming the children who had died in infancy. eg they had a son Charles bap 8th Feb 1748/9 who was buried 14th July 1749. They renamed the next child born Charles. I think they then had a girl they named Christian born in 1752 who died here in 1756. Their next child was a boy they named Sebastian & was born in 1754 but died in 1756 and the next child was renamed Sebastian. The next child after that was a girl and named Christian in 1761.]

Christian WAR buried March 30 (PR)

Robert BELBEN buried April 4 (PR)

    [BT's New page - document badly water damaged- right side and bottom - see Parish Registers at DHC] [ CLDS 00007]

Sebastian PITFIELD buried April 5 (PR) [Note:- 4th child from the marriage of Charles PITFIELD (1723-1801) to Mary BISHOP (1722-1794) at St Georges Church Fordington baptised 11th Dec 1754]

John LUCAS buried April 11 (PR)

John DOLLEN buried April 26 (PR)

Grace STEVENS buried May 2 (PR)

Robert STILE buried May 5 (PR)

William WYATT buried May 9 (PR)

Grace STEVENS buried May 11 (PR) [Note:- separate entry from that given on May 2nd]

Philip BISHOP buried May 26 (PR)

James PAUL buried June 20 (PR)

Margery FRAMPTON buried November 21 (PR)

Mary baseborn Daughter of Mary SPARKES December 1st (PR) [ End of CLDS 00007]

1757 [ Start of CLDS 00008]

    [BT's very faint plus water damaged - have assumed most are baptisms but some might be burials which are given below]

William GARRETT buried January 1 (PR)

John LOCK buried February 1 (PR)

Thomas GREENING buried February 11 (PR) [Note:- See wills index for Dorchester for Letter of Administration for his estate granted to his widow Mary 25th April 1758]

Martha daughter of Thomas SYMS and Mary his wife buried March 12 (PR)

Susanah SEAGER Widow buried March 18 (PR)

John son of Richard SCORES & Ann his wife buried March 18 (PR)

Elizabeth ALLEN buried March 22 (PR)

Mary Daughter of Thomas BRINE and Eleanor his Wife April 3 (PR)

Mary MITCHELL April 4 (PR)

Joseph BISHOP April 21 (PR)

Ann SARGENT buried May 1 (PR)

Ann TERELL buried May 2 (PR)

Ruben MASTERS buried July 5 (PR)

    [Start of CLDS 00009] [Note BT's new page- badly water damaged on right side where dates would have been, PR is very faint ]

John SHARBER? [or Pharber, NBI has surname as PHEBEN] A Stranger July 11 (PR can only make out Christian name of John & last word 'Soldier' rather than stranger & date is clear as July 10th)

Thomas HARVEY A Stranger July 19 (PR)

Wadham [or Bertram?] Moor son of William BRYER & Gertrude his wife [Note:- William BRYER married Gertrude WELLS at Fordington on 13th May 1745][NBI incorrectly has surname as BERGER]

John son of Edward COLE and Elizabeth his Wife July 29 (PR)

William BENN A Stranger July 30 (PR)

Sarah BENNETT A Stranger August 3 (PR)

Robert WHITHAMELL A Stranger August 17 (PR name unclear on correct date of burial 17th Aug but entered a second time in error for 17th Sep then crossed out where name is clear)

John PARDUE A Stranger August 31 (PR) [NBI has surname PINHUE]

Joanna Daughter of William SEALL and Sarah his Wife September 5 (PR)

William KINGSHIRES [might be William HAMPSHIRE] A Stranger September 8 [NBI has HUMPRIES] (PR mainly illegible)

Elizabeth Daughter of Mathew WHITE and Elizabeth his Wife September 9

    [Note:- Both PR's & BT's are not clear whether burial or baptism - I have recorded as a burial as 2 prior baptisms for Elizabeth -1st on 23 Sep 1751 she was buried 26th May 1755 - and 2nd bap 29th Nov 1755 - I think this is her burial - Mathew White married and Elizabeth Hall in Fordington 17 Mar 1745]

James son of James HUDD [or STUDD] & Elizabeth his Wife a Stranger September 21 (PR omits word 'a stranger' but likely to be correct as not known in the parish)

Sarah Daughter of Bernard GEALL and Elizabeth his Wife September 22 (PR) [Note Baptism 21 June 1757]

Daniel MIDDOWS A Stranger September 26 [PR and NBI have surname as MIDDONES]

    [Start of CLDS 00010] [new page water damaged left side - column showing baptised, married or buried mainly illegible]

John LOCUS September 26 (PR) [NBI has LUCAS known family name]

Sarah KEATS October 25 (PR)

Mary PHIPPARD October 28 (PR)

Samuel ALLEN October 31 (PR)

Sarah Daughter of William PARKER & Susanna PARKER November 3(PR) [NBI incorrectly has surname PARKES]

Mary Daughter of Thomas ASH and Mary his Wife November 18 (PR)

John BARNES A Stranger November 28 (PR)

John Son of David & Rebecca KEATS November 27 (PR)

Joan COLLENS aged 87 years November 27 [i.e. born approx 1670] (PR)

John son of George ADAMS and Mary his Wife November 28 (PR)

Rachel Daughter of Enoch LESTER and Rachel his wife December 11 (PR) [ IGI has as a Baptism but actually baptised 16 May 1753 correctly recorded in PR & NBI]

Honour Daughter of Thomas VINCENT and Honour his Wife December 14 (PR) [Baptised in 1749?]

William son of William ADDAMS and Elizabeth his Wife December 20 (PR) [Note William Addams married Elizabeth Bishop 20 Sep 1756 and their son William was baptised Fordington 16 Nov 1756]

1758 [continued same page - column showing baptised, married or buried mainly illegible]

Mary Daughter of [blank space] WILLIAS & Elizabeth his wife January 6 [NBI has Mary Willis SALISBURY January 6th. In BT's vicar has left a space for the fathers Christian name and no mention of Salisbury which might be where he came from: In the PR's it states Buried Mary Willas daughter of Elizabeth James Salisburys wife January 6th 1758].

John DOLLEN January 11 (PR) [Note:- See Wills Index for Letter of Administration dated 11 Feb 1760 granted to Edward DOLLING of Weymouth the uncle of John DOLLING Bachelor of Dorchester who died intestate]

David MORRIS January 16 (PR)

William WINZAR January 17 (PR)

Mary ALLEN and Elizabeth her Daughter buried January 28 (PR)

John TAYLOR buried February 8 (PR)

Evis Daughter of Edward WHORE & Mary his wife buried February 11 (PR)

Elizabeth RIDPHON? buried February 12 (PR) [NBI has Elizabeth BULSON]

Martha daughter of James POWELL and Elizabeth his wife buried February 17

Matthew WHITE buried March 8 (PR)

    [Start of CLDS 00011][new page water damaged right side where dates were]

William TRIPP buried March 17 (PR) [Note in NBI]

Ann Daughter of Thomas ROOTS & Elizabeth his wife buried April 12 [PR surname ROOLS; NBI has ROOBS]

Phillip son of Phillip WINZER & Elizabeth his wife buried June 16 (PR) [see baptism April 28th 1758 - NBI has date as 16 May]

Thomas BASCOMB buried May 18 (PR)

William son of William INGRAM & Mary his wife buried May 28 (PR)

John son of John HARVI [or HARVY ] & Mary his Wife June 5 (PR entry sic = 'Joh son of Jno HARVIE & Mary his wife buried June 5th')

John baseborn son of Jane ALLEN June18 (PR) [NBI incorrectly have John BUSHORN June 18?]

James son of James KELLY [defaced - scored through] son of James KELLY & Ann his Wife August 2 (PR illegible)

Phillip BISHOP buried August 29 (PR)

Elizabeth Daughter of Joseph BONNETT & Sarah his Wife August 31 (PR) [Note baptised earlier same month - NBI have surname BENNETT]

Elizabeth HARDY buried September 6 (PR)

    Jno [John] JACOB Vic [Vicar]
    John MORGAN & John NELSON Churchwardens
    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00011 & Start of Images 4205261_00012 and 00013]
    [new page - simply headed “1758” & continued further down with “1759”]There is also a separate sheet with a full heading as given below followed by a huge blank space and at the very bottom of the sheet 5 entries of baptisms, marriages and burials which appear to relate to the end of 1759. I have had to amalgamate the two returns as follows but it was difficult to be sure about allocation between baptisms and burials - The position was only clarified as below when access to Parish Registers was obtained in November 2011].

1758 continued

Hannah WHITE buried 18th Sep 1758 (PR)

Ann Daughter of John SEALL and Lybye? his wife buried December 7 (PR spels her Christian name as Lislye)

Sarah LOCUST buried December 7 (PR) [Note 2 entries further on is a marriage of a William Locust to a Mary Locust 11 Dec 1758 : NBI has Sarah LUCUS]

Elizabeth ALLEN aged 99 years [i.e. born approx 1659] buried December 10 1758 (PR)

1759 A True and Perfect Copy of the Register of Fordington in the County of Dorset of all Marriages, Baptisms
and Burials and other memorable accidents Beginning in the year of Our Lord 1759


Mrs. Sarah BUNN of Dorchester aged 69 years [i.e. born approx 1690] January 11 (PR)

Rev John JACOB Vicar of Fordington --died 19th January and was buried on 22nd Jan 1759 [Link to tombstone inscription ]

Alisha HAYN January 28 (PR + side line entry by the Rev RG Bartelot who was vicar of Fordington 1906-1936 " See Alicia HAYNE tombstone RGB") [Note:- NBI has Alicia HAYNE. This is Alicia HAYNE nee PREYTER a widow who married John HAYNE (d.1799) of Fordington on March 30 1747 at St Michael's Church in Stinsford. ]

Edith WIEL February 10 (PR) [NBI has surname WHITE]

John son of Mackias BRINE and Bersheba his Wife March 15 (PR)

Sarah Daughter of James SWIER & Elizabeth his wife March 20 (PR) [NBI has surname SAVIOUR?]

Thomas son of David ALLEN & Mary his wife April 3 (PR)

Elizabeth BEDLOE aged 75 [i.e. born approx 1684] April 4 (PR)

John son of Joseph DOVER and Susannah his wife April 9 (PR) [could be baptism or a burial]

Thomas son of Thomas BRINE & Eleoner his wife buried April 14 (PR)

Mary Daughter of Robert HUST & Elizabeth his wife buried April 27 (PR) [ NBI has as a burial for Mary HUNT]

    April 29th Mr Christopher TWYNIHOE was inducted (instituted) Vicar of Forthington [i.e. Fordington] in ye house of Mr. Jno [John] JACOB Late Departed. (PR)

John son of James WILLIAMS and Elizabeth his wife buried 12th May 1759 (PR)

Philip son of William SEAR and Rebecca his wife buried May 12 (PR has " Son of William CLEAR and his wife buried 12th May 1759")

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00013 & Start of Image 00014]

Thomas son of Thomas DENNISS & Mary his wife buried May 17 (PR)

Thomas son of George LESTER & Elizabeth his wife buried May 20 (PR)[Note Baptism Sep 1757]

Susannah Daughter of Jno [John] LOCK & Christian his wife buried May 28 (PR)

Henry son of Joseph CHURCHILL & Margret his wife buried July 10 (PR)

Charity CHURCHILL buried July 14 (PR)

William son of Joseph CHURCHILL & Margret his wife buried July 14 (PR)

Rebecca Daughter of Joseph BENNETT & Sarah his wife buried July 20 (PR)

Jno. [John] son of Jno. [John] SERGEANT & Mary his wife buried August 13 (PR has his wife as Ann)

Elizabeth the wife of John PARKER August buried 22 (PR)

Edward son of Jno. [John] LOCK & Sarah his wife buried September 19 (PR)

Deborah Daughter of Jno [John] LOCUSS & Elizabeth his wife buried October 21 (PR)[NBI has surname LUCUS]

Gabriel ye wife of Mr. Wm [William] BRINE of Dorchester [rest illegible on BT's; NBI has surname BRICE and date 11 December PR has name BRIER and Dec 11th]

Margret BENNETT Widow buried 19 Dec 1759

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00014 & Start of Image 00015]
    [New page]

Sarah GREENING buried December 23 (PR)


Mary ROBERTS buried February 2 (PR)

Mary GIBBENS Widow buried February 7 (PR)

Martha Daughter of Jno: [i.e. John] SERGEANT & Patience his wife buried February 24 (PR) [Note a John Sergeant married a Patience Kimiston in Fordington 13 Mar 1758]

Rachel Daughter of Samuel LESTER & Sarah his wife buried March 2 (PR)

Margaret POWELL Widow aged 80 years [i.e. born approx 1680] March 3 (PR)

Barbara WHITE Widow aged 65 years [i.e. born approx 1695] March 4 (PR)

Elizabeth Daughter of Henry HUNT & Ann his Wife March 13 (PR) [Note:- 3rd child from the marriage of Henry HUNT (1725-1761) to Ann WHITLE at FStG on 19-Aug 1753]

Joan CHAFFEY buried May 5 (PR)

Betty VOST? buried May 13 (PR) [Note:- NBI has correctly spelt surname of VOS]

Mary COTE buried May 19 (PR) [i.e. known family name of COAT ]

Mary NORRIS buried June 8 (PR) [Note a daughter Martha baptised same day so may have died in childbirth]

Bridget HALL buried July 20 (PR) [NBI incorrectly has this name as Bridget HATT]

Matthew FROST buried 9th Aug 1760 (PR)

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00015 & Start of Image 00016]

Mary Daughter of John & Mary WYAT buried August 17 (PR)

Thomas son of John & Susanna FREAK September 24 (PR)

Elizabeth Daughter of John MANUEL Junior & Elizabeth his wife buried September 28 (PR) [NBI incorrectly has surname as MAWES]

Elizabeth Daughter of James SWIER & Elizabeth his Wife October 1 (PR) [NBI incorrectly has surname as SAVIOR]

Elizabeth DOWL Widow November 2 (PR) [NBI incorrectly has surname as VOWLE]

    Highlighted Entry in the Parish Register :- Nov 11th 1760 King George II Inter: (i.e. buried) [ Note:- The King in fact died on 25th October 1760 in France being buried on the 11th at Westminster Abbey].

Elizabeth Daughter of Mr. Isaac SPARKES & Martha his Wife November 21 (PR) [Note:- Isaac SPARKS (1727-1788) Gentleman of Fordington married Martha Stuckley of Langport Somerset under a marriage settlement dated 11 Sep 1754 but she died and was buried in Langport 30th Nov 1757]

Ambrose son of Ambrose HUNT & Ann his Wife December 2 (PR)

    [Note:- NBI incorrectly has an additional entry for a Rebecca KEATS December 15 which is in fact a Baptism - this is a composite parish register]

Jno. [John] son of James & Elizabeth POWELL buried December 21 (PR) [Note Baptised October 6]

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00016 & Start of Image 00017]


Jno. [John] TRIM A Strange Child buried [meaning not of the parish] March 15 (PR)

Christian Daughter of Charles & Mary PITFIELD buried March 22 (PR) [Note:- 7th child from the marriage of Charles PITFIELD (1723-1801) to Mary BISHOP (1722-1794) at St Georges Church Fordington Baptised January 12]

Wm. [William ] son of Joseph BISHOP & Elizabeth his wife (privately baptised) buried April 9 (PR)

Frances Emily buried April 22 (PR has "Francis EMILY -- affidavit brought -- April 22nd )

Joseph son of Charles & Mary PITFIELD buried April 26 (PR) [Note:- 6th child from the marriage of Charles PITFIELD (1723-1801) to Mary BISHOP (1722-1794) at St Georges Church Fordington Baptised 5th Feb 1759]

Thomas HARRIS buried aged 63 years [i.e. born approx 1698] May 4 (PR)

Elizabeth TERRELL buried aged 74 [i.e. born approx 1687] June 3 (PR) [NBI has surname TORRELL]

Henry HUNT buried June 4 (PR) [Note:- Henry HUNT (1725-1761) husband of Ann WHITLE whom he married at FStG on 19-Aug 1753]

James son of Jno [John] & Elizabeth SWIER buried June 5 (PR) [BT's have surname SAVIOR]

Richard DILLER buried June 29 (PR)

George son of George & Ann SQUIB buried July 12 (PR)

Matthew son of Tho. [Thomas] & Mary WHITE buried August 11 (PR) [Note Baptised Aug 17th 1760]

    Seth BANCKS Minister
    John MORGAN
    Tho. [Thomas] TERRELL
    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00017 ] [ Note in register:- "The Day of Visitation was August 12th"]

    [Start of CLDS Image 4205261_00018 - IMAGE OUT OF SEQUENCE SEE BELOW]
    [New page BT's - Note no heading to indicate the year - clearly filmed out of sequence as dates between images 17 and 19 run consecutively - The National Burial Index has these burials as 1764 and was transcribed from the original registers not the Bishops Transcripts so is more likely to be correct. There is also a gap in the burials for 1764 into which these entries fit neatly. Also see comments on burial of Caleb Clothey [Clothyer] below which shows marriage and baptism after 1761 - I have therefore moved all these entries to 1764 but left a copy of them indented below so that people viewing the Bishops Transcripts have an explanation]
    Thomas son of John & Mary LUCAS May 17

    Mary Daughter of Daniel & Sarah STILES May 17

    Mary Daughter of William & Mary LUCASS May 17

    Francis JACKSON A Stranger June 8

    William BARTLETT June 4

    Charles son of Charles & Susannah LEGG June 17

    Mary Wife of Robt [Robert] POPE of Urploole? June 24

    Jane Daughter of John & Ann SERJEANT July 2

    Caleb Son of Caleb & Ann CLOTHEY July 4 [Note a Caleb Clothyer and Ann Bishop - both of Bishops Candle -married in Fordington on 15 May 1762 - Caleb their son was baptised there 13th May 1763]

    John son of Thomas and Mary ASH July 18

    John HITCHCOCK July 26



    S BANCKS Clerk

    James BROOKE Churchwardens

    Mr TERRELL [Thomas Terrell see previous return]

    [Start of CLDS Image 4205261_00019]

A True and Perfect Copy of all Marriages, Baptisms, Burials and other Memorable
Accidents in the Parish of Fordington in the County of Dorset for the year 1761


William son of William & Sarah SEALL September 6 (PR)

Arthur MITCHELL of Dorchester September 7 (PR) [See Wills index for Dorchester for his Will dated 4th Nov 1760 proved 22nd June 1762 a Brazier, clockmaker and wathchmaker by trade bequests to cousins, tools to apprentice, rest to servant]

Henry A Strange Child drowned September 27 (PR) [Note “strange” meaning not of this parish]

William son of George SQUIBB & Ann his wife October 7 (PR)

Ann Daughter of Ambrose HUNT & Ann his wife October 25 (PR)

William son of William ADDAMS & Elizabeth his wife October 26 (PR) [NBI has surname ADAMS]

Amey daughter of Sebastian & Mary PITFIELD October 28 (PR) [1st child from the marriage of Sebastian Pitfield to Mary Woodsford in Fordington 30 Nov 1756 baptised 15th Sep 1757][NBI has date 29th]

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00019 & Start of Image 00020]

Sebastian son of Sebastian & Mary PITFIELD November 3 (PR) [Note:- 2nd child from the marriage of Sebastian Pitfield to Mary Woodsford in Fordington 30 Nov 1756 - baptised 27th May 1760]

James son of Samuel & Jane MORGAN November 5 (PR) [Note:- Baptised 19th Nov 1759 All Saints Church - his father was a soldier based in Fordington Barracks]

Jane GOLLOP of ye Holy Trinity in Dorchester December 6 (PR) [NBI has surname GALLOP]


Ann Daughter of Matthew & Elizabeth WHITE January 4 (PR)

John HAYNE aged 82 years [i.e. born approx 1680] January 10 (PR)

Ann Daughter of Richard & Mary WHITE January 17 (PR)

John son of John & Ann EVANS January 19 (PR)

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00020 & Start of Image 00021]

William ROBERTS buried January 25 (PR)

Jane TAYLOR buried January 31st (PR)

Thomas son of Richard & Dorothy STROUD buried January 31 (PR) [Note Richard Stroud married Dorothy Mallard 21st Feb 1747 St Peters Dorchester]

Joseph son of Joseph & Mary MUNDEN buried February 1 (PR)

Thomas MIDDLETON buried aged 75 years March 2 (PR)

Philip TAYLOR buried March 14 (PR)

Richard CUMBERSHALL buried March 14 (PR)

Barbara daughter of John & Elizabeth MATTOCK buried April 5 (PR) [Note a John Mattock married a Betty White in Fordington on 3 Nov 1755 their daughter Barbara was Baptised 4 June 1759]

Joanna daughter of Matthew & Elizabeth WHITE buried April 5 (PR) [Note Baptised April 1]

John son of Moses & Mary BEDLOW buried April 7 (PR) [Note:- baptised 31 May 1761]

Edmund son of Edmund & Ann HUNT buried April 13 (PR)

Humphrey son of Humphrey & Elizabeth HARDY buried April 14 (PR)

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00021 & Start of Image 00022]

John son of John & Elizabeth MATTOCK buried April 20 (PR) [Note a John Mattock married a Betty White in Fordington on 3 Nov 1755 their son John was Baptised 25 May 1758 - NBI has date 17th April]

William son of William & Jane DAVIS buried May 2 (PR)

Mary DILLER Widow buried May 12 (PR) [NBI has date 2nd May]

Ann daughter of David & Ann PHIPPARD buried May 26 (PR)

Isaac son of Joseph & Sarah BONNETT buried July 16 (PR)

George LESTER buried August 8 (PR) [ See Wills Index for 1764] [NBI has date 15th Aug which is the date of the next entry a baptism on BT's]

Edward LESTER buried August 24 (PR)

Elizabeth Daughter of Edward & Jane CHAFFEY buried August 29 (PR)

Elizabeth daughter of James & Sarah SALISBURY buried September 19 (PR)

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00022 & Start of Image 00023]

Roger CLODE a Stranger buried September 24 (PR has surname CLADE or SLADE)

Mary BANKS buried October 7 (PR)

John MEADER buried October 17 (PR)

Mary CASSE buried November 19 (PR) [Note son William baptised same day so probably died from childbirth complications]

Mary daughter of John & Mary EVANS December 16 (PR)

Sibyll WILLIAMS buried December 22 (PR) [NBI has date 27th Dec which is the date of the next entry a baptism on PR's and BT's]


William son of William & Sarah LUCAS buried January 20th 1763 (PR) [Note:- Baptised 2nd Jan 1763 - NBI wrongly has baptism as burial date]

Sarah daughter of William & Sarah CLEAR buried January 25 (PR)

Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary WHITE buried February 1 (PR)

John LOCKE buried February 4 (PR)

Ann HUNT buried February 8 (PR) [Note:- widow of Henry HUNT (1725-1761) who married Ann WHITLE at FStG on 19-Aug 1753]

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00023 & Start of Image 00024][NOTE:- Parish Register is illegible as very badly faded from here until baptism on 24th Aug 1763]

Joseph son of Joseph & Grace SEALL March 7 [Note a Joseph SEAL of Dorchester married a Grace VINCENT 5 Jan 1756 in Fordington]

William son of William & Elizabeth ADDAMS March 8

Jno [John] son of Moses & Mary BEDLOW March 10

James son of John & Sarah LOCK March 27

William HARDYE April 5

Hannellia Daughter of Mr. William & Ann TEMPLETON May 6

Steven HOUNSELL May 7

Andrew HALL June 5

Honour Daughter of Tho [Thomas] & Honour VINCENT July 5

John son of John & Elizabeth INGRAM July 26

Samuel son of Joseph & Elizabeth FOY August 21

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00024 & Start of Image 00025]

Susannah CLARK buried August 24 (PR) [Note may have died in childbirth see next entry]

Samuel son of Thomas & Susannah CLARK buried September 4 (PR) [Note Baptised 24 August]

Margaret POWELL Daughter of James & Elizabeth POWELL buried September 11 (PR) [Note baptised 13 Mar 1762]

John RASKER buried September 14 (PR)

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00025 & Start of Image 00026]

[Blank space] Daughter of Isaac & Marriam SPARKS buried October 18 [Note:- Isaac SPARKS (1727-1788) is known to have married Miriam MANUEL in Bere Regis Dorset 13 Dec 1758 and raised a family of 10 children who were baptised in the The Presbyterian Chapel, Pease Lane, Dorchester between 1758 and 1782. This is the burial of Lucy Sparks baptised 12th October 1763 buried here as the Presbyterian Chapel did not have its own burial ground]

John SEALL buried October 25 (PR)

Sarah CAYNES [CAINES] buried November 23 (PR)

William son of George & Elizabeth LESTER November 27 (PR)

John & Johanna son & daughter of William & Sarah SEALL December 5 (PR) [NBI have the daughters Christian name as Susannah]

Ruth TRIPP buried December 9 (PR)

John son of Joseph LOVELACE & Elizabeth his wife December 29 (PR)

    [End of CLDS Image 4205261_00026]

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