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A Brief Explanation

As you'll see from this timeline, there are many different ways to spell the surname. I spell it Risener because that's the way my family has spelled it since the early 1800s. Census takers and those who make out deeds and reports seem to have spelled it whatever way they thought best. Since our earliest progenitors seem to have all arrived here from Holland, most of them probably couldn't speak anything but Dutch and so could not correct any misspellings of their names. So that's why we have the wide variety of Risener spellings that exist today. Perhaps someday we'll be able to access records in Holland and find out the true spelling of the name, but we do know that Risener, Risner and Reisner all have the same beginnings.

However, over the years we have discovered that the name of Riser (also spelled Rizer, Reizer, etc.) is not the same name as ours. These folks were German, and a totally separate family from ours. The same holds true for the Reasoner family (also spelled Reesor, Reser, Reesener, etc.), the Reasonhoovers and the Risingers. Those families are not related to the Riseners who came from Holland. In the past lots of researchers tried to tie these families together since the spelling of their names was so similar. It was pointed out that these families lived in the same general areas of the country, and therefore must be related somehow. But stop and think...the country wasn't that big in the 18th and 19th centuries. Everyone lived in the same general areas. That doesn't mean everyone was related, does it? Of course not. If you'll take the time and make the effort, you can easily track both the Riser and Reasoner families from the 1700s on til today, and you'll find they are not connected to the Riseners of that time period. Plus, even counting for the myriad misspellings, the name Risener as phonetically spoken remained constant through the years. They may have had it spelled Reiszenor, but it was still pronounced RISE-ner, not REEZ-ner, or RISE-inger or REES-en-hoover. Therefore you won't find documentation for Risers or Reasoners or Reasonhoover or Risingers in this timeline.

Lynn and I have searched out this family for years and she has included all we have found to date in this timeline. Some of the info comes from others, and is so credited. When possible we've used the sources others have cited and checked them out ourselves, to try and be as correct and thorough as possible.

If you can add anything we've missed and would like to share it with fellow Risener researchers, please let us know about it, and we'll check it out and add it here.

Enjoy looking over The Risener Timeline.

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