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Relatively Risener

Cemetery & Tombstone Photos

These photos are of the tombstones and cemeteries where members of our family are buried. Some of the photos are better than others, and I intend to get better images of some of these as time permits. Some I took myself and some have been graciously submitted by family and fellow researchers. Some have obituaries which you can find by clicking on the link under the tombstone photo, or click HERE for all obituaries.

If you'd like to share cemetery photos I would be happy to post them here. E-mail me first so I'll know they're coming, and be sure and let me know if you'd like your name and a link to your e-mail address included with the photo.

I'd also like to encourage you to check out Find-A-Grave, a website where people contribute photos of graves in their areas. It's a really nice service they provide, and you might consider taking some photos in your area, too.

Risener & related families
Risener, Hood, Wallace, Beaty, Driskill, Horton, Metcalf, Willson, McDaniel

Estes & related families
Estes, Adair, Roden, Self, Stokes, Burleson, Thompson, Hammond

Morgan & related families
Morgan, Smith, Elkin, Dollar, May, Soloman-Cox

Benton & related families
Benton, Scarbrough, Mangum, Crafton, Jones, Barnes, Brummett

Gearson & related families
Brown, Davis, Gravely, Newtson, Perham

Moore & related families
Aigelsreiter, Partain, Taylor, Woodall, Woods

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