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  Who ARE these people?!

We've been searching for any information other than what's listed for years and years and years, and still don't know anything more about them. If you can add any information, we'd love to hear from you! You can e-mail me, Juli Morgan, or Lynn Risener.
Names are in alphabetical order.

Michael Ashford
With all the Ashfords in Virginia and South Carolina with boys named Michael, you'd think our guy would fit in somewhere! He claimed to have been born November 25, 1780 in South Carolina. He married Mary Margaret Chappell on November 18, 1805, probably in Halifax County, Virginia. Their children were William, Prudence, Martha, Delilah, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Margaret, Harriet, James & Robert. The family lived in Tishomingo County, Mississippi where Michael died August 29, 1857.

Kerenhappuch Awbry
Kerenhappuch Awbry was born about 1715 in King William County, Virginia. She married James Crafton, Sr. in 1734 and was the mother of William, Elizabeth, Richard, John, Anthony, Thomas, Ann, Joseph & James, Jr. It's been suggested that Kerenhappuch was the daughter of John Awbrey, Jr. & Hannah Tanner of Westmoreland County, Virginia, and that John Jr. was the son of John Awbrey Sr. of Abercynfrig, Brecknockshire, Wales and his wife, Jane Johnstone of Westmoreland County, Virginia. Does anyone have any proof to this theory?

Thomas Bates
Thomas Bates lived in Amelia County, Virginia. His will, which was written September 9, 1775, was recorded later that year in Amelia County. The will mentioned his son, Abner, and daughters Elizabeth & Mary. And that's all we know.

Rebecca Emily Beaty
For over 20 years the only information we've had about this lady came from her great-granddaughter, Lula Hood Risener. Rebecca Beaty was born June 7, 1818 in South Carolina and died September 25, 1851 in DeKalb County, Alabama. She married Warner Lewis Driskill on October 17, 1837 in DeKalb county and was the mother of Julia, Betty, Trecey, William, Sam & Nancy. Help!

Elizabeth Cagle
Actually, we're not sure this lady's name was Elizabeth Cagle at all, that's how much of a brick wall she is! She was the wife of Peter Young and married him before 1815, maybe in Kentucky. Her children were Nancy, Christian, Elizabeth, Elvira, Margaret, Charlotte and a daughter whose name is unknown. Our mystery woman came to Independence County, Arkansas with her husband and children sometime before 1830. She is reputed to have had quite a bit of Native American blood. Help!

Mary Margaret Cagle
Yes, another Cagle, but from another line, entirely! Mary Margaret was born in 1818 in North Carolina and died November 20, 1870 in Alabama. She was married to William Henry Stokes in 1838 in Alabama and was the mother of Lloyd, Charles, Elizabeth, Parlee, John, Riley, George, Alfred and Silas. She and her family were staunch Union supporters during the Civil War. Mary had an aunt named Eliza Cagle Taylor, and her grandmother's name was Barbara. Help!

Jemimah Clariday
Jemimah Clariday was the wife of Tobias Williams, whom she married in Caswell County, North Carolina on April 1, 1775. She gave testimony for her Widow's Pension application in 1837 when she was 83 years old. Since a witness said at that time "that from old age and bodily infirmity she cannot travel to the court house" she probably didn't live too long after that time. Does anyone know anything more about Jemimah?

Mary Claxton
Mary Claxton (or Clarkson) was the wife of Joshia Kidwell. They married in Greene County, Tennessee on February 26, 1795. That's all we know about Mary. Can you help?

Henry Solomon Cox
Henry is a real mystery. He was born in Tennessee in 1799 and died January 18, 1868 in Hamilton County, Illinois. He married Hannah Kidwell in Grainger County, Tennessee on April 10, 1818. Someone has suggested that Solomon was used as a surname by Henry. I hope not, but his daughter, Mary Jane, was known as Mary Jane Solomon Cox. Help!

Sarah Cox
And while we're on the subject of the surname Cox, let's ask about Sarah Cox or Cocke, born in the late 1600s, married to Robert Chappell, Sr. in Virginia, maybe Prince George County. Not a lot of info to go on, but it's all we have.

Lockey Davis
Lockey Davis was born about 1801 in North Carolina, according to census records. (And we all know how very accurate those were!) She married Frederick McDaniel/McDonnell/McWhatever in Blount County, Tennessee on September 4, 1817. She was the mother of Stephen, Richard, Mary, Thomas, David, William, Commodore & Noah. She died before 1860 as far was we can determine.

Zachariah Groom
I've seen the suggestion that Zachariah was the son of John Groome and Sarah Webb. Haven't been able to prove that, and I think John was too young to have been Zach's father. Zachariah was born in Middlesex County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Wyett there in 1789. Does anyone have anything concrete on his parents?

Macon Gunter
Macon was also listed on census records as Malcolm, Malcom and Macum, but the name Macon has travelled down through the generations (it's still being used in his family today!), so we're pretty sure that's what his "real" name was. Macon Gunter was born about 1798 in North Carolina and died in Walker County, Alabama. His wife was a lady named Nancy and their children were Charnel, Lucy Jane, Henry, Benjamin, William, Macon Jr., Willis, John Wesley, Basthena (could they have meant Bathsheba?)and Madison Wain. Help!

Sarah A. Haggart or Haggard
Sarah was born in September 1821 in Kentucky and was married to Ezekiel Elkin Sr. before 1843. She's a tough one since I can't ever find any Haggarts living anywhere near her. She and Ezekiel lived in Sumner County, Tennessee in the mid-1800s, and after Ezekiel's death she lived with her son in Weakley County, Tennessee. I've a sneaking suspicion she was a Haggard and not a Haggart and may have been related to Ezekiel Elkin's mother, Millie Haggard. Can you help?

Edward Hammond, Sr.
His name is pretty much everything we know about this man. He had a son also named Edward, but they called him "Ned." Edward Sr. lived for a time in Onslow County, North Carolina since his son was born there in 1790. Help!

Adam Ivey
Adam was born 1670 in Sussex County, Virginia. His wife's name was Mary, and their daughter, Rebecca Elizabeth, married Edward Prince of Surry County. Anybody have any clues as to just who Adam was & where he came from?

Elizabeth "Betsey" King
Elizabeth "Betsey" King was married to Edward "Ned" Hammond in Giles County, Tennessee on May 16, 1819 according to Ned's war pension records. Census records give us a date of birth between 1800 & 1805 in Tennessee or North Carolina. She was the mother of James, John Jackson, William, Eleanor & Elizabeth. She died sometime after 1880, probably near Pikeville, Alabama. Help!

Lunsford Landrum
Lunsford Landrum lived in Lunenburg County, Virginia in the late 1700s-early 1800s. He was married to Sarah "Sally" Akin. I've seen quite a few places where Lunsford's father is named as Samuel Landrum, but not one single place had a source for that. Can you help?

Frederick McDaniel
This guy has been really hard to find! He was born about 1795 in North Carolina. He married Lockey Davis (the brick wallette listed above) on September 4, 1817 in Blount County, Tennessee. Help!

John M. Morgan
John Morgan claimed to have been born in 1833 in New York. He married Louisa Ann Russell in Obion County, Tennessee on February 8, 1858. They moved to Kentucky where their two children, Wilford and Nancy, were born. They returned to Tennessee sometime before 1870. John died between 1860 & 1870 and Louisa remarried to John Hester.

Ellender Newman
Ellender "Nellie" Newman was born in 1789 in South Carolina, and, according to her husband's war pension records, died August 31, 1861 in Duck Springs, Etowah County, Alabama. Said husband was Archibald Horton. It's been said Nellie's father was a man named Hervey Newman and her mother's maiden name was Kitchens, but I've seen no proof or further information along those lines.

William Harrison Roden
I've had several folks tell me that Harrison's father's name was John Roden, but I haven't seen any sources for proof of that (and y'all know how picky I am about sourcing!), so Harrison is still listed as a brick wall. He was born about 1810 in Tennessee and died after 1880, possibly in Perry County, Tennessee. Harrison lived for quite a number of years in Blount County, Alabama. His first wife was Lucy Jane Gunter. They married December 12, 1843 in Jefferson County, Alabama. Harrison remarried after Lucy's death to a woman named Elizabeth, and the marriage probably took place in Perry County, Tennessee. Anyone have anything on this man?

Elam Russell
Elam was born about 1792 in Virginia and died in September 1849 in Macon County, Tennessee. (His will was recorded October 23, 1849). He married Nancy Williams about 1810.

John Self
I know there are a lot of John Selfs out there, but this man was married to a woman named Nancy Polk (?), and was the father of William, Olive, Docia, Winnie & Emeriah. John was born about 1777 in Virginia and died in 1851 in Marion County, Alabama.

Nancy Steel
Nancy was born about 1813 in either Georgia or North Carolina. She married Richard McDaniel in Blount County, Tennessee on November 30, 1840. Nancy's children were Fate, Mary Jane, Martha, Haley, Jasper & Cyntha Lou and a little girl who died young. Nancy died after 1880 in Faulkner County, Arkansas. We've been trying to find out anything about her for over 20 years. Can you help?

William Henry Stokes
He was born in 1807 in Cass County, Georgia and lived quite a long time in Alabama. We met William's first wife, Mary Margaret Cagle, above. William remarried after her death in 1870 to another woman named Mary, and they moved to Clay County, Arkansas where William died in 1884. He was a staunch Union supporter, as evidenced by his neighbors in his application to recover losses from the war. We think his father may have been Thomas Stokes. Are we right?

Adaline Thornton
Adaline was born February 1823 in Alabama. She married Martin W. Aldridge about 1842 in Fayette County, Alabama, and it's rumored that she died in Walker county, Alabama. Now, whose daughter was she? We're betting it was Richard and Agnes Thornton. What do you think? Help!

John Wallace
According to the family Bible, John Wallace was born January 21, 1809 in Union County, South Carolina and died on June 18, 1892 in DeKalb County, Alabama. He married Nancy Templeton and was father to William, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Rachel, James, Nancy, Frances, Leander, Onias, Charles & Sarah. Can you help?

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