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The Story of my FORD Family


photograph albumMy maiden name was FORD and as an only child, sadly I am the last of the FORD line.  My father and late grandfather were also only children... but somewhere out there I feel that there is a lost half to my family and I would love to find them again.

Tracing my FORD ancestry, I have so far them back to the mid 1800's in Lambeth, Surrey with the birth of Thomas FORD c1847 who married Maria Stone ROADWAY.  They appear to have only had two children, my great-grandfather Percy Thomas FORD (1876) and another son Alfred James FORD (1879), both who later became photographers.

I am particularly looking for descendants of Thomas and Maria FORD's youngest son,  Alfred James FORD born c1879 in Lambeth, Surrey who later became an Isle of Wight photographer.  Also any connections to his father Thomas FORD born c1847 in Lambeth.

The following pages tell the story of my FORD ancestry:

These families married into the FORD family and their stories will be told on the following pages:


  • THORN(E)

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following people for their wonderful help with research on my FORD line... without their help I would not know the information that I know today.  Firstly my great friend and now "adopted mum" Sherida Sibley for searching the 1881 Census for my lost clan... her finding of Louisa ROUDWAY (misspelling) of ROADWAY with a FORD family in Lambeth, Surrey proved to be the starting point.  I had no idea that my grandad's father was born in London and without this information would have still been stuck on the Isle of Wight!  So Sherida... a very big thank you!

Acknowledgements must go to Gordon Childs who gave me the leads on my FORD family after finding Alfred James FORD and references to his family in his wonderful book:

Turley, R. V. (2001) Isle of Wight Photograpers, 1840 - 1940, University of Southampton Press.

I must also thank him for allowing me to "steal" some of his advertisements from Alfred's Photography Page on his site and also for helping me with other information related to the Isle of Wight.  He has a great website at: CHILDS Family and Isle of Wight Photographers 

I must also thank Ann Barrett for her searches in newspapers for my "long lost" FORD family and for obtaining the birth certificate of my late grandad - Jack Clarence Roadway FORD.  Ann also has a wonderful website with lots of interesting information and transcriptions for the Isle of Wight.  You can find out at: Isle of Wight Ancestors & Genealogy

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