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Poughill Monumental Inscriptions

St. Michael and All Angels


Below are some monumental inscriptions that I collected in the summer of 2002, from some of the graves at Poughill, Devon.


A poem on one of the gravestones reads...

Farewell my wife my life is passed,
To you my love did ever last,
No grief nor sorrow for me take,
But love my children for my sake.


George Pellow ARTHURS,29 Nov 1913, age 37

William BAILEY, 27 Apr 1915, age 52
and his wife Ellen died ? Nov 1918, age 56

James BOWDEN, 20 Oct 1842, age 42
also Walter, son of above 23 Feb 1877, age 40
also Emily, wife of Walter died 15 Apr 1906, age 70

John CHANNING, 11 Oct 1902, age 83
also Maria, wife of above, 4 Jun 1889, age 64
also Elizabeth, 2 Sep 1890, age 37
and Ellen, 28 Mar 1883 (no age written)
daughters of above

Ann ENDACOTT, 24 Apr 1899, age 83
also George ENDACOTT, husband of above died ? Jul 1893, age 78

Nathaniel GILBERT, 14 Feb 1929, age 87

William HARRIS, 31 Mar 1936, age 74

In memory of Mary
the daughter of John and Mary Thomas NAUVE
who departed this life February the 16, in the year of our Lord, 1808

In memory of Hugh Thomas NAUVE of this parifh who departed
this life June the 14th, in the year of our Lord 1809 age 43
Farewell my wife my life is passed,
To you my love did ever last,
No grief nor sorrow for me take,
But love my children for my sake.

Albert PIKE beloved wife of Olive PIKE who passed
peacefully away 7 May 1940, age 56
Also his wife Olive Irene who passed peacefully 
away 17 Feb 1963, age 68

Mary Ann, beloved wife of William STEVENS
7 Jan 1912, age 74
also Walter, son of above 14 Jul 1908, age 42
also Jane, his wife 5 Dec 1911, age 50

Honor TAPP, 27 Jul 1895, age 82
James TAPP, 21 Sep 1896, age 82
also Mary Ann their daughter,
24 Jun 1893, age 57 years

Mary Ann beloved wife of Samuel TRUDE, of this parish
died 17 Mar 1907, age 57
also Samuel TRUDE, 27 Nov 1908, age 76

Frederick TURNER, 10 Jan 1896, age 37
also Mary Ann TURNER, mother of above 
died 3 Dec 1905, age 85

William Henry TWOSE, 12 Sep 1924, age 20

Sydney WILLIAMS, 3 Jun 1954, age 67
and wife Emily Ellen, 3 Nov 1980, age 92

With special thanks to Russell Swinden for providing
the following inscription from his ancestors grave.

In Loving Memory
Christian MELHUISH
Who was Called to Rest
14th Sep 1887, age 69.
Beloved husband of the above
who died 11 Nov 1889, age 79.
Their End Was Peace.


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