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Poughill Parish Registers

St. Michael and All Angels

Marriages from 1813 to 1915











31 Aug 1815 James GRIBBLE   Widow   Poughill        
Elizabeth PLEACE   Widow   Poughill        
15 Apr 1816 Henry HEPPER       Woolsery        
Mary PLEACE       Poughill        
9 Apr 1832 James WEBBER   Bachelor   Poughill     James WHITE James  and Ann  both signed by mark X
Ann PLEACE   Spinster   Poughill     Phillip MARTIN
26 Apr 1836 James PLEACE       Poughill        
Sarah SOWDEN       Poughill        
3 Jul 1856 Charles BOND 26 Bachelor Labourer Poughill John BOND


Maria WEBBER 23 Spinster   Poughill John WEBBER Labourer    
26 Jun 1859 James GOVIOUR 55 Bachelor Miller Woolsery James GOVIOUR Husbandman    
Sarah PLEACE 63 Widow / Poughill Philip SNOWDON Shoemaker    
26 Sep 1862 James WEBBER 27 Bachelor Labourer Poughill James WEBBER Labourer    
Sophia MELHUISH 29 Spinster / Poughill George MELHUISH Labourer    
28 Sep 1875 Thomas FISHER 22 Bachelor Farm Labourer Stockleigh Pomeroy William FISHER Labourer    
Ellen WEBBER 21 Spinster / North Down James WEBBER Farmer    
3 Apr 1899 Sylvanus HAMILTON 26 Bachelor Labourer Poughill John HAMILTON (Deceased) Labourer    
Harriett WEBBER 27 Spinster Domestic Servant Poughill James WEBBER Labourer    
23 Mar 1909 William HARRIS 47 Bachelor Labourer Poughill William HARRIS Labourer   Widowed Mary WEBBER and her daughter Mary married on the same day. 
Mary WEBBER 58 Widow / Poughill Edward HAWKINS Gamekeeper  
23 Mar 1909 Walter HEARD 23 Bachelor Labourer Stockleigh English James HEARD Bootmaker    
Mary WEBBER 24 Spinster / Poughill William WEBBER (Deceased) Farmer    
4 Jun 1913 William Thomas HOOPER 25 Bachelor Gas Stoker Tiverton Sidney HOOPER Labourer    
Isabel WEBBER 25 Spinster Domestic Servant Poughill William WEBBER (Deceased) Farmer    
5 Apr 1915 William HARRIS 26 Bachelor Soldier ? Poughill Frederick HARRIS Dairy Farmer    
Ellen WEBBER 25 Spinster Domestic Servant Poughill William WEBBER (Deceased) Dairy Farmer    

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