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Poems from the THORNE Family

When Louisa ROADWAY died in 1925, her wonderful album looks to have landed in the hands of her nephew Percy Thomas FORD and later passed down to his son, Jack Clarence Roadway FORD, who was my grandfather.  He was born on the Isle of Wight on the 6th August 1904, at the "Hot and Cold Sea Water Baths", Esplanade, Ventnor, the only son of Percy Thomas and Daisy Clara FORD (nee WELTON).  His father Percy was the proprietor of the "Baths" at the time and this is where the family appear to have lived.

As far as I am aware, my grandad's father Percy, left his wife and son when my grandad was only quite young.  But Louisa's Album appears to have remained with Daisy and her son Jack.  Inside are some writings by the THORNE family.  My grandad Jack Clarence Roadway FORD married Mabel Agnes THORNE at Godshill Parish Church on the Isle of Wight on the 26th December 1931.  She was the eldest daughter of 6 children born to William James and Harriet Ann THORNE (nee EDWICKER).

Be True by Dr. Bonar, written in Louisa's Album by my late grandmother Mabel THORNE.

It would appear that my grandmother Mabel Agnes THORNE knew her future husband Jack Clarence Roadway FORD as early as 1926 because she wrote in Louisa's Album - she would have been only about 18 years old at the time. There is a poem called "Be True" that appears to have originally written by someone called Di Bonar, but copied into Louisa's Album by my grandmother - I have been informed that this poem was actually written by someone by the name of Dr.Horatius Bonar who was a Christian Preacher and poet, who wrote many Christian Hymns during the 19th century. You can find out about this gentleman by visiting Horatius Bonar (1808-1880)

A Dinner and a Kiss, added by Vera THORNE.

Another poem called "A Dinner and a Kiss" was written into Louisa's Album and initialled V.M.T.  This was probably my grandmother's younger sister, Vera May THORNE born at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight on 28th November 1911.  She later married a Canadian and emigrated to Canada.  She died in Canada in 2000.

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