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The LARGE Family

In the 1881 census, Thomas and Maria FORD were living at 13 St. Anns Road, Lambeth, Surrey with their sons Percy Thomas and Alfred James FORD and Maria's sister Louisa S. ROADWAY.  Living next door at number 11 was William Henry LARGE, a retired bookseller, with his wife Eliza Rebecca and three unmarried children.  Boarding with the family was architect Phillip CHILDS.

Name Relationship Marital Status Sex Age Occupation Place of Birth
William Henry LARGE Head M M 75 Retired Bookseller Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Eliza Rebecca LARGE Wife M F 66 Retired Professor of Music Hereford, Herefordshire
Wallter LARGE Son U M 30 Merchantile Clerk Chelsea, Middlesex
Sybella Mary LARGE Daughter U F 27   Chelsea, Middlesex
William Eugene Herbert LARGE Son U M 24 Commercial Traveller Chelsea, Middlesex
Philip CHILDS Boarder U M 22 Architect Newbury, Berkshire

Source: 1881 Census ©Crown Copyright

A Devonshire Sketch - drawn by Philip CHILDS.

The drawing by P. Childs appears to have been the Phillip CHILDS boarding with the LARGE family in 1881.  The census shows that he was an architect born in Newbury, Berkshire c1859.

A Sigh - added by Eugene LARGE.

Louisa's album also contains a poem called "A Sigh" written by Eugene LARGE.  I can find no evidence of an Eugene LARGE in the 1881 census, but from the residents at 11 St. Ann's Road, Lambeth, Surrey, there was a William Eugene Herbert LARGE who was the son of William and Eliza LARGE.  This poem could have been written by him, or otherwise perhaps there was a Eugene in the family, but this person may have died by 1881 or have not been included in the census, for what ever reason.

Piece by W. H. C. L.

On the same page as the writing by Eugene LARGE appears another writing that sadly only has the initials W.H.C.L.  But, I think it highly likely that this piece was penned by another member of the LARGE family...perhaps William the father or Walter the son?  If only we knew...!

Another poem, which I believe was written by a member of the LARGE family entitled "Autumn" was wrtten into the album in November of 1879.  It is only initialled with W. J. L. but you can read by clicking here

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