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Below is a list of Folkestone men who gave their lives during World War One. It is by no means complete. Many thanks to Shelley Haiggar for contributing to the list. If you would like to add to it also please email me.

AMOS Edward Harry 36 The Buffs Pte Edward H B and Mary ANN AMOS Alice Rebecca AMOS 1 Bradstone Ave Nov 18 1916
APPLETON Thomas Edward 27 The Buffs Lance Corp. George and E APPLETON   45 Marshall Street July 3 1916
BAILEY Charles Vincent 18 Royal Fusiliers Pte Seg Major W R BAILEY   Sydneham (Native of Folkestone) Aug 17 1916
BAILEY Cyril Edward 19 The Buffs Pte Rowland and Emma Matilda BAILEY   Cowgate Farm Hawkinge Sept 26 1915
BAILEY Edward William   Royal Engineers Lance Corp. William E J and Amelia BAILEY Daisy BAILEY 42 Rossendale Road Dec 21 1918
BAILEY Percy Thomas 22 The Buffs Lance Corp. Rowland and Emma Matilda BAILEY   Cowgate Farm Hawkinge Sept 3 1916
BAILEY Rowland George 24 The Buffs Lance Corp. Rowland and Emma Matilda BAILEY   Cowgate Farm Hawkinge April 30 1916
CLOKE Sidney Daniel 19 London Regt Pte Daniel CLOKE   21 Penfold Road Oct 07 1916
CLOKE Stephen James Henry 19 Kings Own Hussars Pte Stephen and Annie CLOKE   9 Foord Road Oct 30 1914
CORK William James 25 The Buffs Pte Thomas and Mary Ann CORK   87 Ashley Ave Cheriton Oct 09 1916
CORNISH Zachariah 30 Mercantile Marine Reserve Boat Hand Zachariah P and Elizabeth CORNISH Rose CORNISH 2 Dunn's Alley, Radnor Street Oct 31 1918
COURT Frank Dale 24 The Buffs Lance Corp. Fanny COURT   7 Osmonde Road Oct 7 1916
DE SATGE Frederick Gordon   Kings Royal Rifle Corps Capt. late Oscar DE SATGE and Mrs DE SATGE     Sept 15 1916
DILNOT Lewis Harold 20 Mercantile Marine Cook Timothy and Emily Mary DILNOT   18 Alexandra Street Folkestone (born Mongeham) Oct 27 1916
DRAYNER William Bruce 30 Royal Navy Able Seaman James William and Charlotte DRAYNER Agnes Clara DRAYNER (Woolwich London) Sandgate Oct 22 1914
ELGAR E W E 17 The Buffs Pte Edward G and Mary Ann ELGAR   3 Garden Road Jan 7 1916
ELGAR Ernest James 30 Royal Fusiliers Lance Corp.   Lousia E C ELGAR 60 Marshall Street May 5 1917
FEIST Arthur Gordon 26 The Buffs Pte Arthur Thomas and Nellie FEIST     July 17 1917
FRAY Percy Ernest 20 The Buffs 1st Btn Lance Corporal Walter and Jane FRAY nee GOBLE Click for larger image and details 61 Bridge Street Oct 14 1915
HALL Thomas Crosser 19 London Regt Rifleman Thomas C and C A HALL   11 Limes Road April 08 1917
HARRIS William James 27 Royal Naval Reserve Deck Hand James and Mary Ann HARRIS   5 Cambridge Terrace Feb 15 1918
HARRISSON George James 53 Mercantile Marines Snd Mate   Fanny Charlotte HARRISSON (Deptford) born Folkestone June 10 1920?
HAYDON Thomas   RAMC Pte   Mrs Emily J HAYDON 6 St Johns Road  
HEYDON George William Cyril 21 RNAS Air Mechanic late George Gulliver and Susannah HEYDON   46 Grove Road July 28 1915
HILLS Harry William   The Buffs Pte   S G HILLS (relative) 4 Cherry Garden Lane Oct 04 1916
HOGBEN John Owen 25 Royal Fusiliers Pte William Castle and Elizabeth Jane HOGBEN   1 Wellington Terrace Sandgate Aug 27 1918
HOGBEN Robert 56 Bedforshire Regt. Pte James and E HOGBEN of Folkestone Fanny HOGBEN 11 Sussex Street Preston Dec 30 1918
HOGBEN Theophilus 37 Royal Garrison Artillery Serg Walter Stephen and Harriet HOGBEN   121 Cheriton Road Dec 20 1917
HOGBEN Thomas 41 Royal Field Artillery Gunner Charles and Sarah Jane HOGBEN   Reinden Cottage Hawkinge Feb 3 1917
HOGBEN William Willis 30 Royal Welsh Fusiliers Lance Serg. George and Sarah HOGBEN Copnor Portsmouth   born Sandgate Oct 15 1917
KENNETT Thomas 21 The Buffs Lance Corp. Stephen and Elizabeth KENNETT   12 Darlington Street Aug 9 1915
LAMBERT Gilbert 17 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Telegraphist Mr and Mrs LAMBERT   23 St Francis Road Morehall Feb 15 1918
MARSH William Henry 31 Royal West Kent Pte William and Mary Ann MARSH Mildred Emma MARSH 3 Bonsor Road Sept 30 1916
MEATH William 25 Gloucester Regiment 2nd Btn Lance Corporal Laurence and Ellen MEATH   12 Thanet Gardens Aug 20 1915
MILTON Frederick 19 The Buffs Pte William David Smith and Elizabeth MILTON     Sept 12 1917
MILTON H T     Lance Corp.       Jan 22 1918
MORFORD Eric James William 21 Royal West Kent Pte late John Atwood MORFORD and Harriet MORFORD   31 Foord Road Aug 3 1917
OVENDEN Arthur 38 East Surrey Regiment Private Charles and Rose OVENDEN   19 Darby Road August 19 1917
OVENDEN Frederick 23 Royal Field Artillery Gunner Stephen and Elizabeth OVENDEN   20 Bellevue Street May 11 1917
PENFOLD Jeffrey Bradley 28 King's Own Scottish Borderers Lieut Sir Stephen and Lady PENFOLD   70 Cheriton Road Jan 28 1916
PENNY Francis   Royal Fusiliers Pte   Mrs E PENNY (Relative) 22 Geraldine Road  
PHILPOTT James 24 Queens Pte Albert and Elizabeth PHILPOTT     Nov 18 1917
PHILPOTT R W 18 The Buffs Pte Mrs E PHILPOTT   Belmont House 120 High Street Sandgate (born Shorncliffe) July 03 1916
QUAIFE Henry 23 The Buffs Pte Jane QUAIFE and late Thomas James QUAIFE   14 St Hilda Road Morehall June 14 1917
QUAIFE Robert Walter 32 The Buffs Pte   Grace QUAIFE 14 St Hilda Road Morehall June 15 1917
QUINN W J   Machine-Gun Corps Pte brother of Mrs SCAMP   53 Bridge Street Sept 22 1916
READER Horace William 25 The Buffs Pte   Ada READER 40 Mead Road May 24 1915
REED Thomas George 27 The Buffs Pte Mrs Oliver 3 Martello Cottages Sandgate Teresa REED 9 Leigh Street Russell Square London Oct 14 1917
REEVE Harry 19 The King's Liverpool Regiment Snd Lieut late Mr Harry REEVE and Mrs REEVE     May 18 1916
REYNOLDS-PEYTON John 22 Royal Navy Lieut James and Alice REYNOLDS-PEYTON   37 Augusta gardens Nov 14 1918
RICHARDSON Henry 32 Royal Naval Reserve Sub Lieut. John RICHARDSON     Feb 15 1918
RICHARDSON Henry David 25 East Surrey Pte   Mrs F C Richardson   Sept 1 1918
ROBERTS Cyril 22 The Buffs Pte Abram and Annie Elizabeth ROBERTS   24 Geraldine Road July 14 1916
ROBUS Frederick James 37 Royal Naval Reserve Deck Hand William and Matilda ROBUS Martha Amelia ROBUS nee MEATH 9 Sidney Street March 26 1917
ROSE John 23 Middlesex Regiment Pte Frederick and Lizzie ROSE     Feb 17 1917
RUMNEY Charles 27 The Buffs Pte G W and Charlotte RUMNEY   3 Cambridge Gardens April 28 1916
RYE Edward 25 The Buffs Pte Charles Gilbert and Sarah Ann RYE   18 Athelstan Road May 3 1915
RYE James 20 Royal West Surrey Pte Charles Gilbert and Sarah Ann RYE   18 Athelstan Road Aug 8 1917
SALTER Charles Henry 18 The Buffs Pte William and Isabel Jane SALTER   33 Sidney Street Oct 12 1915
SCOTT George Frederick 21 The Buffs Pte Frederick and Alice SCOTT   49 Walton Road Sept 28 1915
SEYMOUR Vere 37 Royal Naval Reserve Lieut Alfred and Jessie Madeline SEYMOUR   17 Castle Hill Avenue March 7 1916
SHOPLAND Edward John 28 Royal West Kent Pte   E J SHOPLAND 3 Spring Gardens Peter Street Charlton Dover. Native of Folkestone Oct 14 1917
SIDEY Ernest Radford 19 Royal Irish Rifles Rifleman Walter George and Ada Louise SIDEY   Broadmead Manor House Oct 13 1918
SILVESTER William Henry 26 Royal Naval Reserve Wireless Telegrapher Mr and Mrs G F SILVESTER   10 Charlotte Street May 1 1915
SIMPSON Ernest Knott 23 Royal Navy Stoker 2nd class Thomas and Mary Ann SIMPSON     March 28 1916
SIMPSON William Ernest 22 The Buffs Pte Mary Ann SIMPSON and the late William Ernest SIMPSON   25 St Michael Street July 11 1916
SKEET George Victor   10th Bn Royal West Surrey (The Queens) Pte Samuel STAPLETON and Jessie SKEET Maud Violet SKEET posthumously awarded the MM Aug 18 1917
SKERRITT Edward John 36 Australian Infantry Pte John Thomas and Elizabeth SKERRITT     March 26 1917
SMITH Mark Sidney 23 The King's Liverpool Regiment Rifleman Jane SMITH   41 Marshall Street Sept 12 1918
SPEARPOINT William 34 The Buffs Pte   Hannah Ovenden SPEARPOINT 41 Thanet Gardens July 3 1916
STANDING G Thomas   Royal Naval Reserve Quartermaster   Mrs STANDING 33 Invicta Road Oct 18 1916
STANDING Thomas Richard 36 Royal West Kent Serg   Edith STANDING 7 Bouverie Road West June 28 1918
STOKES Fred 32 London Regt Rifleman   Margaret B A WILSON formerly STOKES 8 Cambridge Terrace Oct 14 1918
STROOD Percy Samson 34 1st Canadian Rifles (Saskatchewan) Lieut William and Elizabeth STROOD Maud STROOD of Winnipeg Manitoba 7 Rossendale Road Oct 8 1915
SUMMERFIELD Jack 25 Royal West Surrey Pte late George and Mrs H SUMMERFIELD   90 Black Bull Road Aug 23 1916
SUMMERS Frederick James 23 Royal Army Ordnance Corps Pte William and Elizabeth SUMMERS   12 Mead Road Feb 13 1919
SWAIN Leslie Harry 31 Canadian Infantry (British Columbia) Corpl. Harry SWAIN   73 Foord Road May 5 1917
TAYLOR Frederick John 16 Royal Navy Boy Snd Class George William and Matilda TAYLOR   61 Peter Street July 1 1918
TAYLOR Frederick John   The Buffs Pte Mrs E TAYLOR   2a Sussex Road March 13 1916
TAYLOR John William Thomas 18 Royal Fusiliers Pte George and Annie TAYLOR   20 Sidney Street Sept 18 1918
TAYLOR Thomas Henry 19 Royal Marine Light Infantry Pte Thomas and Annie TAYLOR   29 Mead Road Sept 6 1917
THOMPSON Alfred 21 The Buffs Pte Mr Alfred THOMPSON   1b Ethelbert Road June 08 1917
THOMPSON Frederick Alfred 22 Kent Cyclist Btn Corporal Mrs Patience Elizabeth RICHARDSON 6 Bossom Square Hastings July 31 1917
THORNBEE Cecil 29 Machine-Gun Corps Pte Thomas and Fanny Alice THORNBEE Mrs M E THORNBEE 182 Dover Road Aug 12 1918
THURLOW John Wilson 17 London Regt Pte late Henry and Margaret THURLOW   9 Alexandra Mews Sept 29 1916
TIDDY John 29 Grenadier Guards Pte James and Susannah Beer TIDDY   29 East Street March 23 1918
TOOTH S John   RFA Corpl.   Mrs Edith Alice TOOTH 11 East Cliff Aug 25 1916
TRIBE Ernest Henry 32 Middlesex Regiment Pte   Ellen Rhoda TRIBE 21 Pavillion Road Dec 12 1916
TRICE F R 19 Royal Fusiliers Serg Edith S and George P McKERNAN (stefather)     June 20 1917
TRITTON Cecil John 25 The Buffs Pte James TRITTON   130 Dover Road Nov 18 1916
TUFFE Charles James 22 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Able Seaman late Robert TUFFE and Annie TUFFE   102 Dover Road March 24 1918
TUMBER Victor John 22 Royal Naval Reserve Deck Hand Arthur John TUMBER   23 Radnor Street Sept 1 1917
TUPPER Ernest 30 Royal Navy Petty Officer Sotker   Minnie Beatrice TUPPER 41 Princess Street Sept 22 1914
TUTT George William 23 The Buffs Lance Corp. Mrs TUTT   29 Ethelbert Road May 25 1915
UPTON Phillip Charles   The Buffs Serg   Mabel UPTON 33 Manor Road June 13 1916
UPTON William George   Machine-Gun Corps Serg       June 29 1918
VARNEY John William Lewis 21 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Signalman Mr and Mrs W VARNEY   5 Darby Place Guildhall Street April 7 1918
VINNICOMBE Harry Verrier   Australian Infantry Pte       Nov 5 1916
VINNICOMBE Leslie 30 Devonshire Regt. Lieut Thomas Hedger and Lizzie Frances VINNICOMBE   The Leas Hotel Oct 25 1918
WADDELL William George 30 Royal Fusiliers Pte Mr and Mrs H WADDELL Cecilia WADDELL 105 Morehall Avenue (born Lydd) Dec 1 1917
WALTER Frank 34 Royal Engineers Sapper   Ada Alice WALTER 59 Chart Road Morehall Folkestone Oct 28 1915
WALTER William Frederick 52 Lancashire Fusiliers Major late Gen. John McNeill WALTER and Mrs Claudine WALTER Kate Agnes WALTER 12 Clifton Mansions Aug 11 1915
WAMPACH Cyril Constant Julian 22 Royal Field Artillery Driver Charles Constant and Julie C WAMPACH   24 Castle Hill Avenue Jan 29 1918
WARD William Henry 40 Royal Field Artillery Corpl. John and Eliza WARD (Sussex) Kate WARD 8 Rossendale Road Oct 10 1917
WARMAN William R H 38 The Buffs Pte   A L WARMAN 20 Denmark Street March 12 1917
WEBSTER Clement Clair 21 The Buffs Lance Corp. Clement John and Clara WEBSTER   33 Ethelbert Street (born London) April 1 1917
WHITEHEAD Archibald 26 Army Services Corp Corpl. Mrs E WHITEHEAD   33 Rossendale Road Dec 28 1917
WILKINSON Robert Bruce 30 Loyal North Lancashire Regt. Snd Lieut Thomas and Sarah WILKINSON Amy Maud WILKINSON (Surrey)   Dec 12 1917
WILLIAMS Arthur Irvine 22 Royal Army Medical Corps Corpl. Arthur Harvey and Florence WILLIAMS   38 St Michael's Street (born Hythe) Jan 24 1919
WILLIAMS Henry Gorge 35 Canadian Infantry (Ontario) Pte George and Jane WILLIAMS (Burton-onTrent) Rose Ann WILLIAMS 95 Black Bull Road Oct 8 1916
WILLIS Frank Elgar 32 Royal Engineers Sapper Mr and Mrs E WILLIS Mrs WILLIS (Middlesex)   Nov 19 1918
WILLIS Thomas James 26 Royal Field Artillery Serg William Henry and Mary WILLIS     July 22 1916
WILLIS William Henry 34 Royal Field Artillery Driver George WILLIS 20 Marshall Street Ellen Eliza WILLIS 23 Sidney Street May 2 1917
WILLS John Edwin B   Royal Fusiliers Pte Mr W WILLS   42 Bradstone Avenue Aug 23 1918
WILLSON Major Percy 33 Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan) Lieut Mr and Mrs John WILSON June WILLSON (Alberta Canada) 81 Dover Road Sept 30 1916
WILSON Alfred 31 Kings Royal Rifle Corps Serg Alfred Hydes and Nellie WILSON (Sheffield) N M J WILSON 6 Marine Crescent July 23 1916
WINDER Cecil 21 The Buffs Pte George and Kate WINDER     Nov 9 1915
WINTON Albert Edward 33 Royal Navy Able Seaman Thomas WINTON Daisy Ellen Fanny KNIGHT (formerly WINTON) (Southampton) 3 Ingles Mews Christ Church Road Oct 15 1914
WISE Frederick Samuel 21 Royal Navy Able Seaman James Frederick and Annie E WISE   7 Ethelbert Road (born Dover) July 9 1917
WOLSEY Philip 29 The Buffs Quartermaster William Edward and Margaret Ethel WOLSEY   19 Limes Road (born South Shields) Nov 8 1918
WOOD Alfred 25 The Buffs Serg J WOOD   55 Sidney Street July 11 1917
WOOD Regimental Ewart 20 The Buffs Snd Lieut Reginald G and E R WOOD   "Roquebrune" Julian Road Aug 3 1918
WOOLLETT George Alfred 23 Royal West Surrey Pte Henry and Sarah Ann WOOLLETT   77 Dover Road Sept 25 1915
WOOLLETT Walter   Grenadier Guards Pte Henry and Sarah Ann WOOLLETT   77 Dover Road Sept 25 1916
WRAIGHT Horace 21 Royal Field Artillery Gunner Austin John and Judith Sarah WRAIGHT   12 Albion Road Sept 12 1916
WRAIGHT Leslie Cecil   Royal Air Force Snd Lieut       June 17 1918
WRIGHT Charles Stephen 27 Kings Royal Rifle Corps Rifleman Charles and Hannah WRIGHT Alice E WRIGHT 12 Church Street April 4 1917
WRIGHT William Leslie 24 Royal Engineers Sapper Albert WRIGHT Dorothy WRIGHT (Tunbridge Wells) 48 Dover Road Nov 27 1917
WYATT George Alexander 23 The Buffs Lance Corp. Mr G A WYATT and the late Mrs WYATT   17 Great Fenchurch Street May 3 1915
WYBORN Norman William Alfred 21 Royal West Kent Pte Alfred Joseph and Fanny Jessie WYBORN   6 Trimworth Road June 28 1918
YOUNG William George 21 Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner E YOUNG   36 Warren Road Oct 17 1918