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Hampton Cemetery, Girdler, Knox County, Kentucky

Hampton Cemetery, Girdler, Knox County, Kentucky

Directions: HWY 11 North from Barbourville. When you come into Girdler the school is on the right then you will see the Post Office. In between the Post Office and the school there is a road on the left leading into a small neighborhood. Take this road to the end and the Hampton Cemetery is at the top of the hill. There is a road sign when you get back there. Maybe a tenth of a mile or so off of HWY 11.

Bachelor Amanda Mills

Barrett James Ingram

Blanton Robert and Mary

Broughton Ethel Louise

Broughton Kathleen and

Coleman Emma June

Collins Flora

Collins Speed and Flora

Collins Speed Jr

Collins Speed

Collins Thelma and William

Conkens Lula Perry

Couch George and Mae

Deaton Darlene

Deaton James Lee

Delph Gilbert and Georgia

Dozier Estileene

Dozier Floyd

Epperson Bradley Military

Epperson Bradley

Fletcher Sarah M Mills

Ford Florene

Ford John Dennis

Ford Leo Odell

France Charles and Hannah

France Kenneth

Garland Virginia

Gibson Ricky Jessiah

Gibson Ricky Jessiah

Gray Charles

Gray Ethel and Hubert

Gray Thomas and Carrie

Grubb Kevin


Hammons James

Hampton Arnold

Hampton Barbara and Henderson

Hampton Evelyn and Leo

Hampton John D

Hampton Larry

Hampton Roy Military

Hampton Roy

Hibbard David

Hibbard David

Hibbard Dorothy and Earl

Hibbard Edward Lewis

Hibbard Jake

Hibbard Janet and Glen

Hibbard Lloyd and Margaret

Hibbard McKinley and Callie

Hibbard Patricia June

Hibbard Randy

Hibbard Ricky M

Hibbard Sallie and Jake

Hibbard Sallie B

Jarrett Mary M

Jones Bobby

Jones Dennis K

Jones Ethel and Robert

Jones Eulalia and Sie

Jones Jack L

Jones Jason

Jones Liman and Stacie

Jones Martha and Green T

Jones R D

Jones Thelma and R D

Jones Thelma

Jones Wesley

Jones Willard

Jones William S


Keen Frank

Kidwell Harry L

Kidwell Vicky

Kunkel C E Mike and Elva

Kunkel Cecilene and Michael

Kunkel Clements

LaFara Shirley Ann Hibbard

LaMar Paul L Jr

LaMar Paul

Ledford Frank and Mary Lee

Ledford Frank

Ledford Sam and Mary Belle

Ledford Sam

Lee Alabama Bonnie

Lee Aubrey and Bernece

Lee Caleb and Lillie

Lee Daisy Hammons

Lee Daniel

Lee Donald

Lee Emma Florence

Lee Mae and Paris

Lee Robert and Beatrice

Lee Willie Bill

Longsworth Jimmy


Longworth Eli

McVey Gladys Jean

McWilliams Ora Granny

McWilliams Robert Dudley

Miller Rachel

Mills Austin Tipton

Mills Charlie

Mills Chester

Mills Cora and Perry

Mills Donald Harold

Mills Fannie Smith

Mills Fred and Marie

Mills Lewis and Stella

Mills Mollie

Mills Nola Sue and Rondal

Mills Ples and Mollie

Mills Ples

Mills William and Mollie

Mills William Bill

Missing Tombstone

Norton Joseph Carl

Norton Leo G

Norton Opal


Payne Cleatie

Payne Mattie and Elijah

Perry Ely and Bertha

Perry Veren Jack

Perry William and Bertha

Prince Viola and Major

Proffitt William

Raney Charles and Esther

Raney Charles

Robinson Clarence and Dortha

Smallwood Arlie and Daisy

Smallwood Douglas

Smith Albert

Smith Annie Lee

Smith Arthur and Reathy

Smith Arvil

Smith Birchel and Della

Smith Burchell

Smith Dempsy and Emma

Smith Edna and Beve

Smith Elsie

Smith Fount

Smith Harold

Smith How Sad

Smith Kelvin

Smith Sallie and Arvil

Smith Sam

Smith Tommy Lee

Smith Willie and Lucy

Stewart Bertha

Stewart General and Bertha

Stewart General

Stewart Georgia and

Stewart Grover and Dorothy

Stewart Johnny

Stewart Vivian L

Stout Annie M

Stout Melvin

Swafford Stella Mae

Taylor Thomas and Denise

Terrell Martha

Terrell Martha

Trent Franklin and Mary

Tuttle Bev

Tuttle Gladys and Beve

Tuttle Mary and Tip

Tuttle Seymore and Hazel

Vanderbilt Delia

VanMatre Lelya

Wagers Johnnie and Nancy

Wagers Johnnie

Wagers Maggie June Beve Grover

Warren Ethel

White Mable


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