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My name is Fern May. I live in Texas and I am researching the line of my father, Ernest Evert Paty, and all of his ancestors. Our name only had one "t" and was pronounced like Katy. I have found that there are quite a few variations, the most common one being Patty. I am not sure which is the original spelling or correct pronunciation. I am listing his line here in the hopes that someone will see it and can add to theirs and possibly help me with mine. Please feel free to contact me. I have a genealogy database of over 10,000 names on the Paty/Patty families. About 90 to 95% are connected to my lines by birth or marriage.



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Names I am researching on my direct line:
Paty/Patty/Patey, Clanton, Parrott, Coghill, Godwin, Butler, Allison and Wilson. There are many others not in my direct line, such as Doss, Mote, Jay, & others.

Places I have found these people starting with the earliest records:

My direct line has been found in: Virginia (Bedford Co., Campbell Co., Prince George Co., Pittsylvania Co.); Georgia (DeKalb Co., Polk Co.); Alabama (Cherokee Co.); Arkansas (Faulkner Co., Saline Co.); Texas; & California. Others related but not from my direct line have been found in these states: S Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, & Missouri.

My fathers mother was named Ora Elenor Coghill, born Feb. 10, 1890 in Pawnee, KS. Her parents were Amos Coghill & Apalena Briddle. If you want to see more on this family, click on the link below. If anyone can help me further with this family, I would really appreciate it.

Coghill Family

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Below are some links to other pages that are working on some of my lines and
may or may not be connected to me.

The Patey's from Jersey City

Click below to go to a forum on the Patty line. You can post a query and hopefully get answers and meet some other researchers of this surname.

Patty Family Genealogy Forum
Patey Family Genealogy Forum
Godwin Family Genealogy Forum

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There are also a couple of books out on the Paty/Patty families. They are written by Dee Lansford and cover Paty/Patty's from the early 1600's to the present. It is an excellent source of material. The one I have is 532 pages with a 64 page index of names. To contact Dee, you can write to her at or at:

P & D Publications
288 Auriga Dr.
Orange Park, FL 32073

Dee descended from the first born son of James Patty and Sarah Clanton listed in my ancestor table. He was Jesse Patty and was married to Delilah Doss.


If you are related in any way to the Paty/Patty or Coghill lines, please go to the biography section and add your biography so other researchers can find you and connect you to their research. Please take the time to do this. It is very important that we all help each other even if you aren't actively involved with research.

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