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Slave Records for Flythe's of Northampton Co., NC

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Flythe Slave Family Records

Compiled by Norman Jason Flythe and Mary Catherine Flythe in June 1999

The Flythes of Northampton County were farmers and owned large tracts of land in the Conway-Pendleton, NC area.  And yes, some owned slaves.  This paper is a compilation of some slave records found for the Flythes of Northampton County.  There may be more records.  The census records before 1850 list only a count of slaves.  In 1850, the census lists them by age and sex.

There are no records of African Americans in Fly or Flythe households before the 1790s. In the 1790 Census, Elisha Jr. had one slave but the other three Fly men, John d. 1804, William and Elisha Sr., had no slaves.  Elisha Jr. went to Tennessee in 1796 so he did not change his name to Flythe.  Any slaves freed from his household would not be named Flythe.

In the 1840 census, John Allman owned eight slaves; Solomon owned one slave; and Sara, widow of Solomon’s brother, William, owned one slave.  Aaron, brother of John Allman Fly, had no slaves in 1840.   Neither did Etheldred nor Enos, both brothers of Solomon.

The following paragraphs describe what we know currently about the slaves in Flythe households.

John Allman Fly(the) was born in 1783 in Northampton Co., NC and died about 1866.  He married Millicent Sikes circa 1802 and had 5 sons (William, James Sikes, Elisha, John Washington, and Jesse) and 3 daughters (Mary, Elizabeth and Sally).  His first slave, Penny, was purchased from his wife’s stepfather Richard Sumner in 1806.  In 1840 he owned eight slaves.  In John Allman’s will of 13 July 1850, he named his slaves as of that time.  However, in 1855, he sold the slave Drew to his son John Washington Flythe, as recorded by a bill of sale. 

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John Allman Fly’s Slaves as Listed in His Will  •  13 July 1850

Name Sex Comment
Lucy F
Martha F
Susan F
Green M
Ett F? Could Ett be short for Rosetta?
Drew M young
Mary F
Caroline F
Jane F

In the 1850 census John Allman Flythe is listed in household #640.  His sons, James Sikes Flythe and John Washington Flythe, are listed with him. The 1850 census for this household was taken on September 16th, just two months after the will. There is one less slave in the 1850 census. Based on the names in the will, and the fact that Drew was listed as a boy and not a man in the 1855 sale, a name can be placed on each of the two males. There is no way to match the female names. Unfortunately, the next census in 1860 missed John Allman, James Sikes, and John Washington Flythe.  So there are no records of their slaves in 1860.

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John Allman Flythe’s Slaves as of 1850 Census   •  16 September 1850

Age Sex Race Name
43 F B
22 F B
26 M B Possibly Green
18 F B
16 F B
13 M B Probably Drew
10 F B
9 F B

Elisha Flythe’s Slaves as of 1850 Census  •  24 August 1850

Elisha Flythe, son of John Allman Fly, was born in Northampton Co., NC circa 1818 and died 1895.  In 1850 he is listed in household #433 and the census was taken on August 24th. The 1860 census also missed Elisha.

Age Sex Race Name
81 M B
19 F B
16 F B
12 F Mulatto

Jesse Flythe, youngest son of John Allman Fly, was born in Northampton Co., NC in 1821 and died in 1897.  On 9 June 1846, he married Lucy Ann Grant, daughter of Newitt Grant and Martha Warr.  Jesse acquired a number of slaves from a distribution of Lucy Ann’s father’s estate in 1846. In this distribution he received: Anderson, Mary Ann, and old Mary.  He acquired a few more slaves after Lucy Ann’s mother died in 1864.

Next to Mary Ann’s name in the distribution record of 1846 is the word ‘child’, which can mean that she herself was a child at the time or that she had a child with her.  Looking back to the 1831 distribution of slaves that Newitt received from his father William, there is a Mary Ann listed with a woman Penny and the two of them are valued at $200.  This implies that this Mary Ann was a child at the time, and that she was born before 1831.  The Grant slave, Mary Ann, who went to Jesse in the 1846 distribution, took the name of Flythe and in the 1870 census is head of a household with children Ned 16, Julia 12, Cherry 8, Lucius 6, and Henry 1.  This Mary Ann was 36 in the 1870 census, indicating that she was born in 1834.  This is a few years later than the birthdate of the Mary Ann in the 1831 distribution.  However, she is probably the same Mary Ann.  In 1873, Mary Ann married Mills Lassiter and in the 1880 census she is listed with Miles but has four Flythe children all over the age of 10.

Anderson, who was in the 1846 distribution to Jesse, was also listed in the 1831 distribution.  He and Edmond were valued at $260 for both of them, implying that they are both very young at the time. Anderson was probably under 10 years old and thus born 1821 to 1831.

Jesse also inherited a grist mill from the Grants.  The Yankees burned it down during the Civil War battle of Boone’s Mill near Jackson, NC.

In the 1850 census, Jesse was listed in household #732 and the census was taken on September 22nd.

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Jesse Flythe’s Slaves as of 1850 Census  •  22 September 1850

Age Sex Race Name
56 F B
35 M B
22 M B Probably Anderson
19 F B Probably Mary Ann
6 F B
3 M B
1 M B

Jesse Flythe’s Slaves as of 1860 Census

Age Sex Race Name
70 F B
51 M B
34 M B
28 M B Probably not in 1850 census
29 F B Probably Mary Ann
17 F B
12 M B
10 M B
8 M B
7 F B
7 M B
6 M B Possibly Ned
14 M B
11  F Mulatto
11  M Mulatto

The Grant records give us even more information.  Just in case it is helpful, the following table documents the distribution of slaves from William to Newitt in 1831 and the distribution from Newitt to his children in 1846.  Newitt’s wife was Martha Warr and he may have inherited some slaves from her family.

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Distribution of Grant Slaves

Name value in 1831 Recipient in 1846 Comment
Penelope $200 with Mary Ann
Mary Ann Jesse Flythe Mary Ann probably
a child in 1831.
Hugh Susan Grant
Ned $475 A Grant daughter Ned probably in his 20’s
Harry Alanson Capehart
Cherry $250 James W. Grant Also received Luke and
Exum.  They may be
children of Cherry.
Hannah Joseph C. Grant Also received Drew.
Bob Henry T. Grant
Anderson $260 for Anderson & Edmond together. Jesse Flythe Probably a child.
Edmond Probably a child.
Old Judith $50

Now, back to the Flythe Family.

There was a John Fly born circa 1739 at Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and died in Northampton Co., NC 1804.  He is referred to as John who died in 1804.  He had sons, John Dixon, Emelius, Enoch, Enos, William.  He had daughters Milly, Rebekah, Susannah Driver, Eliza and Martha.  On 30 April 1794, John bought a Negro woman, Leah, and a child, Bedford, for 60 lbs.  The purchase was made from William Bass Cheatam who was apparently a slave trader. (This might be useful to any African Americans who are willing to search through the deeds.  They seem to be very well indexed and looking under W.B. Cheatham should turn up lots of sales documents not just for Fly.) In the dispersal of John's estate, Leah went to Mary Fly, his widow; Bedford to Fred Long; and Ryke (?) to his son, Enoch Fly, who later went to Tennessee.  We do not know where Ryke came from.

Enos Flythe, son of John (d. 1804), was born 1776 in Northampton Co., NC and died circa 1856. In 1850 in Northampton Co., NC, Enos, age 74 was in household #52, where the census was taken on July 25th.  Son, Braxton, 25, was in this household.  He may have inherited some or all of these slaves.

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Enos Flythe’s Slaves as of 1850 Census  •  25 July 1850

Age Sex Race Name
19 M B
16 M B
19 F B

Solomon Flythe, son of Enos, was born circa 1807 in Northampton Co., NC and died circa 1862 in Greenville Co., Virginia. In 1850 Solomon is in household #491 in Northampton Co., NC.  The census was taken here on August 30th.

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Solomon Flythe’s Slaves as of 1850 Census  •  30 August 1850

Age Sex Race Name
27 F B Possibly Maria
8 M B Possibly Andrew

Solomon moved to Greensville Co., Virginia around 15 Feb 1856 when he purchased land there.  On 26 Feb 1858 he sold to his daughter Louisa T. Flythe one Negro woman Maria and a boy Andrew.  These are possibly the two slaves he owned in 1850. However, in his will of 1 Oct 1860, he leaves all Negroes to his wife Dorothy, and daughters, Louisa T., Mary C. , and Lovey W.   This implies that he, either had more slaves, or expected he might before he died.

Louisa T. Flythe (1834-1904) married Person Sykes in 1878.  Lovey Willie Flythe (1854-1900) married Joseph T. Johnson.  Mary C. Flythe (1844-1861) never married.

 By 1870, Thomas J. Flythe, son of Solomon, had one black in his household—Nancy Tharp, a farm laborer.

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 Northampton Co., NC Cohabitation Records for Flythes

Male Female Date Cohabitation Began
Jacob Flythe Mary Flythe 1850
Harrison Edwards Caroline Flythe 1861
Green Lassiter (in 1880 changed to Flythe) Minerva Flythe 1856
Moses Stephens Rosetta Flythe Aug 1854

When the slaves were freed at the end of the Civil War they registered their ‘marriages’ in the Cohabitation Record.  The table above lists the entries that were found for Flythes in Northampton Co., NC.

Today’s African American Flythes are probably descended from these slaves and the lineages go back to people freed in 1865 in North Carolina and Virginia. Mr. William Flythe has been able to trace his lineage to Drew, a slave belonging to John Allman Flythe. Slave descendant records can be found here for Drew Flythe. Mary Ann Flythe and Jacob Flythe.

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 African American Flythe Marriages in Northampton Co., NC  •  1866-1942


Compiled by Norman Jason Flythe and Mary Catherine Flythe in June 1999 (revised August 1999 and June 2000)


Used[1] Date Man Age Wife Age Man’s Father [2] Man’s Mother Wife’s  Father Wife’s   Mother Comments
  Dec 24 1866 Harry Deloatch Elizabeth Flythe
Jan 25 1867 Allen Powell Lender Flythe
X Jan 7 1869 Isaac Flythe Margianna Rea Henderson Boon Mary Ann Flythe Hary Ray
Apr 16 1870 Willie Joyner Green Anna Flythe   Anthony Joyner Sarah Joyner Not listed Martha Flythe Martha may be slave of John Allman.
X Jan 17 1872 Anderson J. Flythe Amanda Deloatch Not listed Mary Ann Flythe Not listed Not listed License says Anderson J. but marriage record from minister says Andrew J.
X Aug 10 1873 Miles Lassiter 40 Mary Ann Flythe 30 Unknown (D) Unknown (D) Doug
Grant (L)
Not known (D) Ned her son applied for license.  Jesse Flythe, her former owner, performed ceremony, Jesse’s son Joseph O. Flythe was witness.
X Dec 31 1874 Ned Flythe 21 Elizabeth Martin 23 Crawford Gatling Mary Ann Flythe Not known Silvey Martin Jos. C. Flythe applied for license. Jesse Flythe performed marriage.
X Dec 26 1876 Augustus Flythe 23 Ann Ellick 30 Anderson Flythe (L) Susan Flythe (L) Not known Not known Rufus Flythe applied for the license
? Jan 3 1878 William A. Flythe 25 Christiana Joyner 20 Unknown Mary A. Lassiter (L) Unknown Mariah Joyner H.C. Lassiter applied for the license
X Sept 12 1878 Green T. Flythe 24 Frances Deloatch 22 Not known Mary Flythe (L) Shane
Deloatch (L)
Leah Deloatch (L) Note: In 1880 census ages listed as 26 & 18.
X Dec 9 1880 Dock Flythe 19 Ella Flythe 19 Unknown Mary Flythe (L) Jacob
Flythe (L)
Mary Flythe (L)
Wm Jan 22 1882 Andrew Flythe 20 Mary Deloatch 17 Drew Flythe
(unknown if L)
Malinda Tyner Moore
Deloatch (L)
Sarah Deloatch (L) Berry Deloatch applied for license.
X June 7 1882 Dudley Flythe 22 Ellen Vaughan 22 Jacob Flythe (L) Mary Flythe (L) George
Vaughan (L)
Clora Vaughan (Dead) Married at home of Thomas Parker in Kirby
X Dec 11 1887 Lucius Flythe 24 Jennie Lassiter 18 Jacob Flythe (L) Mary A. Lassiter (L) Unknown Betty Lassiter (L) Think there is error in father’s name.  I think he is son of Mary Ann Flythe who married Miles Lassiter in 1873.
X Jan 12 1889 Daniel E. Flythe 20 Anna C. Swett 18 Jacob Flythe (L) Mary Flythe (L) Exum Swett Maria Swett Swett also spelled Sweat.
X Nov 28 1889 Henry Flythe 37 Sallie Vaughan 24 Green Flythe (L) M. Flythe (D) F. Vaughan
Parthenia Vaughan (L)
X June 11 1891 Lucius Flythe 23 Susan Scott 21 Green Flythe (L) Manerva Flythe (L) Thomas
Dorcas Scott Green was a Lassiter in cohabitation record but become Flythe by 1880
X Jan 27 1897 William H. Flythe 23 Elnora Stephenson 21 Henry Flythe (L) Elizabeth Flythe (D) Unknown
Unknown (D) S. S. Britton applied for license.
X May 16 1899 William Flythe 31 Rebecca Turner 38 Green F. Flythe (D) Manerva Flythe (L) Not known Not known
X Nov 26 1902 Chatman Flythe 23 Margaret Joyner 22 Samuel Flythe Leu(?) Wilet
Joyner (D)
Anna Joyner (L) Married at home of Anna Joyner.
Dec 23 1902 Morris Flythe 23 Lelia Worrell 22 Isaac Flythe (L) Margianna Flythe (D) Henry
Worell (L)
Martha Worrell (L) Henry Worrell applied for license.  Marriage of Isaac Flythe and Margianna Rea listed in  1869.
X Jul 14 1902 Hugo Flythe 25 Willie Reid 22 Ned Flythe (L) Elizabeth Flythe (?) Philmore
Reid (D)
Ann Reid (L) Mr. Brady applied for    license. Marriage of   Ned Flythe & Elizabeth Martin listed in 1874.
X Feb 1 1903 Isaac Flythe 50 Mary Anthony 30 Henderson Boon Mary Flythe (L) Soloman
X Jan 14 1904 Walter Flythe 25 Texanna Vaughan 18 Green Flythe (D) Manerva Flythe (L) Richard
Vaughan (L)
Wella Vaughan (D) Maried at Richard Vaughan’s home; Bell Flythe was witness.
X Dec 28 1904 Sandy Garriss 53 Elizabeth A.
23 Jacob Flythe (L) Mary Flythe (L) George
Deloatch (L)
Sarah Deloatch (L) May have been owned by Garris. 
Apr 19 1905 Jesse Flythe 22 Laura Frances
22 M. M. Lassiter (D) Julia Flythe (L) Jim
Sindy Edwards
X Sep 4 1905 Dock Flythe 44 Arbella Taylor 39 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown (L) Earlier marriage for Dock gives mother’s name as Mary Flythe.
X Jul 20 1906 Paul Flythe 23 Maggie Jordan
 (or Manerva
or Mamie)
20 Drew Flythe (L) Christiana Flythe (L)  Brit(?)
Jordan (L)
Sally Jordan (D) Mamie Flythe Simmons has 2/20/1906.  Recheck this.
Apr 10 1907  Samuel Flythe 24 Ella Joyner 23 Samuel Flythe (D) Feby Flythe (D)  Allen
Joyner (D)
Quenanna Joyner (L) Ella Joyner in 1900 census Northampton CO., NC with mother Queanna.
X Aug 29 1907 Millard Flythe 23 Roxie Goode 20 Drew Flythe (L) Christiana Flythe (D) Lawrence
Goode (L)
Unknown (D)
X Mar 20 1908 James Flythe 23 Anna Powell 23 Ball (?) Flythe (D) Frances Flythe (L) Not Listed Not Listed
Wm Apr 24 1910 Jessey Flythe 21 Lucinda Phillips 21 Isaac Flythe (D) Mary Flythe (L) Scott
Phillips (L)
Louise Phillips (L) Need to recheck this.  Father may be Drew since William Flythe lineage chart has Jesse the son of Drew and Mary married to Lucinda Phillips.
Wm Jan 25 1914 Willie Flythe 21 Trixie Phillips 16 Drew Flythe (D) Mary Flythe (D) Scott
Phillips (L)
Louise Phillips  (not indicated whether living)
X Oct 21 1914 N. L. Flythe (name is Ned Lonnie) 27 Essie Jane Boone 20 Ned Flythe (L) Elizabeth Flythe (D) Not listed
Emma Boone (L)
Wm Jan 24 1915 Jim Flythe 21 Annie May Scott 20 Drew Flythe (D) Mary Flythe (D) Tom  Scott
Darby Scott (L)
X Sep 21 1916 Ned Flythe 63 Aleatha Artist 39 Crawford Gatling (D) Mary Ann Flythe (D) Not listed Frances Artist (D) Ned applied for license himself.
Wm Feb 2 1919 Herbert Flythe 19 Elnora Ricks 20 Drew Flythe (D) Mary Flythe (D) Trotman
Ricks (D)
Bettie Ricks (L)
Jul 6 1920 Dewey Flythe 18 Lucy Reid 19 Isaac Flythe (D) Mary Flythe (L) Abner Reid Delia Reid
X Sep 23 1923 Dock Flythe 60 Rosa James 61 Not listed Not listed Not listed Not listed His parents listed in earlier marriage as unknown and Mary Flythe.  Her parents listed on her death certificate as Dennis Person & Liza Person. Probably married a James earlier.
Jan 14 1928 Guy Flythe 24 Rose Harrell 25 Isaac Flythe (D) Mary Flythe (L) Isaac Garris Eva Garris James Smith applied for license.
X May 27 1925 Samuel Flythe 21 Lucy Reives 21 Jake
Flythe (D)
Blannie Flythe (D) Robert
Reives (D)
Annie L. Reives (D)
Mar 21 1936 N. Lonnie Flythe (name is Ned Lonnie) 67 Irene Bynum 35
Nov 21 1936 Ernest Flythe 22 Dolly Joyner
23 Lonnie Flythe (L) Annie Flythe (D) Reuben
Whitefield (L)
Rosa Whitefield (L) Is father Lonnie Ned Flythe?  If so, did     he have another wife or is this Essie?  Also, no Ernest listed as  child of onnie Ned.
Dec 24 1936 Morris D. Flythe 56 Saddie Brewer 45 Isaac Flythe (D) (D) Not listed Not listed
Dec 27 1936 Johnie Flythe 20 Cleo Jones 18 Lonnie Flythe (L) Essie Flythe (L) Buck
Jones (L)
Mollie Jones (L)
Dec 30 1936 Edward Flythe 23 Blanche Joyner 21 Jesse Flythe (D) Lucinda Flythe (L) Willis
Joyner (D)
Lelia Jones (D)
Nov 28 1937 Edd Lewis Flythe 21 Maggie Reed 21 Hughes Flythe (D) Willie Flythe (L) Dennis
Reed (D)
Grant Reed (L)
Jan 6 1938 Lonnie Flythe 49 Eliza Jane Ellis 19 Ned Flythe (D) Elizabeth Flythe (D) Jim
Ellis (L)
Mary Ellis (D)
Apr 24 1938 Arthur L. Flythe 22 Claude Drew 24 William Flythe (D) Elnora Flythe (L) C. C.
Drew (L)
Jul 20 1938 James Flythe  21 Luvenia Grant 20 Lonnie Flythe (L) Essie Flythe (L) Will
Grant (L)
Jan 12 1942 Raymond Flythe 29 Mary Maggett 24 Sam Flythe (D) Ella Flythe (L) Lokie
Maggett (L)
Lucy Maggett (L)
Jan 21 1942 Claude Flythe 21 Helen Newsom 18 Jesse Flythe (D) Lucinda Flythe (L) Joe
Newsom (L)
Rachael Newsom (D) Recheck last  name of wife’s parents.
Apr 22 1944 William Flythe 21 Ciela May
18 Lonnie Flythe (L) Essie Flythe (L) Joe
Gorham (L)
Daisey Gorham (D) Recheck last  name of wife’s parents.


[1]   X   =  Used in database and matched with people in census records. Wm = in William Flythe’s Line.
[2]  (L) =  Living at the time of the application for marriage.   (D)  =  deceased

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African American Flythe Marriages in Virginia 

Compiled by Norman Jason Flythe and Mary Catherine Flythe in July 1999


Used[3] Date Man Age Wife Age Man’s Father[2] Man’s Mother Wife’s Father Wife’s Mother Comments
Dec 1 1898 Britt Jordan 40 Ora Flythe 22 Andrew Flythe Mandy Flythe   Marriage in   Southampton Co. He was widowed.
Dec 29 1898 June Jenkins 21 Josephene Flythe 22 Mary Jenkins Andrew Flythe Mandy Flythe   Marriage in Southampton Co. Wife born in NC.
Jan 2 1895 Joseph Jenkins Routh Ann Flythe 21 Martha Jemkins Andrew Flythe Christiana Flythe   Marriage in Southampton Co. Wife born Southampton Co., Virginia
Nov 9 1892 A. F. Johnson 40 Maggie Fly 18 Andrew Fly Marjiana Fly   Marriage in Southampton Co.
X Oct 28 1896 William Flythe 27 Mattie Parhan 21 Isaac Flythe Marjiana Flythe Oscar Parham Rosa Parham   Marriage in Greensville Co., Virginia

[3] X = Used in database and matched with people in census records. Wm = in William Flythe’s Line.

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African American Flythe Death Records in Virginia


Compiled by Norman Jason Flythe and Mary Catherine Flythe in July 1999


Date & Place of Death Person Age Birthdate Place of Birth Father’s
Mother’s Maiden Name Occupation Info Provided By Comments
Sep 30 1913 in Greensville, Virginia Flythe, Drew 70 1843 Greensville Co, Virginia Unk Unk Pauper G. E. Jgborn (SP?)
X Jun 9 1913 in Greensville, Virginia Flythe, Mattie 30 1883 Greensville Co, Virginia Oscar Parham b. Virginia Rosa Hill b. Virginia Domestic help Burnell Edwards Wife of Wm son of Issac & Margianna
Feb 8 1916 in Norfolk, Virginia Flythe, Carey 25 1891 NC Unk Unk C. W. Priddy from Virginia Drowned (accident)
Aug 27 1915 in Greensville, Virginia Flythe, Henry 28 1887 NC Dock Flythe b. NC Cindy James b. NC Robert Powell Died of acute indigestion.  He was married.

[4] X = Used in database and matched with people in census records. Wm = in William Flythe’s Line.

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African American Flythe Census Records in North Carolina and Virginia
That May Relate to Mamie Fly Simmons Line

Compiled by Norman Jason Flythe and Mary Catherine Flythe in July 1999


Used Year County Family Index Name Rel Sex Age Birthdate Comments
1880 Northampton Co., NC 1 Flythe, Andrew H M 28
1 Christiana W 23
1 Lucius S 9
1 Josene D 7
1 Lia D 5
1 Ruth A. D 1
1870 Northampton Co., NC 2 Flythe, Mary Ann F 36 Slave of Jesse Flythe
2 Ned S 16
2 Julia D 12
2 Cherry D 8
2 Lucius S 6
2 Henry S 1
1880 Northampton Co., NC 3 Lassiter, Miles H M 55
3 Mary W 53 This is Mary Ann Flythe from 1870 census.  
3 Flythe, Julia D 21
3 Flythe, Cherry D 17
3 Flythe, Henry S 13
3 Flythe, Cirora GD 5
1880 Northampton Co., NC 4 Lassiter, James H 27 White farmer
4 Flythe, Lucius Servant M 15 Laborer in hh next to mother
1880 Northampton Co., NC 5 Flythe, Ned H M 24 Son of Mary Ann Flythe.  Ned also in 1900 census of Northampton Co., NC
5 Elizabeth W 24
5 E. Webster S 2 Later called Hugo.
5 Titus C. S 12-Aug
1900 Northampton Co., NC 6 Flythe, Lucius H M 35 Oct 1866
6 Jennie W 31 May 1869
6 Mary A. D 12 Sep 1887
6 Bernis S 4 1896
6 Harry or Harvey S 8 1892
6 Bessie D 6 1894
6 Joe S 2 1898
1900 Southampton Co., Virginia 7 Flythe, Drew H M May 1852 b. NC
7 Millard S Apr 1882 b. NC
7 Paul S May 1885 b. NC
7 Alberta D May 1887 b. NC
7 Garris (=Jarvis?) S Apr 1891 b. NC
7 Pattie D May 1894 b. NC
7 Floyd (=Lloyd?) S Apr 1897 b. NC
7 Agnes D Jan 1898 b. NC
1920 Southampton Co., Virginia 8 Flythe, Drew H M 65 b. NC
8 Queena Anna W 49 b. NC
8 Leola D 14 b. Virginia
8 Layttie M. D 8 b. Virginia
1920 Southampton Co., Virginia 9 Flythe, Eddie H M 24 b. Virginia
9 Katie W 20 b. Virginia
1920 Southampton Co., Virginia 10 Flythe, Jarvis W. H M 31 b. NC
10 Mary E. W 28 b. Virginia
10 Morrell, Richard Adpt S 8 Adopted son. Born in Virginia.  Name may be Worrell – hard to read
1920 Southampton Co., Virginia 11 Flythe, Lucious H M 51 b. NC
11 Jennie W 40 b. NC
11 Thelma D 18 b. NC
11 Hosen (or Hosea) S 14 b. Virginia
11 Grady S 10 b. Virginia
11 Gertrude GD 8 b. NC
11 Sussie I. D in law 22 b. Virginia
11 Reed, Bessie D 30 b. NC.  There is dau Bessie listed in 1900.
11 Reed, Meomie GD 7 b. Virginia
11 Reed, Earle GS 5 b. Virginia
1920 Southampton Co., Virginia 12 Flythe, Millard H M 35
12 Roxanna W 24
12 Carolee D 12
12 Ervin S 8
12 Mary V. D 5
12 Nathaniel S 4  7/12
12 Wilber S 3  2/3
12 John M. S 1  1/3
12 Stephens, Broad C M 5
12 Stephens, Agnes C F 24 Could this be Millard’s sister, Agnes?
1920 Southampton Co., Virginia 13 Flythe, Paul H M 34 b. NC
13 Mamie W 30 b. Virginia
13 Ola M. D 13 b. Virginia
13 Andrew S 11 b. Virginia
13 Maryland S 10 b. Virginia
13 Otho S 6 b. Virginia
13 Geanie S 3  5/12 b. Virginia
13 Manner S 1  1/3 b. Virginia
1920 Southampton Co., Virginia 14 Flythe, Joseph H M 22 b. NC
14 Irine W 22 b. Virginia


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