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 rev john   Rev. John Fly - North Carolina, Tennessee

rev john   3b. Rev. John Fly 5 (William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

According to his tombstone, John Fly was born in 1772.[1]   His father was William Fly, but his mother’s identity is a mystery.  She may have been an Indian from one of the tribes in the Northampton Co. area.  The claim that the Flys were Indian or at least part Indian has been passed down among this John and his brothers, Elisha, Jr. and Jeremiah Fly.

 A John Fly or Fley appears in Hertford Co. on the 1790 Census.  This seems to show a young family with one slave.  John probably married Sarah Jane Trader about this time.  According to her tombstone Sarah was born in 1767.  The Traders were a Hertford Co. family, but unfortunately the records of that county were destroyed by fire once in 1832 and in 1862.  She may have been a sister or daughter of William Trader, a merchant, who died in Hertford Co. in 1826. 

Lawrence Fly was born to the couple on Nov. 11, 1791 in Northampton or Hertford Cos., and William Fly was born on Sept. 11, 1794.  William Fly, John’s father, seems to have died early in 1794 or some time previous to that.  William’s land was split into thirds and John sold his part:

Jan. 15, 1796.  John Fly sells to John Mongar for fifty one pounds and six shillings land on the north side of Kirby’s Creek bordered by Moses Odom, the Mill branch, John Darden, the Poplar Spring, Joseph Futrell.  Eighty-five acres. 
Wit: Henry Mungar, John Watkins, Jurat, William Howell.
Signed:  John (his X mark) Fly, Sarah (her X mark) Fly
Reg. June 21, 1797

On March 5, 1796, John witnessed a deed from James Barnes to Elisha Fly in Davidson Co. Tennessee.  Williamson County was formed from Davidson in 1799.  In some cases, the Fly men did not move from county to county, but the county lines changed.  The state of Tennessee joined the Union in 1796 and apparently John and Sarah decided to settle there.  Many Revolutionary War soldiers received land grants in the new state, but most sold these grants.  John bought two sections in 1807:

Oct. 6, 1807. Hardy Murphree sells to John Fly for $______, 2 parcels of land each containing 640 acres granted to Nancy Shephard, conveyed by deed from her and her husband ______Smith to Hardy Murphree.  The land was on Duck River, 1st. creek east of Leiper's Lick Creek.
Wit: Jeremiah (X) Fly, Isaac Tignor 
Signed:  H. Murphree.  Proved:  Oct. 12, 1807
Rec.: Dec. 24, 1807

John had already purchased some land from his brother:

July 25, 1799. Elisha Fly of Davidson Co. sells to John Fly for 60 pounds, 100 acres.  Bounded by Ebenezer Titus line,
Wit: Spencer Hill, John Warren
signed: Elisha (his D mark) Fly   Rec.: May 9, 1800 [4]

Some of Spencer Hill’s descendants would later be closely associated with the Fly family.

John appeared on the Williamson County land Tax lists from 1801 through 1811 as the owner of 100 acres on Mill Creek.  In 1807, he sold land to his oldest son:

May 7 1807John Fly of Maury Co. to Lawrence Fly of Williamson Co. for $500, 100 acres on    Mill Creek. 
Wit: Spencer Hill, William Black.    
John (X) Fly
Proven:  Oct. 17, 1811 by Wm. Black & Spencer Hill   Rec.: Nov.30, 1811

John Fly is sometimes called Rev. John D. Fly.[6]  John did not have a middle initial. This is simply an error.

John was a faith healer and very devout:

The first mention of Duck River Circuit in the Minutes is 1808.  That year, Zadok B. Thaxton was appointed, but the circuit could not have included the neighborhood in which Goshen was afterwards built.  There was a local preacher there prior to that date, by the name of Fly; he was the grandfather of the present preaching tribe of Flys, and was certainly the first who preached in that part of Maury County.  He was among the first settlers, if not the very first—a zealous, useful man, but uneducated.  His wife did his reading for him...............
On the north side of the river, the houses of Andrew Mitchell, William Edmonson and James Doty were preaching places.  In the absence of Oglesby and Craig, who succeeded him, John Fly, a local preacher, served the people regularly.  His descendants are numerous and many of them gifted ministers.  The wives of the Reverend Mr. Seat and the late Rev. A. Davidson of  Texas and also the wife of the Rev. Mr. Scott of Louisiana, are his grand-daughters..... The Fly family intermarried with the Mitchell family.....[7]

John and Sarah had Mary in 1797 presumably in Tennessee.  Then their son, David, was born in 1799.  Joshua T. was born on Jan. 18, 1800 and John was born on May 7, 1802.  A daughter, Sarah, was born on Oct. 6, 1803.  Their last child, Caleb was born on Sept. 22, 1808, but unfortunately Sarah Trader Fly died that same day.  Ralph Hill, a descendant of Spencer Hill, visited the Fly Family Cemetery on the Brice Wilburn Farm and said this about her:

Tombstone of "Sarah, mother of John". This is Sarah Jane Trader 1st. wife of John Fly (b. 1772) [8]

John may have donated land to his church because Sarah was buried there:

There is no record of the transaction at the Maury county courthouse but in Century Review, 1807-1907, John Fly, a pioneer from North Carolina, is given credit for donating 3 acres of land for a church building and burying ground in 1808.  This was the year when the Duck River Circuit with Zadock B. Thackston as preacher appeared for the first time in the minutes of the Western Conference.  John Fly, was a faith doctor and lay preacher, served as local preacher until circuit riders were sent by the Methodist Conference. [9]

Maury County was formed out of Williamson County and some Indian lands in 1807 and John’s purchase from Hardy Murphree fell into the new county.  John seems to have profited from his earlier purchase.  He sold quite a few acres to his younger brother:

Feb. 15, 1810
Jeremiah Fly
217 acres on Turkey Creek
conveyed by
John Fly & rec. April ______

John Fly sells to Jeremiah Fly for $217, 217 acres bounded by Edmondson, Grays..... granted to Nancy Shepherd & conveyed to Hardy Murphree & by Murphree conveyed to John Fly. 
Wit: Wm. Edmondson, jurat, James Doty, jurat. 
John (his X mark) Fly.  Proved: May 1814

Also on Feb. 15, 1810, John recorded seven more deeds.  He sold land in the two Grant sections to Brittain Garner, William Edmonson, Moses Holmes, William Gray, James Doty, & Goodin Mayes.  Several of these names are associated with the Fly family in Northampton Co., NC.  

The 1811 Tax List for Maury Co. listed John Fly as the owner of 251 acres on Leeper’s (or Leiper’s) Lick Creek and Fishing Creek.  In 1812 he owned 140 acres.  The next year he owned two tracts, one of 110 acres and one of 140 acres. John had obtained the 140 acres by grant.[11]  This was not a Federal government grant to him, but a state of Tennessee grant that the state instituted in order to encourage migration to the area.

On June 18, 1811, John married Lydia Newton in Maury Co.  They did not have any children. 

John served in the War of 1812:

June 28, 1814 John Fly. Private with Col. Robert Steele, Capt. Robert Campbell- Infantry. Appointed hospital stewart Nov. 16 and furloughed April 6.

Nov. 19, 1814Know all men by these presents that I John Fly of the County of Davidson in the    State of Tennessee do hereby constitute and appoint James Harris of the town of Nashville in the   state of Tennessee my true and Lawful attorney for me and in my name to ask demand & receive    from the district paymaster in the Army of the United States for the district of Tennessee, the full    amount of such pay, sum or sums of money as may be due to me from the said United States for my services as a private & Hospital Steward in Capt Campbell’s Company of militia Infantry in the service of the United States under the command of Major Gen Andrew Jackson for the term of three months & fifteen days and on receiving the same a receipt or other Voucher therefore to execute and deliver in my name & behalf.  Hereby ratifying confirming all that my said attorney may or shall do touching the Pre___- in virtue hereof.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 19th day of Nov. 1814:  Witness present: R. Parrish, Benj Patteson.  Signed: John Fly [12]

Lydia Newton Fly died before November of 1847 since John married Sarah Lavina Daniels on the 25th of that month.  Sarah was a widow who had been previously married to Elijah C. McCoy.  The 1850 Census listed John with Sarah and John J. Fly, and E. M. Fly.  John and Sarah did not have any children.  The children in the Census were actually McCoy children.  John died on Dec. 1, 1855.

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Children of Rev. John Fly and Sarah Jane Trader Fly

 lawrence   3b.-i. Lawrence 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Lawrence was born in 1791 and was 16 when his father sold him some land although the exchange was not recorded in court until Lawrence reached the age of twenty:

May 7 1807.  John Fly of Maury Co. to Lawrence Fly of Williamson Co. for $500, 100 acres on Mill Creek. 
Wit: Spencer Hill, William Black.     
John (X) Fly
Proven:  Oct. 17, 1811 by Wm. Black & Spencer Hill  
Rec.: Nov.30, 1811

Lawrence was not liable for the taxes until 1812.  He was involved with the courts in reference to some debts for the next few years. 

He married Catherine Mabry in Hickman County on Nov. 10, 1810.  She was the daughter of Henry Mabry and Mary Carnes.  Lawrence and Catherine had George Washington Fly on Sept. 29, 1811.  Caleb was born on Dec. 30, 1812 and John was born on March 28, 1816.  Matilda was born on Oct. 19, 1818 and Martisha on Dec. 2, 1820. 

In Sept. of 1813, Lawrence was drafted into service in the War of 1812.  He served until January 1814 and was discharged.  In December, he had been disabled by illness.

Then his uncle Jeremiah sold him more land; this time in Maury County:

July 25, 1822.  Laurence Fly Deed for 187 acres of land executed by Jeremiah Fly & recorded Oct. 22, 1839_____
Jeremiah Fly
of Maury Co. sells to Laurence Fly of Williamson Co. for $1500, 2 tracts of land in Maury Co.  1....Leepins Creek a branch of Duck River.  Bounded by Edmondsons...... Grogs...... George Maddox.  Also 10 acres bounded by Thomas Shuter, Okeleys (Oakleys?) granted "to Jeremiah Fly by the state of Tennessee #7707 dated September 6, 1815" on Leepers Creek a branch of Duck River........ The first mentioned tract was granted to Nancy Shepherd....conveyed     to Hardy John Fly and by John Fly to Jeremiah Fly.  187 acres.  Wit: D.R. Mitchell, George Maddox 
Jeremiah his (X) mark Fly.  Proved: Oct. 22, 1839

Sterling Brown Fly was born on May 5, 1823.  William Henry was born on Dec. 8, 1825.  Lawrence and Catherine would eventually have thirteen children!  Joshua Newton was born about Aug. 12, 1827. Andrew Jackson was born on Feb. 2, 1829 and on March 18, 1832 Benjamin Franklin was born.  Elizabeth F. was born on March 6, 1834.

Later that year, Lawrence purchased more land:  

Nov. 14, 1834.  Lawrence Fly 50 acres & 1 pole
waters of Little Harpeth executed by
Jason C. Wilson.  Reg. Oct. 5, 1835

Jason C. Wilson sells to Laurence Fly of Williamson co. for $550, 500 acres land.  Bounded by Laurence Flys.......50 acres allotted by comm. that divided land of Lemuel Wilson deceased to Almira T. Wilson the dau. of sd. Lemuel Wilson. 
Wit: John N. Harrell, James H. Wilson, Duns(?) Duffee, Wilie Jones. 
Signed: J. C. Wilson.  Proved: Sept. 14, 1835

The family continued to grow.  Mary Catherine was born on July 28, 1836 and their last child, a daughter Nola, was born in 1837.   Lawrence continued to prosper:

Jan. 31, 1840.  Thomas J. Nolen and George Davis Exrs. of David Nolen, Decd. sell to Lawrence Fly for $1039.06 and 1/4, land on west fork of Mill Creek-125 acres.  Bounded by Peter Barnes, Waggoners West. 
Wit: H. Hill, Jeremiah Hill.    
Signed: Thos. J. Nolen, G. Davis Execs. of David Nolen. 
Ackn: Jan. 3, 1840, Rec: Feb. 3, 1840

The 1850s were particularly hard on Lawrence.  In 1852, he lost two of his sons and his wife, Catherine Mabry Fly, died on Dec. 1, 1855.  

The next year, Lawrence applied for some bounty land for his service in the War of 1812:

Feb. 18, 1856 State of Tennessee)
of Williamson
On this 18th day of February A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty six personaly appeared
before me an acting Justice of the Peace with in and for the county and state aforesaid.  Larance Fly aged sixty five years a resident of Williamson County in the State of Tennessee who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is the identical Larance Fly who was a private in the company commanded by Captain James Shannon in the ____ Regiment of Militia commanded by Colonel McCrory in the war with the Creek Indians in war of 1812 and 1815-  that he was drafted at Liberty meeting House Williamson County State of Tennessee on or about the 29th day of September AD 1813 for the term of three months and continued in actual service in said war for the Term of more than fourteen day and was honorably discharged at Fayettesville Tenn. on the ____ day of January AD 1814.  He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty   land to which he may be entitled under the act approved March the 3rd. 1835 he also declares that he has not received a warrant for bounty land under this or any other act of congress nor made any other application there for. 

Larance (his + mark)  Fly

We Sterlen L. Waller & John H. Green residents of Williamson County and State of Tennessee upon our oaths declare that the foregoing declaration was signed and acknowledged by Larance Fly in our presence and that we believe from the appearance and statements of the applicant that this is the identical person he represents himself to be
                                        Sterlen L. Waller
                                        John H. Green

The foregoing declaration and affadavit was sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year before written and I certify that I know the affants(?) to be creditable persons that the claimant is the person he represents himself to be and I have no interest in this claim. 
John Nolen    for W. C. _____?
State of

There is no mention on the Bureau of Land Management Web site of any grant to a Lawrence Fly so apparently his application was rejected. 

Lawrence continued to purchase Land:

Jan. 24, 1860.  Hezekiah Hill sells 151 acres on Mill Creek to Lawrence Fly bounded by said Hill, John Taylor, Jeremiah Hill, "to a corner of 50 acre tract of land deeded to said Hill by Elisha Fly", Thomas Holt, John W. Winstead [18]

In the future, he continued to become involved in land transactions, but they have not been transcribed.  Whether he supported or participated in the Civil War is not known.  He stated that he did not support the Confederacy.   However, the general destruction of the war may have prompted him to apply for a War of 1812 pension when they were offered by Congress.

June 2 1871.  War of 1812  Declaration for Pension
State of
Tennessee County of Williamson.  On this 2nd. day of June A.D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy one personally appeared before me Thos. Perkins clerk of the county court a court of record within and for the county and State aforesaid Lawrence Fly aged seventy eight  years, a resident of 16 Curl District, county of Williamson, State of Tennessee, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is married; that his wife's name was Katie Mabry (now dead) to whom he was married in Hickman county on the 8th day of November 1810; that he served the full period of sixty days in the Military service of the United States in the war of 1812;     that he is the identical Lawrence Fly who............ in Captain Shannon's company, Mccarris (?)regiment,................ brigade, Jackson's division, at Fayettville on the 29th day of September 1813, and was honorably discharged at Fayettville on the of January 1814 ............................... that he, at no time during the late rebellion against the authority of the United States, adhered to the cause of the enemies of the Government, giving them aid or comfort, or exercised the functions of any office whatever under any authority, or pretended authority, in hostility to the United States; and that he will support the Consitution of the United States; that he is not in receipt of a pension under any previous act; that he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States, under the provision of the Act approved February 14, 1871; and he hereby constitutes and appoints, with full power of substitution and revocation P.N Mayses & Isaac Litton (?) of Nashville, Tenn his true and lawful attorney, to prosecute his claim and obtain the pension certificate that my be issued; that his post-office is at Nolensville, county of Williamson, State of Tennessee; that his domicile or place of abode is Williamson Co. T.

               Attest: B. F. Fly, Jeremiah Hill                  Lawrence (his X mark)   Fly

Also, personally appeared B.F.Fly residing in Williamson county, in Tennessee; and Jeremiah Hill residing in Williamson County in Tennessee persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitiled to credit, and who being by me duly sworn, say:  They were present and say Lawrence Fly the   claimant, sign his name (or make his mark) to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe, from the appearances of said claimant and their acquaintance with him, that he is the identical person he represents himself to be; that at no time during the late rebellion against the authority of the United States, did he adhere to the cause of the enemies of the Government, giving them aid or comfort; and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim. 
Jeremiah Hill

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 2nd. day of June A.D. 1871 and I hereby certify that the
contents of the above declaration, &c., were fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnessess before swearing, including the word ...........erased and the words.......... added; and that I have no interest, direct of indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

Thomas F. Perkins  Clerk of the Williamson County Court [19]

The B. F. Fly in the above pension declaration was Lawrence’s son, Benjamin Franklin Fly, and Jeremiah Hill was his son-in-law.  The file is lengthy, but Lawrence was approved for a pension of eight dollars per month.  It seems that Lawrence was tending to his personal business the summer of 1871 and had a will prepared:

Will of Lawrence Fly

In the name of God amen.  I Lawrence Fly of the County of Williamson and state of Tennessee do make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time before made---

Item- it is my will and desire that my funeral expenses and just debts be paid out of the first money   that shall come in to the hands of my Executor.

Item 2-  It my will that as soon after my death as practicable all of my land and personal property be sold by my Executor the land to be divided in such lots as my executor may think best--- for the interest of my estate and the proceeds arising from said sale to be divided equally as follows

Viz- Sterling B. Fly, William H Fly, Joshua N. Fly, Benjamin F. Fly Andrew J. Fly, Matilda Hill, Martitia Ladd, Elizabeth Layne, Catherine Bennett and the children of my deceased sons George and Caleb, my grandchildren to receive such a share as their Father would have received had they been living

Item 3- It is my will and desire that the money loaned by my son William to my two deceased sons George and Caleb be paid to him by my Executor out of the shares willed to my grandchildren.

Item 4- I do direct and it is my will that the amount willed to my daughter Elizabeth be paid to Sterling B. Fly and that he buy a home with the same for her and her children free from debts and any liabilities of her husband

Lastly- I do nominate and appoint my son Sterling B. Fly Executor of this my last will and Testament

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal to this my last will and Testament this 25th day of July A.D. 1871  Witnesses: Joel Champion, David J. Gray. 

                   Signed: Lawrence (his X mark) Fly [20]

Apparently his son, John, had died without issue by this time so he was not mentioned, nor was his daughter Nola.  Apparently she had lost contact with her family or was deceased.  Lawrence was 82 years old when he died on June 30, 1874.

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Children of Lawrence Fly and Catherine Mabry Fly

george   3b.-i.-1. George Washington Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

George was born in 1811 and on Aug. 14, 1832 he married Wineford Ann Eliza Lacy in Williamson County.  A daughter, Mary Catherine, was born on August 2, 1834 and Emily Virginia was born in 1837.  Frances Elizabeth was born on March 26, 1841, but died on March 13, 1843.  A son James Madison was born on Dec. 28, 1842.  Another son Joseph Lawrence was born in 1845. And a daughter, Sarah Matilda, was apparently born that year.  John Shelton was born on Aug. 13, 1847 and Eliza J. G. was born in 1849.  The last child Alabama T. was born about 1857 according to the Census of 1860 and 1880.  If that is so, she was not a child of George W. Fly.  He died in 1852. 

According to the 1840 Census, George was not a slave owner. He sold land in the late 1840s, but I have not located how he acquired these tracts:

Jan. 2, 1847.  George W. Fly sells to James Henley, land on waters of Henley (?) Creek, 135 acres.  Bounded by Congressional line.  Also one other survey being a part of same tract. Bounded by se corner of the 35 acres tract whereon Stephen Hester did live, R. Renneys, James Gray, Hesters.  Signed: G. W. Fly  Ackn.: Jan. 2, 1848.  Rec.: Nov. 30, 1848 [21] 

June 5, 1849. William M. Byrd sells to George W. Fly for $5, wagon.......mare.......colt...... Deed has one purpose...."I am in debt to William Younger in sum of $25 by notes due 25 of Aug. next, with Washington Oakley my WW Coleman for $10 in a judgment & to William P. West for 420 & to Joshua Burnham for $5 with William D. Oakley my security......the above property is bound for them" If not paid, George W. Fly to sell & pay debts. 
Wit: F. Fleming, James W. Mays. 
Signed:  William M. Byrd.  Ackn.: June 5, 1849

George died on Aug. 14, 1852, the same year his brother Caleb died.  They were both relatively young.  Epidemics were not unusual in those days throughout the country and perhaps he was a victim of Yellow Fever.  In 1852, the residents of Memphis suffered from a severe Yellow Fever epidemic. It was the first community to experience this and it seem that the epidemic spread to other areas of Tennessee

Oct. 2, 1852. The following is an inventory and account of the sale of the personal property of George W. Fly deceased.  Sales by _______ administrators on the 2nd day of October 1852 on 12 months credit.

Names of Purchasers:  (extensive list of items purchased left out here)Widow, John Fly, Jr., Elizabeth Oakley, William D. Oakley, William F. Oakley, Enos Cook, W.W. Deberry, Norville Johnson, Mary C. Fly, Washington Oakley, Israel B. Smith, Peter B. Ladd, J.D. Oliphant, J.M. Gardner, Alexander Oakley, Thompson Fleming, Johnson Richards (?), William Beard, Sparkman S. Kelly, B. G. Johnson, Robt. Baker, James N. Jarratt, Thomas W. Wrenn  (duplicate names have not been repeated)

State of Tennessee Maury County

I sware that the foregoing is a true and correct statement & inventory & account of sales of the personal estate of George W. Fly deceased.  There are a number of fees due him as a Magistrate of  Maury Co. not in the foregoing and with that exception it is a full and complete inventory.  P.S. Kelly

March 21, 1853. (Maury Co. Wills 4, p. 640-641)Oct. 28, 1854. George W. Fly, Decd.- Estate settlement Pro. Rata Sparks S. Kelly Adm____________________________________
People mentioned: (not all)
Wineford Fly for year's provisions
J. M. Priest - for making coffin
John W. Irwin & Co. for burial clothes
W.W. Fly for part of years allowance
Gabriel Mayberry note and interest
W. H. Fly note and interest

After George’s passing, Wineford Fly moved with the children to Hickman County.  The date of her death is not known.

caleb   3b.-i.-2. Caleb Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This Caleb was probably named after his uncle Caleb, son of John Fly.  He is sometimes referred to as Jr.    Caleb Fly was born on Dec. 30, 1812 and married Elizabeth Holland on Jan. 23, 1834 in Williamson County.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Gustavus Holland and Betsey Simpson.   

Caleb and Elizabeth were the parents of:
John (1836), Malvena (1838), William (1839), Mary E. C. (1844), Sarah Jane (1845), and Mary A. (1848).

Caleb was apparently very supportive of his church:

May 12, 1841. Church Commissioners Deed
Conveyed by
Troy S. Brown
Recorded Sept. 7, 1842 filed Sept. ______ 1842
Troy S. Brown sells to William Edmundson, James Lawry (?), Joseph Edmundson, Lemuel Sherod, Washington Oakley,
Caleb Fly, jr., Rufus Gardner, John Hudspeth & George W. Fly and their successors for the use and benefit of the Gashion (?) camp ground......& for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 4102.50, land on the waters of Leeper's Creek, 50 acres. 
Bounded by William Edmundson, M_____ Willis. 
Wit: S.W. Kilpatrick, Thos. M. Sowell.
Troy S. Brown.
                 Rec. Sept. 5, 1842

Caleb died before Oct. 1, 1852 in Maury County.  On that date, the court acted to allot provisions for the widow.  Elizabeth Holland Fly maintained the family with the help of a land purchase:

March 11, 1853. Elizabeth Fly purchases from Henry Tindol & wife for $250 (the cause being the account directed to be paid to the said Henry Tindol by a deed from Gustavus Holland to sd. Elizabeth Fly then Elizabeth Holland executed July 3, 1833 within 12 months after the death of sd. Gustavus Holland as the condition upon which the land herein described was conveyed to the sd. Elizabeth land on waters of Little Hartelles (?), 26 acres.  Bounded by Gustavus Holland, Spring Branch, Holland & Wilson. 
Wit: none. 
Signed: Henry Tindol & Mary Tindol.  Ackn & dower relinq.:- March 11, 1853. 
Rec: Mar. 11, 1853

In 1880 Elizabeth was living with her daughter, Mary E. C. Fly, who had married Charles Stryker.  Her son William Fly was also living in this household.  Elizabeth died some time after 1880, but the exact date is not known.

Caleb’s male line may have died out with this generation.  The son John does not seem to appear in any records after 1850 and the son William H. Fly’s will mentions only his sisters, but no wife or children of his own:

I William H. Fly of the county of Williamson and State of Tennessee being of sound mind and knowing the uncertainty of life do make this my last will and testament.

Item 1
st. Out of my property consisting of Money I will to each of my sisters Malvina Matilda Barnes and Sarah Jane Luch one hundred dollars, to be paid within one year after my death and after the payment of ___ just debts and burial expenses

Item 2
nd. The remainder of my estate I give and bequeath to my sister Mary Elizabeth Stryker and her heirs.

Item 3
rd.  And I hereby appoint C. C. Stryker the husband of my sister Mary Elizabeth to be Executor of this my last will and testament without being required to give any security.
___ this May 21
st. 1881 Written by me and signed                      William H. Fly (his mark)
in my presence.
Jesse B. Crockett
Thomas S. Whitfield
R. N. Richardson

Malvena married an unknown man by the name of Barnes, and Sarah Jane married William Lush.  M. E. C. Fly married Charles C. Stryker and they may have moved to Kansas.  Mary A. is untraced. 

john   3b.-i.-3. John Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This son married Frances Belcher on May 2, 1844.  He was born in 1816, but apparently died about 1863 and is untraced. 

 matilda   3b.-i.-4. Matilda Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Matilda was born in 1818 and married Jeremiah Hill on Dec. 25, 1838 in Williamson County.   An excerpt from a letter summarizes the fate of this couple:

According to Ralph Hill, descendant of Spencer Hill, Jeremiah and Matilda lived in a house built by Spencer Hill on land purchased from Elisha Fly, Jr.  Lawrence Fly had previously lived there and the cemetery is there on Waller-Ragsdale Rd. After Matilda died, George Fly and wife, Edline Stevens Fly, moved in with Jeremiah Hill and cared for him.  Jeremiah and Matilda Hill had no children. [26] 

Matilda Fly Hill died on Oct. 14, 1874.  She is buried in the Fly Family Cemetery on Ragsdale Rd. in Brentwood, Williamson County.

 martisha   3b.-i.-5. Martisha Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Martisha married Peter Burton Ladd on July 2, 1837 in Williamson County.   They were the parents of: William Henry (1841), Noble L. (1843), Mary Catherine (1846), Robert Wesley (1848), Joshua Newton (1850), Elizabeth Jane (1854), George W. (1856), Peter B. (1858).  Martitia died on Sept. 21, 1889.  She was born in 1818.

sterling   3b.-i.-6. Sterling Brown Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Sterling was born in 1823 and married Emeline Ann Barnes on Nov. 16, 1842.  George W. was born to them in 1844 and John Brown was born in 1845.  Jeremiah Moore was born in 1849.  Marcy Y. was born in 1852 and Nannie was born in 1855.   

As the Civil War approached Sterling purchased a servant:

Feb. 22, 1859. Washington H. Layne sells to Sterling B. Fly, for $1180, negro Wilburn about 10 years old.
Wit: H. Hill, G. H. Goodrum.  Ack & Rec.: Mar. 26, 1859

A last child, Lily, was born in 1867.

Additional court activities by Sterling B. Fly have not been transcribed.  However, Sterling was appointed executor of his father’s will in 1871.  He died on Nov. 20, 1884.

william   3b.-i.-7. William Henry Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

William Henry was born in 1825 and married Mary Jane Kinzer on Oct. 11, 1849.  Mary Jane was the daughter of George Kinzer who died in 1868 leaving a will:

Feb. 18, 1868. Will of George Kinzer
1st. to wife Malinda bed, etc. (long list of items) plus dowry right of 50 acres
2nd. tract of 230 acres to A.C. Kinzer, my son, for which he is to pay $5000-- $1000 annually without interest until last payment is made-- money to be divided among my children A.C.Kinzer being one of that number (to Wit:) George W. Kinzer,
Hannah Fly, Emerenthy Cooper, heirs of James W. Trousdale & heirs of W.H. Fly. 
Last- Granddaughter Anna Trousdale to live with grandmother Malinda.  Wit: W.W.Joyce jurat, Henry Mayberry jurat, F.E.P McBride jurat.
Signed: George (his X mark) Kinzer I son George W. Kinzer.....executor Dec. 1868.
Wit: A. M. Kinzer, Henry Mayberry. 
Signed: George (his X mark) Kinzer  Prob. March 2, 1868

Emily Catherine was born in 1850 and William J. was born in 1852. Petway J. K. was born in 1856.  Another daughter, Mollie, was born in 1857 and a son, Benjamin, was born in 1861.  Mary Jane Kinzer Fly predeceased her father's death in 1866. 

William Henry remarried in 1870.  His bride was a widow, Maria W. Yancy.  She had been first married to William James Sandiford.   Maria apparently died soon after because in the 1880 Census William Henry’s wife was named Ellen.   There were no children from either his second or third wife.

William Henry died on Aug. 18, 1890.

andrew   3b.-i.-8. Andrew Jackson Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Andrew Jackson married Mary Jane Kinzer’s sister Hannah on Oct. 6, 1860.  They had: Emma Callie (1852), John B. H. (1854), Ida (1859), Andrew James (1862), Elvira Josephine (1866) and Mattie (1866). 

Andrew J. Fly died on Jan. 14, 1905 in Maury County.  Hannah outlived him and died on June 3, 1911.

joshua   3b.-i.-9. Joshua Newton Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Joshua Newton was born in 1827 and died on Jan. 9, 1899 in Williamson County.  On Dec. 26, 1852, he married Miriam Warden Allen, daughter of William Allen and Susanna Winstead.

Soon after the wedding Miriam’s relatives sold land to Joshua:

Jan. 11, 1853. Zachariah Allen & Elizabeth Smith sell to Joshua N. last will and testament of William Allen, dec. proved and registered in the county court of Williamson to widow of William Allen for her life and after to Zachariah Allen and John W. be equally divided.....since the death of sd. William Allen.......John W. Allen departed this life unmarried and with no children......& land passes to Zachariah Allen, Elizabeth Smith, and Mirah Fly wife of Joshua N. Fly being only brother and sisters of John W. Allen.  For $700 paid by Joshua N. them for land descended to them after the death of Susannah Allen widow of sd. William undivided 2/3.  $400 to Elizabeth Smith and $300 to Zachariah Allen. 
Wit: John M. Winstead, Isaac S. Pope. 
Signed: Z Allen, Elizabeth (her X mark) Allen.
Prov.: Mar. 19, 1853.  Rec: Oct 3, 1853.

The couple became the parents of Mary Lemizer in 1854 and William Lawrence in 1856.  A deed revealed the identity of the maiden name of Miriam’s mother.         

Sept. 15, 1856. "For love.......for my daughter Myriam W. Fly (wife of Joshua N. Fly) my life estate in a slave named Mariah" ......"which life estate I held under the will of my deceased husband William Allen"   Also gives to Myriam W. Fly all right to her (Susannah Allen) rights in estate of deceased uncle Samuel Winstead under & by his last will as one of the children of his brother John Winstead. 
Wit: R.B.B. Connors, William H. S. Hill. 
Signed: Susannah her (X) mark Allen.  Proved: Sept. 15, 1856
. [30]

Joshua and Miriam then had: James Benjamin (1860), Robert Lee (1862), Hattie C. (1870), Laura Matilda (1877), and Susie L. (1880). 

Joshua Newton Fly died on Jan. 9, 1899.  Miriam had passed away on March 15, 1886.

ben franklin   3b.-i.-10. Benjamin Franklin Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1832 and on Feb. 5, 1860 married Catherine E. Kinzer.  Her specific relationship to the other Kinzer brides is not known.  She died in 1861 before the death of George Kinzer so perhaps she was one of his daughters.  There were no children.

Benjamin did not marry again until Aug. 2, 1888 when he wed Mary N. Champion.  He died on Nov. 18, 1896 leaving no children.  However, he did leave a will dated 1894.

I Benjamin F. Fly of Williamson County Tenn being of sound mind & memory do make publish and declare this to be my last will & testament, hereby revoking all other wills by me made.
1st.  All my just debts & funeral expenses shall first be paid.
2nd. W. L. Layne owes me ($800) eight hundred dollars, _____ a lien note on his farm.  I will and desire that he as soon as convenient after my death pay to my Executor $200.00 Two hundred dollars said money to be paid to my nephew Tommie Layne who is a cripple, And that after paying to Tommie Layne the aforesaid two hundred dollars out of the aforesaid ($800) note that he W. L. Layne is to have the balance of the ($800) and I oder my Executor to turn said land note over to W. L. Layne when he has paid in the aforesaid ($200) for his Bro Tommie.
3rd.  My Bro Joshua N. Fly owes me a note of two hundred Dollars I will and desire this note to him & order my executor to turn said note over to him.
4th. I will and desire to my beloved wife Mary L. Fly my entire landed estate for her use during her lifetime, my lands consists of my home place, my Mullen (?) place, my Hill place & some other small ____ & other lands. I mean to convey to her at my death for her natural life all my lands, said land not to be sold by my wife Mary F. Fly.  At the death of my wife I will & desire that my Executor sell my land to the best advantage and divide it among my brothers & sisters & others herein mentioned as I shall direct (1/7) of the proceeds of said landed estate to Joshua N. Fly- (1/7) one seventh of the estate to Peter Ladd, (1/7) one seventh of the estate of the proceeds of said landed estate to S Brown Fly children, (1/7), one seventh of the proceeds of said landed estate to Lizzie Layne, (1/7) one seventh of the proceeds of said landed estate to the children of Wm. Fly ((1/7) one seventh of the proceeds of said landed estate to Jackson Fly- (1/7) one seventh of my said landed estate to the children of my brother (deceased) George W. Fly--- These seven legatees whom I have mentioned are my brothers & sisters, some of them are dead—I mean for the legal heirs of my dead brothers and sisters herein mentioned to heir the legacy given herein to said Bros & Sisters as the laws of this state provide--- the seven person just named are my brothers or sisters.
5th. I will & devise to the heirs of Caleb Fly the sum of one dollar out of my estate.
6th. I will & devise to my beloved wife Mary F. Fly all of the personal and perishable property of which I may die possessed except the cash money & debts that are due me in any shape----- be it in notes mortgages, accounts, bills or money owing to me in any shape---- I will, direct & devise that my executor proceed to collect what money that is due me on notes or otherwise & pay to my wide Mary F. Fly Four thousand dollars ($4000) out of the proceeds of the same.  I will & direct that my executor shall take time & use judgment in collecting my notes & claims & et--- I further direct that my wife if she chooses may receive said notes & other evidences of debt & not requiring parties owing to pay them at once- If there be more than $4000, Four Thousand Dollars worth I direct that the notes, claims or money --- if converted into money be paid to my wife Mary F. Fly
7th. I nominate Jas. B. Fly to be my executor & to render my wife such assistance as she may need in renting farms(?) & seeing after her business and reasonable pay for his services.  Signed by me in the presence of these witnesses this March 19th day 1894.

B F Fly

B. W. Bennett
H. W. Winstead
Ossian Crockett

Benjamin continued his father’s concern for his sister Elizabeth who had married Washington Layne.  In this case, he left some money for Tommie Layne who was apparently disabled.  Once Tommie was given his inheritance of $200, his brother W. L. Layne was to be forgiven a debt to Benjamin.   He then left legacies to seven of his brothers and sisters or to their surviving children.  His siblings John, Matilda, and Nola were not mentioned probably because they had no children or deceased leaving no offspring.  He did mention the children of his deceased brother Caleb, but left them only one dollar.   He does not give a reason for this, but it implies that there was an active family disagreement influencing him.

liz   3b.-i.-11. Elizabeth F. Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This daughter was born in 1834.  Elizabeth married Washington H. Layne on Dec. 13, 1854 in Williamson County.  They were the parents of: William (1855), Andrew J. (1857), J. M. (1861), Sallie (1861), Ella A. (1862), Walter (1864), Thomas (1866), and Oscar Rose (1870).

Apparently Washington Layne was not able to properly provide for Elizabeth.  Lawrence’s will specifically set aside money for Elizabeth and gave it to Sterling.  Sterling was to purchase a house for Elizabeth and the children and make sure that it was not subject to Washington Layne’s debts.

The exact date of Elizabeth’s demise is not known, but it was apparently after 1900.

mary catherine   3b.-i.-12. Mary Catherine Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Mary Catherine was born in 1836 and married Dr. Joseph M. Bennett on Jan. 13, 1864.  She was living at the time of her father’s will, but she has not been traced further. 

nola   3b.-i.-13. Nola Fly 7 (Lawrence 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Nola was born in 1836.  She is said to have married Daniel Estes, but was not mentioned in her father’s will.  Perhaps she was deceased by then or had lost contact with her family.

william   3b.-ii. William Fly 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

William Fly seems to have been a natural leader.  Of all of John’s sons, he became very wealthy judging by a history written by David Williamson Fly and David Harper Fly.

William was born in 1794 in Northampton County, North Carolina and came to Tennessee as a child with his parents.  On Nov. 10, 1810, William married Mary Mitchell in Maury County.  Because men had to be able to support a wife and children, most males were in their twenties when they married.  There were few financial supports for anyone, aside from the church and family, during this era. William was sixteen years old when he married Mary.

On Aug. 3, 1811, Andrew Tate Mitchell Fly was born to the couple. Sarah Jane was born on June 21, 1814 and John Dalton was born on Dec. 18, 1816 in Maury County. 

Mary Mitchell was the daughter of Andrew Mitchell and Mary Tate.  Her father left a will and remembered her:

Oct. 3, 1817.  Will of Andrew Mitchell: wife Polly Mitchell; son James Mitchell, 120 acres where Archibald Holms now lives; son George, 120 acres where James Mitchell, son of John, settled; son John Mitchell, 120 acres where he now lives; dau. Jennett Holmes, 60 acres, the place whereon her husband Robert Holmes now lives; dau. Polly Fly, 60 acres, the place whereon James Reaves now lives; son David Mitchell , remaining part, including place whereon I now live, except a tract of land on Beech Creek, joining the land of Ephraim McKeachen, and a tract of 130 acres on Elk River; daughters Elizabeth and Peggy. 
Wit: Archibald Holmes, Moses Holmes.                
Signed:  Andrew Mitchell Prob. Jan. 9, 1824

William first appeared in the Tax Lists in 1817, but the amount of land he owned was not mentioned.                                 

1817.  Tax List:
                    John Fly
- 240 acres
                    Jeremiah Fly
- 227 acres
                    William Fly
-  ------------ [32]

However, it is obvious that William was acquiring land:

Mar. 27, 1818.  William Fly 238 acres of land, on Lick Creek conveyed by James Hopkins
Reg: May 30, 1818

March 27, 1818.  James Hopkins sells to William Fly for $1250, 200 acres (sic) of land in three tracts.  One tract.... 130 acres on Lick Creek, a north branch of duck River bounded by Lick Creek,    Thomas Rowell (Powell?), John Johnsons silver mine, bluffs.  Also tract of...20 acres on Lick Creek of Duck River.  Bounded by 130 tract, part of a 120 acres tract granted by Tenn. to Alex M. Call, and sold to Thomas Shute, and sold to James Hopkins.  Also 88 acres on the north fork of "lick of Duck River"Wit: Nichs. Branch, Simon Roach
Signed:     James Hopkins
Ackn. & Rec.: April court 1818

David Williamson was born on March 8, 1819 in Williamson County, William entered into so many land purchases and sales in his lifetime that I have not attempted to include them all here.  They can be seen in the data files for Yalobusha, Mississippi County.  He also became the assignee of Revolutionary War veterans thus acquiring land.

He also purchased land from his Mitchell in-laws:

Aug. 9, 1821.  John Mitchell, jr. sells to William Flye for $750, 128 acres.  Bounded by Andrew Mitchell, Snow Creek- 80 acres in second District 12 range 1st section.  48 acres on west fork of snow creek bounded by Andrew Mitchell, James Mitchell.  Wit: D.R. Mitchell, Jms. M. Owen. 
Signed: John Mitchell. Ackn: Sept. Term 1831

Elijah Madden was born on May 17, 1823 in Maury County. 

This sale to Henry Kinzer is interesting because of several later intermarriages between Kinzers and some descendants of Rev. John Fly:

Jan. 25, 1823.  Henry Kinzer Deed 258 acres Conveyed by William Fly Registered 29th of July 1825

William Fly
sells to Henry Kinzer both of Maury Co...... for $655, land on south side of Duck River.  Bounded as follows....... (unreadable-very faded)....containing 258 acres deeded to sd. Fly by John Winn and w......... to sd. Winn by his father together with all the appurtenances...... 
Wit: D. R. Mitchell, George Kinzer. 
William Fly  Ackn.: April Term 1825

Mary Malinda was born on Jan. 21, 1826.  And on Jan. 15, 1827, the twins, Benjamin Franklin and Sophia Lousiana were born.

William purchased the land that David R. Mitchell lived on in 1823 and then sold him another tract.  This one was the home of the widow Mary Mitchell:

Jan. 22, 1828.  David R. Mitchell Deed 106 & 220 acres Executed by William Fly
Registered Jan. 24th, 1828

William Fly
sells to David R. Mitchell for $500, two pieces of land....... on the west fork of Snow Creek, one of 106 acres bounded by Andrew Mitchell........ including the farm where sd. Mitchell & his mother Mary Mitchell now live.  Also 120 acres sd. Fly purchased land from Mitchell & John McManus. 
Wit: P. Nelson, Ben Reynolds. 
William Fly.  Ackn.: July Term 1828

Elvira Josephine was born on Dec. 7, 1831 in Maury County, Tennessee.

Sometime in 1834, William Fly moved to Yalobusha County, Mississippi.  He first appeared in a poll tax list, not a land tax list.  Obviously, he had quite a few slaves in Mississippi, but the record of his land purchase for that year has not been located.  Yalobusha County was formed in 1833 from Chickasaw Indian land and is located in north central Mississippi:

Yalobusha Co. Tax List-
        William Fly
– 1 white poll, 16 black
        William Fly
- 1 white, 13 black
        J M Fly
- 1 white
        William Fly
- 1 white, 14 black
        Joshua Fly
- 1 white
        ATM Fly
- 1 white

William Fly was not the only member of the family to move to Yalobusha.  His brother Joshua T. Fly, a missionary, also made the move along with William’s eldest son Andrew Tate Mitchell Fly.

William did begin to acquire and record land:

1836.  Edmund Perry of Chickasaw Nation sells to William Fly for $1100, one section.  Section 28 in township 11 and 5 west of the basis meridian.  Land Edmund Perry is entitled to under the Treaty of May 24, 1834. 
Wit: J. Kerrys? (Kemps?), E. Pmalwell ?. 
Signed: Edmund Perry.

April 7, 1836
. We the undersigned Chiefs.....certify that Edmund Perry..... is capable to manage........his own affairs. 
Signed: James Colbert, Henry Love.
Benj. Reynolds, agent......certifies that the above is true, price is fair and paid by
W. Fly. 
Signed:      Benj. Reynolds

April 9, 1836
Signed: Wm Carroll, E.A.
Reg: June 22, 1836

He purchased four more large tracts from the Chickasaw Nation, one of the Five Civilized Tribes which also consisted of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole.  The Treaty of May 24, 1834 stated that the Chickasaw would be compensated for their land.  The Indian Removal Act had been passed in 1830 and the Chickasaw would be compelled to move to the west side of the Mississippi. They had little choice in the matter and many agreed to sell their land. Once in the Indian Territory (later Oklahoma), they were pressured to merge with the Choctaw.

William quickly began selling his land at a profit:

May 7, 1836. William Fly sells to George T. Taylor of Co. of Haywood & state of Tenn., for $2500 one section.  Section one in township 11 & range 5 west of the basis meridian "it being part of the land to which Halah was entitled to under the Treaty of May 24, 1834". 
Wit: Willis T. Sommerville, T.S. Sommerville. 
William Fly. Ackn: Aug. 20, 1836 by William Fly. Wife Mary Fly examined privately and gives consent.
Reg: Oct. 5, 1836.

Aug. 1, 1838
Mary Fly for $5 relinq. dower & quit claim to land sold by husband William Fly to George T. Taylor

Obviously, Mary Mitchell Fly was also enterprising.  It is highly unusual for a wife to charge for relinquishing her dower right in a tract of land!

By the time of the 1850 Census, William was living in Madison County with fifty-six year old Mary, seventeen year old Elvira J., and fifteen year old George W. L. 

William was listed in the 1855 Brazoria County, Texas Tax Lists. In 1854, a “Fly” was listed as owning land that was part of an original grant by Mitchell near Oyster Creek.  He died on March 1, 1855 as a result of the malarial nature of his new home.

A more detailed view of William and his family, The Flye Records, written by David Williamson Fly, son of William Fly and Mary Mitchell can be viewed here.  His son, David Harper Fly, added comments in parentheses.

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Children of William Fly and Mary Mitchell Fly

 andrew   3b.-ii.-1. Andrew Tate Mitchell Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Andrew was the first child of William and Mary, born on Aug. 3, 1811.   He was named after his grandfather on his mother’s side.  On March 24, 1831, he married Eliza Jones in Maury Co., Tennessee.  Andrew was a devoted Methodist minister as an adult.

Rev. Andrew and Eliza were the parents of: William Jones (1832), Mary Elizabeth (1833), James Mitchell (1835), Malinda Jane (1837), Martha Marie (1837), Sarah Lane (1840), Annie Eliza (1842), Joshua Andrew (1846).   Of these children, William Jones, Martha Marie, Annie Eliza, and Joshua Andrew died quite young.  Eliza Jones Fly died in 1846 probably as a result of difficulties in childbirth.

Reverend Andrew married Mary Ellen Rabb on March 10, 1847 in Mississippi.  In 1850, they were living in Madison County, Mississippi.  The Census for that year listed a household consisting of: A. M. (28), Mary Ellen (21), Mary E. (16), James M. (14), Malinda J. (12), Sarah L. (10), John N (2), Henry W. (1), Cecelia C. Rabb (16), Elizabeth Rabb (14), Susan Ford Rabb (12) and Lethe Haley Rabb (12).

Rev. A. T. M. Fly died on Oct. 1, 1855 apparently of Yellow Fever.  Reverend Andrew and Mary Ellen were the parents of John Nicholas (1848), Henry Williamson (1850), George Brown (1853) and A. T. M. (1855). 

 sarah   3b.-ii.-2. Sarah Jane Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Sarah Jane was born June 21, 1814 and died on April 12, 1829 at the age of 14. 

john   3b.-ii-3. John Dalton Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

John Dalton was born in 1816 in Maury County, Tennessee.  He went to Mississippi, probably with his father, and purchased land there:

April 6, 1836. Halah of Chickasaw Nation in State of MS sells to WD Fly (J.D. Fly elsewhere in deed), for $800 one section in Yalobusha......  Township 11 in range 5 west of the Basis Meridian it being land....... Helah is entitled to...... under the Treaty of Twenty Fourth of May 1834 between the Chickasaw Tribe... & the U.S.
Wit: O. Kendrick, Alex. Shaw, Edmund Perry.
       Signed: Halah   (X his mark)

April 7, 1836
We the undersigned......commend the sale of land ....... from Halah 
Wit: J. Kemp, Epur Dowell.
      Signed: George (X) Colbert, Ishtehotopa (his X mark), James Colbert.

April 9, 1836
  Benj. Reynolds, agent of the Chickasaw, approves sale as price is fair & money has been paid by Fly.  signed: Benj. Reynolds.  Wm. Carroll, Examining Agent.
Reg.: June 22, 1836

He was also a missionary to these Indians.  The Reverend John Dalton married Martha J. I. Divine on Aug. 16, 1842.  She was a daughter of Kinsman Divine and his wife, Elizabeth.  John and Martha were the parents of: William Kinsman, who was born on March 1, 1845.  Martha died on Oct. 26, 1845.

John Dalton Fly remarried on July 5, 1848.  His bride was Julia Fletcher Stokes.  According to the 1850 Census, they were living in Madison County, Mississippi.  That census listed John and Julia in a household with five year old William K. Fly and one year old John M. Fly.  The couple would eventually become the parents of: David Samuel (1850), Reuben Madden (1852), Mary Eliza (Oct. 12, 1853), Martha Lou (1855), Franklin Jones (1859).   They also had a daughter, Sarah Jane, in 1848, who died in 1853.  David Samuel, Franklin Jones and Reuben Madden died very young.  Julia died on Aug. 24, 1865.

John Dalton married again in 1866 to Eleanora Compton.  John and Nora were the parents of John’s last child, Thomas Compton Fly.  He was born on March 19, 1867.

Eleanora died in 1871 and John Dalton passed away, reportedly, in 1899.

david   3b.-ii.-4.  David Williamson Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This son was born in 1819 in Williamson County, Tennessee.  On Feb. 6, 1849, he married Frances Rachel Harper, daughter of George Weldon Harper and Melinda F. Moore in Mississippi.  They were the parents of: George Mitchell (1850), William Weldon (1853), John Sidney (1864), and David Harper (1875).

David became a minister like so many members of the family.  The couple lived in Kosciusko, Attala, Mississippi, but moved to Gonzales, Texas by 1860.   David Williamson Fly’s handwritten story of his family can be found in the description of his father William. 

David Williamson Fly died in Hondo, Texas on Dec. 1, 1892.  His widow lived until May 30, 1927.

elijah   3b.-ii.-5 Elijah Madden Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elijah was born in 1823 in Maury County, Tennessee.  He went to Mississippi with his father and married Nancy Edmonson McKie on Dec. 5, 1848 in Sharon, Madison County, Mississippi.   They were the parents of: Michael Jefferson (1850), William Seat (1851), Margaret Eugenia (1853), Mary Ada (1855), Martha Louise (1857), and Edwin McKie (1859). 

During the Civil War, Elijah fought as a member of the Confederate Texas Cavalry.   In 1880, the family was living in Gonzales, Texas.

He died on July 24, 1899.  Nancy Fly died in May of 1801.

mary   3b.-ii.-6.  Mary Malinda Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Mary was born in 1826 in Tennessee.  When she was eighteen years old, she married the Reverend Asbury Davidson in Madison, Mississippi.  The wedding was on July 11, 1844.  They were the parents of: William Lewis Davidson (1845), Mary M. Davidson (1847), Ella/Elvira Jane Davidson (1849), Susan Sophia Davidson (1852), and Nancy Frances Davidson (1857).

The 1860 Census indicates that the family had moved to Gonzales, Texas.  Mary was widowed by 1870 when she was living with her son William.  Her husband had died on Dec. 21, 1868 in Gonzales, Texas.  In 1880, she was living with her daughter Nancy who had married William B. Newton.  The Census for 1900 showed that she was living with her son William L. Davidson and his wife and children.

Mary Malinda Fly passed away on Dec. 1, 1905 in Georgetown, Texas.

ben   3b.-ii.-7. Benjamin Franklin Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1827 in Tennessee.  He married Sarah B. Robards on Oct. 28, 1847 in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.  The couple was living there for the 1850 Census in a household that consisted of members of the Noble and Roberts families.  They were the parents of: William Noble (1848), Benjamin Ballard (1850), Laura (1852), Sarah Barbara Robards (1854).  Sarah died on Sept. 7, 1855 in Lavaca, Texas.

On Nov. 26, 1856, he married his second wife, Mary Rutledge Chambless, in Lavaca, Texas.  They were the parents of: Nathaniel Dalton (1857), George Robards (1860), Benjamin Franklin (1861), Ida (1862), Callie L. (1864), Samuel (1868), and Jules (1872). 

Benjamin F. Fly was a Major in the Confederate Army enlisting in April of 1861.  He served for the length of the war.  On July 2, 1868, he applied for a passport.  The application states that he was five feet ten and inches tall and had gray eyes and dark brown hair.  Why he needed the passport is not clear.

In 1880, the family was living in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  Major B. F. Fly died in Goliad, Texas on April 22, 1895.  Mary Fly applied for a widow’s pension on April 24, 1907.  It was granted and Mary died on Nov. 24, 1924 in Goliad, Texas and is buried next to her husband.

sophia   3b.-ii.-8. Sophia Lousiana Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This daughter was born in 1827 in Tennessee.  On Dec. 15, 1848, she married the Reverend William Henry Seat.  They were the parents of: Mary T. (1848), William Henry Baskerville (1848), Martha Elizabeth Fly (1852), John Franklin Baskerville (1853), Andrew Tate M. (1856), Louella Malinda (1858), Ida Baskerville (1860), and Ada Willie (1863). 

By the time of the 1860 Census, the family had moved to Austin, Travis County, Texas.  Four of the earliest born children had died by this time.  In 1880, Rev. Seat and Sophia were living in Natural Bridge, Rockbridge County, Virginia along with their two surviving children, A.T. M. Seat and Ida B. Seat.  Rev. William H. Seat died on Jan. 30, 1885. 

In 1900, Sophia was living with her married daughter Ida B. Tanner in Grimes County, Texas.  She died in Dec. of 1905 in Tom Green County, Texas.  

elvira   3b.-ii-9. Elvira Josephine Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elvira Josephine was born in 1831 in Maury County, Tennessee.  She married Thomas J. Catchings on Oct. 27, 1851 in Madison County, Mississippi. 

They were the parents of:  Emma (1855), Silas Fly (1856), William Benjamin (1857), Harriet M. (1860), Louella (1863), and Sarah F. (1867).  In 1860, the family was living in Gonzales, Texas.  In 1870, Thomas Catchings was employed as a hotel keeper in Copiah, Mississippi.  Thomas died on April 15, 1879 and in 1880 Elvira was living in St. Louis, Missouri with her son Silas Catchings, his family, and some of her other children.

Elvira Josephine Fly Catchings died on April 12, 1896 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

gw   3b.-ii-10. George Washington Lafayette Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1) George Washington Lafayette Fly

G. W. L. Fly was born June 2, 1835 in Mississippi.  On April 14, 1857, he married Mary Caroline Bell in Madison County, Mississippi.  They were the parents of: William Madden (1857), James Milton (1860), Mary Georgia (1862), Frank Merriman (1867), and Benjamin Watt (1869).

In 1860, the family was living in Gonzales, Texas with their young children and also George’s mother, Mary Mitchell Fly.  George W. L. Fly performed leadership roles for the Confederacy during the Civil War.  His life has been very well described by Bette D. Fly and Craig Roell in the New Handbook of Texas Online and can be read here.

The character Major Cobb in James Michener's novel Texas is supposedly modeled on this man.

According to Kevin Fly Hill on Genforum, Feb. 29, 2000:
George Washington Lafayette Fly
"fought in the civil War after exploits in the battles of Shilo, corinth, Iuke & the seige of Vicksburg he was assigned as commander of the port of Galveston.  While there he contracted Yellow Fever, which killed almost 30% of it's victims.  After having been left to die, a woman named Mrs. Frank Merriman nursed GWL Fly back to health with medicinal herbs.  His first born son [Frank Merriman Fly] after the war was named after her since he felt he owed his life to her care and assistance. "

   3b.-ii-11. Jules Leonidas Fly 7 (William 6, John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This son was the last child born to Col. William and Mary Fly.  He was born in 1838 and died in 1847 in Mississippi.

mary   3b.-iii. Mary Fly 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Mary was an ill-fated child.  Born in 1797, she married James Mitchell on April 15, 1817 in Maury County.  James Mitchell was a double first cousin of the Mary Mitchell who married William Fly. In 1827, Mary gave birth to Newton Fly Mitchell, but did not survive. 

david   3b.-iv. David Fly 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

According to his tombstone, David was born on March 18, 1799 in Tennessee.  On Nov. 19, 1818, he married Martha McCarter Younger in Williamson County. 

They were the parents of a large family.  William Maury was born to them on Oct. 17, 1820 in Maury Co.  John Thomas was born on Dec. 19, 1821.

David Fly’s presence in the Maury County area can be seen in his activity as a purchaser at estate sales:

March 15, 1822.  Sale of estate of Wm. Oakley, decd.  Buyers: Elizabeth Oakley, James Doty, Wm. Gray, David Fly, Joseph Chumley.  by Wm. Gray. [40]

In 1824, Elijah Kirkman was born and the next year David was selling some of his land. 

Jan. 10, 1825David Flye sells to James Younger for $400, 147 acres land south side of Duck River.  "Willed to John Winn by his father & transferred by sd. Winn to William Flye & by him to David Flye". 
Wm. Flye, John Jelks. 
David Flye.  Ackn.: June Ct. 1835.  Reg: June 15, 1835

Hezekiah Lindsay was born on Oct. 17, 1830 and Sarah M. was born in 1831.  David also served as a Justice of the Peace:

May 15, 1832.  Abraham Mayes, dec. settlement, Elias P. Mayes admin. signed March 8, 1832 by George A. Peeler, David Fly, J.P. s [42]

On April 1, 1834, Martha Caroline was born to the couple and on March 23, 1835 Lousiana Louvenia and Nancy Lou were born.

By 1838, David had moved to Mississippi following his brothers:

July 18, 1838. Thomas William Barry Moore of Oakliblckaw Co. & state of MS sells to David Fly, for $1508 "the northwest quarter of section 33 & township 11 range 5 west of the basis meridian in the Chickasaw Nation Yalobusha Co." 
Wit: Benjamin Desha, L. Daniel. 
Signed: Thos. W. B. Moore, Elizabeth Moore  Proved & dower Relinq. July 19, 1838

Reg: July 31, 1838 [43]

The last child, Malinda Jane, was born in 1838 in Yalobusha, Mississippi.   William and David did participate in what is assumed to have been mutually beneficial land sales.

Aug. 6, 1838.  William Fly & Mary Fly his wife sell to David Fly for $1000, 1/2 section of land 320 acres.  The south half of section 28, township 11, range 5 west of the basis meridian line in the Chickasaw survey. 
Wit: John Kelsey, Jehu T. Gray. 
Wm. Fly, Mary Fly.  Aug. 6, 1838: Ackn. & dower relinq.

Sept. 12, 1839.  David Fly & Martha his wife sell to William Fly for $3500, 3 & 1/4 sections- 480 acres the s. 1/2 of section 28 & nw 1/4 of section 33 in township 11 range 5.
Wit: John J. Gray, Shadrack Hale. 
David Fly, Martha (her X mark) Fly. Ackn. & dower relinq.: Sept. 12, 1839

The 1850 Census showed a household in Yalobusha consisting of: David (52), Martha (50), Hezekiah (19), Martha (16), Nancy (14), Malinda (12), and Lousiana (8).

Martha Younger Fly died on Feb. 17, 1860 in Yalobusha and David passed away on March 18, 1870.

joshua   3b.-v. Joshua T. Fly 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Joshua was born in 1800 in Tennessee.  On April 27, 1820, he married Sarah Jane Blackburn in Maury County.  Sarah’s brother, William, married Sarah L. Fly, Joshua’s sister.  Anderson Boswell was born to the couple on Nov. 11, 1825 and Sarah M. arrived on Nov. 5, 1830.  John Newton was born in 1832. 

 He first appeared in the court records in 1832:

May 17, 1832John T. Moore, deceased- Inventory and account of sale taken Oct. 27, 183?  ..................... good notes on ........ Joshua T. Fly........... signed: Evan Young [46] 

A few years later, he sold some land presumably because he was planning to move to Mississippi.  He was a minister and missionary and may have wanted to convert the Chickasaw people.

Aug. 1, 1834. Joshua Fly sells to Snowden Maddux for $550, land on west side of Leepers Lick Creek a north branch of Duck River.  Bounded by Spencer Hill.  50 acres more or less. 
Wit: John T. Faris, John H. Terrell. 
Joshua Fly.  Proved: Aug. 4, 1834 

Frances Caroline Fly was born on Feb. 12, 1834 in Maury County, Tennessee.

The move to Yalobusha Mississippi came a few months later:

Dec. 10, 1834.  James Brown of the one part & the undersigned of the other part....... Whereas the undersigned, the citizens of the Chocktaw Nation were "entitled under the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek & by the 14th article thereof to register our names as individuals wishing to remain and become citizens of the state & become therefore entitled to land.... we did having ourselves registered as heads of Chocktaw families..... & whereas it seems that our rights have been overlooked.... we have been deprived of our just land claims..... we do appt. sd. James Brown our true and lawful  agent ____? & attorney in fact" to persue our rights.  James Brown will be entitled to 1/2 of all land he may secure for the undersigned (more complicated provisions- FGF). 
Wit: Dickson Frazier, Manchester Colbert, George OH Berry, J. T. Brown, Dickson Frazier, WW Jorden,
Joshua Fly, W Gi alGood urn ess (?), John D. Fly, Dickson Frazier, J. T. Brown, Dickson Frazier, James Patterson, Joseph Perry, Erasmus P. McDowell. 
Signed:  Yeotah (his X mark), La Ho Key (his X mark), Hua key (his X mark), Cunema Tubbi (his X mark), William Perry (his X mark), Yeo-Pah-Tab (his X mark), Anok Natubbu (his X mark),
E Mah ho Yeo (his X mark), Pah I ha inisha (his X mark).

It was not unusual in the relationship between Indians and the U.S. government for treaty obligations beneficial to the Indians to be neglected.  Rev. Joshua Fly was supporting the Chocktaw in an attempt to obtain the land promised to them in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek of 1830.  The Choctaw signing this document had agreed to become American citizens and stay in Mississippi.  Those Choctaw who rejected citizenship were removed to Oklahoma.

Joshua would live for the rest of his life in his newly adopted county.  Joshua and Sarah Jane became the parents of Matthew Douglas on Dec. 1, 1835 in Yalobusha County, Mississippi.

Four years later, William Fly sold a large tract of land to his brother:

Aug. 6, 1838. William Fly & Mary his wife sell to Joshua Fly for $600, one quarter section of land, 160 acres.  NW quarter section 29 in township 11 & range 5.
Wit: Robert J. Lacy, John Kelsey. 
Wm. Fly, Mary Fly.  Aug. 6, 1838: Ackn. & dower Relinq

Washington Mitchell was born on Feb. 19, 1838 in Yalobusha County.

Joshua sold off some land in 1838:

Aug. 6, 1838. Joshua Fly & wife Sary sell to Samandel Wood for $1000, 38 acres of land off n side of nw quarter of section 29 town 11 range 5 w of the basis meridian line in the Chickasaw survey. 
Wit: James V. Olds. 
Signed: Joshua Fly, Sarah Fly.  Aug. 26, 1838: Ackn.  Aug. 28, 1838: dower Relinq

Jasper VanBuren was born on Aug. 9, 1840.  Indiana Tennessee was born about 1843 and Isadora Fly was born about 1844.  Mary Fly was born about 1849.

On the 1860 Census, Joshua and Sarah Fly were living with twenty-five year old Douglas Fly and eleven year old Mary Fly.  Sarah died by the time of the 1870 Census and Joshua T. Fly was living with Anderson Fly.  Sarah had passed away on June 23, 1863, and was buried in the Long Branch Cemetery. Joshua died five years later on Sept. 22, 1875, and was also buried in the Long Branch Cemetery in Yalobusha County, Mississippi.

john   3b.-vi. John Fly 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Born Jan. 28, 1802.  Unlike some of his brothers he stayed in Tennessee for his entire life.  Like some of his brothers, he did become a Reverend. 

He married Sarah McCracken on Jan. 24, 1824 in Maury County. She was a daughter of Ephraim McCracken and Elizabeth Graham Hall.  They were the parents of: Joseph Lawrence (1825), Mary Elizabeth (1826), and John Lawrence (1828). Unfortunately Sarah died and, on Aug. 30, 1839, John married Serena Webb, daughter of Perry Webb.

Caleb Fly evidently had financial problems and his brother purchased his land:    

May 2, 1843.  Jesse G. Raimey sells to John Fly, jr. for $25 received on Dec. 1, 1840, three tracts of land under the redemption laws of Tenn. "the sd. John Fly, jr. being a lawful creditor of Caleb Fly".  160 acres ....... "& being the same sold by execution in my favor as the property of Caleb Fly on the 10th day of Dec. 1838". 
Wit: J.E. Thomas, Nimrod Porter. 
Signed:  J.G. Rainey.      Ackn.: May 2, 1843

John purchased more land in 1844:

Jan. 15, 1844.  Henry Webb sells to John Fly for $60, 126 acres of land on waters of Leepers Lick Creek. Bounded by Micajah Swin (?), Webb, John Williams. 
George W. Fly, Thomas his (X) mark  Raker, Jones Alford, Beverly D. Wall (last 2- jurat Jan. 3, 1849)
Signed: Henry his (X) mark Webb.  Proved: Jan. 3, 1849

With Serena, John had a large number of children: Sarah (1840), William H (1842), George W. (1843), Malinda Cyrina (1844), Margaret P. S. L. (1847), Martha Louise (1849), Maniley May (1851), David Thomas (1853), Benjamin Gant (1855), and Penelope Rosannah (1857). 

John was sometimes called Captain John Fly and his service as Private in the Civil War was ignored.  He had enlisted as a Captain and left as a Private. The Maury Democrat printed a quote apparently from him in 1896:

Old Captain John Fly of Leiper’s Creek once said “If a boy is brung up right he will do as his folks do.”

He died on June 24, 1884 in Maury County.  Serena survived him and died on Sept. 30, 1891.

The Maury Democrat printed a description of the Leiper’s Creek area many years later and mentioned Capt. John and his neighbors:

Monday morning, Sept. 22, 1861, I first stood on the banks of Leipers Creek.  It was at the foot of one of those beautiful hills that rise up across the creek from where Henry Montgomory now lives, and going up the valley to Bob Elam’s, two miles, all who lived along the creek as the heads of families within that distance, with one exception, are not there now.  Snowden Maddux, Peter Ladd, R. S. Elam, Widow Oakley, Capt. John Fly, Jack Fly, Henry Oakley, Jack page, Squire Jim Page, Widow Gray, Jack Gardner and Jacob Gardner.  Of all those, not one remains, but that grand old man Uncle Jack Gardner… He is a man of monumental excellence of life and character. The removal by death of all these people is a silent sermon upon the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life. [53]

sarah   3b.-vii. Sarah L. Fly 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Sarah was born on Oct. 6, 1803.  She married William Blackburn, brother of Joshua Fly’s wife Sarah Jane in 1820.  William and Sarah moved to Texas.

They were the parents of: Frances Elizabeth, John Madden, Mary Ann, Sarah Jane, William Trader, James Carpenter, Martha Caroline, & David Murray.  They have not been traced further.

caleb   3b.-viii. Caleb Fly 6 (John 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Caleb Fly was the last child of John and Sarah Jane Trader and was born in 1808.  On Dec. 19, 1824 in Maury Co., he married Mary Belle Hester, daughter of Stephen Hester.   Sarah Jane was born to them in 1825 and William M. in 1826. 

Apparently soon after that, Mary Belle deserted her husband.  Caleb may have tried to persuade her to return to him, but in 1832 a petition was submitted to the General Assembly requesting a divorce:

1832.  To the General Assembly of the state of Tennessee now in session your petitioner Caleb Fly a citizen of Maury County would respectfully represent to your honourable body that he intermarried some time in the year 1824 with Mary Hester now Mary Fly that he lived with him and his wife together for about two years at which time his sd. wife wilfully and maliciously deserted your petitioner without any just cause whatever and the sd Mary has ever since continued absent without any good cause and she utterly refuses to live with your petitioner Which facts your petitioner can establish in what ever manner your honourable body may direct your petitioner therefore prays that a special law may be passed divorcing him and his sd. wife. 
Caleb Fly

We whose names are hereunto subscribed certifies that we are well acquainted with Caleb Fly the above petitioner and we certify that the facts therein set forth are true.
               James Turner
    (next page)
               Elizabeth Bragg                 William S. Garner
               J.J. Grey                                Jane Garner
               James Gray                         Stephen Oakley
               W. Robinson                      James Oakley, Sr.
               Alexander Oakley
Washington Oakley          Benjamin Ashworth
               William Crawsley(?)        Rebecker Ashworth
               Isaac Mayes                       _______ Ashworth
Britain Garner                   Henry Garner
                                                            Elizabeth Oakley
               _______ Mayes                      Ann Oakley
               Farriby Mayes                   John Kinzey
               Elizabeth Mayes               Sarah Page (?)
               William Folly                    William Kinzey
               John J. Folly                        Drury Kinzey
Nancy Folly                       Agnes Kinzey
               James Lawry                      Hartwell Porch
               Jeremiah Turner                _____ Mayes
               Rebecker Turner               Elizabeth R. Mayes, jr.
               Benoni Adams
               Laban Adams
               (next page)
               _______                                  Booker Charter
               _______                                  Thomas J. Charter
               Andrew Crittenden          James J. Olifihunt
               A Gray                                 John Mayes
               Nowell Johnson                 Miles H. Mayes
               A. K. Fitzjarrell                  D. C. Oakley
               Thomas Clendin                George A. Peeler
               William Rives                    John Hudgspeth
               John Robinson                   Mely Hudgspeth
               William Fitzgerald           William Edmondson
               John Forgeson                   Ailsey Turner
               Abel Forgeson                   Elizabeth Turner
               Joseph A. Rives                  Jacob G. Robison
               ________                                 Sparkman S. Kelly
               Jane Reaves                        _____ Oliphant
               Ruth Reaves                       Jesse Turner
               William Daniel
               Goodwin Mayes, Jr
    (next page)
________ I was requested by Mr. Fly to go & see his wife _____ told me that she would never live with him again and under present sircumstances I think they had better be divorsed as they have not lived together for five or six years & no probabilbillity of there ever living together again  Sept. 22nd. 1832.
               signed: D. H. True (?)
               Petition of Caleb Fly for Divorse 1832 no county

Soon after the filing of the petition, Mary Belle’s father Stephen Hester signed a deed of gift to his Fly grandchildren:

Oct. 27, 1834. Stephen Hester "in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear unto my beloved grandchildren (to wit) William M. Fly & Sarah Jane Fly" gives.......
Wit: Wm. Edmondson, John J. Grey.  Signed: Stephen (his X mark) Hester.  Proved: Oct. 27, 1834

It has been claimed that Caleb and Mary Belle had daughters Melissa (1828) and Ruth (Sept. 19, 1834) while they were separated.  If so, both had apparently died before Oct. of 1834 when Stephen Hester signed the deed of gift.  Mary Belle rejoined her husband and they lived together until Mary’s demise.

Caleb was a strong supporter of Christianity:

Goshen United Methodist Church

Caleb Fly, John's son, also preached under brush arbors before the first church building was erected.  It is told that during one of the revivals held under a brush arbor, the wind blew so hard that the preacher could not be heard.  Caleb prayed for the wind to stop blowing so the people could hear. The wind stopped blowing.  At the time another revival was being held during a drought year on a clear night with bright shining stars, Caleb Fly again prayed and this time he prayed for it to rain.  The next morning it was raining.

There is a mound of flat rocks marking a grave near the church with the inscription C. Fly.  No date is on this marker.

The inscription on the grave stone may mark the resting place of Lawrence Fly’s son, Caleb.  John’s son Caleb moved to Mississippi and died there. 

A few years later, Caleb purchased land:

Dec. 23, 1837.  Jesse G. Rainey sells to Caleb Fly for $175, land on waters of Leepers Creek, 160 & 1/2 acres.  Bounded by Davidson's Spring Branch, Wm. Gray, Henry Cape (Cass?).  Another tract bounded by William Grays, formerly Cape's (?) survey, Willaby Hollands, Wm. Emonsons.... more details not noted.....
Wit: R. L. Sutton (?), Simon Johnson. 
signed: J.G. Rainey.  Ackn: Dec. 23, 1837

Caleb may have decided to follow some of his brothers to Yalobusha, Mississippi because he began selling his farm:

Feb. 28, 1840. Eli Dodson Deed for 50 acres
conveyed by
Caleb Fly Registered
24th Sept. 1842 filed Sept. 20th, 1842
at 2 o'clock


Caleb Fly, Sen
. sells to Eli Dodson for $85, land in district #18, 50 acres "more or less".  bounded by Brays east boundary, Wm. Edmondson's east boundary. 
Wit: Robert A. Rease, James Caughron. 
Caleb Fly, Senr.    Ackn:  May 11, 1840

A Hester relative, Eliza Hester, was included in another land sale.  She may have been the widow who perhaps wanted to move with Caleb and his wife.  Perhaps Eliza Hester was Mary Belle’s mother.  At any rate, Eliza did not appear in any Mississippi records:

Aug. 31, 1843.  G.W. Fly deed for 158 acres
executed by
Caleb Fly & others
Recorded this 6th day of Sept. 1843 & filed _____ at 11 Oct. 40m A.M.

Caleb Fly, Sr. Mary B. Fly
wife of sd. Caleb Fly Sen. & Eliza Hester sell to George W. Fly for $400, land on waters of Turkey Creek, 135 acres.  Bounded by "congressional" line, & one other tract being part of the same tract of land......Bounded (35 acre tract) by Stephen Hester, decd. line, Kenney, Thomas, James Georges ( dark & hard to read) 
Wit: Thompson Fleming,
Caleb Fly, Jr. 
Caleb Fly, Sr., Mary B. (her X mark) Fly, Eliza (her X mark) Hester.
Proved: Sept. 2, 1843
Sept. 2 ,1843. Private exam of Mary B. Fly (the femme covert) ordered
Sept. 4, 1843. Exam reported- consent given freely

Caleb moved to Yalobusha, Mississippi some time before 1850 when he appears in the Census there.  His household included: Caleb (age 41), Mary (age45), Sarah (age 25), John (age14), George (age 11), Fletcher (age 4), and Louise (age1).   He was described as a planter.

The Louise mentioned was most likely Lorenzo Lafayette Fly.  There was a daughter, Louise, born in 1850, who died the same year.  Caleb and Mary Belle also were the parents of Frances (1837), A. G. (1843), who did not survive long.

Mary died about 1870 in Yalobusha and Caleb died after 1880.  In 1880 he was living in the household of his son Fletcher Asbury Fly.

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rev john   Rev. John Fly Descendant Tree


 3b. Rev. John Fly (1772-1855)
            m. Sarah Jane Trader
                3b.-i. Lawrence Fly (1791-1874)
                                m. Catherine Mabry, 1810
                                    3b.-i.-1 George Washington Fly (1811-1852)
                                                        m. Wineford Ann Eliza Lacy, 1832
                                    3b.-i.-2. Caleb Fly (1812-1852)
                                                        m. Elizabeth Holland, 1834
                                    3b.-i.-3. John Fly (ca.1816-ca.1863)
                                                        m. Frances Belcher, 1844
                                    3b.-i.-4. Matilda Fly (1818-1874)
                                                        m. Jeremiah Hill, 1838
                                    3b.-i.-5. Martisha Fly (1818-1889)
                                                        m. Peter Burton Ladd, 1837
                                    3b.-i.-6. Sterling Brown Fly (1823-1884)
                                                        m. Emeline Ann Barnes, 1842
                                    3b.-i.-7. William Henry Fly (1825-1890)
                                                        m. Mary Jane Kinzer, 1849
                                                        m. Maria W. Yancy, 1870

                                    3b.-i.-8. Andrew Jackson Fly
                                                        m. Hannah Kinzer, 1860
                                    3b.-i.-9. Joshua Newton Fly (1827-1899)
                                                        m. Miriam Warden Allen, 1852
                                    3b.-i.-10. Benjamin Franklin Fly (1832-1896)
                                                        m. Catherine E. Kinzer, 1860
                                                        m. Mary N. Champion, 1888
                                    3b.-i.-11. Elizabeth F. Fly (1834-aft.1900)
Washington H. Lane, 1854
                                    3b.-i.-12. Mary Catherine Fly (1836- ?)
                                                        m. Dr. Joseph M. Bennett, 1864
                                    3b.-i.-13. Nola Fly (1836- ?)
                                                        m. Daniel Estes

                3b.-ii. William Fly
                                m. Mary Mitchell, 1810
                                    3b.-ii.-1. Andrew Tate Mitchell Fly (1811-1855)
                                                        m. Eliza Jones, 1831
                                    3b.-ii.-2. Sarah Jane Fly (1814-1829)
                                    3b.-ii.-3. John Dalton Fly (1816-1899)
                                                        m. Martha J. I. Divine, 1842

                                                        m. Julia Fletcher Stokes, 1848
                                                        m. Eleanora Compton, 1866
                                    3b.-ii.-4. David Williamson Fly (1819-1892)
                                                        m. Frances Rachel Harper, 1849
                                    3b.-ii.-5. Elijah Madden Fly (1823-1899)
                                                        m. Nancy Edmondson McKie, 1848
                                    3b.-ii.-6. Mary Malinda Fly (1826-1905)
                                                        m. Rev. Asbury Davidson, 1844
                                    3b.-ii.-7. Benjamin Franklin Fly (1827-1895)
                                                        m. Sarah B. Robards, 1847
                                    3b.-ii.-8. Sophia Lousiana Fly (1827-1905)
                                                        m. Rev. William Henry Seat, 1848
                                    3b.-ii-9.  Elvira Josephine Fly (1831-1896)
                                                        m. Thomas J. Catchings, 1851
                                    3b.-ii-10. George Washington Lafayette Fly (1838-1905)
                                                        m. Mary Caroline Bell, 1857
                                    3b.-ii-11. Jules Leonidas Fly (1838-1847)
                3b.-iii. Mary Fly (1797-1827)
                                m. James Mitchell, 1817
                3b.-iv. David Fly (1799-1870)
                                m. Martha McCarter Younger, 1818
                3b.-v. Joshua T. Fly (1800-1875)
                                m. Sarah Jane Blackburn, 1820
                3b.-vi. John Fly (1802-1884)
                                m. Sarah McCracken, 1824
                                m. Serena Webb, 1839
                3b.-vii. Sarah L. Fly (1803-1874)
                                m. William Blackburn, 1820
                3b.-viii. Caleb Fly (1808-1881)
                                m. Mary Belle Hester, 1824
Lydia Newton, 1811
        m. Sarah Lavinia Daniels, 1847


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