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 jdf   John Dixon Fly - North Carolina, Tennessee

   jdf4a. John Dixon Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

 This son was the oldest judging by the birth dates of his children.  He was probably born about 1765, but his actual birth date is not known.  He was the only son of John Fly old enough to have served the American Revolution in some capacity.  In 1783, his name appears on a voucher specifying how much was owed to him. [1]

Probably about 1789, he married Sarah Woodard, daughter of Micajah Woodard and his wife, Mary, of Northampton County. According to Dozier in Twelve Northampton County, North Carolina Families, 1650-1850, Micajah Woodard was most likely a son of Oliver Woodard and his wife, Ann, of Northampton County.

The evidence for this marriage is to be found in the will of Micajah Woodard.  The will was recorded in Davidson County, Tennessee in 1808: 

Micajah Woodard decd. his will.  To dau. Eliza Grizzard, 10 dollars.  To dau. Ann Deso, 10 dollars.  To dau. Sally Fly for her lifetime a negro woman named Nancy, then to Micajah Flye son of Sally Fly.  If Micajah Woodard's wife Mary living then provision not to go into effect.  To son Lewis, one dollar.  To dau. Polly Rutherford, 100 dollars.  All other items to be divided between son Jeremiah Woodard and dau. Sally Fly.  Exec. Robert C. Foster & James Whitsett
Wit: John Allen, R.C. Foster, Ann Foster, James Whitsett.  Prob.: Aug. 22, 1808

The name of Sally Fly’s husband appeared in the settlement of the estate:

Micajah Woodard, Sr.- Settlement and sales account.  Paid King Caroon, William Lytle, Deadrick & Sommerville, James Nances?, Jas. Ridley, Jos. Englemen, Thos. Rutherford, Henson Hardy, Felix Robertson, John D. Fly, W.C. Dunn, Wm. Beekum, Andrew Ewing, Everett, Mrs. Edwards, Deatherage.  Also paid to Jeremiah Grizzard. [3]

The Personal Property Tax Lists of Southampton Co., Virginia show a John Fly in 1790 in the household of Lazarus Cook, and again in 1795, in the household of John Browne as John D. Fly.[4]  Then in 1797, John took John Browne to court:

March 21, 1797  Fly vs. Brown –Debt  [5]

The specific reason Browne owed money to John was not given.  Apparently John was not the only person Browne was in debt to:

Sept. 21, 1797.  J. D. Fly vs. Browne Debt   Danl Fisher su__ for costs Jury sworn to try issue to wit: Same as Turner vs. Browne ____  _______ For the costs in the debt mentioned & ______ damages Judgmt to specially?  & costs  [6]

John and Sarah were living in Brown’s household at least for a while and may have been overseers for him.  John and Sarah’s first two known children John (b. ca.1790) and Elisha (b. May 1793) were born in Southampton County.

By 1795, John appeared in the records of Northampton County, North Carolina:

Account Current of Drewry Strickling from Jan. 4, 1795 to June court, 1797 by William Figures, admr.  Money was paid to:
..........among others- John Fly, Jr. ..............

In that same year, John went to court with a complaint:

John D. Fly had a warrant served on Wm. Bass Cheatham charging him with Trespassing with Force and Armes.  100 pounds damages requested.  Cheatham was ordered to appear in court at the March 1796 session.  Stephen Johnson stood security for court costs for John Fly. [8]

William Bass Cheatham was a slave trader who lived in Southampton County. The cause of the dispute is not known, but John prevailed in court.  However, he does not seem to have collected the damages awarded to him. 

Court Order to the Sheriff of the County to collect from William Bass Cheatham a 15 pound judgment for damages to John D. Fly.  At the Dec. 1796 Session of the court the Sheriff reported to the court that he could find no property belonging to William B. Cheatham against which to levy and collect the Judgement money. [9]

John did not record any land purchases in Northampton, but did appear in court again:

Aug. 13, 1799. Grand Jury gave a "true bill" against John Fly late of the County aforesaid.  On the body of Samariah Sherrod in the peace of God and of the State then and there being an assault did make and her, the said Samariah then and there did beat, wound, and ill-treat, and other wrongs to her then and there did to the great injury of the said Samariah and against the peace and dignity of the State.  P. Brown- Plt Att. [10]

By this time, it is very likely that John D. Fly had already moved to Tennessee since he was “late of the County aforesaid”.   It seems to have been an opportune time to leave!

He first appeared in Tennessee in 1801:

Nov. 19, 1801.  Mero District, Davidson County, Tenn.  John D. Fly was fined $10 and court costs for contempt of Court and remanded to custody of the Sheriff until the fine be paid. [11]

The nature of this dispute was also not described in detail.  John was a juror in Davidson County in 1802 [12] and in 1803 purchased his first recorded tract of land there:

Aug. 14, 1803. John Gillespy sells to John D. Fly for $100, 100 acres on Mill Creek and Hurricane Creek, part of a grant to Isaac Brown who transferred it to Jason Thompson. Wit:        Rec.:  [13]

John and Sarah were quite settled in their new home and participated in founding a frontier church as charter members:

Rock Spring Baptist Church.  Male Charter Members of the Church in 1804 included John Fly;  Female Charter Members of the Church, Sally Fly. [14]

After his father’s death in 1804, John Dixon Fly returned to Northampton County to sell his inheritance:

Sept. 20, 1809.  John D. Fly of Davidson Co., Tenn sells to Jonathan Suiter 11 acres in Northampton Co., N.C. bounded by James Horsea, Thomas Cobb, Collen Barnes, Millicent Johnson. Wit: R. Long, Enos Fly.      Signed: John D. Fly
Proved: Dec. Court 1809 by Enos Fly  Rec.: Jan. 10, 1810

This was John Dixon’s allotment according to the estate papers of his father, John Fly.  The witness, Enos Fly, was John Dixon Fly’s brother.

When he was about 46 years old, John once again participated in a national conflict. In 1811, he volunteered for the Tennessee Militia:

Capt. Kincaid's Co.- #34 Jesse Fly, #35  John D. Fly, #1601 John Fly,  Capt. Bell's Co.:  #1732 Jesse Fly [16]

He died intestate sometime late in 1813 or very early 1814:

Jan. 1814.  Sally Fly appointed administratrix of John D. Fly. [17]

The settling of his estate was a time consuming process:

May 24, 1814. Sally Fly widow of John D. Fly, decd. support allowed her and recorded Aug. 29, 1814.  State of Tenn., Davidson Co. We, Cary Felts, John Moore and Charles Hays being requested by the administratrix and administrator have met at the house of John D. Fly decd and have proceeded to allott off and set apart a supply of provisions for the widow and family for the term of one year.  We consider there is about 25 barrells of corn on the farm which is not in our opinion more that will supply the family until fall.  We also consider that 500 pounds of bacon will supply the family until fall with the assistance of 6 shoats and one beef.  We also think that there is not more lard than will supply the family longer than the fall.  We also allott off and set apart for family use 50 lb. of cotton and all the wool belonging to the farm for family use.  We also consider the Brandy and Vinegar belonging to the House not more than will supply the use of the family for the present year.  Given under our hands this 24th day of May 1814.  Cary Felts, John Moore, Charles Hays Rec.: July 1814 [18]

Obviously, Sarah and the children had to be provided for while the estate was inventoried and later sold.

John D. Fly, decd. inventory of his estate includes accounts on Lemuel Lawrence, William Rutherford, John M. Wright, John Johnston, & Jesse Fly.  Signed by John Fly, Admin. & Sally Fly, Admrx

Aug. 29, 1814
.  John D. Fly- Estate sale. 
Purchasers: Sally Fly, Jesse Fly, Jesse Marton, Robert Thompson, John Beves, John Fly, Michael Goodwin, Elisha Fly, John Collins, William Harris, Alfred Wallace, George Hartman, James Hill, Russell Sullivan, Godfrey Shelton, Daniel Mitchel, Abraham M. Degraffenreid, Enoch Ensley, Joshua Cutcheon, Isaac Battle, Jordan Barnes, William Griffin, James Kincaid, Charles H. Cody, Thomas Hill, Henry Seat, Azariah Jones, William Harwood, Edward Collins, Thomas Shelton, John M. Wright

After the sale, the court appointed some local men to examine and approve the papers of the administratrix:

July 16, 1816.  John D. Fly settlement.
State of Tennessee, Davidson Co. agreeable to an order from the worshipfull court of the said county to us the undersigners Commissioners appointed to settle with the administrators of John D. Fly, Dec. have proceeded to examine the vouchers and papers relative to said estate.  The amount of account of sales we find to be $745.d35 and 3/4 and sixty seven dollars cash is inventoried... $67. 00 and we find fourteen vouchers properly authenticated to the amount of one hundred and seventy dollars & sixty one cents and we have agreed to allow one account of fifty dollars to the administrators of John D. Fly, Dec. for all services & commissions.

Done by us the undersigners Commissioners this 16th day of July 1816- Gary Felts, B. Gray Rec.; Aug. 5, 1816

Sarah survived her husband by many years.  The 1820 Davidson County Federal Census indicated that she had a large household consisting of:  1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 2 females 10-16, 2 females 16-26, 1 female over 45.  The settlement of her husband’s estate was not completed until about 1825 or soon after:

James, Sally, Rebecca, & William D. Fly minor orphans in 1825. [21] 

This indicates that these four children were underage at the time of their father’s death and that the youngest came of age a bit before the 1825 document.  The court had apparently appointed guardians for them.

The 1830 Federal Census showed the widow’s household consisting of 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 60-70.  By this time, many of her children had ventured out on their own.  Sarah herself would not live much longer.  Her will was a nuncupative will. It was not written, but spoken to John M. Wright and James Finney:

July 26, 1835. Sarah Fly, Decd. Will
The last request of Mrs. Sarah Fly concerning the division of her property after paying her debts is as follows- that is for her daughter Rebecca to have a certain gray mare and saddle, bed and ------ and ten dollars.  The bed and ten dollars she had her as her guardian.  William Fly her youngest son to have all the crop that is on hand and farming tools and the colt of the gray mare next spring should she have one and desires that Rebeccca shall have the balance of her property after debts is paid if there be any left.  July 26, 1835       
Teste     John M. Wright, Jas. Finney

State of Tennessee, Davidson County Court October Session 1835

A paper writing purporting to be the nuncupative will of Sarah Fly Decd was produced in open court for probate and proved there.  John M. Wright and James Finney being duly sworn before and say that said will as contained in said paper was made and published at her own house during her last illness.  that she specially requested them to become witnesses to said paper writing and that they verily believe she was of sound mind and memory at the time of executing it and that said paper writing was admitted to writing within ten days from the death of said Sarah- Ordered that said paper be admitted to record as such will of the said Sarah Fly decd
Recorded January 11, 1836

It seems that Sarah died between July 26 and August 5, 1835, but again the final settlement of the estate was delayed:  

Jan 22, 1838.   Enoch Fly adm. on the estate of Sarah Fly dec. on account with said estate.  Credits as follows:  Thomas Bell, James Kimbro, P.W. Campbell, R.H. Wallace, John R. Dabbs, John W. Wright, J.H. Johnson, James Fay, James S. Gleen, R. S. McFadden, R.W. Wilkins, Rebecca Fly, S. Nye, John M. Wright.  The foregoing settlement was made by us this day under our hands Jany 22, 1838. Signed: Enoch Ensley, John Corbitt, Comms. [23]                     

John Dixon and Sarah were the parents of: John (ca. 1790), Elisha (May 1793), Micajah (Aug. 13, 1797), Enoch (Sept. 23, 1799), Mary (ca. 1801), Elizabeth (Nov. 13, 1804), James W. (aft. 1805), Sarah J. (1808), William Dixon (1811), Rebecca (ca. 1813). [24]

John Dixon Fly Signature

Children of John Dixon Fly and Sarah Woodard Fly

jdf   4a.-i John Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

The oldest son was born about 1790 in Southampton Co., va. In 1815 when he was about twenty-five years of age, he married Jane whose surname is not known.  Jane Fly was born in 1795 according to her obituary.  He probably married her in Rutherford County, Tennessee where they apparently lived.  He also purchased his first tract of land there about that time:

Oct. 2, 1815.  John Brown [25] sells to John Fly for $475, land 111acres "more or less" on the waters of Stones River on the branches of Stewards Creek.  Bounded by James Whitsett, cedar marked T.L.Z.P. (?).  Wit: Jesse Sullivant, Elisha Fly.  Signed:  John Brown.  Proved: July Ct. 1816.  Reg.: Sept. 19, 1816 [26]

His brother Elisha acted as a witness to this transaction.  John and Jane lived in Rutherford County until at least 1827.  This is shown by his land transactions.  This first one indicates that he sold part of his first purchase:

July 2, 1817.  John Fly sells to Ezekiel Fuller for $11.93 & 3/4, 2 a. & 50 poles on waters of Stone River and branches of Stewarts Creek.  Bounded by Ezekiel Fuller. 
Wit: John Stile (Hill?), Samuel Neely, Zachariah P. Bell.
Signed: Jno. Fly. Ackn.: March Ct. 1818.  Reg. Mar.3, 1819

John continued to buy and sell land, but his wife Jane did not sign a dower release for any of the land sales.  It was a legal requirement for this to be done and in this case there does not seem to be any explanation for this omission.

This deed was not recorded until many years after the land sale when John Fly had not been a resident of Rutherford County for a very long time.  The recording of a deed did require paying the clerk a fee and perhaps John was reluctant to do that or simply did not follow through with all the paper work.  He apparently was moving to West Tennessee and in late 1827, he sold land in Rutherford County.

Dec. 29, 1827. John Fly of Rutherford Co. sells to William Garner of R. Co. for $300, 58 acres & 86 poles.  Bounded by Sarah Crutchfield, Elisha Crutchfield.  Wit: William Garner, Jesse Garner.  Signed: John Fly.  Rec.: Nov. 4, 1835 [28] 

He began purchasing land in Madison County soon after.  His land holdings increased over the years and he became a wealthy man. 

July 9, 1828. James Hamilton, exec. of Elijah Hamilton sells to John Fly for $1000, land- 250 acres in the western district, 10th district, range one & fractional range section 11.  Bounded by.... Wit: none.  signed: James Hamilton.  Ackn: July Term 1828 Williamson Co., TN [29]

Unfortunately, John’s wife Jane died in Madison County on April 22, 1829.  Jackson was the county seat of Madison Co. and her obituary was printed in the Jackson Gazette:

Died on 22nd ult. Mrs. Jane Fly consort of Mr. John Fly, aged about 34 yrs., leaving eight little children. [30]

Obviously, John had moved the family to west Tennessee by early 1829.  John and Jane were apparently the parents of William Dixon (1816-1866), Christopher C. (1817-1866), Mary A. (1818-1859), Sarah Elizabeth (1820-1870), Benjamin Franklin (1821-1857), Micajah (1826-1852), and Frances M. (1827-1857).  The eighth child is unidentified and may have died.

Remarriages came quickly in those days and John soon married again:

April 23, 1830.  Married on Tuesday evening by the Rev. Mr. Weir, John Fly, Esq. to Mrs. Eliza Ann Tyson, all of this county.[31]

This marriage was brief and John married Mary Frances Wilson on Nov. 29, 1831. She was born about 1803 and was the widow of William Lile.  This is made apparent in court documents filed in Gibson County many years after the marriage to Fly:

March 5, 1851. Deed of Gift:  Matthew Wilson sells to children of daughters Phebe R. Small, Sarah C. Lankford & Mary F. Fly's first two children by William Lile "who has been amply provided William D. Fly, guardian of Sarah S. Fly orphan of William Lile".  March 5, 1851 [32]

With Mary Frances, John had Jane Eliza (1833), Almira E. (1835), va Ann (1837), Rebecca Cornelia (1839), and John H. Fly (1844). 

The will of Matthew Wilson further clarifies these relationships:

April 21, 1853. Will of Matthew Wilson.  Heirs: daughters Sarah C. Lankford, Mary F. Fly and Phoebe Small: grandchildren John W. Lysle & Sarah S. Fly, wife of W. D. Fly.  Mary F. Fly’s husband was John Fly.  Son: William P. Wilson.  Wife: Sarah G. Wilson; daughter Elizabeth P. Wilson. Slaves mentioned: Lewis 19, Henry 13, & Lott 16 mo.
Exec.: Robert Nesbitt.  Wit: J. A. Bolin, & Wm Shane.   

John’s relationship to his mother and siblings was spelled out in a deed filed in Davidson County after Sarah Woodard Fly’s demise:

Jan. 2, 1836. We Micajah Fly & John Fly of Madison Co., Henry H. Warmath & Elizabeth his wife, Zachariah Roberts & Sarah his wife of Gibson Co., appoint Charles Hays of Davidson Co. our lawful attorney..... "to sell our four  undivided shares & interests in a tract of land in Davidson Co......... 100 acres it being tract of land whereon Sarah Fly, dec. formerly lived"..... at public auction & to convey land to highest bidder.  signed: Micajah Fly, Sarah Roberts, Henry (hisXmark), Elizabeth Warmath (her X mark).

Madison Co. Ackn. by John Fly, Micajah Fly Jan. 15, 1836
Madison Co. Ackn. by Henry Warmath Jan. 14, 1836
Madison Co., Ackn & private exam of Sarah Roberts & Elizabeth Warmath feme covert wives of Zachariah Roberts & Henry Warmath.  Jan. 14, 1836.  Reg: Jan. 9, 1837

John continued to acquire land and by 1838, he was an elected official:

June 4, 1838. Elected School Commissioners Dist. 16, Madison Co. Tenn. June 4, 1838: John Fly, Micajah Fly, John Nelson, William McClellan, Thomas Watt [35]

In 1844, John Fly filed suit against John Lyons in Gibson County:

July 1844. T.D.  John Fly vs. John Lyons> slander.  This day came the parties by their attorneys & thereon this cause is continued on affidavit of defendants on payment of all costs of term.  It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover of the defendant the costs of the Term? in this cause on this behalf expended and ordered that execution ---- and that the parties have leave to take Depositions generally by giving 10 days notice in the state and ninety days notice out of the state. [36]

The court minutes do not say exactly what John Lyon’s slander of John Fly was, but John was victorious:

Nov. 1844. John Fly vs. John Lyons>  Slander.  Jury "do say that the defendent is guilty of uttering the false and slanderous words...... and assess plaintiff damage at twelve hundred and fifty dollars.........Execution ordered. [37]

The 1850 Census for Madison County showed the following family grouping:

1850 Census. Household #819.  John Fly-a. 60, Mary F. Fly-a. 47, Jane E.-a. 17, Almira E.- 15, va- a.13, Cornelia R. (Rebecca) Fly-a.11, John H. Fly-a.6, James M. Medlin-a. 24.

Late that same year, John was sued in Wilson County.  Apparently he had purchased a slave, Wesley, who had been fraudulently obtained from his father, a free man of color.  The result of this case is not known.

John Fly died on Feb. 17, 1854. [38]  He wrote his will in 1853:

Oct. 1853.  In the name of God, Amen! I, John Fly of the county of Madison in the state of Tennessee, do make and publish this my last will & testament.
First.  I direct my executors to pay my just debts and funeral expenses.

Secondly.  Having heretofore made advancements to my married children in property, I hereby confirm said advancements, & do direct and order that said advancements shall in the division of my estate, be estimated as follows, to wit:

William D. Fly's
at Seven hundred and fifty dollars.
Christopher C. Fly's
at seven hundred & seventy-five dollars
Mary S. Clement's
at six hundred & fifty dollars
Sarah Elizabeth Hall's
at seven hundred & seventy five dollars
Benjamin Franklin Fly's
at seven hundred & fifty dollars
Frances M. Graves'
at seven hundred & fifty dollars
Micajah Fly
at one thousand dollars
Jane Eliza Greer
at Nine hundred dollars.
Said advancements to my living children to be charged against them at the above sums; and the advancement of Micajah to be charged to his children at the sum stated.

Thirdly.  I lend to my wife for her life only, Two hundred & thirty acres of the tract of land on which I live, to be laid off by my executors off the South or Southeast part of the tract so as to include the dwelling house, in a manner satisfactory to her & at the same time in such a way as shall cause the least damage to the residue of the tract.  If my executors cannot lay it off to her satisfaction, they shall call in three disinterested persons to assist them; & their action shall be final.  I also lend to my wife for her life my three negroes Moses, a man, Ann, a woman & Rebecca, a woman;  Also my pleasure carriage, which is to be put in good repair at the expense of my estate; also all my household & kitchen furniture, and she shall have power to give off to any of our children when they marry, portions of said furniture, & such child or children as advanced, shall account on the future division of my estate for the reasonable worth of the furniture so advanced.

Fourthly.  I give to my wife the two carriage horses & the gray mare Lucy; also two good cows & calves, my waggon, & two yoke of oxen & a log chain, three plows & gear; three weeding hoes, one grubbing hoe, also a sufficiency of bacon or of pork hogs as the case may be, for the supply of her family for one year; also all the old wheat now on hand; also a sufficiency of stock hogs for the size & condition of her family; also a years supply of corn and fodder.

Fifthly.  To my eleven living children, & to the children of my deceased son Micajah Fly I give all of my negroes except the three hereinbefore lent to my wife; to be divided into twelve shares & drawn for; the children of said Micajah Fly to draw together one share, and to stand in all respects in dividing my estate in the shoes of their deceased father.

Sixthly.  My executors shall sell to the highest bidder all the rest of my property, including my land, and the proceeds shall be divided equally amongst my children, including the children of Micajah Fly who shall together take one share.  And in the division of these proceeds & of the estate generally, reference shall be had to the advancement heretofore made to my children who shall account for the same as already estimated.

Seventhly.  At my wife's death, all the property herinbefore bequeathed to her for her life, shall be sold by my executors, and the proceeds divided in the same manner as directed in item the sixth.

8th.  I appoint my sons William Dickson Fly & Christopher Columbus Fly executors of this will.  In the testimony of all which I have hereunto set my hand & seal on the _____ day of October 1853. (the words "& two yoke of oxen & a log chain" interlined before signing.)

                                                                                                         John Fly (seal)

Signed, sealed & acknowledged by John Fly in our presence to be his last will & testament & at his request we have in his presence & in presence of each other signed our names as witnesses to the same. David Gill

C.C. Clement

Obviously John died a wealthy man.  His executors rented some of his land to relatives:

John Fly, Decd. Report, Chris C. Fly, Extr.:
- The amount of land belonging to the estate of John Fly, decd. by Wm. D. & C.C. Fly Executors.                
Rented to Wm.L. Fly
                     T.H. Graves
                     M.F. Fly
                     S.F. Cole
                            (other items mentioned)

His estate papers carefully listed all of his heirs including the orphans of his deceased son, Micajah:

John Fly, Dec. Settlement, Christopher C. Fly, Executor-
         Extensive accounting of property, debts, payments, etc. including listing of all heirs:

        1.  William L. Fly
2.  Christopher C. Fly
3.  C.C. Clements & wife
        4.  Tarleton H. Graves & wife
        5.  S.G.B. Seat & wife
        6.  Amzie Greer & wife
        7.  Almira Fly
8.  Rebecca C. Fly
9.  John H. C. Fly
10. John & Mary Fly, Minors (children of Micajah Fly)
        11. William Hall & wife
        12. Benjamin F. Fly

Mary was appointed guardian to her youngest children:

June 1, 1857.
Almira, Rebecca C., and John H.C. Fly
Report Mary F. Fly, Guardian [42]

The date of Mary F. Fly’s demise is not known.  According to the 1860 Census, she was a head of household and her youngest children Rebecca C. and John H. Fly were living with her. 

jdf   4a.-ii. Elisha Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elisha was reportedly born in May 1793 in Southampton County, Virginia. John’s second son married Elizabeth Cutchin on Nov. 30, 1816 in Williamson County, Tennessee. 

Before that he served in the War of 1812 just as his father did.  He was about twenty one years old when he volunteered:

Feb. 6, 1814. Elisha Fly Private with Col. A. Cheatham and Capt. William Creel-Infantry.  Transferred to Capt. Johnston on 6th Feb.

June 20, 1814. Elisha Fly. 3rd. Seargent with Col. Philip Pipkin & Capt. Wm. MacKay- Infantry.  Left sick at Ft. Montgomery Nov. 26, 1814.

June 20, 1814. Elisha Fly 3 Segt. (Capt. William McKay's Co of inf. 1 Reg't Tennessee Militia.)
War of 1812 Appears on Company Muster Roll for June 20 to Dec. 20, 1814
Roll dated Fayetteville
June 20, 1814
Date of appointment or enlistment- June 20, 1814.
to what time engaged or enlisted- Dec. 20, 1814
Present or absent- Present

Elisha Fly
3 Segt. (Capt. William McKay's Co of inf. 1 Reg't Tennessee Militia.)
War of 1812
Appears on Company Muster Roll for June 20 to Dec. 19, 1814
Roll dated- Mobile_____ Dec. 19, 1814
Date of Appointment or Enlistment- June 20, 1814
To what time engaged or enlisted- Dec. 19, 1814
Present or Absent- Absent
Remarks or alterations since last muster- Left sick at Ft. Montgomery Nov. 26, 1814

Elisha Fly
3 Segt. (Capt. William McKay's Co of inf. 1 Reg't Tennessee Militia.)
War of 1812
Appears on Company Muster Roll for June 20 1814 to Jan. 27, 1815.
Roll dated Fayetteville Jan. 27, 1815
Date of appointment or enlistment- June 20, 1814
To what time engaged or enlisted- Jan. 27, 1815
Present or Absent- Absent
Remarks or alterations since last muster-
Left sick at Ft. Montgomery Nov. 26, 1814

Elisha Fly
3 Segt. (Capt. William McKay's Co of inf. 1 Reg't Tennessee Militia.
War of 1812
Appears on Company Pay Roll for June 20, 1814 to Jan. 27, 1815
Roll dated- Not dated
Commencement of service-June 20, 1814
Expiration of service- Jan. 27, 1815
Term of service charged, 7 months, 7 days.
Pay per month- 11 dollars
Amount of pay- 79 dollars, 48 cents

At some time, Elisha and Elizabeth moved to Rutherford County.  By 1835, Elisha’s mother Sarah died and Elisha was one of several heirs who subsequently sold the land originally farmed by John Dixon Fly:

Oct. 12, 1836. William Fly, Rebecca Fly, Enoch Fly, Owen Fly (sic-FGF) & his wife Mary Lane formerly Mary Fly & Elisha Fly all of Davidson Co. except Elisha Fly of Rutherford Co. nominate & appoint...... Charles Hayes ...... "to sell our & each undivided shares & interests in.....tract of land in Devidson Co. containing 100 acres it being the tract of land whereon Sarah Fly, dec. formerly lived" to highest bidder..... & convey sd. land. 
Signed: Elisha Fly, Rebecca Fly, William D. Fly, Enoch Fly, Mary Lane, Owen Lane.  Ackn Jan. 7, 1837: Elisha Fly, Rebecca Fly, William D. Fly, Enoch Fly, Mary Lane, Owen Lane.  Mary Lane exam privately. Reg: Jan. 9, 1837

Elisha’s household in the 1850 Williamson County Census consisted of: E Fly (55), Elizabeth (60), E (30), M (27), W (24), E (22), J (19), Fly (16), J (16), E (13).   From other sources, it is known that Elisha and Elizabeth were the parents of: Evelina (1820), Mary Ann (1823), Elizabeth Jane (1825), Sarah (1825), Samuel Cutchin (1827), William Dixon (1828), James Washington (1831), John Franklin (1833), Thomas J (1835), and Elisha (1837). 

His household on the 1860 Census consisted of: Elisha Fly (66), E Fly (63), S Fly (35), E Fly (23) and L B Green (7).  L. (Samuel) B. Green was probably the child of Elisha’s daughter Mary Ann who married Henry T. Green on January 23, 1851 in Williamson County.[44]  Samuel appeared in the 1870 Census in Elisha’s household along with Elisha, Elizabeth, Sarah and James W. Fly.

Elisha died in 1873 in Davidson County. 

Aug. 11, 1804. Concord Baptist Church record was constituted on this date.  Some years later, after their marriage in 1816, Elisha Fly, b. 1793, son of John Dixon Fly and Elizabeth (Cutchin) Fly were members of this Church.  In 1853, as found on page 10-#25, the Church withdrew fellowship from Elisha.  There is reason to believe that he had a drinking problem, and was not strong enough to overcome it; the church did not tolerate it and withdrew from fellowship.

When Dr. Jesse Jackson Fly took his medical training ca. 1872 at Nashville Medical College (Vanderbilt U. in 1993) he learned of John Dixon Fly and his sons.  He learned that Elisha Fly had an alcohol problem; said so in a letter
. [45]

jdf   4a.-iii. Micajah Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Micajah Fly was born on Aug. 13, 1797 [46] probably in Tennessee.  Like his brother, he served in the War of 1812:

Nov. 13, 1814. Private with Col. Wm. Metcalf & Capt. William Mullen- Infantry.

Nov. 13, 1814
5th Corporal with Col. Wm. Metcalf & Capt. William Mullen-Infantry. [47]

On July 9, 1818 in Davidson County, he married Nancy Hardy [48], daughter of Henson Hardy and Elizabeth Kent.  They were the parents of Henry Hardy Fly(1821) and possibly J. Wesley Fly (1819).  Neither child survived.

Micajah seems to have become embroiled in a law suit over his wife’s inheritance and in 1825, they sold a portion of it:

Feb. 1, 1825. Micajah Fly and wife Nancy sells to William H. Goodwin, for $500 land in town of Nashville "being 1/2 of lot... #69 or any part or portion thereof which may have descended to them as heirs or devisees of Henson Hardy, Dec.....". Also, all right and title... which said Micajah & Nancy have in ...... the town of Columbia, Maury Co. TN of which the said Henson Hardy, Decd. died seized and possessed & which has descended to Nancy as one of his children & heirs".
Wit: Henry Ewing, Enoch Fly
Signed: Micajah Fly, Nancy (her X mark) Fly.  Supreme Ct of Errors and Appeals 4th Judicial Circuit.  Jan. Term: Proved, but Nancy too "sick and infirm" to attend.  A commission appointed for private exam of Nancy went to house of Micajah Fly in town of Nashville.  Reg. : March 4, 1825

Feb. 5, 1825
William H. Goodwin sells to Micajah Fly for $5, land in town of Nashville "being 1/2 of the lot designated in original plan..... by #69"  (Same land sold to Goodwin 4 days previously-FGF).
Wit: Henry Ewing, Nathan Ewing. 
Signed: W. H. Goodwin.  Proved: Jan. Term 1825
. [50]

Nancy did not recover from her illness and died in 1825. 

After Nancy’s demise, Micajah married Lauretta Low on Sept. 14, 1825 in Davidson County. [51]  He continued living in central Tennessee and a few years later purchased a lot in Nashville:

Jan. 8, 1828. James Sanders of Sumner County Tennessee sells to Micajah Fly, for $500 land.... in Nashville lot #57 bounded by #56 Cherry St., James Clark lot #45, "conveyed by John H. Stoneman's heirs to sd. James Sanders Jan. 8, 1809". 
Wit:  Nathan Ewing, Henry Ewing. 
Signed: Jas. Sanders.  Proved: Jan. 1828

The family was living in Davidson County in 1830, but by 1835, Micajah had moved west to Madison County although he was still dealing with the settlement of Henson Hardy’s estate:

Aug. 24, 1835. Micajah Fly of Madison Co.,Tenn......... "nominate, make, constitute & appoint & place in my room & stedd"..... Edwin H. Ewing of Davidson Co. ........ attorney to sell to Bellsnyder of Nashville, land lying in town of Nashville on Broad St. ....... title of which was granted by decree of Chancery Ct. at Franklin in case of Fly vs. Hardy. 
Signed: Micajah Fly. Ackn: State of Tenn. Madison Co.-Aug. 24, 1835.  Reg.: Dec. 26, 1836

In Madison County, his land holdings grew:

Feb. 26, 1836. David Anderson of Petersburg, Virginia.  Will registered Davidson Co. April 18, 1818 authorized sale of western property.  Mary R. Anderson, Duncan Cameron & George Anderson surviving execs. of David Anderson, Sr. sell to Micajah Fly for $700, land- 200 acres in 9th surveyors district, 11th section, 1st. range on waters of Forked Deer.  Bounded by John Fly, Benj. Tolliver (Tottons). 
Signed: Mary Anderson by George Anderson, H.S. David Anderson, Sr., Dun Cameron by George Anderson.  Ackn. Feb. 26, 1836

This chancery case has not been examined.  It may contain more information about Micajah’s early years and also Nancy’s family.  The final settlement for Micajah happened in 1836:

Oct. 21, 1836. Micajah Fly of Madison Co. by attny Edwin H. Ewing for $1200 paid by T. Bellsnyder of Davidson Co. sells land in Nashville.....being part of lot #69....... fronting 65 feet on Broad St. "being the same vested in me"....... by Chancery Ct. at Franklin.....Oct Term 1836.  Bounded as follows: Broad St. on corner of lot # 69 nearest to Summer St. 65' toward Cherry St.  Signed: Micajah Fly by his attorney in fact E.H. Ewing.  Davidson Co. Ackn: Dec. 21, 1836.  Reg: Jan. 4, 1836 (smeared) [55]

Nov. 1, 1836
. Micajah Fly
, complainant vs. George W. Hardy & others defendants.  "...... decreed in sd cause at April Term 1828 of this court that it would be equitable that that part of #69 in ..... Nashville belonging to the heirs of Harrison Hardy, dec. assigned to Micajah Fly fronting 30' on Broad St. & sd. Micajah Fly also became purchaser (by decree of court) of 35' of land adjoining above 30' & that sd. Lots 1 & 2 in sd plat containing 65' on Broad St. ..... be vested in Micajah Fly.  Decree of Chancery Ct. Oct Term 1836 at Franklin.  Reg: Dec. 26, 1836 [56]

It has been reported that Lauretta died on Feb. 1, 1846 at about age 35.  Micajah and Lauretta were the parents of: John Low (1826), Flavius Josephus (1830), Edwin S. (1832), Tennessee R. (1834), William Abijah (1836), Micajah Dodd (1837), Abegail (1840), and James Calvin (1843).

Micajah next married a widow, Frances Jackson on Sept. 16, 1846 in Gibson County. [57]  She was the widow of James Senter or Center and according to the 1850 Census, Micajah took in several of her children.  Micajah and Frances were the parents of Samuel C. Fly who was born in 1848.

Micajah died on May 10, 1864 “aged 67yrs 9mos 27ds” and was buried at Mt Moriah Cemetery in Madison County, Tennessee. [58]  Frances died about 1880.

jdf   4a.iv. Enoch Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Enoch was born on Sept. 23, 1799 in Tennessee and married Mary Murray Harwood on July 12, 1827 in Davidson County. [59]  Enoch never moved to west Tennessee with his brothers. 

Enoch and Mary were the parents of: Mary A. M. (1828), John William (1830), Sarah Catherine (1832), Richard Harwood (1834), Mary Louisa (1836), Sarah Arminta (1838), Leucretia Jane (1840), Catherine Ridley (1842), and unnamed child (1844). Mary died on Nov. 28, 1844.  She is buried in the Whitsett Baptist Church Cemetery in Davidson County.

The 1850 Census shows this household: Enoch (50), Eliz (21), Richd (16), Mary L (14), Sarah (11) and Jane (9).  Two of the younger children had already died.  According to the 1860 Census, J. Enoch was living alone in Nashville and was employed as a gardener even though he was reportedly a carpenter.  The name the initial “J” refers to is unknown. 

According to the family Bible, Enoch died on Sept. 10, 1866.  He is reportedly buried in the Mill Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, tombstone #23.

jdf   4a.-v. Mary Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Mary was born about 1801 and married Owen Lane on June 3, 1819 in Davidson County, Tennessee. [60] 

Mary’s husband was inaccurately named in the 1836 power of attorney signed by several of John Dixon Fly’s children. According to the 1850 Census, Mary and Owen were living in Nashville with several of their children.  They were the parents of Sarah J. (1828), Josephine (1830), John D. (1831), Owen R. (1835), and Mary A. (1838), and Maria L. (1840).  There may have been older children born to the couple.

The 1860 Census included Mary and Owen, several of their children, and also Joseph and Mary A. Caleif.  Caleif’s wife may have been a daughter of the Lanes, but that is not clear. 

Owen apparently died between the 1860 and 1880 Census and by the time of the 1880 Census, Mary was living with her daughter Sarah J. Lane Toon and Sarah’s husband Joshua J. Toon in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  In 1900 Sarah J. Lane Toon was head of household with her brother Owen Lane (65), her sister Marie L. Lane (42), and her cousins, Mary T. Whitson (60), and Mary A. Whitson (23).

Lorenzo Whitson had married a daughter of William Dixon Fly and Augusta Edwards. 

 jdf   4a.-vi. Elizabeth Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elizabeth was born on Nov. 13, 1804 in Tennessee. She married Henry H. Warmath on Aug. 11, 1825 in Davidson County. [61]  They moved to Gibson County some time in the mid 1830s.  Elizabeth was one of the children signing a 1836 power of attorney in Davidson County after the death of Sarah Woodard Fly.

Henry and Elizabeth were the parents of: Micajah J (1826), Sarah Alcenia (1828), Thomas Dixon (1830), Henry H (1832), John Wesley (1834), William J (1836), Chesterfield (1838), Mary Elizabeth (1840), Julius Joseph (1842), and Robert H (1848). 

By the time of the 1880 Census, Henry had died and Elizabeth was living with her son Robert Warmath along with his wife and children.  Apparently Elizabeth died on Feb. 9, 1892 in Madison County, Tennessee.

jdf   4a.-vii. James W. Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

James married the apparent widow Mary Ann Grafton Dan on January 10, 1835 in Adams County, Mississippi. [62] He died soon after this in New Orleans and left no children.  Mary Ann died in a lunatic asylum in Kentucky in 1849.  There were no children.

jdf   4a.-viii. Sarah J. Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Sarah, born about 1808, married Zachariah Roberts on Aug. 3, 1830 in Madison County, Tennessee. [63]

Sarah signed the 1836 power of attorney in Davidson Co. proving her descent from John Dixon Fly.  Zachariah and Sarah were the parents of: Elizabeth (1831), James E. (1832), Loretta R. (1833), William H. (1835), Sophronia (1837), Fidelia (1839), Micajah E. (1841), Samuel C. (1843), Sarah J. (1848).

She may be the Sarah Roberts, aged 72, living in the Cross County Arkansas household of W. H. Roberts according to the 1880 Census.  She is not traced further.

jdf   4a.-ix. William Dixon Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This son married Augusta Edwards on Feb. 26, 1835 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. [64]  John F. Fly was born to them in 1836 and a daughter, Tennessee N. Fly was born in 1840. 

William died before the 1870 Census and Augusta moved away to Stone Mountain, Georgia. According to the 1880 Census, she lived there with her daughter, Mary Tennessee Fly Whitson.  Mary had married Lorenzo Whitson on Aug. 6, 1868 in Rutherford County, Tennessee.  Augusta E. Fly died probably in Georgia after the 1880 Census.

 jdh   4a.-x. Rebecca Fly 6 (John Dixon Fly 5, John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Rebecca Fly was born about 1813 in Davidson County, Tennessee.  She was listed as one of John Dixon’s under-aged orphans in 1825.  She married David Gill on Oct. 12, 1840 in Madison County, Tennessee. [65]  By the time of the 1850 Census, she was the mother of Mary and Martha Gill.  A child, W. F. Gill, was listed with them in the 1870 Census.

According to the Oct. 23, 1875 Whig-Tribune of Madison County, David Gill outlived his wife by a few years:

David Gill died October 16 in his 79th year.  Born Person County, NC; married Rebecca Fly of Davidson County, Tenn.  She died in April 1873. [66]

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jdf   John Dixon Fly Descendant Tree


4a. John Dixon Fly (1765-1813)
                m. Sarah (Sally) Woodard, ca.1789
                        4a.-i. John Fly
                                m. Jane ?, 1815
                                m. Eliza Ann Tyson, 1830
                                m. Mary Frances Wilson, 1831

                        4a.-ii. Elisha Fly
                                m. Elizabeth Cutchin, 1816
                        4a.-iii. Micajah Fly
                                m. Nancy Hardy, 1818
                                m. Lauretta Low, 1825
                                m. Frances Jackson, 1846
Enoch Fly (1799-1866)
                                m. Mary Murray Harwood, 1827
                        4a.-v.  Mary Fly
                                m. Owen Lane, 1819
                        4a.-vi. Elizabeth Fly
                                m. Henry Warmath, 1825
                        4a.-vii. James W. Fly
                                m. Mary Ann Grafton Dan, 1835
                        4a.-viii. Sarah J. Fly
                                m. Zachariah Roberts, 1830
                        4a.-ix. William Dixon
Fly (1811-1870)
                                m. Augusta Edwards, 1835
                        4a.-x. Rebecca
Fly (1813-1873)
                                m. David Gill, 1840


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