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Crockett   John Allman Fly - North Carolina

crockett   5a. John Allman Fly 5 (Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

John was born about 1783 in Northampton County, North Carolina and died after 1858 in his home county.  In 1802 when he was about 20 years old, John Allman Fly married Milly Sykes, a daughter of James Sykes and Charlotte DeLoatch.  At the time, John may have been living with his mother Peggy and, in honor of his marriage, Peggy signed a deed of gift to him giving him his portion of her personal property.  John’s father, Elisha Fly, had died sometime between 1790 and 1800, but no records of this have survived.

A son, William Fly, was born to the couple on Oct. 12, 1803. [1]  About a year later on Oct. 22, 1804 their daughter, Mary, was born.  A second son, James Sykes Fly, was born on Feb. 27, 1806 and soon after, John Allman Fly purchased a slave, Pennie, from Richard Sumner, step-father of Milly Sykes.

March 25, 1806. Richard Sumner sells to John Allman Fly one negro girl named Pennie.
Wit: Fanny X Sykes, Bryant Sumner
         Signed: Richard Sumner
Rec.: Sept. Court 1806

This document is especially important because it is the only document that gives John’s middle name.  This is strong circumstantial evidence that Peggy’s maiden name was Allman.  In addition, John’s brother, Aaron Fly, received a land grant in Illinois for his service in the War of 1812.  The grant was made out to Aaron A. Fly.  This is more indirect evidence that Peggy was a member of the Allman family.    

The 1810 census showed John Fly with a separate household from his mother, Peggy.  This census shows that John had 2 males under 10, one male between 16 and 26, one male 26-45, and one female 16-26.   This count is not accurate because the daughter, Mary, who was 6 years old, was not included.

John Allman Fly does not seem to have inherited any land from his father who apparently did not own any. John was a man of exceptional energy who through hard work and diligence became quite prosperous.  John’s first land purchase was in 1811 when Tabitha Allen sold him 50 acres. [3]    In 1814, John, with his brother, Aaron, as a witness, sold this land to Michael Edwards, losing some money on the deal. [4]  In 1812, John purchased more land from Josiah Baget and then sold it the same year at a profit. [5]  In 1813, he bought 70 acres on the Mill Branch from Lazarus Johnson. [6]

Their daughter, Elizabeth, was born on July 18, 1808. Elisha Frank Fly was born to the couple in 1812.  Another son, John Washington Fly, was born on June 1, 1816, and Sarah Flythe was born in 1818.  The last child, Jesse Fly, was born on Sept. 9, 1821.   

In 1815, John purchased 250 acres from Joseph Smith.  This land was on Patty’s Delight Creek.  The 1816 Federal Direct Tax list shows a John Fly in Northampton County.  He was listed as owing $1.86, but the list did not indicate what John was being specifically taxed for.  Land, white tithables, slaves, indentured servants of color, stud horses, ordinaries, writs, proceeding in equity & billiard tables were all subject to this tax. [7]  John may have owed taxes on his Tavern, but the tax could also have been on his land and slaves.  An 1827 deed does provide evidence of John A. Fly’s Tavern:

June 14, 1827.  John Fly to Noah Odom for $154, tract of 22 acres "where John Fly's Tavern lies on, it being distinctly understood that the beforesaid land is that which John Pierce drawed from his father's land, decd." 
Wit; Turner H. Ingram, Elias Powell  Rec. : Nov. Court 1828

The 1820 census lists John Fly with a large household.  Two of the members of the household were listed as farmers.  John’s land sales and purchases were so frequent that no attempt is made here to include them all.   John also attended estates sales and bid on various items sold at auction.  By 1823 according to the land tax records for the county, John owned 177 acres. In 1825 at the estate sale of Jesse Vann, he purchased six tea cups, three saucers & a bowl for .08! [9]  

This John Fly was described in some family stories as a member of a group of Northampton citizens who planned a major social event for LaFayette when he made his grand tour of the US in 1824-1825.  Bad weather interfered with LaFayette’s travel plans and the gala was never fully celebrated.

In 1828, John & Milly Fly sold 77 & acres to Church trustees: Carter Jones, Jesse Britton, Nathan Britton, Newit Grant, James Martin & Silas Lassiter of Northampton Co. and James Wells, Morris Hatchell, and James Scott of Hertford County. [10]

James Wells, mentioned above, may have been a relative by Marriage to John. The land tax records of 1828 show John Fly serving as a guardian for Anderson Wells.  Relatives were often appointed guardians for the children of the deceased.  According to guardian papers Anderson was a child of Milly Wells, probably a sister of John and Aaron Fly.

When John’s son, William, was about 29, John sold him the land that William was already living on:

Dec. 17, 1832.  "for and in consideration of the love, good will, and affection which I have and do bear toward my loving son William Fly".... do give and grant... 100 acres.... whereon the said William now lives... Bounded by Only Johnson, Henderson Martin, Lucy Jacobs and others...
Wit: Lazarus Powell   Signed:  John X Fly

In 1835, John purchased land apparently from his son William Fly.  This seems to be the same land that John sold to William three years earlier:

Dec. 17, 1835.  William Fly sells to John Fly for $300, 200 acres bounded by Only Johnson and William Underwood.
Wit: James S. Fly, Jesse Fly     Signed:  William Fly

By 1848, John began to sell his land to his other sons.  He was getting older and it was not uncommon in those days for a father to give or sell land to his sons before the father wrote a will.

April 24, 1848.  John Flythe sells to James S. Flythe for $23, two tracts......of land, 154 acres known as the Parker Tract & the Wall tract.  Bounded by Etheldred Garris, road from Jackson to Murphreesboro, James S. Flythe, Kinchen Powell, Abram Stevenson, & Benj. Stevenson.
Wit: Kinchen Martin, John W. Flythe
Signed: John Fly.  Proved: June Ct. 1848 by Martin.  Reg. : June 9, 1848 .

The next son to purchase land was Elisha Frank Fly : [14]

Aug 23, 1848.  John Flythe sells to Elisha Flythe for $27, 180 acres.  Bounded by Etheldred Garris, Henry Hedgpeth & others. 
John W. Flythe, James S. Flythe.  Signed: John Fly  Proven: Sept. Ct. 1848 by James S. Flythe.  Reg.: Sept. 7, 1848.

John wrote his will in 1850, but reportedly died on May 18, 1876 [16] in Northampton County:

July 13, 1850. I John Flythe of the County of Northampton and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory, but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence, do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following, This is to say-

Item first... I give and devise to my son William Flythe all that tract of land whereon he now lives to have and to hold to him and his heirs in fee simple forever----

Item... I give and devise to my son Elisha Flythe all that tract of land whereon he now lives to have and to hold to him and his heirs in fee simple forever

Item... I give and devise to my son Jesse Flythe all that tract of land whereon he now lives to have and to hold to him and his heirs in fee simple forever

Item... I give and devise to my son John W. Flythe all the tract of land whereon I now live to have and to hold at my death to him and his heirs in fee simple forever

Item... I give and devise to my son James S. Flythe two tracts or parcels of land all now in one body and known as the _____? or Smith tract and the Wall tract of land adjoining the lands of Etheldred Garris, Kinchen Powell & others to have and to hold to him and his heirs in fee simple forever

Item...  It is my will and desire after my death that all my negroes & the ballance of my perishable estate with the exception of my corn and fodder and one horse and feather bed & furniture & one blue chest that I give and bequeath to my son John W. Flythe to him in fee simple and his heirs for ever) (also one feather bed and furniture & blue chest to my son Jas. S. Flythe in fee simple & his heirs forever) be sold, that is Lucy, Martha, Susan, Green, Ett., Drew, Mary, Caroline, & Sam, and equally divided between all my children that is William Flythe, Mary Britton, James S. Flythe, Elizabeth Powell, Elisha Flythe, Jesse Flythe, John W. Flythe with the exception of my daughter Sally Vaughan.  It is my will and desire after my death that the properties____? part of my perishable estate that would be coming to her I lend to her during her life then to be equally divided between all her children that is John Vaughan, Milly Vaughan, Elisha Vaughan, James Vaughan, and the ballance of her children if any to them and their heirs forever

Item   I do appoint my two sons James S. Flythe & Jesse Flythe Executors to this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have this day set my hand and seal July 13th 1850.

Wit:  Henry H. Johnson, Ethledred (his X mark) Garris             Signed: 
John Fly

Apparently his wife Milly was already deceased since she is not mentioned in the will.  Although the will was dated in 1850, it was not submitted for probate until 1876 and by that time both witnesses were deceased.  The court had to examine other people familiar with the handwriting of John Allman Fly.  The will was then probated.  He did not appear in the 1867 or 1868 Tax Lists. Apparently, he died between 1858 when his last document was dated filed in court and 1867.

The 1850 Census showed John Fly living with his sons, 42 year old James Sykes and 26 year old John W. Fly.  According to Rev. Norman Flythe, the portion of the 1860 Census that contained information about the area where John lived did not survive the years.

John continued to remember his children:

Dec. 1855. John Fly, Sr. for $500 sells to John W. Fly "one negro boy by the name of Drew".  
Wit: H.S. Martin, James S. Flythe
Signed: John (his X mark) Fly, Sr.  Proved Dec. Ct. 1855.  Reg.: Dec. 10, 1855

Dec. 1855
John Flythe for "affectionate love and good will" I bear my son John W. Flythe give one negro woman & her child Rosett & her increase. 
Wit: John H. Bishop. 
Signed: John (his X mark) Flythe.  Proved: Dec. Ct. 1855.  Reg: Dec. 17, 1855

The next year he signed a document for his daughter Mary Britton.

Mar. 1856. John Flythe "for natural love and affection which I bear unto my daughter Mary Britton" & for $1, sells her one negro woman named Jane. 
Wit: John W. Flythe.  Proved:  Mar. Ct., 1856.  Reg: Mar. 8, 1856

Lastly, John made arrangements to provide for his daughter, Sarah.  Obviously, he was alive in 1858:

April 15, 1858.  "I John make, nominate my son Jesse true & lawful agent and attorney in fact for my daughter Sarah Vaughn to take into his possession all the property that is now due or" ........  "from my estate becomes due on any contract or agreement......Also Jesse Flythe (should) appropriate to the use of my daughter Sarah Vaughn all the income from the property.  After her to be divided..... between all her children ........ April 15, 1858. 
Wit: James S. Flythe
Signed:  John (his X mark) Flythe.  Proved: March Ct. 1860.  Reg.: Mar. 23, 1860

Of course, all the slaves were fortunately freed by the Civil War.  John Allman Fly’s sons continued to prosper and to become active in professions in addition to farming.  


John Allman Fly Signature


Children of John Allman Fly and Milly Sykes Fly

william   5a.-i. William Fly 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

When William was 19 years old he married Susannah Odom in Northampton County on Mar. 4, 1823.   Susannah’s ancestry is not known at this time. William may also have had a relationship  with Elizabeth Pilkington.  That same year a William Fly was involved in the courts:

Sept. 1, 1823. William Fly was named father of unborn child of Elizabeth Pilkington. She was awarded $75 and costs to be paid $15 immediately; the remainder in annual payments of $6. [22]

It must be mentioned here that this William could also have been William H. Fly, son of John Fly who died in 1804 or William Boykin Fly, son of Emelius Fly.  However, since a Jane Flythe appeared with William’s family in 1850, she was  probably the Pilkington child.

Likewise, it is not possible to know which William Fly this refers to:

Oct. 6, 1831.
              Account of Sale of Thomas Weston, dec.

              William Fly
purchased 2 jugs for .75
                        "        "           "          1 bed

By 1832, according to the land tax records, William owned at least 100 acres.  In 1833, he owned 210 acres.  William Fly probably did not record all of his land purchases at the courthouse.  However, this deed supports the fact that he did own his own land:

May 10, 1849.  Britton Sykes sells to William Fly (sic), for $38.75, 20 and 1/4 acres adjoining lands of William Fly, James Martin & others. 
Wit: Henderson S. Martin.
                Signed: Britton Sykes. 
Ackn.: June Ct. 1849.  Reg.: June 6, 1849

On January 17, 1851, William Fly purchased a sorrel mare from Warren   Woodard.  The promissory note that he signed was co-signed by his son-in-law, George Burgess. [25]

The date of William’s demise is not known, but on Dec, 4 1865 H. S. Britton signed a bond obligating him to administer the estate of William Fly within the next two years.  Britton did not complete the administration on time, and on May 5, 1874 the court gave him 20 days to settle the estate.  By that September, Britton had still not completed the work, but with the court’s insistence he did so. Susannah Odom Flythe was apparently deceased by 1865.  She was not mentioned in any of William’s estate papers.

William did own a substantial farm.  It appeared in the land tax records that began after the Civil War.  The distribution of this land has not been located:

1867.  Tax District #7-
                     Britton, H.S. admin. of W. Flythe, 208 acres, value- $728.  List #11.
1867.  Tax List for District #11-
                     Flythe, William
-  221 acres, value $884 [27] 


mary fly   5a.-ii. Mary Fly 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Eli Britton and Mary Fly were married on March 5, 1822 in Northampton County.  They were the parents of: Exum (1824), James D. (1826), Rebecca (1826), Henry S. (1828), Noah (1830), Jesse T. (1831), William E. (1835), and Elisha R. (1837). 

By 1841 Mary was reportedly widowed although I have no evidence of this.  The 1850 Census does not include Eli Britton so it seems he was deceased by that time.  She has not been located in the 1860 or 1870 Census. 

She last appears in the records in 1880 as a 78 year old head of household that included James D. and Elisha R. Britton.  The date of her demise is not known.

js flythe   5a.-iii. James Sykes Flythe 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

James was born on Feb. 27, 1806 and died about 1875 in Northampton County.  He married rather late in life.  His wife, Letitia Haley was a widow with several children.  Her first husband was Henderson Sharp Martin.  She came from Greensville County, Virginia. 

However, even in the 1830s James was acting as a kind of trustee for others in Northampton.  He would pay $1 to a man in debt and agree that if the debtor did not pay the debt, James S. Fly would sell the debtor’s property and pay the debt.  These were called Deeds of Trust and James participated in too many of them to show here.

James may have lived for a while in the neighboring county of Hertford.  Unfortunately this county courthouse was burned twice so few documents survive: [29]

May 1832.  Be it Remembered, That at a court of Please and Quarter Sessions, begun & held for Hertford County, at the Court House in Winton on the Fourth Monday of May A. Dom. 1832 & in the 56th year of our Independence.

Deed of Trust from John R. P_rd_ agent for John H. P_rdie for the benifit of John Waddi_l and Timothy Ridley, to Richard G. Cowper Trustee, is duly proved in open court by the Oath of James S. Fly the witness thereto & ordered Registered.

According to the 1850 Census, James was living with his father. Evidently he had not purchased his own land until about 1848.  Previous to that, he appeared in court records regularly:

Jan. 20, 1836.  Account of sale of .....est of Parson Sykes, dec.-  James S. Fly purchased 1 Broud (?) basket vials &c. for $1.13, 1 map of U.S. for $1.10, and 1 little table for $1.13 [31]

James S. Flythe appears in the land tax lists from 1836 to 1841, but was not listed as owning any land.  In 1837, he signed the list as a witness using the spelling “James S. Flygh”.  The Rev. Norman Flythe said that James was the leader in the attempt to change the spelling and pronunciation of the name.  In fact, as a young man he was engaged in some sort of door-to-door sales.  He knocked on one door and said to the man opening the door “Good morning, I’m James Flythe.”  The older man looked at him and replied, “I know who you are.  I know your father John Fly”.  James was not stymied.  He continued to urge change and slowly in the late 1830s and 1840s, the change began to appear in the record.  The Clerks who recorded documents involving Fly or Flythe were inconsistent in their use of the new spelling.

April 24, 1848. Kinchen Martin sells to James S. Flythe for $200, 50 acres.  Bounded on the east by John Flythe, on south by main rd. from Jackson to Murphreesboro, west by Mary Britton, north by Kinchen Powell & John Flythe
Wit: John W. Flythe.  Signed: Kinchen Martin.  Ackn. June Ct. 1848.  Reg.: June 9, 1848

April 24, 1848
  John Flythe sells to James S. Flythe for $23, two tracts......of land, 154 acres known as the Parker Tract & the Wall tract.  Bounded by Etheldred Garris, road from Jackson to Murphreesboro, James S. Flythe, Kinchen Powell, Abram Stevenson, & Benj. Stevenson.
Wit: Kinchen Martin, John W. Flythe.  Signed: John Fly.  Proved: June Ct. 1848 by Martin.  Reg. : June 9, 1848.

These Powell ladies may be relatives of Elizabeth Flythe, wife of Lazarus Powell, but there is no evidence of that:

Sept. 19, 1848. Martha Powell & Mary Powell sell to James S. Flythe for $78, 13 acres.  Bounded by Jesse Flythe, Thomas Gatling. 
Wit: Jesse Flythe, John W. Flythe, Jas. L. Lassiter. 
Signed: Martha (her X mark) Powell, Mary An Powell.  Proved: June Ct. 1849 by Lassiter.  Reg.: June 9, 1849

At any rate, the land was transferred within the family a few months later:

Dec. 20, 1848.  James S. Flythe sells to Jesse Flythe for $78, 13 acres more or less.  Bounded by Jesse Flythe, Thomas Gatling, road leading from Thomas Gatling & A. Capehart's Mill to Jackson.  Wit: James Martin, Jas. S. Lassiter.  Signed: James S. Flythe.  Proven June 6, 1849 by Jas. S. Lassiter.  Reg.: June 9, 1949. [35]

James married Letitia Hailey, widow of Henderson Sharp Martin, on June 16, 1858.  A marriage contract was signed at the time of the marriage:

June 16, 1858.  Whereas a marriage is to take place between James S. Flythe & Letitia H. Martin, it being the desire of Letitia that certain property consisting of land & negroes which will belong to her after the death of her mother Sarah Sharp of the state of Virginia shall be for her own separate use to be disposed of by her as if she was a fem sole & James S. Flythe ........willing & consenting.  James S. Flythe....... releases all interest or title which he would acquire without the signing of this agreement........all property she has or may obtain in Virginia. to be hers.  Letitia may freely use & dispose of property...... which belong to her after the death of her mother sd. Sarah Sharp & her husband Moses Sharp.  Wit: Saml. A. Warren, W.W. Powell.  signed: James S. Flythe, Letitia H. Martin.  Proved & tax pd. July 5, 1867.  Reg: July 5, 1867 [36]

The couple were the parents of James Hailey Flythe who was born the following year, 1859.  A few years later, this document was recorded in Greensville County, Virginia:

March 9, 1863. James S. Flythe & Lettisha his wife of Northampton Co., N.C. sells to Sarah W. Thorp of Greensville Co., va. for $600, land in Greensville Co. 145 acres.  Bounded by Hartwell Worrell, John A. Person, Wm. J. Harrell & Meherrin River.  No ackn., proof of rec. date.  Signed: James S. Flythe & Letisha H. Flythe. [37]

This may be the land that Letitia secured to her own use in the marriage contract.

James did not serve in the Civil War, but was mentioned in some post-war tax records:

1867.  Tax List District #8-
                    Flythe, James S
. - 142 acres. value, $852 [38]

Tax District #8-
                    James S. Flythe, 142 a., $832 (DB#44

Valuation of Land District #8:
                    Flythe, James S
.- 142a., $320, Patty's Delight [39]

He was still involved in the local court system:

March 13, 1869.  H.T.Grant Sheriff to Joseph T. Britt Deed-

Sheriff by virtue of fieri facias issued from Superior Ct........ in case following to wit: James Barnes against Samuel S. Warren, James S. Flythe, & Joseph Britt.  Sheriff having levied lands of Joseph Britt & sold at public auction Mar. 6, 1869 to last & highest bidder for $200 sells to Joseph T. Britt.  Land bounded as follows: one tract....known as the "old Garris place" & bounded by Jno. G. Edwards, W. P. Vick, & William B. Bottoms, Deloatch's Mill Creek & Pond & J.T. H. Garris.  Other tract..... known as the "home place" bounded by Joseph Garris, Jno. W. Flythe, Kinchen Martin & heirs at law of Polly Martin, Jane Bridges & Allen Hawley, Benj. F. Martin, Latilia Flythe, Jane Bridges & J. G. Holliday containing 496 acres.  1st tract 338 acres.
Signed: H.T. Grant  Ackn. & Rec.: Mar. 13, 1869

This document seems to indicate that Letitia owned some land in Northampton County in her own right, perhaps as the widow of Henderson S. Martin.

On the 1870 Census, James and Letitia had a household consisting of their son, James Hailey Flythe and also Letitia’s Martin children, Joseph, Benjamin and Rosa.  Henderson and Letitia’s daughters Ellen V. Martin and va B. Martin were not included.

Somehow, James managed to obtain possession of his deceased brother’s farm:

Sept. 28, 1874. James S. Flythe & wife Letitia sell to Exum Britton for $40, 50 acres on Devil's Pocosin adj. Jesse Johnson & Exum Britton "known as the William Flythe tract". 
Wit: Elisha Fisher (?).  signed: James S. Flythe, Leticia Flythe.  Ackn. & Rec: Sept. 28, 1874

James Sykes Flythe died in late 1874 or early 1875.  His brother, Jesse, administered his estate.   James Hailey Flythe was the only child. The Rev. Norman Flythe told this story about James Hailey Flythe:

About James Hailey Flythe: "He and a young man---- they were both young--- went to New York City to have a good time. Well, they had too good a time & they found out that their pocketbooks were empty. How in the world were they going to get back to Northampton County? 'Oh,' said James Hailey 'No trouble, No trouble.' He hired a hall and put up a sign "The Reverend James Hailey Flythe will preach on temperance." They got a crowd in, took up a collection and the man with him said it was the best temperance sermon he ever heard. James Hailey was not a Minister." [42]

Rev. Norman Flythe wrote in some of his very early notes that James Hailey Flythe was quite a talker!

About 1885, James Hailey Flythe married James Alice Walton and they lived in Atlanta, Georgia where James sold real estate.  They were the parents of: James Walton (1887), William Perry (1889), Oscar Smith (1891), Agnes Sharp (1897), and Starkey Sharp (1904). 

The following is a portion of a letter written by James Hailey Flythe to Norman Jason Flythe in 1936:

Burned in the big fire here in 191_.  There is at Conway NC our Family Bible.  I shall write for it. If I get it I will advise you-----  My life history is drab a rolling stone.  I shall or will be 77 Sept. 13 next.  Work 7 days every week—Attend 8 o’clock Sun and again 11:15 AM every Sunday. 2 to 7 pm Sunday in office (at?) Memorial Park “Tread Mill” but one should thank God for the many blessings, etc.  N.B. You Grandfather James Madison & I worked for J A Bux & Co. Jackson NC in 77 & 78--- If you desire I can give you the names of Jesse, John W., Elisha & William Flythe’s children.  Cordi (tear in paper) Hailey Fly

James died in 1940.


James Sykes Flythe Signature Amnesty


elizabeth   5a.-iv. Elizabeth Flythe 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elizabeth married Lazarus Powell in 1832.  Lazarus and Elizabeth were the parents of:  Julia Ann (1834), James H. (1836), Mary M. (1838), Peter L. (1842), John (1842), Elizabeth (1847), and Rebecca J. (1851).

Lazarus was deceased by 1860, but Elizabeth lived until about Dec. 10, 1891 when her estate was administered by L. H. Davis. 

john w   5a.-v. John Washington Flythe 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

John W Flythe began to appear in the land tax lists in 1840, but did not own any land. In the 1850 Census, he was living with his father, but apparently had already purchased some land of his own:

Aug. 23, 1848.  John Flythe sells to John W. Flythe for $44, 140 acres.  Bounded by Lazarus Johnson, Kinchen Powell & others.  Together with houses, orchards, etc. 
Wit: James S. Flythe, Henry H. Johnson. 
Signed: John Fly.  Proved: Mar. Ct. 1855.  Reg.: Mar. 8, 1855

On May 13, 1858, he married Elizabeth T. Allen, daughter of Buxton Allen and Sally Lassiter.

Over time, he acquired some of the land left by Lazarus Johnson to his children:

Sept. 22, 1853.  James Johnson sells to John W. Flythe for $120, 31 acres "that I the division of my father's land".  Wit: B. Sykes, Lazarus Powell.  Signed: James (his X mark) Johnson.  Prov. : Dec. Ct. by Lazarus Powell  Reg.: Dec. 8, 1853 [44]

Dec. 5, 1853
  Levi Johnson sells to John W. Flythe for $88, 31 acres "having reference to the division of Lazarus Johnson".  Bounded by John Flythe.  Wit: Jesse Boon, Lazarus Powell.  Signed: Levi (his X mark) Johnson.  Ackn.: Dec. Ct. 1853
Reg.: Dec. 8, 1853

April 3, 1854
  Johnson, Bridges & wife & others to Flythe:
William Johnson, James Johnson, Levi Johnson, Joseph Bridges & Phereby his wife, James H. Hedgepeth & Mary his wife, Harrison Martin & Rebecca his wife, James T. C. Martin & Martha his wife, George B.C. Britt & Rhoda his wife sell to John W. Flythe for $106.66, land.  Bounded by John W. Flythe, Kinchen Martin, James H. Johnson "it being our share of the same piece of land that Hezekiah Johnson, Decd. drawed in the division of our father's land which division took place in the year 1857 and be referring to the division of Lazarus Johnson's being Lot 34, 27 & 5/9 acres. 
Wit: Lazarus Powell, James J. Deloatch. 
Signed:  William (X) Johnson, James (X) Johnson, Levi (X) Johnson, Joseph (X) Bridges, Phereby (X) Bridges, James H. (X) Hedgepeth, Harrison (X) Martin, Rebecca (X) Martin, J. T.C. Martin, Martha (X) Martin, George B.C. (X) Britt, Rhoda (X) Britt.

June Ct. 1854.  Mary Hedgepeth & Martha Martin relinq. dower

Sept. Ct. 1854.  Phereby Brideges, Rebecca Martin & Rhoda Britt ackn. sale to John W. Fly (sic).  Private exam of them ordered.  Sept. 4, 1854.  Edmund Jacobs reports that all gave free consent.....Proved: Sept. Ct.  Reg: Sept. 8, 1854

Mar 1, 1858
  William Johnson sells to John W. Flythe for $150, 31 acres.  Bounded as follows (lot #6 drawn by Wm. Johnson), Mill Branch. 
Wit: A. D. Ramsey, James S. Flythe
Signed:  William (his X mark) Johnson.  Proved: Mar. Ct. 1858.  Reg. : Mar. 12, 1858

John was acquiring large tracts of land, but the war may have made it difficult for him to make a profit on the farm. 

Dec. 17, 1858.  Spring Term of Court of Equity "a petition (was) filed in name of James T.C. Martin, guardian of Elias J. Johnson" praying for the sale of the land mentioned in the petition.  June 7, 1858... John W. Flythe became last & highest bidder at $160, entered into bond payable in 12 months.  J.W.W. Peebles clerk & master in Equity sells to John W. Flythe... land ..... containing about 30 & 1/3 acres adjoining the lands of John W. Flythe & Mary Britton. 
Wit: Joel Connor.  Ackn.: Dec. 17, 1858.  Reg.: Feb. 1859

Nov. 20, 1860
 James S. Flythe sells to John W. Flythe for $1050, 200 acres adjoining Etheldred Garris, David Stephenson, Mary T. Britton & others. 
Wit: James H. (his X mark) Johnson, Daniel (his X mark) Brown, L.B. Lassiter. 
Signed: James S. Flythe.  Proved & tax pd: Dec. Ct. 1860.  Reg: Dec. 10, 1860

Nov. 20, 1860
  James H. Johnson sells to John W. Flythe for $125, land 31 & 1/3 acres.  Bounded by John W. Flythe " & on the east by a branch which will more fully appear by reference to the division of the lands of Lazarus Johnson decd." 
Wit: Daniel (his X mark)
Brown, L.B. Lassiter, James S. Flythe
Signed: James H. (his X mark) Johnson.  Ackn.: Dec. Ct.  Reg: Dec. 10, 1860

By 1868, John W. owned about 500 acres of land including some of Lazarus Johnson’s land.

1867.  Tax List District #8-
                Flythe, John W
. - 506 acres, $2261, Location-Zion [51]

Tax List District #8:
                Flythe, John W
.- 506a, $2261

Valuation of Land District #8:
                Flythe, John W
. - 506a., $1012, Zion [52]

Unfortunately by early 1869, John was bankrupt.  His brother Jesse purchased some of the land and then sold it back to John W. Flythe in 1874.

Mar. 2, 1869.  J. W. Flythe assignment of Bankrupt Effects.  Form #18.  District Ct. Albemarle District.  R. F. Overman of post office of E. City in county of Pasqr appointed assignee of estate of John W. Flythe.  All real estate & personal property except such property which is exempt.  Signed:  T. W. Costen, Registrar in Bankruptcy.  Reg: May 27, 1869 [53]

May 27, 1869
  R.F. Overman of Pasquotank Co. assignee of estate & effects of John W. Flythe bankrupt.... did sell at public auction May 27, 1869 all right & title sd John W. Flythe had in...... Johnson land adjoining lands of Kinchen Martin, Mary Britton & others.  185 acres.  Jesse Flythe last & highest bidder at $50.  R.F. Overman sells land to Jesse Flythe
Wit: H. Gatling. 
Signed: R.F. Overman assignee in Bankruptcy.  Proved: May 27, 1869.  Reg.: June 1, 1869

According to the 1870 Census, John’s household consisted of: John (age 54), Elizabeth (age 41), Andrew (age 8), Edward (age 1) and Futrell Flythe, a 40 year old female who had no occupation or was an assistant housekeeper.  Both notations were made on the form.  This may be Susan Futrell Flythe, wife of George Washington Flythe.  She had been unfaithful to George and it appears that he deserted her.  Apparently they were never divorced and John may have felt some sort of obligation to provide for her. I know of no one born into the Flythe family called Futrell.

In 1875, Jesse sold land to his son Joseph Oscar and John W. Flythe.  The reason for this is unclear:

1875.  Jesse Flythe & wife sell to James(sic) W. Flythe & Joseph O. Flythe for $_____ (too faded), 24 acres adjacent Martha Grant, Moses Bryant "on the road to Deloach's Mill & Jackson known as the Joseph C. Grant tract". 
Wit: James S. Lassiter. 
Signed: Jesse Flythe, Lucy A. Flythe.  (Proof too faded to read)

By 1880, Elizabeth Allen Flythe was deceased.  John’s household consisted of: John W. (age 64), Andrew J. (age 18), Mary A. (age 9) and Hester Futrell a 50 year old housekeeper.  Susan Futrell Flythe was born about 1830, but this person may not be George’s wife.

John Washington Flythe died in 1893 leaving two children: Andrew Jackson, and Mary Alice.  His son Edward Flythe had died in 1872 at 4 years of age. 


John W. Flygh Signature


elisha   5a.-vi. Elisha Frank Flythe 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This son acquired land from his father in 1848.   He was listed in the 1841 tax lists, but he had no land.  Elisha married Edna Jane Vick on July 27, 1846 when he was twenty eight years old. 

In the 1850 Census, Elisha’s household was made up of thirty six year old Elisha, twenty nine year old Edna Jane, three year old Martha S., Henry, age two, and a boy of 4 months of age. The boy was Elisha Frank, Jr. born on April 22, 1850.  Martha or Mariah Jane was born on Jan. 25, 1847. 

Elisha must have acquired unrecorded land in addition to his father’s 1848 sale to him.  He sold some of it in 1852:

Nov. 13, 1852. Elisha Flythe & Edny Jane Flythe sell to Starkey Woodard for $100, 50 acres.  Bounded by Geo. Tyner, Parker Mill Pond. 
Wit: none.  Signed: Elisha Flythe, Edny Jane (her X mark) Flythe.  Dec. Ct.: Femme covert exam ordered & perf. by William M. Crocker.

Ackn.: Dec. Ct. 1852  Reg: Dec. 9, 1852

His daughter Suzanna Magdeline was born on July 28, 1852.  

Elisha did apparently serve in the Civil War.  In early 1862, he enlisted into a Light Artillery Unit.  By Dec.20 1862, he was in the cavalry.  How long he served is not known.   His wife, Edna Jane died about 1865, but the exact date is not known.

On January 21, 1867 Elisha married Eliza Gatling Martin Barham, a widow.  They signed a marriage contract:

Jan. 21, 1867. Elisha Flythe of the 1st. part, Eliza Barham of the 2nd. part, & James S. Flythe trustee of the 3rd. part.  Whereas a marriage is intended......between Elisha Flythe and Eliza Barham.  It is agreed ....... that the separate estate which sd. Eliza Barham now owns consisting of land, household & kitchen furniture & stock of all kind...... in Northampton. Co. shall be settled on her & secured to her for her separate use.  Eliza Barham sells to James S. Flythe for $1, whole estate & property of whatever description.......for the purposes following & no other...... James S. Flythe shall hold for sole, separate use of Eliza Barham so long as she remains wife of Elisha Flythe.  Eliza to keep profits and dispose of property as she wishes, also sell it if she wishes.  Elisha consents to this and agrees to settle on James S. as trustee any property Eliza Barham may receive in future & to make all other conveyances, etc. that Eliza may require of him........... Wit: J. V. Martin. 
Signed: Elisha Flythe, Eliza (her X mark) Barham, James S. Flythe.  Proved & tax pd.- June Ct. 1867.  Reg: June 10, 1867

Eliza had been married to Elias Martin on Dec. 3, 1845.  She had three children with Martin:  Eliza, Elias R. and Mary E. Martin.  She married her second husband, William M. Barham, on March 23, 1861 Eliza may have been married to a Bowers, but there is no proof of that.  In 1867, Elisha was shown as an owner of 178 acres and an Eliza Flythe was evidently a guardian and land owner in her own right as the contract required:

1867. Tax District #7-
                Elisha Flythe
- 178 acres, value $702.  Dist. #12:
                Flythe, Eliza
Gua.: heirs E. Martin- 66 2/3a., ______, P.Woods
                Flythe, Eliza
self dower- 33 1/3a. , $167, P. Woods
                Flythe, Eliza
Barham Tract-29 2/3a., $149, P. Woods
                Flythe, Eliza
Bowers Tract- 5 a., $25, P. Woods [58]

In 1868 the lists were again unclear.  It is difficult to distinguish between the names Elisha and Eliza in some handwriting:

1868. Tax List District #12:
                Flythe, Elija (Eliza?
)- gua.: heirs E. Martin.  66 & 2/3 acres, value not given, location-P. Woods.
                Flythe, Elisha
- no particulars listed

Tax List District #12:
                Flythe, Eliza
(dower)-33 1/2a., $167, P.Woods
                                               "         "       Barham Tract-
                                              "         "       Bowers Tract
                                             "         "       Guard. E. Martin 66 7/8a., $279

By 1869, Elisha was having financial difficulties:

May 3, 1869. H.T. Grant Sheriff to Jesse Flythe Deed:

Sheriff by virtue of a venditione erpomas & fri. fta (?-very difficult to read) issued from Superior Court of sd. county in the case following, to wit: Thomas B. Stephenson assignee agst. Elisha Flythe & Samuel A. Warren.  ..... former sheriff  having levied sd. fri. fra. on land of sd. Elisha Flythe.  Sheriff sold lands May 1, 1869 & Jesse Flythe was last & highest bidder at $257.  Tract or parcel of land levied on......bounded as follows David C. Hedgpeth, Mrs. Jesse Holliday, heirs of Howell Hedgpeth & others.  178 acres. 
Wit: Nicholas Peebles. 
Signed: H.T. Grant Sheriff Ackn.: May 3, 1869.  Reg: May 4, 1869

Dec. 20, 1870
H.T. Grant to Uriah Vaughn
By virtue of case following.....Uriah Vaughn pltf. vs. Elisha Flythe.  Exe. levied on July 17, 1870 & sold on Sept. 3, 1870 to Uriah Vaughn of Hertford Co. as last and highest bidder for $25, land....bounded as follows on Panther Swamp, J.T. C. Martin.  225 acres. 
Wit: A.D. Hill. 
Signed: H.T. Grant, Sheriff.  Ackn. & Reg: Dec. 20, 1870

On Feb. 21, 1866, Elisha’s daughter Mariah Jane Flythe had married David C. Hedgpeth.  His inheritance from John Allman Fly was sold to them two years later:

Feb. 1, 1868.  Probate Court, Elisha Flythe sells to David C. Hedgpeth for $900, land 178 acres.  Adjoining land of Joseph A. Garris, Benjamin Stephenson, Jesse G. Holliday & others.  "Elisha Flythe is now at the time of executing these presents seized of a good, sure & indefeasable (sic) estate of inheritance in the afsd. land." 
Wit: James
S. Flythe

Signed: Elisha Flythe.  Proved & tax pd.: April 27, 1868.  Reg: April 27, 1868

The 1870 Census showed the household as consisting of: Elisha (age 52), Eliza (age 52), Frank (age 20), Milly (age 20), Elias Martin (age 17) and Mary Martin (age 12).

Jesse Flythe eventually managed to convey Elisha’s inheritance to Elisha Frank Flythe, Jr.  The deed provided Elisha, Sr. with security by means of a life right in the land:

Dec. 28, 1872.  Jesse Flythe & wife Lucy Ann sell to Elisha F. Flythe for $155, land bounded as follows:  James I. Deloatch, Jas. A. Garris, Benja. Stephens & Mary Hedgpeth, 178 acres "except that I reserve the life right of sd land unto Elisha F. Flythe, Sen. during his natural life to be enjoyed by him" 
Wit: M. Parker. 
Signed: Jesse Flythe & Lucy A. Flythe.  Ackn.: Probate Ct. April 3, 1873 & Lucy privately examined.  Reg: April 4, 1873

In 1880, Elisha, Sr. was living with his son Elisha Flythe, Jr.  Eliza Gatling Martin Barham Flythe was living in the household of Quinton T. Vann.  Eliza’s daughter Mary Martin had married Vann and they provided a home for her mother.  Eliza may have deserted Elisha or perhaps the dissolution of the marriage was formalized with a divorce.  Records have not been searched.

Elisha died in 1895 and Eliza outlived him.  She appeared in the household of Quinton Vance as his mother-in-law in the Census of 1900.  The date of her death is unknown.

sarah   5a.-vii. Sarah Flythe 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Sarah married Turner Vaughan on April 13, 1839 in Northampton.  The 1850 Census shows Turner Vaughan’s household consisted of Turner (age 33), Sarah (32), John (age 12), Elizabeth (10), Elisha (age 8), James (6), Fanny (4), and Wiatt (2). 

In 1858, John Allman Fly made a special legal arrangement for Sarah. [64]  This implies the possibility that Turner was disabled or intemperate and not able to provide for the family.

The same family unit appeared in the 1860 Census.  Turner apparently died in 1861.  Sarah, owning 70 acres, appeared alone in the 1867 tax list and that same year, Sarah’s brother, James, sold the same amount of land to the Vaughan children with the exception of Elisha Vaughan.

1867. Tax List District #8:
                Flythe, Jesse
for Sarah Vaughn #10- 70 acres, value $420 [65]

Oct. 18, 1867
James S. Flythe sells to John T. Vaughn, James B. Vaughn, Wyate E. Vaughn, Fannie T. Vaughn & Elizabeth M. Night, for $1, 70 acres of land more or less bounded as follows Mrs. Martha Josey, Thomas Bottom, Matthew Bryants heirs & others, on road leading from Rich Square to Jack Conner. 
Wit: Wm Barrow. 
Signed: James S. Flythe.  Proved & tax pd.: Oct. 30, 1867.  Reg: Oct. 30, 1867

Evidently Sarah died sometime in 1867.

jesse   5a.-viii. Jesse Flythe 6 (John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

John Allman Fly’s youngest child was born on Sept. 9, 1821 in Northampton County.  Like so many of his siblings, he became very active in his community.  Even at the age of 16, he was purchasing items useful for a farmer.

Dec. 8, 1837.  Account of sale of property of Sarah Darden, dec.: Jesse Fly (Fligh) purchased 1 free Boss plow for 2/37, a lot of books for /35, 1 large table for /28, 8 bushels of white peas at 65 for 5/20 [67]

On June 9, 1846, Jesse married Lucy Ann Grant, daughter of Newit Grant and Martha Warr.  A few years later, Lucy Ann and Jesse received their portion of the estate of Newit Grant:

September Court. 1849. …also see page 238  " Shadrack Grant, Thomas B. Gatling, Henry Boon, William Boon & Jere. Daughtry or any three of them" be appointed commissioners.......... to view and divide the property of Newitt Grant between Martha widow, Alanson Capehart & wife Mary, Jesse Flythe & wife Lucy, James W. Grant, W. Grant, Henry T. Grant........ Lot #1 to Alanson Capehart, Lot #2 to Joseph C. Grant, Lot #3 to Martha Grant, Lot #4 to James W. Grant, Lot #5 to Eliza M. Grant, Lot #6 to Susan M. Grant, Lot #7 to Henry T. Grant see page 246, Lot #8 to Margaret J. Grant, and Lot #9 to Jesse Flythe & Lucy- 48 acres bounded by Samuel Williams place, Jackson Rd., Bridgers Ferry Rd.
Reg: Dec. 9, 1849

Jesse was asked to take a position of trust by some members of the community when they “mortgaged” their property.  Occasionally he was given power of attorney by people not known to be closely related such as Marvin Fowler & James Warr.  At some point he also became a Methodist Minister.

Jesse and Lucy Ann apparently lived on land that belonged to his father, but Jesse did record a land purchase in 1846:

Oct. 28, 1846. Thomas S. Deloatch sells to Jesse Flythe for $725 on "pottycasy" Creek, 200 acres more or less.  Bounded by James Edwards, Henry Boon, Gatlins line, the Johnson branch. 
Wit:  Simon Deloatch, Wilie Edwards. 
Signed: Thomas S. Deloatch.  Proved: March Ct., 1848 by Edwards.  Reg.: Mar. 9, 1848

Jesse’s brother also sold him some land near A. Capehart’s Mill.  Lucy Ann Grant’s sister was married to Alanson Capehart:

Dec. 20, 1848.  James S. Flythe sells to Jesse Flythe for $78, 13 acres more or less.  Bounded by Jesse Flythe, Thomas Gatling, road leading from Thomas Gatling & A. Capehart's Mill to Jackson. Wit: James Martin, Jas. S. Lassiter. 
Signed: James S. Flythe.  Proven June 6, 1849 by Jas. S. Lassiter.  Reg.: June 9, 1949.

On Oct. 26, 1848, Lucy Ann gave birth to Junius W. Flythe.  There would be eight more children.  James Madison Flythe was born on Sept. 22, 1850. 

Jesse’s brother-in-law was living with his widowed mother when he sold Jesse this land:

Feb. 3, 1850. Joseph C. Grant sells to Jesse Flythe for $300, land on Pottacasi Creek 204 acres more or less.  Bounded by John Boon. 
Wit: Jno. B. Odom, David A. Barnes. 
Signed: Joseph C. Grant.  Ackn. Mar. Ct. 1851.  Reg.: Mar. 8, 1851

According to the 1850 Census, Exum Britton, nephew of Jesse Flythe was living with the Reverend and Lucy Ann Flythe.  Joseph Oscar Flythe was born on June 20, 1853.   Mary E. Flythe was born in November of 1855. 

Jesse also served as the administrator of an estate:

July 15, 1858. Flythe adms to Barnes Deed:  By decree of court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions at March Term 1858 in case of Jesse Flythe administrator of George W. Mann vs. Richard Coggins & wife it was authorized to sell about 62 acres adjoining Henry Sykes & others.  Land was exposed to public sale on 7th day of April 1858 subject to dower of Mrs. Charlotte Mann........ Samuel Barnes last & highest bidder for $205.25. 
Wit: David A. Barnes.   
Signed:  .  Proved: Sept. Ct. 1858. Reg: Sept 22, 1858

Martha M. Flythe was born sometime in 1859, but died in July of 1860.  The cause of death was described in the Federal Mortality Schedule as congestive chills.

Jesse also assisted with a pre-nuptial arrangement:

June 16, 1858. Martha J. Johnson, Jesse Flythe & Junius Allen.  A marriage is planned between Martha J. Johnson & Junius Allen and Junius is" desirous of securing to sd. Martha all the property which she now owns both real & personal".  For $10 paid to her, Martha Johnson sells to Jesse Flythe "a certain tract of land lying & being in the county & state aforesaid being the tract on which her father Jeremiah P. Johnson now resides & the same that was conveyed in 1859 by Jeremiah P. Johnson to sd. Martha by deed of gift..... also four negroe slaves Abraham, Moses, Mary & Etta & their increase....."  If Junius died before Martha, property to revert back to Martha.....Jesse shall permit Martha to keep property & Martha may by deed or will dispose of property. 
Wit: R.P. Stephenson. 
Signed: M.J. Johnson, Jesse Flythe, Junius Allen.  Proved: Sept. Ct. 1860.  Reg: Sept. 10, 1860

On Oct. 15, 1862, Lucy Ann Grant Flythe gave birth to Adreanna Flythe.  This daughter and her husband would take care of her parents in their last years.  Apparently another daughter Emma was born the same year probably as a twin to Adreanna.  Emma did not live very long.  She died about 1865.

In 1864, another daughter Nellie was born.  She did not survive more than a year though.

Jesse Thomas “Simon” Flythe was born on Nov. 26, 1865.  Perhaps there is an error in the dates, but was included in the account, however; he was born after the War.  By Nov. 1865, the Civil War was over.

Jesse’s post-war land tax listings are particularly illuminating.  He was responsible for the tax payments of several individuals as well as his own. 

1867. Tax List- District 5
Jesse Flythes
gua. : heirs N. Harris-382 acres, value-$1528.  Listed in #8.  176 acres, value- $528. [74]

Clearly he had prospered, but he also was carrying out his father’s wishes in reference to his sister, Sarah:

1867. Tax List District #8-
                Flythe, Jesse
- 494 acres, value- $1966, location- P. Cr.
                Flythe, Jesse for Sarah Vaughn
#10- 70a.,$420
                Flythe, Jesse
for Joseph C. Grant- 200a, $600, S.W.____
                Flythe, Jesse
for N. Harris (heirs)- 332a, $1528, Dist #5
                Flythe, Jesse
for T. Lassiter est. - 327a., $1636, Dist #10
                Flythe, Jesse
for T. Lassiter est. -422a., 1216, Dist. #11 [75]

The Rev. Jesse’s burden seems to have been reduced the next year:

1868. Tax List District #8-
                Jesse Flythe
, 494a., $1966
                Jesse Flythe
, 70a., $52
                Jesse Flythe Gua. N.Harris heirs, 332a., $1528

His sister, Sarah, was not listed, but the 70 acre tract may have been hers.  It is very difficult to determine just when she died since Jesse’s father made him her agent.  Jesse himself seems to have been doing very well:

1868. valuation of Land District #8:
                Flythe, Jesse
- 242a., $605, Poticasi
                          "          "    - 252a., $378,      "

                         "          "     -  70a., $70,       "

This legal document is interesting because it mentions Maryann Flythe.  It is not clear at all who she is:

May 16, 1870. H.T. Grant Sheriff to Jesse Flythe Deed:

By virtue of sundrie executions.... from Superior Court in case following: John T. Deloatch, Maryann Flythe & Elijah (?) Peel assigned  to use of M. Brown & Joseph Bridgers having levied sd. executions on lands & tenements of sd. James L. Lassiter June 21, 1869.  Property sold to last & highest bidder Jesse Flythe Feb. 5, 1870 for $52, land 330 acres, bounded by James Deloatch, William Johnson, Willie Edwards,
Margaret Johnson & Richard T. Lassiter. 
Signed: H. T. Grant, Sheriff.  Ackn. & Rec.: May 16, 1870

The Northampton Superior Court records have not been examined.

As already described, Jesse assisted his brother John Washington Flythe who experienced financial reverses and apparently filed for bankruptcy.  Then, Jesse’s brother-in-law seems to have disappeared after about 1850 and Jesse sold his land:

1875.  Jesse Flythe & wife sell to James(sic) W. Flythe & Joseph O. Flythe for $_____ (too faded), 24 acres adjacent Martha Grant, Moses Bryant "on the road to Deloach's Mill & Jackson known as the Joseph C. Grant tract". 
Wit: James S. Lassiter. 
Signed: Jesse Flythe, Lucy A. Flythe.  (Proof too faded to read)

For some reason Jesse and also his brother, John W Flythe, sold a tract of land to Jesse’s son, Junius W. Flythe

Feb. 4, 1875. Jesse Flythe & Lucy his wife and John W. Flythe sell to Junius W. Flythe for $800, 200 acres of land adj. land of Joseph O. Garris, Benjamin Stephenson & Mary B_____. 
Wit: James Lassiter. 
Signed: Jesse Flythe, Lucy A. Flythe, John W. Flythe.  (court proof unreadable)

According to the Census the 1880 household of Jesse Flythe of Roanoke consisted of:

Jesse Flythe - Farmer, m, age 58, b. NC
Lucy A. Flythe - Keeping house, wife, age 53, b. NC
Jesse T. Flythe - Works on Farm, son, age 15, b. NC
Adrianna Flythe - At home, dau., age 17, b. NC
Jesse Martin - Works on farm, unrelated, age 21, b. NC

The Reverend Jesse Flythe died on July 10, 1897 in Northampton County. 

Jesse Flythe Amnesty Signature                        Jesse Flygh Signature

Children of William Fly and Susannah Odom Fly

elizabeth   5a.-i.-1. Elizabeth Jane Flythe 7 (William 6, John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This daughter may be the child of Elizabeth Pilkington, but it is not likely.  She married William Vinson/Vincent on Dec. 21, 1851 in Northampton County.  The 1850 Census reveals a thirty year old Jane Flythe, therefore born 1820, living with William and Susannah.  The 1860 Census lists her as 35 years old, born about 1825. The year of her birth is not clear since it varies in the census records quite widely. The 1880 Census, lists her as Jane M. Vinson, age 55 and born about 1825.  The 1900 Census has her listed as born in January 1816.  

With William Vinson, she had Elisha (1859), Mary (1861), Eliza A. (1862), and James (1876).  This family appears in the Census of 1900 in Northampton County. The date of Elizabeth Jane’s death is not known.

 nancy   5a.-i.-2. Nancy Ann Flythe 7 (William 6, John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Nancy Ann Flythe was William’s second child, probably born about 1825.  On Aug. 25, 1846 Nancy married George Burgess. Nancy and George were the parents of William F. Burgess (1846), Levi G. W. Burgess (1849) and Elizabeth Burgess (1849).  In 1864, Nancy became the mother of James Henry Burgess, but according to Burgess family descendants George Burgess had been away for several years.  They also say that James Henry Burgess’ death certificate listed the father as unknown.

George Burgess moved to Southampton County, Virginia, married again and had many more children.  Nancy and her children were then dependent on her relatives.

Nancy Ann Flythe Burgess was not found in any records after 1864, and the date of her demise is not known.

   john w5a.-i.-3. John W. Flythe 7 (William 6, John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

William’s only surviving son was born about 1828.  He was married twice and had a large family.  On March 21, 1860 he married Levi Henrietta Vincent, sister of William Vincent, husband of Elizabeth Jane Flythe.  The division of Jesse Vincent’s land provides proof of these relationships:

Sept. 18, 1873.  Division:   --Plat--
144 acres divided between heirs of Jesse Vincent. 
#1 drawn by Exum Vincent.  #2 drawn by Levi H. Flythe.  #3 drawn by Matilda Vincent.   #4 drawn by Elizabeth J. Flythe.   
Surveyed Feb. 22, 1872 by E. W. Connor. 
Reg: Sept. 18, 1873.

According to the 1860 Census, John and Henrietta were living next door to John’s father William Flythe.  Nancy Flythe Burgess was in John’s household along with her Burgess children, Elizabeth and William.

John and Levi Henrietta Vincent Flythe were the parents of Cordelia E. (1862), Linnea (1864), Adreanna (1867), John Eldridge W. (1871), Rebecca (1876), Mary (1879), and Della (1883).   

After the birth of Della, Levi Henrietta Vincent Flythe passed away.  John married Mary Bryant on Dec. 15, 1888.  John and Mary were the parents of Virgil Pruden (1889), Sallie Ann (1894) and William James (1897).

John died sometime after 1897, but the exact date is not known.

 charity   5a.-i.-4. Charity Catherine Flythe 7 (William 6, John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Charity was born about 1831.  She never married, but did have one child, Jesse Flythe who was born about 1850.   Harrison E. Woodard was compelled by the court to pay $200 for the support of the child.  Jesse married Rosa Hall and they had Jesse Thomas Flythe about 1875, but Jesse Flythe, the father, was deceased by 1880 when Rosa was living in her father’s household.

Charity Flythe died in July of 1880 of tuberculosis according to the 1880 Mortality Census.

sarah   5a.-i.-5. Sarah Flythe 7 (William 6, John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

According to the Census of 1900, this daughter was born in January of 1837. Sarah Flythe married her cousin Exum Britton, son of Eli Britton and Mary Flythe, daughter of John Allman Fly.  The marriage occurred on Jan. 4, 1854.  Sarah was widowed by 1880, but the couple had: David Daniel (1858), Junius (1858), Josephine (1861), Rebecca Ann (1862), Simon L (1864), Ella (1866), Martha Mattie (1867), Sarah Laura F (1868), James W (1871), and Lennie S (1872).

The 1880 Census shows most of this family unit and also includes Kelly Flythe, son of Sarah’s sister Julia.  The Census of 1900 shows Sarah Britton (age 63) living with Lennie Sue Faile, wife of B F Faile in Northampton County.  She was apparently widowed. 

The date of her death is not known. 

 Richard   5a.-i.-6. Richard Flythe 7 (William 6, John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Richard Flythe appeared in one record in William’s household, the 1850 Census.  He must have died as a relatively young person since he does not appear in any other record.

julia   5a.-i.-7. Julia Helen Flythe 7 (William 6, John Allman 5, Elisha 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Julia, born about 1841, never married, but in 1858 she became the mother of Kelly B Flythe.  The father of her child is not known. A Julia Flythe purchased some items at the estate sale of William Flythe in 1865, but does not seem to have lived much beyond then.

On Oct. 30, 1886, Kelly married his cousin Sarah Laura F Britton, daughter of Sarah Flythe and Exum Britton.  They were the parents of: Jesse Exum (1889), Notie Thomas (1894), Earnest F. (1895), Rosie (1897), Levi Elizabeth (1898), Marvin (1903) and Bessie (1904).

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crocket   John Allman Fly Descendant Tree


5a. John Allman Fly/Flythe (ca.1783-1876)
            m. Millicent Sykes, 1802
                        5a.-i. William Fly/Flythe (1803-ca.1865)
                                    m. Susannah Odom
                                                5a.-i.-1. Elizabeth Jane Flythe (ca.1823- ?)
                                                            m. William Vincent, 1851
                                                5a.-i.-2. Nancy Ann Flythe (ca.1825-aft.1864)
                                                            m. George Burgess, 1846
                                                5a.-i.-3. John W. Flythe (ca.1828-aft.1897)
                                                            m. Levi Henrietta Vincent, 1860
                                                            m. Mary Bryant, 1888
                                                5a.-i.-4. Charity Catherine Flythe (ca.1831-1880)
                                                5a.-i.-5. Sarah Flythe (1837-aft.1900)
                                                            m. Exum Britton, 1854
                                                5a.-i.-6. Richard Flythe (ca.1839- ?)
                                                5a.-i.-7. Julia Helen Flythe (ca.1841- ?)
                        5a.-ii. Mary Flythe (1805-aft.1880)
                                    m. Eli Britton, 1822
                        5a.-iii. James Sykes Flythe (1806-ca.1875)
                                    m. Letitia Hailey, 1858
                                            5a.-iii.-1 James Hailey Flythe (1859-1940)
                                                        m. James Alice Walton, 1885

                        5a.-iv. Elizabeth Flythe (1808-1891)
                                    m. Lazurus Powell, 1832
                        5a.-v. John Washington Flythe (1816-1893)
                                    m. Elizabeth T. Allen, 1858
                        5a.-vi. Elisha Frank Flythe (1818-1895)
                                    m. Edna Jane Vick, 1846
                                    m. Eliza Gatling Martin Barham, 1867
                        5a.-vii. Sarah Flythe (1818-1876)
                                    m. Turner Vaughan, 1839
                        5a.-viii. Jesse Flythe (1821-1897)
                                    m. Lucy Ann Grant, 1846


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