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jeremiah    Jeremiah Fly - North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas

   3c. Jeremiah Fly 5 (William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Jeremiah Fly was born about 1774 in Northampton County, North Carolina.  His first appearance in the records there occurred in March of 1795:

Jesse Turner apprenticed to Jeremiah Fly to learn to be a planter. [1]
May Ct., 1795

However, a year later Jeremiah sold his inheritance from his father, William Fly:

Mar. 15, 1796. Jeremiah Fly sells to John Darden 2 tracts on the north side of Kirby Creek, one of  75 acres and one of 10 acres bounded by Warren's line..... in the possession of Jeremiah Fly by "devises conveyances" for 50 pounds.
Wit: Arthur Sherrod, John Wodkins 
:   Jeremiah (his X mark) Fly
Proven:. Mar. Ct. 1796.  Rec.: June 19, 1797

On June 16, 1798, Jeremiah Fly married Zilpha Pipkin in Davidson County, Tennessee.  Obviously, Jeremiah went west with his brothers Rev. John Fly and Elisha Fly.   On Nov. 17, 1803, William Asbury Fly was born to the couple in Williamson County, Tennessee.[3]  On the Land Tax list for 1800, Jeremiah was noted as having 100 acres on Mill Creek with no slaves in the household.

On July 15, 1802, a daughter, Anna, was born.  Mary Penelope was born about 1803 and the birth of Margaret soon followed.  Asher Pipkin was born on Aug. 9, 1804.

By 1803, Jeremiah had sold some of his land and was noted in the land Tax lists as having 74 acres.  A few years later, he recorded a similar purchase and then a sale of the land:

Sept. 17, 1805. 1801(sic). Elisha Fly sells to Jeremiah Fly for $200, 74 acres of land on the west fork of Mill Creek bounded by Spencer Hill's west boundary, Silas' east boundary, Jason Thompson's east boundary, Winstead's line.  Wit: John Winstead     Signed:  Elisha (his X mark) Fly  Rec.: July Court 1805 [4] 

July 1808
Jeremiah Fly sells to John Winstead for $270, 74 acres on Mill Creek bordered by Jason Thompson. 
Wit: William Brooks,
John ( X) Fly        
Jeremiah Fly
Proven:  Mon. July 11, 1808 by Wm. T. Bowles &
John Fly [5]   

Martha J. Fly was born on Jan. 11, 1809 in Maury County, TN.  Jeremiah’s largest land purchase was made in 1810 from his brother Rev. John Fly:

Feb. 15, 1810. Jeremiah Fly 217 acres on Turkey Creek
conveyed by
John Fly & rec. April ______
John Fly sells to Jeremiah Fly for $217, 217 acres bounded by Edmondson, Grays..... granted to Nancy Shepherd & conveyed to Hardy Murphree & by Murphree conveyed to John Fly. 
Wit: Wm. Edmondson, jurat, James Doty, jurat. 
John (his X mark) Fly.  Proved: May 1814

The last child of Jeremiah and Zilpha was born on Jan. 23, 1811.  He was a son called Elisha. 

Like several of the Fly men, Jeremiah took advantage of available State of Tennessee land grants.  In this specific case, Jeremiah purchased the right to the ten acre tract from the original patentee:

Sept. 6, 1815. Grant #7707. Sept. 6, 1815.  By virtue of certificate #38 dated the 15th of Feb. 1810 by Registrar of West Tennessee to James David & entered on 16th of May 1810 by #4670. Jeremiah Fly assignee of James David---- land containing 10 acres by survey..... in Maury Co. in the 1st. district on Leepers Lick Creek of Dick River near sd. Flys.  Bounded by Thomas Shutes(?), Oakley's grass lot.... Signed: Willm Blount Nashville on 6th of Sept, 1815 [7]

In 1818, the Great Chickasaw Cession occurred.  This treaty was the last of four treaties that granted land in west Tennessee to the United States government.  This included a very large portion of west Tennessee. Apparently Jeremiah and his brother Elisha Fly decided to move to this area and start farming there.  Jeremiah sold his land in Maury Co. in 1822:

July 25, 1822.  Laurence Fly Deed for 187 acres of land executed by Jeremiah Fly & recorded Oct. 22, 1839
Jeremiah Fly
of Maury Co. sells to Laurence Fly of Williamson Co. for $1500, 2 tracts of land in Maury Co.  1....Leepins Creek a branch of Duck Ricer.  Bounded by Edmondsons...... Grogs...... George Maddox.  Also 10 acres bounded by Thomas Shuter, Okeleys (Oakleys?) granted "to Jeremiah Fly by the state of Tennessee #7707 dated September 6, 1815" on Leepers Creek a branch of Duck River........ The first mentioned tract was granted to Nancy Shepherd....conveyed to Hardy John Fly and by John Fly to Jeremiah Fly.  187 acres.
Wit: D.R. Mitchell, George Maddox   
Jeremiah his (X) mark Fly.  Proved: Oct. 22, 1839

It is not known why Lawrence Fly did not record this deed at the court house for 17 years. Jeremiah moved with his family to West Tennessee probably in 1823. The state legislature had established Carroll County in 1821.

Jeremiah first appears in the records of Carroll County in the Court Minutes.        

Mon. June 9, 1823.  Jeremiah Fly came into open court and made oath to the killing of four wolves in the bounds of said county over the age of six months.[9] 

Col. David Crockett also appeared in court that day. It seems highly likely that Jeremiah knew him.  At this time, bounties on wolves were common since they were predators and would attack a farmer’s livestock.  Evidently the court also regulated some commerce.  It was decreed that taverns in the county could charge only 25 cents for breakfast!

Jeremiah Fly appeared again in the Carroll County Court records:

Dec. 13, 1824. Ordered by the court that ........ (many names)......Jeremiah Fly......David Crockett,,,,,,, be appointed jurors to .......the circuit court.....for Carroll county on 3rd. Mon. in April the town of Huntingdon. [10]

A search was made for the records of the April court session, but nothing was found.  The records may have been lost or the Court did not meet for that session.

Jeremiah purchased a large tract of land in Carroll County and also mortgaged it: 

June 28, 1830.  Pages 369-370.  Registered: Nov. 16, 1830- R E C Dougherty of Carroll Co., TN to Jeremiah Fly of Carroll Co., TN- $450- 190 acres- On the north side the South fork of Obion River
Witnessed by Ly Bigham, Jonathan Smith, ? Cooper.

July 30, 1830.  Pages 404-405- Registered: Feb. 1, 1831- Jeremiah Fly of Carroll Co., TN to John McClellan of Carroll Co., TN- $1 Security of Debt due Robert E. C. Dougherty & Barry Gillespie- 190 acres – on the north side of South Fork of Obion River bordering Nicholson, Dougherty, Anderson
Witnessed by Benjamin S. Parson, Thomas Moore.

This purchase is of some significance because it was apparently adjacent to land owned by Jeremiah’s brother Elisha Fly:

Sept. 9, 1833.  Image 92- page 129- Jeremiah Fly of Carroll Co., TN to William Capps of Carroll Co., TN for $700-141 acres- On the north side of the South Obion River being part of a 640 acres tract granted to R.E.C. Dougherty, bordering E. Fly
witnessed by
John B. Fly, Sampson Price.  Reg. Nov. 28, 1833

In addition, Jeremiah was selling land to the husband of his niece, Lucy Fly Capps.

Jeremiah was evidently in Searcy County, Arkansas by 1833, but by 1836, he had moved to Greene County, Arkansas.

Jeremiah’s wife, Zilpha, died in December of 1843.  Jeremiah died in Barry County, Missouri on Nov. 17, 1846 and was buried in the Old Corsicana Cemetery.  His grave stone does not survive.  Four of his children married the children of William Sooter and Elizabeth Brown, his wife.

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Children of Jeremiah Fly and Zilpha Pipkin

jeremiah   3c.-i. William Asbury Fly 6 (Jeremiah 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This son was born about 1803 probably in Williamson County TN and died in September of 1849 in Barry County, Missouri.  He married Nicea Sooter about 1825 in Carroll County, TN.

Their daughter, Matilda Nancy, was born about 1826.  William first appeared in court records in west Tennessee when he was called to serve on juries in 1825.[14]  He also went to court to collect the bounty on wolves:

Sept. 1827. William Fley this day produced in open court two wolf scalps and proved the killing of them in the bounds of Carroll County over the age of six months and ordered by the court to be destroyed. [15]

The couple became the parents of Elisha Brown on May 16, 1828 and that same year he purchased land in Carroll County, TN:

June 1. 1828. R.E.C. Daugherty sells to William Fly for $127, land on north side of south fork of Obion River in range one & section four in the 12th surveyors district part of a 640 tract granted to sd. Daugherty.  Bounded by NW corner of entry made in name of Anderson, 129 acres.
Asher B. Fly, William Caps. 
Signed: R.E.C. Daugherty.  Ack.: Sept.
Ct. 1829.  Reg.: Nov. 19, 1829.

William also witnessed a deed that year and was involved in a suit in court:

June 12, 1828. William Fly & Stephen Terry vs. John Hall, admin. of Cornelius Hall estate [17]               

It is not known what the law suit was about.  He also witnessed a mortgage signed by his brother-in-law, Green B. Sooter. [18]

The next year, William signed a similar mortgage, witnessed by Green B. Sooter:

Aug. 17, 1829. William Fly to Robert Ury & David Coldwell of second part & Thomas Grubbs & Ephraim M. Ewing of the third part... the firm of Grubbs & Ewing.  William Fly sells to Ury & Coldwell for $1, land on n. side of south fork of Obion River in range one & section four in 12th surveyors district... part of 640 acre tract granted Daugherty.  Bounded by tract of Anderson.  129 acres.  ... sd. William Fly executed his promissory note on June 21, 1828 to Daugherty payable on Dec. 25, 1828 for $200 & Daugherty since transferred sd. note to Grubbs and Ewing.  Grubbs and Ewing being disposed to indulge sd. Fly til March 1 next...... if Fly fails to pay, Ury & Coldwell to sell land & should land not sell for enough sd. Fly still bound. 
Wit: H.H. Brown, Green B. Sooter, Joseph Wilson. 
William Fly, Robt Ury, D. P. Coldwell, Grubbs & Ewing.  Proved: Dec. Term 1829. by Joseph Wilson and March Term 1830 by H.H. Brown.  Reg.: May 27, 1830.

Although Nicea’s father, William Sooter, died about 1825, apparently some of his land was sold years later:

Mar 14, 1830. Deed of sale from Wm. Fly, B.A. Sooter, V.F. Palmer, Edw. G. Sooter, G. Guffin, Wm. R. Suiter & James Melton to Jas. Rogers for pc of land. [20] 

Oct. 2, 1833.  Leonard Sooter, William R. Sooter, G. Berry Sooter, Edward G. Sooter, James Guffey (James Griffin), William M. Fly, James Melton, and Vinson F. Palmer, all of Carroll and Henry Co., TN to James Rogers of Carroll Co., TN for $334, land in the 12th Surveyors District, Range 3, Section 11 bordering John Gwin and William Gwin. 
Wit: Tilmon Gregory, Jones Rogers, John W. Simpson, Phillip May.  Rec. May 8, 183

On June 25, 1833, William and Nicea had a daughter, Sarah Melvina, in Tennessee.  Permelia Rowena was born to them on Jan. 4, 1837.  On Dec. 14, 1838, Martha Emeline was born.  Her death certificate states that she was born on Carroll County, Arkansas, an obvious error.  Her brother, Asher Pipkin Fly, was apparently born in Searcy County, Arkansas on June 5, 1841.

William was on the 1839 Searcy County Arkansas Tax list.   He was still there with his family for the 1840 Federal Census.

Stacy Eleanor was born to the couple in 1844, probably in Barry County, Missouri.  Levina Penelope’s birth date was Oct. 16, 1846, and the last child, William Boon, was born about 1848. 

William Asbury Fly died in September of 1849 in Barry County, Missouri according to the 1850 Mortality Census.  Nicea Sooter Fly lived for many more years dying in 1875.

jeremiah   3c.-ii. Anna Fly 6 (Jeremiah 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This daughter was born on July 15, 1802 in Williamson County, Tennessee.  She married William R. Sooter on Sept. 26, 1823 in Maury County.  According to the 1850 Census, they were living in Barry County, Missouri.

Anna and William were the parents of: Mariah S. (1825), Albert J. (1827), Elizabeth C. (1829), James Madison (1830), William W. E. (1832), Edward M. (1834), Martha M. (1837), Benjamin F. (1839), Monroe J. (1844), Sally (1848).

William Sooter died about 1865 and Anna passed away on Aug. 27, 1871 in Benton County, Arkansas. 

mary   3c.-iii. Mary Penelope Fly 6 (Jeremiah 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Mary was born about 1803 according to the 1850 Census.  She married Dr. Jonathan Bullock on April 10, 1821 in Maury County, TN. 

Penelope and Jonathan were the parents of: Martha Rowena (1822), Asher (1830), Samuel Dalton (1832), and Nevel C. (1834).  Martha Rowena was born in Maury County, TN.

By the time of the 1850 Census, the family had moved to Barry County, Missouri.  Dr. Bullock died on Feb. 15, 1861.  The widow, Penelope, lived with her son, Samuel Dalton Bullock, on Capps Creek, Barry County, Missouri. She has not been traced further.

margaret   3c.-iv. Margaret Fly 6 (Jeremiah 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This daughter was born in 1804 in Williamson County, TN.  She married Greenberry Asbury Sooter about 1825.  They were the parents of: Milton C. (1826), Elizabeth C. (1829), Emily Perlina (1830), William Manley (1831), Pauline (1836), Henry Van Buren (1838), Wesley Monroe (1845).

Apparently Margaret Fly Sooter died in Barry County, Missouri about 1865.  Her husband, Greenbury Asbury Sooter, remarried in 1868 and died in Newton County, Missouri in 1886.

asher   3c.-v. Asher Pipkin Fly 6 (Jeremiah 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Asher Pipkin first appears in the record when he presented wolf scalps to the court:

Mar. 10, 1824.   Produced two wolf scalps and proved killed.[22]

Dec. 14, 1824. Asia Fly came into open court and produced six wolf scalps and satisfied the court that they were killed within the bounds of said county over the age of six months and ordered to be destroyed. [23]

Asher married Marilla Cantrell on Nov. 28, 1825 in Carroll County, TN.  In 1827, Eliza Ann was born to them.  Albert Latimore was born on April 16, 1828 and Sarah Jane was born in 1829 in Carroll County. 

Obviously, clerks spelled his name in a variety of ways:

Sept. 16, 1829. Account of notes of B. Perryman, dec...... notes on Jonathan Bullock, Robert Hisate, Asker P. Fly, Jeremiah Fly, and James Camegon.  (Maury Co. Will Book E, p. 186)

This note does not necessarily mean that Asher was living in Maury County in 1829.  He evidently signed a note to Perryman at some time before 1829, but this could have happened before he went to Carroll County.

Emily Catherine was born on May 5, 1830 and Jeremiah N. was born on Nov. 12, 1831. Asher seems to have been active in Carroll County in the early 1830s.  In 1832, he was appointed to a commission to divide some land.  He was also the overseer of the road in 1832, but did not serve this function for long:

Mar. 11, 1833. Asher Fly replaced as overseer by John Caughorn

Elizabeth Penelope was born in 1835 in Arkansas.  According to his obituary, Asher and his family moved to Greene County, Arkansas in 1833:

Oct. 27, 1835. Asher Fly of Greene Co. appt. magistrate. [24]

Tillman Gregory was born on Feb. 13, 1836 in Arkansas.

Asher moved to Barry County, Missouri in 1837.  Jonathan Dolton was born on March 4, 1838 in Barry County. On Jan. 8, 1840, the couple became the parents of Rachel Rowena. Margaret Elvira was born on Mar. 20, 1841.  Thomas H. Benton was born on July 11, 1842, but died on Sept. 6, 1844.  John Wesley’s birth date was March 7, 1944 and a daughter, Nancy Levina, was born on April 1, 1846.  However, Nancy died on Sept. 13, 1857 in Barry County. Artilda was born on Nov. 22, 1849.  She was Marilla’s last child. 

The 1850 Census for that county showed the following household:  Asher (a-43) farmer, Marilla (a-43),  Eliza (a-22), Jeremiah (a-17) farmer, Elizabeth (a-15), Tillman J. (a-13), Jonathan (a-11), Rachel (a-9), Elvira (a-7), John (a-6), Elvina (a-4), Artilda (a-1), Albert (a-21) farmer, Sopha (a-19).

Asher purchased some land soon after the Census:

Jan. 15, 1851. Samuel Stuard and Margarit, his wife, sell to Asher P. Fly for $11. 87 & 1/2 , 9 acres and 80 poles of land on Shoal Creek, Northwest corner of Section 25, Township 24 Range 29 West.[25]

Marilla Cantrell Fly died in 1860:

March 25, 1860. "Mrs. Marillay Fly, dau. of John and Sarah Cantrell, and born in South Carolina, 18 Dec. 1804.  As a young girl, her parents moved to Warren Co., Tenn., then to Carroll Co., Tenn. where she married Asher P. Fly, 28 Nov. 1825.  They moved to Green Co., Ark in 1833, and then to Barry Co., Mo. in 1837 where she died 25 March 1860.  Member of M.E. Church South- Left husband and children. " [26]       

Asher still had a few children to support and on Aug. 28, 1862, he remarried.   Minerva Ann Doty was his second wife and mother of several children.   They were: Florida Gazette (1862), Wiley Sylvester (1865), Caleb Monroe (1868) and Osceonda Pipkin (1869).    

Osceonda Pipkin Fly was not a year old when her father died:               

Dec. 18, 1869. "Brother A.P. Fly was born in Maury Co., Tenn. 9 Aug. 1804, married 28 Nov. 1825, immigrated to Arkansas in 1833 and from there to Barry Co., Mo. and settled on Shoal Creek where he resided til his death 1869"[27] 

Asher Pipkin Fly’s widow remarried to a William Cox in 1877 in Barry County.  She died on June 12, 1903.

martha   3c.-vi. Martha J. Fly 6 (Jeremiah 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This daughter, born on Jan. 11, 1809 in Tennessee, married the Rev. Edward G. Sooter about 1830.  They were the parents of: Asher Fly (1833), William Leonard (1835), Martin Van Buren (1837), Greenberry (1839), Elisha Henry (1841), Eli Brown (1843), Andrew S. (1845), and Edward Perkins (1847).  Martha died on Sept. 20, 1880.  In 1896, years after her demise, several of her children applied to the Dawes Commission for inclusion on a roll of Cherokee Indians.  If the application was approved, Martha’s children would have been eligible for some Cherokee land.  The Cherokee tribe was being terminated and their land distributed.  Elisha H. Sooter, Edward P. Sooter, and Greenberry  Sooter Prepared the application, claiming that Jeremiah Fly, father of their mother Martha Fly, was Cherokee.   The application was denied.  The application papers can be seen here.

elisha   3c.-vii. Elisha Fly 6 (Jeremiah 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elisha Fly was born on Jan. 28, 1811 in Maury Co. TN.  He married Ann Kennedy in Carroll County, TN about 1830.  Their first child was Martha J., born Feb. 2, 1831 in Carroll County, TN. 

This account from Goodspeeds briefly describes the movement of Elisha and Ann Fly:

1832. Watson Forrest, better known as "Patter" Forrest, is one of the oldest settlers in Clay County at the present time.  He left Gibson Co., Tennessee in Oct. 1832, with his brother Abraham Forrest, and Elisha Fly and their wives, all in one wagon drawn by cattle, & they soon fell in with James Kennedy, who with his wife & four children, were in a wagon drawn by horses.  They settled on Slavin's Creek, in what is Greene Co. now & there they remained for three years"[28]               

Frances M. Fly was born on Dec. 12, 1833 in Clay County, Ark.  William Anderson was born on July 2, 1836, probably in Barry County, Missouri.  According to the 1840 Census, Elisha and his young family had moved to Missouri.  James Kennedy was born on May 14, 1838, and Margaret R. was born on Sept. 9, 1841.  The remaining children of Elisha and Ann were: Mary Pyonnye, born on Oct. 27, 1842, Zilpha Amanda, born on Dec. 16, 1845, Matilda Ann, born on Nov. 14, 1848, Sarah L, born on Aug. 11, 1852 and Susan E., born May 30, 1855.  

In 1860, Elisha was living in Wright County, Missouri with his family.  In both 1860 and 1870, Elisha was raising Elisha and Elijah Roden.  These boys were the children of James Roden and Nancy Matilda Fly.  Matilda died in 1850, possibly in childbirth with the twin boys. Matilda was the daughter of Elisha’s brother, William A. Fly.

Elisha’s wife, Ann, died on Sept. 27, 1871 in Wright County.  In July of 1873, he married Adelissa L. Lathrom. Adelissa was born Dec. 20, 1820 in Randolph Co., N.C., and was married to Henry Lathrom in Knox Co., Kentucky in 1844. Adelissa died Oct. 15, 1915. and is buried in the Robinette Cemetery next to Henry.  Elisha died on April 23, 1877 in Wright County and is buried in the Robinette Cemetery .

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jeremiah    Jeremiah Fly Descendant Tree 

3c. Jeremiah Fly (1774 - 1846)
            m. Zilpha Pipkin, 1798
                        3c.i. William Asbury
Fly (ca.1803 - 1849)
                                        m. Nicea Sooter, ca.1825
                        3c.-ii.  Anna Fly
(1802 - 1871)
                                        m. William R. Sooter, 1823
                        3c.-iii. Mary Penelope Fly
(1803 - 1870)
                                        m. Dr. Jonathon Bullock, 1821
                        3c.-iv. Margaret Fly
(1804 - 1865)
                                        m. Greenberry Asbury Sooter, ca.1825
                        3c.-v. Asher Pipkin Fly
(1804 - 1868)
                                        m. Marilla Elizabeth Cantrell, 1825
                                        m. Minerva Ann Doty, 1862
                        3c.-vi.  Martha J. Fly
(1809 - 1880)
                                        m. Rev. Edward G. Sooter, ca.1830
                        3c.-vii. Elisha Fly
(1811 - 1877)
                                        m. Ann Kennedy, ca.1830
                                        m. Adelissa L. Lathrom, (1820 - 1915)


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