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 gw   Elisha Fly, Jr. - North Carolina, Tennessee

   gw3a. Elisha Fly, Jr. 5 (William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elisha was probably William’s oldest son, born about 1769 or before, since he did appear in the 1790 Census for Northampton County, North Carolina. His household consisted of: Elisha Fly, one white male under 16, two white females, and a slave.  We cannot know the identity of the young male and the white females, but the presence of a slave is unusual in the household of a relatively young Fly male.  He may have acquired the slave through marriage.

There is no record of the surname of Elisha’s wife.  It has been said to have been Reed, but there is no documentation for this.  Elisha was married when he was living in North Carolina and presumably his wife, Eliza, was the same as the Elizabeth Fly who was mentioned in Tennessee records.   Rev. Norman Flythe examined the records of the Reed (Reid or Read) family in Northampton Co. and surrounding counties and found nothing.

He was described as “Junior”, but that does not mean that he was a son of Elisha Fly from Virginia.  It simply meant that when there were two men in an area, the younger one would be called “Junior” regardless of relationship with the other. 

Elisha purchased land from James Barnes in what would become Tennessee.  Many men, who served in the Revolutionary War, transferred their bounty land to others and stayed at their home place:

March 5, 1796. James Barnes of Southampton Co., Virginia. sells to Elisha Fly of Northampton Co., N.C. 480 acres for 72 pounds situated and lying within ceded territory south of the river Ohio late a part of the state of North Carolina in the Co. of Davidson on the water of Mill Creek and Big .... Beginning at Ebenezer Titus southeast corner... James Fergus ...... Being part of a tract of 4800 acres granted to said James Fergus by the state of N.C. for his services in the Continental Line...                Grant bearing date March 14, 1786. 

            Wit: Spencer Hill, Jno Fly, Jeh Fly          Signed: James Barnes [1]

Soon after that, Elisha sold his portion of William Fly’s land in Northampton County:        

Mar. 14, 1796. Elisha Fly sells to James Barnes of Southampton Co., Virginia. for 40 pounds 85 acres bounded by John Darden, Henry Barnes, Kirby Creek, Silases line or Odom's present corner, and Mungar's line part of a grant to Isaac Starling in 1753 " by divirsements courses became vested in the said Elisha Fly".

Wit: John Darden, Benj. Strickland             signed: Elisha (X) Fly & Eliza (X) Fly
Rec. June Ct. 1796.

This deed does, at least, provide us with the first name of Elisha’s wife.  There is no record of her surname anywhere. There is also no documentation that states the Elisha, John, and Jeremiah Fly were brothers, but their close association and the fact that the three of them sold land purchased by William Fly does provide strong circumstantial evidence that they were brothers.

Elisha was enterprising.  He had not been in Tennessee long when he sold a portion of his purchase from Barnes:

Dec. 5, 1796. Elisha Fly of Davidson Co. sells to Spencer Hill for 100 pounds a tract of land on Mill Creek, 180 acres.  
Wit: James Davis, David Nolin    
Signed:  Elisha Fly

Rec: April Session 1798

Anna Fly was born to the couple about 1797 and Rebecca Fly was apparently born the next year.  It is not known if the young children in the 1790 Northampton Census were children of Elisha and Eliza.  Their proven or assumed children in Tennessee were all younger, most born after 1800. 

Elisha then sold some land to his presumed brother John:

July 25, 1799. Elisha Fly of Davidson Co. sells to John Fly for 60 pounds, 100 acres.  Bounded by Ebenezer Titus line.  
Wit: Spencer Hill, John Warren. 
Signed:  Elisha (his D mark) Fly

Rec.: May 9, 1800

On Feb. 23, 1803, Lucy Fly was born.  Elisha continued to sell some of the large tract of land that he bought in 1796.   

Jan. 3, 1804. Feb. 25, 1801 (sic).  Elisha Fly sells to John Winstead for $272, on the waters of a west branch of Mill Creek bounded by Arman Allen's land, Dr. Fergus, & Jason Thompson's east boundary consisting of 29 3/4 acres originally granted to Dr. Fergus.
Wit: James Davis
, Jeremiah Fly           
Signed:  Elisha (his X mark) Fly
        Rec: August Court 1813

This tract went to his brother, Jeremiah:

Sept. 17, 1805. 1801(sic). Elisha Fly sells to Jeremiah Fly for $200, 74 acres of land on the west fork of Mill Creek bounded by Spencer Hill's west boundary, Silas' east boundary, Jason Thompson's east boundary, Winstead's line. 
Wit: John Winstead
        Signed: Elisha (his X mark) Fly
        Rec.: July Court 1805

Descendants of Spencer Hill were later closely associated with the descendants of Rev. John Fly.  In fact, they intermarried.

About 1805, another daughter, Elizabeth, was born. This was followed by, their first son, Jeremiah Nicholas, born Oct. 5, 1807.  In 1808, Fanny Penelope was born.  Elisha and Eliza were also taking care of orphans:

April 10, 1810. James Davis & Wm Anthony Esqrs. appt to let to lowest bidder Wm Deakins report they let him to Eliza Fly for $19.62 1/2 per annum. [7]

The name is probably Elisha and appears to be Eliza either because of poor handwriting, careless copying by the clerk, or a copy error by the transcriber.  In 1810, married women could not make an agreement of this sort.  The same name was used the next year:

Jan. 14, 1811. Allow Eliza Fly $19.50 for maintenance of Wm. Deakins an object of Charity. [8]  

The next year was the last year that Elisha took care of Deakin:

1812. Elisha and Eliza Fly took in William Dearkin "an object of charity".  Eliza was allowed $19. 50 by the court for the support of the child. [9]    

Wed. 15th of Jan 1812 Court.
Bond of Elisha Fly with James Davis his security for maintenance of Wm. Deakins an object of charity returned James Davis & Gersham Hunt Esqrs.

A second son, John Richard, joined the family on July 28, 1811.[11] About 1813, Mary E. was born and in 1814, another daughter, Martha T, was born.  She was the last child born to the couple.  All were born in central Tennessee.  

In 1813, Elisha witnessed the will of Spencer Hill along with his nephew Lawrence Fly.  He also participated in the War of 1812 just as some of the other Fly men did. He was a private serving in the Infantry with Col. Robert Steele and Captain Robert Campbell.

Before the age of modern road and highway construction, heads of households were appointed by the court to create and maintain the roads that they needed.  These lists usually were made up of neighbors.  In 1814 Elisha was participating as a member of a road crew. 

July Term 1814.  Men appointed by the court to lay off and mark a road include William Nolen, Spencer Hill, Elisha Fly, Nathaniel Barnes, William Brown, Thomas Gooch, General D. Nolen, William Kidd [12] 

It was not until 1824 that Elisha made plans to move further west in Tennessee:

Jan. 20, 1824. Joseph B. Porter sells to Elisha Fly for $1,920, 640 acres.
Wit: none                      Signed:  Joseph B. Porter
Rec.: Nov. 14, 1824, Carroll County

By the end of the year, Elisha and his family were living in Carroll County, Tennessee.

Dec. 13, 1824. Ordered by the court that.......Elisha Fly......(many names) be appointed as the court of Carroll county......first Mon. in March town of Huntingdon. [14] 

Then Elisha sold land to a member of the Capps family.  The Fly and Capps family would intermarry and be closely associated in west Tennessee.

Mar. 5, 1826. Elisha Fly sells to William Capps for $63, 21 acres bounded by O.P. Nicholson.
Wit: Solomon Sedwick, J.W. Cochran, Robert Hisaw, J. R. Capps
          Signed: Elisha (his X mark) Fly
          Proved: Mar. 7, 1839  Rec.: Mar. 8, 1839

In that same year, he sold his land in Maury County.  He was apparently quite satisfied with his new home although the county of his residence seems to have changed:

Dec. 23, 1826. Elisha Fly of Gibson Co., Tenn. sells to Hezekiah Hill for $350, 50 acres on the headwaters of West Fork of Mill Creek.  Bounded by David Nolens.
Wit: Per... King, Jeremiah Hill              
            Signed:   Elisha (his X mark) Fly
            Rec.: July Term 1827

Elisha also sold land in Carroll County to two relatives:

June 11, 1832. Elisha Fly sells to John W. Cockrit, for $____, 100 acres.
Wit: Polly Pipkin

Elisha’s daughter, Rebecca, had married John W. Cochran in 1818.  The Cochran name is spelled in various ways in the record, but this purchaser is surely Elisha’s son-in-law.  Likewise, Elisha’s daughter Anna married Henry Capps, also in 1818.

Sept. 3, 1832. Elisha Fly sells to Henry Capps for $______, 200 acres.
Wit: Solomon Sedwick
 James Warren (?)

Evidently county lines were changing around Elisha and his family:           

Mar 10, 1834. Thomas Banks certifies the removal of the following from the county so that he has been unable to collect 1833 poll taxes from:  J., A.P.,E. & J.N. [19]  

As an aging father, Elisha began providing some of his children with land.  The deed seems to say at one point that Elisha was the recipient of the land, but since Elisha Fly signed the document, it is clear that he was the giver:

Oct. 1, 1838. Elisha Fly of Weakley Co. gives to John R. Fly of Carroll Co. "for and in consideration of the natural love and affection he the said J.R. Fly hath and beareth unto the said Elisha Fly and also for the better maintenance and support of him the said Elisha Fly" 84 acres and 11 poles of land lying in Carroll and Weakley Cos. bounded by Cochran, Capps.
Wit: Salomon Sedwick, Wm.B. Stone              
                Elisha X Fly

                Rec.: Oct. 6, 1838

This second deed is a little less confusing.  A daughter of Elisha, Fanny Penelope, married Solomon Sedwick in 1827 in Gibson County.  Sedwick died about 1837 and Elisha was contributing to the support of the children: 

Sept. 14, 1839. Elisha Fly gives to "the said heirs at law for the said Solomon Sedwick, decd. their heirs and assigns forever", 185 acres bounded by J.W. Cochran, James R. Capps, H. Capps.
Wit: Jno. Hopkins, W.B. Stone   
                Signed: Elisha (his X mark) Fly
                Rec.: Sept. 2, 1839

Elisha, himself, wrote his will in September of 1840 and it was probated in very early January 1841 in Weakley County.  He probably died in 1840.  Unfortunately, he did not name his children.

Sept. 28, 1840. I Elisha Fley do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.  First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any monies that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor.  Secondly, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth all my household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils with all the produce that is mine on my place and all my horses cattle and sheep with all my hogs and I also give to my beloved wife my land where I now live with all its appurtenances and lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint J. W. Cochran my Executor in witness whereof I do to this my last will set my hand and seal this the 28th day of September 1840.

Wit: J.W. Cochran, Rebeca Cochran    
                Signed: Elisha Fly
Probate: Jan. 4, 1841

Elisha’s widow, Elizabeth, lived until some time in 1847 and died intestate.

 John W. Cochran appointed administrator of Elizabeth Fly, decd.
Wit: Tom H. Etheridge
Nov. 1, 1847
State of Tennessee)    Nov. Term 1847
Weakley Co.            )
 John W. Cochran a citizen of Carroll Co.  It appearing to the county court now in session that Elizabeth Fly has died leaving no will and the court being satisfied as to your claim to the administration and you having given bond and qualified as directed by law and the court having ordered that letters of administration issue to you.     These are therefore to authorize and empower you to take into your possess and control all the goods, chattels, claims, inventory thereof to our next county court to collect and pay all debts and to do and transact all the duties in relation to sd. estate which lawfully devolve on you as administrator, and after having settled up said estate to deliver the residue thereof to those who are by law entitled.
               Wit: Tom H. Etheridge
                                                           Tom H. Etheridge

There is a strong tradition stating that some of Elisha’s daughters were Indian. This claim of Native American ancestry is discussed in detail here.

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Children of Elisha Fly, Jr. and Eliza (mnu) Fly

rebecca   3a.-i. Rebecca Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Rebecca's birth date is unclear.  The various Census records seem to indicate that she was born in late 1790, probably in Williamson County, Tennessee.  In 1816 and 1817, a John Cochran was mentioned in reference to the estate of Nathaniel Barnes in Williamson County.  On Jan. 19, 1818 in the same county, Rebecca Fly married John Whitset Cochran.  In 1827, John W. Cochron was listed in the inventory of Benoni Perryman along with William Fly, Elisha Fly and some members of the Capps family.

During the 1830s, the couple and their children moved to West Tennessee as so many of their friends and relatives had.

John and Rebecca were the parents of: James Manessee (Feb. 23,1819), John B. (1820), Eleanor (1821), Sarah Ann (1824), Ammon Dixon (Dec. 19, 1828), Margaret E. (1831), and Irene Rebecca (Oct,. 13, 1839). [24]

In 1850, the family was living in Carroll County, but later they resided in Weakley County, Tennessee.  Rebecca’s husband assisted her relatives several times.  In 1839, he witnessed the will of Solomon Sedwick in Weakley County.  He was, as already stated, administrator of Eliza Fly’s estate in 1847.   John and Rebecca also witnessed the will of her father Elisha Fly in 1840.  They were the only witnesses and this was a bit irregular.  Beneficiaries of wills were not supposed to also witness a will.

J. W. Cohorn and Rebecca Cohorn were listed in Weakley County in the 1860 Census, but John died late in the 1860s.  Rebecca was recorded as a head of household on the 1870 Census.  Twenty three year old M. B. Cochran, a domestic servant, was living with her.   Rebecca, herself, apparently died in the late 1870s. [25]

anna   3a.-ii. Anna Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Anna married Henry Capps on June 10, 1818 in Williamson County.  The couple then lived for a while in Maury County.  She was probably also born in the late 1790s, but a specific date has not survived.  According to her headstone in the Henry Capps Cemetery in on the Stafford Store Road in Weakley County, she died on Oct. 15, 1868. 

Like so many of Elisha Fly’s other relatives, this couple moved to west Tennessee.  Henry was reportedly on an 1828 Tax List for Gibson County.  By 1832, they were living on land sold to Henry by Anna’s father, Elisha Fly.  Their nearest neighbor was Davy Crockett.  Henry's taxable property was shown thus:

1828. Gibson County, TN.
A list of taxable property given in to J. B. Dibrill in the bounds of Capt. David Crockett’s old company for the year 1828.
Henry Caps- While pole-1, black pole-0, acres-50

Henry died in 1835 leaving his widow and several children.   These children were: Jesse John (March 24, 1824), William Nicholas, Elenor Penelope, Henry Newton, Mary Elizabeth, Robert R., and Emily Anna.

At the May 1836 term of Gibson County Court, William Capps, Anna Caps, John R. Fly and John Murphy posted bond as administrators of Henry Capps.  A condition of the bond was that William and Anna would present an accounting of the estate within two years of the date of the bond. Guardian records were also filed and recorded in the Gibson County Bond and Will Book, 1824-Sept. 1846:

July Term 1836.  $3000.  Solomon Sedwick, Guard of Robert William Jesse Elizabeth Elnon Emelia and Henry Capps, minor heirs of Henry Capps, decd., with William Capps and Zachariah Smith, sec. July 4, 1836. (p. 111)

July 1, 1844. $1000. Zachariah Smith, Guard. Of Elizabeth, Jesse, Emily, Elander and Henry Caps, minor heirs of Henry Caps, decd., with William Mothoral and James Andres, sec. (p.225) [26]

Zachariah Smith filed similar bonds in 1839 and 1842. 

By the time of the 1850 Census, only two of the children, Emily (15) and Newton (13) were living with Anna in Weakley County. She died in 1868.

lucy   3a.-iii. Lucy Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Lucy Fly was born on Feb. 23, 1803 according to her tombstone in the William Capps Cemetery in Weakley County, Tennessee.   At the age of 12 and , she married William R. Capps on Oct. 12, 1815 in Williamson County. 

The couple moved to Carroll County in west Tennessee and, once there, Elisha Fly sold them 21 acres of land on the north fork of the Obion River.  Lucy and William were the parents of: Henry Washington (Oct. 23, 1816), James Nicholas (Dec. 21, 1818), Mary Penelope (March 31, 1821), Elisha Fly (1824), Francis Rudolphus (Feb. 20, 1827), John Rogers (July 23, 1831), Pleasant B. Robertson (Oct. 16, 1833), Penelope Ellender Prior (Feb. 17, 1836), William Alexander (Jan. 7, 1838), Sarah Ann Harrison (Aug. 27, 1841), Cicero Lafate Adron (June 13, 1844), and an infant (Jan. 14, 1849-Jan. 14, 1849). [27] 

The Capps family has passed down stories about the early years in Tennessee.  In particular, Elisha Fly Capps liked to put down his thoughts and memories on paper.  According to these sources, Lucy Fly Capps was weaving cloth with the slaves when she went into labor with her twelfth child.   The struggle was too much for her and she passed away.  Her baby did not survive either and both are buried in the same plot in the William R. Capps Cemetery.

William R. Capps died almost one year after his wife.  According to The Capps, Vol. II, William Capps was traveling by horseback to Christmasville to buy fabric for the making of clothing for a slave’s baby when his horse spooked.  He was thrown into a tree and died.  Apparently, some believed that the “accident” was not an accident, but that the horse was startled on purpose.  William had his cashbox and the key to his cashbox with him, but when he was found both were missing.  The date was Jan. 6, 1851.

elizabeth   3a.-iv. Elizabeth Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elizabeth Fly was born about 1805 in Tennessee.  On Oct. 17, 1824, she married Jesse Barnes in Williamson County.  John F. was born to the couple about 1825 and another son, Elisha James was born about 1829. 

This couple never left Williamson County and Jesse Barnes reportedly died there about 1845.  Elizabeth was living in 1850, but is untraced after that.

jeremiah   3a.-v. Jeremiah Nicholas Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

According to his Bible, Jeremiah N. was born on Oct. 5, 1807 and married Nancy Oakley on March 10, 1823 in Maury County.  There is no documentary proof that he was a son of Elisha, but he has traditionally been described that way. 

His Bible provides the identity and birth dates of his wife and children:

Bible of Jeremiah N. Fly Jeremiah Nicholas Fly

Jeremiah N. Fly
was born Oct. 5, 1807 was  married to Nancy Oakley March 1823
    Nancy Oakley was born November 22, 1805

William A. Fly
was born March 7, 1826 was married to Naomi Surgeoner July 15, 1847
Elizabeth Jane Fly
was born May 13, 1828 was married to Elijah Browinner Dec. 14, 1848
Elisha James K---- Fly
was born April 28, 1832
Emily Ann Fly
was born November 17, 1832?
Barton DeKalb Fly
was born Nov. 4, 1834 was married to Margaret Woodward Oct. 1853
Martin VanBuren Fly
was born March 17, 1838 was married to Susan Jameson July 21, 1857
John Benton Fly
was born August 16, 1840 was married to Susan E. Woody March 28, 1858
Marquise DeLayfayette Fly
was born Nov. 4, 1842
Amanda Paralee Fly
was born June 11, 1844
Nancy Samantha Fly
was born March 17, 1849
Elizabeth Oakley was born August 9, 1781

Jeremiah went to West Tennessee with his father, Elisha, Jr. and appeared in the 1836 tax list along with another son of Elisha, John Richard Fly:

1836. Dist. #3:
               John R. Fly
               John Cochran

               J.N. Fly

               James Capps
              William Capps

The next year, he took on the job of supervising the road clearance:

Sept. 4, 1837.  Appointed overseer of the road. [30]  

By this time, he was becoming a regular supporter of the local community:

April 2, 1838. This day Jeremiah N. Fly came into open court and produced the certificate from the sheriff of Carroll County of his election as one of the constables of Carroll County from the first Saturday in March 1838.  Whereupon he entered into bond in the sum of $4,000 with Alfrid P. Hall, John Norman and Alex M. Caldwell, his securities thereto and took the oath as the law directs.[31]

By 1839, it became obvious that Jeremiah and Nancy were leaving the area:

1839John R. Fly-84 acres
                J.N. Fly
-  ------------
               William Capps- 240 acres
                J.W. Cochran- 425 acres
               H.W. Capps-  ------------

The story of Jeremiah and Nancy was thoroughly described in Our Heritage, Purdy Mo. 1881-1981.  Another account, Jeremiah Fly Settled West of Purdy was written by Emory Melton.  A record of Jeremiah’s first purchase of land in Barry County, Missouri has not been found, but his eldest son had married and purchased land in 1848:

Sept. 5, 1848. William R. Sooter sold to William Alexander Fly 40 acres, for $400 land in Southwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter of Indian Sixteen (16) in Township twenty four of Range 28 West.  Signed: William R. Sooter, Ann Sooter [33]

The 1850 Census recorded Jeremiah’s household as having Baron D. B. (15), Martin V. (12), John H. B. (9), Manda B. (7), and Nancy S. (1) as well as Jeremiah and Nancy.  His son, Marquis DeLafayette, had died in 1843 and his daughter Emily Ann had died in 1833.

Jeremiah later served the people of Barry County, Missouri just as he had in Carroll County, Tennessee:

Aug. 19, 1852. "I, J.N. Fly, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Missouri, and that I will faithfully demean myself in office as the Sheriff of Barry County agreeable to the best of my skill and ability.  So help me God.”  Signed: J.N. Fly

He also provided legal security for Randleman who was surviving partner of a firm as well as for Jarvis Barker as public administrator of Barry County.  In 1853, he was appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Alfred B. Thomasson. [34]

In the future, Jeremiah would sell land to his son William as well as buy some from him:

Nov. 14, 1853. William A. Fly and Neoma, his wife, sell to J.N. Fly for $27, 21 & 3/4 acres.

Dec. 25, 1854. J.N. Fly and wife Nancy sell to William A. Fly for $53.75, 43 acres. [35]

Dec. 26, 1854. J.N. Fly and wife Nancy sell to William A. Fly for $23.12 & 1/2, 18 1/2 acres.Wit: John Ray, Jas. Frazure [36]

The 1860 Census listed Jeremiah and Nancy as living on Shoal Creek in Barry County, Missouri.  The household consisted of : J N (50), Nancy (52), Martin V. (22) and Nancy S. (11). 

Jeremiah Died June 6, 1873 and Nancy died in 1885. 


Jeremiah Nicholas Fly Signature


fanny   3a.-vi. Fanny Penelope Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Fanny Penelope was born about 1808.  She married Solomon Sedwick on Jan. 22, 1827 in Gibson County.  Even though Elisha Fly deeded land to the heirs of Sedwick in 1839, and Solomon Sedwick’s 1839 will survived, it has not been possible to identify the children.  

There was one female named M. Sedwick on the 1850 Census, but she was the only one in the County.  The fate of Fanny Penelope and her children is not known.  

richard   3a.-vii.  John Richard Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

John Richard is a proven offspring of Elisha, Jr. and Eliza Fly. The 1838 deed from Elisha to John Richard mentions Elisha’s natural affection for John and also stated that Elisha expected John to take care of him as he aged.  John Richard was born on July 28, 1811 in Williamson County.

The Bible of John Richard Fly has survived and provides the birth dates of his wife and children.

Bible of John Richard Fly.

John R. Fly
was born in the year July 28th 1811
Elizabeth Tennessee Fly
was born the 12 August 1813
Benjamin Franklin Stubblefield was born the 29th of July 1866

Andrew Jackson Fly
was born July 17th 1834
James Carroll Fly
was born the 15th of March 1836
Elizabeth Caroline Fly
was born the 25th of December 1837
William Nicholas Fly
was born the 9th of November 1839
Nancy Malinda Fly
was born the 14th of September 1841
John Wesley Fly
was born the 14th of January 1845
Phiriba Jane Fly
was born the 3 of November 1847
Sarah Ann Fly
was born the 8th of August 1851
Jeremiah Washington Fly
was born the 2nd of June 1853
Martin Columbus Fly
was born the 26th of February 1856
Nancy Fly
was born the ... [37]

On Nov. 5, 1832, he married Elizabeth Tennessee Turner in Maury County, Tennessee.  The couple was living in Carroll County in 1836:

1836. Carroll Co. District #3:
             John R. Fly
             John Cochran
             James Capps
            William Capps

That same year, Elizabeth apparently lost her father, Jess Turner.  However, John Richard Fly was one of the administrators of the estate:

Oct. 3, 1836. John R. Fly signed bond as administrator of estate of Jess Turner, decd. Cosigned by John Hopkins and John Murphy [39]

Oct. 16, 1836. Inventory of Jess Turner estate returned. Purchasers of items: John R. Fly, Solomon Sedwick, G.B. Sooter, Mary Pipkins, N.C. Stone, Wm.B. Moore, John Pipkins, Wm. B. Stone, J.N. Fly, Wm. B. Langley, Jeremiah Turner. [40] 

John and Elizabeth were in Carroll County in 1830, but they would soon head west:

1839.  John R. Fly-84 acres
        J.N. Fly
-  ------------
        William Capps- 240 acres
        J.W. Cochran- 425 acres
        H.W. Capps-  ------------

They settled in Barry County, Missouri where his brother Jeremiah lived. 

Nov. 22, 1854. John R. Fly and Elizabeth T. Fly give Power of Attorney to William Montgomery.
Wit: Andrew Montgomery, Thomas L. Smith

This was not the end of their travels though.  In 1869, John and Elizabeth headed west again.  This time they were bound for California.

John died April 6, 1879 Visalia, California at the home of his son, William Nicholas Fly.  Elizabeth had died in 1877 after being wheelchair bound for 20 years.  All of their children lived in California with the exception of Nancy Malinda Stubblefield. [43]    

mary   3a.-viii. Mary E. Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Mary was born about 1808 and married William B. Stone in Gibson County on May 27, 1834.  They were the parents of: Virginia (1834), Jefferson (1836), Laura (1836), Tennessee (1838), Mary (1840), Nicholas (1842), Jeremiah (1844), John (1846), Hester A. (1848), Artemicia (1850), Susannah (1854), George M. (1856) and Jerome M. (1857).

By the time of the 1850 Census, they were living in Barry County, Missouri where several of their Fly relatives had settled.  In 1860, they resided in Ozark County, Missouri. 

It is not known when Mary or her husband died and this family has not been traced.  

martha   3a.-ix. Martha T. Fly 6 (Elisha 5, William 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Martha was born about 1814 and married Nicholas C. Stone on Oct. 26, 1834 in Gibson County, Tennessee.  On the 1850 Census, they are found in Dyer County, Tennessee.  They were the parents of: J. W. (1833), John Thomas (1842), G. F. (1842), and W. W. (1844). [44] 

This couple has not been traced further.

Native American ancestry mentioned above in regard to Elisha's daughters is discussed in detail here.

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gw   Elisha Fly, Jr. Descendant Tree


3a. Elisha Fly, Jr. (ca.1769 - 1840)
                m.    Eliza ______________?
                        3a.-i.  Rebecca
Fly (abt.1790 - 1870s)
                                        m. John Whitset Cochran, {1818 - ?)
                        3a.-ii. Anna Fly
(1797 - 1868)
                                        m. Henry Capps, (1818 - ?)
                        3a.-iii. Lucy Fly
(1803 - 1849)
                                        m. William R. Capps, 1815
                        3a.-iv. Elizabeth Fly
(abt.1805 - aft.1850)
                                        m. Jesse Barnes, (1824 - ?)
  Jeremiah Nicholas Fly (1807 - 1873)
        m. Nancy Oakley, (1823 - ?)
                        3a.-vi. Fanny Penelope Fly
(1808 - ?)
m. Solomon Sedwick, (1827 - ?)
                        3a.-vii. John Richard Fly
(1811 - 1879)
                                        m. Elizabeth Tennessee Turner, (1832 - ?)
                        3a.-viii. Mary E. Fly
(abt.1808 - aft.1860)
                                        m.   William B. Stone, (1834 - ?)
                        3a.-ix. Martha T. Fly
(1814 - aft.1850)
                                        m. Nicholas C. Stone, (1834 - ?)


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