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Children of John Fly and Susannah Johnson(?)

Tree 12

quacker   4a. John Dixon Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

This son was the oldest judging by the birth dates of his children.  He was probably born about 1765, but his actual birth date is not known.  He was the only son of John Fly old enough to have served the American Revolution in some capacity.  In 1783, his name appears on a voucher specifying how much was owed to him. [Read More] 

milly   4b. Millicent Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

According to an old family rhyme about Milly and Emelius and Enos and Enoch Fly were twins & a song about that was sung by John Fly’s children. Millicent was a twin of Emelius Fly.  They were probably born about 1774.  At any rate, she was married by the time of her father’s death in February, 1804.  Her husband was Elias Johnson, son of Hezekiah and Susannah Johnson born about 1780, and they must have been married a bit before1800 although there is no record of this. [Read More]

emelius   4c. Emelius Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Emelius was probably born about 1774 in Northampton County.  In 1798, his name, Amelious Fly, was listed in the Personal Property Tax Lists of Southampton County, Virginia and this continued until 1805.  His name has been variously spelled Emilius, Amelious, Emilus, Cornelius, Emetius, and Emelius.  In 1812, Emelius Fly was once again listed in the Personal Property Tax lists of Southampton.  This continued until 1820.   [Read More]

 rebekah   4d. Rebekah Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Daughter, Rebekah, was married to a Hall at the time of her father’s estate sale in March of 1804 and was probably born about 1775.  The identity of her husband has never been uncovered and she was widowed as a young woman. Among purchasers at her father’s estate sale were Martin Hall and Robert Hall.  They were probably related to Rebekah in some way.  [Read More]

 enos   4e. Enos Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)                                                       

A Bible record of the birth of Enoch Fly is extant & it shows his birth date as January 19, 1776.  According to the 1850 census, Enos was born the same year.  They were most likely twins born on the eve of the American Revolution!  Milly and Emelius may also have been twins.  The family files of John Thomas Flythe, Sr. state that Milly and Emelius and Enos and Enoch Fly were twins & a song about that was sung by John Fly’s children.  [Read More]

Enoch   4f. Enoch Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

The Enoch Fly Bible has survived the decades and lists the children that Enoch had with Alsea Boon. It also makes note of his birthday as January 19, 1776.   According to the 1850 Census, Enos Fly was also born in 1776.  This matches the words of the old rhyme described by Thomas Jefferson Flythe of Virginia that said that Enos and Enoch were twins, and that Milly and Emelius were also twins. [Read More]

   susannah4g. Susannah Driver Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Susannah Driver Fly was probably born about 1796 and she seems to have been the longest living child of John Fly.  She was widowed before 1860 and was living with John J Brown and her daughter Elizabeth Martin Brown at the time of the Census that year.  She can also be found in the 1870 Federal Census in the same household and died after that year. [Read More]

marth   4h. Martha Roberts Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Nothing is known about this daughter.  She was probably alive as of 1817 when her land was mentioned in a deed.  After that she may have married and left children or she may have died young.  We do not know.

johnny   4i. William H. Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

William was John Fly’s last son, born about 1797.  Several documents show that his middle initial was H.  Considering that his guardian was William Hutchings, it is likely that the “H” stood for Hutchings.  His mother was most likely John’s wife at the time of his death.  She is thought to have been a member of the Hutchings family of Hertford County, NC  [Read More]

    charlotte4j. Elizabeth G. Fly 5 (John 4, John 3, Jeremiah 2, William 1)

Elizabeth or Eliza Fly was probably a child of Mary Hutchings, born about 1804.  The widow, Mary Fly, did not mention this child in her petition for her dower.  Her middle name is not known. In 1824, her estate was probated.

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   johnJohn Fly Descendant Tree


4.   John Fly (bef.1741 - 1804)
                m. Susannah Johnson?
                        4a.  John Dixon Fly
(ca.1765 - 1813)
                                    m. Sarah (Sally) Woodard, ca.1789
                        4b.  Millicent Fly
(1772 - aft.1830)
                                    m. Elias Johnson, ca.1799
                        4c.  Emelius Fly
(1772 - 1831)
                                    m. Sarah (Sally)_____?, ca.1800
                        4d.  Rebekah
Fly (1775 - aft.1835)
                                    m. _____Hall 
                        4e.  Enos Fly
(1776 - 1855)
                                    m. Mary (Polly) Odom, ca.1807
                        4f.   Enoch Fly
(1776 - 1864)
                                    m. Alsea Boon, 1799
                        4g.  Susannah Driver Fly
(1794 - aft.1870)
                                    m. Mathew M. Martin, 1816
                m. Mary Hutchings?
                        4h.  Martha Roberts Fly
(1796 - ?)
                        4i.   William H. Fly
(1797 - 1833)
                                    m. Sarah Horne 1824
                        4j.   Elizabeth G. Fly
(1803 - 1824) 

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