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Family of James PATERSON and Margaret Jane DAVIDSON

Husband: James PATERSON (1833-1910)
Wife: Margaret Jane DAVIDSON (1847?-1881)
Children: James PATERSON (1871-1948)
Alexander Raff PATERSON (1873-1899)
Nina Jessie PATERSON (1875-1900)
Charles Davidson PATERSON (1876-1933)
Jane Hunter Gordon PATERSON (1879-1905)
Marriage 19 Apr 1870 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia1
They were married by Rev. James Love, Brisbane. She was the widow of John Gilroy Smith Esq late of the Bank of Australsia and formerly of British Linen Co. Bank, Coldstream (by whom she had 2 daughters, Amelia & Margaret).

Husband: James PATERSON


James PATERSON, c. 1864, age 31

Name: James PATERSON
Father: James [jun.] PATERSON (1808-1881)
Mother: Janet Wood WATSON (1816-1879)
Birth 29 Jun 1833 Barony Parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland2,3
(alternatively born on 28th Dec)
Christening Jul 1833 (as an infant) Barony Parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland2
Named after father (& father's father). Witnesses were George WATSON & Thomas SMITH.
Census (1) 6 Jun 1841 (age 7) Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland4
Great Hamilton Street, St James Parish
Census (2) 30 Mar 1851 (age 17) Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland5
93, Sauchiehall St
student of arts
Graduation 1855 (age 21-22) University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland6
Occupation (1) btw 1859 and 1860 (age 25-27) Minister; Kirn, Dunoon, Argyllshire, Scotland6
Probationer, Church of Scotland
Occupation (2) 1862 (age 28-29) Schoolmaster; Oundle, Northamptonshire, England6
Oundle Grammar School
Emigration btw 1866 and 1870 (age 32-37) from Scotland to Queensland, Australia7
Parish Call bef 1870 (age 36-37) Ipswich, Queensland, Australia8
signed by 106 people.
A Parish Call is a document prepared by a congregation who wish to have a minister join them. Presbyterians were into ‘everything in good order’ and in their democratic approach after 1843 when the Free Church of Scotland was formed members of the congregation had a say in whom they would have as their minister and they signed a ‘call’ and if there was a handsome majority the ‘call’ was forwarded to the said minister. This document is on parchment with a heading and date, parish name and Presbytery.
Occupation (3) 1870 (age 36-37) Minister; Ipswich, Queensland, Australia6
St.Stephen's Presbyterian Church
Occupation (4) 1883 (age 49-50) Minister; West Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia6
Residence btw 1907 and 1909 (age 73-76) Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia
Taruna, 15 John St
(as a tenant)
Title Rev.9
Religion Presbyterian
Death 9 Sep 1910 (age 77) Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia10
Strathpeffer, Victoria street

Wife: Margaret Jane DAVIDSON

Name: Margaret Jane DAVIDSON
Father: Donald DAVIDSON (1825?- )
Mother: Margaret CAMERON (1828?- )
Birth 1847 (est) Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia
Death 19 Feb 1881 (age 34) Macleay River, West Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia11,12
Cause: Typhoid Pneumonia
Address: The parsonage
Burial 20 Feb 1881 West Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia

Child 1: James PATERSON

Name: James PATERSON3
Spouse: Margaret L ANDERSON (1876-1967)
Birth 6 Jan 1871 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia13
Death 7 Jul 1948 (age 77) Gilgandra, New South Wales, Australia14
Burial 1948 Gilgandra, New South Wales, Australia15
Gilgandra General Cemetery

Child 2: Alexander Raff PATERSON

Name: Alexander Raff PATERSON
Birth 1873 Cooma, New South Wales, Australia16
Occupation Bank Teller; Natal, South Africa17
Child Count 0
Death 29 Sep 1899 (age 26) Dundee, Natal, South Africa17,18
Cause: Typhoid
Address: Dundee Volunteers camp

Child 3: Nina Jessie PATERSON

Name: Nina Jessie PATERSON3
Birth 25 Dec 1875 Coolringdon, Monaro, New South Wales, Australia19,20
The Cottage
She was probably named after her father's younger sister Alexandrina who died 6 years earlier and was known as Nina.
Child Count 0
Education 24 Nov 1891 (age 15) -; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia21
Girls' Public High School
English history A, English A, French A, Latin A, arithmetic B
Death May 1900 (age 25) Summer Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia20
Cause: Typhoid Fever

Child 4: Charles Davidson PATERSON


Charles Davidson PATERSON

Name: Charles Davidson PATERSON
Spouse: Esther GUMMERSALL (1878-1962)
Birth 18 Dec 1876 Macleay River, West Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia22
Child Count btw 1896 and 1907 (age 19-31) 23
Death 2 Dec 1933 (age 56) Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia22,23
Burrawong, Battle Boulevarde, Seaforth

Child 5: Jane Hunter Gordon PATERSON

Name: Jane Hunter Gordon PATERSON
Nickname: Jeanie
Birth 1879 Macleay River, West Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia24
Child Count 0
Death 26 Jul 1905 (age 26) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia25,26

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James Paterson, (1789-1866), Army Surgeon, Edinburgh, Scotland.