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Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania
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Compiled Oct. 1, 2005


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Many of these web pages were included at ( - originally owned by Jean and now maintained by Georgeann Malowney 1996-2006), and were last checked by Jean apparently on 27 July 2003.  I have checked each link and have listed these below.  I am also including links for sites that I have found concerning families in SW PA and north-western WVA areas.  If you have a site that you want listed here, drop me an email.



        Some of these reference Washington Co. PA.


These are all AOL Hometown pages:

Dague Family

"School Days" (1940-1948 - only a few names here for Deemston Boro.)


Michael & Christine Herron's "Herron and Craig Family" web pages - Samuel (1801) and Mary Traigue(Craig) married in Washington Co., PA. According to family knowledge Samuel immigrated with a brother (possibly Will). Samuel and Mary moved to Guernsy Co / Belmont Co Ohio.
Barney and Hewitt-Simon in Greene and Washington Co, PA  (and many PA families across the State 
"My Wickizer Family"
Third Generation
Hannah Wickizer b. 12 Nov 1803 in Willkesbarre, Luzerne Co. PA; d. 16 Feb 1869 in Union Twp., Marshall Co. IN; md. 25 June 1820 in Fairfield to James Duff II (10 Jan 1792, Washington Co. PA - 15 May 1877, Union Twp.)
Axtell Family Organization
Ed Burton's Genealogy Page - Includes the Scott and McKinley surnames.

Hupp Family Tales

Includes pages on Miller's Blockhouse and info concerning Alfred Creigh's history of Washington Co.

Has a query for Keziah STRAWN - Steven JONES of Washington PA 1794-1800:

Site no longer works: Was genealogicaljourneys website of hstrawn

Bonnie Miller’s website: Genealogical Journeys in Time

And this URL takes you directly to the Strawn Surname:

STRAWN was in Washington and Greene Cos., PA

I was just browsing your site and if at all possible, could you add a link to my late husband's Snodgrass Washington County, PA ancestors at

My surname index is here

Thank you, Karen Snodgrass


MORE and even more pages:

Jankowski Genealogy ... Washington, PA; d 27 Feb 1979 Pittsburgh, Allegheny,PA 3 Cecilia Justina WROBLEWSKA: ... 24 Mar 1960 Pittsburgh,Allegheny,PA 7 Boleslawa RAJCHENBACH

Stark Family of Amwell Twp, Washington Co., PA - and west

Fordyce Family Archives - Obituaries Patterson, Della Fordyce, 1867, 1944, Washington Co., PA. Patterson, Edward C. 1895, 1971 ... Patterson, Elizabeth Cole, 1887, 1972, Washington, PA ...

Thomas - Burson marriage  see

Jeanne's Genealogy featuring the Jacob Miller family among others.

ALLUM: Maryland and Pennsylvania...Westward ~ A Web Site by and for Descendants of William Allum, ca 1754-1840 ~ Research 1956-2006



There were links that were listed at which are no longer working as of October 10, 2005.  If these web sites become active again, please let me know.

Bill Thompson's site: 0ne Man's Journey Home -  THOMPSON, KELLY, KELLEY, LINTON, LAURRELL, HALBERSTADT, TISLER, READ, ALLEN, DINCH genealogy and links to Washington Co., PA info. ... Including Kelly, Allen, Thompson, Linton, Laurrell, Shackleford, Brownlee, Myers, Kelly, Kelley, Dinch, Roupe, Clemens, etc.  

James D. Crosbie's Home Page  (Please advise webmaster of new link.) 

LeRoy Shipley's Genealogy Site  Including the Shipley, Van Emon, Van Eman, Bell, and Stevenson families.  (Please advise webmaster of your new link.) 

Alex Caldwell genealogy files - Including the Caldwell, Borland, Crawford, McClure, Johnston, Speer, and Hazlett surnames.   (Please advise webmaster of your new link.) 

Jim Stinson's The Stinson Family - Patterson, Vance, Scott and also Stinson, Wright, Morrison from Beaver county.   (Please advise webmaster of your new link.) 

Coyan genealogy homepage - Including the Coyan, Corl, Jackson, and McDonald surnames. 
(Please advise webmaster of your new link.)  

My Forever Family by Bonnie Hill - Including the Wisehart/Wishard surnames.

Kelso Family History - Including the Kelso, Cowden, Miller, Kerr, and Robb surnames.

Pam's Family History Page - Including the Wolf/Wolfe name. 
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Burts and Leonards of Washington County - Burt and Leonard surnames.
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Kate's Kin - as researched by C S Powell featuring Swinehart, Grimm, and Muench
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Gina Kirkland's Surname Page featuring the Brutout family from Washington Co. plus several others from Westmoreland Co. 
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Uncle Ken's Genealogy Page features Washingto Co. names: Anderson, Claxton, Crawford, Criswell, Gilmore, McCarroll, McCulough, McKee, Meeks, Miller, Poe, Rendall, Rutan, Scott, Stone, Work.'s%20Genealogy%20Page.htm

Todd Pelkey's Home Page with several connections to Washington Co., PA. 
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Taggartsland - A Genealogy features genealogical information about the descendants of James T. Taggart.

The Yoho Page Including the spellings Yohe and Joho.

Kraig Ruckel's Palatine & Pennsylvania Dutch Genealogy Home Page

Strawn & Allied Families

Donaldson and related families of PA - Including the surnames: Donaldson, Stephens, Bevan, Krepps, Parks, Furnier, Huggins, Dale, many more. Also includes the genealogies of the Bienemann family of Germany and PA, and the McKee family of Ireland and PA, and Kostelac family of Croatia and Fayette Co., PA. - Error 404 — Page Not Found 


Acheson Family in Washington Co., PA  -
Enter page is there, but links do not work


The following sites that are listed on directory for Washington Co., PA are no longer working: 

 Joyce's Genealogy Puzzle Page - Descendants of Elder Daniel LEATHERMAN



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Brethren and other Families of "Washpa"

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All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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