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Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania
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Compiled Oct. 1, 2005


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Many of these web pages were included at ( - originally owned by Jean and now maintained by Georgeann Malowney 1996-2006), and were last checked by Jean apparently on 27 July 2003.  I have checked each link and have listed these below.  I am also including links for sites that I have found concerning families in SW PA and north-western WVA areas.  If you have a site that you want listed here, drop me an email.




Carol Lanza's The Taylor and Lanza family trees of PA & OH - Surnames: Taylor, Dennis, White, Fife, Horner, Sims, Baker, Essex, Hathaway

Moore/Mitchell/Brown/Carson (with Milton, Bayne, Lewis, Hays, Sorency, Wilson, Thomas, By Andrew L. Moore

Bill and Sue's Genealogy - Lovejoy/Seals:Washington Co., Pa to Trumbull Co., OH to Lane Co., OR  - Includes these surnames: Martin, Baldwin, Kinney,  Montgomery, Hood, Brown, Lopp, Archer
URL Page Not Found as of Dec 2006

Charles W. Davidson Family History  - includes Davidson, Hutchinson, Larkin, Patten

(URL no longer works)

Growing Your Family Tree - Chalfant, Crow, Baglin, Ogier, Johnson/Johnston, and Durbin surnames.    The major names in the family are: Ainscough, Chalfant, Baglin/Bagley, Cloud, Crawford, Crow, Cunningham (maiden name), Durbin, Heaton, Ksiazek, Ogier, Rasey, Sarchet, Sargent, Sheeks and Thompson

David Moninger Family Genealogy - Includes information about my Moninger family, links to Moningers on the web, a growing genealogical section, photos and unique information about the Moninger Brewery - Grant Moninger Son of George and Sidney; Jacob Moninger (born: Jan 14, 1822); Onias Moninger (born: August 24, 1837)

Perry Page and Tabor Too Genealogy of Samuel Tipton Perry and Nora Tabor
Vans Family Archive - more than 10,000 names with variants of the Vans name including Vance, Vaus and de Vaux.

Our Family Histories - Durbin, Pentico, Hoffman and related families
My Family Histories Including the Durbin, Frye, Roup, Orndoff, Wear/Weir, Kimmons, Murphy, and Wright families from Washington Co. plus others from PA, VA, and WV.

Helen Durbin & Susi Pentico's - Georgeann Malowney's web page with links to Western Pennsylvania.: 

Campbell, Craig, Curry, Dean, Fry(e), Fulton, Gibson, Hoy, Hughes, Lyle, Mitchel, Odenbaugh, Rea, Sloan, Urie, White. - another website created by Georgeann Malowney, webmaster of ODENBAUGHs were in Washington County & Greene County, PA in the late 1800s.
Keepin up with the Jones's - A wealth of information about the Jones family of Washington County, PA.  - The web page of Larry, Denise, and Cody Jones.
"The Jones lines came from the likes of a sailor from Wales, William Jones. He had a family in Ellicot Mills, MD in the 1760's ..." to Somerset Twp. by 1790s...  also Monongahela, PA

The William H. Jones homestead in Somerst Twp, Washington Co., PA. The Jones Cemetary is on the knoll on the upper right side of the picture. The original log cabin an blacksmith shop is just visable on the backside of the white house.

Patterson Family Cal and Isophena Bemberger Patterson and family


CRUMRINE Family - Begins "Descendants of Michel Krumrein(Crumrine) -- Michel Krumrein m. on 7-13-1591 in Jungholzha, Jags, Baden, Germany to Eva Wolfe b. in Jungholzha, Jags, Baden, Germany
Dedicated to the memory of DAVID LEE RIZOR; missing soldiers... 

http://www.  BROKEN LINK with select pictures 

Link to Captain David Acheson is here:

Decendents of Alexander and Mary Jane Brown Bailey - Including the Bailey, Donaldson, Smiley, Brownlee, and many more surnames.  Page not found Dec 2006

Perry Page and Tabor Too - Including the Claffey, Mounts, Perry, and Tabor surnames.

Minerd-Miner-Minor National Reunion and Research - Including the Minerd, Miner, Minor, Birch, Harrison, Weir, Mattox, McElfish, White, Farabee, Taylor, Burke, Miller, Bedillion, and Lindley families.  With NEW link to Online Quilt Museum    

Rizor tree - Jacob Rizor arrived from Funkstown, MD in about 1777
and settled in Dutch Fork on land adjacent to Jacob Leffler

The Price Home Page - Including the Ault, Meyer, and Iams, Carter, Tanner surnames.

"Building Family Trees"  - - Including the Taylor, Griffith, Gillis, Gaskill, Conner, Westfall, Yost, Kirby, Whitlatch, Lippincott, Southwick, Sargent's World Wide, and Cunningham surnames.

The Williamson Family - Including the Williamson, Dodd, Lucas, Ball, and Johnson surnames. Webmaster of Williamson is a Member - Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, Flagon & Trencher (Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers)

Thomas A Brenzovich Genealogy Home Page - Including the Brenzovich and Galinovsky surnames.

Paula Chodacki's Home Page featuring King, Hertzog/Hartsock, Howell, McGeary, McElroy, Holmes, Carroll, Blayney, Haun, and Smith from Washington Co.
    Web page for the Allum surname from 
Washington and Greene Counties, PA.   
Descendants of WILLIAM ALLUM 1st of Maryland and Pennsylvania  

 More births and marriages in Washington, Pa. 



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Life in Washington, PA

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Brethren and other Families of "Washpa"

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All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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