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 Prof W. L. MOORE Jan. 19, 1918

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Prof W. L. MOORE from McDonald PA Outlook newspaper Jan. 19, 1918:

Prof. W. L. MOORE Candidate for Office of Co. Supt. of Schools

Prof. W. L. MOORE, who has had charge of the schools of Cecil Township for the last eight years, is a candidate for the office of Counter Superintendent of Schools of Washington county. Prof. MOORE is eminently fitted for the position as he is a school man through and through, being a graduate of Washington and Jefferson college, and having taught in the county schools, filling the position of teacher; also principal and teacher in high school and principal in the graded schools of our county. He is a native of the Northern end of the county and is well and favorably known among the educators of all sections of this and adjoining counties.

Mr. MOORE was born in Hanover township, September 26th, 1873, and lived in that township, where he taught school until he entered Washington and Jefferson college. He graduated from this college in 1899 and has since followed the profession of teaching.

Through his untiring efforts the schools of Cecil Township have been graded and are well organized and an up-to-date course of study prepared and put into successful operation. The Cecil Township schools were the first in the county to adopt a system of giving credits for useful work done at home. The relative value of common school subjects has been studied and the amount of time that should be given each subject has been determined. In this way useless material in the text books has been eliminated as has that which is beyond the understanding of the pupils. Thus, more time has been found for studying the important subjects of
reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic.

More than one hundred students in Cecil Township are attending night schools, which are conducted there, at this time, due in large measure to Prof. MOORE. Cecil Township has schools that the citizens of the township take pride in and schools that are producing results.

Prof. MOORE's work in the schools of Cecil Township proves his executive ability, tact and sympathy--a born teacher. The teachers under him are his friends; the school children like him because they know he is their friend. No school district in Washington county, under the County Superintendent's jurisdiction pays a larger salary is paid to Prof. MOORE, which shows how his board of directors appreciate his work in the district.

Although a busy man, Prof. MOORE finds time to help his country in its time of need, in devoting his energies toward Red Cross work, he having helped to organize many of the Red Cross Auxiliaries in different parts of the country. Being a good speaker, it has been his lot to explain the workings of the Red Cross in many communities. Many times after his day's work was done, has he had to travel most of the night to and from these meetings. At the present time, he is chairman of the Civilian Relief of Washington county. A Christian gentleman who knows school work from first grade to the close of High school; one of whom the friends of education in Washington county, will be proud if he is elected Superintendent of the Schools of the county.

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     These newspaper items were researched and typed by Victoria Hospodar Valentine for the over the course of 5 years.  Vicki had submitted hundreds of articles to the mailing list and other Lists.

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All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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