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Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania
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October 27, 1933 Record-Outlook


Washington County, PA


10-27-1933 Record-Outlook
Captain George "Whitey" Randour of the Villanova college "Wildcat" football team.  Randour is a former McDonald high school star, and has been a star player on the Wildcat team for the past two years.  He has made the first touchdown of the season in every game since his freshman year.  He is 5 feet
8 inches, and weighs 163 pounds and plays at left halfback.  He is Villanova's candidate for the All-American team for this year and has an excellent chance for first consideration.
    He is leading his team in more ways than the one assigned to him for the fall when he was elected captain.
    Since the Wildcats opened the season against the West Chester Teachers' college in September. ... White Flash of the main line ... has piled up an enviable record ... statistics compiled to date show that ... gained a total of 500 yards in ... games which have been played so far.  Of the touchdowns
... scored four out of the eleven against opponents.
    He has piled up 26 points ... record as compared with ... the next nearest ...



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