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Taken from the McDonald Outlook Newspaper

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The newspaper items presented here give glimpses into the lives of men, women, and families during lifetimes spent in the areas in and near McDonald, PA.  We hope you find useful items that add to your family tree.

I will try to list these photos in alphabetical order (at least to start LOL).  Larger pictures may not be in order.


Proprietor Valentour Hotel
1907 Outlook

Dr. F. SAWHILL, Dentist  
1907 Outlook



A. VALENTOUR had as his guests on Thursday of last week, John MONIER of
Charleroi and the latter's sister, Mrs. AURENCHE of St. Etienne, France.
Mrs. AURENCHE came to the United States thirty-five years ago when Mr.
VALENTOUR first met her and her  brother. A year after she returned to
France, where she married and settled down. John MONIER, who was a gunsmith in France, worked as a locksmith in Pittsburgh, and when Charleroi was founded, about twenty years ago, he moved there and established a hotel.  About a year ago he retired from the hotel business. Last June he went to France for a visit. His sister accompanied him back to this country for a return visit. Mr. MONIER is one of the leading French Americans of
Washington county.
A. Valentour  
general merchandise store
1907 Outlook
Nov. 8, 1912 
McDonald PA Record 
Researcher: Victoria Hospodar Valentine, posted to PAWASHIN-L mailing list.


August VALENTOUR sketch 

May 20, 1910 
McDonald PA Record

Summary of political ad. He was announcing his candidacy for the State Assembly

Mr. VALENTOUR has been a resident of Washington County for
thirty-six years. He began life as a digger of coal, and by enterprise, economy and thrift he has risen step by step, until he has become one of the county's men of affairs.

His career has been one of continued progress and advancement.
In 1874 Mr. VALENTOUR entered the Walnut Hill mine at Midway and there dug coal for two years. He left the mine for farming and timbering in Fayette county, but soon returned to the mine again, this time also in the Panhandle district working as a miner until 1881. After spending two years in the cotton and timber industries of Mississippi he returned to McDonald July 4, 1883, was elected checkweighman by the miners of W. P. REND's Laurel Hill No. 1, later entered Jumbo mine from where he was discharged for interesting himself in the Fourth Pool miners, who were then on a strike, by collecting money for the amelioration of their destitute condition. At this time there was no organization among the miners of this locality, the nearest lodge of the Knights of Labor was at Imperial and Mr. VALENTOUR identified himself with it.

Following this discharge he left McDonald and found employment
in a store in Shadyside, Pittsburg. He was soon afterwards offered a position by J. D. SAUTERS, owner of the Briar Hill mine. This was accepted and in 1891 he secured a clothing and furnishing establishment in McDonald.  He abandoned this and acquired the DONAHOO bazaar which now bears his name.
Appointed a notary public, Mr. VALENTOUR, because of his wide acquaintance, especially amount the French and Belgians, was required to draw up a great many legal papers and documents. This led to much research in the laws of the State and Nation, as well as a reading up of the laws of France and Belgium, until he became one of the best informed lay readers of law in this
locality and his advice is sought and highly valued by the French and Belgian residents here and up the Monongahela river.

When the town of McDonald was first incorporated, he was elected to the borough council. Afterwards he served a term on the school board.

He is at present a council man, being the chairman of the police committee and a member of the street committee. He is also the Republican party chairman of the first precinct of McDonald, where he lives.


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     These newspaper items were researched and typed by Victoria Hospodar Valentine for the over the course of 5 years.  Vicki had submitted hundreds of articles to the PAWASHIN-L@rootsweb.com mailing list and other Lists.

     Her work is presented here in the McDonald, PA section of this website.  Please use the links to navigate or use on-site search engines to locate articles.  


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All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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