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 Baby Carriage


Dec. 31, 1909

McDonald PA Record

Stag Party

A most enjoyable affair was the stag party given by Mr. James WALLACE, at his home on Thursday evening, December 23d, in honor of the 21st birthday of his son, Mr. John WALLACE. The affair was also a reception in honor of the members of the O. V. G. baseball team and their friends, John WALLACE being the secretary of the club and James WALLACE being an old-time ball player himself, and an enthusiastic fan, he desired to show his appreciation of the excellent work of the ball team last season.

About thirty-five young men, players and friends of the O. V. G. baseball team, were present and the evening was spent in various games, talk-fests on the players last season and other baseball gossip, besides other amusements and, last, but not least, plenty of blue smoke.

During the evening John was presented with a miniature bat as a memento of his good work on the diamond last year, Mr. Harry SMITH making the presentation speech.

The supper, which was served at a suitable hour, was the striking feature of the evening with the boys, they being invited to sit down to a table heavily laden with a variety of eatables. Oyster stew was the opening dish, followed by chicken and all the other trimmings of a Christmas dinner. Ice cream, cake and coffee and fruits closed the menu. It is needless to say that the boys partook freely and after they had finished, the table looked devastated.

During the supper, Mr. Harry SMITH, in a well-worded speech in behalf of Mr. and Mrs. WALLACE, presented John with a fine open-face railroad watch, and also a chain and charm, the later being the gift of the ball team. The charm was beautifully engraved on one side with John’s initials and the other with O. V. G. B. B. 1909. John expressed his thanks for the beautiful presents in a very nice speech. His sister also presented him with a watch fob. After John had finished his remarks, a call was made upon Mr. WALLACE for a little talk and he responded with some appropriate remarks. The affair promises to be long remembered by those present as one of the most delightful social events of its kind that has occurred in Midway. Those present were Mr. Fred DICKEY of Pittsburg, Messrs. Weitzel SCHIFF, Wm. HICKS, Harry SMITH, Hose SHAFFER, Joe KRISS, Thomas DOLAN, Foster NICE, Victor CAGNON, John WILLIAMSON, Harry WILSON, John MCDOWELL, Charles VIRTUE, Joe NEIL, Wilfred ESTMAN, Kline SNYDER, Harry RUSSELL, James DAVIS, Seymour DAVIDSON, Harry DAVIDSON, John PALIN, Edwin WADE, John WALLACE, James WALLACE, Jr., and A. L. DALLY.

Webmaster Note:  Born about 1888.



Feb. 21, 1908

McDonald PA Record

Members of the McDonald Football Association team, Muskrat Club and many other friends met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry SMITH of the East End Hotel on Thursday evening, February 13, and surprised their son Samuel, it being his twenty-first birthday. Samuel entertained his young friends by rendering some piano selections assisted by Harry KINNEY. Games of all kinds were indulged in, and some of the guests contributed the latest solos and choruses. At 10:30 o’clock the young men were escorted to the spacious dining room, beautifully decorated for the occasion with green plants, and partook of a delicious lunch. The guests departed for their homes in the ‘wee sma’ ‘ours” of the morning, wishing Samuel many more happy returns of the day. The Muskrat Club presented Samuel with a set of cuff buttons and a stickpin. He also received a diamond stickpin and other presents. Those present were: Victor CHARMAR, E. M. CHAMBON, Robert MCDOWELL, William MALARKEY, Edward MORTERY, Daniel GRIBBEN, John and James STEVENSON, William HANNAN, Archie JAMISON, Harry KINNEY, Samuel COOK, Alfred CASE, Henry TOWARD, William, Henry and Thomas SMITH and Patrick MINAMARA. The out of town guests were Samuel CARSON of Moundsville, W. Va., Hultz and George COUCH of Cherry Valley.

Webmaster Note:  Born about 1887.



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