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S names
Note: the 2007 date after each link is when the page was first uploaded to the web.



Mr. __ SABO to *arie Penderville, no date, in 4-28-1917 paper
Isadore SACHEY to A. Thomas, no date, in 11-17-1894 paper
John SAIX to Ellen Wilson, 7 Mar 1901
L. John SALANSKY to Marie Cecelia Rowan, 17 Nov 1934
Paul SALMON to Lola Lenore, 28 Jul 1934
Edward H. SAMMONS to Alla Lawrence, no date, in 5-11-1898 paper
James T. SAMPLE to Mrs. E. E. Kaufman, no date, in 4-17-1897 paper
John L. SANDERS to Martha Benard, 17 Dec 1934
Clarence J. SANDS to Anna Goldy Kensinger, 17 Jun 1924
Albert Merle SAPPIE to Mary Darabos, 29 Mar 1937
Chalfant Robb SAPPIE to Redythe Norene Frye, 22 Jun 1940
Floyd SARTWELL to Lucille Crimi, 1 Aug 1936
Raymond L. SAUERS to Josephine Heckman, 8 May 1943
Richard J. SAUERS to Florence Delaney, 16 Jan 1939
Samuel SAUERS to Anna Mae Pirrung, 15 Nov 1939
Alex SAUT to Ida DeSantis, 14 Jun 1934
Richard Boyce SAUTERS to Elizabeth Updegraff, no date, in 10-26-1922 paper
William SAUTERS to Mary Sook, 18 Oct 1892
John Paul SAVAGE to Amy Lenore Owens, 17 Nov 1938
Wallace SAVILLE to Flora Ione Hormel, 16 May 1947
Franklin Clark SAWHILL to Lorraine Alma Whaley, 26 Apr 1944
Frelinghuysen SAWHILL to Minerva Bell Cathers, 12 Feb 1897
John SAWHILL to Grace Rudy, no date, in 6-19-1914 paper
Thomas SAWHILL to Elizabeth Windsheimer, 16 Mar 1934
James Thomas SCALLY to Mildred Louise Hogan, 16 Jul 1928
Henry SCARTON to Helen Skavera, 6 Jun 1939
Henry E. SCHAEFER, Jr. to Mary Lois McDowell, 13 Mar 1943
Robert J. SCHAEFER to Willa Mae Bey, 21 Jun 1939
Edward SCHAFFNIT to Ella B. Eiler, 20 Oct 1934
Charles SCHARDONG to Mildred Ann Nelson, 23 Nov 1939
Charles H. SCHAUGHENCY to Allice a. Hendrickson, 11 Sep 1926
Bayard R. SCHELLINGER to Marguerite Sturgeon, 7 Jul 1942
William F. SCHIEFELBEIN, Jr. to Helen Betty Yarburger, 31 Jul 1943
John SCHILLO to Marjorie Puskar, 7 Sep 1946
John SCHMIDT to Stella Szczerbienski, Feb 1941
Louis SCHMIDT to Leetta Peters, 3 Apr 1940
Max SCHMIDT to Mildred Ruderman, no date, in 8-17-1922 paper
George H. SCHMITT to Flora Robert, 11 Jun 1924
Thomas SCHNEIDER to Lorraine Thibon, 9 Jan 1944
Calvin John SCHNUTH to Nina June Hoover, 31 Jul 1943
Jospeh SCHOFIELD to Isabelle G. Clark, 24 Dec 1915
Charles SCHOLAERT to Mary Leveda Roberts, no date, in 7-9-1909 paper
William Arthur SCHOLL to *va Vivian Imhoff, 17 Jun 1918
Clarence G. SCHOLLAERT to Mary Louise Smith, 15 Feb 1941
D. SCHOLLAERT to Anna Corrigan, 6 May 1924
Joseph P. SCHOLLAERT to Mary Catherine Gillespie, no date, in 1-24-1929 paper
Raymond SCHOLLAERT to Audrey Marie Delaney, 27 Nov 1947
Thomas SCHOLLAERT to Helen Horak, 24 Nov 1938
William SCHOLLAERT to Gladys Smith, 28 Sep 1925
Victor SCHOLLARET to Amelia Servein, no date, in 8-14-1897 paper
Charles M. SCHONS to Margaret M. Lemon, 26 Sep 1922
Max B. SCHREIBER to Mrs. Harriett McCaffrey, 27 Aug 1938
Max SCHRIBER to Miss Ford, no date, in 6-14-1902 paper
Fred SCHULTZ to Elizabeth Campbell, 18 Mar 1908
Nick SCHUST to M. Blanche Corwin, 29 May 1940
Myron SCHWAB to Ruth Strain, 17 Aug 1940
Arthur A. SCOTT to Mary Rosa, 5 Jan 1944
Earl R. SCOTT to Wilma E. Crowe, 21 Apr 1937
Fred SCOTT to Josephine Burtner, no date, in 6-14-1902 paper
James SCOTT to Blanche Speicher, 21 Jun 1939
John Elmer SCOTT to Luella McPeak, no date, 10-29-1892 paper
John H. SCOTT to Almeda E. Cousins, 30 Jun 1914
John M. SCOTT to Mrs. Carrie O. Rankin, 12 Apr 1944
John SCOTT to Elsie Scott, 11 Jun 1924
John SCOTT to Wilma Nourigat, 6 Mar 1943
Matthew Burt SCOTT to Hazel Elva Stevenson, 5 Jun 1934
Paul Elmer SCOTT to Hazel Ivalyn Merville, 22 Sep 1920
Paul SCOTT, Jr. to Ruth Cousins, 7 Aug 1947
Robert Lynn SCOTT to Jean Elinor Harrer, 27 Jun 1943
Robert Stewart SCOTT to Dorothy Fabre, 13 Feb 1929
Wallace Aiken SCOTT to Ruth Elizabeth McCoy, 26 Dec 1938
Francis Joseph SCOUVART, III to Dolores Irene Capozzoli, 18 Sep 1947
Frank SCOUVART to Ellen Egbert, 22 Feb 1900
Clyde SEAGLE to Mary Smith, 11 Feb 1925
S. Roy SEARS to Juanita M. Larimer, 15 Jul 1926
Vincent Ronald SEIDLE to Lois Elizabeth Brabson, 22 Jun 1939
****lard SEIK to Bla**** Gossett, 3 Oct 1924
George Valle SEIPEL to Louise Lorraine Hartman, no date, in 6-23-1927 paper
Rev. (no given name) SELF to Sarah Wallace, 29 May 1917
Charles SELL to Catherine White, 15 Mar 1924
Americo SELLA to Gertrude Arvella Durain, 1 Mar 1944
Renoto SELVA to Mary Battista, 18 May 1940
Miller SENOVITCH to Anna Elnyczky, 1 Feb 1941
John SERBACK to Stella Polasky, 2 Oct 1937
Pietra SERGIS to Dominick Crea, no date, in 4-17-1914 paper
Louis SERVAIS to Nellie Gossiaut, 4 Jun 1912
P. P. SEXTON to Mary Cook, no date, in 8-7-1897 paper
George Lewis SHAFFER to Edith Lucille Anderson, 19 Sep 1938
John M. SHANE to Stella Wagenfehr, 14 Jun 1927
Samuel Wallace SHANE to Sarah Lilian Rohrer, 5 Sep 1928
William C. SHANE to Sophia M. Schofield, June 1898
James C. SHANKS to Anna E. Patterson, 27 Oct 1923
Albert M. SHANNON to Aline Bovard, 29 Jun 1928
Paul Gilbert SHANNON to Mary Kathryn McClain, 18 Mar 1940
William SHAPERA to Dorothy Vera Levison, 1 Mar 1927
Herbert D. SHAW to Martha Maye Dawson, 14 Jun 1941
John SHAW to Lizzie Toward, no date, in 9-11-1897 paper
Charles Lester SHEA to Ruth Hooper, 13 Jul 1928
Lloyd Logan SHEAFF to Izetta Stephenson, 19 Oct 1929
Ernest R. SHEAKLEY to Ellen Potts, 29 Sep 1926
Merle A. SHEAKLEY to Mamie C. Jamison, 22 Sep 1921
John Paul SHEDIO to Elvera Mae Reese, 5 Feb 1947
Charles SHERDIAN to Mildred Nelson, 15 Jun 1939
Raymond SHERMAN to Anna Belle Kraeer, 23 Jan 1937
Charles SHERRY to Elizabeth Johns, no date, in 3-3-1939 paper
James P. SHILLITO to Carrie Parks, no date, in 11-25-1905 paper
William SHINER to Adelaide McClain, 6 May 1941
Al SHIPSKY to Helen Baughtman, 15 Jun 1939
Arthur R. SHIREY to Elsie E. Schall, 22 Nov 1943
Burton SHIREY to Atticatia Rhea, 25 Jun 1917
Milton R. SHIREY to Eldora Mitchell, 10 Oct 1928
Milton SHIREY to Eldora Mitchell, 10 Oct 1928
Charles SHIVELY to Sara Burns, no date, in 11-25-1925 paper
Wendell H. SHOAFF to Isabella M. Cook, 9 May 1925
Raymond SHOOK to Amelia Krieger, 15 Jun 1940
John F. SHORT to Anna Coy, no date, in 5-22-1897 paper
Andrew SHOTIS to Margaret Alice Perrard, 26 Jun 1939
Edward O. SHOUP to Alberta Gorman, 25 Jun 1936
Samuel E. SHOUP to Dolores M. Lash, 22 Jun 1946
Thomas SHOUP to Maude Rogers, no date, in 11-1-1902 paper
Frank O. SHRUM to Dorothy Leona Gibson, 28 Oct 1922
Edgar Blakely SHUCK to Blanceh Forester Lockhart, 12 Dec 1923
Fred SHULTZ to Elizabeth Campbell, 18 Mar 1908
A. Dwight SHUPE to Frances E. Woods, 6 Dec 1928
Thomas Rogers SHUPE to Marie Madaline Lavie, 6 Aug 1938
Ralph C. SICKLES to Mae Browning, 8 Sep 1946
Ray SIGLEY to Mildred Venaleck, 14 Nov 1934
Vincent SIKORA, Jr. to Jean Walczyk, no date, in 12-5-1947 paper
John Carlton SIMMONS to Elizabeth McBride Donaldson, 12 Jul 1918
Maurice SIMON to Jean Broida, 12 Feb 1922
William SIMON to Grace Hart, 15 Jul 1943
John A. SIMONELLI, Jr. to Ida Mae Carr, 17 Jan 1940
V. L. SIMONIN to A. E. Gibbon, 18 Aug 1925
Arthur M. SIMPSON to Elsie Irene Heffner, no date, in 1-5-1923 paper
David Arthur SIMPSON to Sara Donaldson Bigger, 20 Jun 1940
I. R. SIMPSON to Aurelia A. Guthrie, no date, in 5-15-1897 paper
James A. SIMPSON to Ora I. McPherson, 21 Feb 1900
James M. SIMPSON to Ruth McClelland, 8 Jun 1927
Logan J. SIMPSON to Georgetta M. Gary, 26 Jun 1939
Merle SIMPSON to Elsie Pearl Boyce, 26 Nov 1924
Q. McK. SIMPSON, to Bessie Andrews, no date, in 1-9-1897 paper
Raymond SIMPSON to Lena Thomassy, 22 Sep 1923
Robert SIMPSON to Gladys Hampson, 27 Dec 1938
Stanley L. SIMPSON to Margaret Elizabeth Eckels, 25 May 1939
Stanley SIMPSON to Iva Charlier, 26 Oct 1917
W. Lotta SIMPSON to Olive R. McPherson, 21 Feb 1900
William Crawford SIMPSON to Elizabeth Nelson Frazer, 24 Feb 1932
William D. SIMPSON to Grace Lingenfelser, 19 Jul 1940
William Giffin SIMPSON to Effie M. Hickman, 26 Oct 1893
Herbert W. SINGLETON to Grace Allison, no date, in 3-16-1907 paper
Edward G. SIPP to Amelia Mary Janowsky, 24 Oct 1943
Frank M. SIRY to Betty Cupka, 21 Aug 1939
Charles SKARUPA to Helen Kirr, Thanksgiving, 1947
Jacob SKERL to Anna Tizik, 14 May 1947
Thomas Brewster SKIFF to Mary Elizabeth O'Steen, 14 Nov 1942
L. Erle SKILES to Margaret J. Walker, 10 Sep 1938
Tony SKORAK to Ruth Whitlatch, 9 Jun 1934
John SLACK to Mary Gaitens, 12 Nov 1925
John SLATER to Miss Brewster, no date, in 6-19-1897 paper
Marvel SLAUGENHAUPT to Margaret Ann Bradburn, 13 Sep 1939
Marvel L. SLAUGHENHAUPT to Dorothy G. Darr, 15 Sep 1928
Marvel L. SLAUGHENHAUPT to Dorothy G. Darr, September 20, 1928???????

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slebonick _to_sloan.htm

Andrew SLEBONICK to Margaret O'Rourke, 30 Jun 1926
Fred SLOAN to Margaret Blackburn, 1 Jun 1928

Thaddeus SLOUZEWSKI to Mrs. Josephine Diamond, 18 Jul 1946
Anthony SLOVICK to Adeline Torek, 29 Aug 1946
Paul SMALL to Dorothy Gallagher, 11 Oct 1947
Alfred SMALLEY to Mary Reynolds, no date, in 11-3-1894 paper
Stanley SMIAROWSKI to Frances Bokulich, 31 Aug 1946
Earl Brownlee SMILEY to Agnes Jane Smith, Weds., Feb. 18, 1914
John P. SMILEY to Minnie V. Reed, no date, in 12-24-1898 paper
Ray Brownlee SMILEY to Barbara Jean Smith, 18 Jul 1947
Wilbert S. SMILEY to Mable Luella Campbell, 21 Jun 1922
Peter SMILNYAK to Mayme Puskar, 17 Oct 1934
William SMINSKY to Emma Simko, 26 Oct 1940
(no first name given) SMITH to Cora Hughes, 21 Oct 1908
Albert SMITH to Argea Secco, 22 Dec 1946
Alex SMITH to Lillian Hallam, 29 Sep 1939
Alexander SMITH to Mary E. Herron, no date, in 12-24-1898 paper
Alvin SMITH to Sara Wallace Self, 22 Aug 1922
Arthur Miller SMITH to Mrs. Mary Robb Douglass, no date, in 6-9-1939 paper
Charles SMITH to Norma Alloway, 9 May 1947
David SMITH to Mary M. Kelly, 10 Sep 1897
David SMITH to Mary M. Kelly, 10 Sep 1897
Earl A. SMITH to Margaret Jblumsky, 31 Jul 1937
Edward SMITH to Maud E. Tidball, 28 Oct 1896
Enof SMITH to Virginia Darras, Thanksgiving day, 1924
Frank P. SMITH to Teresa L. Burgoon, no date, in 10-9-1908 paper
George W. SMITH to Anna N. Soffel, no date, in 12-2-1893 paper
Harry SMITH to Anna Mae Bruce, 13 Mar 1926
James A. SMITH to Jennie Pinkerton, no date, in 10-22-1892 paper
James C. SMITH to Mary Elizabeth Mandale, 23 Jun 1924
James SMITH to Mary Noble, no date, in 6-19-1914 paper
John A. SMITH to Mary A. Fink, 8 Sep 1892
John B. SMITH to Laura Miller, no date, in 2-28-1900 paper
John Russell SMITH to Martha Bamford, 16 Feb 1917
John SMITH to Doris Payne, 25 Jul 1935
Kenneth Lee SMITH to Clara Lee Kinemond, 4 Jun 1936
Matthew Maxwell SMITH to Virginia Ruth McCalmont, 22 Jun 1938
Paul L. SMITH to Bertie Lou Fryer, 31 Oct 1947
Robert Crawford SMITH to Lillian M. Young, 19 Mar 1921
Thomas Dixon SMITH, Jr. to Barbara Ann Bricker, 14 Jul 1946
Thomas SMITH to Alice Phillips, 2 Aug 1900
Thomas SMITH to Ruth Bell, 29 Nov 1922
Thomas SMITH, Jr. to Margaret Elizabeth Hayes, 19 Dec 1924
Vance McClelland SMITH to Jane M. Morgan, 22 Mar 1917
Wilbur SMITH to Virginia Mae Cowden, 16 Jun 1943
William O. SMITH to Pauline T. Swihart, 16 Sep 1924
William SMITH to Lois Geraldine Thornburg, 12 Dec 1942
Wm. A. SMITH to Julia Langenaeken, 29 Nov 1900
James Arthur SNATCHKO to Dorothy Fisher, 20 Jan 1943
Martin SNATCHKO to Kathryn Crawford, 20 Oct 1937
Robert B. SNOOK to Margaret Cowden, 24 Jun 1926
David W. SNYDER, Jr. to Ruth L. Meneely, 14 Dec 1940
Henry L. SNYDER to Louisine A. Kraeer, 22 Apr 1938
Jacob J. SNYDER to Mary Agnes Halloran, no date, in 5-29-1897 paper
Louis SNYDER to Mrs. Helen Williams, 2 Jul 1946
F. D. SOLINGER to Ella Langfitt, no date, in 2-20-1897 paper
James SOLLINGER to Ella White, no date, in 12-5-1896 paper
John SOMSKY to Lorraine Couderc, 24 June 1946
Francis SOUBIE to Mary Farinell, 22 Feb 1940
Alexander SOUFFRANT to Edith McGinnis, 21 Nov 1922
William SOUFFRANT to Catherine White, 16 Jun 1926
Ben B. SOULES to Mary Ella McCombs, 7 May 1907
Michael SOVA to Mary A. Metro, 30 Sep 1936
Frank SPADARO to Gretchen Jane Maloney, 3 Jul 1937
Mayo Johnson SPARKS to Charlotte Mozelle Hauser, 23 Apr 1938
James Edward SPAUDE to Mary Rose Brockmyer, 1 Aug 1942
Harold SPEER to Josephine McGinnis, 21 Jun 1943
William SPEER to Margaret Evelyn Cummings, 15 Jun 1929
Percy Franklin SPENCER to Mae Vaughn, 5 Dec 1942
Parker Scott SPHAR to Mary Elizabeth Resley, 10 Jun 1937
William SRAY to Lillian Zalaznik, 22 Feb 1941
Ward ST. CLAIR to Viola Burns, 28 Oct 1924
Percival Stephen STAHLNECKER to Mrs. Edith Lowry Flanagan, 2 Jun 1928
Wendell P. STAMPFLI to Laura Schayes 30 Mar 1914
Stanley Theodore STANECK to Nelle Borowski, 2 Dec 1922
John A. SPILLANE to Golda May Daudet, 21 Aug 1937
C. J. SPINNENWEBER to Mrs. Katherine Harvey, no date, in 8-27-1943 paper
Edward SPINNENWEBER to Irene Gertrude Rodgers, 24 Jan 1923
Lynn Donald SPRANKLE to Marguerite Everett Patterson, 2 Jun 1934
W. C. SPRANKLE to Mamie E. Doutrich, no date, in 10-25-1896 paper
Charles Nelan SPRINGER to Mrs. Melita Milligan, 17 Feb 1938
Oliver SPRINGER to Eldora Berryhill, 16 Jun 1893
Samuel SPRINGER to Mary Wilson, no date, in 10-30-1986 paper
James SPROUT to Grace Sutherin, no date, in 7-19-1940 paper
Cecil V. SPROWLS to Margaret M. Blair, 18 Nov 1922
William SRAY to Lillian Zalaznik, 22 Feb 1941
Ward ST. CLAIR to Viola Burns, 28 Oct 1924
Percival Stephen STAHLNECKER to Mrs. Edith Lowry Flanagan, 2 Jun 1928
Walter STAMPFLI and Miss Josephine JORDAN, Monday, Jan. 25 1909 
Wendell P. STAMPFLI to Laura Schayes 30 Mar 1914
Stanley Theodore STANECK to Nelle Borowski, 2 Dec 1922
Herbert A. STEELE to Elizabeth S. Haley, 23 Jun 1897
John STEELE to Barbara Drennen, no date, in 10-8-1909 paper
Leon M. STEELE to Hazel Adams, 28 Jun 1947
William E. STEELE to Ellen Jane Frum, 15 Jul 1939
John A. STEFFEN to Eleanor R. Scott, 4 Sep 1937
John STEFFEY to Stella Hastings, no date, in 10-17-1896 paper
Francis G. STEIN to Thelma Irene Torrance, 17 Sep 1946
John M. STEINER to Elva Brown, 29 Jul 1912
John STEIZERWALD to Josephine Sulanowski, 18 Aug 1938
J. A. STEPHENSON to Laura Eagleson, 11 Aug 1896
Joseph STEPOLAITIS to Victoria Dernovsek, 16 Jun 1937
Martin STERN to Molly Srolovitz, 5 Aug 1934
George O. STEVENSON to Marie D. Mace, 29 Feb 1940
Harold Edward STEVENSON to Dorothy Ellen Heron, 23 Jun 1928
Malcolm Stewart STEVENSON to Dorothy Edna Kelso, 5 Sep 1936
Robert L. STEVENSON to Rachel T. Grubb, 14 Dec 1934
Robert R. STEVENSON to Kathryn Simpson, 15 Jun 1926
William Robert STEVENSON to Geraldine Myers, 12 Aug 1939
William STEVENSON to Elizabeth H. Donaldson, 18 Aug 1897
A. M. STEWART to Nellie McKinnie, 30 Nov 1900
Albert STEWART to Marie Weir, no date, in 9-12-1924 paper
Arnold Samuel STEWART to Mrs. Margaret Triebsch, 12 Apr 1921
Charles C. STEWART to Molly M. Farkers, 26 Dec 1934
Charles F. STEWART to Louise Jane Vidal, 23 May 1938
Cloyd Ray STEWART to Emma Irene Washabaugh, 17 Jul 1923
Fred STEWART to Antoinette Kargle, 14 Oct 1920
J. Harold STEWART to Verda A. Fleming, 18 Sep 1928
James Alexander STEWART to Lois Marie Ellington, 28 Aug 1934
John I. STEWART to Georgia M. Miller, 29 Nov 1922
Rae STEWART to Jean Ruth Geyer, 24 Jan 1947
Raymond STEWART to Carrie Enders, 26 May 1914
William H. STEWART to Eleanor G. Brinkman, 21 Jan 1947
William R. STEWART to Susie Lach, 1 May 1923
William STEWART to Ruth Lavern Nichols, 22 Mar 1922
Wilson D. STEWART to Katy Belle McCrory, 29 Aug 1937
Stephen STIEGEL to Rose Bokulich, 3 May 1947
J. E. STIFFLER to Ellen J. Cochran, no date, in 12-5-1896 paper
James STILLEY to Mary Baier, no date, in 4-6-1907 paper
Henry D. STITSEL to Dorothy Booth, 25 Nov 1939
Daniel R. STITSEL to Lila M. Kramer, 11 Nov 1937
Eugene STOBBS to Rose Marie Dashofy, 19 Nov 1946
Harry STOCKLEIN to Margaret Jane Sauers, 24 May 1943
Stanley STOPENSKI to Frances Bednarzek, 15 Nov 1947
Arthur B. STOUT to Jean Elizabeth Armour, 29 Jun 1935
Arthur STOUT to Amelia Cox, no date, in 6-21-1912 paper
Clayton L. STRABLE to Edna May Drum, 12 Oct 1927
Oscar T. STRADER to June Schiefelbein, 12 Jul 1947
James Howard STRAIN, Jr. to Patricia Mary Kramer, 23 Nov 1943
Peter to Louisa Dietrich, no date, in 10-31-1896 paper
Samuel STRATTON to Cleo Holland, 19 Jun 1926
Clover STRAWN to Anna Belle Clutter, 2 Apr 1897
Ferd STRIMEL to Catherine McGrogan, 28 Feb 1938
George STRIMEL to Gertrude Rudge, no date, in 1-15-1932 paper
Herman STRIMEL to Pearle Rachel Lewis, 4 Jun 1917
Rosier E. STRIMEL to Mary Jane Bentrem, 10 Oct 1942
Frank J. STRUPEK to Frances J. Oblak, 8 Jun 1939
Roy E. STRUWING to Martha Geneva Bamford, 12 Mar 1943
Charles R. STUNKARD to Frances Beatty, no date, in 2-7-1929 paper
Henry STURGEON to Marie Hotham, in the fall of 1913; in paper of 2-6-1914
Samuel STURGEON to Hanna Lee, 15 Oct 1896
Wallace LeRoy STURGEON to Cora Mae Wilson, 14 Jan 1937
Andrew STYPERK to Stella Venaleck, 26 Sep 1921
Thomas Andrew STYPERK to Betty Fehriens, 18 Oct 1947
Stephen F. SUHAJDA to Olga H. Adamowski, 10 Jun 1925
Joseph A. SUHAJDA to Helen K. Debnar, 25 Jun 1938
William Charles SUMPTER to Anna Bernardine Meute, 3 Oct 1923
Axtel SUNBURG to Ethel Boyd, 28 Nov 1922
(no given name) SUPLIT to Martha Dillon, no date, in 2-29-1908 paper
Alfred SUPLIT to Olga Victor, 2 Jun 1926
Joseph SUPLIT to Maria Masquelier, no date, in 10-8-1909 paper
Isadore SUSHEY to Abbie Thomas, Nov 1894
J. V. SUTHERLAND to Cora Osborne, 27 May 1893
Donald P. SUTTON to Althea Sturgeon, 7 Jun 1941
Mathias SUTTON to Carrie Whitford, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
Sherman SUTTON to Annie Davis, no date, in 4-24-1897 paper
Steven Howard SUTTON to Susan Spencer Allison, 21 Jun 1917
Andrew SVIHLA to Ann Rusiskie, 11 May 1940
Edward C. SWAOGER to Clare Mattusch, 23 Apr 1944
George Richard SWAOGER to Anna Margaret Hancock, 27 Oct 1938
John SWARTZ to Minnie J. Burns, 24 Mar 1896
Joseph SWARTZ to Marion Schaubel, 28 Jul 1938
Edwin L. SWEARINGEN to Emily Hughes, no date, in 10-31-1947 paper
William Van SWEARINGEN to Esther N. Smith, 22 Jun 1940
Patrick SWEENEY to Margaret Ellen Smith, 29 Sep 1909
Andrew Morgan SWINGLE to Hollis Ruth Reed, 20 Jan 1926



T names
Note: the 2007 date after each link is when the page was first uploaded to the web.


M. Lloyd TAGGART to Frances Briceland, 21 Dec 1929
George TAICOLA to Ina Greenfield, 5 Aug 1936
Thomas Henry TALBOT to Adella Elizabeth Plance, 8 Sep 1908
Newton Alexander TANNEHILL to Mary Lois McBurney, no date, in 7-8-1921 paper
Edward A. TANNER to Anna Jane Will, 7 May 1939
Stanley TARHALLA to Agnes Lilly, 8 Jun 1940
Perry S. TARR to Agnes J. Campbell, 10 Jun 1922
Russell F. TARR to Mrs. Zelda Allinder Lockhart, 2 Feb 1932
A. T. TAYLOR to Lauretta M. Brownson, no date, in 7-28-1894 paper
Edward Arthur TAYLOR to Helen Mae Reed, 29 May 1937
J. Will TAYLOR to Margaret Scott, 20 May 1897
John E. TAYLOR to Margaret Elizabeth Stilley, 14 Mar 1928
John E. TAYLOR to Margaret Elizabeth Stilley, 14 Mar 1928
Joseph TAYLOR to Rose Marie Zaccarino, 2 Jul 1938
Albert TEILHET to Elizabeth Roux, 28 Sep 1940
Howard Kelso TEMPLETON to Hazel Lucile Webster, 10 May 1921
Charles TENNYSON, Jr. to Doris Hoover, 19 Aug 1939
Michael TERENSKY to Anna M. Metro, 26 Jun 1943
William TERLE to Mae Bright, 9 Sep 1947
Robert W. TERRELL to Eudora Lefley, 15 Jun 1940
Fernal TESSIER to Augustine Bohey, 27 Mar 1922
John TESSMER to Maxine Cooke, 31 Aug 1940
David TETZLAW to Michalena Speranza, 9 Nov 1946
William TEYSSIER to Margaret Adams, 2 Aug 1939
Charles Wesley THAYER to Mabel Luella Pittis, 29 Apr 1912
Edward THEISS to Amelia Struth, 8 Oct 1924
Ernest THEISS to Pearl Karns, 26 Apr 1947
George THOMAS to Jennie Haley, 13 July 1909
Harris THOMAS to Marian Mutton, 5 Apr 1938
Howard Lawrence THOMAS to Hilda Catherine Schell, 26 Sep 1929
Joseph THOMAS to Eva May Moore, no date, in 7-9-1909 paper
Fernand THOMASSY to Marian Calderwood Allan, 25 Oct 1936
Robert Desire THOMASSY to Minnie Mae Summers, 24 Oct 1942
George A. THOMPSON to Margaret Wilkinson, 2 Sep 1922
Robert J. THOMPSON to Jennie P. Cummings, 8 Oct 1896
Robert THOMPSON to Emma Carlier, 3 Oct 1928
Robert THOMPSON to Emma Carlier, no date, in 10-11-1928 paper
T. K. THOMPSON to F. B. Mc. Thompson, Nov 1892
T. K. THOMPSON to Miss E. B. Mc. Thompson, no date, in 11-12-1892 paper
W. T. K. THOMPSON to Jane McConaughey, no date, in 5-11-1898 paper
William W. THOMPSON to Margaret G. Lyle, 16 Oct 1926
Mr. William THORNDELL to Miss Ella KING, Thurs., no date, in 3-13-1909_outlook
Henry THORNTON to Etta Proctor, no date, in 5-26-1905 paper
Merle TIDBALL to Mildred Lorenz, 11 Jun 1924
Clark R. TILTON to Ota Purvis, 12 Oct 1920
George R. TODD to Janet Josephine Crooks, 6 Jul 1940
Edmond R. TOMLINSON to Mary Louise Cummings, 28 Jun 1927
Charles TOPE to Mrs. Anna Hope, 3 Sep 1927
Donald TOPE to Marjorie Edith Bertrand, 5 Oct 1943
Guy S. TORNABENE to Mary S. Bucci, 18 May 1947
Guy TORNABENE to Jane Lockhart, 9 Jun 1941
Regis G. TORNABENE to Olga Maslo, 7 Jul 1943
Paul TOURNAY to Betty Miller, 8 Feb 1941
John K. TOWARD to Frances M. Campbell, 1 Feb 1934
John P. TOWARD to Nancy LaVerne Lawson, no date, in 8-8-1929 paper
Thomas TOWARD to Mary Cowden, 17 Jun 1936
W. A. TOWNSEND to Annabelle Elkins, 25 Dec 1938
Alvin TRAUTMAN to Norma Thomas, 28 Jun 1947
Harry TRAUTMAN to Edith Grounds, 25 Mar 1941
Richard William TREHARNE to Elizabeth S. A. Gardner, 14 Apr 1921
James A. TRESNAN to Risina McGovern, 12 Apr 1926
Edward William TRIEBSCH to Mary Helen Hartsik, 30 Jun 1937
George C. TRIEVEL to Virginia Long, 13 Jun 1943
C. Elmer TRIMMER to Grace B. Hennon, 12 Sep 1923
Thomas E. TRIMMER to Evelyn J. Charlier, 11 Aug 1921
Raymond TRITTLER to Betty Jane McFarlane, 17 Jan 1947
William TROMBLA to Elsa Rose Schreiber, 6 Jun 1922
Carl TROPECK to Stella Dumaret, 25 Oct 1939
Byron F. TROXEL to Nellie Taylor, no date, in 2-15-1896 paper
Norman TROY to Camille Bovil, 20 May 1939
Norman E. TUCKER to Elizabeth Richards, 9 Jun 1934
Adam TURCZEK to Julia Grillo, 24 Jun 1937
Russell H. TURI to Helen L. Davidson, 25 Mar 1944
Frank TURKALY to Ann Zebeck, 1 Nov 1947
Steve TURKALY to Doris Verner, 1 Oct 1947
William TURKALY to Dorothy Sacco, 14 Jun 1947
William TURNBULL to Marie McCullough, 6 Aug 1938
Jas. A. TURNER to Robina J. Porter, 26 Nov 1896
Clifford T. TURNEY to Ida H. HUNTER, early Friday morning, in paper 1-18-1907 ; perjury charges against groom Frederick C. FAIRBANKS
John TURNPACK to Annie Polishen, 7 Aug 1923
TUSING Joseph C. to Pauline Teyssier, 6 Mar 1937
TYLER Charles Edward to Louise LaVerne Browning, 16 Apr 1938
TYSON Henry to Lizzie Bennett, 18 Apr 1908






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