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M names
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Royal MacGILLIS to Vera McCoy, 16 Jul 1937
Robert MACHIN to Dorothy Weigle, no date, in 9-17-1926 paper
Raymond MACKIE to Matilda Hallam, 31 Jan 1940
Fred J. MacKNIGHT to Rose Racz, 2 Oct 1943
Thomas MADDEN to Gladys Ruth Anthony, 2 Jun 1926
David MADER to Evelyn McKay, 25 May 1937
James MADGWICK to Mary Pogan, May 1936
W. A. MADGWICK to Denise C. Deloche, 10 Jun 1902
John Philip MAGA to Clara Poznak, 29 Oct 1943
Alexandre MAGE to Mathilde Pannetier, 4 Oct 1943
Stephen MAHALIC to Assunta Goblick, 14 Aug 1937
Robert M. MAHER to Margaret Idella Stauffer, 9 Apr 1940
Samuel D. MAJOR to Mary Fonder-Smith, Thanksgiving Day, 1893
Philip MAJORS to Anne Medved, 7 Jun 1938
Leo MALARKEY to Marian Alice McBeth, 1 Sep 1933
James Robiason MALARKY to Marcella Mae Drennan, 20 Feb 1912
Robert MALARKY to Mary Catrain, 17 Sep 1908
Henry MALESKY to Norine Brown, 21 Sep 1946
John J. MALONE to Rosanna Bluming, 7 Sep 1937
Robert MALONE to Josephine Patterson, 7 Sep 1926
Samuel MALONE to Miss Henderson, no date, in 11-18-1893 paper
James A. MALOY to Lydia M. Rank, 9 May 1923
Bruno MAMMONE to Mildred Biccordi, 13 Jul 1943
Jules U. MANGOLD to Daisy E. Deloche, 12 Aug 1924
Eugene J. MANSFIELD to Ila Mae McCausland, 22 Jul 1929
C. A. MANSON to Mary Marks, 18 Aug 1909
Pressley MANSON to Flora Campbell, 15 Sep 1892
Edo MANZINI to Norma Mackey, 10 Nov 1938
(no first name?) MAPES to A. M. Cadoul, 10 Aug 1927
Henri M. MARC to Laura J. Marlier, 7 Sep 1929
Joseph MARCHESKY to Monica Wronski, 6 Jul 1946
Albert MARINO to Frances Lou Gibson, 21 Jan 1940
David MARKOVITZ to Cecelia Fox, no date, in 2-22-1923 paper
Franklin Thomas MARKWELL to Ruth Dietrich, 19 Sep 1942
Franklin MARLETT to Emma Clara Frizzle [or Frizzie?], 6 Jun 1936
Joseph MARLEY to Anna Kanachne, 20 Nov 1937
James Edward MARLIER to Mary G. Blake, 6 Nov 1942
Clement MARMAGIN to Helen Thompson, no date, in 12-4-1914 paper
Stanley Anthony MAROLEY to Maude Mae Black, 2 Aug 1939
Geo. MARPLE to Mrs. Margaret McCartney, 27 Aug 1924
Silas H. MARSH to Avanell E. McElhaney, 14 Nov 1942
William Clark MARSHALL, II to Sara Elizabeth Rosenberger, 23 Sept 1939
A. H. MARTIN to Iva I. M. Truax, no date in 3-28-1896 paper
Elmo B. MARTIN to Nettie R. Noble, 11 Sep 1940
G. L. MARTIN to Grace O. Davis, no date, in 9-18-1897 paper
G. L. MARTIN to Grace O. Davis, no date, in 9-1897 paper
Paul MARTIN to Sue Durain, 26 Jun 1937
Jacob J. MARTINCIC to Wilma M. Kosem, 8 Feb 1947
Samuel MARTINEZ to Hazel Cujas, 30 Jun 1932
Samuel MASON to Katie Shoup, 5 May 1921
Abel B. MASQUELIER to Emma G. George, 7 Apr 1925
Alvin MASQUELIER to Frances Ferguson, 12 Feb 1944
Arthur MASQUELIER to Florence Heer, 25 Aug 1928
Frank J. MASQUELIER to Esther Marie Jiannino, 18 Aug 1921
George MASQUELIER to Angele Jumett, no date, in 6-5-1914 paper
Louis MASQUELIER to Alma Edith Carson, 16 Aug 1937
Paul Julian MASQUELIER to Sallie Hildar Anderson, 26 Jul 1937
Raymond P. MASQUELIER to Catharine Ruth Kelso, 10 Jul 1926
William E. MASQUELIER to Greta Drossman, 10 Mar 1944
Joseph Albert MATCHETT, Jr. to Sarah E. McKenzie, 4 Sep 1940
George MATEER to Freda Schiefelbein, 17 Jun 1941
Alfred MATHEW to Edith Scott Ralston, 6 Feb 1939
Louis MATHIEU to Miss Ashcraft, no date, in 3-9-1901 paper
Frank MATHEYS to Mrs. Julia Dumont Manandise, 12 Jul 1897
Charles MATIA to Sylvia Zitko, 26 Oct 1946
Lynn MATTHEW to Rose Bohey, 27 Mar 1922
Enoch MATTHEWS to Wanda Ortoski, 25 Jun 1946
Malberto Dale MATTHEWS to Norma Jean McKibben, 7 Sep 1946
Robert MAUCHLINE to Mathilda Vedel, 20 Jun 1928
Arthur MAUGHN to Emma Fulgraph, no date, in 10-4-1940 paper
August MAURIN to Odetta Chevalier, 18 Apr 1923
Harry P. MAUST to Kathryn Grimes, 8 May 1918
Arthur MAWHINNEY to Miss ___ HICKMAN, Weds., Feb. (no date), 1910 
Charles MAWHINNEY to Emma Weaver, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
J. I. MAWHINNEY to Elizabeth Hadden, 20 Jun 1912
John MAXWELL to Margaret Kinney, 8 Dec 1938
Robert T. MAY to Agnes L. Brimner, 20 Jan 1947
Walter S. MAY to Edna LaVerne Byers, 28 May 1939
Victor MAZZACCO to Margaret Randour, 11 Jul 1939
C. B. McALISTER to Mary McAlister, no date, in June 1894 paper
David McALISTER to Mary Eleanor Woodward, 5 Oct 1928
Raymond S. McALLISTER to Marjorie Johnson, 6 Nov 1943
C. L. McANALLEN to Marie LaPoint, no date, in 10-4-1902
Howard McANANY to Ida Croxton, no date, in 7-10-1897 paper
Howard McANANY, Jr. to Julia Tornabene, 17 Jul 1946
George Albert McBETH to Dorothy White, 5 Jun 1924
Robert Blair McBETH to Eva Virginia Mecluskey, no date, in 7-12-1946 paper
Allison McBRIDE to Margaret B. Simmons, 28 Jan 1908
Carrol A. McBRIDE to Elsie Bell Stevenson, 16 Nov 1898
Elmer McBRIDE to Ethel Franklin, 12 Jun 1918
James A. McBRIDE to Emma Brown, 16 Feb 1897
Elmer McBURNEY to Miss Scott, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
J. K. McBURNEY to Lillie Sarver, no date, in 11-28-1893 paper
James H. McBURNEY to Sadie B. Scott, 2 Aug 1894
Robert H. McBURNEY to Mabel A. Tibbens, 19 Jun 1912
Robert Hammond McBURNEY to Mabel Tibbens, no date in 6-12-1912 paper
W. D. McCABE to Mary P. Rice, no date, in 5-14-1898 paper
Ambrose Joseph McCAFFERY to Ilah Cathryn Robertson, 31 Apr 1924
Francis McCAFFERY to Margaret M. Gaitens, 27 Jun 1923
Lawrence J. McCAFFERY to Cherie Louise Bennett, 14 Sep 1926
J. J. McCAFFERY to Mary E. Flaherty, no date, in 10-16-1908 paper
James E. McCAFFREY to Ester Hatton, 19 Apr 1941
Leo Francis McCAFFREY to Alma Elizabeth Lutz, 4 Aug 1925
Leo Patrick McCAFFREY to Nora Healy, 22 Nov 1922
Paddy McCAFFREY to Hettie Mank, 25 Dec 1902
Edward McCALE to Mary Johana Hogan, 14 Jun 1922
Robert Howard McCANDLESS to Anna Lorraine Steele, 15 Apr 1927
Allan Hunter McCARNES to Elizabeth Hickman George, 20 Oct 1922
David L. McCARREL to Mary H. Kithcart, 18 Oct 1905
Frank A. McCARRELL to Anna Edna Giffin, 20 Aug 1927
Frank A. McCARRELL to Edna Giffen, no date, in 8-25-1927 paper
Alexander O. McCARTNEY to Mary Elizabeth McCormick, 25 Jun 1940
Harry McCARTNEY to Eilena Hormel, 21 Jun 1946
Herman Eaton McCARTNEY to Helen Margaret Grotefend, 27 Mar 1937
Virgil A. McCARTNEY to Mary E. Gardner, 10 Nov 1934
David C. McCARTY to Blance Elaine Donaldson, 17 Feb 1943
John K. McCARTY to Jane Lee Riggle, 29 Aug 1947
John Kerr McCARTY to Marie Shuman, 15 Apr 1939
Richard B. McCARTY to Mary Lou Kauffield, 17 Aug 1946
John Arthur McCASLIN to Doris Hannan, 8 Mar 1947
John A. McCAUSLAND to Laura M. Andrews, 28 Mar 1901
Karl V. McCAUSLAND to Nell Austin, 2 Jul 1918
Thomas N. McCAY to Nellie M. Lydia, no date, in 7-7-1900 paper
W. A. McCHANCY to Myrtle Wallace, 1 Jun 1927
David McCLAIN to Fay McGinnis, 23 Feb 1938
Harry C. McCLAIN to Sadie E. Smith, no date in 3-28-1896 paper
John Gesner McCLAIN to Maude Lane Ellington, 28 Aug 1934
Sweeney Hamilton McCLAIN to Beulah Mae Tilton, 28 Dec 1922
Frank McCLARAN to Rena Belle Boyd, 12 Jun 1917
Joseph McCLAY to M. Etta Cook, 20 Sep 1900
R. B. McCLEARY to Gertrude S. Phillips, 11 Jun 1896
John Howard McCLOY to Edna Pearl Gladden, 11 Feb 1909
James B. McCLURE to Amanda Florence Phillips, 3 Jul 1939
John McCLURE to Helen Storch, 20 Sep 1921
John S. McCLURG to Mary Lozier, 28 Feb 1924
Clement V. McCLUSKEY to Mrs. Forbes, 9 Jan 1897
Isaac McCLYMONDS to Matilda Gay, no date, in 3-28-1908 paper
Frank McCOMBS to Mae Carter, 15 Aug 1912
Harold McCONNELL to Melva M. Purdy, 20 Jun 1928
John Phillips McCONNELL to Anna Peacock, 10 Sep 1914
T. E. McCONNELL to Sarah McCullough, 9 Jun 1892
W. Leonard McCONNELL to Esther B. McElhaney, 24 Nov 1942
Jas. T. McCORKLE to Lulu May Nesbit, 19 Dec 1905
James Paul McCORMICK to Pauline Elizabeth Fox, 11 Oct 1934
James S. McCORMICK to Mary Wright, 26 Jun 1929
John McCORMICK to Margaret Hadden, 12 Oct 1928

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James J. McCOY to Anna C. Schaefer, 24 Nov 1921
William McCOY to Clara McElfresh, 17 Sep 1914
Charles H. McCRORY to Katherine A. Phillips, 27 Oct 1937
James McCRORY to Mary Lou Highfield, 2 Apr 1947
Elmer Wilson McCULLOUGH to Virginia Ellen Gault, 21 Sep 1920
Harry McCULLOUGH to Blanche Supinski, 13 Mar 1943
Lynn McCULLOUGH to Florence Hennon, 14 Nov 1923
Oren Rex McCULLOUGH to Louise A. Yolton, 21 Jun 1924
Thomas L. McCULLOUGH to Mrs. Beatrice McHugo, no date, in 2 May 1941 paper
Graham McCUMMINS to Maggie McKinney, no date in 1-1-1897 paper
Craig A. McDONALD to Luella Cook, 10 Sep 1938
Craig McDONALD to Alberta Polhamus, 3 Jul 1947
James McDONALD to Lizzie Long, no date, in 6-5-1897 paper
John Edwin McDONALD to Mary Susanna Alton, 23 Jun 1909
John N. McDONALD, Jr. to Louise Townsend, 24 Dec 1942
James McDOWELL to Margaret Murdock, Sep 1905
John H. McDOWELL, Jr. to Myrtle Neil, 25 Dec 1937
Donald K. McELFRESH to Dolores E. Goodwin, 5 Mar 1943
Franklin W. McELHANEY to Irma Pirmez, 20 Mar 1912
Harry McELHANEY to Emma McClaren, 28 Jun 1905
J. Dowler McELHANEY to Grace Marie Diamond, 18 Jan 1947
James V. McELHANEY to Bessie Brookbank Bell, 1 Oct 1908
Kenneth McELHANEY to Marguerite A. Giles, 2 Jul 1943
Ordell W. McELHANEY to Clayone Frances Johnson, 13 Jun 1947
J. J. McELROY to Jennie Ruth Sterrett, 12 Jun 1941
Ansel McEWEN to Emma Devroye, 10 Sep 1926
Earl McEWEN to Rose Harris, 8 Jun 1927
Ray S. McEWEN to Thelma Etta Hamman, 22 Jun 1937
John McFALL to Julia Kadyk, 28 Nov 1940
George W. McFANN to Edna Hull, no date, in 7-10-1897 paper
Charles William McFARLAND to Annabelle Tizik, 1 Nov 1947
Frank Wyble McFARLAND to Helen Bernice Beaumont, 19 Jun 1917
George McFARLAND to Mary Root, 23 Oct 1896
Henry McFARLAND to Bessie Wible, no date, in 5-13-1893 paper
Thomas Ivor McFARLAND to Anne McDonald, 5 Jun 1944
Edwin McFARLANE to Lois D. Estman, 24 Jun 1925
John E. McFARLANE to Josephine Elizabeth Kress, 16 Jun 1924
Charles A. McGEE to Mary D. McCune, no date, in 8-23-1912 paper
John B. McGEE to Mary Alverda Best, 28 Apr 1926
Burl McGEORGE to Dolores Hershberger, no date, in 10-18-1940 paper
Albert McGINNIS to Freda Browett
Charles McGINNIS to Margaret Shultz, 3 Jul 1918
Francis Clinton McGINNIS to Elsie Ruth Bounds, 21 Jul 1928
Frank McGINNIS to Anna Miller, no date, in 10-10-1896 paper
Hugh L. McGINTY to Dorothy M. Criswell, 23 Jul 1928
John Leo McGOVERN to Elizabeth Shields, 17 Aug 1927
John Leo McGOVERN to Margaret Elizabeth Shields,17 Aug 1927
Patrick McGRAW to Margaret McGinn, no date, in 12-2-1921 paper
William John McGRAW to Eva Ida Legrand, 30 Jun 1947
John McGREEVERY to Jane Smith, no date, in 3-21-1903 paper
Robert J. McGREEVY to Marjorie Nell Martin, 23 Jun 1938 
Samuel McGREEVY to Edith Cottle, no date, in 11-1-1902 paper 
Charles C. McGREW to Emma Cosgrove, 17 Oct 1893 
Charles C. McGREW to Rachel Thompson, 30 Jan 1917 
Fred C. McGREW to Hazel Serelda Weir, 6 Jun 1923
Charles P. McGUANE to Margaret Beatrice West, 30 Aug 1922
John McGUIRE to Bridget McQuirk, no date, in 2-2-1896 paper
E. J. McILHENNY to Annie M. Scott, no date, in 7-1-1893 paper
John Jones McINTOSH to Elizabeth Baier, 15 Mar 1922
James McINTYRE to Anna Tanner, 30 Jun 1908
S. T. McKARGE to Gerture (sic) Margerum, no date, in 9-27-1919 paper
C. B. McKAY to Mary E. *****, 25 Oct 1894
E. Boyles McKEE to Mary E. Smith, 4 Aug 1894
George L. McKEE to Ellen McFarland, no date, in 9-8-1905 paper
Meade McKEE to Aida McElhaney, 24 Sep 1928
Meade McKEE to Gertrude Mucha, 12 Jun 1940
Ralph B. McKEE to Myra M. Pyle, 25 Jun 1924

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John Henderson McKELVEY to Annetta Bird Crowell, 4 Feb 1914
David L. McKENZIE to Carrie Catherine Nevergall, 26 Nov 1934
William T. McKENZIE to Emma M. Gastner, 11 Oct 1938
Francis A. McKISSICK to Jane S. Boynes, 1 Nov 1946
Edward McLAUGHLIN to Mary Drugmand, 13 Jun 1936
Francis D. McLAUGHLIN to Hazel M. Ashton, 12 Oct 1927
John McLAUGHLIN to Cecile Keifer, 27 Jul 1943
Lawrence McLAUGHLIN to Betty June Gresh, 1 Aug 1942
Patrick McLAUGHLIN to Mary Weicker, no date, in 2-20-1897 paper
Robert McLAUGHLIN to Freda Harris, 12 Oct 1927
John S. McMAHON to Margaret Ann Gorman, 24 Jul 1935
John McMICHAEL to Valeria Henderson, 23 Dec 1939
Ross McMICHAEL to Mary S. Kibler, 27 Aug 1921
R. L. McMILLAN to Margaret Hastings, no date, in 4-10-1897 paper
Samuel T. McMILLEN to Mary Murdock, no date, in 12-27-1902 paper
William McMILLEN to Mary Price, 10 Dec 1921
Edward McMULLEN to Stella Malesky, 1 Mar 1940
James McMULLEN to Sussana Cochran, 21 Sep 1897
Robert McMULLEN to Susana Cochran, 21 Sep 1897
Walter McMULLEN to Dorothy Hall, 6 May 1939
John F. McNARY to Leah Willison, no date, in 10-25-1896 paper
James M. McNERNEY to Agnes Gordon, 3 May 1939
Mallery M. McPEAK to Edith Bowers, 30 Dec 1943
S. J. McPEAK to Ida B. Carlisle, 3 Mar 1893
Andrew McPHERSON to Mary Darbous, no date, in 8-25-1905 paper
James Lawrence McQUILLAN to Mona LaVerne Dowler, 19 Jul 1947
Carl McQUISTON to Edna Craven, 8 Oct 1908
Harry W. McVAY to Mary Alice Blasingame, no date, in 6-28-1946 paper
John McVICKER to Mary Elizabeth McElhany, 6 Feb 1943
Elmer E. McWILLIAMS to Mary Bruse, no date, in 9-22-1894 paper
Guy A. McWREATH to Mary Ethel Elliott, 15 Mar 1922
Guy A. McWREATH, Jr. to Lois Parkes, 19 Apr 1947
Joseph Elliott McWREATH to Mary Louise Stevenson, 20 Jun 1947
Robert MEADE to Marie Randour, 27 May 1929
Harold MEANOR to Edna Boling, 20 July 1940
Paul Burns MECHLIN to Vera Catherine Wolford, 23 Jul 1927
Frank MEEHAN to Genevieve Kennedy, 18 Sep 1928
George MEEHAN to Dorothy Vegeler, 20 Apr 1943
James J. MEEHAN to Frances Bark, 18 Jun 1924
John MEEHAN to Eleanor Baier, no date, in 8-17-1918 paper
Warren B. MEEK to Betty Lucile McKean, 28 Jun 1947
Michael MEHALIC to Laura Mae Green, 7 Sep 1937
C. V. MELVIN to Pearl Cassidy, 25 May 1921
William MELVIN to Grace Marilyn Feick, 23 May 1947
Nicholas MENDEK to Miriam Louise Clayton, 6 Nov 1943
Samuel Oliver MENDENHALL to Nettie Miller Haft, no date, in 6-16-1905 paper
Kenneth Lee MENKE to Audrey June Manson, 6 Sep 1947
Louis MENKE to Dorothy Yoho, 16 Dec 1939
Louis MERCIER to Laura Openbrier, 24 Sep 1938
Charles MEREDITH to Margaret Irene Couderc, 16 Sep 1927
Wm. MEREDITH to Maggie Horsman, no date, in 5-28-1892 paper
Lawrence MERIAGE to Vashti Louise Reasonover, 2 Jun 1943
M. F. MERRILL to Florence C. Lillo, no date, in 6-25-1943 paper
T. D. METCALF to Lizzie C. White, 4 Sep 1894
S. A. METHENY to Maggie Slater, 1 Sep 1892
Raymond MEUTE to Janet Sneddon, 18 Jun 1936
Anthony J. MEUTZ to Virginia Craig, 10 Jul 1943
Benjamin MEVAY to Katherine Caldwell, 17 Nov 1898
John MEYERS to Dorothy Kress, 24 Jul 1943
Steven MEYERS to Esther Richards, 12 May 1926
Raymond MICHAEL to Lillian Corwin, 26 Oct 1939

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Harry A. MICHAUX to Olive Frances Hayes, 14 Sep 1938
August MIKERS to Hannah Moser, no date, in 2-2-1896 paper
Joseph MIKULA to Rose Stevenson, 24 Jun 1941
Frank MIKULAS to Olympia Donnelli, 18 Feb 1924
Alex MILLER to Rita McMahon, no date, in 12-5-1947 paper
Charles S. MILLER to Marie Canonge, 28 Jun 1939
Duane MILLER to Helen Boynes, 29 May 1936
Fred MILLER to Cora Mae Williams, 10 Jun 1929
George MILLER to Marie Flood, 26 Sep 1923
Gerald Edward MILLER to Vera Evelyn Felton, 31 Jan 1947
J. D. MILLER to Marie Zabe, no date, in 10-4-1902 paper
J. H. MILLER to Arminthe Buck, 20 May 1897
James Calvin MILLER to Evelyn Lucille McCalmont, 17 Oct 1947
James M. MILLER to Martha Campbell Scott, 27 Apr 1905
John J. MILLER to Nora L. Moore, 22 Aug 1893
Paul MILLER to Adella Turkaly, 30 Aug 1947
Raymond M. MILLER to Rita Marie Denny, 25 Mar 1940
Roscoe E. MILLER to Orpho A. Baker, no date, in 7-10-1897 paper
S. Edwin MILLER to Lillian M. Wallace, 13 Jun 1917
Thomas Groff MILLER to Ruth Sutherland, 20 Jun 1936
Victor MILLER to Mar***** Nicholson, no date, in 8-31-1934 paper
W. J. MILLER to Eugenia Zabe, no date, in 10-4-1902 paper
James M. MILLIGAN to Cora M. Winters, 16 Jan 1926
Samuel MILLIGAN to Flo Pyle, no date, in 4-26-1912 paper
Archie R. MILLIRON to Mary Carl, 5 Sep 1917
Russell MILLIRON to Josephine DeAngelis, 24 Aug 1940
Walter T. MILLIS to Mary Neal, 8 Mar 1934
Thomas L. MILLS to Evelyn Maye Chappell, 7 Oct 1939
Walter A. MILSAP to Stella Mae Hermes, 24 Dec 1943
John A. MISKALITZ to Yvonne Charriere, 15 Jun 1940
James MITCHELL to Lorena NOURIGAT, Dec. 23, 1913, in Jan 2, 1914 newspaper
John Edwin MITCHELL to Hannah Bell Powelson, 12 Jun 1923
Stanley D. MIXTER to Helen L. Ritchey, 24 Aug 1946
Walter MIZER to Maude Donaldson, no date, in 6-12-1908 paper
Alexander B. MOLNAR to Joan Wright, 16 Aug 1947
Michael MONAGHAN to Agnes McStay, no date, in 9-22-1894 paper
Edward H. MONTGOMERY, Jr. to Odessa Lois Fye, 18 Mar 1939
James Mathison MONTGOMERY to Rosina Moorhead LaRoss, 18 Sep 1922
Robert J. MONTGOMERY to Zelinda D. Piazza, 28 Sep 1940
Carl C. MOODY to Helen S. Ross, 19 Mar 1921
Howard MOON to Mildred McCartney, 29 Nov 1934
Carl Leland MOORE to Ruth Mary Nulton, 15 Jun 1946
Charles J. MOORE to Elsie Wright, 4 Sep 1937
Elmer MOORE to Doris Poskin, 6 Feb 1937
Ernest L. MOORE to Ethel Welsh, 23 Aug 1926
Frank MOORE to Lois Ewing, 23 Sep 1939
J. Hunter MOORE to Iva Moore, no date, in 10 11-1902 paper
J. M. MOORE to Margaret Moses, 4 Feb 1897
John I. MOORE to Mabelle O. Irons, 25 Feb 1897
John R. MOORE to Audrey Farrar, 23 Jan 1948
Mel MOORHEAD, Jr. to Margaret Auten, 11 Jul 1942
William B. MOORHEAD to Dorothy V. Pittinger, 25 May 1944
Robert Lyle MORELAND to Martha Bamford Smith, 18 Dec 1943
Alexander MORGAN to Annie Jackson, no date, in 1-25-1908 paper
Chester MORGAN to Diana Nancy McCabe, 12 May 1926
W. H. MORGAN to Agnes C. Hayes, no date, in 9-4-1897 paper
Richard MORICE to Genevieve Elizabeth Vincenti, 20 Jun 1928
Charles MORRIS to Catherine Gross, 12 Sep 1928
Harry C. MORRIS to Iva L. Smith, 3 Sep 1924
Herbert R. MORRIS to Minnie L. Kleckner, no date, in 6-19-1897 paper
John MORRISON to Cassie B. Kelly, no date, in 10-16-1914 paper
Norval J. MORRISON to Gail Whitlach, 18 Oct 1922
Robert A. MORRISON to Arline Esther Stewart, 29 Mar 1940
W. Alan MORRISON to Virginia Lee Pape, 22 Jun 1935
Walter M. MORROW to Edna M. Mitchell, 18 Sep 1928
Jules MORTELETTE to Julia Jiannino, 28 Sep 1920
Rene A. MORTELETTE to Helen M. Merville, 23 Aug 1927
Samuel MORTELETTE to Nellie Ready, 4 Feb 1921
Clair MORTIMER to Margaret Stewart, 3 Aug 1921
Joseph MORTORANA to Ann Ratti, 28 Aug 1940
Edward Francis MORTREY to Frances Salmon, 28 Jul 1934
Louis C. MORTREY to Bertha Wilson, 30 May 1939
James MOSEBY to Lulu Mars, 16 Mar 1893
Robert H. MOSS to Jane Elizabeth Holand, 18 Oct 1942
Arthur Elwood MOWL to Mary Elizabeth Phillips, 14 Sep 1922
Delmont MOWL to Jean Irene Bottamer, 18 Jul 1942
J. Blaine MOWL to Martha C. Thompson, 15 Jun 1935
Albert R. MOYER to Edith E. Montagna, 21 Jun 1939
Henry Leonard MUCHA to Susan Theresa Smorag, 28 Jun 1947
John MUCHA to Mildred Wagner, 4 Aug 1934
Leo MUCHA to Stella Chesleski, 30 Sep 1937
Steve MUDRAK to Bette Moore, 14 Aug 1943
Octave MUETE to Mary Leunis, no date, in 6-9-1905 paper
Marshall C. MUIR to Mary Jeannette Shane, 24 Jun 1925
Michael J. MULHOLLAND to Leona Phillips, 19 Jun 1924
George MULL tO Anna McQuillan, 2 Mar 1935
William MULLEN to Mary Morris, 26 May 1940
Ward MULLER to Lizzie Sansbury nee Carson, 25 Dec 1905
Patrick MULLIGAN to Miss Gribben, no date, in 11-4-1893 paper
Raymond F. MULLOOEY to Lorella S. Laughlin, 14 Jun 1918
Edward MULLOOLY to Elizabeth Brecht, 23 Jan 1928
Frank L. MULLOOLY to Mabel Margaret Gillespie, 25 Nov 1937
Murtaugh I. MULLOOLY to Loretta Veronica Callahan, 8 Jun 1921
William C. MULLOOLY to Dorothy Steimer, 14 Sep 1926
William Glenn MUMPER to Ruth Daudet, 25 Oct 1940
Robert J. MUNCE to Besse E. Young, 11 Jun 1925
E. MUNGER to Jennie B. Scott, no date in 3-28-1896 paper
Dominick MURDACA to Elizabeth Possoni, 27 Oct 1938
William MURDOCK to Ruth Dye, 6 Mar 1937
Edward J. MURPHY to Mary Collins, no date, in 10-25-1902 paper
James MURPHY to Elenora Bruce, no date, in 2-14-1903 paper
Wm. MURPHY to Margaret Lees, 14 May 1894
Basil A. MURRAY to Margaret Jean Scott, 21 Aug 1924
Walter W. MURRAY to Margaretta Byers, 24 Jul 1928
James MUTTON to Dorothy Reed, 19 Jun 1947
Clyde L. MYERS to Myrtle R. Peacock, 30 Jul 1936
James C. MYERS to Betty Pascoe, 16 Oct 1937
Wendell D. MYRES to Mrs. Ida M. Dixon, 10 Oct 1921





N names
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J. Ernest NACHOD, Jr. to Vivian Annette Yeany, 22 Aug 1936
Frank NAGODA to Frances Jane Pintar, 27 Jul 1927
Frank NAGODE to Frances Jane Pintar, 27 Jul 1927
Joseph NAGY to Mary Ellen Smith, 31 May 1947
Jack NALLY to Sara Lenore, 22 Feb 1947
J. NAMEE to S. Emma Wilson, no date, in 6-11-1898 paper
Philip A. NANCE to Jean Gibbs, 30 Oct 1939
Fred NASER to Hazel Bell Paul 28 Dec 1922
Frank NAVELLI to Helen Ortoski, 19 Apr 1947
William NAVOSKI to Pauline Pierrard, 3 May 1947
Samuel Galbraith NEAL to Esther Elma Wilson, 18 May 1921
William Lyle NEAL to Margaret Luella Duncan, 20 Jul 1937
Thomas NEELAN to Lois McMillen, no date, in 2-10-1922 paper
Frank NEELY to Mary Elizabeth Gardner, 5 Feb 1935
Chris NEEZER, Jr. to Sarah J. Patton, 6 Nov 1894
Wilfred Conkle NEIL to Helen Gladys Brownlee, 25 Nov 1934
Wallace C. NEILSON to Grace M. Corfield, 15 Feb 1941
Samuel NELLIS to Alice E. Leonard, 13 Apr 1927
George NELMS to Dora Marlier, 28 Feb 1924
Clifford G. NELSON to Gloria E. Kane, 11 Jun 1941
Jack E. NELSON to Ruth Ann Moore, 8 Mar 1941
James W. NELSON to Margaret Wood Thompson, 10 Sep 1927
Neal J. NELSON to Helen McGregor, 26 Dec 1939
George NEVERGALL to Rose Sincilin, 29 May 1939
Pressly H. NEVILLE to Patience S. Sybrant, no date, in 10-16-1914 paper
Raymond NEVIN to Margaret M. Smith, 19 Mar 1918
Carl NEWMAN to Isabelle Trimmer 20 Sep 1928
Samuel J. NEWTON to Mary Garby, 11 Feb 1897
Elmer E. NICE to Martha I. Gillespie, 21 Feb 1938
George NICE to Blanche Randour, 23 Sep 1926
Robert NICHOLS to Delores Drugmand, 12 May 1941
John M. NICKOLSON to Jean Thomas, 5 Jun 1909
Alexander NICOLA to Mydo Harveth, 7 Jan 1940
Ernest E. NIMAL to Esther Marie Speer, 14 Jul 1926
Paul Ernest NIMAL to Dorothy May Lamb, 17 Apr 1935
Harold Elmer NIX to Alice Genevieve Marshall, 24 Nov 1943
Richard NIXON to Oma Webster, 9 Aug 1927
Joseph Cyril NOAH to Ethel Sauers, 12 Dec 1938
James R. NOBLE to Mary Jane Bish, 25 Dec 1943
Raymond NOEL to Myra Wilson, 24 Nov 1938
Theodore NOIR to Ruth Bell, 4 Jan 1927
Laurent NONCLERG to Evelyn Hart, 17 May 1941
William G. NOURIGAT to Wilma Hermes Deer, 22 Jan 1938
Manuel NUNEZ to Loretta Maye Moore, 28 Oct 1940









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